Breaking Bad Recap: 'What's One More?'

Breaking Bad Season 5 RecapA few lessons from this week’s Breaking Bad:

1. The enemy of my enemy is my strung-out-yet-possibly-onto-something friend.
2. Skyler might want to start looking at window treatments and paint swatches, so thoroughly has she taken up residence on the dark side.
3. Any time Old Yeller is invoked, you’d best hope that you’re not the pooch in question.

Without further ado, let’s review the major developments in “Rabid Dog.”

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IT’S A GAS, GAS, GAS | Directly following the events of the last episode, Walt pulls up to his house, sees Jesse’s car abandoned out front and knows the situation is not good. He vaults over the back wall and slips in through the sliding glass door (not locked, Walt?), gun drawn. But Jesse’s not there any longer, and though the entire place is steeped in unleaded, nothing is burned.

A short while later, a clean-up crew and locksmith arrive to repair the damage young Mr. Pinkman inflicted upon the structure. Huell’s there, too; Walt asks him to swing by the high school and do some Jesse recon on his way back to Saul’s. “I can’t believe he would go after my son, but…” After the behemoth of a bodyguard leaves, Walt calls Jesse. “I wanna fix this,” he says in a voicemail, adding that Jesse should “Sleep it off and then call me. Be safe.” Walt is then dismayed to learn that the fuel has soaked through to the living room’s sub-flooring: There’s no way the crew will be able to get rid of the gas stink without ripping up carpeting, padding, etc.

After some more frantic machinations involving stripping down to his undies and spilling gas from the canister over his car and clothes, Walt is ready to spin a whopper of a lie to Skyler and Jr. when they return home. Blaming the gas smell on a  “total pump malfunction” at the filling station, Walt performs his story in a way you only would if you had rehearsed it. (Of particular oddness: when he notes that the gas was all over his “groin.” What?) Flynn asks his dad “Can you please just tell the truth?” Ooh… is the kid finally on to his old man? Nope (boo); he just assumes that a re-cancerified Walt passed out at the pump, resulting in some spilled gas. Walt reassures the boy that he’s fine, but suggests that they get away from the fumes for a while. Uncle Hank and Aunt Marie’s? Flynn suggests. A hotel it is! Walt decides. (P.S. Given Skyler’s face in this scene, she would not have bought her husband’s story even if it were on the Macy’s clearance rack and she were awash in Star Rewards coupons.)

COLD AS ICE | That evening, Walt meets with Saul – who’s bearing the marks of Jesse’s assault on his face — and Kuby in the hotel parking lot. Jesse is MIA. Walt suggests checking out “Beaver and what’s-his-name” (heh), but Kuby says he’s already caught up with Badger and Skinny Pete, and he even bugged one of their houses. “For three hours straight, all he talked about was something called Babylon 5,” the henchman notes. (Ha!)  Walt notes that Jesse “is upset” about the truth about Brock’s illness and that he wants to “explain why that had to happen.”

Saul, unconvinced that Pinkman will be open to “a nuanced discussion of the virtues of child-poisoning” (heh again) suggests that they might be entering “an Old Yeller-type situation” – with Jesse in the doghouse. At this, Walt Hulks Heisenbergs out, dropping his voice about six octaves as he advises the lawyer, “Do not float that idea again. Find him.”

Upstairs, Walt pretends his extended absence is due to problems procuring ice, but Skyler knows both that he was chatting with Saul and that the “pump malfunction” was bull. She demands the truth. Sighing, Walt starts with, “Jesse Pinkman – he came over to our house for dinner, do you remember?” (As if we could forget “Hell yeah I’m stoked for this lasagna!”) He relates Jesse’s break-in to her, noting that the younger man must’ve changed his mind – evidenced by the fact that their home is not a pile of smoking ashes. He reassures her that Jesse is only a threat to himself. “So he has never hurt anybody?” she queries, and she knows he’s lying when he says, “No.” So Skyler flat-out tells her husband to make their Pinkman problem go away permanently – and Walt is horrified by hearing the idea for the second time in an hour. “Jesse isn’t just some rabid dog. This is a person,” he argues. “A person who is a threat to us,” Skyler replies, dead-eyed as she adds, “We’ve come this far. For us, what’s one more?”

