Exclusive: Pretty Little Liars EP Promises Ezra Reveal Is 'Very Real,' Teases Jekyll/Hyde Twist

Pretty Little Liars Ezra AIf you’re hoping that the gut-punch of a reveal that took place in Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars  summer finale was yet another of the series’ misleading twists, you’re out of luck.

Turns out, the addictive ABC Family drama plans to stick with (to some degree) the shocking notion thatSPOILER ALERT — Ezra is ‘A’!

“I assure you that there is something going on here with Ezra,” Liars executive producer Oliver Goldstick tells TVLine exclusively.

But that’s only just the tip of the iceberg. Here, Goldstick discusses surprising details about the Rosewood fave’s “double life,” how this twist will put Aria (among others) in danger and much, much more.

TVLINE | I’ve got to be honest with you, I feel like this is the same situation I was in a year ago with you right after the big “Toby is ‘A'” reveal…
You’re not. I promise you you’re not. I assure you that there is something going on here with Ezra. There is something very real going on here. I can’t give you too much information, but I can tell you it plays out quite beautifully in Season 4B. And Aria’s in danger — well, they all are, but Aria in particular.

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TVLINE | So, are you confirming that this is not a red herring?
Yes, there is something that is about to be exposed and revealed in 4B. I guess what I’m saying is that this is going to escalate and be more explosive and mind-blowing.

TVLINE | And this all begins in Season 4B or before that in the Halloween special?
Because of the nature of the Halloween episode, the mystery of [Ezra] doesn’t move forward that much; it’s a standalone episode… As far as the explosive revelation of last night, it builds on that without giving you explanations. It builds on Ezra’s culpability of being ‘A,’ but it doesn’t explain a lot of questions you’ll have as an audience. You have to wait for 4B for that.

TVLINE | Should we have come away from the finale with the idea that Ezra is ‘A’ or is on Team ‘A’?
I can’t give that away, I will just say you’re really in hot territory and very close.

TVLINE | For me, this all could make sense because ‘A’ began his or her torment once Ezra came to Rosewood. What doesn’t make sense though is how decent he’s been and how much he’s loved Aria.
I hear you and we can answer that in an emotionally satisfying way. Everybody here is very aware of that, too, because this is a relationship that’s deeply romantic. They’re soulmates, and we’ve invested so much into them. We’re going to be able to explain some things to you.

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TVLINE | ‘Ezria’ has been touted as “endgame” since Day 1, so what can you say about that now? It seems this will definitely impact that–
Oh, it impacts it — in a big way! [Laughs] Not right away, but you’ll stand by and say, “Gee golly, gee whiz, what is going on?! How can this person be living a double life?” What you’re really going to find out is this whole Jekyll-and-Hyde factor about Ezra — it’s going to blow your mind.

TVLINE | Talk about the evolution of the idea to go in this direction with Ezra.
We knew from the beginning of this season. When Ezra and Aria weren’t together, we sort of tracked and mapped them as a couple — he’s basically microchipped like a dog! He’s had it since we started the show. So, we know where he’s been, and it’s not always a good place. Sometimes he’s eaten out of a dumpster! [Laughs] We really have tracked this.

TVLINE | Are the fans who have gone back and tracked why Ezra is ‘A’ onto something?
That I can emphatically answer: Yes! That is not bull; those things have been planted. We were subtly putting things in and you can track them, and hopefully in 4B you’ll be able to help us solve this puzzle.

TVLINE | Since Aria won’t be in on Ezra’s secret immediately, what does this mean for them as a couple in 4B? Also, what does this mean for Jake?
Jake is returning, and it’ll be very complicated. We know he cares for her and she cares for him, and more than anything, he’s concerned for her welfare because when they met, she was under duress… So her duress escalates in 4B, and he wants desperately to protect her, but she won’t let him — because she’s got Ezra, right?! [Laughs]

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TVLINE | According to Mrs. Grunwald, Alison is alive. Was that meant to be a definitive reveal to the audience?
Not definitive, just a suggestion from someone who had dealings with her on that night…

TVLINE | Will the girls be on a mission to find Ali moving forward?

