Bones Exclusive: First Season 9 Footage Tees Up Tension for Booth and Brennan, an MIA Sweets and a 'Once In a Lifetime Opportunity' for [Spoiler]

bones season 9When Bones returns on Monday, Sept. 16, fans should expect “a lot of surprises” and some big “changes” for several key characters, stars David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel tease in the following clip package, which also features a first look at Season 9.

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Among the key takeaways: A guilt-ridden Sweets has gone AWOL from the Jeffersonian, Hodgins and Angela are having a major difference of opinion about a “once in a lifetime opportunity” that has come his way, and all of the Pelant-induced drama and subsequent lies have taken a serious toll on Booth and Brennan’s relationship.

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  1. Janine Wozencroft says:

    Massive fan of bones and I cannot wait for season 9. Soooo excited.
    Just catching up again on old episodes which I never tire of! Lol xx

  2. Taz says:

    When did debate become a high school girl’s locker room…(if you don’t like what’s going on don’t watch it) who argues like that? Just because people don’t agree with you, really doesn’t give you the right to dictate what a true fan is, that such non-sequiturs as “what about the children” and arguing over use of grammar are the tools a child would use in an argument…if someone brings up a negative, counter it with an actual argument based on fact, those who truly follow the show would appreciate giving it the respect it’s due…if you can’t then the CW offers a ton of shows for your enjoyment…this is an opinion piece not a dissertation…..

  3. Rob Jahnke says:

    I still like the show. I think it may be past its prime and is being dragged out. But it is still better than most show on TV.

  4. Clare says:

    Someone who Hates Bones wouldn’t post here. Writers aren’t infallible. 50 years of TV have shown that: 1) moving the air day is bad for a show and 2) getting married is another form of Jumping the Shark.

    Finally: the Pissant storyline is killing many of the elements that drew us to the show to begin with.

  5. Nikki Wilson says:

    Please let this work for Canadian viewers. :/

  6. Akire says:

    I love this show i cant wait for the next season to me it seems like they have been delivering on the story-line and i like how the characters are growing and you can see the changes i like everything hopefully they will keep that up and deliver to there committed fans in future episodes and seasons. <3

  7. qwqwqw says:


  8. DHNY says:

    Given the spoilers about season 9, I actually have predictions for season 9 up until the season finale.

    The spoilers say that Pelant will disappear/die before Christmas in a ‘big way’.
    The spoilers say that Bones will put things in motion because of her subconscious idea that Pelant is behind Booth’s odd behavior.

    So…..I think Bones will kill Pelant and Booth will help her cover it up. When Pelant broke into Angela and Hodgins house, Bones said that if anyone could get away with murder it would be them. Bones has said many times that she is a great shot.

    I think Pelant’s death will be part of the season finale because his body will be found.
    Spoilers have said that Caroline and Sweets will be concerned the Booth is going to kill Pelant.
    So….I think at the end of the season, Booth will end up getting arrested for Pelant’s murder……which means there will be a season 10.

    • DHNY says:

      One last thing I forgot to mention in my previous post above…..

      With Bones and Booth getting married…..husbands and wives cannot be forced to testify against each other.

  9. Mary Hinge says:

    I love Bones, but really have a hatred of sites in America that will not let you view a trailer just because I am in a different country. Way to go yanks !!

  10. I’d follow this show to the moon, but the Pelant story is old hat. I’m a HUGE bones fan.

  11. Jackie/Max Strange says:

    Bones is a new type of literature drama. It has murder, humor and relationships.I look forward to season 9 and I hope the following things will be dealt with:Booth’s relationships with all the women in his life — blonds Rebecca and Hannah and their use of each other in relations built on nothing but lust; Booth’s understanding that he betrayed Bones with Hannah by choosing her over Brennan while Brennan chose him over Sully.This broke her full trust in him and shattered her delicate shell. I find Hannah a joke in comparison to Brennan. She travels all the times, she doesn’t cook or do household chores. She is a good time party girl who likes to eat out, drink and have sex. She is addicted to danger. Booth really show his immaturity by imagining for a short time he loved her He was Hannan’s boy toy. Time he recognized that. Grow up Booth. She always planned to leave Booth and met Parker and played up to him. She is cruel and self-centered. Instead she broke something in Brennan that only booth can fix. I hope he is honorable man enough to handle this before he betrays bones again..
    I hope Angela really shows out with Booth. I could give her some hints..