Fall TV Preview

How I Met Your Mother Final Season Promo: Will Ted Ruin the Wedding? Can Lily Save the Day?

Who will derail Barney and Robin’s nuptials on How I Met Your Mother?

That’s the question at the center of the first promo for the CBS sitcom’s final season (premiering Sept. 23 at 8/7c), and Ted appears to be a prime suspect. Thankfully, Lily is there to, literally, knock him out of the way.

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Press PLAY to watch the sneak peek, then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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  1. tamy says:

    the wedding will not beruined because barney & robin will get married! And Ted don’t want to ruin their wedding. Swarkles themselves have doubts (can’t believe robin never say to Barney she can’t have kids)

    this is just for trying to make tensions… but there will be no surpises. Hate that season 9 will focus on one week end even if they made flashback and flashforward.

    btw i’m sick of lily

    • Ashleah Youn says:

      I could have sworn that Robin told Barney she can’t have kids.

      • Julie says:

        Nope. He’s the only one that doesn’t know.

        • robertkrasser says:

          ted dont know either

          • Jenny says:

            Ted knows. He finds out after she explains why Kevin and her broke up. Everybody knows except Barney.

          • Robert Krasser says:

            Maybe he assume, but there is no spoken evidence, if yes please tell me the episode and time.

          • Goodbye to Universe Guy says:

            Just thought I’d add this info for completeness in response to Jenny and RobertK comments – Jenny is indeed correct, Ted knows that Robin cannot have children – he found out when the two talked up on the rooftop when (as Jenny notes) Robin explains to Ted why she had to break up with Kevin [vice versa], stating: “He couldn’t get past it —…. who could?” A great scene, and Ted tells Robin at that point that he loves her. That’s a key moment – he’s willing to put aside all the ‘gotta have kids’ talk and goals because he really does love Robin that much. At that point, who cares about having children? – you want to be with the one you really love, no matter what. A broken-hearted, gut wrenching admission on his part at that moment when Robin’s at her most vulnerable. A heck of moment- great writing, great acting, great scene.
            Robert – to answer your question as to when this scene took place: the episode is ‘The Drunk Train’ (season 7, episode 16, right at the very end of the episode- probably around the 22 minute mark). This last scene then leads right into the following episode’s ‘No Pressure’ premise, which is one of my favorites [maybe my favorite episode next to ‘Symphony of Illumination’]. A brutal Ted-Robin exchange, precipitated when Ted corners Robin into having to finally tell him they have no chance at a future romance (for guys who have been in that situation, and there are plenty, very painful). Regardless of who winds up with whom, those Ted-Robin scenes are just gut-wrenching, well written, well acted. In my mind, that’s the ‘x-factor’ that other series/comedies don’t have – I’ve never seen any comedy like HIMYM where the two lead characters just tear each other apart, over and over again, but they keep going back and doing it again and again – thorn birds.

    • T says:

      btw I’m sick of your lack of grammar skills

      • Jim says:

        You can’t call someone out on their lack of grammar skills while showcasing your own lack of proper punctuation and capitalization skills… Also “btw” is not proper grammar. Sorry, I’m just pointing out the obvious since you decided to go there first.

        • Jane says:

          He was just copying the way Tamy wrote to make his point.

          • Jellymoff says:

            Maybe English is not her first language?

          • Jim says:

            I thought of that after I wrote my comment- but then I decided its much more effective to point out the obvious instead of trying ti be funny. Oh well, to each their own and no worries! I do believe its more of a language issue.

  2. KyleScott says:

    Maybe he knows and they just didn’t show it.

  3. Alan says:

    Already saw this on another website yesterday.

  4. wordsmith says:

    Prediction: Ted will seriously consider ruining the wedding, but will have a change of heart and go to Robin to do the right thing when Lily (not realizing he has changed his mind) will tackle him.
    Place your bets.

