Mistresses Finale Recap: From Here to Paternity

Mistresses Finale RecapGreetings, Mistresses fans. We interrupt your regularly scheduled melodrama – unapologetically drunk, mentally unstable Woman Scorned pointing a revolver at the Sexy-Stupid Psychiatrist who carried on a lengthy affair with her late husband, then bedded her emotionally unstable son — to bring you one of the most delicious retorts in modern television history.

Sexy-Stupid Psychiatrist: (Trying to buy time/make a 911 call/continue a season-long tradition of foolery) Let’s just talk about this. Can I make you a drink?
Woman Scorned: Sure. Why not?
Sexy-Stupid Psychiatrist: What can I get you?
Woman Scorned: Scotch.
Sexy-Stupid Psychiatrist: Sorry, I only have vodka. How do you like it?
Woman Scorned: (Now burning with white-hot rage, index finger twitching on the trigger) IN MY HAND!

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Honestly, if there was an Emmy Award for Best Bitchy Retort by a Villainess in a Drama Series – and come to think of it, there should be – then whichever member of the Mistresses writing staff is responsible for my new favorite way to order a drink at a bar or restaurant would be collecting a coveted statuette next September.

All together now: In. My. Hand.

(Side note: The only possible competition in my fictional Emmy category might come from previous Mistresses zingers including, “Maybe you should tell him you were screwing his father: That should break the spell.” And, of course, this additional instant classic from the Season 1 finale: “Did you see Tom’s face when you were screwing my son?”)

But, wait. Let me rescue this recap from a sauv-blanc-fueled flight of fancy and return the focus to the gasp-inducing, cliffhanger-filled, “Oh. Em. God. This show had better get a Season 2 pickup!” action contained in “I Choose You,” the devilish, sometimes harrowing, always entertaining Season 1 finale.

For the uninitiated, Sexy-Stupid Psychiatrist is Karen Kim, and she’s been such a white-hot mess all season that compared to her, the surface of the sun is positively chilly. And Woman Scorned is Elizabeth Grey, who’s been knockin’ back booze in her pitiful little mansion all season long and plotting to systematically destroy the life of a romantic rival who should probably have her prescription-writing privileges permanently revoked in order to pursue a career in minimalist interior design.

Anyhow, let’s review the cahoots that happened to our four central characters – and then delve into key questions that loomed as the episode came to its conclusion.

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KAREN | The season finale kicks off with Karen in the shower, trying to wash away 13 weeks of baffling personal, professional and legal decisions. (Oh girl, you’re gonna need a bigger bar of soap.) Meanwhile, Elizabeth is busy sipping scotch and alienating her son, mocking his romantic feelings for Karen. “To her, you were nothing more than a pathetic child with a misguided crush,” she hisses. “Yeah,” Sam shoots back, “then why did she sleep with me?” Oh snap! The apple clearly doesn’t fall far from the bitchy-bombshell-dropping tree.

Elizabeth shows up at Karen’s, slurring something about apologies, needing five minutes of time, and so Karen invites her inside — as if Elizabeth hadn’t just finished trying to sue her and decimate her professional reputation.

“Your home is lovely Karen…sparse,” says Elizabeth, her vitriol as tingly as a freshly popped Altoid. “No pictures of anyone anywhere. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t have a family of your own.” And then…she pulls out a handgun! (Who else adored the transition from that visual to the sound of April banging on the soda machine?) Karen tries to stall her with small talk, with offers of cocktails (see the above transcript) and even with an invitation to play “Ask Karen Anything?”

Elizabeth (who really ought to be a character on every primetime comedy and drama in existence), goes directly for the jugular with this razor-sharp query: “Did you see Tom’s face when you were screwing my son?” (Yes, I know I already recounted that line, but it’s tasty enough to repeat, no?)

Karen’s already dialed 911 and left her phone inside her liquor cabinet, and now she’s trying to pepper the conversation with hints of where the police can find her. “Holly Oak is a quiet street,” Karen offers, but Elizabeth is having none of it. “Shut up! Just shut up!” (A good response to everything Karen’s said all season.) And then Elizabeth reveals her plan: “Considering your recent shame, I don’t think people will be surprised when you end your life with a fistful of morphine and a bottle of vodka.” LETHAL DOSES OF MORPHINE!!! See how the Mistresses writing staff brings everything full circle?

