Lady Gaga Opens the 2013 MTV VMAs – Was Her Performance Worthy of 'Applause'?

lady gaga vma performance applauseLady Gaga lives for the applause, applause, applause, but did she warrant any Sunday night?

Mother Monster opened the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center with a performance of  her hit “Applause,” the first single from her forthcoming album ARTPOP.

PHOTOS | 2013 MTV VMAs: Best and Worst Moments

It’s safe to say her four-minute act broke some kind of VMA record for most costume and wig changes during a single set.

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  1. iMember says:

    In the words of Fat Amy, she crushed it. Applauding!

    • Rashad says:

      Lady Gaga puts 1000% into EVERYTHING that she does. She had like 5 costume changes, she was singing live and she was dancing the whole time. That’s a true entertainer. Her performance was INCREDIBLE!

  2. Chris says:

    She was great….wtf was Miley wearing?

    • Jimmy says:

      The sad part is, she doesn’t even realize it. I get that Miley wants to wipe Hannah Montana from everyone’s memory, but this is a bad, sad, and pathetic way to do it.

  3. I says:

    I felt embarrassed by Miley Cyrus she was horrible, and trashy

  4. GTS says:

    Why do I give her performance, or song?

  5. Dave says:

    It was a solid performance. Good energy and everything. And I was very happy that she didn’t rely on a gimmick like she has in the past (the stupid Joe Calderone thing).

  6. Nick C says:

    I liked it better when it was called Madonna.

    • argenbill says:

      Madonna? Exactly how old are you? Why would someone in their 50s or 60s be watching the VMAs?

      • kris says:

        And why would someone who is supposed to be 28 break her hip??! Who ever heard of a 28 year old breaking their hip? What an embarrassment. Only people in their 70s or 80s break their hips. Madonna hips are in perfect shape.

        • Abby says:

          LMFAO! So true. What a joke that Madonna is the one who is “too old” but Lady Gaga is the one in a wheelchair. Lady Gaga had to cancel her tour because of a broken hip and Madonna tour becomes the biggest of all time.

          • Elizabeth says:

            but madonna is an old lady and she can’t accept it. ok? new generation, new music, madonna is past, gaga is present, and madonna makes all that gaga do, but in other way, she’s a whore old bitch, and about her hip, it was an accident, madonna can die any moment, her music isn’t the same and she look ridiculous with that clothes at her age. accept it, madonna is over, honestly

          • jestsaying says:

            wow Elizabeth. I know it’s cool to think that anyone over 20 is “over” when you’re a teenager, but just wow. Needless vile comments you’re spewing there. FYI, tweens, all of Madonna’s fans aren’t 50 or 60. And one can like newer artists while respecting the ones that came before. Madonna gets props for doing what is mostly unheard of- stretching a pop music career for DECADES. It’s funny that kids nowadays still pull out the “old fogey” card that has been happening in music since the 50s when the older generation didn’t understand rock and roll. But it’s a completely different situation today. We have an older generation that lived that and still feel relevant and cool. There isn’t as much of a disconnect between generations. But the teens don’t get that and are offended that there parents and grandparents might actually like the same music as them.

          • Mike says:

            To the teens making fun of “The Queen of Pop”, just to let you know that within a blink of an eye the “Court Jester of Pop” Lady GaGa will be playing on the oldies station and over the supermarket intercoms! I like GaGa but she will never surpass the Queen! GaGa has admitted she always wanted to be like Madonna and other artists she admired growing up, what you young fools don’t realize is that without artists like Madonna, Lady GaGa wouldn’t exist!

        • ICYNDICEY says:

          LMFAO!!! Worst…she was 26 when she “allegedly” broke her hip. I don’t ever remember hearing that Madonna ever broke her hip at 26, 36, or even 46. Lady GaGa is generic and WEAK. She is THE WELFARE MADONNA. Madonna will eat this bitch alive!

