Cop, Out: The Glades Cancelled By A&E

The Glades CancelledTalk about a lousy (non-)wedding gift: Just days after The Glades scored season-high ratings with its Season 4 finale, A&E has officially cancelled the Florida-based procedural.

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The series on Monday night wrapped up its fourth season with an audience of 3.4 million total viewers, with 1.1 mil landing in the 18-49 sweet spot — also marking all-time highs for a finale.

Sadly, that season-ender also left groom-to-be Jim’s life in flux, shot as he was by an unseen assailant.

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On Thursday, A&E’s other Monday-night drama, Longmire, took a big step toward seeming a Season 2 pick-up when exec producer John Coveny claimed as much on Twitter — though the cabler has yet to confirm the good news.

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  1. Sandra says:

    How? That is awful. What a great TV show. How could they let it end like that? Season 5 yes! And with a good beginning, like he does not die, the wedding is postponed until he recovers. That would be a saving grace for the tv channel. Otherwise, I don’t want to watch anymore on that channel. Not if they are going to do something stupid like that.

  2. Melody G says:

    The Glades was the Best! A good clean show that had a great storyline and A&E takes it off. Really??? There is way too much reality TV on now. Won’t be watching A & E anymore!!! Shame on A&E for such a poor decision. Wanted to see Jim and Callie start their life together!!!

  3. Doug says:

    OMG!!! I look so forward to this show and tape it if I’m not around so I don’t miss an episode. I’ve been anxiously waiting to find out what happened after the finale. Even my husband and teenage son watch it with me. Oh we’ll, not much to do about it now. Makes you wonder why bother watching an A&E show if they’re just going to drop it as it gets good?

  4. darkishdrake says:

    a&e you suck you should of finished the show before what you done

  5. Linda Thompson says:

    I just found out “The Glades” has been cancelled. Bad move for A&E. It was a clever show with class. Even my husband started watching it. I am saddened that it has been cancelled without giving loyal viewers (of “The Glades” AND A&E) closure. I DO NOT like Duck Dynasty or the other silly reality shows that are being forced down our throats by A&E. Sad day for television viewers. Why not reconsider and bring it back??????? I really believe YOU HAVE MADE A MISTAKE. There is nothing good left on A&E to watch. At least bring it back in your morning lineup……Bates Motel???? disgusting

  6. margaret says:

    Well that is way I don’t watch A&E ,THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT IS GOOD!

  7. sonya says:

    why would you cancel a good picture like the Glades whats wrong with you.

  8. Melc says:

    I was just look1ng for the premier date for The Glades…. No Way!!!! CANCELLED!!! Come on, don’t leave us hanging!!!

  9. Morrow says:

    Can’t leave us all hanging like that! Horrible! Please bring The Glades back!!!!!

  10. Joanne Whitaker says:

    I have had my fill of watching any more programs on A & E!!!!!! A & E’s shady business ethics have done me in. First it was their nasty dealings with Phil Robertson with Duck Dynasty that backfired on them so that they had to re-nig on that program. Now they’ve dumped The Glades in the middle of a cliff hanger and it doesn’t look as though they are going to bring back Longmire even though they claim that it’s coming back for a 3rd season. We have been faithful A & E watchers for years and even though there are many show on still that we’ve watched in the past, I will not be watching anything on A&E in the future. My support will now go to other networks!!!!

  11. Stephanie says:

    Seriously, what ever happened to A&E? They used to have good shows and now all their slots are filled with this “reality” tv crap! I hate to tell you idiots in management, but not everyone is a redneck who watches mindless crap. This was the station that used to be able to save me from this garbage. Must be taking a page out of FOX’s book…cancelling good original shows that actually get viewership. So disappointing!

  12. Patricia says:

    I CAN NOT BELIEVE THIS!!!! I mean why the houmd cancel The Glades???????? I was only watching A&E. You habe cancelled the last show in my book!!! I was a.big fan of all your shows, you have made me stop. I mean, why continue watching? You’ll just keep Bayes Motel on one more season and then axe it as well. Unless you bring back the shows you’ve cancelled over the past few years or its so long….
    I might one be one person right nnow. However it only takes a spark, to sgart a fire!!! And i can strike a boycot at the blink of an eye.

  13. Shonda Malone says:

    A&E…once again you have royally screwed up. The Glades is a very enjoyable show and you have absolutely lost your mind for not renewing this show!

