Cop, Out: The Glades Cancelled By A&E

The Glades CancelledTalk about a lousy (non-)wedding gift: Just days after The Glades scored season-high ratings with its Season 4 finale, A&E has officially cancelled the Florida-based procedural.

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The series on Monday night wrapped up its fourth season with an audience of 3.4 million total viewers, with 1.1 mil landing in the 18-49 sweet spot — also marking all-time highs for a finale.

Sadly, that season-ender also left groom-to-be Jim’s life in flux, shot as he was by an unseen assailant.

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On Thursday, A&E’s other Monday-night drama, Longmire, took a big step toward seeming a Season 2 pick-up when exec producer John Coveny claimed as much on Twitter — though the cabler has yet to confirm the good news.

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  1. shsnnon says:

    I got online to see start day I cant believe its cancelled!!!! Please bring it back !!!!

  2. Baffled says:

    Yeah, me too!! With all the “POO” on other channels, why cancel one of the shows that’s an actual “watch” on a weekly basis. I also agree that Longmire is ’bout all that’s left. Oh, well, guess now looking forward to premiers on FX. At least it doesn’t disappoint its viewers.

  3. John says:

    Matt Passamore is starring in the new USA Network series, “Satisfaction” starting this summer. Apparently he got a better offer from USA Network.

  4. I can’t believe they would cancel this series and leave everyone hanging. This just might make me stop watching this cancel. If that shows how many brains the network big wigs have.

  5. Lisa says:

    For all of you looking to get the last Season amazon has some for sale—-move fast—- so if they run out they could get more as soon as possible….. Thank Heaven for Amazon!!!!!

  6. howard hufford says:

    i guess a&e would rather keep an racist old red neck of dork dynasty than a great show like The Glades

  7. tom sieffert says:

    i was a loyal follower of this show. I hope maybe someone else pick up this show. at least for one my season.

  8. John M. Thomas says:

    What is there left to watch on A & E? Reruns of other hit shows that were made hit’s on other networks? Why put so much money into an un-reality show about rich people I don’t know or care about? The Glades was original, compelling, suspenseful and funny. A & E had a solid hit on their hands and the threw it away. I hope another network picks it up because it deserves it.

  9. Liz says:

    It’s obvious the networks don’t support or care what the public wants. Maybe the public should give A&E the same support. QUIT WATCHING A&E.

  10. I really loved the glades. I want believe that they put these stupid senseless shows on. This was a great show. In still mourning it. Especially the way it ended.

  11. Dee says:

    That’s crap canceling the Glades. What a disappointment for no closure to Jim’s life. Seems good shows that are worth watching get canceled for more stupid reality crap shows that are just brainless, fake, ego maniacs desperate for their 5 min of fame. Who care about all the bimbo housewives or those little slutty teen moms? Come on people – wake the hell up!!

  12. Dawn says:

    Can’t believe the crap a&e puts on and they cancel something decent! Idiots

  13. Dorinda says:

    Please bring it back I loved it cliff hanger no place to leave it

  14. Trboom says:

    I can’t believe they cancelled The Glades. It was one of my favorite shows. I was looking forward to watching season 4. Who makes these bad decisions?

  15. Joann says:

    I really liked this show, how can they do that to the viewers…I used to like duck dynasty until they started playing marathons every other day and shoving it down our throats. It seems like the good shows they used to have went to the trash heap when the new management took over. All of the shows I used to watch are now gone. I understand ratings but the glades was bringing in the viewers, stupid move….

    • Gary says:

      There is no answer from A&E for why they cancelled the show. Common sense ? never used BUT they should tell everyone why they cancelled such a good show with decent ratings and faithful following. And why would you have such a cliff hanger ending to only end the show. Please tell us the REASONS behind your decision we deserve to hear THAT.

      • Colleen says:

        I haven’t seen or heard any answer from A&E as to why the show was cancelled. They have to know what people are saying and that there are so many disappointed fans of The Glades. I know that the cast has moved on to other things, hopefully not with A&E because that is a channel I will not be watching.

  16. Helen says:

    I LOVE “The Glades” and I am so very disappointed that we were left hanging. It iswas a show that everyone could watch and I always looked forward to it and made my plans accordingly do that I could watch it. I would rather “Longmire” be cancelled!! Just saying.

  17. Chris says:

    that show was great their stupid to drop it :(

  18. p maxson says:

    I think that it sucks that the show was cancelled!

  19. Norma Jean says:

    I guess good clean shows like The Glades don’t get the high numbers..The Glades and Longmire are my favorites…however, who cares what a 64 year old thinks..

  20. dena l says:


  21. tisha perryman says:

    Cant believe they cancelled the glades. Was one of r favorite shows to watch. What can we do to get it back on.

  22. Danielle says:

    I can’t believe you cancelled the show and I hope you bring it back

  23. Norma Jean says:

    The Glades was the best show on the air…..Each episode was good clean entertainment..What is left for a 64 year old to watch…I also enjoy Longmire..

  24. Pat says:

    Well that rally sucks what is the matter with A&E

  25. Fern Webster says:

    I am furious that you left everyone with the cliffhanger from last summer. I couldn’t wait to see it again. why why why do you have this stupid bates hotel on. and even longmire I watched glades and if I felt like it I watched longmire. I really hate that you have left everyone hanging. what a crappy network.

