True Blood Scoop: Alexander Skarsgard's Season 7 Fate Revealed! Plus -- EP Talks That Nude Scene, Bill-Sookie-Alcide Triangle and More

Alexander Skarsgard Leaving True BloodAlthough I know all you True Blood fans are all still busy mourning Eric’s (apparent) demise, I suspect you’ll want to take a break from your weeping to read what showrunner Brian Buckner has to say about Alexander Skarsgard’s future involvement with HBO’s monster smash.

For that matter, you’ll probably also be keen to read in this exclusive Season 6 post-mortem/Season 7 preview how the boss explains the lack of Sookie-Alcide sex in the finale and how he plans to reset Bill now that he’s no longer the godly Billith.

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And yes, just for good measure, he’ll also reveal how much prodding it took to get Skarsgard to go full frontal for his “final” scene (hint: none at all!), and why Season 7 will not be taking a page from The Walking Dead.

TVLINE | The big question coming out of the finale, obviously…
Let me guess. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Alexander Skarsgard — will he be back for Season 7?
I can tell you that Alexander Skarsgard is going to be a part of the next season of True Blood. He will be a series regular.

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TVLINE | That will be a huge relief to fans.
I am aware! I’m not going to take Alex Skarsgard out of people’s living rooms.

TVLINE | I’m guessing Eric won’t suddenly be alive and well in the Season 7 premiere.
No. That would be a cheat, wouldn’t it? That would be an incredible cheat. Pam has gone off in search of Eric, and maybe she’s going to be the one to find him, y’know?

TVLINE | Let’s talk about Alexander’s nude scene. Full-frontal nudity on a guy is not something you see often on television.

TVLINE | What kind of behind-the-scenes conversations took place prior to shooting?
Alex Skarsgard was the coolest camper in the world. There’s no conversation with him. He’s Swedish. They’re naked all the time. As a matter of fact, when I saw what we had on camera, I sent him an email that said, “We’re going to lock picture. Are you OK with this?” He said, “No problemo.” That was the conversation. It couldn’t have been easier.

TVLINE | Did the reaction surprise you — or him? Probably not.
I think sometimes we are impressed by how much people care. But I don’t think that people care was a surprise. He knew the gift he was giving everybody. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Moving on, talk to me about the decision to jump ahead six months.
Look, we’re going into a seventh season. I’m aware that people like the familiar, but we have to change. We have to be able to pivot. There were bits of story in there that I didn’t necessarily, nor did any of the other writers, want to show. The fallout from what Bill had done… Ours is a show that is so constrained by [our narrative structure]. We’re not 24, but we’re damn close – and sometimes it’s really refreshing to be able to shuffle the deck. For me, it’s fun. We will obviously pick up some of the pieces and explain how certain things happened. But what I think some people found jarring, to me was really refreshing. It was that: The world has changed, this virus has mutated, and this is the way the world is going to look now. Meanwhile, life beats on in this small town.

TVLINE | The show has flirted with a Sookie and Alcide romance for years. Why was now the right time to pull the trigger on that?
In a world where almost everybody is a creature of some kind, Alcide is the most human of all of our creatures. Now, that’s not to say that it was his most human season. We all felt the same thing that the audience was feeling, which was that Alcide needed to come back to center. So it was that as much as anything else. And it was also that Sookie’s going to put her money where her mouth is and say “no more vampires.” She got into it with Warlow without knowing he was a vampire, so she was trying. But this shows growth for Sookie. I mean, I suppose he’s a hunk, so at least she’s still getting her piece. [Laughs] He’s the most normal, most human, most down-to-earth of any of her suitors. To me, with Eric gone and off on his own story going forward, I think it’s a pretty obvious triangle we’re setting up between Bill and Sookie and Alcide.

TVLINE | The time jump deprived us of their courtship though.  
Well, yeah. We skipped stuff, which is not to say that the audience is going to be deprived of love scenes [between them] going forward. But truthfully, the Jason/Violet love scene that the audience did get [in the finale] – or, just shy of love, I suppose – if I had those scenes back-to-back, it would’ve been really pandering. The Jason/Violet [sex scene] was more on story, because that was set up between them. She promised that she was going to make him work for it, and that was the payoff.

TVLINE | Are you looking at Season 7 as a reset of sorts for Bill?
Absolutely. We don’t want Bill to be an a—hole. Whereas the show that I love watching most right now, Breaking Bad, Walter White is on a downward trajectory with the consequences of his actions. The question we’re going to be asking this coming season is: Can Bill be forgiven? Because he made his intentions clear. One thing that I noticed – and I probably shouldn’t read as much as I’ve been reading, but I have been, in terms of audience reaction – is the idea that characters can’t change. I will put to bed one thing for you: this idea that Lettie Mae is trying to poison Tara? It’s absurd. That is genuine. And I realize that on our show, because it’s been so incredibly plot-driven for the past several years, you insert a Big Bad and then have the characters react in the way we expect them to react. That’s sort of what’s been going on. When we let characters change, when we let the show be character-driven, I think people don’t know what to do with that. So with Lettie Mae and Tara, not to say that everything is going to go great, but the conflict is not going to be she’s poisoning Tara. By the same token, I think Bill doesn’t have a trick up his sleeve this time. I think he’s genuine. The real question is about forgiveness.

