First Glee Season 5 Promo (With New Footage!) Promises, 'All You Need Is Love'

It’s here: Fox has released the first official Glee Season 5 promo featuring actual footage, and everyone looks really happy to be back.

PHOTOS | Fall TV Spoiler Spectacular: Exclusive Scoop on Glee, Plus 44 Other Returning Favorites

The following clip, which will make its debut on Fox’s airwaves Thursday night, offers your first glimpse at the show’s two-part season-launching Beatles tribute (Part 1 airs Thursday, Sept. 26 at 9/8c.)

Here’s the episode’s official logline:

The members of New Directions are back in action and take on their biggest assignment yet: the Beatles! As Will enlists the kids to pay homage to the classic song catalog from the Fab Four, Blaine and Kurt attempt to answer questions about their future together. Meanwhile, Rachel’s New York ambitions take an unexpected turn in the all-new “Love, Love, Love” season premiere episode of Glee.

Press PLAY below and then hit the comments with your snappy judgements.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. livvy says:

    It says that this content is currently unavailable.

  2. ggny says:

    They couldnt do a Beatles episodes when they accutaly had the originals still in high school?

    • T25 says:

      No kidding! The New Cast is terrible! This would have been awesome with the Originals!

    • Jay says:

      mte. i’m glad the NY kids are getting songs too, but this would have been a great episode for seasons 1-3. It would have made a great regionals/nationals storyline.

    • Ann says:

      ryan was trying to film this episode from the beginning but he couldn´t due to the refusal of managers to make covers of the beatles

      • T25 says:

        But they have done Beatles covers before? Wonder how they managed that but couldn’t get the Tribute ep before this?

        • Ann says:

          IDK. Maybe the rights were too expensive… Like Coldplay that refused at first.

          • Drew says:

            The Beatles songs they have done in the past were the Across the Universe versions. I’m pretty sure they didn’t get the rights to do actual “Beatles” versions until a bit later in the series!

        • Dude says:

          Michael Jackson actually owned the rights to many of The Beetles songs and I guess he was difficult when it came to sharing them. When he passed, the rights were sold. That’s when the various Beetles games came out, along with new albums and the songs were finally available on iTunes for the first time.

        • marti says:

          the actually have done Hello goodbye, in s01 as i recall!

  3. Omar says:

    I love glee! I can’t wait. Looks so good.

  4. Mark says:

    Glee will be different this year, but this promo made me smile pretty big :) can’t wait!

  5. keri says:

    EEEEKKKK!!! i’m so excited! i have such high hopes for this season!!!! and good lord, blane anderson, you sure put out all the stops, don’t you?!

  6. jess says:


  7. katie says:

    I know it’s just for the show but seeing Lea smile really brightens up my day. Can’t wait for the “Rachel and Santana get jobs” storyline!

    • Lin says:

      Best part so far from the spoilers I have read. And love that Rachel Berry big smile.

      • Gunny says:

        and now we just need to wait until that smile is in her eyes. I think that will take a long time – I was so happy they decided not to give her a boyfriend this season – that would have ended it for me.

  8. karmen says:

    aw i’m excited. last season was so boring, but this season looks promising so far. im glad kurt and blaine are finally resolving their issues and rachel looks so cute during aynil.

  9. Melody says:

    All I could see was a pic of Marley, Ryder, Unique and Jake singing. :(

  10. Jess says:

    Keeping my expectations low…this proposal nonsense gives me major secondhand embarrassment, just seeing the new cast reminds me that season four really happened and I cringe…I just don’t know. Very very low expectations.

  11. SS says:

    Look at all those bright colors and joyful people.

  12. Laila says:

    So I’m guessing that Klaine got back together for 2 seconds before Blaine proposed? Lmao I guess that’s all it takes. Your boyfriend cheats on you with a random, tells you that it was your fault because you didn’t have time for him, spends an entire season lusting after ANOTHER dude…and then…proposes to you. #AllYouNeedIsLove

    • Love, Love, Love says:

      Stay pressed, bb! #NoHate #GleeIsAboutOpeningYourselfUpToJoy

      • Marco says:

        Hasn’t been about that for a good two seasons now.

        • BB says:

          Depends on your perspective. For me S4 was the best and most joyous season. Unlike the original ND, the new group felt much more as a fun group of friends rather than a group of inviduals and “outsiders” with BIG DREAMS. And we got lots of group numbers filled with joy and happiness and it was wonderful. And a superhero episode that was cracktastic, a guilty pleasure episode with NSYNC, Abba and Spice Girls. So much FUN.

