How Miley Cyrus Got Tongues Wagging -- for the Wrong Reasons -- at MTV's VMAs

2013 MTV Video Music Awards - ShowThe morning after MTV’s Video Music Awards spectacle, perhaps an American Idol summed it up best. Upon sampling the kudoscast, Kelly Clarkson tweeted: “2 words: #pitchystrippers.”

Yet for all of Lady Gaga‘s calling-card outrageousness, her show opener (including a costume change into a seashell bra/thong bikini) was demure when juxtaposed with Miley Cyrus‘ scantily clad writhing during a “We Can’t Stop/Blurred Lines/Give It 2 U” medley with Robin Thicke.

PHOTO GALLERY | The Best and (Even Better!) the Worst of the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards!

Over the course of the six-minute melange, TV’s fallen Disney queen thrust her tongue about 20 times, pointed you to her special place on at least nine occasions and engaged in multiple iterations of what we will politely call “a– play.”

If 20-year-old Miley had mimed the dismemberment of Hannah Montana and subsequent burying of parts in separate graves, and then did a lap dance atop each of the headstones, it would have been less off-putting.

What Britney did with the snake years ago on the VMAs? Positively quaint, by comparison. Hell, even Thicke’s controversial “Blurred Lines” video itself came away from this looking almost classy.

My twin 10-year-old sons are both into pop music, so over the weekend I had the chance to cue up on the DVR a (curated!) screening of this month’s Teen Choice Awards (where “Austin” and Maia Mitchell presenting was for them a huge highlight). When Miley came on stage, they were agog. “What happened to her?” one asked, pulling from his Disney Channel-fueled knowledge base. I fumbled for an answer, ultimately settling for the G-rated, “Oh, she’s just trying to look tough” — since bedtime was nearing and I hadn’t the desire to define “hypersexualized.” (Note: Save for maybe a few red carpet moments and Katy Perry’s “Roar” closer, I shan’t be screening for the lads these VMAs.)

VIDEO | Watch Lady Gaga’s Full VMA Performance

One (the?) message of Miley’s VMAs peep show seemed to be: I have sex now, y’all. And sure, we get it. Child stars grow up and, often, act out. They shatter conceptions. They twerk with furries. And yes, Cyrus got tongues other than her own wagging as a result — though the majority seemed to be clamoring for a shower to rinse off the raunch of her display. Even her peers in the audience, as evidenced by cutaways, were anywhere from appalled to ashamed of her. For all the talk of blurred lines, Billy Ray’s little girl failed to recognize any in her unabashed bid to be bad.

One silver lining to it all: At least we know Vanessa Bayer will have new material to work with on Saturday Night Live.

Do you think Miley went miles overboard in her explicit display of All Grown Up-ness? Or would her critics also be shocked to find there is gambling in the back of Rick’s?

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  1. Maryellen Reash says:

    She’s not woman enough (barely even a woman!) to carry this off. Just a little girl trying to act sexy. And it wasn’t.

  2. v says:


  3. Rikcy says:

    A lot of people are going to nuts over this. So I finally watched to see what was up. I don’t see any thing she did wrong. She is a grown woman. And the Entertainment industry isn’t for kids. People look at miley, oh she was such a cute well mannered kid, now she is just raunchy. No she just grew up. And she is trying to have a little fun. That being said I don’t really care. She has never been able to act, or sing. She fell very far from the tree. But she isn’t a bad person. Keep doing what ever you want Miley Cyrus.

  4. Drake Iverson says:

    I could look at cute girls dancing all day long. But I was actually embarrassed for her. She can NOT dance, and this is just convoluted trash.

  5. Thomas Rutkowski says:

    You were born white act like it!!!!

  6. breezy says:

    THanK GoD for TayLor SwiFt !!

  7. Hillary says:

    Miley is a STAR! and she proves it every day! The rest of you whiners are loser wann-bees!

