Miley Cyrus Breaks Post-VMA Silence, Insists Detractors are 'Over-Thinking' Her Performance

miley cyrus vma performanceMiley Cyrus has a message to critics of her controversial tongue-twerking MTV Video Music Awards performance: Simmer down now.

Speaking out for the first time since she and Robin Thicke blurred the lines of art and good taste at last Sunday’s ceremony, the embattled pop star told MTV News that her primary objective heading into the show was to make some noise.

VIDEO | Rewatch Miley’s VMA Performance — Crude, Rude or Harmless Fun?

“Madonna’s done it. Britney’s done it. Every VMA performance, that’s what you’re looking for; you’re wanting to make history,” she said. “What’s amazing is I think now, we’re three days later and people are still talking about it. They’re over-thinking it. You’re thinking about it more than I thought about it when I did it. Like, I didn’t even think about it, ’cause that’s just me.

“I don’t pay attention to the negative because I’ve seen this play out so many times,” she added, before musing, “How many times have we seen this play out in pop music?”

Press PLAY below to watch Miley defend herself in the flesh.

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  1. anakinjmt says:

    Hey Miley. Maybe we’re not over thinking it. Maybe you’re UNDER thinking it. And is it really worth it to “make history”? After Hitler and Stalin made history and you can’t exactly call it good.

    • Pedro P. says:

      boy, that escalated quickly

    • Yes, because I’m sure Miley twerking on stage killed those six million Jews who were watching. :roll:

      • anakinjmt says:

        Yes because that’s EXACTLY what I meant *rolls eyes* My POINT, which I stayed already, is that making history doesn’t mean it’s a good thing. Yes I used an extreme example, but the point stands.

        • DL says:

          Next time don’t use such an extreme example. It was like going after a gnat with a bazooka. Way overkill. I can think of a ton of other far more applicable examples. Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift’s speech, at the VMAs, for one.

      • dude says:

        It definitely killed my appetite.

      • HollySays says:

        OK, you’re completely off-topic – what does Miley’s twerking have to do with the Holocaust?

        Back on topic – I was completely appalled by her lack of taste & self-respect (as it was reflected clearly) during that evening’s’ performance. I don’t have any kids, but I sure wouldn’t want them to see their “idol” up there on stage, in a nude-latex bra & panty set, making obscene gestures with a foam finger. Some girls look up to her – I choose to look down on her. But hey – I don’t have to “defend” myself (as above) because I’m not the one who chose to do what Miley did on stage.

      • lynn says:

        Yeah I agree the killing of poor innocent people isn’t a good example. Her comparing herself to Madonna and Britney was STUPID! She had no rhythm or sex appeal. Brook Shields nailed it ” desperate” here’s some words id like to add …. PATHETIC! GROTESQUE! SHAMELESS! PAINFUL! NAUSEATIING! WREAKAGE! SNOOKY IS AS SEXY AS MILEY…B4 HER WEIGHT LOSE

    • Aaron says:

      She’s 20 years old and she was having fun. At least she didn’t get pregnant and bring another child into the world or accidentally run someone over while driving drunk or many other things that have far more serious consequences than ONE performance on a insignificant TV show for a network that doesn’t even show music videos anymore (I honestly can’t remember the last time I saw them play a music video). Relax people – she was dancing and having fun – it’s not like we were all looking to Miley to cure cancer – know what I mean?

      • Amanda says:

        I agree with ^! She was dancing…..SO WHAT! I’m actually glad she did it, I think the bigger message is that she’s no longer HANNAH MONTANA so stop treating her as such. She is a normal young adult, doing normal young adult things. If America can’t separate the two, than our country is in a sad state of affairs. She’s been in the same stable relationship for 4 years, she makes her own money and she isn’t popping Molly all over the place, and she’s not creating sex tapes all over the place so let her be. Geez!

        • Connor says:

          What she did is NOT “normal young adult things”! Its the MTV “lets show the world how trashy and disgusting we can make our young adults”. Sickening. The ONLY people who think this is ok, are the adolescent boys who want to jerk off to some extreme nastiness and other disturbed individuals who should seek therapy, seriously. Its not just Miley either. its all those, male and female, celebrities that are media whores in one fashion or another. Can any of them honestly say they take pride in their work? Isn’t that what we, as a people, should strive for? When you want to stand up in front of the world and act like a disgusting slut, then be prepared for people to tell you you’re a disgusting slut.

