Mistresses' Alyssa Milano Previews Finale's Big Cliffhangers, Offers Season 2 Renewal Update

Mistresses Season 2ABC wouldn’t dare put Mistresses to bed, would it?

The frothy summer guilty pleasure is heading into its season finale Monday (9/8c) with growing ratings and buzz but without a Season 2 renewal.

But fret not, Mistresses fans. In the following Q&A, leading lady Alyssa Milano offers a somewhat optimistic assessment of the soap’s pickup chances, and also makes a strong case for why you should watch Monday’s closure-and-cliffhanger-packed finale.

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TVLINE | Why hasn’t ABC renewed the show yet? What are you hearing?
We all hope it happens. Everyone is pulling for us. We were supposed to find out about a pickup by August 15. And the network extended our contracts until September 30. So they have until September 30 to make a decision. It’s tough to imagine that they won’t pick it up, only because the response has been so great from fans and the media. At least that’s where I’m keeping my mind at so I don’t completely stress out about the possibility of it not coming back. But these are the chances that we take when we choose to do television. It’s all such a crapshoot. You just don’t know what’s going to hit.

TVLINE | I hear Monday’s finale ends with a few cliffhangers…
Yes, there are some cliffhangers. But even though there are cliffhangers, there are some moments of closure that will satisfy [viewers] that hung in there with us throughout the season.

TVLINE | Anything specific you can tease?
Karen thinks she’s done with the Greys, because the trial is over and everything seems neat and tidy, but that gets opened up again. April has a choice that she has to make between her dead husband and her boyfriend. [Laughs] No easy choice there. And we do finally find out who [Savi]’s baby daddy is.

TVLINE | We saw a gun being raised in the promo – can you tell us who’s in peril?
No. [Laughs] I can’t. I’ll tell you this — it’s either Karen, April, Savi or Joss. [Laughs]

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TVLINE | Joss already declared she was Team Harry, not Team Dom. What is your hope for the outcome of Savi’s love triangle? Does the paternity of the baby make a difference to your opinion?
I’m trying to think how to word this without giving too much away… I hope that if the show does come back that Savi has some closure in either direction and is able to forgive herself for the mistakes that she’s made.

TVLINE | One thing viewers seem to love is the camaraderie of the four women. How has it been forging that chemistry?
It was pretty instantaneous. We all met for the first time at the table read, which was the Thursday before the Sunday that we started shooting. So we didn’t really have a lot of time; it was pretty quick. They’re all really smart, really funny, strong, talented women that are so inspiring to be around all day.

TVLINE | There are some nice comedic moments mixed in to break up the heightened drama. Do you enjoying playing those as much as it seems?
Absolutely. My favorite thing to do as far as acting goes is to find the humor in those moments. And the writers make it very easy to do it, because they have the same mindset about the tone of the show. I think anyone that’s ever watched Charmed knows that that’s a big part of anything I do — I have to find the humor in it. [Laughs]

TVLINE | For folks who haven’t hopped on the Mistresses bandwagon, give a 30 second pitch for why they should watch the finale.
I have a 30-second pitch for why they should get caught up before the finale. All of these women are relatable and they’re all on a very specific journey. And the sisterhood between the four characters is something I think people will enjoy watching. We also make a social statement about the businesswoman that seemingly has everything together with her career and is very driven, but her personal life is completely unraveling.

TVLINE | Should the renewal go down to the wire, do you have any suggestions for what fans should send ABC to encourage them to do the right thing?
[Laughs] There are so many things they can send…. I think one item from each character, [including] a pregnancy stick from Savi and a whip from Joss. They should definitely get creative.

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  1. viviana Ro says:

    I love this show!!! I really hope it gets renew because the season finale was awesome but I want to see more!!! I want Savi with Harry, and I hope Karen is Ok and not hurt!!! April needs a chance in love and so the other characters!!!! This show needs to be renew…

  2. vivianar18 says:

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! I love it, all the characters and all the episodes.. the season finale was awesome and thats why it needs to be RENEW so we have a Season 2, I love Savi with Harry, and I hope Karen is not hurt and she is ok. ****ABC NEEDS TO RENEW THE SHOW*** This is one of my favorite shows!!!!

  3. Jessica says:

    ABC… You must renew mistresses. My husband and I have( Monday night mistresses night) with popcorn and beer! :) come on renew it already football is killing me!!!!!! Please save my Monday nights! :) This is the only show we both agree to watch on Monday nights.

