Ratings: The Glades, Longmire Finales Hit Highs

Ratings Glades Longmire FinalesA&E’s The Glades on Monday night wrapped up its fourth season with an audience of 3.4 million total viewers, with 1.1 mil landing in the 18-49 sweet spot.

Those numbers mark week-to-week gains of more than 25 percent, season highs and all-time highs for a Glades finale.

For the season, The Glades averaged 2.6 million weekly viewers vs. Season 3’s 3.0 mil.

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Longmire capped A&E’s Monday night and its sophomore run with a total audience of 4.4 million, with 1.1 mil falling in the 18-49 demo — up 7 and 13 percent week-to-week and representing season highs.

For the season, Longmire averaged 3.7 million weekly viewers vs. Season 1’s 4.0 mil.

Both The Glades and Longmire await word on renewal… or otherwise. TVLine’s Cable Scorecard has each show’s latest prospects.

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  1. K. says:

    Loved Longmire last night and with a ending like that it better get renewed!! Come on A&E get your butt in gear…..

  2. Elyse says:

    the Glades better get another season after that finale!!!!

    • Michelle says:

      I totally second that .. we need some resolution .. that was quite the cliff hanger

      • helen says:

        apparently it would be too hard to get everyone together to do a episode for us fans of glades

        • S. Salony says:

          I have original copies of “The Glades”‘ scripts, including “Tin Cup,” the FINAL episode
          where “Jim” is shot by an unknown assailant. It’s like owning a copy of one of the “Classics.”

    • Pat says:

      Love The Glades. With its highest ratings ever why would you cancel it. I think I’ll stick to watching netflixs.

  3. what! says:

    Yay Longmire! Now that was a great finale! The Native American spirituality is pretty interesting. Loved this season, the best yet! Bravo everyone. Please renew!

  4. DL says:

    Oh man, The Glades… I did NOT see that coming. So glad they nailed it in the ratings. Really, really hoping this will help A&E push the button on a renewal.

    • Patrick says:

      I am worried about both shows. I don’t watch Longmire, but its fans sing its praises, so I hope they get more eps.


      Neither show is owned by AE studios, and apparently the new managers of the net want to focus on in house productions. I hope we at least get a movie wrap up, but I the longer we go without some sort of announcement, the more worried I get.

  5. jdbasset says:

    I love Longmire so much! It’s not really like any other show that I watch. Hope it gets renewed!

  6. Ms.Georgia says:

    I will be the minority here and say I did not care for the Longmire finale. Too much cliffhanger tension for me. Who is going to jail, who is dying, who is about to get killed? I felt like I was watching the Grey’s Anatomy finale. I guess I am just tired of angst-ridden cliffhangers. I am still looking forward to season 3, but not because of anything in the finale.

  7. tp says:

    I know everyone hates the storyline with Callie but that is the only thing that kept me recording The Glades. Jim has become almost unbearable so I look forward to the scenes with Callie. That last scene SHOCKED me though.

    Longmire season finale was awesome. Hope it gets renewed.

    • Acter says:

      Not I. I love Jim and Callie as a couple. I just am starting to find Jim a very unlikable character, who is constantly so sure he is correct about who did it, that it doesn’t matter how he treats someone who may actually be grieving the loss of a loved person. sigh. Everyone else is cool, but not the lead character.

      • DL says:

        I don’t think he’s sure who did it at all. That’s just his ultra-obnoxious sleuthing “technique” to throw people off guard and get information out of him. But yeah, he’s become decidedly more aggravating in that respect recently. I was shocked by that last scene, but then I was like, “well, he HAS pissed off a lot of people…”

        But yeah, I love him and Callie. And I love Jim’s parents! So cool to see Corbin Bernsen playing a TV dad so completely different from Henry Spencer.

        • suzi says:

          I agree, I think Jim accuses everyone to shake them up and get more information out of them–it does get annoying at times, but it’s true to his character. I also love Jim and Callie together, I hope they get another season and can be a drama-free couple.

          • Ray says:

            Personally, I am quite disappointed that there won’t be a 5th season of “The Glades” – it seems unfair to those of us that watched (or DVD’d) the show religiously and contributed to the ratings that it was getting – ratings do have a directly proportional relationship to advertising revenue, so why would the suits at A&E drop a winner in its prime to toss the dice on whatever replacement they decide on for a prime-time hour and hope that they don’t wind up playing the pass line and winding up throwing Craps! IMHO someone should look at the continued employ-ability of the network executive (or executives) that decided A&E was already making enough money and chose to recommend cancellation.

            Jim’s character was, I thought, a sort of resurrection of Peter Falk’s “Columbo”! Better dressed to be sure, Jim had the same “grating” type of personality, sarcastic sense of humor and almost convoluted logic as did Columbo – all of which combined gave the program 10 Seasons (yes, TEN – with most of the episodes being “movie length” – 73 to 100 minutes of program – or from another perspective, more than 43 minutes of advertising revenue per episode)!

  8. Carrie says:

    I’m glad “Longmire” has been doing so well in the ratings. It’s such a great show.

  9. Joelic says:

    Longmire was great all season and the ratings for final were up so A&E must renew this series quality stuff this year and final left alot of open ended story lines

  10. Rae says:

    I am so glad that The Glades is doing well in the ratings because it needs to be renewed especially with that finale! I really love Jim & Callie together and I was just noting to be husband while watching that it was nice having a tv couple together w/o the drama of a breakup or cheating then getting them back together. I really like Jim’s parents as well! I mean this in a good way that The Glades is just a nice hour of mindless television.

