Exclusive Castle Sneak Peek: Kate Responds to Rick's Marriage Proposal

Castle Season 6 Beckett Marriage ProposalWill it be yes… no… or maybe? Or flailing?

ABC’s Castle closed Season 5 with Rick popping the question to Kate, and TVLine has your first peek at his lady love’s reaction.

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As this new promo reminds, fans have waited five years for a moment like this — but as Nathan Fillion told TVLine during our visit to the set this month, the show’s creatives “have been very artful” in their crafting of this workplace romance.

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And while Rick’s proposal was a bit lacking in the oozing-with-romance department — coming as it did in the wake of the drama surrounding Beckett’s professional dilemma — Stana Katic assured me with a smile, “They’ll address that in the premiere,” which airs Monday, Sept. 23.

Press PLAY (…as if you haven’t already) for a preview of Kate’s response, then hit the Comments with your theories on what it is she has to tell him first.

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  1. Devin says:

    U have to look at it like this why in the world would they have 4 season of them flirting and then get together for one season and then have them break up exspeciallly after having the highest ratings in the 5 season because they were together plus she is going to DC but she also says yes to him and they will make it work because I guarantee that castle ends up moving to DC to be with her cause no one will want to watch it if they aren’t together because people waited 4 seasons get together and besides they aren’t gnna cut one of the two stars of the show because if they dnt stay together they are gnna have to get rid of one of the stars cause then it would be a confusing show

  2. Dillin McGee says:

    I see her turning into Mike Myers and saying “I’m a man baby!”

  3. M. says:

    My first thought: “What? That’s it?”
    But I guess ABC like to tease as much as AWM & Co – “Castle” is (and always has been) teasing at its finest ;)

    Anyhow, I’m glad to see the first “real” scenes from season 6 & I’m really looking forward to “Valkyrie”. Bring it on september.

  4. Lexi says:

    I don’t know what’s going to happen but i trust Marlowe to do this show justice. Whatever she decides I reckon they will make it in the end after all “It’s what the great love stories are all about- beating the odds”.

    • fogel says:

      Just when I had high hopes that someone in this zoo had their head screwed on straight and then you go and say you “trust Marlowe”.

      I am so disappointed.

      Marlowe has one and ONLY one job in life – RATINGS! He’ll take the story where ever he has to go to keep the show on its ratings course.

      Do you really think that the 1 and 1/2 leading characters really have anything that faintly resembles a relationship ( away from the job or out of bed that is)? The “BETA” jerk is proposing to a women he knows little or nothing about. A character whose whole life is based around the security of “hiding” in her job. DC is perfect for her. New job to hide in way away from her last “love”.

      Do yourself a favor and go back and watch the whole series from the beginning. Then tell me how may Beckett relationships we’ve seen that have worked over the past five years. Who has the bad track record? They both do. Castle no better.

      And please don’t try to tell me it’s because she’s been in love with Castle all this time. Castle is a safe place to come back to when the current “bike-boy” fails to satisfy.

      However I don’t know why the relationship question is of any importance. The whole basis of the story line in Beckett’s “climb” to greatness and the men she has “loved” (past tense) along the way.

      Just a thought.

  5. Seon says:

    I love this show.

    Kates reaction made me laugh.

    I wouldn’t freak, just have a little faith.

  6. bitca says:

    “for 5 years, america…” yeah, who cares about those pesky international viewers. it’s not like THEY bring in any money *cough*

    • Christina says:

      This is an ABC promo, and ABC plays to an American audience. Castle plays on other networks abroad, and those numbers wouldn’t necessarily have to be accounted for in an ABC promo.l
      Plus, I think viewers would find it a bit over the top if they said “for 5 years, the world…”

  7. Tom says:

    Two words: “sweeps wedding.” I think that’s all the information you need to determine Kate’s reply to Castle.

  8. Just one thing says:

    I think it’s nice that they released a second promo with emphasis on footage from the premiere. (Though I had no problems with the first one, since it targeted younger viewers, which — duh — is important to the show’s continued survival. All the whinging was so unnecessary.) Also, ABC Publicity’s tweet made me laugh. Haha, “most of you have patiently waited.” So beleaguered.
    That said, this promo felt choppy and awkward — all because they seem so concerned about revealing the answers prematurely. But, honestly, if they did a fast-paced montage without dialogue, that showed Castle/Beckett and all the main players, old and new, in action, I think that would be more effective than these vague promos that focus on answers that are give in the first five minutes of the episode.
    Regardless of those answers, I think even clueless viewers must be aware that “the show must go on,” and would be excited to see substantial new footage, even without context.

  9. henry jones says:

    Just thinking….is this a modern day telling of the faithfulness of the man vs. the meanderings of the woman….the God vs. ancient Israel sort of thing????