TVLINE | What do you see as the theme of Season 7?
The show started out as, “Let’s see if vampires and humans can get along.” We’re returning to that original promise of the show. And because humans and vampires are being forced together, we’re going to be examining that with all of our characters. Everyone’s going to come under the umbrella of that main story. These are complicated relationships now because they’re feeding – it’s not necessarily sex, but things get confused sometimes, especially in vampires’ minds – so you’re going to be looking at a number of complicated three-way, four-way relationships.

TVLINE | All the humans will be paired with a vampire, essentially?
For every human a vampire; for every vampire a human.

TVLINE | The gang that appeared in the finale, they were all infected with Hep V?

TVLINE | How do you explain the fact that some of those infected  — Nora, for example — died quickly, yet others are wandering around.
We did say that the virus had mutated, and we get to decide what those mutations are. Perhaps the demand for human blood goes up and that’s the only thing that keeps vampires with Hep V alive. In seasons past – I’m not going to point to any one of them – we took some massive swings, not knowing where we were going. That’s the nature of what we do. In this case, I don’t believe we bit off more than we can chew. I’m not going to give answers to all these things, but the virus has mutated. That’s another reason for the time passage. Just like bacteria mutates and that’s why there are antibiotic-resistant strains. So what applied to Nora doesn’t necessarily apply to this gang. And they’re not zombies.

TVLINE | What are they? Is there a name for them?
In my somewhat limited zombie-genre experience, zombies are not organized. They’re just hunting-killing machines. So what was meant to come across there was that they’re organized, they’re in a formation, they’re hunting, they’re sentient, they can talk. They still have intellect.

TVLINE | There was definitely a Walking Dead vibe in that last scene. Was there any concern that people were going to look at that and go, “Ah, they’re jumping on the zombie bandwagon?”
Sure. Of course, it was a debate in the writers’ room. The logical conclusion to a season about Hep V getting out there in the world has to be [that] there’s Hep V-infected vampires… but we’re not going to do The Walking Dead season of True Blood. Truthfully, all of this is about forcing humans and vampires into relationships. It’s not going to be a plot device the way people are familiar with us introducing a Big Bad at the end of a season.

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  1. Lindie7 says:

    I can’t believe Eric will be in his own story, away from the rest of the gang.

    To add insult to injury, Bill is a love interest for Sookie. This man has lied and abused her, allowed her to get beat close to death, lied some more, allowed her to barter herself to save her friends, etc., yet he’s a viable love interest. There’s forgiveness and then there’s insanity. All the talk about Sookie growing up and taking control is just talk. You’ve got Alcide who wants his Stepford Wife, just like Debbie (really what was Sookie wearing?). Both of these men want to mold her into their version of the “little woman”, someone compliant and ready to acquiesce to them. The only man who actually has been shown to appreciate her spunk and fire is Eric, yet 6 months later, she doesn’t have a care in the world for him. He loves her, it shows all over his face anytime she’s near, yet she doesn’t even wonder “where is he”, “how’s he doing”, “my, I haven’t seen him in a while, I hope he’s okay”. She said she loved him in Season 4. Was that a lie? I love Sookie Stackhouse, but now I have to wonder why she would even consider going back into a relationship with her abuser. There’s so much horribleness between them, that it makes me ask “what’s wrong with her?”.

    I want Sookie Stackhouse to be a strong, big-hearted woman. There aren’t many of those on television these days. Unfortunately, she’s turned into the perpetual damsel in distress, with very questionable judgment when it comes to men. I’d rather that she be alone than to be with Bill or Alcide.

    As for Eric fans, most are Eric and Sookie fans, too. I wish they’d have their chance, a real chance. One where Sookie gets to experience the full Eric, not amnesia Eric.

    • Ruby says:

      Alan Ball said back when he was show runner than Bill and Sookie will be together in the end, that’s where it’s heading and even though he has left it seems the current show runners are sticking with his plans for the show, so no one should be surprised at this development. And I don’t think most Eric fans are Erik/Sookie fans anymore because she’s changes so much, as you pointed out in your post. He needs a different woman to swoon over. Maybe he’ll get one in his ‘away from the rest of the cast’ story.