          • mmmmmmmm says:

            Gaga had a hole in her hip thats why she had to have surgery… but then again all of you people are in perfect shape right??? Gaga donated money to a 20 something having the same problem…. so its not uncommon for this age group. Also Madonna is the gargoyle with a grill now because she is confused about her age…. old lady needs to grow up

          • Karen says:

            This blog isn’t about Madonna. Those glory days are over. Unless you want to look back a couple decades. Music has changed, times have changed. Madonna used to be the queen of pop. She fell off the throne on her own. Lady Gaga is a completely different artist and totally different person and has so much more talent. She is not just a performer, but a full artist. As for the breaking the hip, why don’t you look more into why she broke it. Get a life.

          • Lola says:

            You all must be concerned for gaga since you can’t stop talking about her…

      • Nick C says:

        that went right over your head.
        I’m guessing you’re still in your teens.

      • Bellajay says:

        Because some of us still have an open mind when it comes to music, not everyone is stuck in time like you at such a young age.

        What will you be doing at 50? Still listening to GaGa??

      • Sylvia says:

        People in their 50’s and 60’s are paying their cable bill and can watch the VMAs and whatever they want to watch.

      • Ali baker says:

        Get your time periods straight…and just remember your comments like this as you age. I’m in my early 40s I didn’t watch the VMA’s but your not dead when you get older. Madonna opened the door for these young open.

  7. Jo says:

    Like watching a bad SNL skit.

    • Deena says:

      YES! The lack of blinking in the first 90 seconds was disturbing yet if I saw that parodied on SNL I would be laughing.

      Was she not singing live? It was hard to tell watching on the computer. I know she can sing so I’d be surprised if she lip-synched just so the routine would go ok.

  8. Lauren says:

    I was seriously hoping Mike Meyers was going to crash the performance and kick out with some “Sprockets”.

  9. N says:

    The audio was inconsistent. There were too many moments where she stopped singing and let the backup track take over (while pretending to sing).

  10. Itsdonn says:

    Already re-wearing the old looks.. It wasnt aweful, But someone needs to tell her to lay off the giant crazy eye face she’s making these days.. Maybe a flop album will bring her ego (and her fans) back down to earth (and yes monsters, not a single #1’s on iTunes pre-order is a flop) Madge hit #1 in over 50 countries with her “Flop”

    • Lacey says:

      Oh please gaga was singing live and is an amazing artist stop acting like Madonna is just this amazing artist she has weak vocals and has been an average performer just because gaga’s single went to number 2 you think she is going to flop please get over it Madonna didn’t always put out records that went to number 1 and of course she has more hits than gaga she has been out longer gaga is a better singer and she is an amazing pianist she studied at Juilliard do u know how hard it is to even get accepted into that school the only reason you say Madonna is better because she has been out longer if she were to come out today singing with those weak vocals I bet you would not like her stop trying to dismiss her talents

  11. PoorGaga says:

    She was boring. She’s only been in the public eye for a few years and she’s already doing throwbacks to when she was at her peak of relevancy? She’s a terrible dance.

    • Lacey says:

      She said during a interview that it was not a tribute but showing how she has evolve overtime and gaga has been out for almost 10 years and who cares if she isn’t the best dancer she said herself that she is a musician first that unlike most artist in the industry she can write and read and actually play the hell out of her piano but when she does play piano people still have to find something to complain about

    • me says:

      not good!! at all you are right!!

  12. Staci says:

    miley acted like a trashy pathetic hoe

  13. CJ says:

    I thought she was great. And after seeing Miley’s appalling performance…I appreciated Gaga’s even more.

  14. Talia says:

    Miley Cyrus performance was disgusting. She is such a horrible example for her young fans. The thought of my 12 year old niece watching that is sickening.

  15. Itsdonn says:

    Sorry Miley .. Looks like you get to be the monsters target tonight! Always deflect attention away from gag by trashing another artist. Monster rule #1..
    I think the only thing missing was her giant egg

  16. Remedy says:

    Gaga was amazing. I literally teared up with happiness watching her. I reviewed this after watching her other live performances for years now and she dd a grand job. She did great even after surgery and everything.

    • ladyCACA says:

      Sad that you teared up over CACA. And by surgery you mean her nose job, right? Sow me the scars! Ugh, she needs to go away, ugly, marginally talented, horrible lyricist. Of course she panders to the LGBT community because she knows we can make or break an artist. Too had the younger generation can’t see through her act. If the key to staying power would lie in homophobic, religious wingnut neonazis, that’s who she’d be pandering to. Wake up people, gaga is a phoney!

  17. Big D says:

    I thought the performance was terrific! Her vocals were stellar even though she was dancing so much she let the backup vocals fill in a (very) few spots. And the song is just a great song. I think it’s better than any from her last album. Great sound and she looked tight!

  18. Sally's Friend says:

    She is the poor-man’s Madonna.

  19. susan says:


    disappointed with the culture and expectations of the world we live in today. i’m more terrified of dating than i am of being shot. are these seriously the standards we live by today? disgraceful to women everywhere and we aren’t even be aware of it.

  20. Kim says:

    Miley’s performance sucked, and so did lady Gaga’s! Miley was simply disappointing and disgusting. Lady Gaga’s performance disappointed as well. Did she really think everyone would be impressed with her going behind the other singers and changing a wig and coming back out? I felt like she was taking us along on her shopping trip for wigs, and just trying on different crazy looks, of which the only one that looked good was the last one, which she must have thought so as well because she kept it on when taking a seat to watch the remainder of the awards. Very tacky! She cannot sing or dance, and she is a copycat of Madonna, and Christina Aguilera, and many others. I don’t think she knows who she is herself after all this time, and that is just sad! Madonna is a much better singer, and doesn’t repeat herself like a broken record in every song like Gaga does. Gaga simply has no class!

  21. Steve F. says:

    Wow, lots of Gaga haters… guess it must stick in your craw that the majority of voters (myself included) gave the performance an A. Then again, compared to Miley..,

  22. Jess says:

    If I hadn’t seen Miley’s performance I may have said this was bad, but compared? Holy hell. Gaga’s was kind of weird, but at least it wasn’t revolting like Miley’s. Sure it got a little too sexy when she was in a thong at the end, but it wasn’t all that bad. Her dance moves weren’t sexual. So to be fair, the performance wasn’t bad.

  23. Leo says:

    Vegas magician cirque homage.

  24. K. says:

    Well honestly I do like some of Gaga’s songs but that was just bad, then went to worst with Miley, then I was hoping for a nice reunion with NSync but only got less then a minute and it returned to what seemed to be a half an hour of Justin Timberlake, which was mostly dancing and not much singing! The whole show was a MESS!!!!!

  25. ICYNDICEY says:

    God this woman is a fu**ing joke! I couldn’t stop laughing at the beginning. She has basically become a parody of herself LMAO!

  26. Mikael says:

    People seem to not understand that Lady GaGa isn’t just a pop singer or entertainer. She sees her music as art, first and foremost. And like art, it’s subjective. People call her “weird” but that’s the whole point. The performance was great. She can sing and dance, and I’ve yet to see so many costume changes during 1 song from anyone else. I think people just love to hate whoever is popular at the time.

  27. Rhiannon says:

    I’m not even a big fan of Gaga but she nailed it! A million times better then whatever was that thing that Miley did!

  28. I loved it, I’m a fan completely. Also, no matter how many people dislike her, remember she’s rich and famous, and well you, you’re just someone who hates someone for doing something that she loves…..

  29. Tmberwuf says:

    I liked them both. Bodies looked very nice. Nice butts. Hahahaha. The rest sucked!

  30. Emily says:

    How on earth would you consider this a fail? She did good, even if you don’t like her or her songs or whatever she did fine at what she intended to do and the audience loved her. Even if you don’t like her I don’t see how she was a “fail”

  31. Jose says:

    I like better Katy Perry’s song but gaga’s performance was way better.

  32. Greg says:

    Gaga has the best voice in pop music today, imo. This performance was rather subdued and interesting, and Gaga looked fantastic!

  33. I find all the tweeny monsters dissing Madonna and OLD people hilarious, the majority of Gaga’s songs sound like they fell out of the 80s. Even this song dissed people who don’t like nostalgia, naughty monsters, naughty…lol. Gaga is just another Madonna, eminently forgettable disposable music forgotten in a year.

    • Lola says:

      @Jill have you even listened to the entire BTW album?! Or her other albums? What songs sounds like the 80s? Have you listened to govt hooker? Heavy metal lover? Teeth? Monster? Sheisse? So happy I could die? Bloody Mary?? I guess not. You only heard born this way and you all are saying how she “copies madonna”. Their music is nowhere near identic. For those who say gaga was better when fame album came out, she is actually getting better. Not every single song on fame was all that great. When fame monster came out, I was astonished. And BTW, couldn’t get any better. So how about you stop talking all that crap without giving music a chance.

    • lyra says:

      I am sorry but to even compare Madonna and gaga is just wrong. Madonna in the 80s was amazing. But her gimmicks, plastic surgery killed her. Gaga is amazing when it comes to the fact that she is focused on art. She isn’t just singing. She changed the pop industry and while I’m not a huge fan I can see that she does have talent. Even bringing Miley up with these two should be a crime. Lastly I think it’s a pity that one of the only good things that came out of the 90s music (NSYNC) happened to come on when I want in the room to see it.

  34. amber says:

    I think everyone should stop comparing lady gaga to Madonna 2 different people with 2 different careers lady gaga is not generic and she is a good artist Madonna is too both are great they don’t need to take away from each other’s careers that have nothing to do with eachother give opinions on lady gaga herself not as her compared to what Madonna could’ve done better or worse

    • Lola says:

      I completely agree with you. I don’t really see much of a resemblance in their music. I used to be a fan of Madonna but no longer. Anyway that’s not important. They are both great entertainers and artists but ppl only started comparing the two over one song (born this way). After that, all you hear them say repetitiously, “Madonna wannabe, Madonna copycat, etc”. If ppl actually listened to BTW album, they will be amazed. You will definitely see a difference between these two artists. Why can’t ppl just shut up and enjoy the music!

      • Mike says:

        Lola, get your head out of GaGa’s ass! Your not her publicity agent! Your only making yourself look like a fool!

        • Lola says:

          @mike you’re the fool for even googling lady gaga whom you have no interest in. I don’t understand why you’re even here??! YOU must have something up your ass to be this offended. I believe I never said anything to you nor addressed anything to you. If you like madonna, take your hate elsewhere!

  35. Alex says:

    super!! I loved it!! THE FAME 2009 + ARTPOP 2013. Finally it feminine, but not crazy!! Welcome back!!

  36. Lola says:

    You all sound so immature! Gaga was great! In my opinion. If you don’t like lady gaga, then why keep coming back for her music?! Haters are motivators <3

  37. I think that both Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus realize they truly have no talent except for wearing strange clothing, changing it frequently and doing stripper dances. And so that’s what they do, to cover up the fact that they are basically talentless. A truly talented person who respects their self doesn’t have to stoop to the low level that these two obviously do. They are both willing to use sex and gimmicks for attention, which is pathetic. Using Illuminati hand symbols to try to appear “cool”, and blah, blah, blah. Same ole stuff, it gets boring.

  38. Also, what Lady Gaga did here is become irrelevant in our day. Obviously, she tries to do just as Madonna did, she starts out in a Nun’s outfit (Madonna was Catholic) then she ends up in an Aphrodite type outfit, in a bikini, basically almost naked.

    Her Nun outfit had a “square” head, meaning people are “prudes” if they are Christians and that they ought to “free” themselves and get naked, with no morality. “Yawn”.. this is the same rigamarole that Madonna did.