TVLINE | What can you say about the identity of a second Red Coat?
That is indeed still an issue. People have come to the conclusion that there has to be more than one person; there has to be an ‘A’ team, ultimately. But we’re not saying that’s necessarily true either, it’s just a very valid theory.

TVLINE | Talk a little about what happens, once Caleb is in Ravenswood, to keep him there permanently.
At the end of the Halloween episode, there’s a twist that provides a compelling reason for Caleb to at least stay there temporarily to explore what the hell something is. It pertains to him; it’s not about Alison or Hanna.

TVLINE | What else can you tease about the Halloween special?
It’s really fun and it’s juicy. you’ll get more episodes regarding Mrs. Grunwald and Alison — some great answers. You’ll get some escalation of whether you suspect Ezra of being The Devious One! [Laughs] There’s a really good pursuit of Alison because the Liars have every reason to believe now that she’s still with us. If she’s going to be in this town on this holiday, they’re not leaving here until we find her.

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  1. Mackenzie says:

    As others have said, I don’t trust a word this creative team says. Didn’t Marlene King say in multiple interviews that we’d get a definitive answer on whether or not Allison was dead or alive in the summer finale? And yet we didn’t get that at all. What we got was the revelation that she was alive later than people thought she was on the night she was supposedly murdered, but that doesn’t even begin to address the question of whether or not she’s alive NOW.

    They also didn’t give a definitive reveal on whether or not Ezra is “A,” so essentially all the promises that Season 4A would provide answers were lies. There were no answers provided, just even more questions, as usual.

    • Nikki says:

      I think that that there’s good reasoning that Ali is alive.. In ravenswood the girls found out that Ali snuck out of the car AFTER she had been beaten and also that she didn’t want anyone to know that she was alive.

      • Lissa says:

        It was also Ali who was watching them in the lair. It was hard to see during the show but that night, Sasha posted a picture and it’s definitely her eye.

  2. Amayah says:

    I think Spencer is A. She knows too much !!

  3. Amayah says:

    Every pkg goes to Spencer’s house, she knows the riddles, she know what ever single clue means. She leads the girls to the lair. She shots down everyone suggestion. Spencer has all the answers. She is A!

  4. Tracy says:

    The answer is in the song at the beginning of the show, just listen to the song and pay attention to the characters ! The writers are doing an excellent job.

  5. S says:

    Woah that would be so cool! One Ezra is A and the twin Ezra is the nice one who loved Aria. I think it would be cool if anyone had a twin! Dang I can’t wait for the Halloween episode!!!!

  6. Em says:

    I think that Ezra came back to the lair to see what the girls took. In which Hannah did take a diary of some sorts. Also I think he could be the “boy shorts” in the photos. I also think though Wren has something to do with”A’ along with Jason who magically disappeared.

  7. kayla says:

    First off its BOY SHORTS not borad shorts and second of all ezra may be involved but hes not A bc if you remember when mrs. grimwald said “hes here” to the girls and she looked off to the distance like she saw someone and then turned around and walked away, which means it cant be ezra bc at that time he was in the lair.

  8. victoria says:

    I hope Ezra is A. That adds a bunch of drama to the show and makes it ten times better. and I have a thing for sexy bad boys :P

  9. kayla says:

    i still dont think its him

  10. kayla says:

    What song was in the beginning

  11. word1243244 says:

    I think it’s great he’s A gives him a human quality! I do think he’s the type who sort of gets obsessively involved with the women he dates and that becomes evident from those huge ass pics he’s got handing in the lair of Ali. also there aren’t many pics of him and Aria up on those boards. also maybe he thrives off tormenting them. Because we knew that when Ali was alive she was still being threatened by A and maybe Ezra commissions the A team because he knows stuff about them too! Some of them become collateral damage, which is good, probably keeps the others in check. I like that it has these strange endings, makes you call into question all the other boyfriends and girlfriends the liars have. I will definitely be watching:) it is great entertainment, if it wasn’t you wouldn’t be complaining 😉

  12. Kay says:

    Seriously?! We’ve been invested in Ezria since day one and now you want to take it all back now? I loved the Toby is A reveal because he had motive since day one. We’ve never known Ezra to have had any background with Ali. I feel like the writers are just reaching now ( worse so than before) The only way I will like this reveal is if A) Ezra turns out to following the girls to protect them or B) he and aria are revealed to be A. Grrrrr this show

    • Lissa says:

      That’s the thing, we don’t know his history after high school. He went to Hollis and that’s it. Hollis is in Rosewood, so it’s entirely possible that he did have a history with Ali.

