Longmire (Not Quite) Renewed for Season 3

longmire renewedA&E’s Longmire appears thisclose to lassoing a third season.

On Thursday, exec producer John Coveny announced on Twitter that the hit drama had been renewed for Season 3 — something the network has yet to confirm. (An A&E rep declined to comment.)

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Insiders tell TVLine that Coveny jumped the gun and that no deal is currently in place for a third season. A pickup seems likely though, as Monday’s Season 2 finale hit season highs in total viewers and key demos.

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  1. K. says:

    Yay, Now make it official please!!!!!

    • Kathy Holmes says:

      I love Longmire!!! Please make this official!! This is one of the best shows on TV and I
      look forward to the start of a new season!!! Please, please renew this one!!!

      • Linda Magoon says:

        I am sending Email to A&E I will not watch another show of theirs if Longmire is cancelled. A&E does not give their shows a chance. Other networks for quite a few of their shows, keep them on for more then 2 seasons, seeing if they will catch on. A&E gets the viewers hooked on a show then stabs the viewers in the back by cancelling the show.

        • Candi says:

          Yes I agree they never leave them o near long enough. Maybe they will wise up???

        • mary carter says:

          I hope you do not cancel longmire. I love that show. but then I see the horriable shows you have kept the governor wife or whatever . I hate it.but that is just my family opinion.

        • PJ Noss says:

          I agree. This show is fabulous. Why would they pull such a winner?

        • Judy Kelley says:

          Please return Longmire best show on for a long time. cant stand the stupied reality shows . Bring back LONGMIRE PLEASEEEEEEE!!!!!

          • Jean says:

            I agree this is a great show can’t wait til it returns! can’t stand the reality shows either!
            I hope it shows for a very long time.

          • Hunnytree says:

            I’m with you for sure. NO TO REALITY SHOWS! ALL OF THEM. INCLUDING AI & all the rest of the so called TALENT genre shows, ALL AWARDS SHOWS, and FORGET ABOUT housewives, and dynasties and boo boos and pawn shops and storage auctions and omg will it ever stop? Give me ONE GOOD DRAMA like Longmire and I’m good to go.

          • Dorothy says:

            I so agree Judy, longmire is great and I love lou diamond Phillips and the can take some of the other shows OFF

        • How do we get thru to A&E??? i LOVE LOVE LOVE Longmire!!!! One of the few really good shows on TV!!

        • Deb Leppelt says:

          I agree. My husband and I don’t have many shows that we both like,but Longmire is one of our favorites. Why don’t the powers that be realize that there are still viewers out here that like intelligent TV?

      • Gayle says:

        This is a great show .. please keep it running!! One of the only shows my husband and I watch together!

      • Meg Tallberg says:

        I’m there! My husband look forward to this show every week! M & E Tallberg

      • al watts says:

        Hey I am n Aussie and as you are aware Robert Taylor is as well so have to keep the Aussie ex patriot in the black and on the screen its my favourite show of all time just ahead of Justified lets have a season three , four and so on.
        Cheers Al

      • Christina Bonner says:

        My husband and I love Longmire. We do hope you going to have it back on this season.

      • nellywelly says:

        Why are the seasons so short (10 episodes) for Longmire? It’s the best on TV!

      • JoAnn McCoy says:

        I have been checking for weeks to see if Longmire has been scheduled! Now you’re saying its a rumor? No, please say you’re renewing this show! I love this show! I will be sooo hurt if this show is not returning!

      • cheryl says:

        yes this show is the best show I have seen in a long time loved it if a&e does not renew it someone else needs to it is well done

      • Yup…bringback Longmire! waiting for this so long

    • molly says:

      Longmire renewed for Season 3, but I worry will Branch(Bailey Chase) return as well? I sure as hell hope so.

    • Konnie Dodge says:

      I agree Please Olease make it official!!!

    • So wonderful, my husband and I love Longmire. It’s different and we love the interaction with the indian tribe. It is a really good and interesting show.

    • Jaccile says:

      Longmire – our favorite show!!!
      So happy they will be back on this season

    • ann says:

      I will make it plain and simple. A and E will never have my very large family as viewers of anything unless Longmire is on in 2014. You have the most watched TV drama in history and you think about Canceling it?? Who makes these decisions?

      • Sally says:

        When?? Can’t wait to see Longmire back on the schedule – one of the good shows on TV. Sad about losing Glades, though – especially with Our Hero getting shot in the last scene of the last seasonal episode. Would like to see Longmire return for several (or more) seasons!

    • wllccaf says:

      love this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Rob says:

      I completely agree!! If they take away Longmire, I will quit watching A&E. They took my “The Glades” away, that was bad enough, and they took it away on a Cliff Hanger!! How the Hell do you do that to your viewers????? Bad Business, and Television!!!!!!!!

      Bring Back Both Longmire and The Glades!!!!!!