  5. Dani says:

    Ted’s obsession with Robin should have stopped three seasons ago. Seriously, he’s going to meet the mother of his children on that weekend and the writers still have him questioning his feelings for Robin!?
    I’m going to watch the final season mainly because of Robin, Barney, Lily and Marshall. Ted has become pathetic.

    • Quinn Mallory says:

      The point of the show is how Ted met the Mother, but what has apparently prevented Ted from meeting “the one” has been his feeling toward Robin. Sure it may be pathetic, but that’s just the premise of the show, otherwise the pilot would not make sense (why tell the story with Ted meeting Robin).

    • Ari says:

      I think Ted’s obsession with Robin should have stopped in the 4th season. I really dislike that they keep bringing his feelings for her backup. It just feels like the story of how he fell in love with Robin but had to settle for this other woman.

      • Goodbye to Universe Guy says:

        “It just feels like the story of how he fell in love with Robin but had to settle for this other woman.”
        That may indeed end up how the storyline plays out – that may be the story once we reach next May and the end of the line. That happens sometimes in real life – people don’t always end up with ‘the one’. They have to go on with their lives anyway, live a life with the one who says ‘yes’. How many guys out there ending up marrying someone because their first (or second?) proposal of love was rejected? It happens.
        That said, how many of those guys then have to spend the rest of their lives around the woman who rejected them? Probably not very many, but I bet there are a couple of instances out there. That’s what makes HIMYM so cool – that Robin/Ted dynamic is unique, fascinating and somewhat cruel. That makes for a pretty neat story – I think. Bays/Thomas/Fryman are amazing – they really have this story figured out – a very cool approach to the idea of ‘love.’

        • robertkrasser says:

          To “Goodbye to Universe Guy” ……well I was re-re watching the episode “Drunk Train” and “No Pressure” those are one of my favourites as well. I watch it in english and german but still I cant find a SPOKEN EVIDENCE that Robin tells Ted that she cant have children. We all assue she tells him and than Ted says after Robin says “I mean who could?” Ted says “I could”.

          But who says that Robin was telling Ted the truth? Maybe she told Ted they broke up because Robin wants to travel? Or simply dont want kids? Not cant have kids!

    • Lisa says:

      I was super obsessed with this one woman for years and years, and then when she got married I just got with the first woman I saw. And that’s how I met your mother.

  6. Guest says:

    You know nothing Ted Snow: just get on with the program and meet the mother!

  7. niyati says:

    So the last season is going to be entirely focused on one weekend. And probably end with ted meeting the mother for the first time? That’s just unfair. What i wanted to see was how “the mother” would override his obsession with robin. I wanted to see that journey of how ted falls in love with her and how she blends in with the group. Seems like a cop-out to me by the creators. I think they themselves cannot write a love story that would beat the one that they wove around ted and robin, so they are taking the easy way out.

    • Franc says:

      I thought the premise of the show was always about his journey up to actually meeting the mother- the story of how he got to that place in his life. Hence the “how I met your mother” part, not how “how I fell in love with your mother”. Am I wrong? I haven’t watched the show in a few seasons so things could have changed.

      • Alan says:

        dont be so rigid about the title of the show, no other show sticks to its title that closely so why should this one. i could write a list of shows which strayed from their title but ive already done that 5 or 6 times on how i met articles in the past and im just sick of writing it out by now.
        we need to meet the mother and see her and ted in a relationship, otherwise we wont know why this relationship worked for ted; and after 8 years of watching him devolve into a sadsack due to failed relationship after failed relationship i just want to see the guy happy for once.

    • Ashley says:

      The season is focused on one weekend and the last scene is probably going to be that scene at the Farhampton train station.

      However, they have said that there will be lots of flashforwards and you will see Ted and the Mother together and we’ll see their love story, but it’s all going to be in flashfowards. Josh and Crista have already filmed scenes together (and had as of Comic Con so presumably a fair few more now). The mother will also be interacting with the rest of the cast.

