How Miley Cyrus Got Tongues Wagging -- for the Wrong Reasons -- at MTV's VMAs

2013 MTV Video Music Awards - ShowThe morning after MTV’s Video Music Awards spectacle, perhaps an American Idol summed it up best. Upon sampling the kudoscast, Kelly Clarkson tweeted: “2 words: #pitchystrippers.”

Yet for all of Lady Gaga‘s calling-card outrageousness, her show opener (including a costume change into a seashell bra/thong bikini) was demure when juxtaposed with Miley Cyrus‘ scantily clad writhing during a “We Can’t Stop/Blurred Lines/Give It 2 U” medley with Robin Thicke.

PHOTO GALLERY | The Best and (Even Better!) the Worst of the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards!

Over the course of the six-minute melange, TV’s fallen Disney queen thrust her tongue about 20 times, pointed you to her special place on at least nine occasions and engaged in multiple iterations of what we will politely call “a– play.”

If 20-year-old Miley had mimed the dismemberment of Hannah Montana and subsequent burying of parts in separate graves, and then did a lap dance atop each of the headstones, it would have been less off-putting.

What Britney did with the snake years ago on the VMAs? Positively quaint, by comparison. Hell, even Thicke’s controversial “Blurred Lines” video itself came away from this looking almost classy.

My twin 10-year-old sons are both into pop music, so over the weekend I had the chance to cue up on the DVR a (curated!) screening of this month’s Teen Choice Awards (where “Austin” and Maia Mitchell presenting was for them a huge highlight). When Miley came on stage, they were agog. “What happened to her?” one asked, pulling from his Disney Channel-fueled knowledge base. I fumbled for an answer, ultimately settling for the G-rated, “Oh, she’s just trying to look tough” — since bedtime was nearing and I hadn’t the desire to define “hypersexualized.” (Note: Save for maybe a few red carpet moments and Katy Perry’s “Roar” closer, I shan’t be screening for the lads these VMAs.)

VIDEO | Watch Lady Gaga’s Full VMA Performance

One (the?) message of Miley’s VMAs peep show seemed to be: I have sex now, y’all. And sure, we get it. Child stars grow up and, often, act out. They shatter conceptions. They twerk with furries. And yes, Cyrus got tongues other than her own wagging as a result — though the majority seemed to be clamoring for a shower to rinse off the raunch of her display. Even her peers in the audience, as evidenced by cutaways, were anywhere from appalled to ashamed of her. For all the talk of blurred lines, Billy Ray’s little girl failed to recognize any in her unabashed bid to be bad.

One silver lining to it all: At least we know Vanessa Bayer will have new material to work with on Saturday Night Live.

Do you think Miley went miles overboard in her explicit display of All Grown Up-ness? Or would her critics also be shocked to find there is gambling in the back of Rick’s?

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  1. Jenn says:

    I understand that she’s trying to shed her “good girl” Disney image but OMG what she did last night crossed every single line! If she was still engaged before this performance I highly doubt she will be now. What kind of man would want to be married to a piece of trash like her? She should honestly be ashamed of herself but she’s so gone that she thinks she kicked butt! Her parents need to sit her down and tell her to cut it before she ruins everything that she has! I would be ashamed if that was my child!

    • JAson says:

      Why do you care? maybe you should be ashamed of yourself for caring! once again jealousy rears it’s ugly head.

    • I get what you’re saying, but you’re not exactly phrasing it the best way. I don’t think a woman should live her life in such a way solely for the purpose of attracting a husband. That performance just feels like she’s a fake and forcing things in order to create a spectacle. Because she’s in short supply of talent, she has to overcompensate. She can’t compete with genuine talents.

  2. AngieD says:

    The girl has talent. Unfortunately, she’s more concerned about garnering attention instead of being respected for her songwriting, etc. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Liam is fed up again.

    • marnes says:

      That engagement ended a few months ago. I’d like to think it was his idea because she was just going to bring him down.

  3. Fabe says:

    I love Vanessa Bayer. That is all.