AN UNLIKELY ALLIANCE | We’ve barely had time to absorb Skyler’s stone-cold declaration when something even more insane happens. It begins with a rewind to Jesse’s break-in: After he gets high and bathes the White house in gasoline, Jesse whips out a lighter and prepares to create a torch out of a rolled-up magazine… but then Hank busts in! Jesse is strung out and crying, shouting, “He can’t keep getting away with this!” So the DEA boss lowers his gun, saying, “You want to burn him down? Let’s do it together.” (Yeah, bitch!)

Jesse and Hank drive away from the house just as Walt pulls up. (Phew – and is anyone else oddly touched by the way Hank leans over to fasten the seatbelt over a near-catatonic Jesse?) As Marie learns when she returns home from a hilariously vague therapy session, Jesse is going to be a guest at Chez Schrader for a while. Putting Pinkman into the system, Hank explains, means Walt would inevitably get word that his former partner had turned – and we all remember what happened to the last group of guys who were in a position to threaten Heisenberg’s future. But Hank wants his wife to skedaddle for a while. “Is this bad for Walt?” Marie wants to know. “Yes, very,” Hank says. “Good,” she nods. “I’m staying. I’ll heat up lasagna.” (Ha!)

WIRED AND WARY The next morning, Jesse wakes up to find Hank and Gomez in the living room, ready to videotape his statement. Pinkman is dubious, saying he has no concrete proof of anything Walt has done. So isn’t it convenient that Walt has phoned his protégé and arranged to meet in a public plaza, just to talk? Jesse is pretty sure it’s a trap, but Hank says he’s got to go – and wear a wire while doing so. In a moment alone, Gomez tells Hank he thinks Jesse’s right… and Schrader basically says that if he can procure evidence to nail his brother-in-law, it doesn’t really matter if Jesse dies in the process. Way harsh, Hank – but you’re desperate and Walt is, as Jesse notes, “the devil,” so I’ll allow it.

So Jesse gets miked up and approaches Walt from behind in the plaza, but then notices a menacing looking bald guy standing off to one side. Mistakenly thinking the baldie is a Heisenberg-hired gun, Jesse doubles back without being seen and calls Walt from a pay phone a few feet away. “Nice try, a—hole,” he growls. “Next time, I’m gonna get you where you really live.” Hank is furious when Jesse hops back into his vehicle, but the younger man seems more sure of himself than before when he says, “There’s another way, a better way.”

You might want to fast-track that plan, Jesse, because Walt gets off the phone with you and immediately calls Todd. “I think I might have another job for your uncle,” he begins, and we go to credits.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Were you as undone by Flynn desperately embracing Walt as I was? Do you think Walt’s changed his mind about offing Jesse – or was the call to Todd concerning someone else? And do you think Walt will be alive or dead as we fade to black on the series’ final episode? Vote in the poll below (we’ll revisit the results each week), then sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Tony says:

    I see people already calling this a bad episode. Filler.

    I disagree.

    While not as action packed or dramatic as the previous, it did alot in showing just how much Jesse has grown, as far as knowing how to go up against Walt. I don’t know if Jesse will survive to see his plan work. But I think he wants Walt to trip himself up rather than become a rat and risk his own reputation. He’s completely tuned into how rash acting Walt is without thinking when he feels cornered or threatened. He wants Walt to be his own downfall.

    • ajintexas says:

      This will not end well for Jesse. He is not thinking straight and he mistook a random guy standing there for a bad guy. Signed his own death warrant.

    • Danny says:

      Filler?? There was nothing filler about it. Every single episode seems to be full of action to me.

    • johnny says:

      It was a filler until they flashback to the gas scene, my jaw instantly dropped when I see fuc#in’ Hank pointing the gun at Jesse. My favorite episode of the season.

