Mistresses' Big Finish Scores Earlier Time Slot

JES MACALLAN, YUNJIN KIM, ALYSSA MILANOApril may want to mark down more of her showroom furniture, because Mistresses is getting ready for a move.

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The frothy ABC drama, which currently airs at 10/9c on Mondays — opposite CBS’ buzzy Under the Dome — will relocate to the far more attractive 9 pm slot starting this coming week, TVLine has learned.

The final two episodes of Mistresses‘ freshman season will then unspool in the same time slot, on Sept. 2 and 9 (followed at 10 pm by encore episodes of Castle).

Short of pulling the trigger on a Season 2 pick-up just yet, ABC recently extended the options on Mistresses‘ core cast through the end of September, TVLine previously reported.

Will you follow Mistresses to 9 o’clock? Are you hoping for a Season 2?

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  1. Beatrice Sherman says:

    will be watching at 9pm Monday please a 2nd season

  2. Wrstlgirl says:

    I’ll definitely be there!

  3. Bren says:

    Just go on renew for second season already, this show is awesome!!

  4. DavidSask says:

    Its a nice summer soap, no reason not to renew!

  5. Jocelyn Russell says:

    Love the show!!! Please have a season 2…

  6. Dave says:

    Yunjin Kim’s talent is being wasted on this show. If you’ve only ever seen her in Mistresses you’d think she’s a bad actress. But she’s fantastic. I want her to move on to something worthy of her.

    • Luther says:

      Actually a good actress can make bad material look decent. I think its time to face that she’s just an awful actress, even if she was seemingly good in something else.

      • Julie says:

        Disagree with both of you. Yunjin.p Kim – love her here and loved heron LOST. She’s not a terrible actress and her talent isn’t being wasted here. It’s just a completely different role than Sun on LOST.

    • Kimberly says:

      She’s just not sexy enough as a main cast, I can think of many other sexy Asian actress for this part

  7. Yes and yes. It’s a guilty pleasure and a pretty decent translation of the UK original.

  8. cuius says:

    ABC seems to be doing everything possible to ensure they don’t need to renew this – first the hiatus, now changing the start time. Who runs these networks?

  9. GeoDiva says:

    Of course I’ll follow it to 9pm….how else can watch the Karen Kim trainwreck!?!

  10. Marilyn says:

    Yes I will be watching.

  11. Cherry says:

    This is the best show of the summer it NEEDS to be renewed. It needs to be kept as a summer show too

  12. SK says:

    Yes! I’m happy it’s moving to the 9p time slot. I can watch it live now. Please renew already! Love the show!

  13. Iakovos says:

    Of course, will follow to 9 PM. My works schedule make 10 o’clock viewing difficult. I wish the better shows would go on at 9. ABC should order a secodn season of MISTRESSES. It was excellent summer viewing. And if the web is smart, they should return it sometime during the main season for a reintroduction, even in a post-football Saturday time slot or on Fridays. It would be a new show to many folks and good for those who began watching late in the game.

  14. Ian says:

    They have to renew this show. It’s simply addictive.

  15. Bobbi says:

    Yes, I’ll follow them and yes, I definitely want a second season. GREAT summertime entertainment!

  16. sarah says:

    I love this show and know others that do too! Please renew!

  17. hajni says:

    yep. wil be there

  18. Katalin Nagy says:

    Please continue the show! It’s amazing!!!

  19. Ram510 says:

    YES!!!!!! It should’ve came back this week at 9 and had a Shark Tank lead in instead of Castle. I wish it had been coming on at 9, that would’ve helped my dilemma between Under the Dome, Teen Wolf and Siberia. Can’t wait!

  20. TIFFANY says:


  21. Waterspout says:


  22. Demilu says:

    I LOVE this show! Please give us a 2nd season!!

  23. Michelle says:

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! I will follow it anywhere. I want many more seasons of it.

  24. Michelle says:

    2nd season please please please

  25. Stevina says:

    Please another season.. I will continue to watch.. Love the drama

  26. What is ABC doing to this show? Hiatus…schedule change late in episodes? C’mon renew it and leave it alone. 9 pm it is!

  27. Donna says:

    Renew!!! Great show! Absolutely love it.. look forward to it every week.. great plots, great characters.. Renew ABC!!!

  28. Fran says:

    Please renew this show!!! I love it!! It is great!

  29. deb says:

    omg this is the best show… keeps you wanting more. I think the actors are phenomenal especially hottie “Harry” lets move on to next season pretty please!

  30. Kash says:

    What an awesome show- so glad I discovered it!!! I hope it gets renewed! If it does not, I hope another network picks it up. A guilty pleasure I look very forward too weekly. Please do not take one of my favorites shows away!

  31. Tabby says:

    Its the best show on these days, I’m always anxiously waiting for next week, every week until the next time it comes on. Keeps you wanting more. I am so addicted to this show! love it. Please renew it, second season please! every episode keeps getting better and better. Its the new and improved desperate housewives. Its even better I think. Love the show and the cast. every Adult needs me time and this is the show without watching shows with your children and watching cartoons with with your children.

  32. Tabby says:

    of course I will. I will always watch this show! I always look forward to this show every week!!
    Please renew mistress!! Its my favorite show! barley nothing can compare to this show!!

  33. lisa manning says:

    THIS is the ONLY show I watch on ABC !!! please freaking confirm the renewal of SEASON 2 ALREADY gosh!!!!

  34. violet maria says:

    I wish I’d known it was at 9:00 … Very upset when I tuned in at 10:00!!!

  35. Ana says:

    I would watch it at any time. It is the best show in a very long time!!!!!!!!

  36. shawn says:

    Of course. .. and I don’t care what time it comes on because If I miss it I am sure to pick it up on demand!

  37. Regina says:

    Please renew.

  38. Jeanette says:

    This show must be renewed!

  39. Heather says:

    My sister and I have girls night on Mondays now:) We love Mistresses. Awesome show! Def needs to come back a 2nd season. Would be very disappointing if it didn’t:( We will watch/dvr any day any time if comes back at different time slot! Red widow was awesome too, so sad that one didn’t make 2nd season. ABC please DO NOT disappoint!!! Bring back Mistresses!!!!

  40. Laura Oneal says:

    Please please please bring Mistresses back! I don’t care what time you air it I will be watching! So addictive and all my friends love it too!

  41. lynze says:

    Renew or dieeeee

  42. Monica says:

    Love this show! I look forward to watching it every week. I’ll be disappointed if there is no second season. Please please renew!

  43. Cassandra Haro says:

    I love this show!! It is to die for! Please renew the show 😃

  44. R K says:

    You HAVE TO HAVE a SEASON 2!!!

  45. Pam Harris says:

    Have anyone heard anything yet on if ABC will renew or not? I sure hope so!

  46. Dee says:

    I would like to see this show renewed. How else will we know who the father of Savi’s child is?

  47. LLS33 says:

    I looooove this show! Please please make a season 2!

  48. Elyse says:

    Love love this show…hope we get another season

  49. Buffie says:

    Love the show!!!! we need a 2nd season

  50. Michelle Walster says:

    Mistresses has the potential to be a success like Greys anatomy. Great characters and show. I just got all my friends hooked!!! Please ABC give it a chance!