  4. melinky says:

    I think somewhere in Miley’s mind she was just pushing the envelope in the same way Madonna and Gaga have. Unfortunately, where Madonna and Gaga were able to pull off their antics in more artistic ways, I felt that Miley’s performance came across as dirty. Perhaps it’s because of her age or her former squeaky-clean image that I found watching her so uncomfortable.

    For those who liked Miley’s performance, would you want your little sister, daughter, girlfriend, or wife dancing like that? Okay, you may want your wife to dance like that for you… but would you want her to dance like that for others?

  5. Hyde says:

    Its like someone put Rihanna, Madonna and Cher in a blender, drank the concoction and puked on some teddy bears on stage.

  6. Danielle H. says:

    WOW… What. The. Eff… that was so incredibly uncomfortable and nasty..

  7. Abby says:

    She seems to have accomplished what she was trying to accomplish… Everyone is talking/blogging/tweeting/whatever about her today. Publicity is publicity.

    • Poor little thing, nobody ever taught her the difference between publicity and notoriety. Nobody ever taught her the best way to make a lasting impression on the world without becoming a punchline or a “what NEVER to do” lesson, either. There are those who endure, and those who see their light flicker and die without ever understanding why, and it sure looks like the little twerker is the second, not the first.

  8. LizMG says:

    Miley Cyrus’ performance was cheap, disgusting, lacking of any talent at all.
    Someone should tell her there are choreographers out there that can teach her how to “dance”, that takes more than sticking her tongue out.

  9. Engbunny says:

    She cannot dance to save her life, nor can she sing. She looks ridiculous. What the hell is up with her hair?

  10. marnes says:

    There are so many options between being a Disney princess and a slut. Someone needs to tell her we get that she is 20 yrs old and wants to kill Hannah. But, there is no need to mutilate her and ground down the pieces. There can be life after childhood stardom. But not with an inappropriate display of “whatever that was”

  11. Staci says:

    miley cyrua ain’t nothing but a bottom feeding trashbag ho and if liam has any brains in his head he should dump her sorry butt

  12. RD says:

    WHO GIVES A CRAP? You’re basically reacting exactly the way she and her ‘People’ wanted you to react by talking about it.And can we just give a word for Robin Thicke’s incredibly out of key performance too? It was just as bad.

  13. Concernedmummy says:

    This is how it is as I see it. The music industry is set on perverting our kids. They gradually up the sex factor year after year so that we don’t get too shocked. Just enough to create interest. Not enough to make most parents ban their kid’s from t.v and pop music. Poor Miley is just another puppet. Take a look at Kesha’s recent videos and Christina’s Not myself tonight video. We are being intentionally desensitized. Lurid sex, rape and pornography is being continuously put in front of our already hormonally charged kids. Especially disturbing when older men who young guys look up to are telling them, “hey she might look like a good girl but, you know she wants it.” Steady rise in date rape here we come! Robin Thicke is greedy. He knows there is no money to be made in cherishing and loving women. So does the music industry. It makes me sad for my baby girl growing up with this stuff and I think most people with kid’s would be disturbed by it. If you think this stuff wont affect society at large you haven’t paid much attention to history. For my part the t.v remains off in our household.

  14. JA says:

    I so wish I could unsee that.

  15. Allyson says:

    She was disgusting last night!!! She thinks she is so cool by being bad. Fine, I get that she is growing up and wants to get away from her Disney image, but there are other ways to do that. Her performance was offensive to everyone. She made a fool of herself last night!! I am sure her parents are furious. I don’t think she should be allowed to perform during a live event.

  16. CB says:

    I like many of Miley’s songs and think she is talented but she really needs to understand that what she did last night was not cool or sexy. If you are going to be provocative you have to make sure you understand what is sexy and Miley just doesn’t. I don’t think she is slutty or gross but she does need someone to give her lessons on how to be sexy. She just looks like she was trying to get attention from some nerdy guys at a party.

