Longmire (Not Quite) Renewed for Season 3

longmire renewedA&E’s Longmire appears thisclose to lassoing a third season.

On Thursday, exec producer John Coveny announced on Twitter that the hit drama had been renewed for Season 3 — something the network has yet to confirm. (An A&E rep declined to comment.)

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Insiders tell TVLine that Coveny jumped the gun and that no deal is currently in place for a third season. A pickup seems likely though, as Monday’s Season 2 finale hit season highs in total viewers and key demos.

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  1. Jenny says:

    Please keep Longmire on the station lineup. This is the best thing going on television other than the Glades (and look what your idiot execs did to that show)! You need to fire your execs and put new ones in that make better decisions. If Longmire is cancelled I will NEVER watch another show of any venue again on A&E.

  2. So when is the season 3 premiere . What day does it start?

  3. Rita says:

    Longmire is the only show on A & E that is worth watching! Please renew for more seasons.

  4. Alfred j holubecki says:

    You have 5 million viewers for Longmire and you can’t figure out if you should keep this great show for another season? What’s wrong with you guys!!!!!

  5. Alfred j holubecki says:

    Five million viewers and you want to cancel Longmire….what’s wrong with you guys !!!!!

  6. ron says:

    Please keep the show going it is agreat show

  7. Larry says:

    “Longmire”: Great series, very good actors and story line, A&E finally had a show that has a following with repeat veiwers and they can’t decide to renew the series, they must have the same level of common sense as some of the politicians running our country,

  8. cowboy says:

    Longmire is the poop. Def wanna see it go for at least ten seasons. There shouldn’t even be a question or a seconds hesitation about running the show for years.

  9. J says:

    Longmire is the best show on tv. It is excellent in that it is well written and well casted. We are faithful viewers of Longmire and hope that it is renewed for season 3 and many more seasons beyond!

  10. Lynn Beard says:

    Longmire is awesome & needs to be saved, my Dad, husband & myself included look forward to this show every week & I have even been saving it on my cable box. We also enjoy watching The Glades, thank you for making television worth watching again!

  11. Steve says:

    Love the show, I hope it returns.

  12. Pat Coffey says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bting Longmire back!!!!!!!!

  13. Tom brinker says:

    Long mire must get renewed. Already told lots of & friends to watch. They are , but can’t find it. Please get this show on the air. It’s by far the best show on TV.

    • Linda M says:

      I love Longmire! I want to see season 3. I just placed an order for season 2 DVD Come on A & E get it together and give us another season.

  14. Jean Mitchell says:

    I agree with everyone above Longmire is the most wholesome and well written seen on A&E as well as other channels. The storyline is good and it is clean. Love writing and acting from the stars of the show. Bring it Back!!!!

  15. RDEKW says:

    Im on this site because my husband has been asking me almost every day when Longmire will be back on..so I was trying to find out for him. Like many others we both look forward to the next episode .. who needs reality shows (that are not even real) Give us some good old fashion ENTERTAINMENT..and a longer season as well!!

  16. fasteddie says:


  17. Willeen says:

    Love the series Longmire. Need more western type series on TV/ Can hardly wait for the 3rd season to start/

  18. Melinda says:

    Me & my family love watching Longmire, we can’t wait for it and the glades to come back on

  19. MelindaW says:

    Longmire is a good tv. shows to watch , the meaning of this wonderful tv show is breath taking please bring it back

  20. Linda Magoon says:

    Tomorrow Sunday at 7:00am, there will be a Longmire Marathon. I will be watching.

  21. Larry Schwartz says:

    Renew Longmire now. Best show on TV. Don’t leave us hanging A&E ! If you replace this wonderful show with another idiotic debacle, we will boycott or give you no viewing time. Don’t make us call the Sheriff !

  22. Nancy Beaers says:

    Please don’t do to Longmire what you did to Glades. Keep delaying the next season for so long that you lost a good many viewers and then had the nerve to cancel it, mainly due to lack of viewers. A&E needs new decision makers, the present ones have lost their edge.

  23. Bruce says:

    Longmire is one of the best shows on tv and like some of the others spoke , if you don’t bring back Longmire than you are a network l don’t want to give my time to.
    Bruce from Charlotte, NC

  24. Dorothy Osborn says:

    I sure hope that A&E renews Longmire — just read they are not renewing Glades, which I was very disappointed to see. It’s hard to believe that Glades has been cancelled and they are not sure about Longmire when there are so many other shows that are not even worth watching.

