MasterChef Exclusive First Look: Prepare for the 'Nightmare' That Is Restaurant Takeover!

“That kind of challenge can turn into a nightmare episode,” says MasterChef taskmaster Gordon Ramsay, regarding this Wednesday’s “Restaurant Takeover” installment (9/8c on Fox) — set at Wolfgang Puck’s swanky WP24 in Los Angeles. But the wry smile on Ramsay’s face in the following exclusive preview video is a reminder that the contestants’ fresh hell can be heaven for the viewing audience. 

Indeed, it looks like there’ll be meltdowns galore as a scallop sui mai arrives totally raw at one patron’s table, while another group of diners heads for the exit after waiting too long for their dishes.

Oh sure, there are probably culinary triumphs for some members of the Season 4 Top 6, but in the end, the pressure of re-create some of the restaurant’s most popular dishes under brutal time contstraints will lead to an inevitable elimination.

Watch the sneak peek below, then make your predictions about who will and who should be axed this week!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Can we not just get rid of Krissi already?!

  2. Marcie says:

    Boy will I second that!

  3. Name That Tune says:

    So the real story of Master Chef season 4 is the editorial snafu that occurred during episodes 1& 3. Opening sequence of the show: Paula Deen is driving a tractor towards 5 people standing in the road. You can clearly identify the 5 people. Who’s not one of the 5 people? Bri. When is this episode going to be shown? Next week. When the top 5 compete. So tonight we say goodbye to Bri. The actress who has been playing at being a vegetarian.

    And Krissi makes the top 5.

  4. Rose says:

    i was truly disappointed in watching tonight
    #1 another 1hr recap of last wks drama
    #2 get rid of the eye roller just to keep the drama
    sad but hoping things will be different next wk…ty :)

  5. ksandberg says:

    will FOX still air the Paula Deen episode? i saw the final 6 tonight, and the teaser for next week didn’t show Paula at all…. did they edit her out? or did they go as far as to reshoot the entire episode?

    ps – the sooner krissi is gone the better… it’s a shame the judges keep her around for the so-called drama.. but she’s a horrible person and there’s no way Masterchef brand will put her face on one of their cookbooks…

    • Name That Tune says:

      They’re doing what they can to minimize the episode. Next week is a two hour episode listed as Part One and Part Two. The first part is the MB challenge featuring the judges’ sons. Which is what they promo’d last night. Part Two: The contestants visit “a ranch”. They’re avoiding calling it Paula’s ranch. But we saw the ranch in the opening sequence of episodes 1 & 3.

  6. josh says:

    Krissy is the best. She kicked ass tonight and WILL be the next masterchef !!!!!! woop woop go Krissy you got this

  7. Chef Ramsey Super Fan says:

    Anyone who flings marinara sauce off of a spoon at other contestants because she’s a big baby doesn’t deserve to be in the top five! It’s okay for her to laugh and stand up there and say nasty comments, but if someone does it to her, she is so rude. The eye rolling is so immature!! Please get Krissi off the show!! She should have been gone way before Jordan!

  8. Luca has certainly become a no.1 contender for the title and I hope he gets it. His determination and good manners alone set him apart from the rest, Luca to win MC4 for me

  9. ralph says:

    Glad bri is gone fake ass vegan no one cooks meat that good and never eat it

  10. Matti says:

    why do the judges break so many plates? Makes me cringe everytime i watch. I mean giving the contestants attitude is one thing, but why break so many plates? I mean do they have NO respect for all the people out there who cannot afford things like that? Give the darn plates to charity or something!!! SOOO many plates, especially in that eggs episode. SOOO sooo bad. They, indivdually might be charitable people, but why do they need to do that for the sake of the show and throw that in people’s faces.Plate breaking gets higher ratings??? Grrrrr… please stop.. sincere fan.