  10. Erin says:

    When it came to “this relationship” she is not as strong & independent. Insecure, misleading, yes. That’s what make her so “complicated”

    • Just one thing says:

      Kate is complicated for many reasons. The fact that she is so confident in her job and in her life, yet always unsettled in a relationship (Will, Tom, Josh, too) makes her complicated. The fact that, at least from where I was sitting, it was so clear how much she wanted to let herself go in S5, to finally be happy and make Rick happy in return (Hamptons vacation, Christmas, Valentines Day, his birthday, the morning of Still), yet the nagging doubts (from Meredith and later Castle’s ambivalence) clouded her judgement — that makes her complicated.
      It is frustrating and annoying, but understandable and interesting. Compare that to Castle, who hasn’t explained his reflection on past marriages, doesn’t talk much about his insecurities or fears — doesn’t even seem to acknowledge them much and pretends like they don’t exist or masks them in humor.
      This could also be considered complicated, but I feel it is more vague than anything. Where does Castle stand when it comes to relationship longevity? Prior to DC, where did he see their relationship going? Those questions are hard to answer, because it was either written with too much subtext or was not conveyed by the actor. Not bashing, just my long-time observation.

      • Erin says:

        That’s goes to the writers team, they haven’t been able to write both characters interesting at the same time, one took the back side for the other, that’s the way I see it. and about beckett i agree with you, so saying she is strong and independet in everything, nope. About castle he will not be sharing his doubts and insecurities just because, if kate want to know something she will have to ask.

        • Just one thing says:

          I think the writers have continued to make them interesting at the same time, but they have kept them mostly in character, where neither Kate nor Rick bites the bullet and addresses issues head on. So, in essence, there is underlying tension and conflict that needs to be addressed immediately — and I’m assuming that is in the premiere.
          People say Beckett gets favored, but I don’t think that’s true. When the show wants to create tension, particularly at the end of the season, they go to the Beckett Well of Insecurity and to her quest for her mom.
          They have had her lie, pull back from Castle, and force him to walk away, only to come back to his doorstep to apologize and admit her mistake. Then, they have her lie again nearly a year later, after letting another guy get far too close to kissing her. Each time, regardless of Castle’s response, it is Kate’s behavior that leads the audience to “pick sides,” ultimately making her the bad guy for the sake of conflict.
          And I’m not saying they need to do the same for Castle. However, if they focused on his flaws — the serious ones, not the ones that involve wacky hijinx and silliness — that would go a long way to spreading the insecurity wealth among both characters while satisfying viewers’ needs to know more about Castle.
          Instead, for WHATEVER reason (I suspect NF just doesn’t want his character to be super serious), they consistently keep Castle light and funny and Beckett dark and serious. So, yeah, when most of the drama happens, she is the one driving it. Just as he drives the comedy.
          I hope that changes this season, since most of us have an idea what direction the show is going. Will the audience finally get a solid read on Castle’s non-fatherly serious side now that he has taken this leap? Will he reveal more about his past, his failures, his fears and hopes for the future beyond what he revealed in The Wild Rover? I hope so. Because I care about the character, but mainly so people can stop whining about “favoritism.”

          • Erin says:

            Every one has his own opinion, I don’t know how much Nathan has a voice into what to do or what not to do about the Character, I’m sure if Marlowe say to him to do something he will not complain a do it, is his job after all. The only think I can say is, the show is getting to know beckett trought castle eyes, now that they are a couple he will introduce more of himself to the story but, as I said above, he will not be sharing this things just because, Kate has to learn how to push for answers to get to know the man she loves. that’s all.

          • Just one thing says:

            I agree that Beckett needs to push Castle for more information. That will solve a few viewer issues as well. She didn’t let up in The Wild Rover, and in the end we got a nice nugget about Castle. But they also set the stage with Meredith that Castle is very closed off, so that will hopefully be revisited.
            As for Fillion’s contribution to his character, he has said plenty in interviews and at fan events to suggest he enjoys playing up the silly, goofy fun with Castle and keeping him light. Actors and showrunners collaborate to hit the best moments and strides for the characters. Being #1 on the call sheet, as they say, you can bet that top-billed actors are given more l control over their characters.
            The show took a turn with Castle in Target/Hunt, and by all accounts viewers enjoyed it, so maybe it will happen again.

          • Erin says:

            As i said, the show is getting to know Beckett, how castle can be more developed without stealing time for beckett? even you put an interesting example Target/Hunt, Beckett took the back side for castle to step up. About Castle being light, the character need to be the opposite of beckett, so being light, work fine for castle, when needed, he has been tough and earned respect, that the writers don’t keep that in mind is another thing.

          • Just one thing says:

            Erin, I don’t think developing Castle further necessarily means they have to “steal” time from Beckett. The show is about Castle’s exploits with the NYPD, his family and his career.
            Beckett is an integral character to the show, but just as it has been important to show how fun-loving, generous, funny and suave Castle is, it has been equally important to see how smart, level-headed and selfless he can be, too.
            They’ve managed to get that across, while sprinkling hints here and there that he has had insecurities about being a good father, that he missed out on that experience with his own father — by being comically bad at catching any sort of ball.
            There’s room for more, particularly when it comes to his romantic relationships, since that has now become the prime focus of the show. But they haven’t really mined beyond the superficial.
            Also, from the moment Target/Hunt was announced, I felt that was an opportunity to give Fillion a chance to shine as an actor while exploring the idea that Castle could take care of business as an action-oriented character, without relying on Beckett. (Later, Andrew Marlowe’s comments in interviews and on Twitter supported my assumptions.)
            I will always have a problem with Target/Hunt for sidelining Beckett from the action, when 9/10 Castle joined the fray for Beckett when the situations were reversed and proved his mettle. I would like to think that Beckett would have hopped on the next flight and found Castle in Paris.
            That Beckett did NOT play an active role in saving Alexis has been used by her detractors as an example that she isn’t as dedicated to Castle as she is to him. When really, the two-parter truly felt engineered to give Castle/Fillion some dramatic (and not undeserving) spotlight. But I distress…
            My point is, developing Castle’s flaws and insecurities comes at no one else’s expense. And I hope, if things go a most of us are assuming they will, that the writers highlight a few of those issues this season.

