Fall TV Preview

Glee Promo Touts Fab Pair of Beatles Episodes, Sue in Charge... and Happy Ending for Klaine?

If you’re all, “Help! I need a peek at Glee Season 5, like, yesterday,” I am here to tell you we can work it out.

In this new promo for the Fox drama’s first two hours of the coming season (that is, the weeks that precede the show’s tribute to late cast member Cory Monteith), Darren Criss teases “one of the greatest secret weapons” in Glee‘s arsenal: The Beatles.

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Criss also reminds us of the little black box Blaine was palming in the finale, promising that his alter ego indeed has “ideas” about his and Kurt’s future, “something to do with something that rhymes with shiposal.” (All you need is love, right?)

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Also on display in this teaser: Sue Sylvester, large and more in charge than ever as she struts the halls of McKinley, and Will Schuster reflecting on New Directions’ long and winding road, and talking “dynasty.”

So get back, press play and let it Glee.

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  1. Gordon says:

    Was Darren Criss’s line delivery on that happy ending line supposed to make him sound like a mass murderer preying on his next victim? Yikes.

    • beth says:

      lol if anything’s been consistent along this show’s run, it’s darren’s crappy acting. did you catch him “transitioning” into blaine at the end with pride? he acted him like a gay stereotype with that fluttering of the eyelashes. he is the worst.

      • Mara says:

        Thank god it’s not just me who noticed that.

        I vastly dislike Blaine. If Kurt has two brain cells to rub together, he’ll remember that Blaine cheated on him. Also, they’re like.. 17/18. Chrissakes, Blaine, graduate high school first.

        • Alma says:

          beth, I love you so much for saying that. And you need to see the ridiculous comments on the video, the women and gays of that video let darren criss’s looks blind them and think that everything he does is super-ultra-mega-power awesome and incredibly incredible. Ugh, and don’t get me wrong, I don’t find Darren Criss attractive at all. On tv you can get whatever and whenever you want if you have looks, still, that’s not news right?

    • jj says:

      I totally agree. The way he said it makes me fear for Kurt’s safety. Blaine really needs to seek professional help because he is obsessed and possive of Kurt. His behavior since he cheated on Kurt has been creepy and stalkerish. It is repulsive that Klaine is even still a possibility after how horrible Blaine has been.

    • Glee cast I am huge fan I am happy for you make glee season 5 in the world my name is April Johnson my number is 2816149322

  2. Joey says:

    The preview for the new season looks good. Finn’s Tribute episode is gonna be emotional.

  3. Melody says:

    I don’t know if anyone remember… really, but… who am I to say that but, I don’t know… but, the proposal WASN’T THE ONLY cliffhanger at the end of season 4. You know, just saying… no big deal right?

    • Sweetheart says:

      But it’s Blee, so everything has to be about Blaine and Klaine. NOthing else matters. It’s so annoying, it ruined Glee.

      • jj says:

        Glee was a great critically acclaimed that highlighted it’s best talent–Chris, Lea, Cory, Matt, and Jane in season one and two. Blee in season 3 and 4 is a horrible show that put primary focus on an actor who is not good enough to be a lead (and the diminishing number of viewers proves this to be true), and started using songs they thought would sell instead of songs that fit the story. Ryan Murphy should be embarrassed for the way he has treated his top performers the past two seasons. Glee is going to be used in film schools to show students an example of how to turn a fantastic show into a horrible show just by pandering to the fans of one actor.

        • Sarah says:

          Glee was starting to go downhill WELL before Darren Criss ever joined it – really, as early as the second half of season 1. Season 2 was as much a mess as seasons 3 and 4 were. Blaine shouldn’t be the focus of this show, obviously, but the decline in quality was present before he ever became a regular.

          • Melody says:

            Nope Sarah, it started going downhill when Darren became the star of the show. Look at the ratings? Don’t confound personal tastes with real audience numbers.

          • Gordon says:

            This would have made sense if the second half of season 1 didn’t have one of the most acclaimed episodes of the series’s run, “Dream On.” The decline did not start until Darren joined.

        • Claudia says:

          Seriously… what are you talking about. Chris Colfer talented? Meeh.

    • Liz says:

      Maybe the promo was Blaine/Kurt focused simply because Darren was the one who was able to shoot the promo and it, you know, makes sense to highlight his character?

  4. Pérola Cardozo says:

    The only thing I’m thinking is… Sue kind of was fired, even if it was for protecting a student, she was still fired, and to lie and cover for a student doesn’t make good precedent for someone being a principal, so… How will they explain that?

  5. Gypsy says:

    Please less Blaine, less Blaine, less Sam and more NY … And less Blaine.

    • jj says:

      I think you missed about five less Blaine’s. You’d think the decrease in viewers would make them realize that Darren can’t carry the show the way RIB thinks he can.

    • Ann says:

      I liked Blaine when he was a confident mentor to the young Kurt. Then the writers changed his character and made him younger than Kurt and less confident and more needy. So, yes…less Blaine, please! Less Marley and less Wade as well…two of the most annoying new characters. I’d actually like more Tina and Artie…since those characters will be graduating and have been on the show since the beginning and we barely know anything about them!

      • Aprilcot says:

        Best comment! I loved Blaine in the beginning, but I don’t like what they’ve done to his character. I also would love to see more Tina and Artie. I’ve always felt they upped Heather Morris’ screen time (Brittany was always best in small doses) at their expense. :(

  6. Juan says:

    lose, Blaine, lose!