  13. moia says:

    thanks for spoiling tv line

  14. Sarah says:

    I don’t know if Ezra is or isn’t “A”, but I am almost 100% positive that Ezra had a thing with Allison before she went missing. I think that Ezra is the guy that Allison was messing around with that Summer. I also think that when he met Aria in that bar, he knew exactly who she was when they first met. Like I said, he may or may not be “A”, but I think he might have something to do with it, but I defiantly think that Ezra is madly in love with Aria, and wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize their relationship.

  15. sreejapav says:

    All I can say is this : SPLIT-PERSONALITY DISORDER!!!!!!!

  16. Whit says:

    I just don’t see it! I never got that vibe! It looked to me like he was shocked and angry about what he saw not that he wasA. Toby was on the A team. So technically that wasn’t a lie. Why he was on it was just a good reason. He did do bad things to them. But so did Spencer when she got on. I don’t see how he had the time for all of that when they were leaving him off lately i was just under the assumption that he was trying to be a dad not A work. Plus they make him out to be poor bc he cut himself off from his family money. And the knowing who Aria was the whole time doesn’t make sense bc if you watch he looks very shocked to see her I’m his class. The eye watching them looked like a woman’s to me..just an eye I know but feminine with makeup ? I do agree that the big reveals are great and I love the mystery and twists that’s y I watch every week but all the smaller plots with no answers is frustrating and confusing. Seriously there was no story after Jason disappeared from the hospital and what was with the mom looking creepy staring at Spencer’s window in an episode? They really need to tie things together better IMO but I’m still going to watch!

  17. potx says:

    JUST A THOUGHT.. “A/A-team” is torturing the girls because they want to show Ali that her friends are being tortured and that she should’ve come out to help them. If A/A-team will kill the girls, Ali will never come out and that’s the end of the story/war.

    Spencer’s always wanted to follow Ali’s trail to solve the case and the only way A/A-team can find Ali is to follow the girls. Ali’s giving hints on where she is but she couldn’t give it right away. I always feel there’s someone in the girls that is from A-team.

    Another thought, I think Ezra is another victim of A/A-team. And now I know why A/A-team is not hurting Aria physically. I’m pretty sure Ezra’s the one who hit the car of “that boy”..I forgot his name, hek!

    This is really a “World War -A”.

  18. I really hope Ezra being there was just a set up, not him being A because he did look surprised and upset by the room, it’s not like the girls moved anything on the boards (Hanna did steal that one thing though… hm that’s a thought) so why did he stare at them and then get upset? I agree that it’s annoying that they just keep lying about people being A but honestly that keeps me excited. Of course I want to know the real A but then the show would be over completely, and I don’t know about the rest of you but I don’t want it to end and I sure as hell don’t want Ezra being A. The hope for Aria and Ezra’s relationship is what has kept me watching and if that’s out of the picture I don’t know if I would even still tune in. Sorry, I’m a hopeless romantic and the forbidden love is the best love so I want it to stay alive!

  19. A says:

    BEST TWIST IN THE HISTORY OF PLL TWISTS! Seriously, it finally totally makes sense. Ezra was the most boring storyline ever and I am so excited that he serves a purpose now. I am stoked about this.

  20. Rob says:

    Quit babbling people! Wait until October, and keep calm

  21. Emgee says:

    I remember after the Toby reveal they said the same exact thing: “I assure you this is very real.”
    I hope they have the guts to stick with it this time. Toby was protecting Spencer may have worked once but pulling the same stunt with Ezra would be lazy and unoriginal.

    • Lissa says:

      And it was real, he was on the A-team and he did join for bad reasons even if we don’t know what they were (Mona lied about when he joined, you can tell by the “Pretty Eyes” comment in season 2 and the “You have interesting eyes in season 1” he joined before he fell in love with Spencer and only changed his motives after. They said that he had justified reasons but they were extremely vague on it. This time they’re being a little more forthcoming with information. They never said Spencer was in danger (of anyone but herself) because she wasn’t. Toby was in love with her before the reveal. They specifically state this time that Aria is in more danger than anyone, which means that Ezra is doing it for bad reasons and only bad reasons.