      • Lindie7 says:

        I’d still say that most Eric fans are Eric and Sookie fans. It’s true, it’s hard to understand Sookie’s thinking, other than to consider her abuse as a child with Uncle Bartlett and with Bill, and see how abusive relationships affect people. That doesn’t mean Eric fans don’t have hope. Sure, some have given up on Sookie, but many, many fans have not. And I would call out the callousness that she appears to have with Eric the fault of the writers. They’re the ones who wrote that she loved him. They’re the ones who have written the dreams, their witty banter, their quiet, emotional moments. We hope to see it again. We hope that Sookie becomes that strong woman we saw in the early episodes of season 6.

        Regardless of what Alan Ball may or may not have said, it’s hard to deny what’s up on the screen. Bill is a sadistic killer, manipulative, power hungry, self-serving, self-aggrandizing, a lying con man. — let’s not forget that a lot of this has been directed at his “beloved” Sookie. This comes from what’s on the screen, not from any interviews.

        • deenorthman says:

          That’s true, most of Eric fans are Eric and Sookie shippers. But the writers didn’t give any real chance for the relationship, because they knew very well how much Sookie and Eric fever, the real essence of TB fever, hurt Bill’s popularity. They won’t let Eric have bigger role than Bill. That’s why since season 5, they’ve abandoned Sookie and Eric development and need to remind us every freakin episode about Bill and Sookie tru wurv.

          • JakiCarlos says:

            There will never be a “real” Eric/Sookie relationship on TB. Give it up. They’re boring on screen, so there will never be a “fever”. Eric is a sadistic killer, manipulative, power hungry, self-serving, self-aggrandizing, a lying con man. — let’s not forget that a lot of this has been directed at his “beloved” Sookie. This comes from what’s on the screen, not from any interview.

    • Amanda says:

      Amen Lindie7. Amen.

      • Ms Tremaine says:

        I am replying to JakiCarlos’ comment about Eric being a sadistic killer; did you happen to see the episode where Bill viciously killed the woman in the 1920’s flashback ripped off her necklace and gave it to Lorana, or what he did in Pam’s brothel? Eric being manipulative; did you not catch where Bill allowed the rattry’s to beat up Sookie in order to manipulate her into drinking his blood or the way he played up to Gran to get on Sookie’s good side? Eric being power hungry; where were you when Bill made the deal with Nan to kill off Queen Sophia Anne in order to become King of Area 5, or where he got rid of Salome in order to drink Lillith’s blood so he could turn into a demi-good? Eric being self serving; were you asleep every time Bill lied to Sookie in order to keep her from knowing the truth about his arrangement with Queen Sophia Anne plus all the other things he lied to her about to make himself look good to her? Eric being self-aggrandizing; were you in the kitchen every time Bill was being a sanctimonious bore, actually patting himself on the back for ripping off the Governer’s head? Eric being a lying con-man; I can’t even begin to describe all the things Bill lied to Sookie about. Now you may think by this reply I am a Bill hater, I am not. He is a very special part of this show and for the most part a very interesting character, but I am not seeing him through rosé colored glasses, I am seeing him for what he has done through the past 6 seasons. I am also not a champion of Eric with Sookie. The writers have written her character as to much of a whining victim to be with as strong a character as Eric.

    • Marcia says:

      I don’t really need to see Eric and Sookie “together,” but remember the old days when they used to bicker and trick each other. That’s what I want! Eric the big “A-Hole,” and Sookie his little bullet sucker… Or Sookie telling Eric she would rather have cancer than spend time with him. The good ole days of deep attraction covered by lust covered by repulsion.

      I don’t mind Sookie with Alcide, for now anyway. She doesn’t really deserve a vamp as awesome as Eric. Mostly, I am sad that Eric will have a separate story line though because some of my favorite scenes are when he is interacting with humans or even “tea cup humans:)” I miss him and Pam already!

  2. Cindy says:

    I’m DELIGHTED that Eric will be back – he and Pam (and now their extended family) are the only reasons I watch this train wreck anymore. Yes, I was devastated that he might actually be gone for good. Up until a few hours ago when this news broke, I was still reeling from it. But now? Is Buckner serious about a triangle with Beel/Alzzzzide/Sookie? Could they put two more boring guys together for her? The only one who’s ever REALLY loved her for herself (never tried to change her, abuse her, rape her, bleed her to death, etc.) was Eric, and yet all of that seems to have been tossed aside like it never happened. I feel sorry for Sookie – she’s more of a doormat now than ever. So if that’s the way you want her to be (Stepford wife/doormat), then she can have the dog and Beel. They deserve her; and Eric deserves better. So thanks for giving us the Viking back, but I’m STILL not coming back. After devoting six years of my life to this show, obsessing over it, discussing it on so many blogs I can’t count, etc. I’m done. They marketed Eric and his “sexy and provocative scene” (really? There was nothing sexy or provocative about it – HE WAS BURNING!) like a piece of meat when he is SO MUCH MORE than that, you threw Sookie and her dog in our faces with no warning, then there’s Bill “I can do horrific and terrible things and all will be forgotten and forgiven” Compton – don’t even get me started on that. And the second half of the finale? I don’t even know what that was. I’ve read better fanfiction than that mess.

