True Blood Scoop: Alexander Skarsgard's Season 7 Fate Revealed! Plus -- EP Talks That Nude Scene, Bill-Sookie-Alcide Triangle and More

Alexander Skarsgard Leaving True BloodAlthough I know all you True Blood fans are all still busy mourning Eric’s (apparent) demise, I suspect you’ll want to take a break from your weeping to read what showrunner Brian Buckner has to say about Alexander Skarsgard’s future involvement with HBO’s monster smash.

For that matter, you’ll probably also be keen to read in this exclusive Season 6 post-mortem/Season 7 preview how the boss explains the lack of Sookie-Alcide sex in the finale and how he plans to reset Bill now that he’s no longer the godly Billith.

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And yes, just for good measure, he’ll also reveal how much prodding it took to get Skarsgard to go full frontal for his “final” scene (hint: none at all!), and why Season 7 will not be taking a page from The Walking Dead.

TVLINE | The big question coming out of the finale, obviously…
Let me guess. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Alexander Skarsgard — will he be back for Season 7?
I can tell you that Alexander Skarsgard is going to be a part of the next season of True Blood. He will be a series regular.

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TVLINE | That will be a huge relief to fans.
I am aware! I’m not going to take Alex Skarsgard out of people’s living rooms.

TVLINE | I’m guessing Eric won’t suddenly be alive and well in the Season 7 premiere.
No. That would be a cheat, wouldn’t it? That would be an incredible cheat. Pam has gone off in search of Eric, and maybe she’s going to be the one to find him, y’know?

TVLINE | Let’s talk about Alexander’s nude scene. Full-frontal nudity on a guy is not something you see often on television.

TVLINE | What kind of behind-the-scenes conversations took place prior to shooting?
Alex Skarsgard was the coolest camper in the world. There’s no conversation with him. He’s Swedish. They’re naked all the time. As a matter of fact, when I saw what we had on camera, I sent him an email that said, “We’re going to lock picture. Are you OK with this?” He said, “No problemo.” That was the conversation. It couldn’t have been easier.

TVLINE | Did the reaction surprise you — or him? Probably not.
I think sometimes we are impressed by how much people care. But I don’t think that people care was a surprise. He knew the gift he was giving everybody. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Moving on, talk to me about the decision to jump ahead six months.
Look, we’re going into a seventh season. I’m aware that people like the familiar, but we have to change. We have to be able to pivot. There were bits of story in there that I didn’t necessarily, nor did any of the other writers, want to show. The fallout from what Bill had done… Ours is a show that is so constrained by [our narrative structure]. We’re not 24, but we’re damn close – and sometimes it’s really refreshing to be able to shuffle the deck. For me, it’s fun. We will obviously pick up some of the pieces and explain how certain things happened. But what I think some people found jarring, to me was really refreshing. It was that: The world has changed, this virus has mutated, and this is the way the world is going to look now. Meanwhile, life beats on in this small town.

TVLINE | The show has flirted with a Sookie and Alcide romance for years. Why was now the right time to pull the trigger on that?
In a world where almost everybody is a creature of some kind, Alcide is the most human of all of our creatures. Now, that’s not to say that it was his most human season. We all felt the same thing that the audience was feeling, which was that Alcide needed to come back to center. So it was that as much as anything else. And it was also that Sookie’s going to put her money where her mouth is and say “no more vampires.” She got into it with Warlow without knowing he was a vampire, so she was trying. But this shows growth for Sookie. I mean, I suppose he’s a hunk, so at least she’s still getting her piece. [Laughs] He’s the most normal, most human, most down-to-earth of any of her suitors. To me, with Eric gone and off on his own story going forward, I think it’s a pretty obvious triangle we’re setting up between Bill and Sookie and Alcide.

TVLINE | The time jump deprived us of their courtship though.  
Well, yeah. We skipped stuff, which is not to say that the audience is going to be deprived of love scenes [between them] going forward. But truthfully, the Jason/Violet love scene that the audience did get [in the finale] – or, just shy of love, I suppose – if I had those scenes back-to-back, it would’ve been really pandering. The Jason/Violet [sex scene] was more on story, because that was set up between them. She promised that she was going to make him work for it, and that was the payoff.