    • jorge says:

      I agree about Jesse trying to expose the rashness of Walt. It was clear when he told Hank that he is not as “lucky” as Walt

    • The Beach says:

      Oh Jesse, make Hank and Gomez sign an agreement for total immunity before you sit down in front that camera.

  2. Kat says:

    This episode broke my heart. I kind of figured that the Jesse/Walt relationship was over, but now it’s certain. I absolutely loathe Todd, so I hope he isn’t going to be Jesse’s end.

    I was somewhat shocked by Skyler’s insistence that Walt kill Jesse, but I guess she just wants to protect her kids. Unlike many out there, I was never on the “I hate Skyler” train, but I’m finding it difficult to stay off it now.

    I’ve come to realize that I cannot empathize with anyone who threatens Jesse, which is basically everyone on the show now, including Saul. I am firmly on Team Jesse now, and I hope he makes it out of the show alive.

    • Melissa says:

      I second everything you just said. Team Jesse all the way. I will be heartbroken if he gets killed.

    • Tony says:

      Team Jesse too. But I, sadly, think he will be the last victim of Walt’s luck before the ish really hits the fan.

    • neha says:

      Same! I vehemently defended Skyler to everyone, and now – I actually do hate her. Because, she’s still acting like she was dragged into this situation. And, maybe she was initially, but she has had many points along the way where she could have gotten out of it She certainly did not have to resort to murder.

      • Erin says:

        Hmm I actually think Skyler is really aware of her role in it all? Like her “I’m in it now, I’m compromised” speech was in part her taking responsibility. And Anna Gunn had an interview a while back and she said “I think there’s a part of Skyler that’s been activated and awakened in a similar way to how Walt has his Heisenberg side awakened and activated…I think there’s a feeling of, after having gone as far into it as she has and as deeply as she has, well, I’ll do whatever I have to do. I’ll do whatever it takes.”

        • neha says:

          But, then she says things like “Oh, I’m not nearly drunk enough” or “I put up with your lies in front of Jr”. It’s like that she’s still implying that all of the troubles and dangers her family is facing is because of Walt’s decisions. She’s acting like Walt is the only one lying. I do think that Skyler knows how deep she’s in, but I don’t feel like she’s 100% admitted to herself that these are her choices now, not Walt’s.

          • Tony says:

            Its that classic discussion of personal responsibility versus manipulation (by Walt). In Skyler’s case, I think its a bit of both.

      • Cate Amos says:

        The exchange between Skyler and Walt at the hotel showed just how much she has morphed into Lady Macbeth in such a short (by the show’s timeline) period of time. I’m no longer surprised by how she wants to handle the Jesse situation. The only shock would be if she does the deed herself.

    • jorge says:

      Team Jesse too! Regarding Skyler, look at the bright side, at least Marie will likely commit suicide soon haha.

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      Yes, you put my thoughts into words. I disliked Skylar in the beginning, but then started to like her when she started showing some backbone and stood up to Walt by leaving him. I thought she was a great character when she got to that point. But now between the fact that she has threatened my beloved Jesse, and seeing her do the “stand by your man” act with Walt, all I can think is “blech. Screw her.” I don’t think Jesse makes it out alive though. Remember the line Walt had when they were watching Scarface in an episode from a year back? “Everyone dies in this movie.”

  3. Pat D. says:

    “…oh yeah, Mr. White is just GAY for me…”

    Nobody is gay for Pinkman.

  4. John says:

    AWESOME episode!!

  5. Dave says:

    “He talked for three straight hours about Babylon 5.”

    • gregk says:

      Hope we have not seen the last of Badger and Skinny Pete. Characters like these and the outrageous dark (and even light) humor have made the show what it is. Few others like it besides The Sopranos. The “Hello Kitty” phone was another classic example, but I fear there will be less of this in the final episodes.

  6. It’s going to get a lot worse as the series is down to its final four episodes and I wouldn’t let someone in my house pouring gas all over the floor. EW!