  22. Sara says:

    Hahahaha….so basically, once again, the show gave us absolutely NO answers. It was all just a show…to lead us to even more questions. They NEVER give straight answers.
    Remember this article when in season 4 Ezra is all ‘good guy’ again.

    • Lissa says:

      They give us answers. Ali is most likely alive (actually she is alive, they didn’t mention that she was the eye watching them in the lair) and Ezra is A. However as the nature of a mystery show, answers always bring more questions. If there weren’t questions, there wouldn’t be a point in continuing a mystery show. If it really bothers you, I would suggest staying away from mysteries (shows, books, etc) in the future.

  23. Rachel says:

    I totally think that Ezra has a twin, and if not, maybe he’s skitzofrenik. I can totally see both of these things happening.

  24. casry says:

    If they use dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality disorder) to explain his characters motive, I will be so upset because DID doesn’t exist. Any psychologist would tell you it doesn’t. I guess on one hand its a fictional show so it wouldnt matter but on the other hand, I guess it would upset me because I kinda saw this show as almost plausible. I rather him have an evil twin with borderline personality disorder or antisocial personality disorder (its not the same as when teenagers say “stop being antisocial” when someone is introverted. Look it up) than have DID.this is what I think happened, my theory …
    I think ezra is the founder of that secret society group that garret and them were a part of. I think he is board shorts. The reason why he isnt in the pictures is because he was taking them. I think they all know eachother (wildon,garret, ian, that society club) I think ezra may be older and I want to see an older yr book of maybe when garret and them were freshmen or sophmores. So here is were my theory may be crazy. so ezra thinks he may have gotten a minor preggers,he tries to kill alli, he goes back to the scene but sees she escaped. He gets angry. Waits for the girls to be all together to use then to find her. I think he knew who aria was but that she walked into the bar was unexpected and he considered it a present. We already saw how he reacted when that other kid wasnt his. It has been the only REAL emotion we have seen out of him. Teary eyed, beard fuzz. He didnt even get like that when he and aria broke up. I think hes become obssesed with finding alli cause he might have a kid. And now im going to play devils advocate… what if wildon told ezra that he was going to tell the police the truth because hanna was saying that it was HIM that got alli preggers;so ezra killed wildon to shut him up. And what if alli or whoever red coat is, is actually trying to protect the girls from ezra. I mean, whoever pulled them out of that fire didnt start it. I also think that at some point aria told ezra about the redcoat alli wore. So he had cici wear a redcoat everytime something bad happened so theyd associate the red coat with alli. Idk I just REALLY hope they dont say its multiple personality disorder. ill take anything but that.

    • Abbie says:

      Ummm…DID does exist. Not only have I come into contact and assessed someone with the disorder, it is in the current diagnostic manual of mental disorders. It is however generally portrayed very over the top on tv (United States of Tara for example). I’m not sure where you learned it was not a real disorder, but I suggest you do some research. (And yes, I do have a postgraduate psychology degree.)

  25. If Ezra is not A, this will be the thing that kills the show, most fans are sick of the red herrings and the jerking around anyway. Toby finished a million viewers off when he was never really A, if they do another fake out like Toby with Ezra they will probably loose another million. I hate Ezra, i’m glad he is A – keep it that way and stop bare faced lying to the viewers.

  26. charissa29 says:

    It is obviously just me, but Ezra dating Aria has always been skeevy and now that he has been part of the plot to emotionally destroy those girls doesn’t ANYONE else find the idea of an idiot 16 year old ending up with a psychotic grown man DISTURBING??????

  27. Brittany says:

    As much as it would be “boring” to turn Ezra back into a good guy and make someone we expect to be A, they’ve done a good job at making the fans (well, me anyway) grow attached to the Ezria relationship. I hope there’s a twist that makes him at least a little less of a bad guy. Evil twin thing would be cool, if they could pull that off.