But wait! Sam, looking for his passport in the safe – because, honestly, leaving the country may be his only option for escaping the crazy — discovers the family gun has been checked out for some early afternoon usage. Uh-oh! He races to Karen, breaks through the glass door with a chair – very Body Heat, with an Oedipal twist – and tries to talk some sense into Mommie Dearest before she becomes a murderer. Except this ain’t her first time at the (murderous) rodeo! Recalling Tom’s final night on Earth, she shares, “He looked at me and said, ‘Karen, I want Karen.’ Those were the last words I heard before I decided to kill him.” And then Sam and Elizabeth take a page out of the Chicago soundtrack and both reach for the gun. There’s a struggle, a gunshot, and some blood splatter. The identity of the victim – Elizabeth? Sam? Karen’s last shred of dignity? – will remain a mystery until Season 2. (And there’d better be a Season 2, ABC!)

Key Questions: Is it daft of me to hope that Elizabeth survives the melee, somehow manages to make nice with Karen – “Oh, girl, the pistol was loaded with blanks the whole time!” — and somehow joins our core quartet next season? She could just sit in the background rattling the ice in her cocktail and offering judgmental bon mots as the ladies discuss their crises! Also: Yay or nay on a scorching hot Karen-Sam/December-May regular-booty-call situation in Season 2? Or should she go on and wreck a different patient’s domestic bliss next summer? Or maybe form a triangle with her hot former colleague Jacob and that hot insurance investigator Anthony? (Notice a trend of how everybody and everything on this show is hot – except the contents of Elizabeth’s tumblers?

APRIL | April starts the week by pow-wowing with her gals and confessing last week’s makeout with Paul (which was wisely followed by her fleeing the scene instead of checking for signs of life below the belt on her formerly dead spouse). When Savi asks about what this means to her relationship with Richard, April lays her cards on the table. “It doesn’t quite feel like it does with Paul.” And Savi – pregnancy brain in full effect – shoots back, “Like battered wife syndrome?” followed by a comical, “Did I just say that out loud?” When Joss and Karen join Savi’s Greek chorus, April is outraged. Her friends have spent the last year telling “despicable lies,” plotting and scheming, then begging for forgiveness, but she’s not allowed to even consider absolving Paul?

I’m all, “Uh-huh, you tell ‘em, sister!” Until April goes to Karen for advice. “Feelings are feelings: You can’t guilt them away,” says Karen, because apparently it’s no big deal that Paul FAKED HIS DEATH AND ABANDONED HIS WIFE AND DAUGHTER FOR THREE YEARS IN ORDER TO START A NEW LIFE AND A NEW FAMILY WITH SOME SKANKY FLORIDA SWAMP DWELLER. (Sorry for the all caps, but I mean…) Karen tells April to close her eyes and figure out who she sees a happy life with.

April rushes off to lunch with her adorable boyfriend, plants a whopper of a smooch on him, and then swings the axe: “I’m so sorry, Richard…” (This is what happens, guys, when you don’t promptly pick up your cell phone during a woman’s hour of crisis.) But just when it looks like April is about to take a turn onto Seriously Misguided Blvd – Paul, skeevily, is all “I’m never not showing up for you again” – she sees his cellphone light up with a call from Swamp Dweller Miranda, and he freakin’ ignores it. And then Miranda calls April – the pink flamingoes in her yard symbolizing her lot in life – and asks the former wife and about-to-be other woman to have Paul pick up his damn phone and call his son. And because April is the moral center of this show, she sends her no-good presumed-dead spouse back to where he came from. When she visits Savi in the hospital (more on that in a second) and reveals she’s ditched Paul, broken up with Richard and is now ready to take to the dance floor when Beyonce calls out for “all the single ladies,” Savi’s response is priceless: “How long have I been out?”

Key Questions: If Mistresses fails to get a Season 2 pickup – I know, I know, I shouldn’t shoot such blasphemy into the universe – isn’t April’s decision to choose herself and her daughter over either of her suitors a pretty satisfying ending? And don’t you wish she’d been around to counsel Carrie Bradshaw back when she was deciding between the Russian and Big on Sex and the City? That said, aren’t we gonna miss Richard in Season 2? (Insert frowny emoticon here.)

