Under the Dome Recap: Labor Day Barbie Qs

Speak of the DevilYou’re welcome, Time Warner subscribers….?

This week on CBS’ Under the Dome, Maxine went gunning for Julia, Junior made the Dome very angry and Big Jim turned heroic Barbie into Public Enemy No. 1.

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Caught by Linda with his hands in the propane — er, sorry, pro-pane — jar, Big Jim started spinning hard and fast, first defending his stockpiling as ultimately a lights- and lives-saving act, and then suggesting that the fella Linda really should be looking at is the mysterious Barbie.

No sooner does Big Jim plant that seed does Linda get radioed by Barbie with news that Julia has been shot. But by the time Linda gets to Julia’s house (whoa, someone finally ran out of gas!), Barbie and the body are MIA (having enlisted Joe into rushing them to the hospital, learner’s permit or not).

Meanwhile in the barn, the kids have plotted out on the ceiling and walls the stars/constellations that their egg friend projected after the Four Hands made contact. But when Junior (of course) starts reading too much into the extreme sitch — suggesting that he and Angie share an “undeniable” connection [groan] — she says the worst thing possible: that once the Dome is gone, so is she. Way to motivate the lad.

When the Dome starts getting very angry, brewing up a monster storm inside its roof, Angie concludes that it’s because Junior has bailed on their critical quartet. Once she convinces him to stay on board — saying “I need you” — the weather simmers down. But could it have instead been because also at that moment, Barbie — whom Joe has decided is “the monarch” to be crowned — was saving Julia’s life with a trick that rivals M*A*S*H‘s ballpoint pen tracheotomy?

Alas, no working of miracles can save Barbie from his date with an epic frame job, when after turning the tables on Maxine and her goon, Big Jim shoots their would-be captors and then pins it on Barbie when Linda arrives on the scene. Barbie KOs the lady cop, then runs off into the woods.

Big Jim takes to the airwaves — armed with fresh intel overhead by Dodee, that the military folk outside the Dome have ID’d Barbie from visitors day tapes as being “the one” they’re looking for — and issues an APB for the shifty stranger, blaming Barbie for pretty much every death save for the first episode’s cow.

Meanwhile, the kids rendezvous at a location at the Dome wall they seemingly were pointed to by the “pink stars,” and as they lay their hands on the surface, they see a vision of a particularly demonic Big Jim, bleeding from here, there and everywhere. After a spooked Junior runs off, Angie somehow interprets the vision to mean that for the Dome to come down, Big Jim must go down — at their hand.

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* Did they repeatedly highlight the fact that Julia’s car was electric to explain why it’s running, or was that good ol’ bills-paying product placement?

* “So now I control the weather…?” No, Junior — that’d be Storm. Or Mikkos Cassadine.

* Do you subscribe to Joe’s “monarch” theory, that Barbie is their savior or whatevs?

* Does Mare Winningham get paid for two episodes?

* This one is rhetorical and evergreen, but: Why are the kids the only ones trying to solve the Dome? Isn’t there some intrepid high school science teacher in there with them?

* Coming off that final scene with the kids — the umpteenth instance of showing us postcard-like suburbia on the other side of the wall — are we to assume the show has completely dropped the notion/visual that at least some area outside the Dome got pulverized by the MOAB blast?

* Was Barbie’s threat to Jim, to “do all in my power to knock you off your throne,” some sort of monarch humor?

What new questions do you have about the Dome? Next week: penultimate episode!

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  1. cookie kirk says:

    Wow keep up the momentum, to keep us interested. Big Jim is the devil. Poor Julia can’t catch a break. Freak Jr. Just keep going on.

    • BigCheese says:

      Plot is good but not keeping with facts: Thought the military dropped M.O.A.B. and turned everything outside the dome to a wasteland. At the end of episode 11 it looks like a beautiful neighborhood behind Big Jim. or maybe its just the Dome..FYI

      • brandon says:

        I thought that was just the other side of the dome. I’m not sure how far that demolition would actually spread, but that was my initial thought.

  2. Jen says:

    ” that’d be Storm. Or Mikkos Cassadine.” TeeHee!