      Get rid of the Stupid Reality Shows!!! There is nothing Real about them!!!!!

      • Dorothy Bergeron says:


        • Dorothy Osborn says:

          I totally agree. I can’t believe they took off Glades and the way it is looking probably Longmire too. I loved both of these shows — can’t believe we will never know what happens on Glades and maybe not on Longmire either. Looks like to me they could take off some of those trashy shows and put on something worth watching, like Glades and Longmire. I am very disappointed with A&E. They seem to make some of the craziest decisions. I like to watch Duck Dynasty, but if Longmire isn’t renewed I just as soon watch a channels that has decent shows on it.

    • Sir Harden Thick says:

      This is one of my favorite shows of all time. Please listen to the people and give us what we want!

  2. Wrstlgirl says:

    Absolutey YAY!!! Please let this happen!

  3. Tazzy says:

    Love Longmire! Keep it coming!

  4. Elyse says:

    awesome for Longmire. still waiting on word about the glades!

    • Ryan says:

      Especially considering how they ended the season, they d@$# well better renew Glades.

      • Cindy says:

        Totally agree they need to bring back Longmire!!!!!! As well as they need to bring back Glades . . . A & E is always putting a good show in and then taking it off the air, therefore pissing everyone off!!

        • Linda Magoon says:

          I agree 100%

        • Nancy Lister says:

          Please bring back Glades and Longmire. They are two of the best shows on A&E.

          • Rob says:

            Amen!!!! They are the 2 best shows on A&E. You cannot take away a show on a cliffhanger!!!!

            It is not right!!!! Especially on a show that has gone more seasons than any other show on your Network. What were you thinking?!?!

            Duck Dynasty is a good show too, but I will quit watching it if you don’t do the right thing!!!!

    • Ronnie Turner says:

      Cancelled!! @$$#@££$

    • Roseanne Lantz says:

      everything good gets cancelled, if it doesn’t have “porn” or it isn’t a “reality” show, it just won’t work . . . you people at A&E are pathetic

  5. Darlene says:

    Not yet renewed! What! Best show on television. Season 3 is a must

  6. Cheo says:

    Terrific show. Hope it gets to come back for S3.

  7. Badpenny says:

    The EP wouldn’t make an announcement on twitter if he hadn’t heard it from the Execs, so congrats to Longmire!

  8. JAO says:

    Love this show!! Make it official!

  9. Bre says:

    Any news on The Glades being renewed??

  10. Carrie says:

    Well, he got the call, so it must be official. They’d be crazy not to renew the show.

  11. Eliza says:

    Happy if it’s renewed…it’s a great show!
    Also, A&E needs to renew The Glades, pretty please! :)

    • Rob says:

      I could not agree more!! They both need to come back!!

      I have almost quit watching local regular programming because of shows like this.

      Bring them back!!! Matt Passmore is awesome.

  12. Sheldon W. says:

    Longmire is the best American mystery series on TV, so this should really be a no-brainer for A&E (and would be if a certain ultra-lowbrow reality show wasn’t getting twice the viewers).

    • Linda Magoon says:

      I don’t understand A&E Longmire is such a great show. Why is it, that you see some crappie shows left on. I just love Lou Diamond Phillips.

  13. CBWBDK1 says:

    Great news. They would be idiots not to renew this show.

  14. Sarah says:

    I really look forward to Longmire and The Glades!!! It better be a go! Such a great show and honestly, who DOESN”T love a little Lou Diamond Phillips and now with A Martinez….you had me at Indians bringing Sexy Back ;p

  15. Ethel says:

    Crazy not to renew this show. Have to find out who shot Branch and if he lives…..he better! Now if Glades can be renewed and Callie and Jeff run off into witsec with Ray, life would be good. Oh, and Jim lives.

  16. bmiller says:

    One of he best shows on TV – it had better be renewed!!!!!

  17. Rae says:

    Make the renewal official! I LOVE Longmire! I agree that is one of the best shows on tv. It is one of my favorites!

  18. Keith says:

    Glad to hear it’s going to be renewed. Great show with great characters. Oh and Katee Sackhoff is incredibly sexy in jeans.

  19. My husband and are so impressed Longmire that we can’t feel satisfied with any other show on any network whatsoever! The writing and the acting are above top notch and the only thing we can do to sustain ourselves is read the Longmire books and watch John Wayne. Nothing else is comparable, it’s the only show of its kind on TV. Not only should the show be renewed, it should be aired ASAP and run for a longer season! I hope A&E puts the season out on DVD sooner too because I’d like to get it for my husband for Christmas when he gets back from deployment!! Longmire is just awesome!

  20. FAVORITE SHOW. I hope A&E comes through.

  21. Leah says:

    I love longmire.

  22. Alienate says:

    Please Renew! Best show on basic cable.

  23. J says:

    YAY! I hope this is true!