          • Just one thing says:

            Mean to correct: Detractors think Beckett is not as dedicated to Castle as he is to her…
            And distress = digress

          • Robert says:

            I don’t know much about taking sides, Rick/Nathan or Kate/Stana, to me is obvious that the show will be more towards Beckett than Castle, that’s the premise of the show. And until proved otherwise, I keep my comment, they haven’t been able to write both characters interesting at the same time, and I think that one of the reasons they brought back Terri Miller.

          • Erin says:

            I made a similar comment Robert.

          • Erin says:

            We’ll just have to wait and see how they handle this season, as much as I understand Beckett behavior, did not liked at all. Hope to see progress in comunication.

          • Tom Benson says:

            If ‘detractors’ think that Castle is more dedicated than Beckett, then they are absolutely correct. I sometimes wonder what show you are watching???

      • jul says:

        I completly agree with you! It feels like Beckett’s character is perfectly maped whereas Castle is whatever the writers need him to be.
        However I don’t think all the blame is on the writers. Katic as shown a very good understanding of her character personnality and it seems she was very willing to add to it over the years; In Fillion’s case, I find his descriptions of Castle very thin. He did say that his favorites parts to play were the fun side and playing Castle’s failures. It doesn’t seems Fillion was ever interested in doing more with Castle. To me it explains exactly why we find ourselves with two characters with such difference of depth and layers.
        It’s not a dibb at Fillion as I find his portrayal of Castle very good,
        I think the “Castle” title is now misleading, because it makes people expect more from him when clearly the character hasn’t enough material to be a lead. I enjoy the show soooo much better now that I choose to think of Fillion as a “glorious vip/ constant awesome guest star” and Katic as the lead actress.
        People please don’t burn me!!!
        and also please excuse my english :)

        • Just one thing says:

          Yes. I definitely agree with 90% of what you said. Except I’ve grown increasingly dissatisfied with the unevenness in those areas since early 2012. Nathan Fillion is VERY funny, and clearly a master of physical, verbal and subtle comedy. Even when Castle does something that makes me want to roll my eyes, I’m laughing.
          The difference? The line between Castle and Fillion has blurred to the point where I can often bet good money on when a line or bit was scripted and when it was ad-libbed. So, sometimes, while I’m certainly entertained by something, I’m also thrown out of the story.
          All that to say… As I have said all summer, I GET why Castle/Fillion fans want more focus on him in the series, and in some ways I want more illumination on the character, too. However, instead of taking it up with the showrunner or his co-star, fans should consider that maybe this is the way it is for a reason.

          • jul says:

            You’ve hit something here. There’s something definitely wrong when you start to see the actor more than the character. Watching the show I often tell myself “hey Castle, be careful your Nathan Fillion is showing!”
            But that’s why I choose to see him as a sort of guest star : you enjoy the actor without asking too much of the character. And I’m not saying it’s a good thing, just that it’s the way I can still enjoy the parts of the show involving too much Castle.

          • higgins says:

            This may be true, but I feel it’s the writers or a showrunner’s job – to not blur the lines between an actor and a character. They should write something different, direct him in a different way or put a stop to improv if it doesn’t serve the story they want to tell. If they don’t – than it’s how they want it to be, it’s their call. I doubt Nathan Fillion has that much influence over them, or we would have had all Firefly actors guesting already LOL. He doesn’t seem like the sort who would pester the writers, especially on Castle which doesn’t seem like his type of show, so he leaves it to people who understand what cop-shows are all about. Saying it not in a bashing way, like some people do. It’s perfectly normal when your work is not your hobby at the same time.

            Castle’s been very much like Fillion since the beginning so yeah, I guess it’s difficult for him to not blur the lines, but it is difficult for the writers too. They see him everyday after all. I’m saying this because I see the same thing happening to other characters as well, like Ryan and Espo or Alexis. As far as I can see what the actors are like (and they admit it too), they grow more similar to their characters every season. They blur the lines too. And I agree with people up thread who said it really does look like Castle writers can’t put their efforts into several characters at the same time, consistently. Seems like they only like to invent things for Beckett and do other characters as an afterthought, with short 15 minutes of fame now and then. Beckett does not always benefit from this preferential treatment too by the way, sometimes she’d be better off with less attention from the writers.