  26. jacob says:

    Y’all suck canceling all the good shows WHY????????!!!!!!!!!

  27. Peter Hernandez says:

    If been patiently waiting for the next season to start. Now I find out it been cancelled! You just can’t do this. I am not going to watch A&E anymore.

  28. Annetta says:

    It was terrible that you cancel a seris that was picking up and to leave the audience in limbo as to what happens at least you could have ended in a possitive ending

  29. kiara says:

    not fair the glades was my show to go to it was funny it had murder police work and hot guys it was awesome not fait they cancelled it

  30. patrice Stewart says:

    No please this my favorite TV show

  31. patrice Stewart says:


  32. Katie says:

    I’m so disappointed A&E cancelled The Glades! How could they do something like that to devoted & loyal viewers. They should be ashamed of themselves. Please give us a fifth season we so desperately anticipated the love birds to be together. It’s so wrong & CRUEL!!

  33. Jerry says:

    A&E just shot themselves in the foot by canceling The Glades. Watch out for layoffs that follow once their Overall ratings Dive like a torpedoed submarine.

  34. Simone says:

    Why???? There is no reason why they had to cancel this GREAT show. Please bring it back.

  35. Ashley says:

    What?????? Seriously, A&E you suck. I am beyond done with this crap. Bates Motel, Duck Dynasty, Bad Ink… Ohhh god forbid they cancel any of those crap holes… Whatever hopefully A&E will learn a valuable lesson once they lose millions of viewers.

  36. Janice says:

    I really like The Glades, I’m so sick of the shows I like are being cancelled and replaced with cheap junky shows that don’t cost them much to put out. Oh well, watch some other than A & E

  37. nancy says:

    cancel GLADES are you nuts. Not much to watch in the summer, but it was the best, it had romance, adventure, keep you interested. PLEASE RECONSIDER>

  38. I sure hope some one picks up “The Glades”
    Season 5, It wasn’t supposed to end with Jim
    getting shot in his new home before getting
    married. This is not cool!

    • cobaber says:

      I have seen an increase in the number of comments about The Glades. I hope people are still signing the petition and contacting A&E. I will always have bad feelings about the way the fans were left with Jim being shot. If they knew they were going to cancel why couldn’t they have filmed a 2 hour movie to end things and not left the fans forever wondering??

  39. Elenor says:

    So wrong! I hate when there’s a cliffhanger when a show is cancelled. At least give us a resolution!

  40. Mya says:

    Why it was just getting good why did you cancel it .probably because they just don’t know such a good show

  41. Barbara says:

    Why do they always take the good show’s off and
    Leave the bad one’s or put on reality shows Graceland
    was a great show to watch and it left us hanging I would love for it to come back we always had a friends nite just like we do with the other show’s we watch in the fall and summer so please try and bring it back

    Thank you

  42. Desiree says:

    Why why why??? I was so hooked to this completely in in love with the detective and almost his new family! A&E come on you keep all these pointless TV shows why cancel the best show ever… so dumb

  43. Nancy Clarke says:

    I have been waiting for The Glades to come back . You have no idea how disappointing it was to find that A&E have cancelled it !!! It was one of the best shows on and yet you keep crappy shows on air !! I just can’t believe it . I guess the big wigs have no idea what is considered a great show from a crappy one !! BRING IT BACK !! BRING IT BACK !! BRING IT BACK !!

  44. Pamela James says:

    This is why I no longer watch TV. And yes I agree reality shows bite we seem to be getting nothing but lousy actors and shows for the last few years and when one comes along that is halfway decent some high up no nothing dumps it and leaves us hanging. Never have understood why they can’t at least give closure if they know they aren’t going to pick it back up. Its like reading a good book and someone stealing it when u are on the last chapter

  45. Joe says:

    Oh sure the Glades was up against Hawaii 5-O at it’s time slot so what did the network expect. Should’ve given it a more favorable time slot in order to survive. The cast was so good together and I’ll bet the cancellation came a huge surprise to them. It’s a damn shame. Wish another network, maybe TNT could’ve picked it up….

  46. rj says:

    Who makes these decisions anyway, perhaps they should be let go!!!!

  47. Carol says:

    I’m disgusted with A&E. What a terrible thing to do. I hope another station picks it up. That is why I hate when shows have a “cliff-hanger ” at the end of the season.

  48. whosurfriend says:

    when ABC cancelled Rookie viewers were so upset they brought it back as a summer show, when CBS cancelled Unforgettable viewers again were upset and they brought it back in the Spring, and yet you had networks like USA,TNT that ended their series like Burn Notice, The Closer, Monk with closure, please give us closure, you could’ve ended it with Carlos finding Jim after Jim gets out of surgery, the wedding the end

    • A&E should not have canceled The Glades with
      a cliffhanger, and let the public know if a show is going to end, give us a notice of a series finale plus make the final show a 2 Hr.
      finale with closure. Bring back The Glades to let us know who shot Jim, get him through
      surgery, then end the show with a Happy
      Marrige Ending. Not a cliffhanger!

  49. tanisha says:

    I’ve waited all this time to find out what happened!! so pissed!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Nancy says:

    It’s to bad when we get a good show it gets cancelled when there is so much crap on tv