TVLINE | Are you looking at Season 7 as a reset of sorts for Bill?
Absolutely. We don’t want Bill to be an a—hole. Whereas the show that I love watching most right now, Breaking Bad, Walter White is on a downward trajectory with the consequences of his actions. The question we’re going to be asking this coming season is: Can Bill be forgiven? Because he made his intentions clear. One thing that I noticed – and I probably shouldn’t read as much as I’ve been reading, but I have been, in terms of audience reaction – is the idea that characters can’t change. I will put to bed one thing for you: this idea that Lettie Mae is trying to poison Tara? It’s absurd. That is genuine. And I realize that on our show, because it’s been so incredibly plot-driven for the past several years, you insert a Big Bad and then have the characters react in the way we expect them to react. That’s sort of what’s been going on. When we let characters change, when we let the show be character-driven, I think people don’t know what to do with that. So with Lettie Mae and Tara, not to say that everything is going to go great, but the conflict is not going to be she’s poisoning Tara. By the same token, I think Bill doesn’t have a trick up his sleeve this time. I think he’s genuine. The real question is about forgiveness.

TVLINE | What do you see as the theme of Season 7?
The show started out as, “Let’s see if vampires and humans can get along.” We’re returning to that original promise of the show. And because humans and vampires are being forced together, we’re going to be examining that with all of our characters. Everyone’s going to come under the umbrella of that main story. These are complicated relationships now because they’re feeding – it’s not necessarily sex, but things get confused sometimes, especially in vampires’ minds – so you’re going to be looking at a number of complicated three-way, four-way relationships.

TVLINE | All the humans will be paired with a vampire, essentially?
For every human a vampire; for every vampire a human.

TVLINE | The gang that appeared in the finale, they were all infected with Hep V?

TVLINE | How do you explain the fact that some of those infected  — Nora, for example — died quickly, yet others are wandering around.
We did say that the virus had mutated, and we get to decide what those mutations are. Perhaps the demand for human blood goes up and that’s the only thing that keeps vampires with Hep V alive. In seasons past – I’m not going to point to any one of them – we took some massive swings, not knowing where we were going. That’s the nature of what we do. In this case, I don’t believe we bit off more than we can chew. I’m not going to give answers to all these things, but the virus has mutated. That’s another reason for the time passage. Just like bacteria mutates and that’s why there are antibiotic-resistant strains. So what applied to Nora doesn’t necessarily apply to this gang. And they’re not zombies.

TVLINE | What are they? Is there a name for them?
In my somewhat limited zombie-genre experience, zombies are not organized. They’re just hunting-killing machines. So what was meant to come across there was that they’re organized, they’re in a formation, they’re hunting, they’re sentient, they can talk. They still have intellect.

TVLINE | There was definitely a Walking Dead vibe in that last scene. Was there any concern that people were going to look at that and go, “Ah, they’re jumping on the zombie bandwagon?”
Sure. Of course, it was a debate in the writers’ room. The logical conclusion to a season about Hep V getting out there in the world has to be [that] there’s Hep V-infected vampires… but we’re not going to do The Walking Dead season of True Blood. Truthfully, all of this is about forcing humans and vampires into relationships. It’s not going to be a plot device the way people are familiar with us introducing a Big Bad at the end of a season.

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  1. I think many bloggers would like to offer their services to the writers. I am especially disgusted to read that they “hadn’t thought this Hep V thing through”. It is actually one of my complaints this week that they need to come up with a proper set of rules for this. I miss the old S1 True Blood where everything DID have a meaning and it was only in re-watching, possibly a couple of seasons later, that the clues that were there became clear. THAT was clever writing! None of this “throw something on screen and see where it goes”. Supernatural lovers generally like the rules to be adhered to. We are pretty adaptable as to what is acceptable (for the most part) between shows and books as long as the writers STICK TO THEM. Continuity! With so many fans it really shouldn’t be hard. Give a couple of them a chance to read through the scripts (with non disclosures signed obviously). I assure you it would result in a far better season of TV! V””V

    • ericlover says:

      I totally agree!!!!!!!