        • Nicole says:

          On what planet was that “normal”?

        • justsayin' says:

          How old are you? 14? This has nothing to do with age and that’s NOT the message that she was sending out. Even a young adult can be much more mature. Her behavior cross the line of what many people find offensive: racist. If you’re not sure, please do educate yourself on what is the role of Media and its influence on society before saying “she was dancing”. Just because she’s no longer Hannah Montana doesn’t mean she should act stupid, immature and irresponsible. Better to over think than be ignorant.

      • HollySays says:

        You’re comparing being run over by a drunk driver to Miley’s twerking….that’s hilarious…. :/

      • mememe says:

        Hell, I don’t think Miley can even cure herself!

      • Naazneen says:

        “She’s 20 years old and she was having fun. At least she didn’t get pregnant and bring another child into the world or accidentally run someone over while driving drunk ”

      • Aaron says:

        Hey , poor you ,nobody understand you :( I have dome cookies at home , do you want to come? ;)

      • Glenna says:

        there is NO excuse for her actions except she is sooooo insecure that she will do anything for attention. She is a terrible example for our youth.

    • R. says:

      What happened to your self-respect and respecting others? No wonder kids are getting raped! Have you thought about the influence your have on your fans? If you like this type of entertainment, then go into porno and stay away from our children.

      • sarahjay55 says:

        I presume this comment is about the lyrics to the massively popular song she was performing along with, rather than her dancing… because you can surely only mean that messages about ‘blurred lines’ and ‘I know you want it’ are liable to perpetuate attitudes that lead to rape, and not the way women choose to dress or dance?

    • Miley, we get it you are no Disney Kid anymore,you are a woman,you are also no Lady, and you have no class. You have elevated what proper Caucasian Christian, Call trailer trash,Honey Boo Boo has more manners and her family have more class then you, they are real they are honest. They are not CHEAP they are Thirty, They live within their means.

    • diana thurman says:

      bottom line Miley Cyrus is nasty. She’s always going to be nasty. She has no singing talent whatsoever.

  2. Well, just cause Michael Jackson made out with Lisa Marie and made history, it doesn’t mean they didn’t make people heave.

  3. I haven’t watched the performance, but I’ve heard so much about it and to be honest it doesn’t bother me. I’ll definitely watch it after reading this, however, I personally have not seen an issue with the way she’s behaving. It may seem out of character, but she’s a 20 year old changing her Disney image. Seems to me that people just wanna brand her with the term ‘slut’ simply because she twerks and dresses provocatively during performances regardless of the fact she’s been in the same relationship with someone for four years and isn’t known for promiscuous/wild behaviour unless she’s performing.

    • Lena120 says:

      It’s not about that. It’s about how inauthentic her image is. She’s portraying something she’s not and she’s coming off like a fake fool. It’s sad. And the fact that she’s comparing that crappy performance to Madonna or even Britney is a joke. Those women’s shows sparked controversy but they had hits. They also gave good performances. The production design was good. The choreography was good. The costumes were good. And their music still gets played at parties today. Miley’s “performance” was plain bad. This girl is delusional.

      • Kristen says:

        Well said – trying to compare herself to either of those women was a sad attempt that fell short. Miley can’t seem to find her image. Britney and Madonna stayed who they were through everything. Britney’s first video was over her in a sexed up school girl outfit. Madonna, well there’s really no need for examples. Miley had to PUT herself in with the likes of Madonna and Britney b/c she knows she will never earn the right to be considered on their level. Maybe Britney, but definitely not Madonna. The fact that she even thought she could compare herself to Madonna is laughable at best. I’m not referring to Miley’s transition from Hannah Montana to Miley Cyrus, b/c obviously changes would have to be made in order to make it in the music industry, but she just continues to change her image, never seeming to know what demographic she’s focusing on. She’s been country and pop, but now she’s trying to catapult herself into the world of rap, and portray herself as if she’s a female rapper, which she’s not. Just b/c you can “rap” words that someone put down on paper for you, wag your tongue around, maybe pull a one second twerk out your rear, and throw two fingers in the air doesn’t mean you’ve made it or earned the image you are trying to portray. She’s a laughing stock, and always will be. Next thing you know she’s going to pay to have herself up on stage singing the blues about how hard her life has been or even worse classifying herself with the likes of Adele. It’s pathetic. If you don’t know who you are, or who you’re trying to be, don’t be so eager to leave your childhood behind you, b/c you are obviously still that – a child. I’ll never take her seriously as an artist. Ever. I only wish they would give some of her songs to more deserving artists, b/c some of them are just so darn catchy! LOL She’s never going to leave a legacy behind her in the music industry at the rate she’s going. She’s forgettable. Only thing I think when I hear her name, or see her picture is how trashy she is and how bad I feel for Liam. Not to mention, if she’s really trying to make a name for herself, why not do something other than what has already been done before? Crazy idea.

    • JLK says:

      I don’t brand her a slut. I just think it was horrible. She’s trying so hard to be sexy and she just isn’t. She maybe could be if she didn’t try so hard and gave this stuff a little more thought. But this wasn’t even sexy-adjacent. Terrible. Just horrible. A friend of mine posted a picture of Miley bent over in her flesh-toned rubber bikini bottom and a raw chicken. There was a striking similarity that was both hilarious and sad. She may have done something that people will remember, but no one’s remembering it in a good way. It’ll be one of those things that people comment about when they’re looking to make people shudder and grimace. If that’s really what she was going for, then kudos to her. But, somehow I think she was hoping for more of a classic Madonna “Like a Virgin” type performance than whatever the hell is was she did out there.

  4. Guy says:

    I knew it. Miley went on stage and did whatever the hell she wanted without thinking. Who cares? It’s the VMAs.

    • Aaron says:

      And I for one am glad that she did. She’s 20 years old and she was having fun. At least she didn’t get pregnant and bring another child into the world or accidentally run someone over while driving drunk or many other things that have far more serious consequences than ONE performance on a insignificant TV show for a network that doesn’t even show music videos anymore (I honestly can’t remember the last time I saw them play a music video). Relax people – she was dancing and having fun – it’s not like we were all looking to Miley to cure cancer – know what I mean?

  5. Amy says:

    Maybe you SHOULD pay attention to some of the negative feedback for once. Might help you out in the long run…

  6. Nicole says:

    Perhaps Miley is underthinking it? Especially if she’s comparing herself to Madonna and Britney. I had no problem with the ‘raunch’ factor of it all…she’s an adult performing on MTV, so big whoop. What struck me is that when Madonna, Katy, or Gaga perform and are pushing boundaries, there is always an element of performance art. Miley was just weird. And that song is very average at best.

    • maggie says:

      Miley should have put some thinking into actually delivering a good performance. Her singing and dancing were horrible.

      If the VMA performance is even remembered in the future, it will be people asking “remember when that girl that sang really bad and stuck her tongue out? The girl who lapdanced a guy in a beetlejuice suit? Who was she? And who was he? Anyone remember?”

  7. Wrstlgirl says:

    It’s clear you didn’t think about it Miley, very clear. I have no problem with someone trying/wanting to change their image but this is how you want us to see you. No thanks.

  8. Mary says:

    It is not over thinking Miley, it is call voicing an opinion. Maybe she should of thought about it more and realize it in poor taste. Should of concentrate more perfecting her singing and dancing instead of her “shock act”, but then again with auto tune she cannot sing.

  9. so no one thought that was funny? we have seen worse things om mtv awards! bruno’s ass on eminem, britney kissing madonna, prince having an orgy behind him, madonna having a boyrlesque with vogue and the list will go on… i wonder if miley didn’t do that the vma would die in one day (yes jt and n’sync wow but who cared in the end! everyone was like an old lady seeing for the first time a playboy cover!) miley is 20 , she is a pop star (and have u seen the cover of the new album? she is making an 80’s pop thing.. do u remember the 80s? )so take a deep breath and go back reading 50 shades of gray!