  7. Mike R. says:

    I miss the days where I actually liked Darren Criss.

  8. Sydney says:

    Personally I still love Glee (including Darren) and look forward to it every week. Do I like every episode of course not but I still find it entertaining. I am always surprised by all the hate directed at Blaine / Darren. You can say one thing love or hate him he certainly gets a reaction from people. I don’t think he is the best singer or actor on Glee but i do find him to be the most joyful when he performs.

  9. igo says:

    I know this time has been very difficult to lea michele but I just want to see more of rachel berry this season. She’s the star of the show from the very beginning and since blaine invaded mckinley we barely see her. I always think that until now, cory is the best male lead of the show and until now there is no one yet that can fill his shoes

  10. Cherry says:

    Blaine is one of the main focuses … Again!?! Come on Fox. I can’t take another year of Darren’s bad stinging and dancing and acting. He’s the worst character on the show

  11. Are people serious? I love Blaine, i think he’s surprisingly a good representation for gay teens. Hell, the only character i think needs to go is Tina, in season 4 she became a complete intolerable bitch. And before people say ‘oh, you’re just saying that because you fancy him’, i’m a lesbian, so no, i don’t fancy him.

    • Melody says:

      Blaine was the good representation for gay teens. Now he’s just a dumbass teenager who’s crazy, proposing to someone who broke up with him???? He’s insane.

      • I’m not condoning the proposal at all, if anything, it’s the only thing i don’t like about the character. However, i still think he’s a good representation. And if you’ve seen any of his theatre stuff on youtube, specifically his work with starkid, you know the guy has performing talent

        • Melody says:

          Just because Darren make stuff for himself to play, doesn’t mean he’s a good actor. Lots of people here agree that he isn’t an remarkable actor, neither can carry the show on his back. If lots of people says that, it means that something’s wrong with him. And this something, it’s his acting.

  12. Cherry says:

    Happy ending for Klaine? When Kurt will be stuck with a cheater?

  13. keri says:

    People commenting on how Kurt should never forgive Blaine for cheating. Do we not remember that Rachel cheated on Finn and they ended up engaged? Brittany cheated on Artie with Santana (but oh wait, that’s okay because Brittana was a more popular ship than Bartie). Or guess what? Kurt emotionally cheated on Blaine back in season 3! But again, that’s okay because it was just texting and harmless, right? Please. The amount of Blaine gets is completely astonishing. He’s done no worse than Puck, Kurt, Finn, Quinn, Mercedes, RACHEL –yet everyone still loves them unconditionally. Every single couple on this show has endured some sort of DRAMA that puts their relationship in jeopardy. Blaine’s cheating is it. But let’s not completely say Kurt wasn’t at fault either. The thing missing with Klaine is COMMUNICATION. In order for Klaine 2.0 to succeed, is that they need to work on communicating with one another about their feelings. Also, blaming Darren for Glee’s decline of viewers is hysterical to me.

    • Melody says:

      Are you out of your damn mind, I’ll resume why Kurt shouldn’t accept Blaine’s proposal: THEY AREN’T TOGETHER ANYMORE, DID THAT LITTLE PART OF THE PLOT DIDN’T GET IN YOUR HEAD? PROPOSING TO SOMEONE WHO ISN’T EVEN WITH YOU ANYMORE, WORSE… SOMEONE WHO YOU CHEATED, IT’S A TOTALLY RIDICULOUS DECISION. No matter what Finn and Rachel went through, nor Brittany and Santana, nor Brittany and Artie no other freaking couple. Blaine isn’t with Kurt anymore, so that’s why all this proposal stuff is just plain ridiculous.

  14. Abby says:

    I’m more confident than ever that Kurt and Blaine will end up happily ever after before this show bows. Was less confident when Finchel was the go-to romance, but clearly now the fans need some sort of romantic continuity, which means Klaine are obviously OTP even if the show doesn’t let them marry young (and I hope they don’t!)

  15. dude says:

    I love Glee but they really continue to ignore any good storyline ideas for Sue. They really utilized her best in season three. Between her run for office and her friendship with Will, for once she was a really pleasure to watch again and then they revealed her baby had down syndrome which I thought was brilliant and opened the doors for so many great storylines with her and I had hope they’d give her the material she deserved and that was ignored in favour of yet another “Sue goes against the Glee club” storyline, this time via Finn. Now Sue’s Principal and will be once again failing at the same thing she’s tried to do for five years now. Poor Jane Lynch.

    • Melody says:

      Sue trying to destroy Glee Club is the best IMO, her funniest quotes and situations was during season 1 and 2, and those are the phases that she was trying to destroy glee club too.

  16. Congratulations Klaine. I am so happy that you got engaged and married at last that’s good. Hannah Hummel Anderson. Xx.

    • Marco says:

      Yeah, let’s be happy that Kurt is stuck for the rest of his life to that narcissistic, psychological abusing, song massacring, psychotic, colorblind, attempted rapist, arrogant little twat. How progressive of you.

      Btw, it’s most likely gonna be a fantasy of Blaine’s.

  17. Joanna says:

    ah come on guys, why so much hate? Blaine isn’t that bad and if you say that Kurt is stupid to get back with him, remember that he loves Kurt and Kurt loves Blaine, and people make mistakes and you shouldn’t judge people only based on the bad stuff.
    Now it’s going to be really emotional with the Cory/Finn thing but… BEATLES! but anyway, stop hating ’cause you would hate it if people hated on the stuff you love. But i agree that Sue is just awesome just because, she’s Sue.