  3. Mel says:

    Ausiello, I would have liked to know if they were bumping it back up to 13 episodes next year, or keeping it at 10.

  4. The last person that Sookie should be with is Bill. Do the writers think we have forgotten what a bastard he was? From the very get go, he let the Rattrays feed off of Sookie. He found a way to get his blood into her. Which we ALL know induces feelings for vampires. He fed off of her after she rescued him from RE. When he was king, he was powerhungry and did not care who was in his way. The best part was when he joined the VA and became obsessed with Lillith and this led to him becoming Billith. How exactly will he return the southern gentleman type of character that clearly he Never was?

    I wish the writers would decide on what kind of character he is. Is he dark or is he good. The only reason he “loved” Sookie was because of her blood. He is one of the worst characters on True Blood. And omg, he is so boring!

    • Liz says:

      Eric tricked Sookie to drink his blood too btw, not that you give a … He also would have left her being killed by Longshadow, he let her in the sect just to save Godric etc…
      Not that you care of course.

      • JJ says:

        Aw Liz you’re talking to one of those who just can’t see what’s in front of their eyes.
        Their Eric is just too perfect to have ever done what you said above… *rolls eyes*
        You’re wasting your time… they can’t and won’t see what we see.

        Bill is the character who keeps me watching.

      • Lindie7 says:

        I would say one big distinction is that when Eric did these things, he didn’t really know her. These were still not good things, but she was an acquaintance. Bill did these things under the guise of courting her. He actually had a relationship with her, so all of the lies he told, he told to his girlfriend. As for the Rattray incident, I get it. He had a job to do. He was sent by his Queen to procure her. What’s not forgivable, is that he never came clean. He continued to lie and manipulate her once he had supposedly fallen in love with her. The only reason Sookie knows the truth about the Rattrays, is because Eric told her after Bill tried to kill Eric and silence him.

        Say what you want, but the things that Eric did, however horrible one might consider them, he did to someone he barely knew. All the things that Bill did, he did to the person he loved and that includes not telling her the truth about why he was there and the Rattrays.

      • LOL @ you bringing stuff eric did when he barely knew her name LOL that’s all you got? Eric is the one who treated her the best , but of course you have to mention those stupid and small things Eric did 1 day after knowing sookie, lmao

      • WTactualF says:

        Just to remind you, Liz. Here are Bills crimes:•Raped innocent women
•Murdered Pam’s girls
•Fang raped Sookie until she almost died.
•Killed and plotted against authority members in his single minded quest to become Billith.
• turned to goo.
•Used Sookie repeatedly in his numerous self serving attempts at improving his vampiric station
•Betrayed damn near everyone
• slapped his progeny
•Called Sookie an abomination and meant it
•Told Sookie she was dead to him… And meant it.

      • MD says:

        Liz, the TrueBlood writers changed the storyline to have Bill save Sookie from Longshadow. In the books Eric was the one who saved her. This was done so they could later introduce the character of Jessica on the show. She was not in the books. There have been many other instances where the story was altered to make Bill the hero instead of Eric. I’m not taking sides, just making a clarification. There really is no need to get nasty with folks. Everyone has their own preferences and favorites and we should all respect that.

    • I never claimed that Eric never did anything wrong. I merely pointed out why he was wrong for her.
      Here’s a few more:
      •Raped innocent women
      •Murdered Pam’s girls
      •Fed from Sookie until she almost died.
      •Killed and plotted against authority members in his single minded quest to become Billith.
      •Turned to goo.
      •Used Sookie repeatedly in his numerous self serving attempts at improving his vampiric station
      •Betrayed damn near everyone
      •Slapped his progeny
      •Called Sookie an abomination and meant it
      •Told Sookie she was dead to him… And meant it.

      IMO Sookie should be single as it will not matter which character the writers pair her up with.

      • mmtols says:

        Yes… so in a thousand years as a vampire (a hundred of them “Laughing & Killin’ & F*ckin’ with Pam) Eric never did any of those things?? You don’t think he killed innocent people?? He also drained Sookie near death with Russell, on purpose… He drained her fairy godmother to death… Used Sookie for her telepathic abilities… tricked her into drinking his blood… Threw his progeny across a room and choked her on the bar, while completely in his right mind…

        I think both vampires have done plenty of crappy things…

      • Cassandra says:

        You forgot to add offered her up to the evil faery/vamp that killed her parents, threw her brother across the room when he was defending her, cheated on her with Lorena, and gave up on looking for her when she was in the faery realm. I’m not saying Eric is a peach by any means, but whereas Eric owns his reputation as a bad boy, Bill always plays like he is the perfect southern gentleman. I don’t really want her with either because Bill is no good for her, and Eric is too cool for her. I don’t want Eric being tied down to anyone, he’s been a bachelor for over a thousand years and it seems to be working out pretty good for him. It was nice seeing sweet amnesic Eric be with her because he still wasn’t sure who he was, and her comforting him was sweet. I’m pissed he killed Claudine, but no more so then Jessica killing 3 of Andy’s daughter. Vamps just have a hard time controlling themselves around the fae. The plus side was my favorite scene in the series when drunk Eric goes skinny dipping during the dayime. I’m willing to give Sookie/Alcide a chance, but I’m sure she’ll just end up breaking his heart because the girl is fickle. I guess that’s what happens when you take a woman who was sexually repressed for 20 odd years and set her loose with some of the finest looking men around who all has a jonesing for her.

