Fall TV Preview

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Promo Warns, 'The Storm Isn't Over' -- Plus: Who Dies?

“Time of death, 15:56.”

Those ominous words, uttered by Owen in the following ABC promo, set a dark tone for Grey’s Anatomy‘s two-hour season premiere on Thursday, Sept. 26.

But is it an electrified Richard who perishes? One of his colleagues? A random patient?

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Elsewhere, Meredith is in the dark, Cristina is throwing shade at Bailey, and Jackson is shirtless.

Press PLAY below and watch all hell break lose at Grey Sloan.

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    • Ashleah Youn says:

      Yeah, my bet’s on her, too since the actress got her pilot picked up.

    • Kylie says:

      Sad to see her go since she’s the only intern that I like. Jo is tolerable but can’t stand the other two girls.

    • steph says:

      It’s not Richard, as he is one of the originals. And Shonda has said that she wants to know sooner than later what they decide in terms of the contracts. Only Christina Yang, has announced she will not renew. But Shonda was to be able to give each of the origianal cast an exit that is deserving for them and their characters. This eliminates Richard or any of the originals.
      Best bet, one the newer interns, mousy is good probablility since she has another show picked up, that could be likely. Or Aprils new beau, fiance. Or just a patient.

    • Rashad says:

      10 seasons and Grey’s Anatomy is still great. Shonda Rhimes, I worship you and your TV magic.

  1. Julz says:

    NOT RICHARD! (please. But on can never trust Shondaland)
    It’s probably Intern Mousy or a random patient. But I’m going with Mousy. :(

  2. J says:

    i bet it’s mousy. which will suck because I love Tina Majorino! :(

  3. Maki says:

    I believe Aprils fiancee could die. all of a sudden, just to work the story. Or an Intern could die maybe mousy?

  4. Deion says:

    Lawd, I hope it’s not Richard!

  5. kaye says:

    I think its April’s guy who dies. Mousy slamming into the electrical thing and Richard are fakeouts.

  6. tamy says:

    April’s fiance or Mousy
    Who’s the one whose the head hits an electrical panel?

  7. maltru says:

    It will suck if it’s Mousy, because the promo just totally gave it away then, but I agree she’s probably who dies. After all, Tina Majarino has got another show, so she was leaving one way or the other.

  8. Jade says:

    Mousy was a good character until the last couple of episodes in Season 9. Then she was written stupid and obnoxious. I hope it is her rather than Richard or Matthew or any regular character.

  9. Shari says:

    definitely not richard, shonda tweeted (and then deleted & wrote “crap”) a pic of James Pickens JR at the 200th episode table read.

  10. tahina says:

    Richard can’t die as much Shonda would like her cast killing spree, the 200th ep is coming soon so he must be on this milestone. Bet is a patient..a fireman. And where is Arizona,?? everyone is on it except her…hmmm. *-*

  11. Lynn says:

    Poor Brooks, but LOL at Seattle Grace Mercy Death striking again.

    I’m going to miss Tina/Brooks.

  12. Justin Bruening (April’s fiance, Matt) signed on for ABC Family’s “Ravenswood.” I’m not sure if that’s a series regular position but based on that information my guess would be him because of scheduling conflicts. BUT, he was also on “Switched at Birth” at the same time at Grey’s. I don’t think Tina was promoted to series regular so could be her, too. I think Richard is a red herring.

    • Kat says:

      Not only that, he will also be on Hawaii Five-0 mixing up Steve/Catherine. NO idea how this guy is doing that, but probably because he isn’t a series regular anywhere, but I don’t think he’ll be around much longer in GA, as much as I love him, but I’m “following” him to H 5-0 and Ravenswood too ;-)
      But just so you know, he has 2 other shows he’s working on (don’t know how big of a role he will have in H 5-0, though), so yeah… I doubt he can do 3 :)

  13. D says:

    Shonda said Brooks absence would be explained by the end of the episode. It’s so Mousy.

  14. SPE says:

    Of course, it could Jason Myers…which would then set up a whole angst-filled arc for Karev and Jo.

  15. Lauren says:

    Dear Shonda,
    Stop killing off your entire cast. There are other ways to write off a character when the actor leaves the show. It’s getting ridiculous now. Try to think of something new and interesting, and less heartbreaking.

  16. Dan says:

    JPJ was spotted in a table read photo (for ep, 4 or something) that Shonda took. So, unless they rehash the ghost story again (I probably shouldn’t even be joking about this) I would say it’s pretty unlikely that he will die.

  17. D says:

    Look at it this way, Shonda only kills off the actors of the people she loves, Ellis,George, Mark, Lexi and now Brooks. If she didn’t respect the actor, she doesn’t give it’s actor and character proper closer. Like Burke and Izzy, for example. So, it’s gonna suck for Mousy to die, but it makes a good story line. That’s how she honors them.

  18. Sam says:

    My bet is Richard bites the dust. In its old age, Greys Anatomy costs are not getting easier. Last season they got rid of a number of actors to get the cost down. Getting rid of one more is not a surprise, and why not Richard?

  19. Down says:

    Too bad it’s not Owen.

  20. Ninna says:

    Who dies?
    Another one?!!!
    Lack of imagination and creativity is a bitch.

  21. Carly says:

    It definitely seems like Heather is going to die. Which is sad because she is the most entertaining intern in my opinion. Jo was interesting last season with everything they wrote for her and Ross was good too. Stephanie is a take it or leave it character for me, and her character seems a little reminiscent of Christina during the originals’ intern years but without Christina’s sass. Leah had practically zero story last season. I think she has potential to be an interesting character but she didn’t get the chance to show it much. I was surprised she became a series regular. But Heather is funny and smart and seemed like she could have been the breakout star of the interns. She was really enjoyable to watch. Which is why she’s the one with a movie and another show pulling her from Grey’s. Because she’s an excellent entertainer. Obviously we wont know until the premiere if shes the one to die, but all signs seem to be pointing to her. Bummer.