          • John says:

            Agree with @higgins. Even with stana, her own fans say it, her laughs and funny faces, Examples: Vampire Weekend, Suicide Squeeze, Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind, The Dead Pool, Demons, Swan Song, etc.

          • Just one thing says:

            @John, I know exactly what you mean about Beckett and Swan Song, and I really didn’t like it. :-P Of course, those moments are obviously far and even fewer between, but I feel just as strongly when the line is blurred between Beckett and Stana Katic.
            Sometimes, though, I get the feeling that it is unavoidable. So I do try to let it go and enjoy the hour.

          • Ralph says:

            JOT. you’re a Beckett ‘lover’ and have been all the time that I have seen your posts. Being a Beckett ‘lover’ you should be thrilled at the promo. You ask a woman to marry you and she ‘screams “oh my God. you’re proposing. Then you stutter two or three tomes, then you tell the poor slob that there is something you need to tell him. If Castle had any, which we all know he doesn’t, he would slip the ring back into his pocket, tell Beckett to have a nice life and walk away. Actually he needs to run away. Did you happen to see the look on Castle’s when Beckett finally said some real words? A look of total disappointment. It won’t bother me a bit if this show goes under this year, preferably in mid-season. To hell with Andrew Marlowe. He owes me $208.95 for episodes I have purchased and who knows how much for my emotional investment.

          • Fogel says:

            Ralph, Ralph, Ralph…. It’s only a TV Program my friend. Why do either you or I really give a ship what the help happens.

            ABC = All about chicks. Strong willed, power grabbing females vs the Beta Mail with who has to kiss (…) and learn to love it. MY way or the Highway Mr. Castle. Take it or leave it.

            Then there’s real life where backstabbing has become a fine male art. Take my word for it. Experience has been a great teacher. If you’re lucky you run into a real someone who really cares. Few and far between my friend.

            Just a thought


          • M says:

            Ralph, you can write more simply “I hate Beckett” or even more exact “I hate Stana Katic” and not to write a lot of text.

          • Tom Benson says:

            That would simplify things, wouldn’t it:-))? Let’s wait and see if old Beckett/Katic will tell Castle that she has the job offer or that she has already taken the job. Big difference for all of you Beckett lovers who can’t see past the end of your nose.

          • Tom Benson says:

            Not really. I need to be sure that the message that Beckett/Katic does not walk on water, and why she doesn’t walk on water, is told.

            I did notice that Katic has ‘butched’ her fingernails, so little by little she is showing who and what she is.

      • Ralph says:

        What ambivalence is that. JOT? Where he was playing his video game after he saved the B’s life?

        • Just one thing says:

          You and I are likely never going to see eye-to-eye, Ralph. The difference, of course, is that I see the value in both characters’ development, even if Beckett is my favorite character on the show.
          Even if I have my admittedly unfounded assumptions as to why things are the way they are, I am able to put them aside and still appreciate the show — flaws, foibles and all.
          If I thought that you really wanted to have an intelligent debate about last season, I would dig deep into the recesses of my brain and line-item some examples to support my POV. But, honestly, I don’t think it’s worth it.
          Instead of cursing the show and wishing failure upon it, why don’t you consider watching either of Castle’s strong competitors. CBS has Hostages and NBC has The Blacklist. I doubt either show can replace whatever hole Castle filled in your life, but you never know!

          • Fogel says:

            “…an intelligent debate???” What series have you been watching?

            Start with Myers-Briggs and then try and talk to us about an intelligent debate. Take the characters as they stand (appear) at the end of each season and see which characters are growing and witch charter is not.

            OUCH!! Mrs. Fogel just hit the back of my head and said to be nice.

            Just a thought.

            QUESTION ONE: Is it true that a REAL relationship is a 50/50 proposition?

    • fogel says:

      Complicated? To say the least. One minute she says “I Love You” and the next minute “I’m leaving you for the job I’ve always wanted. This is about me and what I want”.

      Go back over the last year or two when the “real” relationship began to emerge. How many times has our dear Beckett used the word “we” or “us” when referring to what “they” have?

      And then tell me who said “We deserve more” in the final show stopping season 5 finish.

      Castle and Gina. Beckett is just a temporary fling into the unknown.

      After all Mrs. Fogel said so. I won’t tell you her opinion of the show after season 3. Let’s just say she does a lot of reading on Monday night and leave it at that.

      Just a thought.

      • Maria says:

        Beckett using we/us: “I think we’re just getting started.” (Episode: Still) “There is one mysterious, inexplicable phenomenon I do still believe in. Us.” (can’t remember the episode) “All in all I think we’ve had a great run.” (Still)

        • Erin says:

          “There is one mysterious, inexplicable phenomenon I do still believe in. Us.” yeah “The Fast and the Furriest” epi 20. Yeah well, they need the drama i guess. I just expect progress in the comunication this season, is about time, we will not be seeing their entire life to see progress, they need to show us that on screen.

  11. Just one thing says:

    Also, this promo just highlights how different the actors look after that three month break. Looks like they changed up the angles in the new scenes, too.
    Hate to nitpick, but I really didn’t understand why they didn’t just shoot the rest of the scene back in April, or whatever. They may be wearing the same clothes with hair styled similarly to the season finale, but they both look SO different, it’s already distracting from a continuity perspective.