      • JakiCarlos says:

        Bill is given more screen time than Eric, so we know more about his past. I’m sure if more is revealed about Eric’s past, we’d see everything listed above and more. I’m glad Bill gets more screen time. He’s a more dynamic character than Eric. He’s the most polarizing character on the show. They’ve got him doing all sorts of stuff, good or bad; it makes him more interesting.
        – He is the male lead – The lead actor always get the better storyline..

  5. k says:

    Im hoping that when this show ends it will end with Sookie and & Eric. Give the fans what we wanted and of course the book fans, since they got screwed too! *I know the books and tv show are way different* But since the head writer reads and actually takes ideas that the fans are giving him would be really cool. Im excited for the old Bill, but I don’t think Sookie could forgive everything that he has done to her. And Alcide and her have zero chemistry! So excited for next year. Hoping to go to Comic Con next year and see everyone from True Blood!!

  6. cjeffery7 says:

    yup. the final scene wreaked of The Walking Dead (except TWD actually resolves such things before the season ends – that is such a lame cliff-hanger – “they’re all about to be attacked!” it’s for pure shock value and it’s been done too many times before), and the whole Hep V story line screams of Syfy’s Being Human, who’s most recent season involved an identical vamp disease scenario.

  7. elliebaby says:

    i’m hoping that mr. buckner straightens some major things out for instance: in season 4 eric and sookie bonded ….that needs to be addressed again.. that was a big thing. bringing the show back to it’s roots to me means closer to the actual story which is from charlaine harris…there are so so many great things in those books that aren’t even being touched upon…..eric and sookie marry the ceremonial knife ….great villains like victor madden and felipe and you keep sarah newlin…good writing would bring us back to eric roots …he fixed her house up he is the real hero in season 6 episode 9. but yet everyone makes it out to be bill AGAIN….Alex anna and pam are the greatest characters why don’t the writers see that and create a great story line and save the show in season 7 ….you know what you have to do mr. buckner…please don’t turn it back into the bill and sookie show…it is not interesting….

  8. BB says:

    I can’t believe people honestly believed Eric was dead. IF he died we’d have known it. There would have been more then just a vampire in flames and then boom next scene.

    I’m so sick of this show’s infatuation with Bill and how they’ve always ignored what Bill has done in the past; he’s not a GOOD anything. He is a vampire who has always been out for himself no matter what cost. I think the only reason why there was a sudden change with him and wanting to protect the vampires was because he wasn’t Bill; Lilith was now part of him.

    The difference between Bill and Eric is that Bill’s evils were a slap in the face because he pretended to be this southern gentlemen. When Eric does something kind it’s rare and means something; when Bill does something kind there’s always a motive.

    I thought the time jump was stupid; frankly I hate time jumps they’re never done right; and Sam as mayor? I just don’t get it. The whole ‘everyone find a vampire and make a deal’ from the church was bizarre.

    I can’t believe Tara was so quick to believe her mother. Lettie Mae is either using Tara because she truly is scared of other vampires and wants protection or she is carrier and is just evil enough to kill her own daughter even if she is a vampire.

    As a former Alcide/Sookie shipper (I ship her with Eric too) I just don’t get it. First she was all ‘Warlow’ then she was like “Well Sam I always thought I’d end up with you” She’s just been all over the place with her feelings this year; and it’s really off putting. I’m not calling her a slut or a whore; because that upsets me when she’s demeaned for sleeping with what 3 or 5 guys?

    I am tired of Jessica’s whining and baby attitude. For instance when she was hit by the ball; was she seriously going to cry? She’s a vampire!! She seems to forget that she heals fast and most things really don’t hurt that bad.

    The finale; it just didn’t feel like a True Blood finale. But truthfully I’ve never really been pleased with them. The big moments always seem to happen in the second to last episode; and then the finale seems to be mostly filler, but this was one of the worst finales I’ve seen from True Blood if not episodes.