  24. Linda says:

    Here it comes !!! take the good shows off the air… I have everyone of these in my collection. I love this show !! it’s back to values and morals !!! well, we cant have that now can we.?? I hope they see how important these kind of shows are and leave it alone… we want more not less…………..someone else mentioned running “more” episodes.. WELL???? get to it….

    • John says:

      I totally agree!!!!! Our family watch every episode ane has ever played …. Need more shows like this on all the channels .. So sick of all crap reality shows that teach our children that it’s okay to disregard the family values.

  25. Mel says:

    Longmire it totally deserving of a season three renewal. There’s nothing like it on TV. It’s a refreshing change of pace to the normal big city-cop show. It is well written, and I love all the actors, the scenery, etc. Come on A&E just do it!

  26. Tria says:

    I love Longmire. Please renew series.

  27. Guess I am in the minority here. Watched the first five episodes of the first season REALLY wanting to like it, but was bored silly.

  28. Justin Burnell says:

    Reblogged this on thehiltonburnellfiles and commented:
    I started to love the show since Monday. It was the best.

  29. Linda Magoon says:

    I love Longmire. A&E leave the show on, do not mess with it

  30. arial2 says:

    This is a wonderful series. I really hope A&E doesn’t cancel this one in favor of another brainless “reality” show like Bravo’s Housewives or E’s Kardashians, with people who get paid for doing what, living? I have to give the Robertsons of Duck Dynasty credit: they are entertaining and make products that contribute to our economy.

  31. Ronnie Turner says:

    If they cancel Longmire along with The Glades…I’m not watching any new shows on A&E EVER. I’m really good at that

  32. Ponytail says:

    Our country needs more wholesome programs like Longmire. Not only do we want and need Longmire back, but how about longer than 3 months.

    • Linda Magoon says:

      I so enjoy Longmire. Great stories, Great acting. I do not understand A&E’s thinking. Keep Longmire on. A&E does not have much on that I watch. I do love Duck’s Dynasty. But cannot stand storage war-Texas, Bad Ink, nor Barter Kings

    • Linda Magoon says:

      I agree!

  33. literal says:

    you had a show in the glades ,&longmair leave things alone

  34. literal says:

    what about glades///. you some dumb show on & it makes no sence////////

  35. Robert Hansen says:

    Longmire put off until 2014?? Most will forget the show by then!
    I think you should replace your Exs. their not to smart.

    • Linda Magoon says:

      I am so sick of A&E and their stupid moves. We need another Longmire way before 2014. The A&E network is just lying to us. They are hoping that we will forget Longmire. I won’t because I keep copies of what I Email, just encase something like this would happen. I sent them an Email yesterday, will see if they answer me.

  36. mal says:

    Excellent show – well written – all actors are believable in their roles – watch it faithfully – hope it gets a 3rd, 4th, 5th etc. season.

  37. Ron Turner says:

    Love longmire great show love that state makes me want to move there and buy a ranch

  38. steve jordan says:

    Im a 30 year deputy sheriff retired and i love longmire.glad new episodes will start shortly…steve jordan

  39. Tom says:

    The writers of Longmire either have performed their due diligence or they they possess an intimate knowledge of Wyoming and the northern section of the area. Aside from the fictional county and town, everything else is spot on. Having been raised in Eastern Idaho and spending time throughout Wyoming working and playing; they have hit a home run with this show. It’s one of the best I have watched. I cannot wait until season 3 debuts.

  40. Ruth says:

    Just remember THE GLADES had the biggest season finale too, and look how A&E screwed the fans over. I hope TV LINE is reporting all of our comments to the execs at A&E!

  41. Martin says:

    Bring LONGMIRE BACK!!!

  42. Dany B says:

    Yeahhhh!!!! THANK YOU A&E it was about time. But, why took you so long to renew it. Didn’t we, the fans, begged enough for a new season???

  43. libby says:

    Yes keep longmire on Vicki is a great deputy plus she fits her jeans very well

  44. peavy says:

    longmire is the best show on all of tv.

  45. Rick says:

    Longmire is the best show on a&e and glades is good also !!!

  46. Dwight J. Mehaffy says:

    I agree, Longmire is a great program with talented and real actors and actresses. I I do enjoy it.

  47. Roxi says:

    Longmire best show ever. We need new episodes now. Please!!!!!!

  48. Bub says:

    By all means renew Longmire for season 3 and then at least 4 or 5 more. It’s a great show.

  49. Denise says:

    I sure hope John Coveny is right even if he did jump the gun so to speak. It’s true Longmire is the best show on. I’m a fan of a few shows but Longmire tops the list. Love to watch Robert Taylor and Lou Diamond Phillips work they go together like biscuits and gravy ;-)

  50. Eliza Doolittle says:

    Please tell me you are going to bring Longmire back!!!!!! You keep crap like Duck Dynasty and this has not been decided for a third season. Give me a break. Guess when you lose all your viewers you will get someone who will make better decisions or fold up and go homer.