SAVI | Savi wakes up to find yellow roses on her doorstep on her birthday – but no note explaining who sent ‘em. She can’t even trust her feelings about who she wants them to be from, “because I’m a lunatic,” she explains to her friends. It’s not from her law partners – who’ve made her a Cheese of the Month Club member. They’re not from Dom. They don’t appear to be from Harry (who calls and suggests she start taking care of her won medical bills). And they’re not from Joss, April and Karen – who’ve booked a fabulous thunderbird (the car, not the band) and a Palm Springs hotel for a weekend getaway.

At the Palm Sands later that morning, Savi and Joss witness a father successfully getting his adorable tyke to jump in the pool, and even though electricity and pool water don’t mix – a light bulb goes off over Savi’s head. “This entire time I’ve been asking myself the wrong question: Who will star with me in my romance? But it’s not about that; it’s a different kind of romance – the romance of a family for this baby. You know, the kind we never had and always wanted.” In other words, whichever suitor turns out to be the biological dad is the one Savi sees as her destiny.

Savi wants to rush back to L.A. and retrieve the envelope with the paternity results from Joss’ nightstand, but Joss knows Harry’s already stolen them and tries to stall for time. But nope – big sis has waited to find out who’s the baby daddy long enough, and races down the highway, only to have Joss call and spill the beans: Harry has the results, and hasn’t been heard from since he absconded with ‘em. BAM! That’s a big revelation. But the real bam is Savi’s car getting sideswiped – and Savi heading to the ER for surgery on a collapsed lung and other possible injuries.

As the doctors try to save her, everybody convenes in the waiting room. Well, everybody except for Karen (and her future BFF Elizabeth). When Harry sees Joss, he tells her to call Dom, too. “Why would I do that?” wonders the founding member of #TeamHarry. “Because he’s the father,” says the hot Australian hubby. OMFG may have been a Gossip Girl tag line, but Mistresses has bought it, totally owns it, and may now hold onto its rights for the next 10 years, thank you very much.

Savi wakes up, bruised and lacerated, to find Harry in her room. “So we’re having a kid,” she smiles. But Harry reveals the truth about the baby’s paternity. “But you’re here,” she says, half pleading, half expressing disbelief. And then, Harry – overwhelmed by the idea that he might’ve lost Savi for good – has a change of heart. “I don’t care who the father is,” he says, tearfully. “I choose you, Savi. I’ll always choose you.”

But it’s not that easy, because Dom’s not going down without a fight, or at least a swoon-inducing monologue of his own. When he visits the room and Savi tells him the baby is OK, he pours out his own heart. “Thank God for that. But I love you, Savannah. I have for a long time, and I just needed you to know that.” Savi, though, responds by pulling Dom’s hand from her face. Maybe the paternity’s not so important after all. Maybe, just maybe, Savi and Harry are back at where we first met them: A couple in love, and a couple ready for parenthood.

When April and Joss return to the room, Savi prepares to definitely answer the question of whom she was hoping the birthday flowers were from all along. But then her speech slurs, she begins to drift off, and we get a CODE BLUE situation. Joss screams for help. The doctors apply the paddles to Savi’s chest. And – Holy Mother of Cliffhangers That Had Damn Well Better Come With Some Resolution – the season ends!

Key questions | If ABC decides to do the devil’s work and cancel Mistresses should we A. Start a Kickstarter campaign to fund a second season? Or B. Take Alyssa Milano’s advice and send pregnancy-test sticks and whips (along with my suggestion, bottles labeled LETHAL DOSES OF MORPHINE) to the network to lobby for a resurrection? And on the subject of Savi, did Harry or Dom manage to sway you onto either of their teams this week, or do you remain steadfastly committed to one or the other? How great was Alyssa Milano in this episode? And is anyone else hoping the flowers were from Harry’s hot business partner? (OK, OK, that’s just me and my sick twisted mind.)

JOSS | Really, most of Joss’ storyline got resolved last week with her final split from Alex and her decision to abandon her career in real estate. But man, I have to admit it tugged at my heartstrings when Savi was still in surgery and Joss admitted to Harry how scared she was at the thought of losing her sister. “What if she doesn’t pull through this? What if…,” she said, her voice trailing off. “You’re a survivor, Harry. I’m not. I know I may seem like I am, but I’m not. I don’t know what I’d do without her.” Oh man, ABC can’t leave us hanging wondering whether Joss has to carry on without her big sis, can they? It’s not like she can fly down to Brazil and lean on her crazy mom!