  9. Anon says:

    “…with Eric gone and off on his own story going forward…”
    See? Even the showrunners see that Eric and Sookie would not make sense. They had their thing, and it was AWESOME. But an official Eric/Sookie pairing would result in either a neutered Eric or him being an asshole to the show’s heroine (yes, she’s the heroine, whether you like it or not). Committed Eric would not be true to the character. Or the showrunners give the Eric/Sookie shippers what they want, and then what happens? It becomes the Eric/Sookie show? What is there storyline? How miserable he is being pussy whipped? Whether she decides to become a vamp? She would have that with Beehl as well. It just doesn’t make any sense. The Viking is a wild stallion meant for things greater than Bon Temps. EMBRACE IT.

  10. kim tomlinson says:

    I absolutely love True Blood. I look forward to it every week. Team Bill all the way for me. Can’t wait till next season.

    • JJ says:

      Me too Kim! There are a lot of Bill fans out there, we’re just not the sort of people who go taking over comment sections.

      • JakiCarlos says:

        Excellent final episode. Can’t wait to find out how many episodes before we see a Bill/Sookie love scene. We know it’s coming.

  11. Liz says:

    Some crazy RABID Eric fans here… Poor Alexander Skarsgard must be scared to death!
    As Charlaine Harris said: GET A LIFE!

  12. Isabella says:

    I just feel it’s such a shame that they are wasting such good character dynamics and chemistry by putting Eric in his own storyline, both with Sookie, but also with Bill, Alcide, and Jason. Alexander Skarsgard deserves more interesting interaction to fully showcase his talent (acting, not trouser region)

    • ericlover says:

      I agree. it BUGS me that he will be on his own storyline..
      i do believe now, after thinking about it, that he’s on his own story because he’s badly injuired and has no choice. he will return to the gang once he’s nursed back to health! i hope!

    • TruB_Newbie says:

      I agree too. A shame they are giving Eric a separate storyline, but that will serve two purposes. one… it will keep Eric’s popularity from over-shadowing the writing team’s favorite couple (Bill and Sookie)…two… it will make it much easier to FF past the boring Bill scenes. :) I am taking an optimistic attitude towards the news. Really, if you think about it, what interest would a 1000 year old Viking have in Shreveport, LA anyhow? As long as Eric gets equal screen time (or more would be good), and a decent storyline (no flash back or ghost crap), we’ll be able to make do. Heck, it may even turn out better. If Alex keeps out acting everyone and keeps a loyal fan following, maybe he will get a spin-off show! (It worked for Buffy and Angel.) (One can hope.)

  13. Amanda says:

    Sounds like next season will be very interesting. The only thing that Brian Buckner said that disappointed me was that Eric would be “gone and off on his own story going forward” and not part of the Sookie-Alcide-Bill dynamic. It’s a shame because although I’m a big Eric-Sookie shipper, I enjoy the show more when Eric is at odds with Bill and Alcide and has an alterior motive re Sookie. He’s just such a great actor (and easy on the eyes – let’s be honest) that I prefer it when he is part of the main storyline and not on some separate tangential track. So, looking forward to next year, but disappointed that Eric will have his own story going forward – would have like to see the reunion with Bill and Sookie. Maybe Season Eight??

  14. NancyJ says:

    CORRECTION: Bill Compton has a ton of fans and supporters! I hate when the Eric lovers and/or Bill haters make it sound as if Bill has no fans because it is so far from true! The difference is that most of us are mature enough not to go on forums and trash ‘the other guy’. Grow up! This isn’t high school.

    Bill & Sookies chemistry is real and their romance is the heart of this show. Since day one! I miss the innocence of season 1. (Obviously we’ll never get that back but things can be put right again if the writers actually cared.) Clearly every guy Sookie has ‘fallen for’ at the drop of a hat are rebounds. She still loves Bill. I don’t believe she deserves all the love and respect he gives her. He could have forced her to give up Warlow. He didn’t. And as far as can Bill be forgiven? For what?!?! He had Lillith controlling him the majority of the time! It wasn’t real Bill. Good grief. :-/

    Sookie has had NO CHEMISTRY with any potential bf. So give it up and just let Bill & Sookie be together where they belong. They’ve been kept apart long enough. It’s getting monotonous.

    I do agree that the writing has sucked (no pun intended) and nothing urks most fans more than no continuity!! GRRR!!! The short time frame of things happening has made situations (and relationships) seem ridiculous! Luna dies and within days Sam is in love and knocked a girl up?!?! WTF?!

    • Amanda says:

      There is a lot of character inconsistency. I don’t want to trash Bucker or anything, but I feel like they need someone to act as a historian or something. Like why was Alcide ignoring Sookie after Boot & Rally when he was glamored into finding her gross and then in the Season Finale, suddenly he loves her again. And that thing with Sam “loving” Nicole days after Luna’s death was absurd. I agree with you that Sookie looks like she still loves Bill and is probably only filling time with Alcide. But I really find Bill and Sookie boring together. I’m a total Eric/Sookie supporter, but I think the show is really heading toward Bill and Sookie at it’s center. Bummer.