  17. kiwicomposer says:

    Miley is an ugly skank so why else do you expect from her? I wouldn’t touch her with a 20foot barge pole. Time people stopped making a fuss over her and let her drift off into obscurity…

  18. does anyone see that she just makes a laughing stock of everyone who basically expect this kind of thing? didn’t many american sites wanted to see the sexy side of cyrus? don’t get me wrong but for me she basically pissed on one of the most boring songs of the year (yes blurred lines is one of the most boring things ever happen to pop music since macarena) and also she tries to scream to pop fans that ”i am not hannah montana anymore , get over it” that comes after watching AGAIN what aguillera tried when she wanted to kick the ”bottle ” and become ”diiiiirty” she has a great voice , she has a lot of money , maybe she tries to escape from some stupid record label that own her ass ! but still the single sucks!

  19. Patricia says:

    Sad entertainers stoop to this level. When will entertainers, professional athletic players,
    politicans and big wigs with corporate America all wake up….. Aren’t they to set an example to be “mentors”, by example, to the younger generation?? How pathetic how they all have become… They all now can see the mirror of what they have set.. Get real folks!

  20. lunaburning says:

    Eh, I’m actually more offended by the crime against grammar: “We run things, things don’t run we.”
    As for the rest, it just reminded me of that one chick at every party who always gets too drunk and makes an a$$ of herself.

  21. MrsCharles says:

    She has done what she set out to do… We’re all talking about how embarrassing her “routine” was, yet not commenting on how bad her singing was….

  22. Hannah says:

    I just watched this with no sound and it was the funniest thing I’ve seen all week.

  23. Sharron says:

    That’s was the nastiest, freakiest, ungodliest, MESS I’ve ever seen on TV in my life!!! REPENT YOU REBELLIOUS ENTERTAINERS!!! REPENT!! REPENT!!!!

  24. Britta Unfiltered says:

    I’m sorry your kids accidentally saw that, Matt. I feel traumatized on their behalf. I’m so glad I’m not a parent who has to be in the position of explaining that to my kids. Every once in awhile being a shriveled up old maid/crazy cat lady works out on my behalf.

  25. Kat says:

    Honestly, why should I care? What Miley does couldn’t affect me less.

  26. jeb says:

    Someone has been feeding her smack and mtv will cash in. Miley get off the pcp! I hope your happy Billy, you jerk off

  27. Philipp says:

    I liked seeing Vanessa Bayer. Now with most of SNL’s cast having left, she’s the leading lady on the show.

  28. Sara says:

    Did anyone else notice the weird color of her tongue? It was so pasty white. I know that they say the color of your tongue indicates your health. So what does pasty white mean?

  29. Cyn' says:

    Heres the thing when people compare her performance and lady gagas . Lady gaga is known for her outrageous performances and lady gaga is all around crazy. when she came out in the bikini it wasn’t shocking to me at all because i mean CMON ITS LADY GAGA shes not known to be a normal type of performer now as for Miley cyrus ohhhh gawdddd that was just jaw dropping because even though its been in the tabloids about her behavior it still was like a wowzer when she actually toke her performance to a whole nother level
    I love miley but she is wayyyyyy too out of control. Yes people grow up and they become sexually active but theres way of showing it better compared to the way she did especially since shes soooo young! She could have done it in a more appealing sexier way but she just came out very sluty as if shes telling the world im a hoe now come f… Me and it just look as if she was soooo very thirsty for attention and lots of it .

  30. Mikael says:

    Did anyone have a problem with Gene Simmons from KISS when he stuck his tongue out like that? Is it because Miley is female that makes it inappropriate? And Rihanna has no business having that condescending look, when her songs are about how she’s basically a masochist and not to mention that she went back to the man who beat the crap out of her. Most female pop stars these days don’t set a good example for young girls, but Miley is getting all the flack.

  31. Good riddance to bad rubbish says:

    Miley is proudly bragging on Twitter that she got the most tweets after her performance. She doesn’t even care what those tweets were saying, just that she got the most. She’s an attention seeker and will clearly do anthing to get attention. Well, I am officially done giving her any more attention. If I never see or hear anything about her ever again it will be too soon.

  32. Grace says:

    She REALLY messed up when she chopped all her hair off, from there it has been downhill all the way. She is just UGLY.