  14. Kpg says:

    Sooo sad to hear this info!! I had no idea it would be cancelled and became a scosh in love with it! More than anything…my dad and I watched it together, even though we’re hundreds of miles away from each other. I saw him in a new series coming up and I wondered..hoping I was wrong. I love the overall story…I love the homicide mysteries and I love the humor! If they had great viewing numbers…not sure what happened!! Booooo :(

  15. Jill Tepper says:

    You cancell the Glades with a cliff hanger and you leave on a show that is so STUPID like Duck Dynasty, I can’t believe it. What’s wrong with this picture.

  16. Cat says:

    A&E sucks they should bring it back best show. And just to leave it the way they did. You guys suck

  17. sgibson752014 says:

    I had been patiently waiting for The Glades to start its new season when my Michael tells me it’s been cancelled. You’d think that A&E would have had the decency to have an ending story line and have fans say “goodbye” to Jim and Callie after identifying the unseen assailant — guess that’d be too much like right. Guess we should feel lucky there’s still Duck Dynasty and Storage Wars.

  18. altajw57 says:

    ONCE AGAIN, GOOD TV IS THE VICTIM OF BAD DECISIONS BY THE NETWORKS! The crap reality that isn’t real is cheaper to produce but not anyone with intelligence wants to watch stays on the schedule. If you were going to pull the plug, you should have at least let the show tie up the story line. Stop producing crap for the tweens and start producing programing meant for adults with brains. We are the ones with the money that your advertisers want to reach.

  19. Bonni says:

    Just found out The Glades was cancelled last year. I have been watching the show from the beginning and I always enjoyed it. I was ready to start getting excited about my favorite summer shows and searching for their start dates. I always felt like I was reading a summer novel at the beach while watching The Glades. Terrible way to end the series and people will remember it. When Longmire gets cancelled, there is no other reason to watch A&E in the summer and for that reason, anytime. Duck Dynasty and Storage Wars is part of the mental numbing of America.

  20. dbl says:

    I am soooo tired of see those reality shows. I was afaithful viewer of the Glades and other shows on A&E and also on TNT. Please bring The Glades back!!!!!! You don’t have to do away with all reality shows (even though I hate them all and don’t watch them). But leave good shows like the Glades.

  21. Debbie Wallace says:

    Bring back The Glades!!! I agree with everyone. I can’t believe A&E did this! Why would they cancel a great show, and keep something like Duck Dynasty? It doesn’t make any sense. It’s not fair to the viewer to end with a cliff hanger and keep us wondering. Bring it back!

  22. Barb Siegenthaler says:

    Just realized it’s not returning this summer! How can you end it with Jim being shot???? At least you could have had the wedding and ended it with them happily ever after!!! NOT HAPPY! especially with the junk on television now!

  23. Ken says:

    It’s noot about whether Duck Dynasty is bad and Glades good, it’s about building the strongest shows on the network to attract the most and best advertising clients. Getting rid of Glades makes A&E a weaker network.

  24. Kerri Piniero says:

    I have to agree with everyone, A&E needs to bring back the Glades. It was one of my favorite shows and to leave the fans with a cliff hanger is just wrong. I’m from Tampa FL so it was cool to see my hometown in a show. I am very displeased with A&E right now and I hope that the network takes a hit due to not caring about the viewers and fans who help their ratings.

  25. Beth says:

    Must be my fault. Five shows that I watch have been cancelled (that I know of), on four different networks. I guess I’ll just stop watching tv so I won’t ruin anyone else’s viewing experience. Or, I’ll just start watching all the shows with foul language. crude jokes, violence beyond reason, etc. You know, stuff I can’t watch with my family without being uncomfortable. I guess that’s what’s popular these days.

  26. sgibson752014 says:

    Beth, there was that episode in which a victim was decapitated (yikes!), but I get what you mean. ;-) Yes, it’s a shame that The Glades was cancelled.

  27. Bob says:

    The first season of the Glades was great. The premise was good, the first episode was awesome after the first season it headed downhill. Too many changes, too many characters too fast. You had an experienced detective who knew his job, was a little quirky, but likeable and competent with interesting stories. Some one decided the theme song was no good, he needed the medical examiner for a partner, someone without a gun to have his back, a nurse girlfriend trying to become a doctor who has time to work at the medical examiners office and eventually everyone was as good as a detective as the star of the show who was the real cop. The downhill slide continued as the show becam more and more formulaic (is that a word really) and soapoperaish. Longmire is great until they screw it up. I took the glades out of my Tivo at the beginning of the last season. I just could not watch it anymore. It’s about the story, you did not need every same character that every show has. Bob T.