      • mmtols says:

        I enjoy Eric as a character, and I liked the tension between him and Sookie in the earlier seasons.. but it all fizzled for me in S4… the fire was gone.

        I will always prefer Bill with Sookie… for a lot of reasons, but also because I think he fits into her world better. Does Eric want to go bowling and watch TV with Sookie? Is he going to hang out at Merlotte’s… erm Bellefluer’s and nurse a TB? That kind of life just doesn’t fit Eric, at least IMO.

        • aolani08 says:

          Yeah Bill is a dream man he raped, had her beat, was sent by the queen, kept her dumb to the vampire world, controlled her by the blood, didn’t fix her house or save her childhood memories, flaunted Selah and Portia, didn’t heal the fang marks in the beginning, and nearly drained her. I can forgive but I can never forget and I don’t think Sookie’s character should either.

    • JJ says:

      Well said NancyJ. Your first paragraph is spot on.

    • Lindie7 says:

      It’s so interesting that most of the comments made by Eric fans are commenting about the character and actual things/facts that have happened on the show. Your comments and some of the others target the actual Eric fans, while wagging your finger.

      Back to the show, the innocence of Season 1 was all based on a lie. Bill was there to procure Sookie. He didn’t tell her the truth once his feelings changed. He didn’t tell her about the Queen. He didn’t tell her about the Rattrays. He didn’t tell her why her blood was special. Even when he went to save her, he knew what her blood would do, which is why he even attempted it. Otherwise, he should have known that he wouldn’t have made it off of the front porch. How exactly is that innocent?

      • mmtols says:

        There is nothing that shows us he had any idea about Sookie’s blood being special beyond tasting good before S3… he still had no idea what she was or that her blood would allow him to daywalk. As soon as he learned from Claudine what she was, he went directly to her and told her. He went out into the sun for her because he loved her… The writers probably hadn’t even thought up the daywalking thing until season 3…

        • Lindie7 says:

          The fact that he attempted it shows us. Look at how quickly Eric burned. We saw poor Beulah and how quickly she burned. Bill had to know he’d be in flames before he got off the porch. He may not have know the word “fairy”, but he knew. I don’t believe that he didn’t have any idea why Sophie-Anne wanted her. Bill is duplicitous and the best procurer around. I’m sure he did his homework.

          And going out into the sun, because he loved her knowing that he was going to fry on the porch makes no sense. Dying on the porch certainly wasn’t going to help her. If anything, he took an educated guess and went for it. I’m not saying that he didn’t “love her”, I’m saying season 1 Bill is not sweet and innocent. He lied and continued to lie well after her became her boyfriend. If he truly loved her, he would have told her the truth, but he didn’t because he was afraid of how she’d react. He wanted to protect himself and keep her in the dark. That’s not honest love.

      • Julie says:

        @linde- I think it’s because many of the Eric fans (not all, but many) act so arrogant and assume they are the only fans of the show that matter. They may be the most vocal but there are many fans such as myself that watch for all of the characters. It’s very frustrating. I don’t care who Sookie is with romant

    • Mollie says:

      Well said! I think everybody can tell from the season 6 finale that Bill & Sookie will be together again in 2014. It’s gonna happen because Sookie has never truly gotten over Bill:)

      • aolani08 says:

        Bill is any woman’s dream, he raped, nearly drained, coveted her blood, had her beat to an inch of her life, manipulated her through his blood, kept her dumb to the vampire world, and flaunted Selah and Portia in her face, and didn’t do a thing to save her house pr try to restore the memories of her childhood home. I can only give credit to a man where credit is due. i thank Bill and Sookie everyday that this is fiction and not real life because for people to get upset at others opinions and views about a character is crazy. you shouldn’t be upset because people don’t like him be upset at the writers and the show for how vivid they portrayed his character to viewers. There is no doubt in any of the Sookie and Eric shippers that this is the Bill and Sookie show. Bill and Sookie have capitalized a majority of the series time seven seasons to be exact. It’s okay for us to like someone other than Bill and I apologize if he is your type of man, he’s just not my ideal of a man. Last but not least a man such as Bill can be forgiven but a real woman that learns from her mistakes and that strong woman learns to move on because they never forget. Sookie’s character is supposed to be the star of the show and even in the books CH allowed her character to learn from her mistakes, move on, and grow into a woman.

        • Kimmi says:

          Yep Bill’s great. He’s the one for me. Can’t wait for them to get back together. And why don’t you list all the bad things Eric’s done while you’re making your little Bill hate list. Don’t get me wrong I like Eric. He’s a great character and actor but why do all the Eric fans always have to slate Bill?