Key questions | How sweet was it when Joss shifted her seat a little closer to Dom, so he didn’t have to sit all by his lonesome wondering about the fate of Savi and their unborn baby? Also, re. last week’s decision to change careers: Who else is vexed by the idea that Joss won’t be making big bucks in Season 2, and therefore won’t be able to afford all those chic little dresses of hers? (Mistresses writers: Maybe you wanna rethink that plot development over the summer.)

“I see your hot kiss with Dom and I raise you one scandalous makeout with Paul.” –April, confessing her sins to Savi and the gals

“Does that thing pick up cable?” –Joss commenting on the size of Savi’s giant sun hat

“For starting off Swedish and ending down under – all you’ve gotta do is give him the sign.” –Joss, explaining to Savi why the Palm Sands masseuse got the nickname “The Famous Antonio”

“You can say it. My hair looks terrible.” –Post car-wreck Savi, as April arrives at her hospital room

Gah! For yet another week I’ve passed the 1,000-word mark – veering toward 3,000! – on my Mistresses recap! So share your thoughts on the season finale below, and then add some ideas for what we can do for a successful renewal campaign!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. deb says:

    Air mistresses anothrr season how CAn. u leave it like this. I need more Alyssa

    • dil says:

      my feelings ditto!! who the hell shocks the stomach…a pregnant stomach at that….dude…even viewers know this much!

      • Jazzy says:

        OMG I thought the same thing, glad I’m not the only one.

      • Mary says:

        That was my first thought, about why you would be shocking the stomach of a pregnant woman. Just ignore the fact that you shock the chest and not the stomach, having her be pregnant makes that mistake ever more unbelievable.

      • MaX says:

        I literally laughed at this part. It was such a serious scene only to be ruined by zapping her stomach with the paddles. :sadface:

        • lindsay says:

          Didnt her lung collapse? the doctor probably couldnt put pressure on it.. (I guess if if was a real situation and not a tv show) haha

          • Jovan says:

            Yes; ;they shock her Stomach because her lung collapse. . Thanks for not being a idiot and realizing that

          • v says:

            You do chest compressions regardless of collapsed lung. And you don’t shock stomach or chest when the heart tracing goes to a flat line. Tv shows and their inaccurate depiction of codes. /shakes head

    • Janet m Oliver says:

      Pleas do not cancel this show. It is very good I have watched from the beging.

    • cartoonlizard says:

      If she miscarries at least it will not be falling down the stairs (soap cliché… hello Gaby), the show has to come back with a season 2, it has an audience, I for 1 didn’t miss a single episode, otherwise they would’ve cancelled after a few episodes like many new shows that didn’t make it. Come on ABC! we need drama, frivolous lady chat, infidelity, fun cat fights and sexy scenes, Mistresses managed to fill the void left by Sex and the city and Desperate housewives, don’t take it away!!!!

    • JC says:

      Adding to the Savi-Dom hospital scene, while she did take his hand from her face (probably because she was banged up too, I imagined), she placed it on her belly and looked at him meaningfully. I just read the comments and see other’s noticed this too.

      I’m guessing this was her response to Dom’s confession of love, and she’d said a few scenes earlier that she was more interested in doing what was best for her baby. She’d been conflicted about whom she wanted, meaning she obviously has true feelings for both men, so it would seem the deciding factor could be the baby. But it’s a toss up because a marriage and a fling are two entirely different things to base a relationship on, and mom ultimately has to be happy to be the best for her baby and whichever man anyway.

      If she wasn’t swayed by Harry’s little near-deathbed, change-of-heart overture, and I wasn’t terribly impressed or moved to be honest, I’ll be satisfied if she chooses the father of her child. Harry only wanted her when he thought he was losing her to the permanence of death, a highly emotional state that might not last. Whatever the state of the relationship, only a few spouses would not express similar things in that super-charged circumstance.

      For as hot and charming as he is, I think (hope) Harry’s out of it. I mean, he pretty well abandoned his pregnant wife, albeit for solid reasons still present, I totally get that. But my point is, he left her to fend for herself at such a crucial time, something I obviously haven’t forgiven him for. Plus, if Harry was her heart’s content, then Dom would’ve held no appeal in the first place. I’m not above stating the obvious; human emotions are complicated.