    • Erin says:

      “Hate to nitpick, but I really didn’t understand why they didn’t just shoot the rest of the scene back in April, or whatever.” I think you are not alone, asking this, I see it as bad production. This scene won’t be large, max 2 min, so as they say that they have this kind of plot point of the story already developed, they could have shooted this scene back in april.

      • John says:

        Then there’s two months for leaks.

        The buzz is better timed for closer to the season premiere.

        • Erin says:

          Nope, when they filmed Watershed no one knew they shooted in the swings, that spoiler came out a week or so before the episode aired.

          • John says:

            So a “week or so” before Watershed is how many months back? All the while spoilers such as you mention leaking like a sieve.

          • Erin says:

            John, the spoilers that they will be on the swings came out a week or so before the episode aired, just that they will be there. that spoilers didn’t mention that castle was proposing then, how people will know the answers? the liked photos were from fans that knew they will be shooting at the swings IN JULY the answers to the proposal in april no one knew.

          • Just one thing says:

            As John said, even with fans unaware of the swings until after the S5 finale scenes had been shot, it is reasonable to assume there’d be a concern of her response leaking between April and September. Versus July and September, as it turned out. (Deep sigh on behalf of the cast and crew.)
            Everyone, from fans to press, asked if the answer had been filmed in April, so there is a likelihood that someone would have blown it.

        • Just one thing says:

          That is the most logical response — they didn’t want the answer leaked. Unfortunately, it got leaked anyway, just three months later. There are creative ways they could have gotten around that, including a time jump from the top of the episode.
          At the end of the day, I’m sure they figured it would feel dissatisfying to be “told” her answer, versus seeing it ourselves.
          I will laugh so hard if the pictures floating around are from a fantasy sequence or some BS, and she said no. That’s not going to happen, but the audience response would be hilarious, in a terrifying mass meltdown sort of way.

    • Ralph says:

      Well you shouldn’t worry about that, JOT. You got all you want when Queen Beckett wins again.
      How do you like Stana’s movie roles, JOT? Dark and sexy enough for you. Let’s see, an adulteress, a lesbian…yep she is an A line actress:-((.

  12. trishtumbles says:

    I’m excited for Season 6. I have things I’d like to see, but no expectations as sometimes the things you don’t expect are actually better. I was SO happy they had to scramble around and pull “Still” out of the bag last minute; even if that and the re-arranging of the order of the episodes kind of made things a little disjointed towards the end of the season.

    And nothing has ever been conventional for Castle and Beckett…. So whilst the actual proposal may have left me a little flat, I’m sure that come September I’ll be flailing like crazy. I love Beckett’s reaction, it is SO her. I think out of all of the seasons we’ve seen of Castle, season 5 was the one where Beckett was the *least* selfish. But her character is flawed, which is one of the things I love the most about her. She makes mistakes and deals with the consequences. But a lot of things went unsaid in season 5 and I hope season 6 puts some of those things back on the table and thrashes them out before Castle and Beckett move forward.

    I have faith!

    It is concerning to see how some people in these forums are so invested in spreading vitriol. I’m all for great debate but constant negativity is so unnecessary.
    Watching Castle makes me happy so I watch it. I adore being part of the fandom and have made some amazing friends along the way. But if this stopped being the case I would stop watching. I don’t get how people can debate something so comprehensively but say they despise it. They obviously watch it. It makes no sense to me?

    And seriously, I’m 100% a Stana fan but Nathan Fillion is entitled to do whatever he wants. The ramifications of his actions lay entirely on his shoulders. He does not need to divulge that information so we can make an emotional response to his actions when they will be very unlikely to ever effect our lives. Nathan, by all accounts, is a great guy to work with. The demands on the actors’ however, is tremendous. I could certainly understand, given the hours they put in and the other demands on their time, how waiting around in a trailer for hours on end would get old very fast, particularly if smarter scheduling could make it not have to be that way.

    Enough said… I’m backing off my soapbox now!

  13. Sally Ramsey says:

    Actually he left because he had to work. So much for the “lazy” theory. But maybe they thought if they didn’t shoot it, it couldn’t leak. That would have been a reasonable fear considering that it did leak as soon as it was shooting. There were pictures out that day.

    • John says:

      The other route taken by some shows, though one I consider a bit juvenile and somewhat disrespectful for the actors and crew, is to shoot multiple scenes with different scripts for different outcomes….

      • John says:

        ADDED: The entire summer cliffhanger thing is too much IMHO, but the shows are really protective of their themes….

        The presumption there’s a significant fraction of their viewership that wouldn’t come back if there weren’t a cliffhanger to resolve is something I’m not all that in agreement with. I guess with new shows debuting older shows get defensive?

    • Erin says:

      As I said, when they shooted in april no fans knew they filmed at the swings, so no liked photos as in JULY. about Nathan, he left the last day they filmed to Canada, I know but the swings was filmed the first day of production of Watershed, he said it himself, not the last,

      • John says:

        You mean you didn’t know. For instance NYC is crawling with fans and there’s entire websites full of shooting permits detailing locations around the city.