    • aolani08 says:

      The only thing it appears the writers, producers, and show runners are clear on is reuniting Bill and Sookie and after 6 seasons I am tired of the Bill and Sookie show. I think they should buy a home next door sit on their porch and people watch them everyday or borrow eggs and sugar if they want to see them. This is True Blood not the Bill and Sookie show Bill and Sookie has been the only relationship these people have allowed on the show and we’ve been there and done that if the show is going to grow they need to leave that relationship in the past

      • Jo says:

        Well the one thing you HAVE to remember….the books are written about Sooki Stackhouse….So she has to be the main player, if not then the Show is not based on the books. They have to follow some guide line. Me personally I think Bill should suffer this season and feel like he lost his “heart” for the evil being he was in Season 6….I,m just sayin……..Laters Taters

  2. K says:

    Well, it’s a relief to know for sure that we won’t be losing Eric, who’s always been a highlight even when TB’s been at its worst. I mean, it made no sense for them to ax their most popular character, but I figured the actor might have been ready to move on.

    Thought this past season was much improved over S5 (with the main downsides being the pointless Alcide the Packleader and Sam stuff), so I’m optimistic for S7. Still, it’s a shame they feel the need to do a Bill redemption arc; he’s so much more entertaining as a smug, sanctimonious, self-aggrandizing douche! I do think the prospect of Sookie chosing to get back together with a man who has been so dishonest and controlling is pretty troubling. If they must go down that road (groan), let’s hope they can figure out a way that doesn’t feel icky and regressive.

    • ericlover says:

      Alexander said just last year he would be dumb to ever leave Trueblood. The show boosted his career big time, and he remembers what it’s like not getting a paycheck… I choose to believe him when he says he wouldn’t leave willingly, even if he has other offers.

  3. Waitingsux says:

    The fact of the matter is that ASksrs carries this show. 90% of the viewers tune in to see him. Without ASkars, TB is done. HBO knows this and Bucky is now finding out the hard way.

    What I don’t like is Bucky’s comments of “using” Eric. It feels a lot like he’s making a concession to HBO and the viewers. I don’t expect a great storyline for Eric, frankly because I have no confidence that Bucky wants to create a meaningful one for him.

    Moyer is great as a director, but folks just aren’t interested in Bill anymore. That’s a hard truth for the writers and the Bill fans to accept, but it’s still true nonetheless.

    • ericlover says:

      I still love Bill, but he doesn’t carry the show. When I thought he was going to die, I realized, ok.. the show CAN go on without him.
      But it just can’t go on without Eric. He is way too important of a character, much like Sookie.

      Here is what i think will happen:
      Eric digs underground, but is so badly burnt. Pam finds him a while later, but he hasn’t fed in a long time and he is very badly burnt. He isn’t healing because where are the humans? Pam must go get Sookie and bring her back so Eric can feed on her to heal (In an earlier season, Bill had to feed on sookie to heal from being badly burnt.)
      The reason why Eric is on his own storyline for a while is because he is hurt.
      They will likely drag this out!!!!!!!

    • aolani08 says:

      I agree to Kill Bill and let him have Buckner’s job I bet True Blood will go a couple more seasons if Stephen Moyer was show runner have you seen his interviews he gets the viewers. I bet he helps the writers out of the vampire zombie corner they backed themselves into. I love him as a producer the first episode the quality of the picture was nice the rest of the season everything was grainy like it was a dream.

  4. Reblogged this on HORROR BOOM and commented:
    Here’s another post-show mortem for the True Blood Season 6 finale, and in this one, Brian Buckner is a little less defensive and gives more helpful answers. Nope, Tara’s mom did NOT infect her with Hep-V! Good to know. Read on…

  5. Andrea says:

    I also remember all the good scenes we had in the past, the ones you would think about even after a long time, and which made True Blood such a delicate treat in the past ! Season 6 Camp scenes were great, Eric turning Willa a real vampires classic must, but all the rest was True Crap … bad writing and plots. The actors were excellent as always even in the dummiest scenes they had to shoot, that’s not the problem here. Thanks to all of them and I feel sorry that they had to deal with such poor writing … Sookie ending up with Bill in Season 7 ? Really, is that the only thing you came up with ?? Closing the cercle back from Season 1 ?? WELL, HAVE I GOT NEWS FOR YOU : we are waiting for a little bit more, we are looking forward for the unexpected here, so you better surprise us big deal if you don’t want to go down in flames yourself Bucky !!

    • aolani08 says:

      Amen, six season of Bill is Sookoe ran it’s course and for the people that want to see Bill and Sookie do what the Eric and Sookie shippers do and find some fanfiction on the Internet and read it it’s enlightening.