  4. dennis says:

    I am team Harry all the way, Dom is just a walking horndog. If she choses Dom and Dom gets bored at Savi, he will try Joss. Harry has all the temptations and yet he hasn’t given up. He tries to act like he is okay, but it is clear that he feels his inside is rotting. And Harry is not predictable, Dom is. And Dom thinks it’s a game, remember when he had the conversation with Joss and he said we will see. BTW i love Karen, she is one crazy woman, and it makes good TV. I think only April needs a real good direction, because her is all over the place.

  5. Dukes says:

    please when is the season 2 coming out!!!

  6. Alex says:

    COME ON, ABC, RENEW THE SHOW :-) !!! We’re all DEFINITELY not tired of it … contrarily, just getting started. The story line is AMAZING … characters that have relevance to dilemmas that folks do find themselves trying to manage in current day, character profiles that serve to either inspire, relate to and/or intrigue.

    The writing is BRILLIANT … somehow able to get the attention of two populations of women with completely different lifestyles. With the main characters being a group of longtime female friends, it gets the attention of stay at home Moms as well as those with careers outside of home. At first, I was weary of the sister characters (not sure how believable), and then quickly got hooked because as unlikely a pair as they are, their bond is convincing because it’s based on what everyone can relate to … two people who are committed to despite major differences.

    Of course, as the characters are hot … beautiful, smart and provocative women, male audiences love it too + quintessential, Alyssa Milano. Need I say more.

    Blah Blah Blah … feel like I’m rambling. PLEASE RENEW THE SHOW !!!

  7. Brandy says:

    PLEASE RENEW AND FAST- I dont really get into many T.V series but I made sure I watched this show everytime it was on. Its very catchy and a really good show. Hoping we dont have to wait till 2014 to watch it again!

  8. Christina Guerrero says:

    I love ❤ this show! I hope savi picks Harry

  9. Julia says:

    I wasn’t sure about seeing Alyssa Milano in such a scandalous roll after being with her for 8yrs in charmed but I can admit it like her in this show she is just as good in this roll definitely looking forward for season 2

  10. Mary says:

    Please give me my Monday night fix! !! And I don’t care what night toy give it to me, because I’m gonna record it anyways. This site is one delicious price of work comparable to sex in the city, but with some restraint. …. Lol I absolutely love Dom… he is the character that seems the most level headed and sure of what he wants. Savi will be the happiest with him and you know the baby will be beautiful. I was so bummed about the cliffhanger. Do all us old ladies a huge favor, and bring this show back for one more try. Oh, and you can kill Karen off if you like. . She was like a deer in the headlights anyways. Come on mr network big guys. ..HOOK US UP!!!!♡♥♡

  11. Kelly Carson says:

    Please make another series that was brilliant to watch, I never liked the way it ended but I hope it follows on with another series.

  12. I am Team Harry all the way! I love this show! :) I really hope and pray that Savi and Harry will get back together. They are really made for each other!:) <3

  13. Dcallahan says:

    ABC should definitely renew this show. Like everyone else, I am so tired of liking a show that ABC airs, really get hooked on it and then it’s cancelled. There should be more of this kind of show instead of CRAP like Duck Dynasty and Honey Boo Boo – YUK!!!!

  14. len says:

    prediction: baby is harrys,if baby dies she will end up with dom,survives with harry
    complications at hospital drs tell savi baby could have health issues when born so she breaks of with harry as a selfless act even tho she still loves him, moved foward baby born its harrys, now the fun really begins

  15. Judy says:

    Didn’t watch the series on TV I watched it on Hulu. I love it .I don’t know if I’ll be able to watch the second season on Hulu ,because I have to start watching it on TV because I can’t wait that long for it to come out to watch it in one shot. Even though I got the first series done within a couple days ,which was really good. I heard it was starting in June ,I hope that’s true. Renew. Love love love

  16. sue says:

    Let Savi go to hell. I want Joss and Harry now. If in an entire season they didn’t get back together then they is no need. toomuch time has passed for them to make it up. I think the romance between Joss and Harry can spark up flames in mistresses.

  17. sue says:

    Savi is a slo# in the first place for accepting Dom to look at her #%$# for 5 seconds. She does not deserve Harry. She is a lost course and I don’t think she should get back with Harry. By the way, I think they has been much romance between her and Dom than b/n her and Harry. bringing them back makes no sense to me. I think we should pull out Harry from the show or let him start a relationship with one of the ladies (Joss) if he has to say.