    • No, it wasn’t funny. It was pathetic and sad. She wasn’t sexy or shocking or making some noise. She was a person who couldn’t sing and couldn’t dance jerking around like a drunk guy in the corner of a bar who thinks he is so smooth. I don’t give a crap about “sexualized” performances in the VMAs but that wasn’t sexy it was bad… very bad…. wanted to cry for her because she has no idea how immature and awkward she looked and sounded bad.

      • sorry for reading but i loved miley after that! maybe you are right! maybe i am right! who knows! we will learn in 2-3 years where miley will be in the pop universe.. still for me i find it hilarious!! so ok have your opinion , i have mine!

      • MC says:

        Great post. Miley is at that age where everything SEEMS funny. It will be a few years before she realizes that this was stupendously awful and embarrassing. I’m sure that smoking the salvia didn’t exactly improve her perspicacity.

  10. SAM says:

    MIley, your tongue is not that pretty – you should think about keeping it in your mouth more.

    • Kim R says:

      YES!!! The tongue! What is going on with that??? It looks like she is trying to unscrew a jar lid and it’s not giving. Totally confused by the tongue usage. :P

  11. meah says:

    I have said it and will keep saying it women are always trying to put down other women to the extent that its sad.the performance was not great,but mothers,other girls had the nerve to call her a slut,a pig etc.I have 5 brothers and I showed them the performance,they only laughed and said she looked like she was having fun.But girls were the one attacking her so much.the funny thing is Robin wasn’t attacked why?isn’t he an adult?
    Compare the kristen stewart/simon cowell scandals and u would get what am saying.
    Even if miley messed up we should not berate her that sorry for ranting I prefer #girlpower

    • This performance has nothing to do with girl power. This is an extremely immature 20 year old that thinks that stripping to her underwear and making sexual grunts or butt wagging makes her on the same level as women whose performance embodies sexuality. It’s not that the performance was particularly significant because of the sexual aspects of it… it was just badly done. Poorly performed and quite frankly whoever allowed her to go on stage like that (managers, agents, director of the VMA…etc) should be fired for letting her make an idiot of herself

    • JLK says:

      You really think that Kristen Stewart and Simon Cowell are like situations because I don’t see anything remotely similar about the two situations. Kristen Stewart was living every young girl’s dream dating Robert Pattinson. Much of the uproar from her infidelity came not from the fact that she hooked up with a married guy but from the fact that she just tossed aside “the perfect man.” People only latched onto her as a homewrecker because they were already worked up about her hurting their beloved Rob and it gave them another insult to toss her way. At the end of the day, if people were honest, I’d say that the vast majority of the people out there cared just as much about her being an adulterer as they care about Simon Cowell being one. The reason there wasn’t such an uproar about Simon Cowell is simply because no one knows his friend and he didn’t have a girlfriend that anyone cared about either. So, at the end of the day, you got a bunch of people saying he’s a terrible friend and just as big of an ass as they’d always thought and people moved on because they just weren’t invested anyone else in the triangle. If Kristen Stewart had been single and hooked up with that director, I doubt very much there would have been 1/16th of the backlash. It would have just been the usual Kristen Stewart critics continuing to criticize her. I’m a woman. I’m a feminist. And I think you do a disservice to equality when you start creating sexism out of thin air. You did it twice in one post with this analogy and by claiming Miley’s being vilified for being too sexual just because she’s a woman. From the comments I’ve seen, few found it particularly sexy. Most just thought it was sad like Lauren said.

      • Jace Smith says:

        Miley looked terrible. She seems like she’s trying to find herself. It was the most awkward performance I’ve ever seen in my life. I wad embarrassed for her.

        Sn: I’m from New Orleans where bounce music made twerking famous even before America heard of it and I have just two words for Miley’s “dance skills”….


    • Connor says:

      Well, I’m not a female and I think EVERYONE involved in this production should be hit with a BIG fine. This was WAY more disturbing than Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction” so why the heck aren’t ‘The Powers That Be’ doing anything about it? Maybe they are and I just haven’t heard. As for you Meah, you do realize there were kids in the audience? Would you take your children to this? I’m assuming you’re an adult, my bad, if you think this is something to defend you might not be but if you are do you really think this is an appropriate act for them to see? Grinding, twerking, pseudo masterbation, etc…? If you want to see this kind of thing go to a strip club or some other sleazy establishment where minors won’t be subjected to this sort of trash. It doesn’t take ‘nerve’ to call someone, male or female, a slut when they get up in front of everyone and show them that they are.