  28. Debra Lynn Hammond says:

    I think that A& E sucks they put stupid s*** on I take the good stuff off maybe we should just quit watching A&E
    They need to get their heads out of you know where I really like that show it saddens me that is not on anymore

  29. Nancy, north Carolina says:

    I think the so called top brass at a&e need to worry about their loyal watchers instead of their wallets!!!! Do they not realize that the stupid decisions they have been making over the past year have cost them a lot of viewers!!!!!! The cancelation of the glades is the last straw for me. Congratulations a&e you have lost yet another viewer!!!

  30. judy snell says:

    OH MY GOD NOooooooooooooooooo wy did you cancel the glades wy my favorite all time show you guys are totaly ruining tv we can’t ever get into a show anymore all I’ve got now is Longmire and if that gets canceled I’m done with A&E I want to cry I was looking forward to seeing the everglades and longmire this year I really hate A&E

    • Colleen says:

      I have never seen anything that indicates A&E cares that there are so many upset viewers. Instead of fewer comments there are more right now because people are realizing that The Glades is not coming back. BOOOOO to A&E.

  31. Ken B says:

    I have permanently taken A&E off my TV’s and unsubscribed from my cable carrier…

  32. Linda Loftis says:

    Put the Glades back on for 4th season, I loved that show, watched it from the beginning, now we can’t find out what happened to Jim and that beautiful house he bought Callie for a wedding present. Makes me mad they always take off the good shows and replace it with a stupid reality show.

  33. Goldie says:

    That sucks a&e my family hate the way u ended it.

  34. slp says:

    Glades was my favorite summer show. Jim can’t die! A&E needs to bring it back! How bout another channel pick it up

  35. Paulette says:

    Not watching A&E anymore

  36. Kathy says:

    Really A & E!!! No more Glades! ! It’s one of the few shows that I actually took the time to watch. I NEVER missed an episode. I’m not happy! !!

  37. denise says:

    no more glades no more a&e take a stand boycott A&E

  38. Doctor Bob says:

    The lesson is clear. Do not bother investing in a show and it’s characters if it’s on A&E. You will only end up with the rug getting pulled out from under you. Future shows on A&E, then, are a bad bet. At least USA has enough confidence in its product to stick by its shows for a number of years.

  39. Reva Knowles says:

    That STINKS!!! Glades was a good show. Shame on you for cancelling. :(

  40. samcat1991 says:

    We cannot believe

  41. samcat1991 says:

    We have been waiting all year for the Glades to return. Looked forward to watching each week. Who made the executive decision on this one? Big mistake, we will have to start checking the other networks.

  42. chasity says:

    A&E sucks that was the only show they had on that was worth anything bring back the glades

  43. Vicky says:

    Sorry to read that the Glades is not returning, I had been watching from the first day it came on and was looking forward to seeing it this season. I feel that all networks who cancell a show should give them some ending out of repect for the people who have watch them for so many seasons. Thats the least they can do. We put the time in to watch.

  44. Della Alexander says:

    Please bring The Glades back. I was totally hooked. I have been watching it since day one.

  45. Kat says:

    Stupidest move they could make. Great show. They obviously have no clue what’s goid

  46. ted phelps says:

    The network executives are out of touch with what the viewers want. I’ve seen every episode of every season. It was a good show. Maybe instead of canceling the show they should cancel someone’s job.

  47. M. House says:

    It totally “sucks” that they cancelled The Glades!
    What were they thinking?
    Oh yeah—– they weren’t thinking.

    With so many other DUMB shows on these days it was nice to know you had a few goods one.

    I hope you bring it back !!!

  48. DEEDEE says:

    NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!! IDIOTS!!!!!

  49. Amy Hoid says:

    Please put The Glades back on it was a very good show

  50. Nancy says:

    Was just looking up the start date for Glades and like everyone else here was shocked it was cancelled. So upset as I really enjoyed the show. Might can cell my A&E channel as their isn’t much left to watch. The only other show worth watching is Long mire but now I am worried about getting hooked on the new season as they might decide to cancel it too just because people actually liked it