  3. Rob says:

    Do you guys not have spell-check at TV-Line? Otherwise, good article.

  4. JeffDJ says:

    Good episode, but that sure was a nasty frame-job on Barbie!

  5. sab says:

    Barbie is such a punk now that he cares about Julia…making him weak and stupid. Like this episode. See what happened? He got himself framed. Linda, Linda, Linda…ugh. Now that the show is going on another season, I don’t think I can take any more of these contrived set ups. It’s just going to go on and on. Stop insulting my intelligence! I suck because I do want to see what happens with Junior. He seems to be the wildcard.

    • Afraid I have to join you – this is such a train wreck I can’t tear my eyes away. I knew it was continuing to be ridiculous, but I hadn’t counted on how much it would accelerate. This episode was so much MORE ridiculous it was positively stunning. Who knew, we all thought Max was superfluous, BAM! there she goes. (And yer little dog, too!) While we’re at it, let’s shoot somebody else! Ooh, and then we can have the kids go off Big Jim! Goddlemighty, this thing is hilarious.

      • sladewilson says:

        I completely agree. Especially when Barbie tells Big Jim with total disdain btw, after we deal with Max, I’m coming for you. What did you think Jim would do, you idiot? You just told him you were coming for him!!!! And Junior, God bless his lil’ sociopathic soul, has become my saving grace for my LOL moment of the day. The boy just looks at something and I crack up. That total I’m a psychopath and no one can see it and even if they do, so what look is priceless. Angie – idiot. Linda – bigger idiot. Phil – dude, Barbie could’ve ended you like 20X already, get a clue. I don’t know if I can take another season of this and Mistresses… LOL…

        • Alichat says:

          Yeah, I stayed to see if it would smarten up….and I like the cast, but this last episode was a prime example of how weak the writing is. Barbie is smart enough to save Julia’s life and rig the lights in the warehouse to surprise Max, but doesn’t think it’s a bad thing to threaten Big Jim, take him along on the ‘trek to capture Max’, and then leave the two prisoners with the one gun-toting guy who said he wants them dead so he can wander off and get the car?? Why couldn’t they all walk to the car together? Why didn’t he take Linda with him to capture Max if the goal was to bring her in alive? How was it Linda just happens to come upon them as Barbie is pointing the gun at Big Jim? The area they are standing is wide open….she couldn’t see Big Jim holding the gun on Barbie as she walked up? Or see him disarm Big Jim? Why, as the new sheriff, is she letting Big Jim rile the entire town up by ordering a hunting party for Barbie? If Max was such a reputable businesswoman, how is it no one knew who the hell she was until her underground boxing matches?? And how can anyone who participated in them believe anything Big Jim says after he referred to her as reputable?? When will Linda realize that Big Jim’s knowledge of Agatha’s death means he was involved in that death? If propane is supposedly keeping all the lights, AC, and whatnot going, why is everyone syphoning gas out of cars? Why do they need it? Where are they going to drive??? How long will we have to live through Angie’s stupid moments before she realizes that you don’t feed the crazy? Yes, let’s constantly say to the guy that locked you in a bomb shelter that you never want to see him again, that the moment the dome is up, you are outta here. Where is Norrie’s Mom? Is she still hanging out in the upstairs bedroom oblivious to her daughter’s absence?? Why haven’t Angie and Joe wondered where their parents are? They didn’t show for visitor’s day. I would be wondering why my parents weren’t standing outside the dome banging on it looking for me. How long will we have to wait before Julia wakes up and clears Barbie’s name?? You know that’s where they are going with this. My god….the plot holes and questions….sigh…..

          • rockgolf says:

            Why is it that we never hear anyone listening to the radio station unless Big Jim is making an announcement, then suddenly everyone is listening to it? Why, with a huge funnel cloud forming inside the dome to Big Jim & Junior go into the fallout shelter… and come out!?!?! Why, with a limited power supply, are people keeping lights on during the day? Why are the lawns still neatly mowed? Are people really using power to keep the grass trimmed? Why did no one else spot Max’s mother’s body before she did? Why didn’t someone in town see Big Jim’s boat on the lake? Just what is the murder rate in Chester’s Mill? On an annual basis it must be approaching 25% of the population.

  6. Quinn Mallory says:

    Not sure what the explanation for why the other side still looked okay despite the MOAB. This show is so frustratingly inconsistent that I really hope that they have decent closure by the end of season 1, or else this has been a tremendous waste of time.

    • Mum24 says:

      If I remember correctly, the MOAB only destroyed the outside world on one side of the dome, so the other side still looks normal, albeit deserted.

  7. TV Gord says:

    This story is taking on biblical proportions! Barbie (Jesus) is being hailed as a savior by some while others are clamoring for his “crucifixation”, all under the manipulation of Big Jim Rennie (Pontius Pilate).

    • Ann says:

      Interesting analogy, but I think you’ve got the characters mixed up. If Barbie is Jesus, then Linda is Pontius Pilate who is in pursuit of the truth and is reluctantly condemning him for his crimes. Big Jim is King Herod, out to find Jesus and kill him so that he isn’t the “monarch” that is “crowned.”

      • TV Gord says:

        Good grief! You’re absolutely right! Thanks for pointing that out! Obviously, I should have waited to present my analogy until I had recovered from a long (but tiring) weekend! :-)

  8. TV Gord says:

    That should be “crucificion”, My fingers were on auto-pilot…or you can blame my poor edumacation.

  9. Babar Suhail says:

    I don’t think the dome getting angry had anything to do with Junior or Barbie. I think it had something to do with Julia being shot, and when Barbie revived her, the tornado stopped.

  10. johnhelvete says:

    If only the show had at least three scenes in each episode involving the dome that were as good as the final scene in tonight’s episode….

  11. jim says:

    i quit watching because the story was so drawn out.with jr its the same thing every week,big jim same thing every week and so on.they continue to do what they do with no consequence and no advancement.so i just gave up on the show.it was so frustrating to watch

  12. judy says:

    Im so disapointed with this show nothing like the book . what the……………… was they thinking

  13. LOL says:

    Holy moley does this show jerk ya around! The last 2 episodes were fairly weak, but this one (even though it was crazy) really rocked. Everyone wanted Max to get blasted and it was satisfying. Linda is dumber than a box of hammers. Joe is the secret MVP of the show.

  14. RobD381 says:

    The storm kept distracting me, since it was turning clockwise. Being in North America it really should be counter-clockwise. The music seemed louder on this episode too, and the noise really overpowered some of the dialogue. Other than that, it was really weird and sometimes stupid, as you pointed out. I’m becoming really sorry I read the book and trying to reconcile the TV show. It just won’t work. Now that they’re coming back next year I assume a big cliffhanger episode will end this year’s inglorious number of episodes. Yawn.

    • You’re forgetting that this wasn’t a natural North American storm, it was a Dome created storm so it can spin any way it wants.

    • Plum says:

      All the storm stuff distracted me from the show’s first plot point; that Julia wanted to go to her husband’s grave with Barbie; the dome may have sent crazy what’s her face to shoot Julia to keep her from seeing that the grave is empty, or that his grave is covered in that weird cobweb stuff from The Mist because her husband is being turned into an alien by The Dome.

  15. The area outside the dome was really bugging me. I’m glad someone else noticed that they’d forgotten about the MOAB.

    • tvfan says:

      They didn’t bomb all sides of the dome, so some areas can remain untouched.

    • Hera says:

      The area the kids went were right outside Julia’s house which we have seen was not destroyed by the MOAB. The outside area destroyed by the MOAB was not the populated part of Chester’s Mills. Norrie and Joe were in the park and stupid Linda was on a tower (?) overlook the bombing and they were not the usual scenery of the town… I think. We really need a map for the town.

  16. Kathy says:

    I know Junior is crazy, but Big Jim is even crazier with all the murders he has committed to keep his reign of power. My question is: would Junior kill his own father? Remember he had a chance when there was that power struggle over the well.

  17. Elyse says:

    I really didn’t think Max could go down that easy! I’m loving Under the Dome. I look forward to it each week! I’ll hate having to wait until next summer to see more.

  18. SK says:

    So what was the purpose of having Max and Agatha there? Was it just to show us the secrets Big Jim and Barbie were keeping? Was it so that Linda can find out about Duke? Was it so they can show a fight club scene? Was it so that Barbie can be set up by Big Jim? Was it a plot that they thought up before the big backlash so they had to kill them off quickly? I mean they could have done without them. There could have been other ways to frame Barbie.

    • Alichat says:

      And frankly, they could have cast lesser known actors (better for the budget right?) if they were only going to be in two or three eps. Why bring in Natalie Zea or Mare Winningham if you’re only going to use them for three and one eps, respectively. Just a waste.

  19. dan says:

    Did anybody else notice that Linda took the DJ’s car which was dark blue, but when she arrived at the location (cement factory?) where Jim had killed Max and her henchman the car was suddenly white? Linda was shown staking a position behind a white car and there was no dark blue car in sight. Maybe it was there, but it drove me crazy for the last few minutes of the show. Also, the sight of Big Jim with the blood coming out of his body while the four pink-star gazers were each holding knives was really cool. The best ending of an episode so far. I’m also confused by the scenery outside the dome; nobody is posted there anymore and the bomb-destruction area is either gone or on the other side of the dome which we never see. Mare Winningham’s agent deserves a raise for her “guest star” appearance in this episode!

  20. Overthinking says:

    I thought Max had more than just one guy to protect her. With all her ‘big’ talk you’d think she had everyone in Chester’s Mill in her back pocket.
    I can’t wait to see if Junior will obey the dome and take down his father. What will the dome do if he disobeys the order. Will Barbie be captured? Will there be a trial? and will Carolyn be Barbie Lawyer (even though she is not a defence Lawyer)?
    I am not sure it is a good thing to drag this into a 2nd season unless they are thinking about bringing the dome down and showing us the life after the dome for the main characters.

  21. Charlene Frink says:

    This show is on the verge of losing me, I am so trying to hang on in hopes that it will improve… so far not looking too good. Here’s hoping it gets better!

  22. Tenney says:

    The Mikkos Cassedine reference…. brilliant!

    I’m a bit confused about Dodi (I think that’s her name)… wasn’t her hands burned by the mini dome last week and the kids blamed it on her touching the transformer near the radio station? If so, why weren’t her hands at least bandaged when Big Jim came to the station to make the broadcast about Barbie? He hands looked completely fine to me.

    I agree with the commenter who said that Linda is an idiot. That woman should not be a police officer. Why would she believe that Barbie shot Julie? If he shot her why would he call it in and then take her to the hospital? Makes no sense.

    This has got to be one of the most poorly written shows I’ve ever watched and yet, I can’t stop watching.

    • Ann says:

      I don’t think Linda is that dumb. I think she sees all the murders and is being manipulated by Big JIm…afterall, he’s a respectable councilman who she’s known for a long time compared to Barbie, a stranger, but in her heart she feels Barbie is innocent…but she has no evidence so far to prove that he is innocent, so she has to go based on what she sees and hears. At the end of the episode, you’d notice that there is a bit of reluctance in her as Big Jim is shouting at her to find Barbie.

  23. Ange says:

    I enjoyed this episode even though it had some problems. Mostly, I was really glad to see Max go. It was dumb to have her pop up in the first place. Linda is rapidly becoming unwatchable though. I don’t know how to improve the character, but she always comes off looking ineffective.

  24. Nichole says:

    As I watch this show get more and more beyond the realm of believable (and yes, I know it’s television, but still – come on), I increasingly feel sorry for Dean Norris having signed up to it, His performances are so much above most of the other people in the show and the storyline that it’s sad to watch, especially coming off what’s shaping up to be a pink stellar (wink wink) finish to Breaking Bad. His acting of Hank’s reaction to finding out that Walt is the guy he’s been chasing has to be some of the best TV acting ever!! Credit to the guy that plays Junior though, as much as the character is awful, he’s doing a very good job at playing it that way!! Or maybe it’s that most of his scenes are opposite the dreadfully acted part of Angie :P

  25. Meredith says:

    Mikkos Cassdine FTW!!

  26. MGL says:

    This show is getting absurd, and it is mostly the writing. Just unbelievably bad. It’s getting the ratings because there is nothing else on, but these storylines, especially when there is a novel which more could be drawn from, are plain bad. How can Linda truly be the only law enforcement person left? And Big Jim, he was bad in the book too, but now he is judge, jury and executioner all in one. What happened to due process, finger printing, gun shot residue? Lilnda doesn’teven attempt to maintain any of the police standards that exist in society. The show is becoming a joke. I hope Julia does wake up and explain some things. The novel, though it could have lost about 300 pages, did have logic along with a beginning and an end. And, Angie, the actress was actually very good in other parts on other shows. This role appears to bring out the worst in her.

    • Plum says:

      Getting?! It got absurb when they split the cow. This show is wacky fun with a touch of goulishness, and I’m liking the all the mini-dome sci fi stuff. And Barbie, I admit it; the dude is hot.

  27. Cate Amos says:

    My big question – will there be any kind of backlash for Big Jim when Julia wakes up? Didn’t he announce on the airwaves that Barbie shot her? Being the mouthpiece that she is, I know she’ll do whatever it takes to clear Barbie of that accusation. I still can’t believe the pull that Big Jim has with Linda. She knows his involvement with the drug scheme, but she still let’s him go on the air and denounce Barbie as Public Enemy No. 1. She should have locked him up when she had the chance.

  28. Mike B says:

    I guess Julia will wake up with amnesia next week, so she can’t tell anybody that barbie didn’t shoot her… still like the show. just hope big jim doesn’t bite the dust too soon… would hate to lose dean norris after the ending of breaking bad

  29. PPPG says:

    * Did they repeatedly highlight the fact that Julia’s car was electric to explain why it’s running, or was that good ol’ bills-paying product placement?
    IMHO for the gas-issue. I doubt product placement as the show’s audience is Avg-income and the Avg Shmoe couldn’t afford one. MHO
    * Do you subscribe to Joe’s “monarch” theory, that Barbie is their savior or whatevs?
    * Coming off that final scene with the kids — the umpteenth instance of showing us postcard-like suburbia on the other side of the wall — are we to assume the show has completely dropped the notion/visual that at least some area outside the Dome got pulverized by the MOAB blast?
    Actually, I felt this answered why the see Utopia outside the Dome. Obviously the Dome can show illusions, so why not let everyone see “all is grand”. Like a fish tanks wall paper. What is also made me think about … are the snippets of radio signals, REALLY from US Army or the Dome?
    * Was Barbie’s threat to Jim, to “do all in my power to knock you off your throne,” some sort of monarch humor?
    I’m unsure. What I’m really thinking is Big Jim will be discovered by the town. How? Max implied she had more back up than just mommy-dearest … and now that she’s dead, the 2nd back up (the Dome??) will rear it’s head exposing Big Jim for all to see.
    The question I have is when will Brainiac un-shrink the city? Have you abandoned them, Superman??☺☺☺
    (I apologize for typos I missed)

  30. Dave says:

    “Or Mikkos Cassadine”

    LOL! Thanks for the first legit laugh of my day, dude!

  31. Linda says:

    I, like a lot of people, started watching Under the Dome because it was supposed to have an ending after 13 or so weeks. Now that it’s “continued” I have lost interest. I don’t see it becoming another Lost; the characters are just not that interesting.

  32. tp says:

    Every week it’s the same thing. People complain about how the show is ridiculous and the book is better. They’ve already said it wasn’t going in the same direction as the book. Stop the comparison. As for it getting ridiculous, just stop watching it. I never thought I would be one of those people that say that, but seriously, just stop. It’s entertainment. It is imperfect like a lot of shows. Enjoy it for what it is. Hell, maybe it’s me. Maybe I need to stop coming to this site. The people commenting here have changed so much. *sigh*

  33. The Carpooler says:

    I love that MASH reference and the episode it’s from!! The good Father came through.

  34. Linda says:

    I really wish everyone would stop calling me dumb or stupid. ;) … Seriously though, she really is.