          • Tim says:

            And a school shooting, storylines about child molestation, etc. Is “cracktastic” a euphemism for “terrible”, because that’s what season 4 was? No one cares about the new ND.

    • Sam says:

      It’s an unfortunate message they’re sending out with them.

    • Sil says:

      Belly Laugh, thanks. Glee really tells true love well. Don’t they? Kurt didn’t want be anything but friends last time they spoke. Klaine is the main couple now that Finchel can be no more. Glee’s got to get them started soon, whoopee.

  13. Ian says:

    Aww, I was hoping they’d show footage of Blaine getting his heartbroken.

    It does seem to me that Kurt ‘chooses himself’ or something, and goes back to NY and is welcomed back by Santana and Rachel at NYADA to royal fanfare.

    So either Blaine’s proposal gets turned down, or he doesn’t ask Kurt at all, or everything’s dream sequences. It’s all dream sequences, isn’t it? LOL smh

    • Love, Love, Love says:

      They kiss in the premiere and Kurt is seen wearing a ring in episode 3, SO…

      • Marco says:

        And Kurt wipes his mouth immediately after they kiss, so that can only mean good things… the kiss is most likely a dream of Blaine’s, and Blaine’s gonna have ‘A Beautiful Mind’ish hallucinations about Kurt wearing the ring.

        • M says:

          that’s chris wiping sweat off of his face after they’d already yelled cut. and a gobr mod (who gets detailed spoilers) already confirmed that the duet is not a dream sequence. keep trying, tho!

  14. Omar says:

    OMG did anyone else notice that the cheerio with the cervical collar is back? She’s next to Tina at PROM!? LMFAO! She’s so adorable! :)

  15. goldie says:

    So much Klaine and CLEARLY happy happy Kurt when they are singing in the courtyard – I can ignore all the horrible newbies..Sorry haters since it’s ya know a TV show, they can tell this story of 2 wacky kids in love if they feel like it.

  16. Linda says:

    I love the Beatles (my all-time entertainment favorites) and this looks great and like a lot of fun! I love Kurt and Blaine together and this production at Dalton looks pretty epic. Rachel looks adorable in her uniform. Sam is in extreme need of a haircut. I’m really looking forward to these two Beatles episodes.

  17. Dave says:

    Of course they make Rachel a part of this mess. Wasn’t Kurt against her own engagement?

    • rach says:

      yeah of course rachel is a part of it. she’s kurt’s best friend i think she would be offended if blaine did a big proposal and didn’t invite her.

      • Marco says:

        I think, after the way Kurt was treated by Blaine in seasons 3-4, she is there to put a stop to that.

        • rach says:

          lol what? that’s why she is happily leading kurt around dalton so she could stop this madness, you got it! the show has made it very obvious that rachel loves blaine and knows what makes kurt happy because she is his best friend. but god knows what show blaine haters watch.

    • blahblee says:

      Good with Rachel’s smiling face there I may be able to stomach the Klaine crap.

  18. Ali says:

    yay can’t wait. I am gleek and I love the Beatles.

  19. Clayton says:

    I think I’m the only fan of Glee that isn’t keen for a two-parter Beatles tribute. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Beatles. I just don’t want to hear them on Glee. I’m looking forward to the stories coming back, but not the music, until the third episode anyway. Super stoked to see what happens with Klaine. I really hope after Episode 3 that the focus shifts more to NY though.

    • Josh says:

      nope i’m not excited for it either.

    • JN says:

      I don’t think they need two back to back episodes of the Beatles. Do not care about Klaine one bit but hope and pray they give us more NY this season.

    • Amanda says:

      I’m the opposite. I’m excited for The Beatles and dreading the stories, especially if Klaine gets a heavy focus. They were completely botched last season and I no longer root for them, especially not for Blaine. Agree on the NY focus.

  20. Gordon says:

    Is that Artie next to Blaine on stage for Prom King? Are Artie and Kitty running together? Adorable!

    The cover of AYNIL sounds really…lifeless? Surprising considering the big band arrangement but I guess they can’t overcome the singing.

  21. Claire says:

    I’ve always been a little suspect of people/characters who need to turn a proposal or declaration of love into a big public display. They seem to be making more about themselves then their partner, not to mention making it nearly impossible for the person to say no (without looking like a heartless jerk).