  6. aolani08 says:

    When Sookie staked Bill it was liberating for her character. When she was with Bill it was good but when it was bad it was bad. The producers, writers, and show runners keep preaching how they want her character to grow and I’m all for it growth is forgiving and being friends for the sake of the good but closing the chapter to relationship because you learn from your mistakes. Bill hurt Sookie deeply and made attempts for amends numerous times, for the Bill and Sookie shippers buy the house next door be a good neighbor (borrow eggs) we have watched Bill and Sookie’s on again off again relationship for 6 seasons and personally a lot of us are waiting for that chapter in her life to close. It would be a travesty for her character IF SHE DOESN’t LEARN FROM HER MISTAKES so Bill and Sookie shippers get with Charlaine Harris and ask her to write you a book or get in line with the Eric and Sookie shippers and find a good fanfiction on line and read it, if Sookie and Bill accidentally kiss on True Blood next season you think when we though Eric got killed there is going to be another uprising and I don’t think True Blood is going to be able to come back from that. Eric and Sookie shippers are tired of sitting on the sidelines being ignored. The show is True Blood not The time in the life of Bill and Sookie. The pretense for the show was a vampire Viking Prince and a Fairy Princess. We are tired of Bill and Sookie six seasons is enough I repeat find some Bill and Sookie fanfiction on the Internet and read it like the Eric and Sookie shippers do.

  7. kyla says:

    Well I love true blood N have watched every episode religiously but the final show of season 6 well…. I hated it. I was really pissed when Eric died and war low and then they just jump into the future 6 months . really? I kept waiting for them to go bAck to Eric and they didn’t. At the end I really wanted to throw myremote at the tvTV and cry . so I’m gonna cancel HBO sell my box sets and find a better show to watch.

    • Jo says:

      Seriously do you think they are writing off Eric…….please, think you have been watching for 6 years….remember the facts…..if Eric were dead…..Willa would of felt the release…use that noggin and just wait to see how he reappears……Worry more about Lafayette…..he needs somebody to love… is his time to find a new love…..Vote for Lafayette to find his “heart”…..he has suffered loss enough it is time for him to shine….Laters Taters

  8. Kimmi says:

    I loved the finale. Don’t know what all you people are whinging about (Probably all Eric fans). Can’t wait till next season. Hope Sookie and Bill get back together too.

    • Never TB again! says:

      HBO made three GIGANTIC mistakes when they adapted C. Harris books for television:
      First mistake: They hired Alan Ball – a man with an abnormal obsession with the character Bill and the “actor” Stephen Moyer. AB also lacked the capability of reading further than the first book.
      Second mistake: They hired Stephen Moyer.
      Third mistake: They hired Anna Paquin.

  9. chris Terry says:

    My whole theory of the Alcide/ Sookie combo is that he is taking the place of Quinn. I would of loved to see what Quinn looked like… but, the show IS different from the books (which is ok) When Bill called him “bright eyes” I knew it! & as for Amelia not coming either I guess, that makes me think that LA LA is taking her place. And at last Eric <3 Pam is off looking for him but,, her magical blood is going to wear off too. Can Willa fly? Wonder if Fintan tells Sookie about Eric? They get along in the books.. but then again Fintan is a beautiful man in the books and he's like this whacky guy in the show. Idk just thinking out loud. Love the show!! Hope we have more seasons to come!!… oh btw, What ever happened to Crystal???

  10. Jubilee92 says:

    The books are better…

  11. aolani08 says:

    I’ve watched True Blood for six seasons and anyone can back track blogs research sites and see I have never complained about anything. Sookie was my favorite character for the first four and I rooted, cried, and cheered when it appeared she was strong enough to get from under the thumb of Bill every episode or season to no avail. A lot of people are dishing on the Eric supporters because they’ve been getting Bill and Sookie for so many seasons they don’t want to or can’t accept change. Ladies and gentlemen, when Bill was with Sookie it was good and the bad was bad. She loved him with a passion and he loved her as much as a vampire could. Eric’s character has so many sides and the governor Burrell scene is a testament to just how funny, snarky, and dangerous his character can be. I don’t think I’ve ever seen his character waffle on loyalty. Everyone that has been brought into Sookie’s life had an agenda and some was more driven than others. Bottom line a lot of you say you don’t want to watch a whole season of True Blood with Eric and Sookie what about when True Blood was about Sookie and Bill. I think the pain and betrayal of someone you loved is bad for anyone. I think Sookie has a right to be wary of Bill and forgive but never forget. I don’t think if Eric and Sookie make a go at their relationship they would spend the season in one another’s face because they both have their own lives.