  12. Brooke says:

    I think people just felt uncomfortable watching young Miley have multiple naked seizures in front of a 36-year-old man whose recent hit single was rather rape-y. There was nothing sexy or memorable about this at all.

    • dude says:

      Stop using RAPE to describe misogyny! They’re not interchangeable words and you’re doing a major disservice to people’s perception of rape and the seriousness of that crime.

      • Brooke says:

        No, I meant what I meant. What do you think the “blurred lines” in his song refer to? The blurring of the lines of consenting. If there is no content, it is rape. It’s misogynistic too, but it’s ALSO most definitely advocating proceeding when there’s no clear consent.

    • dude says:

      Stop using rape to describe misogyny! They’re not interchangeable words and you’re doing a major disservice to the perception of rape and the seriousness of that crime.

      • liz says:

        The use of the word “rape-y” is completely appropriate in the context used. The poster was saying the “blurred lines” of the song implied to her a lack of consent in a sexual situation. Whether or not the song means that, she (and many others) have interpretted it to be a bit rapey.
        Rape-y is a good word to use because it helps pinpoint the lack of clarity that exists in regards to consent. A person’s behaviour can be ‘rapey’ but they might not in fact be a rapist. Its used to convey ‘hey, I’m not sure but this makes me feel very unsafe’.

  13. Cubsfanjan says:

    I don’t understand how one could talk about making history but not even think about it. Obviously it was thought of, just not quite enough.

  14. Kristine S. says:

    You can’t go from sweet, teenage Disney kid to tongue flashing, half-naked slutbag grinding on an old man and not expect some of the fan base to be put-off, Miley. It was the VMA’s but people will remember how gross it was and think about it before they buy your music. Some people loved it, a lot of people found it grossly inappropriate and some people don’t care. We’ll simmer down when we feel like it.

  15. No more MTV Video Music Awards for me for life and it maybe one of the worst award shows I’ve ever seen in years. As for Miley, she still needs to be on her best behavior and not end up like the people who can’t let go of their personal demons like Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and a few others. As they say on The Soup: IT’S MILEY!!

  16. wat says:

    I’m surprised that no one mentioned the disgusting use of the women as props, and the continuous cultural appropriation…oh wait, no I’m not. Typical.

  17. kate says:

    … not to mention the blatant exploitation and corruption of black culture for profit when black women don’t even get to profit from it. but whatever, Miley’s trying to be cool!

    • Bethanie says:

      I agree with this. She’s trying to be “black”. Or whatever that is. I mean, as a black woman, stereotypes are never flattering, so I am a little over all this “I got a down south rump and I twerk” crap she’s doing. Also, what’s with the sudden interest to work with all these black producers and musicians? Miley’s just doing the most. She’s trying too hard with trying to fit in with the black community; so is Justin Bieber. At the end of the day, talent is what gets you in anywhere; not gimmicks. Just ask Justin Timberlake and Eminem.

      • Amanda says:

        Ok…I promised myself I would just read and not comment, however this isn’t true….though black women are seen “twerking” on TV, it wasn’t started by us, honestly it wasn’t even prefected by us, but since it’s truly booty-popping, our community automatically gets blamed. So sorry can’t take credit there….as for the black producers and rappers, they were interested in working with her, not the other way around. And if you’re gonna throw stereotypes around, JT is the BIGGEST FAKE out there! He only interacts with black people when it’s time to sell records other than that, he’s a walking gimmick….but Eminem is cool!

      • kate says:

        excuse me, I said “black culture” but should have said “a part of black culture.” obviously not all of black culture is…whatever Miley Cyrus was doing poorly.

  18. Bethanie says:

    I hate when people use the “it’s what people her age do” thing. So if everyone were to jump off a bridge, you’d do it too, right? People have got to stop letting society think for them. Think for yourselves for once. The people that are trying to down play the situation or make it into a feminist issue need to shut up because it’s not about that. The performance was horrible and she’s just mad because people aren’t responding to her new image so positively now. Now she doesn’t care? Please. She obviously does.