      And as such, how can Savi be sure Harry wouldn’t abandon her again, or worse, post baby’s birth, struggling still with his terribly fragile male ego? I’m just saying, and not because I adored the UK’s satisfying three-season series on which this is based. Seems more and more like there’s no such thing as unconditional love nor true forgiveness, even in marriage.

    • want more mistresses. show is intoxicating

  2. Aussie says:

    All i will say is and this is probably the nurse in me coming out but look again where the defib paddles are placed, they just shocked savi’s stomach. Dear me they just scorched the make believe fetus if the baby was alive then if isn’t now after that shock surely.

    • Cassandra says:

      I had the exact same thought. Poor Dom doesn’t get the girl, now he won’t have a baby either.

    • Sami says:

      I shrieked when i saw that (also medic here), i mean there’s nothing to defib there!

      That said, what a fantastic episode and the recap is as always even better than the episode. IN MY HAND has to be the best line i’ve on TV since season 1 of Desperate Housewives. And ABC had damn well better renew this series!

    • dil says:

      my feelings ditto!! who the hell shocks the stomach…a pregnant stomach at that….dude…even viewers know this much!

    • Angelmom0708 says:

      I’m not a nurse but I do know a fair amount about medical stuff including a collapsed lung and I love how tv shows try to make it seem real but they shocked her stomach for one and she seemed to be talking pretty good with a collapsed lung. Usually you’d be short of breath and with a bruised eye like that your eye would be swollen shut. Oh the life of tv

    • Dukx says:

      Savi didn’t get sideswiped, she pulled out in front of oncoming traffic. And yes, I noticed the shocking of the abdomen and fetus.

  3. juan says:

    Intense finale, ABC better renew this. please

    • Leo says:

      Yeah. So intense. I actually screamed out loud, “WHO GOT SHOT?”.
      And I see what you did there, writers! The irony of the show ending with Savi in critical condition, not knowing if she’s gonna pull through or not!
      I do hope Mistresses pull through and get a second season, third season and many more.
      Slezak, as usual love your recap. Your recap is the reason I decide to check out the show. Many thanks!
      IN MY HAND!!!

      • Mary says:

        “In my hand” is such a great one-liner! I hope Elizabeth survives because as Slezak pointed out by quoting them, her one-liners are bitchiness mixed with truth.

    • Genevieve says:

      Not to be too much of a spoilsport, but, having the LIFE/DEATH of Savi & Karen/Eliz/Sam is most likely the ending of the show. That is how shows end either with a happily ever after or death. I mean, really, I love mistresses and the women but, there probably won’t be a season two.

  4. Lynn says:

    ABC better renew this show! I need more of it in my life. And I’m assuming it’s safe to defib a pregnant woman and her unborn baby, but I have no idea.

    • Probably fried the baby’s brain with that shock, not to mention the defib pad’s were in the wrong spot.

      • MB says:

        I thought maybe she will lose the baby but then I thought wouldn’t it be a more interesting scenario with Savi going back to Harry but with Dom always in the picture because he is the father. It would without a doubt cause lots of uncomfortable situations for them to deal with and will keep the juicy triangle alive.

  5. Jennifer says:

    I love this show and I hope they will have a season 2.

  6. Elsa says:

    Michael, Savi took Dom’s face from her face to put it on HER BELLY ! I’m thinking she’s thinking about who will romance her in the story of her family !

  7. Samantha says:

    I thought that when Savi moved Dom’s hand off her face, she put it on her stomach. Maybe just wishful thinking. I should rewind the DVR.

    • Funmi says:

      I’ve checked it out myself(3ce times actually) and she put it on her belly from her face BUT we still don’t know what that means when she decides……. There has too be a season 2!!!

      • Denn says:

        You could tell by the look on Dom’s face when she moved his hand from her face that at first he was taken aback then relaxed again when she placed it on her stomach.

    • Marcia says:

      Yes, Savi did put Dom’s hand from her face to her belly. Letting him know that the baby is his?

  8. Ashley says:

    How and when will we know if there will be a 2nd season? Love, love, love this show!

    • Linda says:

      Love the show … WOW, big Cliff Hanger!! Left us wanting MORE!
      Really want to see another season! Hopefully Karen survives the gun shooting I definitely want to see her character return.
      Observance by the poster – a nurse, cracked me up… yep, the paddles might a fried the baby!
      Mistresses, it’s the “BEST” show on network TV, in my opinion.

