Longmire (Not Quite) Renewed for Season 3

longmire renewedA&E’s Longmire appears thisclose to lassoing a third season.

On Thursday, exec producer John Coveny announced on Twitter that the hit drama had been renewed for Season 3 — something the network has yet to confirm. (An A&E rep declined to comment.)

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Insiders tell TVLine that Coveny jumped the gun and that no deal is currently in place for a third season. A pickup seems likely though, as Monday’s Season 2 finale hit season highs in total viewers and key demos.

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  1. Bj says:

    When will the next season of Longmire start. I love this show and been trying to find out the date of it’s return.

  2. tina says:

    i love longmire;pls bring it back pls

  3. Justmedb@aol.com says:

    Only show on all TV is Longmeir..we could watch it all day..every day..Please keep it going. The Bidwell’s from Texas.

  4. philip jones says:

    I hope season 3 comes along. Mainly cuz since my son Joshua and I have been extras in a few episodes. I’ve watched season 1 & 2. Can’t wait to see us plus its a good series.

  5. MikkyD says:

    One of the few shows along with “The Glades” I look forward to every week and will adjust my schedule accordingly. Bring back “The Glades” along with “Longmirr” for some good entertainment as both shows are well written and feature some great story lines.

  6. Steve says:

    Don’t renew it would be a stupid thing to do but that seems to be the trend of TV these days ..stupid programing decisions.

  7. Jeff and Vickie says:

    We love this show. It is the only show we watch together and it has been so exciting. Please bring it back. Can’t wait to see what is going to happen.

  8. OMG people it was renewed for a third 10-episode season at the end of November. Stop going on and on…at this point it’s just pathetic.

  9. helen says:

    like everyone else love longmire and the glades

  10. Shirley Rhodes says:

    I hope Longmire is renewed. It it a great show. Shirley Rhodes

  11. Susan Potts says:

    We miss Longmire. Please bring it back.

  12. Linda B says:

    Longmire is one of the better shows on TV today. I watch every episode. The next day it is the topic of conversation for at least an hour. We need shows like this.

  13. Big Red says:

    I have been searching all of TV guide apps to find out what day Longmire is on. I was very disappointed when I read it wasn’t included in the neat years line up. When I found out it did have the possibility I was elated.

  14. Jennifer says:

    I enjoy this show alot first because Longmire is a real man :) he reminds me of Chuck Conners, James Arness and John Wayne. Second, there’s not as much killing, cussing and sex every minute. I’m sick of all the slick cop shows, slow it down and keep Longmire going. When i mention it to friends they’ve never heard of it, let people know about it.

  15. Magic show with great acting and interesting storylines. It is a real winner! I have travelled 200,000 miles around New Mexico, Wyoming and the Great Plains for thirty-two years and as far as television drama goes “Longmire” is as good as it gets.

  16. Patrick says:

    Both my Wife and I enjoy Longmire, they should keep it on. Instead of putting some stupid show on like,”The Islands Most Uglyest Tribes. Put Glades back on D.A’s

  17. S Porter says:

    Hurry up and bring Longmire back!

  18. Miranda says:

    iwant LONGMIRE to come back ON!!!!!!!!!

  19. Judy Green says:

    love longmire! anxiously waiting for new season, when?

  20. Jesi says:

    There are very few quality programs on TV lately. Mostly stuff for idiots! I love Longmire! I consider Longmire a quality program and it is a favorite of mine. Please bring Longmire back!

  21. Marilyn Liles says:

    I’m seeing that Longmire has been renewed for a third season… Smart move A&E!!! This is such a fantastic show and it deserves to stay on the air!!! Waiting to find out what the air date will be for the first episode of 2014!!!

  22. Well Michael is Longmire going to picked up by A&E for 2014 ? Your cryptic comment said that it was but you post no schedule. Is it or is it not?

  23. Donna Mcginley says:

    Waiting for Longmire to come back on. Longmire is a quality show. A product for A&E to be proud of. This is a show I look forward to watching, tell my friends about.It is interesting, intriguing ,unusual in its setting and stories. My husband and I are considering letting the cable go because so much of the programming is pure c-r-a-p. Shows like Longmire make your network memorable. Please keep Longmire on to show yourselves head and shoulders above the crowd.

  24. Anita Truex says:

    There is so little to look forward to in this country now days, but Longmire is something I am waiting patiently for. Please bring Longmire back, I never miss an episode. The story lines are great, the scenery is so beautiful (wish I could see it in person), all the characters mesh together so well. Robert Taylor and Lou Diamond Phillips make you feel like you are part of their family. Please bring them all back, give us a real bright spot in 2014.