  7. Bill says:

    Jesse was the cause for all these problems in the first place. He is already past his time as he should have died when he went after Gus’ dealers. Walt came in at the last second and ran over the thugs, thereby saving Jesse’s life. Walt saving Jesse caused a major rift in the Walt/Gus relationship and how does Jesse repay him? He betrays him by taking Gus’ side and rejecting Walt. Walt poisoning the kid was atrocious, but he did make sure that it was only enough to have the kid be sick for a few days, not kill him. Lilly of the Vallley is not fatal in moderate amounts whereas Ricin certainly is. Besides, Walt wouldn’t have to resort to extreme measures if Jesse was simply loyal. Walt always defendend Jesse at all costs, but Jesse did not reciprocate.

    • Geo says:

      Well said, Jesse should die, it’s about time. His personal vendetta against walt is bad, and predictable writing.

    • neha says:

      You’re forgetting the part where Walt turned Jane over and then let her die. You’re forgetting the part where Walt sent Jesse over to Gale and ordered him to commit murder. You’re forgetting the part where Walt murdered Mike, Jesse’s one friend. Or when he forced Jesse to break up with Andrea, making him again lose his family. Yes, Jesse has caused a lot of problems for Walt, but Walt RUINED Jesse’s life.

      • Walt didn’t touch Jane. She could have lived if he did something, but he made a decision in the moment that, if you see his face, pains him tremendously and he later admits regret (see ‘Fly’). Walt didn’t order Jesse to kill Gale. Walt said Gus was going to kill him if Jesse didn’t do it (which is true). Walt also didn’t force Jesse to break up with Andrea, but he did make him think about the future of the relationship that can only remain with secrets. Where Jesse is right now is Todd’s fault. He killed Drew Sharp. Yes, Walter manipulated him, but he was backed into a corner (“I will kill your wife. I will kill your son. I will kill your infant daughter.”). Walter always wanted Jesse to be safe and on his good side. He even tried to keep him cooking just so he wouldn’t have to be out of his life. Even Hank mentioned all the things he did for him. And Hank doesn’t even care, he’s clearly just using him. The only thing Walter wants to do right now is put Heisenberg behind him and try to survive cancer so he can see his kids grow up. But Heisenberg is being pushed back into the fire by Hank and Jesse and I’m afraid neither of them will come to their senses before it’s too late, if it isn’t already.

        • neha says:

          Rewatch the Jane episode – Walt DID touch Jane. He turned her over when he was trying to wake Jesse up. And, I agree with you; Walt technically didn’t do anything to Jesse. He just manipulated and worked him to get him to do certain things. I agree that Walt cares very much for Jesse, and wouldn’t have ever thought of killing Jesse unless he felt his family was being threatened.

          • elwhiteboy1 says:

            Jane threatened to extort Walt for money he would have given Jesse anyway. Last time I checked, noone takes well to being shaken down by a drug addict. People seem to forget Jesse is a manufacturer and distributor of meth, not ice cream. So he likes kids.

          • He tried to wake Jesse up, but he didn’t touch Jane. Either shaking Jesse tipped her over or the movement made her subconsciously roll onto her back on her own. What’s telling is that Walter returned because he was concerned about Jesse’s health. If Jesse wasn’t so out of it in the first place, Walt would have continued to treat him like a functional addict. And no one can say for sure whether or not the same thing would have happened eventually without Walter being there. But it’s very likely.

    • Billyd26 says:

      Let’s not forget that Jesse killed Gale to save Walt’s life.

  8. Iltb says:

    Good episode! I thought that conversation between Hank and Gomez (while Jesse was in the bathroo), kind useless. I mean, we already know that Hank doesn’t care about Jesse and at this point in the series there is no useless stuff. So, maybe, Jesse heard what Hank said and change his mind or he talked to someone while he was at the bathroom (but for that he needed his phone that was on the table).

    • Admiral Crunch says:

      Am I the only one who thought Jesse was going to escape through a window or something while “taking a leak”? I mean, he said that immediately after Hank tells him has no choice to but to follow through with the meeting with Walt. (And am I also the only one surprised that Hank didn’t think Jesse was going to escape and have someone go with him to the John?)