  12. courtney says:

    I was and still am extremely disappointed in this season. Like many of you, I feel like the Warlow storyline was dropped too easily and the talent was wasted. This isn’t the first season I have disliked, which is why it is hard to come back next year. As always, I will give it another shot in the hopes that it gets better. However, how many times should loyal fans “hope” for better? When will they finally give us an actual storyline that keeps us interested? I am not a fan of any of Sookie’s relationships, except maybe Warlow’s. What I liked most about it, was that it was new, different and refreshing from the long, drawn out relationships of Bill and Sookie, Eric and Sookie and Alcide and Sookie. I honestly hope they bring in a new romantic interest for Sookie, one that makes her a better and stronger person. I would also like to see Lafeyette have someone special in his life again. There are a lot of great characters and its not all about Sookie. The writers should really delve into each character and write each one a storyline that makes sense and doesn’t leave so many loose ends untied. There are so many ways for the writers to make next season great and I do NOT think another love triangle with Sookie is going to do the trick. Most shows add the love triangle in after 2 characters are deeply in love, to add some spice, True Blood has done it every season, so I think they should give Sookie a real relationship. It may seem normal in other shows, but in True Blood, it would be different and refreshing. I would personally, like some different eye candy. I’m tired of the men in Sookie’s life. They have sufficiently bored me and I want some new bad boy to sweep Sookie off her feet. Let us all be mature and rational in our decisions regarding True Blood. After all, it is only a shows.

    • aolani08 says:

      I was a Sookie fan in the beginning because she was fearless and naive but the fearlessness made you love her character. I loved how she put Eric in his place and how he accepted her for her. They can’t give Sookie a meaningful relationship because Bill is a constant in her life and Sookie can’t accept the men in her life for who and what they are. A true woman’s first everything should not be allowed to drag her down season after season but the writers and producers continue to allow Bill to interfere with her moving on from the past and allowing her character to grow. I’ve decided against watching next season just for that reason the tease of Bill being in a love triangle with her. My thoughts were WTH she is mooning over Bill and his book meaning another season of Sookie trying to get over Bill and this is the seventh season. I think season 6, episode 1 showed more of a stable and meaningful relationship for her and Eric but because we’ve seen so much of Bill’s involvement in her life I really don’t care too much for her character anymore or who she ends up with. I watched season 6 for Warlow because when he came through the mirror in her bathroom I thought he was going to be the evil of most evil and I was sadly mislead. At least season 7 you have the vampire zombie Hep V stuff hopefully the writers will do a good job with that storyline and not do it a disservice as they’ve done Warlow’s. Russell was the most prominent evil of evil True Blood has had and I miss him. When Sookie and Bill’s relationship was too daunting I could depend on Russell. I don’t think the writers of True Blood is going to allow anyone in Sookie’s life but Bill and I truly believe with all my heart she will never be afforded the opportunity to become kick butt fairy Sookie the fans have been waiting for.

  13. TruB_Newbie says:

    Major plot hole…”Gentleman Bill” can’t come back. He died in a bloody pile of goo. We all saw it. What was reborn was the monster “Billith” . We all saw that too. I assumed that’s why Sookie staked Bill, because she knew he wasn’t Bill and couldn’t ever be again. I think she even said as much in one of the scenes. If simply draining a lot of his blood would take the Lillith out of Bill, then how do they explain Russell becoming fully Russell again? (Which btw, the writers completely wasted one really interesting character and one heck of a good actor.) I think they could have gotten a lot more mileage out of Russell. Instead they let characters like Lettie Mae, Nicole, any of the Wares and boring, creepy, ‘ole Violet live on? At least we still have Lafeyette to entertain us with his snappy self! Don’t screw that character up writers! And why Warlow at all? Such a big build up, only to suddenly disappear like a fart in a freezer?

