Fall TV: Get Details on the Split-Season, Non-Stop Schedules for Grey's, Once, Other ABC Shows

ABC Split SeasonGet ready for a strong dose of Grey’s Anatomy and more Peter Pan than you find in an 16-oz. peanut butter jar, as ABC uncorks its split-season plan for several dramas.

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As ABC president Paul Lee announced at the Television Critics Assoc. summer press tour, the network has developed split-season plans that will cleave runs in half, serving up each batch on a relatively uninterrupted schedule. Thus far, we have details on how three of the shows will roll out.

Premieres: Thursday, Sept. 26, with 12 episodes in a row*
Returns from Winter Hiatus: Feb. 27, with 12 episodes in a row

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Premieres: Thursday, Oct. 3 with 10 episodes in a row*
Returns from Winter Hiatus: Feb. 27, with 12 in a row

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Premieres: Sunday, Sept. 29, with 11 in a row* (in large part set in Neverland)
Returns from Winter Hiatus: March 9 (the first Sunday after ABC’s Oscars telecast), with 11 in a row

Also, though exact episode counts were not available:

Premieres: Wednesday, Sept. 25, with limited repeats and preemption
Returns from Winter Hiatus: Feb. 26, with limited repeats and preemption (UPDATE: Nashville will air four new episodes across January/February.)

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Premieres: Sunday, Sept. 29, with limited repeats and preemption
Returns from Winter Hiatus: March 9 (the same night that Resurrection replaces another freshman drama, Betrayal, in the Sundays-at-10 slot)

Additionally, the freshman spin-off Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (Thursdays at 8) will be replaced, at least temporarily, by the new reality series The Quest starting Jan. 2.

Among the other midseason hour-longs that will temporarily replace the split-season shows, ABC has on deck Mind Games (starring Steve Zahn and Christian Slater) and Tricia Helfer’s Killer Women.

* Except for, presumably, major holidays (when HUT levels are extremely low) and pre-scheduled events

You wanted fewer repeats and multi-week breaks; now you’ve got ’em. Do you like ABC’s plan?

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  1. sarah says:

    Finally! I have said this for years! Have some shows all run non stop or at least limited breaks then take a winter break and come back all new episodes non stop or close to non stop! I hate the one for 4 weeks, off for 3 on for 1 off for 2 etc. That is where shows lose viewers!
    TAKE NOTE NBC, CBS, CW do the same thing!

  2. RobD381 says:

    “You wanted fewer repeats and multi-week breaks” I’m sorry, to whom are you referring – the attention deficit under 18’s or the greedy who cares about viewers Money Hungry Networks? I want 22-25 episodes, all first run, broken only by Thanksgiving, Christmas (not two months of Christmas) and Easter. It amazes me anyone puts up with this. Advertisers beware – you’re the next targets if you keep accepting this nonsense.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Do the math. The season runs from end of September to mid-May, which is about 34 weeks. If they run 22 episodes non-stop from October 3, the season would be over before the end of February and you’d have to wait 7 months until the new season started. Would you rather they play it like that?

  3. Cheyenne says:

    How come Grey’s gets 24 episodes each season and Scandal only gets 22? NO FAIR!!

  4. Asashii says:

    The UK formula of having 6 episodes and you MIGHT get to see more episodes in a year is bad way, bad. i wait until these small episode a season shows are completed and then watch them in a timely fashion, i dont have to wait a year, because who cares in a year, hell evreyone has forgotten already and moved on, Shameless UK just finished and its extremely funny and edgy and i dont have to wait a million days to watch the next episode, next up breaking sad, i mean bad. The Formula kills shows and 100% kills any interest!

  5. Kat says:

    Do you have any news about the new shows which start mid season, especially Star-Crossed? They still have it on the schedule, right? I have not heard anything in a while

  6. Jared says:

    It’s just like cable. Which I love. Split seasons make it seem like you’re actually getting more of your show cuz of the 2 mini seasons. As opposed to 1 full season a year.

  7. Allison says:

    Does this mean OUAT in Wonderland won’t come back at all or just later in the season?

  8. Jessica says:

    So…. I have to wait over 3 months to see the last 3 episondes of Revenge?? OH MY GOD!!! Horrible Idea!!

  9. guest says:

    I think it’s a great idea, but how can series afford to take off the entire February Sweeps Month? As someone who used to work in TV – February, May, and November are THE most important months of the year for setting ad rates. Now you don’t even air your hottest show during that month – how is that possible?

  10. gloria says:

    I would just be the happiest if yall would just put Once upon a time all the time without a Hiatus!!! Its like the best tv show abc has ever had!!!!! #panneverfails #OnceUponATime #wickediscoming #oncers #snowing #charmattack #uglyducklings #hookers #captainswan ❤

  11. lolo says:

    This is the most stupid idea ever i want to watch the whole season! so now u will break our heart twice when the season ends and in the middle? it is so annoying cause you’d be so focused and excited then suddenly in the middle of no where it stops airing with no closer for more than 2 months. great planning -_-

  12. Ron S. says:

    Okay, I know this comment comes very late for the debate that was going on since last year, however, I was just wondering how all of these people complaining about missing shows are able to get online and post comments on this website, and yet they not able to watch the shows they are upset about missing online at abc.com? Or maybe even have the DVR set to only record new episodes not every episode, and set the recording time to record at anytime anyday? That is how I made it from the pilot episode of OUAT, all the way througH tonight in season 3 (when Henry finally got his memories back, without missing a single new episode and all were seen in succession. (BTW not so on topic, but I have to ask…is there ever a OUAT episode that isn’t good if not great?)

  13. Ashton says:

    Well DVR’S cost so much for what again? I hate this, stuck at home during winter break w.nothing to look forward to, right up to the point the weather gets better and I want to be out, still using THE DVR TO WATCH… dumb!

  14. Janet Griskonis says:

    For Scandal it is only 8 episodes, then the winter finale…where did they get 10?

  15. D brophey says:

    And what are we to do stuck in the house for the winter take is when l watch TV not happy

  16. Kelly Collins says:

    These breaks in Nashville are driving me crazy!! There is NO information out now, as to whether there are any remaining new episodes for Season 3, other that some event taking place on 3/25/15. What gives??? They just came back from Winter Break a month ago????????????

  17. W. Dixon says:

    Why are all these shows using “filler” from previous shows? Lots of it happening on Grey’s, Scandal, Revenge, Good Wife…..are they cheaping out? It’s unnecessary for story line in a lot of incidences….face it, less actor time less cost if you can plug in footage from previous shows. It’s rampant! It’s like watching repeats inside new shows…..YUCK!

  18. Patricia Rizzo says:

    After so long I sometimes lose interest and forget things, that I stop watching all together. Hope this won’t happen with my 4 fave shows.

  19. Gena says:

    I miss the holiday episodes and shorter hiatus

  20. Ken says:

    Split seasons are horrible, 13 episodes per season is horrible, starting a new series and run for 3 weeks then take two weeks off is also horrible.

    With all of these new things networks are doing, I generally no longer follow a series until after it is finished and all episodes come out on DVD.

    I come from a time when a series ran 29 episodes and repeats were during the summer. Now days you cannot get hooked on a series because it will take 2 years to get through season one.