Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale Recap: Red Coat Revealed! [Spoiler] Lives! Another 'A' Unmasked?

Pretty Little Liars Finale SpoilersTensions were running high in Pretty Little Liars‘ summer finale, as World War ‘A’ kicked into high-gear — and those who were once thought to be dead were suddenly… not. However, the biggest twist of the night came in the form of yet another ‘A’ unmasking — and this one puts the previous reveals of Mona and Toby’s nef’A’rious dealings to shame.

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FREEBIRD FRENZY | ‘A’ immediately makes good on his or her promise to bring down a world of hurt on the Liars should Hanna’s mom Ashley go free — Spoiler Alert: she does — by sending them a Mona-centric surprise. Arriving via a mini-coffin, a doll that looks an awful lot like the reformed ‘A’ssistant comes with a message of doom: Find the missing Mona before the cops do. Otherwise, the girls will be implicated in yet another murder.  Having yet to locate her, another treat arrives for the girls — this one touting the theme of a magic show. A brief bit of web browsing reveals that there’s a magician dropping by the neighboring town of (and subject of the upcoming spin-off) Ravenswood, so the girls hit the road.

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SLEIGHT OF HAND | While the ladies watch Aria take part in a “disappearing act,” it’s Emily who actually vanishes. The three remaining Liars embark on a wild friend chase and find Em trapped in a coffin of her own — one that is chained to a conveyor belt and rapidly approaching a table saw. After Red Coat Numero Uno turns the belt off (yes, there are a pair of them present!), Spencer chases one and Aria goes after the other.

MOVES LIKE BUFFY | Without hesitation, Aria puts a slayer-level beatdown on her pretty little red one, learning that her identity is in fact Cece Drake. However, in the midst of the battle, Cece falls over a railing and “dies.” (But she doesn’t die; she escapes, much to the Liars’ shock and dismay.)

BOND, ‘A’ BOND | The second Red Coat, meanwhile, appears to want Spencer to follow him/her, and leads her straight to an ‘A’ super lair. (Think Mona’s little motel room, only super-huge, super-classy and super-high tech.) The Ravenswood-area dwelling features timelines documenting the lives of the Liars, some of their men and even Red Coat. (Are they not in cahoots?), There’s also a bank statement that indicates ‘A’ has his or her own corporation. Also up for interpretation: A closet full of men’s business attire.

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SHE LIVES! | As the ladies exit the building, they encounter Ali’s old sorority house pal Mrs. Grunwald — who reveals that Alison is alive! (!!!) She explains that way back when, Ali knew she was being stalked and sought out the Ravenswood soothsayer for help. Feeling that something was “off” the night of Ali’s murder, Grunwald drove to Rosewood and rescued the latter from her grave of dirt. However, Ali vanished from her car before she was able to check her into a hospital. “It’s dangerous for you to go chasing after her,” she insists to the baffled Liars. “She doesn’t want to be found!” More telling, though, are her final remarks: “You’re being watched…. He’s hoping you’ll lead him to Alison.”

REUNITED | Before moving on, let’s flash back to the beginning of the installment: Jake suddenly seems a little disinterested in his relationship with Aria, which leads her to a very sweet run-in — and an even sweeter kiss! — with Ezra, at The Brew. Alas, Red Coat is watching the reunion from right outside. Toby and Spencer, too, came back together, with the former vowing to let go of the search for truth about his mom.

EZR’A’ | As the ladies decide to not heed Mrs. Grunwald’s warning — opting instead to stick around Ravenswood for a costume party (aka the setting of the Halloween installment airing Oct. 22) — a black hoodie-wearing figure lurks in the shadows. Said figure then makes his way to the super lair, removes his hood and… IT IS EZRA! (Take a breath. Let that sit with you for a minute. You good? No? We’re not really either…) Ezra canvasses the room, and then, in a fit of rage, slams shut a closet door with all his might. Is he mad because the girls are in on the truth about Ali? Or is this just another red herring and really Ezra is just attempting to look after Aria and has just uncovered the fact that ‘A’ is still tormenting his lady love? (We predict the latter. Though Ezra did come to town for the very first time in the pilot, so…)

EVERYTHING ELSE | Shana is somehow connected to Wren, who is once again tied to Spencer’s always nutty sister Melissa. Upon following her to a meeting with an alive-and-well Mona, Toby overhears the following convo:

MONA: “You sure she’s OK with this?”
SHANA: “She doesn’t have a choice.”

Meanwhile, Caleb is hopping on a bus to Ravenswood — aka his new home — to assist Hanna & Co.

So, Little Liars, what say you about Ezra’s big reveal: ‘A’wful? ‘A’mazing? ‘A’trocious? ‘A’bsurd?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Meredith says:

    Let’s talk about the body that was buried at Ali’s funeral. Go.

  2. Nidx says:

    Aria is the real A. Ezra is Alison’s beach hottie and he truly loved her.But then Ali went missing n Ezra somehow worked out that Aria is the real A n only she knows where Ali is so he came to the town right when Aria came back and tried to be close to her so he could find out where Ali is n protect her. Cece is working with Ezra against Aria because she was Ali’s bff. In the finale, Ezra is angry when he steps in the supposed to b A’s lair (that could be the Ezra + red coat’s lair) because Aria got there before him and he knows she is upto something.
    Anything is possible :P

  3. Brandy says:

    My only thing is, if Ezras really A, why reveal it now?,I mean , I know some viewers are fruserated and want answers but what would be the point of the show now?Itd be boring for the viewers to know who A is but not the characters for at least a season and a half(PLL has been renewed for season five and it could last beyond that).