  14. TruB_Newbie says:

    Here’s an idea writers (feel free to borrow). If you are determined to remove Eric to keep him from stealing the Beeeel show, maybe some older Viking type of vampire heard Eric screaming as he burned and can send one of his/her human minions to rescue Eric? Then Eric can recuperate with said other Viking vampire. Maybe a fallen Valkyrie of some sort? One of the most interesting parts of Eric’s story line (other than his looks and Alex’s good acting) is that he is a Viking. Two Viking vamps could lead to a good parallel story line with plenty of skin scene ops for all the Eric shippers. Just an idea! Feel free to borrow any and all. Just send me a ticket to visit the set for one day in return! :) Valkyries= YES! Vombies=NO thank you!

  15. TruB_Newbie says:

    Are is a major ski resort. Maybe the “minions” could be Ski Patrol? Just sayin’?

  16. TruB_Newbie says:

    oooh, ooh! and the other Viking vampire’s maker could be Russell Edgington!!!!!!! That way we could get some Russell flash backs worked in there!

  17. andrew says:

    Eric cant be dead cause willow would have gave it away I think he buried himself in the snow which would have saved him from the true death besides in you kill eric off you do it with style fighting another vamp or some other supernatural creature that we haven’t seen yet he is way too important a role and with willow acting so happy you know her maker is still alive long live eric northman !

  18. Never TB again! says:

    HBO made three GIGANTIC mistakes when they adapted the C. Harris books to television:
    First mistake: They let Alan Ball with his sick obsession with the character Bill/actor Stephen M be in charge.
    Second mistake: They hired Stephen Moyer as Bill.
    Third mistake: They hired Anna Paquin as Sookie.

  19. ella.ryan says:

    ive read all the books. im curious as to if there will be a Quinn in any of the seasons..

  20. I’m sorry, why are you all so RELIEVED and happy Eric with this interview?, did you even read what Brian say? he basically gave away Eric’ final fate in the last few appearances he will have. TB is ending next season, Eric will have little screentime in those few 10 episodes left of true blood before it’s final run, wait, make them 9 since he already said he won’t be in the first episode. He’s saying Skargard will be back, he’s not even confirming if he’s alive or dead, he could very well be a ghost like godric. Ok let’s say he’s alive, Brian just confirmed Eric will have his own plot, apart for the entire cast (besides Pam), he will be alone, isolated, on his own, and that the last 10 episodes will be about Sookie/Alcide/bill’s love triangle. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!?! I’m done man, DONE.

  21. ladywolfshead says:

    I just love Eric and want more of his storyline. I’m hoping he will be rejuvenated from the fire and back to his viking look of season1. Maybe he will be more of a bad vamp again and causing trouble – and Sookie will be his only “weakness”? I would have loved to see the real Eric have a fling with Sookie. They have great screen chemistry – maybe trick her into a marriage, like in the books, but that seems unlikely if there is only 10 episodes left…I think it will be between Sam and Bill in the end, like in season 1 – but they will have to put a lot more time into the Sam and Sookie relationship for it to fly (as they had hardly any relationship for the last 4 seasons). If it’s Bill (and she forgives him!!!) and they give her a Cluviel Dor, she could give him back his human life and they could have the future they dreamed about in season 3 (as Bill never really liked himself as a vampire). Either way it has to be with someone who can give her babies and then grand babies (Alcide is adorable but doesn’t want Werekids) – as that’s what Sookie has wanted for her future all along.

  22. TRACY says:


  23. ashlee says:

    i hope sookie and eric get together not because hes my favourite but because she certainly isnt a match for alcide its to normal and so not dramatic for sookie. eric would keep her on her toes he cares for her so much and for a character as hard and heartless(most times) never showing real love and affection to anyone actually loves sookie all for her to be blunt and refuse slut please.. as for bill he needs someone older hes had 6 seasons to fix his love and mistakes between sookie and he is always apart of the triangle fair enough first love and all but come on! but knowing the cheesy plots they’ve had in the past they will get together again. im not sure if she will ever become a vampire though so that will be the biggest teaser really the only way she will remain human is if she stays will alcide would have been great for her to be turned though that would have been the best finale for it

    • aolani08 says:

      I would like for Eric and Sookie to be together too it would also breath new life into the show

      • Truebie_Newbie says:

        Did you hear that Klaus from the Vampire Diaries is getting his own spin-off show called the “Originals”? So hoping Alex’s character of Eric (and Pam) get their own spin-off too! Fingers and toes crossed!