        Gotta love the internet.

        • Erin says:

          The show is shooted in LA. and before Watershed no one knows about a swings scene until a week o so before. I some forums and web pages, nothing back then said they filmed there, so there’s that.

  14. JT says:

    The last episodes of the last season were very confusing for me, about the future of the relationship. In some of them look like she had a lot of doubt in another ones she look a lot in love. I do not know. I feel she is not ready to say “yes” now.

  15. Donna Kidd says:

    It left me with the same feeling I had when they aired that show. No insight of the next show!

  16. waiting for this so long…
    then it comes…
    and WTF?!?! the proposal brought me to tears this just kinda made me laugh…
    typically Kate tho…

  17. Lisa says:

    she’s going to tell him she’s pregnant!

    • Maria says:

      Umm, no. It’s probably about the job in DC.

      • John says:

        Surprisingly, since it’s a NYC centered show so any move would be temporary, it does seem to hint at her actually taking the D.C. job doesn’t it? So she’s got to add that caveat to her “yes”, that she’s adding a complication he needs to be sure he wants to deal with (even though he’d already stated “whatever you decide”… Probably also means more of her Mom’s murder once she’s in range of the Capitol…. I am a bit tired of that storyline.

    • Ralph says:

      And Andrew Marlowe is the father:-))).

  18. Robert says:

    Some folks are really funny. “Nathan isn’t interested in the show or the character, at least not as her co star. He don’t like to work, he’s lazy. He dones’t care about the entire crew. Self centered, etc.” IF he is such a bad guy, why he is so important to you that you keep talking/writting about him? Come on people, move on.

    • TomTom says:

      Well I think the whole point is people aren’t gonna watch anymore because of him. Guess we won’t really know till sept. 23 how much they really care or not

  19. roz says:

    I love all the characters on this show but the new captain. (terrible acting). I hope Beckett says yes. they are great together and she needs a big kid in her life. she is much to serious. she also should have a baby.

  20. LilAngel says:

    maybe she is still married to a previous lover (kind of teen wedding or Las Vegas eloping style she almost forgot about)

  21. Addy says:

    I think she’s going to say that she wasn’t expecting this and that she’s so in love with him and that yes she’ll marry him. But this may just be in my dreams. OMG I cannot wait another month!!

  22. Neal says:

    I’m sorry but if Nathan doesnt want to work they should not give him everything he wants, instead make him a guest start or something. Bring in someone who wants to do the job like i dunno John Borrowman would be good on a show like this.

    • Just one thing says:

      By all accounts, Nathan Fillion is a respected and well-liked guy with whom people enjoy working. And he plays the title character, so bumping him out or replacing him is not feasible.
      Castle is one of a small handful of ABC Studios shows in syndication, and it is the most-viewed scripted show on ABC. With such a tenuous and unpredictable Fall slate, it’s unlikely anyone wants to upset the apple cart.
      When you add it all up, you get a fairly simple equation that likely involves well-meaning professionals compromising to make things work for everyone.

  23. John says:

    Not surprised at all they go with the comedy route, so people will forget about the last episodes of last season and of course they will throw that under the rug and never talk about it again. Good Writing.

  24. Kristine S. says:

    Everyone just needs to relax. We’ll enjoy the new season or we won’t. I love me some Fillion, so I’m leaning towards liking it. No more talk of contract negotiations and the magically edited teaser preview. It’ll be fine people. lol

  25. bell says:

    i love this show and if she says no i will be in tears ever since my dad showed me it i have been up at nine on a wednesday to watch i love the tensioon and drama of it!!!!!

  26. Daniela says:

    I hope that is not all she says. I really want and think she will say yes. She was just taken by surprise, but with both Castle and Beckett you can never tell. What ever the answer is, I still love them both and can’t wait till Sep

    • R. L. Reagle says:

      I think we all want her to say yes however, with these writers she may say yes or she may just say “its complicated”, but she is going to DC without Rick. Stills already leaked (?) show her in her Fed suit minus the high heels and with another team. Also a supposed still taken by someone not working for ABC, shows Rick putting the ring on her finger for a brief engagement. Another season of will she or won’t she with her being tempted by some of the DC low life, and of course they have already stated that a number of female guest stars will be on to tempt Rick but where will he be? Not in the 12th, he has no reason and it would be too hard to show up without Beckett there to inspire him. Beckett will break the engagement and start up with some dufus from DC. I still think Rick will kill off Nikki in his next book as a statement to Beckett that he has had enough rejection. She will realize her mistake (again) and discover she is pregnant but she won’t know to who, the Fed or the politician she hooks up with in DC or is it Rick’s? That is what these writers have made Beckett into, a non commital individual who thinks only of herself.
      I long for the Beckett of season one who didn’t swear all the time and truly seemed to care about the people around her that she worked with and actually treated them decently.
      Maybe Ziva will come over from the NCIS and work in New York to be near the UN and Beckett can have Tony, they are the same type of shallow people. Cliff hanger at the end of season 6 who is the father and who does she tell and then it will be canceled because Stana will want to go do another dirty movie and ABC will stick it to the fans and never end it. Don’t you just love ABC and these writers? They never end anything they just let it die!