      I was sceptical at first about going another season (as it felt like eight should have been the last) but I’m optimistic about this. Season nine feels like a “reward”. I was always one to say “I’m happy for the show to end at the meeting” but now it feels like we’re going to see their love story as well as a “bonus” for sticking around. I know in reality its down to money, but I’m trying to be optimistic :p

    • Mikael says:

      I think there’s going to be flashforwards showing Ted and the Mother together. It’s been confirmed they have scenes together, so while the final scene might be the moment Ted meets her, I think throughout the season we’ll see them together in the future.

  8. Mia S says:

    Anyone else think that Ted is telling his kids how I met your Mother because she died?
    She is alive at the college reunion (when Ted, Lily & Marshall were eating sandwiches by the vending machines-Ted laughingly asked where is my wife ?) but could have died after that point.

    • ani0227 says:

      thats exactly what im thinking. she dies after that and ted is justifying his new relationship (years after the death) with aunt robin to his children. explaining to them that while he did love the mother he also loves robin and thats why the story begins with meeting aunt robin. im thinking the kids arent too happy about finding out dad used to bang their aunt and is going to start again. it would make sense as to why he would being with robin so that they can understand how hard he fought for this girl he never got and now that he has a chance (and robin finally loves him back) they might give him their blessings.

      • Alan says:

        oh dear lord no, that would be nine years of wasted air time then. if the writers just wanted ted and robin to end up together then why would they make it impossible for them to do just that from the very first episode?

  9. Jay says:

    Wow…the Ted/Robin fans are relentless. Guys…let it go. Shes’ not the mother.

    I for one am going into this with an open mind. It’s the last season and it is what it is. I’m grateful for the journey and the gifts they are leaving behind like confusing pineapples, angry goats, Bro Codes, Slap Bets, Suits, Robin Sparkles, and so much more. I love this show and I will miss it so much when it’s gone…

  10. Goodbye to Universe Guy says:

    Sometimes I think we may be lucky to have this final 9th season – I don’t think it was a foregone conclusion at this time last year that there would be a 9th season. This was a gift.

    Hence, regardless of how this all turns out, and who marries who, and who can’t have children, and who tries to ‘wreck the wedding’, let’s just enjoy the ride through this final season. This one is a ‘bonus’ for us fans, as well as for the HIMYM team – we all need to enjoy it and wish the HIMYM team the best as they venture through this final season. It will be bittersweet – for us fans, and for them – final seasons and long goodbyes always are.

    So, let’s get rolling. I just saw the promo clip – very nice – good to see everyone in fine form [yes, yes, that means you as well Robin/CS!]. Bring on season 9! Can’t wait for Sept. 23rd.

    • Robert Krasser says:

      First of all I would like to say that english is not my first language and those of you want to critisise my grammer and spelling schould do this in german.

      When I read all the comments in all the HIMYM blogs and websites and try groop it I found out three types of fans:

      1) there are fans they write that they are so happy with the 9th season, just watching himym because of the jokes or the actors. They say they dont care about the ending they enjoy the ride. In my opignion these people schould not post anything anymore – they schould sit in front of tv and enjoy the ride and the jokes- but not bother other people because they enjoy controversal discussions abot the ending and the mother.

      2) Team Barney-Robin
      This type of fan hopes in a cheasy ending. BR get married and they live happy forever…..

      3) Team Tedwards

      Obvously the most intellectual team of fans. Because it is a challange to twist the script so that TR will end up together. So only a discussion over this point is making sense and is controversal

      After watching the first video of S09 I am sure Ted has no intensions of ruining the wedding . The opposite is the case. He wants to give Robin the Locket because she sayed in central park that she wants it as a last thing to have no doubts about merry Barney. So basically is Ted telling her (when giving her the Locket) “merry Barney”

      Why Lilly wants to stop Ted? I can only say “where is the poop Lilly!”

      • CBS television fan says:

        Vielen dank für das feedback, und tut mir leid, hoffentlich wollte niemand über Ihr Englisch schreiben lustig machen – es ist sehr gut. Es ist toll zu sehen, dass HIMYM in anderen Ländern so viele Fans hat. CBS dankt allen fans.