    I guess I’ll just never find her sexy. I mean, she has amazing legs, but that’s about it with me. She wasn’t like Britney or Madonna or any of the talented entertainers that have performed at past award shows. She just didn’t have that performance power and her vocals were horrible. She tried but didn’t succeed. I wonder how long will all of this last.

  19. dax says:

    THINKING – that is the golden word Miley! Learn it, own it and USE it by actually THINKING! :)

  20. Alex says:

    If that was really her, then she’s a raunchy slut. Nothing to be proud of!

  21. dude says:

    People aren’t overthinking it, they’re just rational enough to be disgusted by an immature brat simulating anal sex with a married man to prove what an “adult” she is. She achieved exactly what she set out to, to get people talking, she just lost everyone’s respect in the process.

  22. ann says:

    Obviously she didn’t think about it, performance was horrible…

  23. There’s a lot that doesn’t shock me at the VMAs anymore but the fact that Miley is comparing this to Britney and Madonna is ridiculous.

    Madonna had the hits and Britney, when she came out and stripped into the nude color outfit back in 2000, was it suprising, sure it was; BUT the difference is that Britney can actually entertain.

    I’m not appauld by what she did, but I am by the justification. Let’s not forget this, she jerked off with a foam thumb. When Christina Aguilera did that in video with Lil Kim for “Can’t Hold Us Down”… everyone was shocked and they had to re edit the video if I remember correctly. And no says anything about what Miley did; that’s not right.

    Miley really needs to think about what she’s doing. Robin Thicke could’ve had backup dancers pretty much doing the same thing that Miley did and it would’ve been better.

  24. liz says:

    I hate the world. Miley’s performance was raunchy and slutty, but who the heck cares! She’s an adult! I say good for her for enjoying her sexuality and body like that. And good for her for making the headlines like this. Its been over a week and we’re still talking.
    Society just loves to encourage women/girls to be sexual and slutty and then turns around and shames them for the very behaviour we tell them to inhabit. For goodness sake, enough with the damn virgin/whore crap.
    She’s an adult who did an adult thing and had fun doing it. Get off her case.

    • Connor says:

      NOT ‘society’ Liz! The majority of our society does NOT encourage ANYONE to be slutty or perverse. Its the media and their “sex sells” mind set that encourages this self destructive behavior. I have a long list of celebrities, male and female, that I boycott. Miley, Madonna, Britney, Lohan, Kanye, Michael Vick, etc… The list is large and I won’t buy product they endorse or have anything to do with. Its also people like you who support this type of trash that help these people go down in flames. “Enough with the virgin/whore crap” you say? If you decide to get up in front of people and act like a whore, expect to be regarded as a whore.

      • kate says:

        wow. there is nothing wrong with being a “slut” except in the minds of religious prudes who are ashamed of their bodies, and a “whore” is someone who has sex for money, which didn’t actually take place at the VMAs. the actual issues of miley’s performance have to do with perpetuating the image of (black) women as objects, cultural imperialism, and exploitation of a part of another culture for profit. the fact that she was trying to be sexy and was just gross is the least of the problems with her performance. you might want to reevaluate your world view on “sluts.”

        • Connor says:

          Since you are online go to and look up the words ‘whore’ and ‘slut’ and then tell me they don’t apply to her “act” at the VMA’s. Most words have more than 1 definition. When I read the part of your comment, “there is nothing wrong with being a “slut” except in the minds of religious prudes who are ashamed of their bodies”, I lost hope of you ever understanding what the majority of the people who were subjected to this display are angry about. This quote from you is interesting too, “the actual issues of miley’s performance have to do with perpetuating the image of (black) women as objects, cultural imperialism, and exploitation of a part of another culture for profit.” From what I’ve read, that entire statement is false. The posts I’ve read and clips I’ve seen are all about how slutty, disgusting, inappropriate and untalented the performance was. If you’re okay with people acting like, or being, sluts and whores, thats your problem and you’ll have to deal with the repercussions whatever they may be.