      • Tom Benson says:

        It would be great if he killed off ‘Nikki’. Even has stupid ae Beckett is, even she could understand that. I would love it, if for ONCE, Beckett had to suffer like Castle has for five years!

  27. Daniela says:

    Stop being so negative all the time. If you were a Castle fan, you have to understandt that the writers always do this to keep us on our toes(literaly). You just got to go with it and see what happens. I know we all have our opinions, just say something positive for once.

  28. JLynn says:

    I have been a Castle fan since the show started. I have also previously said that overall season 5 was my least favorite season. I expected the new Caskett relationship (which I was in favor of) to be fun and present opportunities to learn more about Castle and expose Beckett to his world of writers, books and publicity events. None of that happened. I expected them to have personal challenges that would force them to examine themselves and each other. I guess that some of that happened but it was in a way that became too convoluted and contrived for my enjoyment. I certainly did not like the three episode wind down to the season. Although I did not like the writing techniques used in that part of the story I did appreciate the soul searching that Kate was doing of herself and her desire and fear in her relationship with Castle. That kind of self doubt and self assessment is very real and if some of it had been shown in a clear and understandable manner earlier in the season I think the whole season, and especially the ending, would have been much better. Now that some of the deleted scenes for season 5 have appeared I am appalled that the scene from Watershed was deleted. That was a painful scene that explained so much about Kate’s soul searching and fear. Castle’s comment about “dating” came across to me as innocent and not evasive. But he was clueless to what Kate was feeling (and once again she would not tell him) and because of that his innocent comment really hurt her. Had that scene been left in it would have made it clear why she went on the job interview and why she said it was about “my life”. This is not to excuse her own relationship cluelessness but it would have helped us understand her frame of mind. It would have made the episode much more believable, been very in character for Kate and made it more enjoyable to me. I am looking forward to season 6. The spoiler of Kate jumping off of the swing looks perfectly normal to me: total shock, complete surprise and a bit angry (her normal reaction to things out of her control). Castle even looks a bit happy with himself at one point. I am not looking forward to DC (assuming she goes) but I am willing to hope (for now) that this is an opportunity for Kate, and Castle, to grow up. They need it: hopefully they will do it together and it will be fun.

    • KHorn says:

      I completely agree with you that Season 5 should have been used to explore Castle’s life. This is a guy who regularly plays poker with the city’s power brokers and best selling authors, dates Parisian supermodels, counts international jewel thieves among his friends, was allowed inside the CIA for research, has contacts with international intelligence agencies and now has a super spy for a father, and yet the writers can’t seem to bring themselves to focus on him. We just get the same old one note pony that is Beckett and her two decade old trauma. In part I think that’s because they’ve let the Castle character devolve so much from Season 3 on and have forgotten he’s supposed to be a sophisticated, internationally famous man who is intelligent and insightful and the real asymmetrical thinker, not just the comic sidekick. Target and Hunt showed what could be, but apparently they can only show his depth for two episodes, and then it’s back to the bumbling fool.

      The deleted scene just didn’t work for me at all post Still, though I agree it might have made more sense early in the season, I’m just tired of the writers’ inability to show any growth in Beckett’s character. Her continued insecurities are now just making her look like an idiot. Even before they were in a relationship he was making sacrifices for her, something she has never done for him, and he’s always doing little things to show he cares, like bringing her coffee so he can see her smile. And of course the whole he’s literally willing to die for you should be a clue you’re not just dating, but apparently Beckett is denser than a neutron star and can’t wrap “brilliant” mind around what that means.

      • JLynn says:

        I enjoy Castle as a form of entertainment. I have always liked the funny parts, the serious parts and I have been quite content to suspend disbelief most of the time to just enjoy the story. I have particularly liked the relationships between all of the characters and how each one of them has interacted. I have my favorite moments and least favorite moments but taken as a whole I really like the show and have really enjoyed the underlying continuity throughout the entire run. My disappointment in season 5 was that the continuity seemed off to me. I am on board with the idea that both Rick and Kate bring a great deal of personal baggage to their relationship and this can make things difficult for them. That has been part of the series long continuity in their relationship and I did not expect that to go away just because they are together. So from that stand point I am not wishing for everything happy-happy. But in past seasons they were able to come to their senses in ways that were at least a little realistic and in a way that felt like it was part of a continuous story. I felt like season 5 had major lapses in the continuity. I absolutely agree that the transition from Still to Squab was far too abrupt (and both Kate and Castle acted badly). We saw an unpleasant side of both of them. Had their underlying personal conflicts or confusion been fleshed out clearly earlier in the season then the transition and wind down might have made a lot more sense. The deleted scene from Hunt also cast a light on Kate’s mental state. When they were talking on the phone, Kate’s posture in the chair, her worried voice, being alone in an empty office, her (supposed) attempt to tell him she loved him; all established her deepening love for Castle and fear for him. That simple scene would have clearly, without ambiguity, helped establish where Kate was headed in their relationship. There was one sentence in the Fast and the Furriest at the beginning when Kate said she had not been in Castle’s loft “since Tuesday”. One tiny hint that things had become complacent but it was lost in the overall ambiguity of the relationship leading up to then. Leaving out the Hunt scene was another missed opportunity. So I have concluded that season 5 felt off to me because it really was. For some reason the writers decided to leave out two key relationship scenes that they had already written and filmed, in order to favor a more vague and ambiguous method of telling the story. I do not subscribe to the idea that I need to assume things happen off screen; that would be like leaving blank pages in a book. These two deleted scenes prove to me that there has been some reason to choose relationship ambiguity over direct story telling. I do not like the extent to which this was taken because it detracted from my enjoyment of their story.