    • Laila says:

      My thoughts exactly. Most of the Glee boys are like that honestly. Artie’s prom proposal to Brittany in season 2 comes to mind when he serenaded her in home ec and she had to reject him in front of everyone. Most of Sam’s existence on the show has been spent projecting his whims onto the girl (object) of his choosing. So ~romantic.

  22. Nicole says:

    I think I’m gonna stop watching glee after Cory’s tribute. Dianna won’t be there or Mercedes and Mike for most of it. And I’m a Brittana fan and I know Brittana is history. The best seasons of glee were 1 and 2 it’s just gone downhill from there. I miss the old glee club.

    • Tal says:

      Britanna, Finchel, Finn fans, all saying goodbye to Glee. I’ll watch Rachel & NY on Tumblr and hope Blaine gets the treatment Finn got in S4 and is stuck in Lima propping up the bland talentless Noobies so NY can stay Blee Free!

      • Lisa says:

        You can add the Kurt fans that have been really tired of the many sacrifices Kurt’s character has gone through to the Blaine altar.

    • Lauren says:


  23. Waaaay too much Marley and Jake is this. As much as I love Kitty, I just can’t see me still watching after the third episode. :(

    • BB says:

      Marley is featured on ONE out of FOURTEEN songs in the first two episodes.
      Jake is on a measly two. They don’t have story in the eps either. You’re ridiculous.


  25. TinaInTheSkyWithDiamonds5x02 says:

    Sorry to say this (and no offense!) but some of you are such Debby downers! :\ Like come on now. We get it, some of you don’t like change and want the old cast back. But guess what? The show has to move on without them. The plan (which was revised sadly…) was to rid of them fully after Season 3 and pick up with newbies. Many high school shows do it… But, we got NY in Season 4 instead to keep Lea/Rachel as the star (which I guess was okay… seeing as she’s the star haha) but all those unnecessary visits from the graduates to please US, the fans, was so pointless last season! Just be glad we still have Glee for a little longer and that we get to watch our favorite show, with or without the old cast. Just be happy we get to see some of them occasionally! Don’t think about the negatives! We still get them this season, even if its for 3-5 episodes, we get to see them! :D Also, the newer cast was kind of pushed into a corner due to the split focus and I bet if they didn’t have NY, they’d be pretty much developed somewhat and not “bland” as some of you say. Just give them a chance this season. It looks promising!

    P.S. I know that episode 3 will be tough on us all and some may wish to stop watching Glee due to our beloved Cory’s sudden death, but don’t give up on something you love and especially something Cory loved. We all know he wouldn’t want us all to just quit watching and supporting the show. We should support this show and stick together! I know some people here aren’t Gleeks and WILL bash the show, but to those who are Gleeks and insult the show, lets just try to think about the positives for once. Here’s to S5 being a good season! :)

    • Doesn't feel like Glee says:

      Not giving up on something I love. Giving up on something I USED to love,something that has gone from a once great show with amazing talent to a show that shoved the real talent to the back ground and made a mess of some really outstanding characters in S4 ie Finn and Rachel, in favor of boring bland new characters and a rehashing of SL’s the Original Cast already did. And if the plan was to replace the Originals after 3 years then why did they give them 6 year contracts? I don’t mind change, when it’s good change. There is nothing good about any of the new cast. If it wasn’t for Cory, Lea, Chris and Naya, I wouldn’t have even bothered with tumblr or the DVR FF option last season. Fox was smart, they kept the real Stars around even if only in name for S4 so their fans wouldn’t bail. So I guess fans that love the newbies and Blee should be thankful Lea chose to stick around, otherwise Ryan would have ended it like he said he would have after Cory died had Lea decided she wanted out. ” Like he said of Lea, she is kind of the show”. So hopefully he remembers that throughout S5. At this point the only thing I know for sure I will not be watching the show live, and if I do DVR it, the only part of the show I have any interest in is the NY side.

      • Chicks wife says:

        I so agree! I loved S1-3, hated what they did to Rachel and Finn in S-4 and Ff to just the Rachel /Finn parts. I tried very hard to watch the New ND but the acting is horrid, the characters have no passion, Marley is soooo boring and her singing is good but no passion in her voice. Rachel makes you feel every note. I felt nothing listening to the new cast. I will cont to watch my reruns of S1-3, will watch the tribute show (S5-3) and that’s it for me. My TV, my personal thoughts and opinion. Glee died with Cory for me.