  8. Taylor says:

    Miley looked like a rabid dog in heat, she looks as if she was maybe on old age Spanish Fly..Boy oh boy she really needs a come to Jesus talk..If she grew to be a parent I’m sure her kids would probably say Wow my Mom looks like a complete hoe…You are a disgrace!

  9. gay boy says:

    bad…….& Sad. Daddy is not proud.

  10. C N says:

    This isn’t about HYPERSEXUALITY! This is about satanism! People think because she was Disney’s queen that it equates to a girl that is “goody-two shoes”! That is exactly the OPPOSITE of what Disney stands for… Disney IS Satanism! The entire Disney empire is about elitism, sexual promiscuity and satanic cultism.

    Wake the F— up people!

  11. Mo Mccoy says:

    I think this has been blown WAY out of control. Her dance was nothing. Twerking is a dance form, like any other dance form and I don’t think she was nasty, rude or inappropriate with her performance at all. Its Music, Its dance and It’s what’s happening in the clubs, the streets and the social times of today. Lighten up! Elvis was banned back in the day for his “below the belt” shanking and thrusting, I see no real difference. I think the bigger issue is people like to hate and be negative whenever possible and she has become a target. Rock on Miley!

  12. dee says:


  13. Ab says:

    This is disgusting, This trash is teaching our youth to act like skanky whores. The way things are going, 20 years from now there’s gonna be no morals left in this country.

  14. BR says:

    She said she wanted to make history not all history is good. She was a big disappointment.
    She is gloating about people still talking about it, but Miley wake up everyone is still talking how bad you were not how awesome you were so WAKE UP before your career is over!

  15. Gary Wright says:

    Miley Cyrus is trash and should not sing any more ,as she put her family to sham. I wouldn’t even lessen to her father any more. This is what happens when the young people get into stardom and they think they can get away with any thing.

  16. Pixie Little says:

    That was horrifying!!!

  17. b says:

    don’t ask why girls get raped and gang raped….

  18. rallenza says:

    Miley is nothing more than a 20 y.o. slut. Someone in her camp stated that by doing what she did she was drawing attention to her music. What a joke . Sticking her tongue out like that is highly sexually suggestive and shaking her a** like that only adds to her sexual
    depravity to exhibit these actions in public .Did these actions add to or take away from her vocal singing ability? .Honey, there are many women in this world who have a fine behind and longer tongues. You are NOT God’s gift to the music industry ,Especially with actions
    such as this. Grow up and TRY to be classy. Quit looking at other attention whores for advice or trying to emulate them. You are an idiot if you do

  19. d says:

    A pale imitation of Madonna, who suddenly looks wholesome. And the VMAs are a long way from 93 with Neil Young and Pearl Jam. This was pathetic.

  20. John Barlow says:

    She might have gotten a pass from me if she had performed well. Her voice was terrible, her dancing was non existent, She is in no way feminine. it was just plain awful, that’s what I object to.

  21. Amber K says:

    I think her performance was raunchy, but what about Robin Thicke’s blurred line’s video, where the girls are pacing around in the nude? That is considered fun though. I think people are over reacting to it. It’s the VMA awards! Which is known for shock value. If you have kids, skip the VMA’s and put in a nice Disney movie!

  22. Ginger says:

    Why is her performance any worse, vulgar or disgusting than those dozens of back up dancers that she, Robin and that other guy have? She was in the process of bending over when Robin walked up behind her so it wasn’t her that did that. It was obviously choreographed that way. How many years ago did Madonna do that sort of suff? So why is everyone acting like this is so new?

    Besides, they are performing a song that has a nude video. Have you seen the Blurred Lines video? It is not something you would watch with your granny. It has dozens of chicks in it that are topless showing their boobs and at first it looks as tho the girls are completely naked until you get a really good look at the fact that they have nude thongs on to make it appear as if they are naked. So she’s supposed to put on a sun bonnet and capri pants to perform to an R rated song? I think NOT!