        • aolani08 says:

          I watched the first episode of the originals and Klaus and Elijah did not disappoint. I’m waiting for Rebecca to show up in the French Quarter. I think to do the show justice we the viewers should see Eric/Sookie/ and the Northman Clan putting things to right in the supernatural community but I’ve given up hope.

  24. Chris says:

    Jeez, even spotting the title is a spoiler! Guys, there’s no point saying “spoilers” at the end of a line of them!

  25. danitsia says:

    In my world, there is NO OPTION BUT ERIC AND SOOKIE!!!! FOR 6 SEASONS fans have been oogling for that hookup, and they still do! I have a feeling that Pam (after saving Eric) tells Eric that Alcide’s dating Sookie and he blows a gasket, goes after her, which of course makes Pam roll her eyes again. Eric was 100% genuine when he told her he loved her. And yes Bill was too, but Eric has the gosh darn cojones to make it happen! I mean its ERIC NORTHMAN! Who the hell says no to him? Sookie herself didn’t and she about had the most hate for him of ANYONE on the show. Its not for not! I am telling you —- ERIC and SOOKIE! They’ll warp us into this love triangle between Bill and Alcide but they’ll put her with ERIC last few episodes. :P

  26. Toothfairy. says:

    When Warlow first appears to Sookface in the dunny, he’s a mad angry crazy demonic thing.
    When he finally turns up he’s a faery prince, he’s charming and has been looking for her for centuries-even though she’s only in her twenties?
    What the forklift?

  27. Toothfairy. says:

    Where did my comment go?
    It was a well thought out humorous yet insightful beauty.
    oh, poohbar, I made mention of the strange nuanced usage of the word wanker to refer to male genitalia and was generally very entertaining.

    It took me several minutes to write and when I pressed add comment it poofed away like a vampires space launch ala Eric, Bill and Pam.
    Poofca it vanished!

    I wonder whence it whooped? Whoever took it is a pecker, a willie no, no, I meant wanker!

  28. Marla says:

    I am so upset and disappointed to here that season 7 will be the last! I was already mad that season 6 was so short with only 10 episodes. Now next season will be the last and again with only 10 episodes. Why? There are so many fans out there and the ratings are still pretty good. I just dont get it!. Hell I only kept subscribing to HBO because of True Blood. HBO is now going to lose me aftet season 7!

    • Andrea says:

      Dear Marla,
      I think after Alan Ball and the other producer’s defections, the show went down and the actors got some how demotivated … they went on with their own private and career plans and made other commitments to film, other series and the “true blood” family was no more a reality. Anna Paquin looked just bored filming some scenes …Rudger Hauer did it for the money alone etc…. This is so sad, really !
      Even Nexify (?) plans to take the show on their network cannot workout if they cannot get the main characters/actors motivated anymore …or you have to change the cast completely.
      I’s a pity really. See how Breaking bad remained focused till the end and you will understand how important it is to have the good people devoted to worki with you on a project.
      Hopefully they will all be proud enough to deliver a proper season ending …..

      • aolani08 says:

        I’m glad for actors like Alexander Skarsgard that gave a 110% and hope his performance earned him a spin off telling a story of Eric and Sookie and the Northman clan and if she doesn’t want to do it in support of her husband recast her role

  29. Yolanda says:

    If Eric is dead…..I am not going to watch the series Finale ~

  30. chelsea says:

    I don’t care what anyone says but sookie and Eric are ment to be together. I also agree that I have had enough of Bill and was just fine with the idea that he might have actually died at the end of season 5 ( in fact I was disappointed when he turned out to still be alive). I can say with confidence that after a couple episodes into season 7 if there is no hope between sookie and Eric I’m going to be so sad I wasted the last 6 years of my life watching this show and would suggest to fans to read the books instead.