        • Gunny says:

          and the 30% drop in ratings from last year to this year suggests a lot of people couldn’t watch Glee without Finn, in spite of the Beatles. The show was 5th out of 5 in that time slot for premieres. It’s hard to imagine the second week being any better. I only watched to listen to Lea’s songs. I always watch seasons 1 and 2, some of 3, and 3 songs on S4.

    • Sarah says:

      Awesome commentary on the negativity here! If you guys are so bummed out about Glee then just stop watching it and worrying about it. Or watch and just have fun with it :-D

      And FTR I actually met someone named Debbie Downer once – she gave a seminar on health insurance…

    • Hoping for NY Glee says:

      I don’t think the split is what kept the Newbies bland or being developed. Lima got like 80% of the screen time with the Newbies front and center last season. If the Newbies are bland it’s because the actors that play them are not very good and couldn’t do anything with excessive the screen time they got. Every season had bad writing, but the Original Actors were able to make something of it and made it work, these new ones don’t have that ability. And if you are hoping S5 develops the newbies, well keep hoping. Most of the new casting news is for NY with the big name guest stars going to NY, and they are building several new sets, ALL for NY with 3 separate SL’s being launched for NY starting in 501. The cast is WAY too large and if screen time for NY goes up you won’t be getting much Newbie development, there just isn’t enough time with a cast this large on a show with a split narrative that has no connection. Ryan Murphy treats Glee like 2 separate shows, Lima Glee and NY Glee, and that is exactly how the fandom sees it, so people shouldn’t surprised to see a divided fan base.

  26. Lisa says:

    Happy I’m not watching neither episode 1 or 2. Will watch 3, then bye. Also, #Kurtsayno #blaineneedsmedicalhelp

  27. alistaircrane says:

    You can tell Lea’s smile is fake. She must be depressed inside. :-(

  28. igo says:

    Blee, hmm..
    This is what I’m afraid with finn’s gone, blaine would invade more screentime and songs than ever

    • The Blaine Show says:

      Finn hardly got anything last season, not a single solo and very few group songs. Finn was basically treated like furniture in S4. And if Blaine gets more songs and screen time then he got last season, that just means no else in Lima is getting SL or songs to sing other then swaying in the back ground for The Blaine Show.

      • BB says:

        Finn actually had one of the more rewarding arcs last season in terms of character development, and he really thrived in charge of New Directions, leading to his admirable decision to pursue teaching. He was also featured on some of the season’s best songs – many of which from The Break Up. As for Blaine’s screen time and songs – it will probably be similar to last season for the first batch of episodes, but everything is up in the air when the show returns in April. If he goes to NYC, he’ll have to compete with Rachel and Santana (as well as flashy guest stars) for songs, and that may very well change things.

        • igo says:

          Ha you as a blaine stan in using words is very good it’s almost convincing but the word ‘rewarding’ is far from the true description of finn’s storylines. Make him stay in Lima and become the new mr schue only make him get less screentime than season 3 and just sway in the background while blaine and sam perform their 12365890 songs. And you know what happened when blaine moves to NY and get into NYADA: another solos and less kurt rachel and santana! How exciting.

          • Mena says:

            I agree with you. Finn’s story was supposed to be this big arc s4, well, la te da. He was like Mr Schue. sittinb in the sidelines applauding for Blaine, Marley, and the others. He had some moments with Sue which were rewarding, with Artie being gingers, moment or two with Mr Schue, but the best were the 3 times with Rachel. I do not call that rewarding, it was insulting.

  29. Jay says:

    Nothing really interesting in this promo, besides Rachel in that uniform. I really hope to see more of Rachel, Santana and Kurt in season 5. Blaine, Sam and the new characters are painfully uninteresting. I still can’t believe they extended the school year when season 4 had nothing but forgettable, filler episodes. Lea, Chris and Naya need to be at the forefront of the show again and they are much too talented to play second fiddle to people like Darren, Chord and Marley.

    • BB says:

      It all depends on point of view, doesn’t it. Those who like the HS narrative prefer Blam and the newbies and want the focus to stay there; those who stan Rachel or Kurt (or just generally put the “original cast” on a pedestal) prefer the NY narrative and want to see more of that. Who you see as “painfully uninteresting” has very little to do with whether or not the characters are actually a bore – and much more to do with the goggles with which one watches the show.

      • Jay says:

        Actually no. I don’t wear goggles. Rachel, Kurt and Santana are superior characters. The new characters and Sam + Blaine are boring.