      • Lucy says:

        I thought Jessie would go out a window too. However, now I am convinced that after Hank reminded Jessie of all the ways Walt cared for Jessie and Jessie looking at the picture of Walt in the Santa suit…I think when Jessie left to go to the bathroom, he was actually calling Walt…I think that Walt and Jessie are planning Hanks downfall, and I think that the call to Todd was actually a hit on Gomez and Walt is planning on framing Hank…and bringing his, Hank is the Kingpin tape, to another level…that Gomez found out that Hank was Heisenber and Hank had him killed…

      • says:

        Nope youre not alone, I thought of the same thing!

      • Emma says:

        I thought the same thing!

  9. Sarah El says:

    While I would love a more dramatic and justifying death for Walt, I’ve been sensing a Michael Corleone type death-in-loneliness for him that we will witness but no one else will.

    • Admiral Crunch says:

      How about we find out everything since his original cancer diagnosis has been a delusion caused by it metastasizing into his brain. He’s actually been in a hospital bed this whole time. Jesse was merely a student, nothing more – there actually was no Gus, etc.

  10. Robbbbb K says:

    Skyler telling Walt to ‘Take care of it’ re Jesse is word-for-word what Walt tells Jesse re Skinny Pete being robbed (while handing Jesse a gun!).

    I loved this moment. Not only is Skyler taking the same ride into black as Walt, she’s actually quoting him.

    PS Waiting for somebody to write about BB’s debt to Heart of Darkness/Apocolypse Now….Walter White/Walter Kurtz. Last week’s Heisen-shadow figure in the office was exactly like Brando in A-Now.

  11. Admiral Crunch says:

    “He’s smarter than you two and he’s luckier…”
    Is he really luckier? Sure the bald guy waiting for his kid saved Walt from confessing on the wire, but he was also *unlucky* enough to show up just seconds after Hank left with Jesse from his house. If Walt had seen that, not only would he not have made the phone call to schedule the sit down, he’d know what Jesse was doing.

    I for one never though Jesse would become a rat – that’s breaking the gangster code. You never go to the police, you solve problems on your own.

  12. Beth says:

    What an episode! How Aaron Paul does it week after week amazes me. I teared up when Jesse was standing there about to light a fire in Walt’s house and screamed “he can’t keep getting away with this”. Skylar may think in her mind that she s protecting her family but deep down she loves being First Lady to Walt’s Heisenberg. This episode was to have the audience still think Walt is somewhat human but it made me hate him and skylar even more. My favorite line was Marie’s… ” can he take down Walt?…. Okay I will heat some lasagna”.

  13. Lyn says:

    Not much happened in this episode: Everyone just got a little bit “more so” — Jesse more paranoid, Hank more desperate, Skyler more open to murder, Marie more angry, Walt more steely and mendacious. Hoping for a big payoff in the final few episodes.

    • neha says:

      You’re kidding, right? Walt makes plans to murder Jesse. Jesse makes plans to get revenge on Walt. What more could happen?

  14. kate says:

    Jessie has an uncanny ability to figure things out and he’s often way ahead of those who are supposedly way smarter than he is (yeah magnets) so if he says he knows a better way to get Walt, things should get interesting. Maybe he’ll be the one to walk away from all of this…….

  15. Billyd26 says:

    I have to think that Jesse won’t survive to the end of the series. He murdered Gale, and won’t ever be able to live with himself. What kind of future could he possibly have, with all the guilt and shame that he’ll always carry around?!

  16. Whatever says:

    I hope Jesse survives.
    Perhaps taking part in Walts demise will bring some sense of peace.
    And Hank should give him immunity for his help because Hank had nothing without Jesse.

  17. Angie S says:

    This episode was excellent and not a filler at all. Skyler crossed the line of no return with her “what’s one more” line. As for Jesse- I want him to make it. Everyone is out to get him and even Hank who is using him to get Walt doesn’t care if he lives or dies. After reading some of the comments I’m starting to think the bathroom trip was to call Walt. Todd isn’t for Jesse -it’s for “DEA “. “Perhaps multiple people. With this show you never know.
    The rewind that showed how Hank stopped Jesses from starting the fire was quite a surprise – the problem now is that everyone has crossed the line of morality and compassion DEA included. There will be no big winners with this – I can’t believe there are only a few episodes left!