    • Nidx says:

      Ezra is not A im sure about that. What i think is that Aria is the real A who was tormenting Ali n Ali had some idea about that as Mrs Grundwald said that she could not trust the Liars. Ezra was Ali’s beach hottie n when she started getting texts from A, she thought that it was Ezra.But actualy he was not ! As i said when Alison went missing, Ezra somehow figured that Aria is the real A so he came back to the town the same time Aria got back and he got close to her to find out about Ali as well as he started texting her as A. In the pilot episode, Aria is the first to get a text from A and when she gets the text she immediately thinks that its Alison because she tormented her as A n now she thinks Ali is getting back at her. There could be 2 A teams. One thats Ezra’s protecting Alison and one thats Aria’s a team.

  4. Tee says:

    It seemed just as likely that Ezra was mad that he didn’t know about the A stuff going on. When they had the Toby reveal I didn’t think he was really on the A team so it didn’t feel like a big stunner, this didn’t either. Now if they had him sit down at the computer and type in the password or something, sure.

  5. Fernanda says:

    Pretty Little Liars writers watched Gossip Girl final episode. That’s all.
    Dan is Gossip Girl
    Ezra is Big A.

  6. Olivia says:

    So Ezra has a personality disorder, or a twin, they’ll find a way to make Paige and maybe Caleb (or whatever new LIs the girls will have along the way) bad guys because the Liars’ lovers having a shady/evil side is a requirement, Alison is alive and will become the misunderstood hero working from behind the curtain (probably dying as a true heroin trying to protect the girls at the end of the show). Oh and Aria will be revealed as big A and the writers will be like “trollolol, she was doing the “shhh!” since the pilot’s opening… we blew your mind riiiight?”.
    My comment sound so ridiculously OTT that I’m pretty sure there is some truth in it.

  7. jojo says:

    What does Ezra and Wren have against the girls? And what do they have to do with Allisson that’s what I want to know.

  8. elong6283 says:

    If I remember correctly, it wasn’t confirmed either way in regards to Ali’s possibly pregnancy…correct? Given this, if Ali is alive, which seems likely now, does that mean she might also have a kid and that one of the various A-teams (its hard to keep who is on what side these days) might actually be doing what they are doing to protect them (Ali & the child). Just a theory, very interested to see 4B…how much longer?

  9. Nidx says:

    OMG ! just had a thought !
    Byron montgomery could be A !!
    -He is old enough to drink vodka for sure and its the same as A.
    -He wears SUITS !! The suits in A’s lairs could have easily been his.
    -In season 1 episode 3, he is interested to know how far Aria has gone in To Kill A Mockingbird n advises her to read the biography next.All those heavy references about Shakespeare and all from A could have been from
    him actualy.
    -About the Lolitta reference, that teacher is maybe Byron after all.He was Alison’s teacher !! After his affair with Meredith, its possible that he had one with Alison as well.
    -He moved to Iceland right after Alison went missing.
    -The texts started when he got back to Rosewood.
    -A is in the pilot episode and so is byron.
    -Someone is paying Cece and who else could it be than A professor who is obviously earning enough to give money like that to someone.
    -His writing is same as that on Ian’s sucide note and Jason’ creepy letter.
    -He mentioned that he has a mentaly disoriented brother.His brother can be in Radley and having someone close at Radley can mean alot !!
    -He has been spotted listening outside Aria’s door and when Aria hides the pages from Alison’s diary regarding her dad’s affair in her shoe, the next day he tells her that she has an old habit of hiding things in her shoes.
    -This could also explain why Aria suffered less in the hands of A.
    -Ezra was his student maybe he figured that out and thats why Byron was always trying to get rid of him and keep him away from Aria.
    -He had a fling with his student but when Aria had oen with Ezra he just could not get over it even though he did the same.
    -He was with Alison the night she went missing

    He may not be A but he is definitely suspicious !

  10. austin says:

    Somestimes i think the real A doesn’t even have an A in his/her name, he/she only uses the letter A to trick people that way or make everyone believe hes closer to ali, anyone else with an A in there name. we don’t know the whole story though so i wouldn’t believe ezra is a just yet.

  11. Lj says:

    this show has by far become the worst one i have ever watched
    the script is horrible, nothing is interconnected or makes sense, and the writers keep on flitting back and forth and making it seem like literally everyone is A
    its a temporary suspense until you realize that they were just messing around with you
    theyre just dragging this pathetic show on and on the story line is awful at this point

    • Alina says:

      Thats what a mystery show is. That is what happens. They cant just in Pilot say “OH THIS PERSON IS A NOW WE WONT HAVE TO MAKE SEASONS” it isnt a movie its a series.

      • Holly says:

        That doesn’t mean LJ doesn’t have a legitimate criticism. If the mystery outlives the audience’s patience for its resolution, that’s not a sign of quality writing. They’re taking a very simple question (is Alison dead? If so, who killed her?) and making it more and more convoluted. It’s to the point where all the red herrings they’re throwing at us are no longer intriguing, but tiresome. It’s hard to stretch one discrete mystery over several seasons. I can think of other mystery shows that are much better-constructed because they don’t test the audience’s patience/attention span so much.

  12. Alina says:

    I think it’s weird how more people are hung up on the fact that Ezra is A but barely anyone is talking about how we finally figured out about who was wrong and who was right about Alison. The only thing that confuses me is that Grunwald says that “he” (which i also think is ezra) wants them to lead him to ali then of course we see the 4 girls see the lair of ezra’s and then at the end ezra is mad but is there a different reason? Because it could be grunwald is mistaken about ezra wanting the liars to lead him to alison or else this is a cliff hanger which they always make.

  13. Theresa says:

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  14. Steph says:

    I am late to the party but I say it’s Ezra’s mother that is A.

  15. D suspence is killn me