    • wendybird says:

      I agree, Grace. But it is more than that. She has become ugly on the inside too…just her hair could not make her so repugnant. There is severe psychosis going on there. I blame her parents.

  33. Due says:

    The display she put on was distasteful. It portrayed her as a cheap begging for attention little girl. Her actions was shocking to a lot of people. If she hasn’t broke her parents heart in the past they sure must have an achy breaky heart now. She should apologize for her discolored behavior to the public and to the thousands of young people who admired her. She needs to tape that tongue of hers in her mouth

  34. Carrie says:

    I think part of the problem is that Hollywood pressures women in the industry to be sexual. Most women in the industry have at some point shown a lot of skin. Hell, even Selena Gomez wore a dress was risque. If women don’t eventually display themselves in a sexual manner, they won’t make it in the industry. Which is probably why Miley is trying to so desperately to get rid of her good girl image.

  35. wendy schwimmer says:

    I think she looks just plain ugly. Maybe she is showing what is inside. Growing up in hollyweird with no moral compass will do that to a girl.

  36. dude says:

    I have three words for you Miles. Trying. Too. Hard.

  37. deanna says:

    I think, if she is able to live with her actions..more power to her. There is so much exploitation and vulgarity now a days. Its every cant blame miley for wanting to be part of it.

  38. Damien says:

    There was no art form with Miley Cyrus….It was Vulgar…. I love Madonna, Lady Gaga, Brittany Spears, Rhianna, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj…But Miley Cyrus she had a good song going into it, then she just tried way too hard to get everyone’s attention…

  39. katana says:

    Miley has turned into the biggest slut. If I was her dad I would be so disappointed in her.

  40. Brady says:

    Dakota Fanning = class, miley cyrus = trash. Just a comparison.

  41. Laura says:

    Hmmm… Her tongue thing reminds me of when my little cousin accidentally took one of my Cylert as a kid. She eacted badly, and couldn’t keep her tongue in her mouth and made erractic movements.

  42. James E. Hayes says:

    Really!!!! The public is buzzing about this being overboard – but no harm no foul. Put things into perspective people. Overboard is destroying a country. Overboard is Iraq and involvement we can’t afford in the Middle East. Overboard are the politicians oblivious to their indifference and the detriment imposed on the citizens of this country by their actions. This kind of risque performance is nothing more than a trivial joke to be shrugged off and laughed at – it has about as much impact as the Kardashians.

  43. K says:

    I can’t wait to see SNL’s material on this!!

  44. L. says:

    Miley Cyrus, first of all your tongue belongs in your mouth. It’s neither sexy nor cute. In fact you’re making a total fool of yourself. Are you that desperate for attention? You used to be cute now you just look like a clown every time you go out in public. If you had any real friends they would tell you the truth about your behavior. You don’t need that kind of attention. Nobody wants to pay for you to come on stage in your underwear, that’s why it’s called underwear, it’s worn under the clothes. If you want to be a stripper or a prostitute the public does not need to know. I don’t care what your dad says to the public he surely do not condone your misfit behavior.

  45. marshal says:

    Attention: It is what it is,
    Simulated hard core pornography.
    Once Sweet Miley Cyrus, you morphed to SLIMY CYRUS in a matter of minutes. Congratulations on shredding image and slinking into smut.
    If you were closer to the audience and reachable they would have stuck dollar bills in your scanty threads.

  46. tom says:

    Watch it with the sound off. What a vulgar waste of time.

  47. She was disgusting. She’s just trash with money!

  48. will anderson says:

    I agree. people are overthinking this. To me it was one of the greatest spoof of all time. These macho men come out grabbing their crotches, bragging about their packages to embarrassed audiences ( Craig Ferguson is especially bad about this to a point where young girls have had to remind him that her parents are in the audience).
    I think this was a great spoof of them.

  49. Thugnificent says:

    Yall need to stop hating on miley and get money bitches. Miley is the future and all you old people or young and broke people feel as though you have the right to judge. Yall don’t know her personally and i’d so bang miley so to the Retard who she’s not sexy must be a homo. STOP HATING AND GET MONEY NIGGAS!!! (Yes white folks this includes you too)

  50. G says: