Kimberly McCullough Returning to General Hospital -- But for How Long?

General Hospital Robin ReturningAs anticipated by Jason Thompson in a recent TVLine interview, Kimberly McCullough will reprise her role as General Hospital‘s Robin, sometime this fall.

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“Robin is such an important part of the history of General Hospital,” show boss Frank Valentini told Soap Opera Digest, which broke the news. “It will be so wonderful to see her come back and what that effect will have on the canvas.”

And an effect she will have. Digest notes that McCullough isn’t back for a cup of coffee but is in fact back on contract — paving the way for all kinds of storyline repercussions. Especially since various characters are searching for Jerry Jacks, who — unbeknownst to anyone — is holding the presumed-dead Robin captive. Plus, there’s the whole pregnant Britt sitch to sort out.

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Weighing in on his leading lady’s possible return, Thompson told us earlier this month, “Selfishly, I hope it happens. I love working with Kimberly, We had a great relationship for six, seven years, and it’d be fun to do another story.”

Are you thrilled to have Robin return to her Port Charles nest?

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  1. Mike says:

    Actually Matt, Britt is the one that’s pregnant(her mother is working with Jerry to hold Robin hostage) with Patrick’s baby(well, it’s not actually his, but he doesn’t know that). Sabrina’s his new girlfriend. That makes for an even bigger mess if/when Robin is found alive

  2. Dani says:

    Awesome!!!! I hope Sebastian Roché makes a comeback too. He plays evil sooo good.

  3. Robin says:

    I am extremely excited! I will be cautiously optimistic about the story. I hope GH showcases the chemistry and bond between Jason and Kimberly and writes a story that focuses on the great love story of this amazing couple, Patrick & Robin! Robin has Patrick’s heart. No one who watched their story would ever believe that Patrick would choose any woman over Robi. Never.

    • meme says:

      Uhhh, he already has. Didn’t he cheat on her?

      • MG says:

        He did cheat on her after she totally blew him and her marriage off for quite some time … She took off left him and her kid changed her name and looked for someone else

        • Meredith says:

          I don’t think it happened exactly like that. Didn’t she leave because Lisa switched out her HIV meds and she started getting sick again and didn’t want Patrick and Emma to see her die?

          • heyang says:

            She was weirding out due to Post Partum Depression.

            Patrick did cheat on her with Lisa and that was his own mistake. While Robin was out of town, she kept on reminding Patrick of the ‘old days’ and challenging him to not be a good guy.

            After Robin found out (because Lisa was going Fatal Attraction), she and Patrick did separate, but eventually reconciled.

          • heyang says:

            Lisa didn’t switch out her medication. Robin’s protocol started becoming less effective and Robin paniced. A different protocol wasn’t working; so, she paniced some more – that’s when she made the video messages. Eventually, Patrick found out and she got on a new protocol that worked. they were happy. Then the explosion occured in the lab while Robin was trying to find a cure for Jason and Robin was presumed dead.

        • Meg says:

          Robin was working at an AIDS clinic in Africa and Patrick slept with Lisa after getting drunk with her one night.

          • TJS says:

            That’s horrible.

          • Meg says:

            I mean, to be fair, that’s the shortest summary I could have done.

            Things were tense between Robin & Patrick when Lisa came to town. Lisa was Patrick’s college “girlfriend.” Lisa was in love with Patrick, but he was a huge player and she was never anything more than someone to sleep with. Lisa was trying to get with Patrick for months, and Robin up and went to Africa to work with people with HIV/AIDS without fully discussing it with Patrick. He was upset, got drunk with Lisa, and then slept with her.

          • Laurie says:

            Lisa did break into Robin and Patrick’s home and we saw her switch out her meds.

        • heyang says:

          No, when she ‘blew off’ her marriage, she was suffering POST PARTUM DEPRESSION. Patrick spotted her going into a hotel room with another guy, but she never actually did anything more than make out with the guy. She stopped because she loved Patrick and went home to him and got treated for her depression.

        • virgie moore-davis says:

          So, okay, this is the ultimately perfect couple (soulmates, right?) she cheated on him, and he on her, so much chemistry, etc, etc, etc. The women (Kim — says she is leaving forever, or at least for a long time — I love the fairlytale (cinderella storyline) — he has moved on because the woman says she is not coming back for a long time, so I fall in love with patrina and forget about scrubs, am I wrong for that; oh but now the women is coming back full-time…wtf? I am so sad – love my patrina!!! I feel like I have lost a friend & I feel so betrayed! Wow! Epic! I want Patrina!!! I love my patrina — why would you make me fall in love with them and then take them away from me with all of the baby drama, so – what? My heart is broking for my Sabrina! RC. I really hopes this plays out for my Sabrina in a positive manner — Boris Kodjoe! – YEAH!!!

          • Used2luvgh says:

            Okay, was a little tipsy, please read between the lines with all of the typos…wtf…my heart is breaking…woman…not women – wth? Got me all upset! I want Patrina!!!

      • Used2luvgh says:

        Thank you, MeMe! He is far from perfect, and neither is she, for that matter!!!

    • Used2luvgh says:

      Not true!

  4. Robin says:

    I am extremely excited! I will be cautiously optimistic about the story. I hope GH showcases the chemistry and bond between Jason and Kimberly and writes a story that focuses on the great love story of this amazing couple, Patrick & Robin! Robin has Patrick’s heart. No one who watched their story would ever believe that Patrick would choose any woman over Robin. Never.
    Comment by Robin – August 22, 2013 08:13 AM PDT REPLY TO THIS POST

  5. alistaircrane says:

    I hope this means Tristan Rogers will be returning soon as Robert. Sorry Duke, but Anna belongs with Robert.

    • Dani says:

      Robert belongs with Holly. Always has, always will. Anna and Robert were just good as exes who share a child. Never saw any romance between them. Not even when they tried to pair them shortly before their exit in the very early 90s.

    • virgie moore-davis says:

      I agree with you to an extend, I want Tristan Rogers back, but, he belongs with Holly, and Anna belongs with Duke, and I hope Sabrina is having Patrick’s baby, for realz!

    • robinisluv says:

      Agreed! Robert and Anna are soul mates. Gloria Monty created the character of Anna to be the perfect match for Robert, and she is. Duke and Anna were mostly miserable together because of all his lying. Robert and Holly’s marriage fell apart once they left town. Duke and Holly are great loves on RNA’s journey back to each other. Robert, Anna & Robin were always family and belong together.

  6. C says:

    Smell ya later, Sabrina!

  7. Poppy says:

    YES!!! This makes me so happy!! I really don’t like the relationship between Sabrina and Patrick. They are the most boring couple to watch, no chemistry in my opinion. It will be interesting to see what happens when Robin comes home!

    • Julie says:

      Totally agree! I don’t dislike Sabrina (I really don’t care about the character one way or another) but the whole relationship seems forced to me. She seems like a teenager compared to him. I hate the whole ugly duckling storyline with her. Their relationship has made me realize how much I actually missed Robin.

    • Used2luvgh says:

      You got it wrong, Patrick and Robin are sooooooooooo boriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig!!! Well I won’t find out, because, the day she comes back is the day I stop watching. lmao not, really crying inside. DAMN, wtf.

    • virgie moore-davis says:

      Totally disagree. Apparently, you haven’t seen what I see with Patrina, probably, what I haven’t seen with shrubs (they sucks, in my opinion). I really don’t think you guys have really given patrina a chance, they really warm my heart in an epic way — love, love, love them, and if you don’t do right by Sabrina, (TC) go where you are appreciated, cuz, if they don’t appreciate you at gh, there are always more options? Let me just say this, the things that JT are saying are outlandish, plz come back to earth JT, you want things to blow up in sabrina and Felix’s face because its none of their business — true that, but, you sound stupid, get out of your character (patrick) put the blame where it belongs, Ron C… what?

    • Kristin T. says:

      Amen to this. I like Sabrina overall, but with Patrick. BORING! Robin and Patrick had it all…so so glad Kim McCullough is coming back and bringing Robin with her!

  8. wrstlgirl says:

    Finally!! We need Robin back for Patrick and Emma, in whatever capacity. Patrick and Sabrina are just creepy together and the Britch pregnancy story is stupid. The sooner this is over the better.

    • Used2luvgh says:

      Why are they creepy to you? Here, we have a twentysomething year old beautiful woman, yeah, I know she looks young (must be the water she is drinking and maybe you should have some) and a thirtysomething year old man. How is that creepy? Patrick and Robin are so BORRRRIIIINNNG!!! Really wish she had died in that blast!!! I want Patrina!!!

  9. meme says:

    Putting on the teflon suit to say I’ve always HATED Robin. She’s a sanctimonious beyotch.

  10. Hilary says:

    Finally, now I can watch the show again! Hello Scrubs, GOODBYE Sabrina!!!!

  11. Adios Sabrina…. It’s about time they got this to work. Scrubs will be back. Emma gets her mother and Patrick gets his wife back. This made my week! The Scorpio-Devane-Jones-Drake clan will be reunited!!!! I can’t wait for this to happen!

  12. Tom says:

    I am thrilled for Kimberly to return. Robin is a big part of GH history. Robin and Patrick were not a forced pairing but a realistic natural pairing that viewers got hooked on because of the actors amazing chemistry the actors Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson have that drew you in. I just need this writer RC to forget his pet nurse Sabrina (it is very obvious the head writer RC is pushing the propped princess nurse) who got slanted heavy handed writing to work. The nurse still doesn’t work because they rewrote the Patrick character and others like Britt so evil just to fit the pet nurse. The real Patrick would never have stopped looking for Robin. Would have investigated Emma’s phone call and Ewen’s mention of Jerry Jaxs. This writer need to write true to the LOVE story which is Robin and Patrick. Robin is Patrick’s soulmate and love of his life. It will always be Robin and Patrick. Robin deserves to come back to her husband proving how much he miss her and her daughter waiting for her mommy. I need Robin to tell the nurse where to go and get her family back. Not falling for propped nurse standing aside. This is not about her, but about Robin and Patrick and their never ending LOVE!

    • Ronnie says:

      Respectfully, you sound ridiculous. What do you mean Pateick would never stop looking for her? He was there when she “died” and saw a dead body! If you lost someone you loved and saw a body right where he or she died, why on earth would you still be looking? It was more believable that Anna kept looking. I do agree that Robin and Patrick belong together, though, and I think that after the initial awkwardness/triangle with Sabrina, she and Robin could actually be good friends. They’re both goody-two-shoes and have the same friends in common.

      • Mary says:

        Actually he was there when the room exploded but he never saw the body. If I remember correctly Robert was the only one to look at the body. Anyway, I am glad that she is coming back
        but I do feel sorry for Sabrina, but I think she will step aside because she knows Robin is Patrick’s
        true love. I just hope the Brit story line is wrapped up getting tedious. I believe the baby will end up being LuLu.

        • meme says:

          But still, Patrick was supposed to investigate Emma’s phone call? A 4-year-old tells daddy she talked to her dead mommy on the phone. She’d probably “talked” to Big Bird and Princess Jasmine that day, too.

        • heyang says:

          Other than it being a soap opera, there was no reason for anyone to suspect that Robin survived the explosion. Patrick saw her trapped in the room. When he ran to try to find something to break the glass, she was snatched and a body substituted. Then he saw the explosion. They found a body and it was presumed it was hers. Robert saw a burnt body. Don’t know if DNA or dental records were checked since there was no reason to suspect that it wasn’t Robin.

          Anna and Robert only looked because someone told them that Robin might still be alive. Given their own history fo returning from the dead, they would look. However, no one told Patrick.

          So, when Emma talked to Mommy, he just naturally assumed it was make believe. He’s not at fault.

          Sabrina’s got no storyline without Patrick. I’d be surprised fi Robin and Patrick reunited immediately – Robin could be brainwashed or traumatized by now and it’ll take a whle for them to get back together, but I’m sure they will eventually unless either Kim or Jason aren’t staying long term. Kim did sign a contract but no mention of length.

          • Used2luvgh says:

            Thank you, its a soap people! Time for me to watch another soap, like Days of Our Lives, for realz!

          • Used2luvgh says:

            Disagree, Sabrina does have a story line without Patrick…hoping they turn Felix straight!!!

      • Used2luvgh says:

        If they r so in love y did Robin mistreat him, and then go off to Africa, and y did Patrick cheat on her with a diabolical psycho? Huh?

    • Used2luvgh says:

      ROBIN SUCKS IN AN EPIC WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Barnabus says:

    Can we please get Faison back as well to help finish this storyline? I love Faison and Anna! Faison needs some scenes with his daughter and ze evil mutter as well…

  14. tiffany says:

    Jumping on my couch like Tom cruise.

  15. Wendy says:

    Thank God. Maybe Patrick can look alive again and Robin can deprogram him and their child – who, thanks to Sabrina and her pal, Felix, now pseudo swears and talks about “hooking up” – from their year-long nightmare. As for Sabrina, may she drown in her tears – and no one misses her.

  16. Joe Petitjean says:

    All i have to say is Happy days are again. GH50

  17. heyang says:

    I’ thrilled! Just hope she’s not lurking for weeks.

    • Used2luvgh says:

      I really don’t care what happens to the biotch, I am done with this freaking drama! Tried to love Patrina, still love Sabrina, yeah, I do!!!

  18. Apres Ski says:

    And what if the writers decide the new girlfriend/nurse, Sabrina should get pregnant for real after Patrick goes back to Robin??? I love soaps!!! ROTFLOL!!!

  19. TVPeong says:

    On a slightly unrelated note. How great was it to have Georgie back again. I cried in today’s episode especially when she kissed Felicia and Mac.

  20. Christine says:

    Robin’s return has me really excited. It’ll be wonderful to see Patrick and Robin reunite. I’ll definitely be watching :)

  21. Mare says:

    Awesome, so glad to see the return of my absolute favorite soap character of all time!! WELCOME BACK, KIMBERLY AND ROBIN!

  22. Jessica says:

    Matt, it’s no longer just plain Britt, she will always now be proclaimed “The Britch”. Thanks Felix! ;)

  23. Used2luvgh says:

    To: JT, instead of getting upset with TC and MAS, regarding their script (which is totally idiotic) – why not be upset with Ron C. and his staff for giving them those lines. I am sure they don’t ab-lib, well maybe Felix/Marc Anthony Samuel does. Do you know how crazy you sounded, maybe you were still in character, well at least, I hope so!

    • Used2luvgh says:

      Sorry, was drowning myself in sorrow, just noticed all of the typos – what? should have stated,
      To JT, instead of getting upset with TC and MAS, regarding their script, why not be upset with Ron C. and his staff for giving those lines. I am sure they don’t ad-lib…

  24. Carmen says:

    Seriously, Patrick’s storyline with Sabrina has been a clunker. I don’t think the actor is even engaged in his scenes, and compared to the fire he used to have before it’s just sad. So happy Robin’s coming back!

    • saadd says:

      Its true that JT hasn’t been engaged in his scenes for about a month, like he was in the beginning, up until the middle of July (very unprofessional) — I truly used to love Patrina — not so much anymore. Patrick doesn’t deserve Sabrina! If they keep Sabrina, a hot latin lover would be fabulous for her.

  25. virgie moore-davis says:

    Sorry, but, I love a good fairytale, thanks Kim, not! Boris kodjoe, gorgeous, gorgeous, what, yeah gorgeous!

  26. Anonymous says:

    If Robin stays on permanently then I am for her comeback, but if she is not staying then I want Sabrina to be with Emma and Patrick. They have dragged out this story about Robin too long.

    • Used2luvgh says:

      I wish everyone had gotten together to discuss the what ifs, but, Kim made it seemingly abundantly clear that she wasn’t coming back anytime soon (classic never say never scenario) — ok so now she is coming back, but I really don’t want her, Kim, I fell deeply in love with Sabrina. Oh, WTF, I love Sabrina, used to LOVE PATRINA, not feeling Patrick these days!!!

  27. Karen says:

    Yay finally a reason to watch again I llove patrick and robin togther i cant stand patrick and sabrina

  28. Karen D says:

    I would love to see Robert and Holly back together. They belong together, just like Luke & Laura. I think of them as GH’s good old days-they were both super-couples in their own ways.