  31. chantal says:

    Thank god are vikings not dead, we all no its got to be sookie and eric at the end only a fool would choose bill and sookies no fool, if they ended at 7 series that would be tragic at least do few more and see how it goes for your loyal fans TB 4evaxxx

  32. pinky9999 says:

    Bill and sookie were destined to be together, bill needs to hold on to something to keep his humanity and sookie always does that for him, I like Eric but he’s not the relationship type, plus the best sex scene in the show was bill and sookie, hotttttttt

  33. coralea says:

    Can u please get rid of alcide!! Sookie an eric should be together they are in most of the books an their even married in that vampire way PLEASE PLEASE GET ERIC AN SOOKIE BACK TOGETHER!!!!!
    Im sure most of the fans who read the books would want this PLEASE!!

  34. coralea says:

    I will be so dissapointed if eric an sookie dont get together do the books some justice an make it happen PLEASE!!!

  35. aolani08 says:

    Eric and Sookie and hopefully a spinoff show featuring Eric and his ladies trying to fix the mess Bill created when he suggested to blow up the True Blood factories…..Sookie needs a natural born leader in her life not a follower

  36. lisiem says:

    I love eric. he is such a complex character. for me I was really upset with how they killed him. for him to go through what he has I think if they were gonna take him out he should have gone out fighting not on a beach chair naked reading. I really would like him to come back I ve heard hell be a recurring character but how they left it I think he will be in flashbacks. I want him to get closure with sookie. I feel the way it was left between them there was no closure.I’ve seen speculations that bill and sookie might get back together but I loved eric and sookie. tthere relationship is what made him become more human and open the way goderic always wanted him to be.

  37. dan says:

    Sorry people. Sookie is far too stupid to wind up with Eric. This show got lame a long time ago and I feel sorry for all you who still take it seriously.

  38. s&ewab&scg says:

    Doormat Stepford Sookie will settle for Seal Sex Sam and make nice with her rapist Bill, after she’s done getting plowed by her attempted rapist Alcide and throwing away her wishy-washy, barely sketched out fairy powers. Skarsgard isn’t allowed to have more than four scenes a season with Paquin anymore. The writers strung the audience along until season 4/book 4, tediously stalled in s5, and then in s6 Buckner just as tediously undid everything Ball set up in s5 and also hit the erase button on s2-s5 in order to set up a lazy rewrite of the overrated s1 for s7. I’m surprised Skarsgard came back for this retconned nonsense. HBO must have backed up the Brinks truck hard in his driveway. Maybe he also needed to make nice with his bosses at Time Warner. NO disrespect to Skarsgard, but he is better than this. So is most of the rest of the cast, including Paquin.

  39. Surprisingly I honestly like this and I hope to come across some more topics similar to this. Thanks your online contribution.

  40. BacktoBasics says:

    Am I the only one that thinks the story became unfocused and random. Not enough back to the basics Vampire Story. Eric should be in the Picture as his character doesn’t seem like the type that would throw away what he thought was his, Ego, power, and all. T.V. viewing great never mind seeing Jo with his shirt off love the mix of werewolf stuff very cool. A Romance with Sookie way too blah, blah. Bill’s character should have puppy eyes for his lost love. Bill should pay dues and pathetically pursue Sookie, It would best fit his Character as: old values, Southern Gentleman. If the series brought back the story told in Sookie’s point of view and how characters are drawn to her magical allure. The story was fun when it had trouble, romance, and a Southern Damsel in distress with a bit of luck and powerful friends. What happened? It appears writers grew tired and are just dumping the story and saying The End….

  41. Robert Wood says:

    HBO is ripping the fan off yet again! even in their last season ever! we are only getting a crappy 10 episodes because the powers that be at HBO want to cut budget when there is no need to especially since its the final season, the fans ALWAYS gets the short end of the stick. They should give us at least 11 episodes with the 11th a 2hour movie.

  42. Janet Luce says:

    I would have rather seen the romance unfold between Sookie and Alcide than Jason and Violet. Just saying.

  43. Leah Ashton says:

    yes!! i’m glad that tara’s mom was genuine in allowing her to feed. i am curious about her and wila though. pam is taras mom and eric is wilas dad so what does that make them sisters? cousins?
    i want to know what is going to happen to lala.

  44. night magic says:


  45. jenny says:

    i really will prefer eric and sookie should be together

  46. Im going to discover less regarding because it all can last for weeks.

  47. Melissa. says:

    Est mommy and gracie show est ret rot mother. Sel rein pasl pou vel sel tres melissa sexy pas non baby pou quoi moi frait sel moi ka. Tres frait pou bye 6 mert vrai