      • MC says:

        ITA with your first three sentences. I am also sure that Miley had “simulated” fun while performing this choreography, but actual fun? Absolutely not. Miley has already indicated in her comments that she was trying to be outrageous in the tradition of Madonna and Britney. In other words, this was a very self-conscious stunt. There’s nothing “fun” about that.

  25. lila says:

    wow. she sure sounds dumb. I thought so. Miley is enjoying the hype everyone has for her stupid performance. the more people talk, the more she likes it. how idiotic.

  26. cjeffery7 says:

    well, she’s right about one thing… this has played out before, it will play out again (bsg reference anyone? lol). it’s just a shame that it will be remembered as squirm-inducing rather than actually entertaining. i had to change the channel before robin thicke even came on stage. woof.

  27. Shannon says:

    Perhaps if Miss Thing would like a career like Madonna, Britney or Gaga she should put some real thought into what she is doing. I find it insulting she thinks she can be grouped in with Madonna, Britney or Gaga. Those women may push some boundaries but it is during polished choreographed performances which convey hard work and real thought. I went back and looked at past performances at the vmas which made some noise and all of them I would not mind sitting and watching with my daughter, however I would let daughter watch whatever it is Miley did because not only was it nasty it was a hot mess. She is trying to be something she is not and is coming off like a lost little girl.

  28. Karen Sabin says:

    HORMONE ISSUES MILEY??? If so, GET A ROOM…if not, GROW UP! You’re SO acting like a little girl lost…

  29. Michelle M. Macias says:

    How dare, HOW DARE you compare yourself or that clown excuse of a performance to Madonna or your Predecessor Britney Spears! OMG
    That performance didn’t show an ounce of talent that I thought you had before. As far as appearance, You were never anything to look at in the 1st place, but at least you sang well enough…
    You said yourself “You’re thinking about it more than I thought about it when I did it. Like, I didn’t even think about it, ’cause that’s just me.” Maybe you should start to think about what you are going to do or say before you do or say it! Because if you’re about to make yourself look stupid, no one else is going to tell you! Hello, you’re Miley Cyrus :/

  30. Amadeo says:

    Still a no brains slut.

  31. norma says:

    By the way people she’s past Hannah montanna and Tele tubbie’s we all have to grow up sometime she’s just stating she cant be your idol you chose to look up to as a child your not children anymore and neither is she so stop trying to make her 12 so your 10 year old can continue to believe her moms idol for her is so innocent allow her to grow just like your own children will one can never decide what their child is gonna do we can only hope I still believe she will over come al of this she is awesome and im 50 hah

  32. Dalyce says:

    Miley is so invested in trying to look like some cutting edge, push the boundaries artist that she’s willing to do anything to prove she can run with the big dogs. The key word folks is “artist”. Watching that sad little parody underscores that there was no artistic endeavor involved. Just another identity-starved version of Lilo and Amanada Bynes desperation. Pills, booze, broken relationships to follow…not to mention another early to the grave flame-out.

  33. lily says:

    the biggest thing with her is that she’s completely unsexy so the whole thing came off as cringeworthy and embarrassing. she doesn’t have a stage presence like madonna or britney spears, she can’t dance and she has no talent so there was an awkward desperation in that performance that these other “shocking” moments didn’t have

  34. CBWBDK1 says:

    Her parents must be so proud!

  35. Sarah says:

    Hey Miley, you not thinking about it is the story of your life. I can guarantee no one identifies you as a “thinker” or an “artist”. To compare yourself in ANY WAY to Madonna is ridiculous….that would require talent. Please do the industry a favor and take up knitting, or some other useful employment, so we can clear the way for a TRUE artist and performer. Just think, if MTV had only cut your performance, we could have had a longer N*Sync reunion!

  36. Ilego Festo says:

    Yea, that’s you Miley, YOU DON’T THINK!!!! You are damn right about that!

  37. joe says:

    well if she looked good at twerking then whatever, but her whole chicken ass whack skin coloured look just killed it.

  38. In Miley Cyrus news -Joel McHale, host of The Soup. IT’S MILEY!! -female voice-over.

  39. Well, at the very least she sure did twerk her way into history.

  40. Jace Smith says:

    When black women “twerk” it’s disgusting and classless.

    When Miley does it, it’s envelope pushing and edgy. Lol. Both are disgusting.