  30. ullo says:

    Still don’t get it why darren/blaine get soo many screentime or spotlight. His name isn’t big enough yet(compare to jane lynch, cory monteith, chris colfer, lea michele, dianna agron), based on comments from various websites people seemed to be tired of his pointless storylines, too(critics review of his SL aren’t helping either) and his songs aren’t selling that well(on par w other singers on the show). I’m not nitpicking him, I’m just stating the fact and curious tbh

    • BB says:

      You’re not stating facts though. For one, Blaine is one of the most popular characters on the show as far as one is able to decide this – through hits on Tumblr, hits on Google News, mentions on Twitter and likes on Facebook (where Darren is beaten by few other than Lea).

      Moreover, the critics are not negative; The Break Up, Dynamic Duets and Guilty Pleasures, which were Blaine heavy got a lot of praise and positive reviews. Also, you obviously can’t make assumptions on the opinion of the general audience or fandom by “comments from various websites”. It doesn’t work like that. As with everything else, those who are dissatisfied are more vocal than those that are pleased.

      And his songs are selling quite well. Two of the best-selling songs from Season 4 were It’s Time (41k+, 3rd) and The Scientist (46,5k+, 2nd) – the former being a Blaine solo and the latter a group number on which he was featured. Against All Odds (18k) and Come What May (18k) were also among the songs that sold quite well in the previous season, compared to for instance Kurt’s Being Alive (<9k) and Rachel's DSB solo (<9k). He doesn't outsell the rest of the cast by any means, but song sales is definitely not a viable argument for why he should get _less_ focus.

      So please, saying you're not picking on him and that you're just "curious" is just insulting.

      • igo says:

        You mention 4 of 10s of episodes where blaine heavily featured and the breakup mostly got a lot of praised mainly because all the main focus involved(mainly cory and lea) so you can’t say blaine was the one who was highlighted. You also mention about against all odds and come what may but you didn’t mention about give your heart a break and mine which got I tunes top 20s. if you want to compare w/ others try to compare fairly.

        • Mena says:

          You’re wasting your breath. I applaud your trying though. Truth is paramount about that subject. I agree with you, but his fans are quite loyal.

      • jazzcolfer says:

        Just because you spam everything to make it seems like darren criss is extremely popular doesn’t mean it’s true. How do you explain that Darren criss hasn’t been nominated for any popular awards (PCA, TCA)? Yet, lea Michele and chris colfer are always nominated and usually win them.
        Most of the glee cast was nominated but him, even though is the main character and has more solos and screentime but the channel has to have darren as the host.
        What hit on tumblr, twitter facebook and all are you talking about? Darren doesn’t hit 1.5 million followers on twitter. Lea Michele has almost 4 million followers, cory almost 3 million and Chris almost two million and a half. Do you realise what it means? Especially since Darren criss comes partly from social media. About tumblr, Darren criss stans spam all the time by posting Darren on chris colfer’s tag and even on cory monteith tag sometimes.
        Darren criss’s episodes has never been nominated and praised for anything and never been mention by the critics for anything relevant, unlike episodes like Preggers or Born this way, and so many others. The episode you mentioned have the lowest ratings ever google it. Glee songs used to sell ten times more when glee wasn’t the Darren show. They used to be nominated for grammies, for everything actually. Darren criss is never in most taented Young actors lists, chris always.
        There is clearly an overexposure and Darren is blown out of proportion by some media and his stans. I mean he has been called a “Broadway veterant alongside Lea Michele and Matthew Morrison” by Broadway world for two weeks stunt casting on Broadway. That still doesn’t make him one of the fans favourites because most people want more New York and hated Lima where he was the main focus. The ratings have been going down and it is partly because many people, including me, still don’t care about Darren Criss and his character. We’re tired of the overexposure, so please lie about his popularity and acting achievements on top of that.

  31. igo says:

    This season I just want to see more NYC and rachel character development more than last season

  32. Klainer! says:

    Ugh! Get a Life Klaine haters this episode is all about KLAINE and you cant do nothing about it. Either you sit and watch the most Incredible proposal in history or you just go and Miss the Episode of the Year.

    • Jazzcolfer says:

      We are allowed to have opinions on a show we used to love and still party watch because our favorite characters are still in it. Episode of the year because a poorly written character proposes to his ex boyfriend less than one year after cheating on him, and they aren’t even 20 years old. sounds more like a silly episode than the most incredible of the year if you ask me. Especially when the same storyline has been used and it was ackowledged by both the shippers ad the show that it was clearly a bad idea.

  33. bou yam says:

    i adore glee