    The multiple personality thing….I really hope they don’t go that route. And I’m just wondering how they could…. If he did have something like that, wouldn’t it have shown itself at SOME point to SOMEONE in the past 4 seasons? Aria, since they spent so much time together? A student at Rosewood High or Hollis? Maggie/Malcolm? Wouldn’t his brother have known and let it slip to Aria like the family money stuff? A is active ALL the time, and if his “other half” was the part of Ezra responsible for A, how would everyone be able to interact with the Ezra they all know and we all see on the show every week? The writers reached pretty far with this reveal, and I think the personality thing would be too far, even for them.

    Him being board shorts is believable, but I don’t think his problems with that situation will turn out to make him the Big A in all of this. At least I personally hope not!

  28. misa says:

    one thing that i found really weird that sparked some interest in Ezra is when he was talking to Spencer about college when UPenn rejected her and he said something about you dont always get your first choice. The way he said it and his facial expression was weird and it was when him and Aria really called it quits. Whether he’s A or not I think he was involved with Ali and since he couldnt get her, Aria was his 2nd choice. Aria and Alli have similarities, like being “mature” and into older guys, into reading and lying about their ages.. Most of Aria’s torments arent really from A or Ali related, but more of from trying to keep her and Ezra’s relationship a secret.

    Ezra was probably at that Frat party the girls went to when they got separated from Ali. He’s probably the beach hottie. I think Ezra tried to kill Ali or is someway involved with secrets. If any way to tie him into A as being A, I would say he got the idea from Mona (Who she got the idea from someone else aka the A that tormented Ali and as you notice, A didnt get completely real and dangerous until after Mona’s reveal and different A or mysterious person came into the when Ian was killed which could tie to Ezra). Ezra’s motive in being A (a different A) would be to save his ass from the girls uncovering him as Ali’s “killer” or a relationship connection with Ali which would ruin his chances with Aria.

  29. Rachel says:

    I don’t think it was “a’s” lair actually I think it is someone who is trying to find out who a is!! So they are mapping everyone out and events and such to find out who a is just an idea …

  30. azu says:

    Stopped watching for. A while now.will tune in at the final season. Its annoying with the supposed multiple so called mysteries

  31. Erika says:

    Very strong evidence that Aria may or may not be “A”

  32. Tina says:

    So here is my theory after reading multiple articles by multiple sources and of course watching the show. I don’t think Ezra is A but he does however have a dark/shady side to him which will be revealed in 4b. All that talk about how ever since he got there the girls have been tormented so it must be him is nonsense. If you think about it logically the girls hadn’t been “attacked” before that because the group in general is the target and not all the girls were in Rosewood before. (Aria came back at the same time that Fitz showed up). I also don’t think the writers will pull the Toby thing (where is was turned goodafter the season 3 reveal ) because Toby’s character was set up to become good from the beginning (remember he was an outcast and creepy and “evil” character in the first episodes? He was one of the first targeted characters and unless the writers wanted a short airing period he had to turn out good.) I think whatever shady side they reveal about Ezra will stick and since the writers have said Ezria is end game I do think Aria will have a darker side to her but again she isn’t A. None of the girls are. Initially when I saw the big Ezra reveal I thought well that makes sense (even though he has no clear motives at this point) because A has to be someone that we least suspect, but as I read the articles and saw interviews I changed my mind. I like the theory going around that he will have multiple personalities but at the same time I’m hoping it’s all just him. Anyways A can’t be Ezra and neither can the girls for one reason it’s easy to suspect them to connect with everything that’s been played out, make motives and everything kinda how People have been connecting Ezra to Alli’s lover. So while I think his character will have a dark side I doubt he is the one. It’s all a trick writers want us to think well we know it’s not (Jenna, Melissa, Wren, etc) because it’s too obvious so it must be one of the girls or in this particular case Ezra but it can’t be because its also to easy. It has to be someone no one or very few people have taken into consideration someone who is way, way to innocent looking; it has to be the one we least suspect.