      • delilah says:

        What the hell are you talking about Robert? Are you inferring that Barney-Robin fans are dumb because we want them to end up together and Ted-Robin fans are the intellectual ones even though they can’t understand that at the end of the pilot Future Ted called Robin, “AUNT Robin”. Oh yeah, you people are really smart.

        • robertkrasser says:

          Hi Dwlilah,
          well I dont say BR are dumb, and I dont say TR fans are more intellectual. What I want to say that the entire HIMYM story is a complex story´. Every episode hast a twist a turn and something unexpected, the viewer gets often tricked, additional the flash forward and flashbacks makes the story absolut inpredictable. CB and CT are excellent writers with a lot creativity I am sure they have a tremendous twist and “in petto”. If Robin and Barney get married, and Ted merry TGWTYU (Milioti) and both couples live happy forever we will see a B-Movie-super-ceasy ending. I am simply sure there will not do this.

          If you see the “Pilot” again you will see that the word Robin was not spoken untill the ultimate end. “And kids thats how I met your……(pause) …. aunt Robn. ”

          Why there is a small pause?
          Why they dont speak the name “Robin” untill the end.

          Maybe is not Ted speking with his childen maybe is Barney?
          So everything is possible

          • delilah says:

            Future Ted is the one telling the story Robert because the kids have called him dad. And I’m confused as to why you think the endgames T/M and B/R are cheesy endings. I think these endgames are really the only ones that make sense to have this long winded story wrapped up.

  11. Skye says:

    Being the mother of his children doesn’t mean she is also his wife. I think the mother will die and ted will eventually remarry robin after barney breaks up with her because she cannot have kids. Buuut that is just me.

    • MajaLuffsPie says:

      Thats just sick a** hole -___- I hate when people started watching it and want to skip to the ending, the whole movie is amazing and made well so watch the first episodes dumb ass and no replys on my English grammar or whatever kay kay??!!

    • delilah says:

      It really bothers me that people want characters to die just so their fan pairing can be together in the end. Very disturbing.

    • delilah says:

      It really bothers me when people want the Mother or Barney to die just so that Ted/Robin can get back together. Very disturbing.

      • Robert Krasser says:

        To delilah…..you wrote:…..I think these endgames are really the only ones that make sense to have this long winded story wrapped up…..

        Exactly therefore because we viewers think it is the only option (ted+miliotti and Robin + barney) what makes sense…… the Creators will do diffrent. As I said there is a unespected trick, a turn combined with a red herring in almost every episode why go for the solid and “everyones-assuming-way” in the entire himym show?

  12. Goodbye to Universe Guy says:

    Just a quick note to fans at TVLINE who may not be aware – the cast of HIMYM are on the cover of Entertainment magazine this week (the Sept 6th issue). They are joined on the cover photo by “an old friend of Ted’s”.

    There have not been that many magazine covers of the HIMYM cast over these many years (the Christmas season TV Guide cover w/NPH, A & C a few years back comes to mind), so this cover is very welcome. The story inside reviews the seasons up to this point, and provides some insights into season 9. Also included are wonderful photos of the cast having a great time at the photo shoot (Josh R. in crutches), as well as a photo of C Milioti and Josh R.

    The magazine is available at newsstands and grocery story magazine racks all this week, and includes some updates on various television (broadcast and cable) series that are returning this fall/Sept season.


  13. - says:

    I believe that the importance they give it to Ted and Robin relationship is because if Ted would never have met Robin, and then break up with her, which led him to have a date with the crazy lady (Mandy Moore) and having the tattoo. Then he would never have met Stella and her husband (that offered him the job as a teacher). And because of that job, he met Cindy (his wife’s roomate), the one that in season 8 recommends him the band of the future mother! After all, he decided to leave early the wedding and taking the train (where he will meet the mother) because of the “feelings” he had about Robin.

    P.S. I’m sorry about my english, but I hope I made my point. :P