  9. MB says:

    I will be devastated if Mistresses doesn’t have a season 2. I really love that show and the cast is just terrific. Such a fun show that is deliciously juicy every single week
    BTW, I am on team Harry. .

  10. CJH says:

    Loved this show…please ABC renew it!!

  11. Tyet egos says:

    Season 2 please!

  12. Rose says:

    Oh no, they cannot leave us hanging like this!!! There has to be a season 2!,

  13. Heather says:

    Enjoyed the show would like to see more scandal though. Maybe a new and interesting character next season. If there is one, I think there will be. If not maybe lifetime would pick it up.

  14. kris says:

    Let’s review the cahoots that happened… hahahaha! Seriously, if – heaven forbid – this show does not get renewed, I’m not sure which I will miss more: the actual series or these hilarious recaps. Well done!

  15. Ct says:

    Please renew I am so obsessed with This show!!!

    • SUSAN says:

      Can’t wait for next spring to see what happens. PLEASE bring back Mistresses I need something other in my life besides my life. I LOVE THIS SHOW

  16. Amanda says:

    Please renew!

  17. Alana says:

    Please please air season 2!! Love this show, never missed an episode!! Team Harry :)

  18. Raven says:

    Season 2 please. The story line for Savi and Karen has got to be the most interesting on the show, idk what I would do without a season 2 lol

    • MB says:

      Maybe they will bring it back mid season when one of the new shows get cancelled. Didn’t that happen with Castle. It started off with a really short season and then graduated to full seasons.

  19. Donna says:

    Please renew this show for season 2. I need to know what happens to the characters & their lives! I hate being held in suspense!

  20. Raven says:


  21. KAD says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE RENEW RENEW RENEW !!!!! Mistresses is exotic and thrilling. I love the premise, the cast, the everything. Please we need a season 2. Who ultimately got shot ? Does Savi die ? Will the baby be ok? Is she gonna choose Harry or Dom? Will April tell her daughter about Paul ?? Will Joss & Rachel get back together?? UGH I NEED A SEASON NOW !!

  22. Sunshine MIKAID says:

    Great recap!!! Just noticed you missed something! When Savi pushed Doms hand away from her face, she put it on her stomach where their baby was :-)

  23. denise says:

    Karen is such a deliciously stupid slut She Screwed the father the son all that was left was the holy ghost

  24. Brendan says:

    Love this show! Hope they renew for a second season… There really is no good ending to Savi’s story. She has to break one man’s heart and either get divorced or not date her child’s father. #messy As for April, she takes the dumbest woman of the year award for even considering that Paul should get a second chance. Not only did he cheat on her and has a child with the mistress, he faked his own death and caused MAJOR emotional damage to not only April but to his daughter. Oh well and he also committed insurance fraud – and since April knows he is alive and did not turn him in, she could also be in trouble… not to mention that he business (which was started with insurance money) might be in jeopardy if the truth becomes widely known. How she could dump Richard after he proved that he was kind, patient, understanding and a great father I will never know!

    Also, for the last two episodes I heard a guy talking about the show as it happened. Was I the only one? My roommate heard it with me as well so I don’t think we are crazy but I swear I heard someone talking when Elizabeth was walking around the table and when Harry was in the hospital room and looked down at first. Was that supposed to be there? One episode might be a mistake, but maybe there was a purpose. If not, then someone needs to be fired cuz that was a big mistake to happen in TWO episodes.

  25. Robin says:

    Oh please renew this show ABC! Please Please! That ending was major cliffhanger territory! It would be cruel and unusal punishment to not have it resovled! I can’t even fathom having to wait til next summer! That is way too long!!! They couldn’t get there acts together for some kind of midseason/early spring premire could they!?!

  26. Chablis says:

    Team Dom. Just start tweeting @abc renew #mistresses.

  27. Staci says:

    Team Harry!

  28. Alex says:

    The person talking while Elizabeth was by the table was the 911 operator on the cell phone, Karen called them when getting the vodka.

  29. Dorianna says:

    It wasn’t a series finale, it was a season finale. They will have a season 2!!

    • Julie says:

      Unfortunately, ABC hasn’t officially renewed or confirmed a season 2. They called it a season finale just in case. But let’s all think positively and hope!!

  30. Bren says:

    ABC, what are you guys waiting on please please give this wonderfully, delicious show a second season, where you have a wonderful ensemble of awesome actors, I love this show from the beginning , never missed an episode, and now were left with a cliff hanger, don’t leave us like this !! Btw team#Dom!!