  25. I hope the network airs longmire .my husband and I can’t wait to see the episodes each week. It is great show. We miss it terribly. Wish the new season would start . Still angry that the that the network took away Detroit 187. I can promise that I will not wat a&e any.ore if longmide doesn’t return.

  26. Bee Gee says:

    Longmire beats garbage reality shows by a long shot. We need better programming like Longmire, not unimaginative crap.

  27. When is Longmire going to be started again ?

    • Linda M says:

      I have been wondering myself. I love the show.

      • nancy n says:

        It certainly doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast ! I receive this same message several times a week. While waiting for him to come back, being positive here, I’m reading all of the Longmire books. I think, counting the new one, that there are eight and I’ve read six. nancy n

  28. Mary says:

    When does season 3 of Longmire start?. We love this show – so excited it’s been renewed!

  29. Jane R says:

    Longmire is our favorite A & E show !

  30. P. Winterstein says:

    I love Longmire and read the books, too. I will never watch A & E again if Longmire is not renewed. They should bring it back ASAP.

  31. JoAnne Williams says:

    love Longmire…great story lines…..looking forward to a new season and many more seasons to come !!!!!

  32. kristy says:

    come on continue the longmire its a crime and cop show. I like shows that find out what happened to the victims. Its also got cliff hangers. It keeps u on the edge of ur sets

  33. Trish says:

    Love Longmire. One of the only shows we watch as a family, my husband, two boys & myself. Can’ t wait for season 3.

    • Nancy Beaers says:

      I love Longmire but have gotten really tired of seeing the notice about “it might be renewed.” I feel sure that there are business people that run this show, so tell me what it takes for them to make up their minds? Are they doing the same thing that they did to Glades? Make people wait long enough and everyone will forget the story line? If so it worked to their satisfaction, and NO one elses, when they cancelled the show. Don’t think A&E’s rating can take another disaster such as the way Glades ended. Not at my house it won’t.

  34. cmanellie says:

    Bring Longmire back and LEAVE it on!!!!!!!!! Why just a few weeks?? It’s the best thing you guys have going.

  35. Diane says:

    Please keep Longmire! The hubby and I both agree!

  36. Jeanie Bales. says:

    My friend and I watch Longmire together. I am outraged to think they would even think about canceling this show. S o please, renew the show, please.

  37. ernie and shirley pregno kokomo in. says:

    one of the best shows on t v to date we have it set on a series to d.v.r in case we are not home..thanx to all connected to this great show

  38. W. Carlson says:

    Longmire is one of the best new series on TV. Can’t wait for it to return for a 3rd season.

  39. Susan Vaneeta Miles says:

    I think Longmire is right up there with the good wife and homeland. why on earth should they need to fight for another season? It should run for at least ten more seasons. Haraah for Longmire

  40. Dianne says:

    I wish someone would tell us when Season 3 will start! I do not want to miss it!! Best show on television!

  41. Sandy Harrop says:

    Count me in, I agree Longmire and Glades should be renewed. Much better than some of the reality crap shows.

  42. Ruth and Jerry says:

    no longmire no A&E TV for me

  43. carol says:

    Just finished watching the Longmire marathon of season 2. I love this show and hope to see new episodes soon. I don’t understand why the cable networks have so few episodes per season. Since going digital almost everyone was forced to subscribe to cable or satellite to get decent tv reception in Denver. These networks should be raking in enough dough from subscribers and advertisers to provide their customers with more episodes per season for quality shows like Longmire that appeal to both genders and all ages.

  44. Sherry says:

    With all the crap on tv finally a show worth watching and we the viewers have to beg for it to return. So here goes please please bring Longmire back. Don’t just tease us with reruns.

  45. Gertie Loving says:

    Longmire, one fantastic series. Please renew this show.

  46. Billy Mills says:

    Longmire is one of my favorites, it pretty well coincides with my life span of 82 yrs. KEEP IT COMING !!!!!!!!! Billy Mills, Old West Texas Cowboy

  47. Kate says:

    I enjoy both Longmire and The Glades and do hope that A & E has the good sense to bring both shows back and SOON! Love the interaction of all the characters. You can not leave Henry’s storyline uncompleted, do need to resolve Branch’s shooting. And as for The Glades, gotta get Jeff found and healed and married to Callie.

  48. Barb I. says:

    I just watched the first season on NetFlix…LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!

  49. Courtney Jacobson says:


  50. Vivian Wagner says:

    I no longer watch Bravo due to Housewives ad nauseum, I have never watched an episode of The Kardashians. Bought Season 1, will buy Season 2, have all the books; rest assured, I can watch and read over and over again and skip A&E altogether should Longmire not be renewed.