    Now as for Longmire…I LOVE Longmire! Season one was really good but season two just took it up so many notches. I absolutely love season 2 especially the following episodes: The Great Spirit, Tuscan Red, Natural Order, and the finale. I love all the episodes but those are my favorites! I love the setting of the show; I love how Native American culture is weaved into the show; I love Robert Taylor as Walt Longmire; I love Lou Diamond Phillips as Henry; I love all the other characters and the acting. Okay…I’m obsessed with the show! Renew, renew, renew!

  11. Alienate says:

    I Like Glades….. Please Renew.
    I LOVE Longmire! MUST RENEW!!!

  12. sharie says:

    recently started watching longmire, great cast, storytelling and the locations are spectacular.

  13. JBC says:

    Occasional Viewer of The Glades. Each time I have watched it I do enjoy it. I hope it gets renewed. If A&E doesn’t pick it up, I hope another network will. I really didn’t expect that ending. On their Wedding Day.. nooooo! Everyone looked nice and the cast is good. I also like Jim’s parents in this. I also noticed the casting of Scottie Thompson for Callie’s sister was good. The ladies look like they could really pass for sisters.

  14. Margaret B says:

    Please bring back the Glades & Longmire Love them both

  15. Darlene says:

    I enjoy The Glades and Longmire more than other show on the main networks. I see no reason not to renew them. Come on and please the viewers for another season or two or three. I was looking forward to the marriage of Jim and Calie. Longmire is just keeping me glued to the couch for an hour a week.

  16. Curly Howard says:

    The “Glades” seemed to be a “chick-flick,” complete with “Valley Girl” voice fry(s) from gals
    who are SUPPOSED to be from either So. FL or the Chicago area. VERY annoying. “Jim”
    would lose his badge, arresting so many people in each episode. “Palm Glade” is the LARGEST TOWN in all of Florida, stretching (it would seem) from Orlando to The Keys. And
    each week, a BODY is found at the start of each episode? We have that many killings only in the “inner cities,” NOT in “Palm Glade.” The premise of the show was good; the “Valley Girl” speak got to be so darned ANNOYING along with so many WRONG “arrests.” The finale was a sad way to end it, though. I’m certain the writers and Execs didn’t plan on being cancelled with an ending like that one. Also- “Longmire” should lose the “Valley girl” speak of “Vic.” Philly detectives DON’T sound like that. The rest of the cast is PERFECT. I used to live in the REAL “Longmire area.” Great acting; great people.

  17. Keisha says:

    My heart hurts I love the glade I never missed it. I love Jim and Callie and not only because of their relationship Jim is just a hot mess and that what made me like him in the first place and Callie can hold her own when it comes to him the way it went off not knowing what happening’s to him just down right wrong if you was going to end the show you should of just let them have their wedding and let it be a happy ever after,but no you had to break my heart two time ending it like that and then to find out it is never coming on wow

  18. Mike S says:

    You cannot end this 4 year show like they did. I’ll stop watching A&E altogether if there isn’t a season 5. USA should pick it up if it is dropped. Bad call A&E.

  19. Susan says:

    Please, Renew The Glades!!!!!!

  20. Pauline says:

    I can’t believe Glades is cancelled, that is one of the best shows on A&E!!! how disappointing this news is, please reconsider!!!!

  21. Louise Rapa says:

    I was truly disappointed when I found The Glades was canceled. It was an excellent show and it was the one program I was anxious to have come back for the upcoming season. Please renew it or hopefully another channel will pick it up.

  22. valerie smith says:

    Bring back the Glades it is was a great show that was also funny.

  23. Bernice Myburgh says:

    Please bring The Glades back!!! I really love the show and would like to see what happens to Jim and Callie!
    That was a season ending begging for a follow up!

  24. Lori Jones says:

    I REALLY HATE when they cancel a show without closure.They want you to watch,and get you hooked with their cliff hangers and then they just take it off the air. Callie and Jim were a great couple to watch, as were the rest of the characters. I love The Glades!

    • S. Salony says:

      Tax conditions ($) for the State of Florida, and other “inside” reasons cut short the next season of “The Glades.” It’s all about $. “Graceland” is filmed in FL, though, and it’s SUPPOSED to be in CA- go figure. One thing that was more than funny- “Palm Glade,” the fictional town in “The Glades’ was the BIGGEST “little” town in FL. It seemed to have crime from Daytona down to the Keys! Don’t worry- “Jim” the Australian male lead is coming back with a new show next month.

  25. Crystal Casler says:

    Why would you cancel such a good show….this happens whenever I find a show we really love. So much is still up in the air. At least have the heart to wrap things up before canceling things.

  26. Joye Wilson says:

    Loved The Glades! Not many shows worth watching but this was a keeper! I hate “Reality” TV! Please bring The Glades back!
    Longmire is another good show! Want it back also!

  27. Ginger says:

    Loved the Glades and was so upset with A&E that they canceled it. Please renew!

  28. joan says:

    i think its crazy that glades was cancelled and it will be even crazier if longmire is? these shows were and are quality tv. Why? the ratings are telling you to keep them . Why dont you listen ?

  29. Carole says:

    I love “The Glades”. One of the best shows on TV and a very refreshing break from the reality tv shows. Jim and Calley are precious and had great chemistry……please reconsider bringing it back and not killling Jim off. Go after Ray because I feel pretty sure he is the one who shot him.


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