  31. Sarah says:

    Did anyone else notice the cute Dad in the pool was Steve (Scott Weinger) from Full House? No? Just me? Fine!

  32. Paula says:

    Absolutely love the show, didn’t think I was going to in the beginning. Please let their be another season!!!!:O

  33. JacquelineA says:

    Omg I absolutely LOVE this show!!! The season finale had me on the edge of my seat…. I pray the air season #2 who ever is in charge please do it :’) thanks bunches huge fan!!!

  34. Dr. Marin says:

    I’m a 62 Yo guy who never watches these kind of shows but the caliber of acting on Mistresses is unmatched anywhere on TV. The story line of all the characters is not trashy but depict many true life situations and I’m finding myself totally addicted to this show. Episode 12 was the greatest cliff hangar ever. Congrats to the writers and who cast directors. One word. Fabulous!!

  35. Edma says:

    It is such a good show, wish it is on next season.Believe it or not it relates to the life of many women, and those ladies are doing a great job!!

  36. Julie says:

    Not only should ABC renew ‘Mistresses’ for a second season, but they should also make it a mid season replacement in January and add it to the Thursday lineup with Scandal and Grey’s! How perfect would that be?

    Things I Need For Season 2:
    Baby Girl Dom
    Sam/Karen pairing (so naughty, but I actually like it..)

  37. Chloe says:

    Mistresses has grown on me, they definitely need a renewal after this episode. Hopefully Karen gets shot and leaves the show, her character is beyond annoying..

  38. Alura says:

    This show is too ridiculous for words. I noticed the finale potentially killed off all the characters. I hope my comment is not edited out cuz all the comments above are from fans of the show. I started liking the show just for the novelty of it. But then the situations just got too unrealistic – intelligent women making one dumb decisions after another. I’m pretty sure I will eventually get bored. The plots are too simplistic, bordering on cartoonish.

  39. GeoDiva says:

    We better get another season of the Karen Kim trainwreck! Love this show! So glad that April realized that Paul was abandoning another child by coming back to her.

  40. Sonia says:

    Love this show. Bring it back for a second season!

  41. Bali Sterntaler says:

    U missed that the bouqet came from Savi & Joss´ mom. Savi asks Joss “she rememberd?” and Joss nods.

    Anyway, with this ending… There needs to be a second season! We got answers, but no proper resolution…

  42. gerryp says:

    Love this show…I’m sure its coming back…ABC wouldn’t leave us hanging like that…I’m on Team Harry…even though she placed Doms hand on her stomach letting him know his baby….Touching scene with Harry…cliffhanger…for all…I can’t wait for Season 2…maybe January…

  43. I really love that you are recapping another favorite show of mine. Awesome job!

  44. glenn says:

    definetly has to be a season 2 that would be messed up to leave us like that. when does next season start any one knows

  45. Elyse says:

    if ABC doesn’t give us a second season next summer i will be so bummed!!! such a good finale!

  46. Susan says:

    Please please please keep this show on.I don’t watch to much tv but this show has me hooked.who ever writes this show is a genius.great one liners. Thanks abc for airing.

  47. Rob says:

    ok, here is what happens, Savi dies, Karen Dies, Joss and April hook up and move to france and live happily ever after with that fake accent ex boss of hers….. Dom and Harry join the WWF and become tag team partners and win the belt, only to have harry turn on his partner and throw him off the top of a cage match cage…..causing him to go back to greys anatomy… Paul is cutting his grass and is attacked by a group of pink flamingoes … Miranda then enjoys the $$ from his 5,000 dollar life insurance policy. Elizabeth is then alone in a padded cell, rocking and drooling, while her son is backpacking across Syria, (he dies from a cruise missle attack). Oh, and then we find out that Tom Grey faked his own death to be close to a woman he loves……….. Yoko Ono…………… :-) (btw, i actually love the show, and hope for SEASON 2…)

  48. Great recap. This was the perfect summer show and I hope it comes back. Karen may be the stupidest charactor of all time! I’m going to miss those lades. :-)

  49. I hope ABC renews Mistresses but I’ve heard that they legendary for canceling no matter
    how many letters they get…October Road is a good example, good show, good writing and great characters and then gone!
    Thanks for the opportunity to respond, Deb

  50. George says:

    ABC pls pls renew