  41. american patriot says:

    Gross! Disgusting! Stripper! Pole dancer! Prostitute! Pornagraphic Display! Shock and Disappointment! Betrayed! WTF? These are the words that went through my mind as I witnessed the event, As a father of four daughters who were glued to the TV watching her on Hannah Montana, all I can say is she has totally abandoned her fan base, and what she has turned into is an example of what not to follow, and an live demonstration of what Hollywood and the entertainment industry can do to a person. They call it art and cool. I call it nasty and abusive to the eyes and senses. The tongue and twerking? EEWWWwwww!

    She has to know what she did was unacceptable behavior and violates any level of professional decorum. It was something you cannot “un-see”. To call what she did dancing, entertainment, or talented is beyond a stretch, and an outright lie. She has no talent, cannot sing or dance, and looks like she is drugs and living full time in the hills at an orgy. All they did was pull back the curtain to see the real Miley, and what sad sight that was to see.

    Nice image to portray Miley (not) to the world. You obviously didn’t think that through. the Might want to rethink that one and apologize to everyone, and God while you are at it for desecrating yourself at the VMAs. The latter will forgive you for what you inflicted on the young people out there. You hurt yourself at the VMAs and are in denial.

  42. Ally Kitane says:

    This poor girl is delusional, she had a good opportunity to showcase her talent and unfortunately she did :/

  43. Hanna says:

    Come on guys! She’s not the first one to dance in underwear, not even close! Look at gaga’s outfits, she’s almost more naked every time she’s on stage or in a music video.

  44. Jeff says:

    My achey breaky heart just don’t understand….

  45. Cait says:

    Dear God,

    If you go give us Janis Joplin and Billie Holiday back, you can have Miley Cyrus, Ke$ha, or any other of these so-called musicians who care more about how much of a shock or controversy they can cause then the quality of music they provide. Actually, they probably should not even be considered musicians for the amount of auto-tuned crap they produce.

    A fan who listens to actual music:

  46. says:

    dont under stand why people think she is hot. straight figure, horse mouth and not very intelligent

  47. Mary says:

    Madonna’s and Britney’s performances on the VMAs (separate and together) may have been shocking at the time, but they were also sexy for the most part. Miley’s performance wasn’t sexy, it was horrible. If you want to be talked about after your singing and dancing performance, don’t climb out of a teddy bear, wearing a teddy bear leodard, have your hair in little knots on the tops of your head and stick out your tongue in a gross manner every 5 seconds. Don’t use a foam finger to pretend it’s a penis and shake it at the crowd. The twerking part didn’t even bother me that much. I just don’t get what she was trying to convey with the performance. If it was “look at me I’m all grown up” – maybe she’s 20, but she is immature if she thinks what she did made her look grown up. If it was “I’m trying to be sexy” it didn’t work. It just made her look like a laughing stock and no one is going to take her seriously, for a very long time.

    • Mary says:

      As for compairing her to Lady Gaga, I think with Lady Gaga most of her performances are expected to be over the top. I don’t necessarily think she’s sexy or trying to be in her performances. I think she’s very artistic and trying to show that artistry in her perfomances. Are they sometimes shocking or surprising? Yes, but I don’t really think they are gross or raunchy and that is what I thought when I saw Miley’s performances. Also Lady Gaga is the best singer out of the bunch (Miley, Madonna, and Britney) so that right there also makes her performances better.

  48. Kai Bowie says:

    Dear Miley Cyrus,
    Your ass is not big bitch, starting squating with extra heavy weights! hahahah LMFAO!

  49. guest says:

    every performance by Madonna I’ve seen showed her as the performer and not some half naked puppet–she was active. Sorry Miley, you are not like Madonna. Apart from that, morals evolve, only because it was ok back then doesn’t mean you should do it today. (blood letting was ok..beating your wife was ok)
    Also, did she have a stroke or something? What’s up with her tongue sticking out? I thought you grow out of that around 4-5 years old?

  50. The image was supposedly taken about five years ago and was intended for “private” viewing only.
    And they’re quite amusing, but it was kind of a joke.

    “I am so excited to share my take on motherhood-uncensored, revealing, vulnerable and sexy.