  29. Daphne says:

    oh my gosh!!! watching this movie made me want to watch the premiere even more! i already know her answer but ACK!!!!!!!! what is she going to say?! that she didnt take the job!? im flipping out right now!

  30. Tom Benson says:

    Oh, she took the job. It was obvious when Stana made her infamous “loser’ statement. I can’t recall anything in the show concerning Castle, where she ‘lost’ anything. Marlowe, Terri and Stana are quite a threesome.

    • Fogel says:

      Mr Tom Sir,

      When I want to really feel good about this series and Mr. Castle I watch the last episode of season 2. The look on the Beckett’s face when Gina appears says it all.

      Beckett and Castle are NOT a couple. They will never be a couple. As long as “this is all about me and MY future” is more important that “this is about US’ there is no relationship. I for one think who is going to shack up with who (or whom?) would be way more interesting.

      So pack your bags Ms. Beckett and hit the road. Meanwhile we will enjoy the series until you return (UGH!).

      Just a thought.

      • Tom Benson says:

        They are definitely not an equal couple.

      • Tom Benson says:

        A very good thought at that. I have watched 2.24 more than any other episode. With Kate getting a dose of her own medicine, there is no way not to like it. After the last three episodes I have probably watched it fifty times, or at least parts of it. All it takes is for Castle to show a little common sense for a change. Instead of proposing Castle should have said, you pick your bed and you lie in it. You have cast me aside for a job, so go, because we are through.

  31. brook says:

    this blog is FAR more entertaining than the series, the writing is better, and the people are more realistic. when i watch new episode, i have to lower my expectations in order to curb frustration.

  32. KJW says:

    Of course it’s a “Yes”! If not right at the beginning, at somewhere in the middle. I love this show but seriously, it has pretty much run its course. This HAS to be the last season. The whole show has been about getting them together, and now they are. So the last show will be a wedding & that will be that. What else can they do? How many more cases can we see them solve? For the past 2 years it’s just been about working out the relationship, which I’ve loved. I’ve loved it when it began & all the way through but I can’t see how they could do anymore with this series after this season. I mean, if she says “No”, it’s basically just watching them go through the dance again. Which is never as good as the first time.

    Looking forward to Sep 23!

  33. Nisha says:

    She will say yes to both. She will work in DC and have Castle back in NYC, I bet by the end of the episode she will come back to NYC!

  34. CLP says:

    Maybe they will complicate it more… maybe Kate is “late”, and “thinks” there may be a baby Castle… wouldn’t that be a twist LOL

  35. codepink1908 says:

    I’ll say this when Castle said “I want more” and Kate gulped and took that breath she thought he was breaking up with her. I took Kate’s reaction as a good sign cause it showed me that Kate doesnt want to breakup. Honestly I couldnt tell where the hell Kates head was at all through the entire episode. Logically its never made sense as to why she didnt tell Castle about the job and I was so glad when he SNAPPED on her cause Kate was in the wrong! SHE BETTER SAY YES AND SHE BETTER DO IT IN A CUTE ASS WAY ONCE SHE STOPS FUSSING! Castle was gonna take a bomb for her; KATE DONT PLAY!

  36. Allison Mckenzie says:

    So I’ve gone through every post and read every comment,
    I’m at a loss to understand why if you dislike a character, story-line or show (as many of you have inferred) why you watch it…
    those who have written personal attacks should be ashamed…
    Castle and Beckett’s story isn’t finished, it’s not perfect who’s it?
    their character’s are flawed as are ours, that’s the appeal, it’s the hope and the dream of the individual to find love with all the emotional baggage we carry,,,,grief, rejection, insecurity etc..

    As for the writers…..Marlowe/Miller et al….
    and the concept of C&B … and their always….
    It’s not knowing Marlowe can ….but believing Marlowe will…
    and I for one believe….

  37. Get rid of pi-pie whoever the heck he is–you’re not shacking up with my teenage daughter in MY house–also just finished Deadly Heat and they should have had a character named Eunice in it (from the storage episode)–Expect better things from the Castle creative team

  38. Joda Solomon says:

    Just like they “went ahead and got engaged,” they should “go ahead and get married,” simply I hope; there will be PLENTY of conflict in their lives after marriage I CAN PROMISE YOU THAT, and some of the conflicts could prove to be very interesting, which would eliminate the fan angst of their breaking up.

  39. C’est continuellement de la joie de vous lire

  40. michele says:

    this stil does not awnser my qusetin is there a episode were castle has sex with becket