  18. Randy Deresti says:

    I hate Jesse Pinkman for being a rat. I hope he dies.

  19. Melissa A. White says:

    Team Jesse!! I was a big fan of skyler through this whole series until now. Stay away from Jesse, biotch. Walt is going to put a hit out but it won’t be on Jesse. My guess is he’s figured out Jesse is turning on him so he needs to off someone close to Jesse or better yet hank to get them to back off. I’m confident he won’t kill Jesse seeing all the times he’s protected him already.

  20. cj says:

    It’s not that I’m not okay with Walt and Jesse turning on each other I just think the tragedy of a misunderstanding with the guy Jesse thought was with Walt at the plaza but was actually just a father waiting for his kid isn’t sitting well with me. It’s very shield and sons of anarchy and I hope that if Jesse and Walt go head to head its because of what Walt has done rather than because of what

    Jesse thinks Walt did… Like hire some guy to take him out. I always enjoyed the father son relationship with Walt and Jesse and it deserves better than a misunderstanding that puts them at that final straw. I guess I really wany Walt and Jesse to have that final conversation where Jesse tells Walt what he thinks of him and Walt tells Jesse he does care before either of them make any decisions about killing one another. I loved the part about hank pointing out he did think Walt cared for Jesse based on everything he was seeing and the time jump back was really cool.

    Also I could see the show end with the irony of Walt being alive but everyone around him dead.

    Skyler got really interesting tonight.

    I think only reason people are calling it filler rather than setup is because only 4 episodes left and S*it needs to hit the fan. If anyone is like me people also want to see what happens adter it hits the fan.

  21. Wesley says:

    I think people are misreading the Skyler ‘what’s one more’ part. She said that because she has no idea what Jesse means to Walt. She knows that Walt has had no trouble in the past using violent measures to keep himself out of trouble, so she said, in an almost mocking way: what’s one more, after all the trouble you’ve gone to. What do you care if this guy gets added to the casualty list?

  22. edgar says:

    I dont get this whole Jesse Pinkman being a saint and walter white being the devil. Jesse has done just as much bad as walter and has been loyal to jesse, and he repays that by turning into a rat? Jesse needs to take a little trip to Belize in my opinion

  23. Stone Bearer says:

    I wonder if Jesse’s plan involves magnets?

  24. Britta Unfiltered says:

    I had some comments about the episode, but after reading the things other posters have to say, I’ve forgotten everything I was thinking. The amount of love for the character of Walter White on this comment board along with the amount of justification fans are willing to do for Walt’s behavior scares the sh*t out of me and also sickens me. What a world we live in, eh? Filled with all kinds of frightening and psychotic people. I don’t believe Vince Gilligan ever meant for people to idolize Walter White at this point in the show. You’re supposed to dislike Walt. If you don’t dislike him for all the crap he’s done on this show by now, then there is something wrong with you. I for one am really looking forward to seeing Walt die and I will cheer when it happens. And it’s gonna happen. I just hope it’s not the cancer. I hope someone gets him and makes him pay for his misdeeds. He is a terrible person who will deserve everything bad that’s coming to him.

  25. Trenton says:

    Found footage… a la video taping / recording information has been established this season from Walt’s threat to Hank and Marie. It’s a way to kill Jesse off and still have him be available…I hope they don’t go there…but essentially he told the entire series to Hank. The only thing I can think of that Jesse meant in terms of hurting where Walt really lived is his reputation. Like you tube it. Which would explain the house having heisenberg tags inside.

  26. Admiral Crunch says:

    To a believable extent Walt was carried along by circumstance to assume Gus’ position as head honcho, and along the way he demonstrated repeated love (or at least what he believes is love) for his family and Jesse, and a policy of using violence as a last resort and only as much as necessary In the last episode, we saw no less than 3 times where Walt’s care for Jesse was shown to be more than another person–Hank, Skyler, and Saul all could care less if Jesse were killed.

    Walt’s main moral weakness (aside from the constant lying) is perhaps his confusion of what love actually is, and an ambivalence toward the plight of those (other than family) affected by his “empire business”.

  27. R.O.B. says:

    Cool ending that will likely never happen: Yes Walt dies in the last episode, but not at the hand of Hank or Jesse, but a seemingly random, distraught man that shoots him after screaming that Walt ruined his family, he killed his son. Not the kid in the desert, but just some random recent college graduate who got hooked on Heisenberg’s Crystal and ultimately died because of it. This would open the door to a spinoff series that would begin at the same time that Walt and Jesse first got together, but would follow the people whose lives were affected by the meth and the various law enforcement officers dealing with the problem.

  28. Tom Mc says:

    In reading these comments and seeing how everyone perceives the characters in different lights just shows me how brilliant this show is. In truth, the *only* characters by this time who are truly undeserving of an unhappy ending are Walt Jr. and his baby sister, two of the people that Walt wanted to provide for when he started his entire criminal life. Hank’s indifference to Jesse being killed and Marie’s “get Walt at any cost” attitude show that they too will sink to any level to protect themselves. Breaking Bad is, according to Vince Gilligan, the story of how Mr Tibbs becomes Scarface, but it has become even more than that. Everyone is being dragged into hell in Walt’s wake. I’m not “Team Walt” or “Team Jesse,” I feel sad for all these characters.

    • Anon says:

      I was getting just as much enjoyment seeing all the different interpretations! And so many of them make sense. All the “I love Walt” or “I love Jesse” or “I hate both” or “Maybe they team up against Hank” … you never know.

    • MM says:

      One thing that occurred to me was when Jesse said “I’m going to hit you where you live.” I wonder if he’s going to go after Walter Jr? Losing his son would be worse for Walt that losing his own life. Jr. is the only character undeserving of an unhappy ending but Breaking Bad has bad things happen to good people when you least expect it – no one is safe.

  29. Paigesmom says:

    Skylar is now Skyseinberg!

  30. tamihagglund says:

    “it doesn’t really matter if Jesse dies in the process. Way harsh, Hank – but you’re desperate and Walt is, as Jesse notes, “the devil,” so I’ll allow it.”

    I could not disagree more. Hank is no better than Walt. Hank isn’t doing this to make the world a better place–look at how he views people like Jesse, the ones his getting meth / drugs off the streets would save from themselves. To him, Jesse is a junkie, POS person whose right to live was forfeited long before he did any actual evil. Why? Because unless he is going to forward Hank’s pursuit of power* then he’s useless. Look at how Hank treated Gomez early on–disregard, disrespect–and throughout. And Gomez is ON HIS TEAM.

    *You might argue that Hank’s power pursuit is a fallacy, because he turned down Texas. Bullsh. He turned down Texas because he became a very small f

    • tamihagglund says:

      Dang it. Hit enter too early.

      Anyway, Hank became a very small fish in a very big pond that had much, much more dangerous predators. It’s my case in point–his power diminished. I think that’s much of why he became obsessed with Heisenberg, because it was the thing he had to complete to prove to himself that he had something worth fighting for. But it’s not about doing the right thing–we impose that on him because drugs are evil, blah blah blah. But his driving motives are pride, feeling powerful, and feeling like a man.

      Sound like anyone else? Oh, right, Walt. You can argue that one guy fights for the good guys and one guy fights for the bad guys but at the end of the day they both care about themselves. And this is no argument FOR Walt–I don’t really want to see him win–but Hank takes personal his pursuit to utterly destroy Walt. When Walt was under constant threat of Hank discovering him he protected him–that’s why Jesse got involved with Gus. I mean, it’s the clear will of the writers but Hank’s involvement after his foolish, selfish, evil attack on Jesse after the RV-in-the-wrecking-yard incident is really what led to the eventual kaboom with Gus. Had Hank kept his hands off Jesse, then Hank never would have needed Jesse back, Gale would still be singing karaoke and making fancy coffee and fancier meth, and Gus and Walt would have a lovely little empire.

    • tamihagglund says:

      [Not that I REALLY believe that, because Walt’s own thirst for power always would have led to a showdown between him and Gus, but you get the point.]

      So anyway. There are no “good guys” on this show. Everyone’s hands are dirty. Save for maybe Gomez and Holly. But don’t pull a “Hank is good and Walt is bad” just because one guy makes the meth and one guy stops the guy making the meth. Is sending Jesse to get his head blown off and liking it because a: he’s worthless and b: now you got Walt red handed really more morally pure than Walt killing the gang bangers that killed Combo and {drawing a blank…what’s her face’s little brother}? I don’t think so. Not saying Walt isn’t worse, just that Hank isn’t also quite bad.

      And don’t even get me started on Skylar.

      And, for the record, this is all true even if they don’t make Jesse a sympathetic character, the only guy around who actually seems to suffer for his choice to do evil as opposed to embracing it. Even if he’s as cold blooded as Walt that wouldn’t make Hank’s hands clean.

  31. Admiral Crunch says:

    He’s something funny to consider. It’s likely that Walt’s shenanigans–killing gus thus shutting down the network that took him years to build, putting madrigal under very high scrutiny, etc., has actually resulted in less meth being distributed. Remember, there’s now only 1 lab where there used to be Gus’s AND the other guy’s that Lydia killed.

    In fact, had Hank achieved the same reduction in meth availability as Walt, he’d likely get promoted. :-)

  32. wew says:

    perhaps Jesse made the phone call to warn walt. Its completely possible that what he said was some kind of warning. maybe he realized that Walt is the lessor of two evils. Also, Hank mentioned that he believes Walt loves and cares about Jesse…maybe this gave Jesse new insight…cant wait to find out. I predict that either the lottery ticket is missing, because Jesse took it or we find out Jesse has decided not to throw Walt under the bus

    • Admiral Crunch says:

      How would Jesse know the lottery ticket(s) were actually chosen by GPS coordinates? Or, did you mean he just wanted lottery tickets and didn’t know what they actual were (in the larger sense)? In either case, I don’t think there was time. Once Hank drew on him, they were out the door very quickly.

  33. wew says:

    everyone is ‘breaking bad’ essentially at this point. love it!

  34. Irene Manor says:

    I feel like the prison gang is going to push Walt when they realize Todd was lying about knowing Heisenberg’s cook. Walt won’t cook again so they resort to ruthless tactics. I can see a lot of characters falling in that wake but imagine Jesse may go one way and Walt will spare his family by way of the northeast. With the cancer killing him, Walt still feels the need to win, to beat things and control his destiny. He leaves the family (who may or may not know of the fallout with the gang) to return for unfinished business and declares himself the winner only to have given himself the ricin so that he can die with no one being none the wiser.(thereby dying instead of living free)

    It could go so many ways but the show keeps us wondering. Usually pulling the rug out from under us. I’m just sure Todd’s buddy’s are the worst sort of bad that Walt has faced. They pretty much represent everything that Walt had worked not to be. The things they’ve done so far have been so major – the witnesses, arizona connection… and we are just getting to know them. We haven’t even met their friends on the outside yet. Surely they aren’t all as morally upstanding as Todd.

    Yeah,I hope Walt didn’t seal the fate of a lot of the characters on the show by opening their cage. I just hope Skinny Pete and Badger are spared. The world needs to hear spoken word sci-fi fan fiction set over a backdrop of trained classical piano. Their art will help cure the world as it recovers from the horrors of the meth epidemic.

  35. Has ANYONE noticed the “Pink Teddy Bear” hanging high in the tree during the scene where Jesse enters Hank’s car?!?!?!?! If that’s not a sign of Jesse’s inevitable death, I don’t know WHAT is!

  36. Vince says:

    Jesse is going after Walt’s money.