  29. GH Dedicated says:

    Lisa did switch Robins meds. Also Sabrina is way outta Patricks league. Really the babysitter thing is played out. Also what is with Patrick and these stalkers. Lisa, Britch. Wow. Robin is great with Patrick but I bet she will let him be with Sabrina and he will pine after her. OLTL writers are predictable they are bringing those old story lines to GH

  30. Louise says:

    Please keep a good ending for Sabrina, when Robin comes back to Patrick & Emma.Hope Sabrina find love again and don’t ever get rid of her.She’s a fantastic actress & we adore her.If you want to fire someone, fire Britt the witch, instead.One more thing: What the hell are the producers doing by bringing back Laura, Duke, Holly, Felicia, Scott, Lucy, Shawn, Kevin. .etc.Fire them all.We’re in 2013 and we don’t need old actors back.If the ratings go down, then you’ll know why…

  31. groman216 says:

    Think about this robins protocol failed she had a yr at best to live so she comes back patrick goes back to her then she gets sick n dies this time what is the point of bringing her back if shes just going to die then we have the funeral all over again I think they should leave it as is I like sabrina for patrick better

  32. jenn says:

    Yes Robin left. N went to i believe seattle when she thought she was dying from her HIV.. But came back. Yes Lisa did switch her Hiv meds when she came back.. Good old Brother in-law Matt ended up killing Lisa

  33. millicent says:

    yes robin is coming back cant wait to see her again and i cant wait for her to reunite with her family of coruse everyone think she was dead but am so happy she is coming back to her husbund and child

  34. millicent says:

    i love robin and patrick togather that the reason i watch gh cant wait to see them

  35. sue says:

    Cannot stand Robin!

  36. Jessica says:

    Cannot wait for her return. JT just seems these days not enjoying his storyline at all. He always looks like when he with Sabrina that he rather be anywhere else. He just seems bored. Emma needs her mommy and not a child like babysitter

  37. Patty says:

    Have been watching GH since the 90’s. Couldn’t stand the character of Robin as a child, teenager, young adult, and especially, could need not stomach her as the love of Patrick’s life. Was so glad when that entire era had come to an end. I truly enjoy the chemistry between Patrick and Sabria. Especially like the way that all three, he, Sabria and Emma
    interact as a family. Really hoping Sabrina gets pregnant with Patrick’s baby beford Robin’s return. Hopefully, her GH visit will be extremely short!! When this actress left, indicating she was off to greener pastures, I was glad to see her go, but genuinly feared she’d be back for lack of work. IMO, she is not a good actress!! A few additional side notes. One, so ready for the truth to come out to EVERYONE about Maxie and Spinelle’s baby. I think he’s going to make such a wonderful father and to cheat his character out this time with his infant daughter is very poor writing. Just by the nature of the development of this character’s personality since his apperance on the scene, it always seems he’s had to suffer for the good of others, but come on–it’s his daughter!! Secondly, not at all liking this new LuLu. Evertime shs speaks it hurts my ears. Sounds so rehearsed and fake. Lastly, I’m liking the Silas/Sam possibilities. Anxious to see how their chemistry plays out.

  38. Anonymous says:

    I want and hope that Patrick and Sabrina do get married and Robin does not interfere. I am seriously leaning toward not watching General Hospital anymore if Robin gets back together with Patrick. Believe me that’s how strongly I feel and I have been watching General Hospital for many many years.

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  40. t hill says:

    Robin needs TO hurry up and come back TO Patrick . It has been dragged out TO long. Robin needs TO stop the wedding Emma runs TO her mommie. SABRINA gets back with Carlos after Felix and everyone helps comfort her broken heart. I think Robin and Patrick are a great posed couple just like robin parents are and we’re back in the day.

  41. LINDA says:

    all i can say is,,,,,,,,,,,,,COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Susan says:

    I was watching gh since i was 5 or so weird how they could die and come back to life again. you get so use to the characters and then they change them I watch them grow up the some of the same characters now then changing them if robin Goss of the air I want watch it

  43. Aline says:

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  44. sandra says:

    yes yes yes now when will jason come back please soon and let it be the same one please please , billie belongs on y&r ,taker phyllis away and fine someone nicer,

  45. Ivonne says:

    Of course I love Robin and she belongs with Patrick match made in heaven please keep them together.

  46. jessica crosby says:

    oh yes! she has been missed so something awful.