  25. Ann says:

    got all my family and friends hooked on Longmire. One of the few shows my husband and I watch together. Please bring it back.

  26. Gloria and abel says:

    My husband and i also enjoy longmire please keep it on the air it is by far the best show on a&e ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  27. R.M.F says:

    Do not cancel longmire and the glades,we really love these shows!

  28. Julie says:

    I love this show and the actors as well. It is a good drama not another stupid reality show. I also enjoy seeing Branch and his cute dimples:) Please A&E keep season 3/4/5 and on!!!

  29. Cathie says:

    My family loves longmire. it’s one show we all watch together. Please give us a date to watch for it.

  30. Sue says:

    I just checked to see when Longmire was coming back on and now find out they are not. I am so sad. that is the best show that I have seen for a while.

  31. Greg says:

    I have waited patiently for the return of Longmire….my Favorite A&E show and one of the best on TV!
    Why even consider cancelling such a popular show???
    Give us a break……

  32. Don says:

    I really enjoyed Longmire. Please bring it back soon. We need more shows like this!!

  33. Longmire is an amazing show. Good morals, action, and good character development. Television needs more shows like this – so sick of idiot reality shows, and can actors please keep their clothes on – sick of cheap & tacky shows. Longmire needs to set an example for other stations to follow – a good family show and I like the way they treat everyone as a human being – there should never be race issues – we are all human beings.
    comment by Karen

    • Roseanne Lantz says:

      not trashy enough for the pathetic people at A&E . . . they truly are disgusting. . . Longmire and The Glades were terrific shows . . .

  34. Jo Ann Loveday says:

    I love this show, never miss it, I can not stand Honey, And as for as I am concert there is way to many Reality Shows coming on, do away with all of them as well a Sister Wives and put something on that is worth watching.

  35. Debbie says:

    We look forward to Longmire, here is hoping you make a decision soon!!!!

  36. Rick Zlater says:

    Absolutely enjoy Longmire! Look forward to it every season! Bought first season DVD and Looking Forward to buying Season 2 Please Keep this series going My wife and I would miss it badly

  37. Donna says:

    I love Longmire it is one of the best shows ever. Please bring it back.

  38. My husband I both enjoyed the Longmire series….hate to see it was cancelled. The network needs to bring it back and get rid of some of those stupid “housewives” shows. We don’t watch those shows as it is mostly vain, narcissistic females living large by hooking up with someone famous (sports or tv producers or very rich & powerful men). Can’t stand to hear of women who have sold themselves short they can live in large mansions with maid service & sit around gossiping about others. No redeeming quality. Longmire has good acting and fast story lines. Hope to see the network rectify their mistake by putting it back on.

  39. Robert says:

    Hands down the best show on tv. Please keep Longmire running!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. David Waggener says:

    Longmire is a great show I cannot believe they would consider not renewing the show.

  41. Debby says:

    Loved Longmire from the first. It is so watchable and entertaining! Also love Glades…please give the majority of us who like good tv something to keep seeing. It’s not all about voyeurism and reality tv. Please renew these shows. It would be so nice for the average normal person to have something decent to watch. Please, please support us!

  42. Connie says:

    Break out Kings was awesome. Gone. Please leave Blacklist on. It is an amazing show. My husband and I look forward to it!! Give it a chance, instead of taking it of after you’ve got us sucked in.

  43. Tim E. says:

    Excellent show, perfect cast, and perfect setting. Quite refreshing instead of shows about fish tanks, pawn shops, cake shops or baking wars, and especially FAKE shows about mermaids!!!! I would much rather enjoy a show like Longmire or shows with educational value, or shows that compel you to think about what is really out there.

  44. Karen says:

    As long as they have Duck Dynasty with a huge audience I do not think the powers that be care about us.

  45. Willeen says:

    Bring on the 3rd Season. We are waiting!!!!!

  46. Love the show longmire. The main actors are great. Please keep this show on thne air at lease 8 seasons I think its enjoy able and great action.

  47. sfomom says:

    LONGMIRE is the reason i watch A and E ….. just add my vote for renewel k…

  48. Sandra says:

    When is Longmire coming back, it’s 2014, so where is it

  49. Freddy Hamilton says:

    I am from Vereeniging, Gauteng in South Africa. This is one of the best series produced. Everyone can watch this. No extensive swearing, no explicit sex, no extreme violence. Indicating good communication can still rock the world. Hope to see a season 20. Primitive Policework, with the same results as any CSI series. Man do I miss Longmire. Decent politics in the background. Love this show….

  50. catherine says:

    they have to bring Longmire back. it was a really good show. get rid of bates motel. do not need another murderous show to influence anymore violence and sick sexual acts