  33. Mat says:

    It Says That 13 People In The World Got A Heart Attack

  34. alyssa says:

    i dont wan’t ezra to be a! I really dont cause i love ezria! And i definatly dont think hes ‘big a’ -maybe on the a team, but not THE A!!! Either he was using aria at first, thwn ended up actually falling for her (unlikely in my opinion) or my fave, he got some kind of text from A saying aria was in trouble or something and it was a setup!!! Plus, u really cant one hundred percent trust these interviews, because in true pll spirit, the producers very often lie or manipulate the truth!!! One thing i am very sure of, whether hes A or not, his feelings for aria are genuine!!!!! Even in the interview he said how they’re soul mates and that they’ve put a lot of work into that relationship!!! Just for me, him being a while it would make sense in many ways, it also seriously wouldnt!!! I think him being a would be almost as big a mistake as one of the liars being a!!! I like the twin theory too!! And didnt sasha or someone mention that, cause in the books its ally’s twin!!!! Idk, it just seems like maybe another ‘looka little closer, cause with this show NOTHING is ever as it seems’!!!! X

  35. Kourtney says:

    I don’t understand how Ezra could possibly be A… someone give ideas please. On top of teaching, grading papers, spending so much time with Malcolm, how can anyone in their right mind possibly have the time to be everywhere and do all those important things.. as well as still being able to maintain a relationship (when he was still with Aria). Something is fishy but I don’t think Ezra is A, but certainly plays some part in it, somehow.

  36. Brittany says:

    If ya’ll remember waaaay back in season 1, (I believe it was Spencer who mentioned it) but the older guy that Ali was dating had a girlfriend apparently. Ezra was still probably single at the time, so I don’t think the older guy was Ezra.

  37. miki says:

    i read all the comments and i can say only Trust no one . As simple as it is. They use this line with purpose. So it means everything they say is lie.

  38. Nicole says:

    I think CeeCee is the twin that tried to kill Alison . Alison’s mother said they would share the same things . I think CeeCee wanted to be Alison .

  39. Kaylee Schrader says:

    I think that when alison said she was pregnant with boardshorts baby maybe it was ezras and he’s just trying to find Ali and his son or daughter and following the girls and red coat will lead him too her and him falling in love with aria was jusf coincidence

  40. Jada says:

    I’m glad they had such twists to the show or i’ll be boring. Most of you care about Ezria but come on, that was just to much candy and gumdrops. I’m glad they made Ezra A because he was just to perfect.

    This is my theory, well something that I would want because this would be an awesome twist. I think that maybe Aria could have some type of personality disorder. I remember in one of the episodes, Aria’s dad said his brother had a mental disease and maybe it was passed down to Aria.

    Aria probably has a Dr.Jeckle and Clyde type of disorder where she shows her nice and innocent side then lets out her evil side to get the girls back because face it, there’s are so many clues that points to her.

    Everything started when she came back from iceland, Aria always looks in mirrors which could be part of the disorder, and in her ”dream” with Ali, Ali says ”You know why I picked you right?” What is that suppose to mean?

  41. kiki says:

    What I hate about the Ezra reveal is now this show will be about Ezria even more. I’m sorry I don’t like Ezria. More than half of the questions were about Ezra & Aria. If 4B is anything like this interview then I’m not going to like it.

  42. WMM says:

    Ok. If we stick with the presumption that “A” was in the first episode, our list is this:
    Alison, Hanna, Aria, Spencer, Emily, Ezra, Ella, Mike, Byron, Mona, Emily’s mom, Hanna’s dad, Maya, Melissa, Wren, Ian, Ashley, Det Wilden, Alison’s mom, and Jenna. (Yes, I wrote them down as I rewatched it LOL.)
    Some we can eliminate due to being barely part of the show or presumably “dead” – Maya, Ella, Mike, Hanna’s dad, Ian, Wilden.
    Emily’s mom isn’t involved based on newer episodes, nor is Ashley (Hanna’s mom).
    Supposedly none of the liars is “A” but Ezra is seriously involved in the major plot in some way.
    We are left with Alison, Byron, Ezra, Mona, Melissa, Wren, Alison’s mom, and Jenna.
    Here’s my twisted theory:
    Alison had a knack for finding out everyone’s secrets and holding them over their heads. She knew about Jason’s real father. I submit that Alison had a different father also (not sure who … Byron??) or she has another half-brother (Ezra??). I don’t think Melissa, while completely a *****, is on the bad side, per se. I think she is just trying to save her own butt, which in turn occasionally saves the liars’ butts.
    I think Toby is double-crossing. I think he really is bad and his “still good” thing is BS.
    I suggest that Jenna is also a pawn, as well as Mona, Alison’s mom would obviously know about other half-siblings (which fits her into the plot).
    I am not sure how Wren figures into it all, but Im leaning towards him being a secret-keeper as well, blackmailing in order to pay for med school? Not sure yet on that. Or maybe HE is Jason’s (fraternal) twin?
    Just my thoughts.
    PS It seems to me that there has to be way more going on than just one little girl who may/may not be pregnant by some mysterious crazy beach bum psychopath. It goes much deeper and affects Alison’s entire family, if not the families of all the liars.