  23. kate says:

    She just looked goofy to me,,.,maybe it’s my 60+ age….she will grow up…they all do eventually. Hopefully she won’t go the way of Lindsay Lohan,

  24. Steph says:

    Thats All Everyone Wants to See Is Miley Big Fat Ass Yeah Right Thanks MTV -_-

  25. sharon says:

    I saw show she 20 years old she is acting like a 20 year old girl people she is just a kid still think about this she was a child star being managed by her dad having to work all the time not really having a childhood the poor kid is having fun and living her childhood now she is expressing herself just like all the singer’s before her she will grow out of this stage but not until she figures out where she needs to be in life right now she is stuck between being a kid and an adult she will grow up and act her age when she is ready and not when other’s think she should.

  26. Bob says:

    There’s an old saying about ugly that goes like this: “If my dog had a face like that, I’d shave his backside and teach him to walk backwards.”

    Now I finally have an appropriate image to go with that saying.

    On the other hand, she gives hope of riches to low-class, fugly skanks everywhere.

  27. MNHC says:

    Just so damn desperate! She needs someone from the seventies to pull up in a van, throw her in and reprogram her to respect herself. She just so desperately wants to impress at any cost. Someone who cares about her needs to step in and help.

  28. MoparChallenger says:

    Wow! She is the problem with the kids today…how about bad parenting being the problem. Her cutting loose… is that any different from Madonna, Brittany, Christina…there was a lot of noise about them when they started showing their coming of age. Let many here not forget that your parents were probably not very pleased with your choices in music or your behavior. It is so easy to blame the problems of kids today on MTV and Blah! Blah! Blah! If your a parent look no further then the mirror and you will find the problem with kids today. They are over exposed and you allowed it and then blame everyone else for it. You give them I phones when they are ten and then your shocked when they are sexting. You allowed them to watch a show that over history has demonstrated that it is not kid friendly and then you get upset about it. How about slapping yourself in the back of the head and say that was stupid.

  29. George says:

    When you are in the lime light, sports, TV, singer, and take the pay check you are a “role model” whether you want to be or not.

  30. littlesmurf says:


  31. Barry W. says:

    you know this is sad , Everyone so up in arms about this . But its ok for NFL to let M. V . back in the sport after his conviction. (just incase you forgot he tortured helpless animals) but I bet you let your kids watch him on TV. and to many to list so called pro athletics using drug . abusing drugs and women. government taking away our freedoms and so many really problems. but the big story is a young girl ( important word there is young ) showing us we have way to many parents that want someone else to blame on why there kids act like Idiots, and have no respect for anything. when it is our jobs to teach them not the entertainment industries.

  32. Shannon Craven says:

    OMG what a tramp. Todays singers and perfomers are disgusting. If I was Billy Ray Cyrus I would disown her pathetic hussy As#

  33. janet says:

    if she was trying for “sexy” she missed the mark by a mile. her outfit, whatever that was on her head, and that never ending tongue were just not appealing, but then ask the guys if you really want to know the answer.

  34. Amy Perrin says:

    Could we please stop giving Miley a new article a day? She has very little talent, is an attention whore, and no class. She and Robin Thicke are both disgusting!

  35. abymondesir22 says:

    theirs no excuses to be manipulated/trashy we are all adults born with common sense/pride, look at celine dion shes smart sexy rich and famous but at the same time still has class a pillar of power for what woman stand for. miley cirus, lady gaga, katy perry, lil wayne and every male/female artist that have portrayed these infractions all have talent and beauty but no class. When you have to shake your ass on stage go nude premote drugs or degrade a gender just to sell to the public popularity and counter it by calling it art it’s pathetic and an excuse. But even more pathetic is the masses who buy their products making those so called artist wealth/fame. It’s a circle that we the people subcreate as well as the artist themselves, with time maybe we all can grow as the intelligent noble human species that we are suppose to be.