    The problem with this is not only that its disgusting and immoral, but that it is become IRRELEVANT! Women ALREADY run around half naked today, hello?

    Lady Gaga is trying to copy Madonna from back when people were trying to con other people into this “let’s all just make love and be free and run around naked and discard GOD from our lives” bit… well stupid, they already HAVE done that now. Things are just about as immoral now as they can get. Oh yeah except now Miley Cyrus does her strip tease show on TV.

    I guess they won’t be happy unless and until everyone is literally running around naked and acting like a dog in heat, with a married man like Miley Cyrus was doing.

    Its disgusting. Not to mention boring and getting OLD.

    That’s why now they have to resort to throwing up the Illuminati hand symbols. It used to be in the Hippie days that people rebelled AGAINST the Government and the “Establishment”. Now in order to appear to be “cool” these so-called “Artists” feel they have to act “rebellious” by doing the complete opposite and acting like they are FOR the Government and the New World Order etc.

    Pretty soon, there will be nothing even left for them to try to out-shock people with. It’s all become so boring and predictable. It just shows how ridiculous, stupid and immoral people have become in our day, that they would think that all of this is somehow “entertainment”.

    I want Jesus to come soon, this World can hardly sink any lower.

    • Gina Dolores says:

      Finally, someone who sees the bigger picture! At this point, I’m trying to figure out what’s next- you already have artists joining (or pretending) the “Illuminati” like it’s a club. Lady Gaga is no longer shocking and Miley is a desperate flunkie. What else is new? People want to be entertained so badly they will argue and fight about or praise an artist, not realizing that all they are doing is promoting them. Stop discussing someone else’s life and live your own.

    • Lola says:

      @Claudia. The problem with you people these days is you judge an artist on their appearance. I feel like people just love to hate gaga but look around every artist is actually taking someone else’s style or form of music and making it their own. She wears clothes that may seem abnormal in the society. Wouldn’t the society seem boring if we all wore the same clothing. We all are meant to be different and to express ourselves through any form. There is nothing wrong with taking something from another artist and appreciating it by keeping it in remembrance or recognition. Gaga is actually a good person. She does many positive things which makes her a descent human being. If you haven’t heard, she stood up for one direction at the vmas. She said some praising words to them to keep their heads lifted. Although I do not like one direction, Madonna, or Justin bieber, but I don’t bash them at all. You’d think if you dislike someone you wouldn’t slam them for their success OR not give any care about them. And you talk about Jesus showing up…I’m no person to judge but what do you think Jesus would think of you criticizing other people? I know I’m not perfect but I stick up for the greater good.

      • Mike says:

        Isn’t Madonna’s daughter named Lola? LOL You were bashing Madonna in above comments *HYPOCRITE*

        • Lola says:

          @mike When the hell did I ever bash Madonna?!! Wtf!!! All I said was I’m no longer a fan of her and that born this way doesn’t sound identic to express yourself. You obviously read someone else’s comments. Some of her music is cool and I still listen to Madonna to this day but I just don’t like her as an artist/person. You truly don’t know me. And Lola is a made up name. But that’s not the point. The point is I like gaga and I came here bcus I wanted to read the article bcus this person is relevant to me. Yes, I read some of the comments and was offended the same as you are obviously. Can I ask you why you are here?

  39. DJ says:

    I’ve been around since Madonna’s prime and I can safely say that Madonna could never have opened the VMAs with an acapella performance like that, no way. Her vocals were her weakest attribute but she made up for it with sheer showmanship, brilliance and charisma. That being said, I thought Lady Gaga was absolutely amazing. And anyone who says differently has no idea what it takes to pull off a live performance like that with so many costume changes whilst performing dance moves at the same time, all while singing. It was spectacular. Madonna was great but her time is past.

  40. John B says:

    The only thing OLD and TIRED was Lady Gagas performance. It’s already irrelevant.

    ….except to little monsters (aka the types of kids that are losers or victim mentality or attention seekers in school and annoyed everyone)