  43. I_lessthanthree_PLL says:

    I honestly thinkg Ezra is both -A and Beach Hottie. And I don’t want Ali to have a twin. That’s the plot twist in the books, and it’d be too boring if she had one…I would like to see Cece have the twin, and the twin is Redcoat, or Ezra having a twin and the twin being -A and Ezra being in the relationship with Aria…or vice versa.

  44. TKeith says:

    This is my theory. I actually read an interview from Ian Harding and he pretty much said he doesn’t think he’s going to end up being A. I have read so many reviews and ideas and I just don’t see it. This is what I think. I think that yes that is Ezra’s “lair”, but what if it’s his, Toby’s, and Caleb’s “lair”??? What if they are all coming together to try to find out who is tormenting all of the girls, maybe even Paige is in on it too. If you notice when Caleb and Toby first started dating Hannah and Spencer, they weren’t really around too much, they each did their own thing. They eventually had to make them part of the show, a bigger part anyway, so Toby and Caleb finally came together and are now helping the girls try to figure out who A is. The writers and producers of the show never said Ezra was A, we all just assumed. Also, someone else made a good point, if Ezra ended up being A then the entire show would be about some older creepy guy that hit on young girls, so the show would be about a pedophile???? Also, PLL has already been renewed for a 5th season, so we’re looking at another 36 episodes, I don’t know about you guys, but I would get pretty bored after this season if we already know for sure who A is. So, I’m starting to think that the guys have a lair and are trying to figure out the truth once and for all, I also think that Cici and Ali are in on this together, or that the real A is someone we really wouldn’t expect like a parent. I think it was one of the producers already said on Twitter that “Ezria is the endgame” if that’s the case then either they both have to be A or neither, cause there is no way that Aria would stay with him after all of this.

    • prathima says:

      i think so to……. all 4 girls lover are liars

    • Rebekhhh says:

      this makes since because in the room there were things that could connect all the guys there. Also when they were in the lair hanna took a notebook but didn’t tell the other girls maybe she recognized it had something to do with Caleb???

  45. prathima says:

    i think tht ezra is a stalker or mad lover of alison who knew alison from the season 1 and nobody knew even alison didnt wanted to tell anybody but ezra wanted to be with alison so he selected aria bcoz she was an easy target but if you want to extented this thn show aria as a stronget person in the show bcoz i think she should be the strongest person and reveal tht everyone near to 4 girls were their informer…………………

  46. Sophie says:

    I don’t know I don’t think Ezra would ever hurt Aria, but if he turns out not to be A then it will just be the Toby thing all over again,so I don’t know if I want Ezra to be A or not….

  47. tay says:

    it dosent make scence at all how did ezra no ali or maybe he is summer hottie

  48. alygh says:

    okay, so am i the only one who noticed that ezra knew that spencer had a flat tire BEFORE anything was said about a flat tire? the only way ezra knew was if he did it himself…… which makes sense because he was there out of nowhere to offer them a ride, where he proceeded to follow them and look very suspicious. I think he could possibly be A.

  49. --V says:

    After knowing that he was writting a book I actually don’t think that he’s A. My theory is that Mike is A and Ezra is trying to protect them or trying to find Ali but not to kill her just for knowing if she’s pregnant or not. I think that Mike is A because of the convertation that Ezra and Mona had, probably Mona is on the A team with Mike and she was helping Ezra at his reserch and she’s quitting of it because she thinks that Mike is going to figure out that she has been helping Ezra so… But I really can’t be sure of anything at this TV show. I’ve learn something about PLL never, never trust anyone. I really love Ezra’s character and I dont want him beeing it’s just that Ezra is so good with all of them and I think that Ezra is too sweet to be A or a killer.