          • TruB_Newbie says:

            I mostly saw Eric respecting Sookie. When he had amnesia and Sookie offered to fight the witches with Bill, Eric said it was Sookie’s decision (even if he didn’t want her to.) He never fed on Sookie during sex, only when she offered to heal him after the silver, and only to keep Russell from killing her. He bought her house so he could build a cubby in it to be near her when she returned, but he fixed it up ( a lot) and bought her a microwave. I noticed he even picked a paint color a girl would like. Bill had all that money yet he let her “work” for Eric as a telepath to earn money to fix her driveway. Eric offered to give her all the money she needed to get out of Bon Temps even after he got his memories back. All I ever saw Bill do was use Sookie as a possesion and a foil for his heroic grandstanding. Who showed real love, and who treated her like a possession? Oh, and before you bring up Eric locking her in his basement for a short while, that was only because Russell was out there looking for her and Sookie never listened when told to stay put. The only person that had a prayer of saving her from Russell was Eric. Bill was originally was procuring Sookie for the queen and couldn’t be trusted right from the start.

          • Kimmi says:

            Your microwave comment did make me chuckle :)

          • TruB_Newbie says:

            I think he was poking fun at her “microwave fingers” with his sarcastic humor. LOL

          • aolani08 says:

            Lol…..because this is a tv show a fiction it’s okay for people to have a difference of opinions that is the success of the show. why don’t you lost what he’s done if your not a fan, clearly I’m an Eric fan?

    • aolani08 says:

      Bill is a woman’s dream. He had her beat to feed her blood, he raped her, her nearly drained her, he lied to her and took her virginity, he didn’t fix her house or try to preserve her child hood memories while she was gone, he flaunted Selah and Portia in her face, he controlled her with his blood, yeah he came to Merlottes and sat there looking constipated waiting for her to get off work, he ran in the sun and burned to save her, oh and saved her from Warlow at Jessica’s insistence, my hero all is forgiven.

  15. luvi says:

    if the writers thinks I want to see a fu@king bill,sookie alicide triangle then they really need there brains check the most boring characters and the stupid damsel in distress they really need there brains bleach . My Viking Is so better off without that danger whore she deserved everything she get.

  16. Eric says:

    I’m so happy to have Brian Buckner as the show runner! He takes the show back to the basics: in Bon Temps, stories about vampires & humans, less storylines (which was the pb with Alan Ball. Love the guy, he’s brilliant, but WAY too many storylines), the focus on Bill & Sookie… all good things!

  17. S says:

    Hey, I’m with the rest here who HATE Beel and especially hate Beel and Sookie being together BUT its been so obvious for years now that is who she’ll end up with. Alcide stands no chance here so why even do this unneeded triangle to begin with? They have made it very clear who they want Sookie with. I LOVED Eric and Sookie but again its sooooo obvious that is over. Sookeh doesn’t give a crap about Eric anymore! I wish they at least shared scenes but again its not going to happen. The best thing about this whole read was that Eric will be on S7. :D I honestly don’t even care about the rest of the show anymore… Hey maybe I’ll join the rest of Eric fans and only watch him, Pam and whoever else I love on Youtube. Its just soooooo boring thinking about watching any of that lame triangle. ZZZ

  18. Patchi says:

    I guess we’re never getting the Sookie/ Eric romance then, that sucks.

    • Amanda says:

      Agree. It totally sucks.

      • ericlover says:

        I dont even think us fans need them to get together.. for me, i love when they have any scenes together. they have great onscreen chemestry and his apparent feelings for her are sweet! we just want them to have the CHANCE!!!!
        and a hot make out scene here and there…

        IS THAT SO HARD?

  19. Mike says:

    You are all pissed off about the triangle Sookie/Alcide/Bill!!!
    I’m reading “Sookie and Eric” all the time and blablabla…
    I like the character of Eric, he is one of the best but i don’t understand why most people don’ t see that Bill loves actually Sookie despite of manipulating her at the past! You remember only the bad actions of Bill and you forgot that even when he followed the Queen’s orders he trully loved her! He almost died when he tried to saved her from Arlene’s first husband, don’t you remember? Would he sacrifice himself if he cared only about how to examine her and her blood? Come on, you prefer Eric because he’ s more handsome or stronger or something like that? Eric is more authentic when he acts like a Viking. Of course he has his romantic part, but i prefer him like 1st season. And if all of you believe that Bill doesn’t deserve forgiveness, i’m sorry but i think you are hypocrites! Bill made bad mistakes, but in most circumstances he was under influence and he used his mind to bring things under control. Yes, he acts like a politician, but he gaved almost all his blood to save his kind. He deeply loves Sookie. You all liked 1st season. Now you get bored with the propably ” return of Sookie/Bill”! I hope for that and i’m sorry that i belong to the minority!

    • S says:

      People don’t prefer Eric because he’s more handsome. It has nothing to do with Alex looks at all… Don’t you know people loved Eric before Alex was even on the show…. We love our Eric cause he’s awesome but it doesn’t hurt that Alex is also a very good looking man,

    • mmtols says:

      I don’t thing you (or I) are as much of a minority as some fans like to think… just because we aren’t all over the internet, shouting from the hilltops doesn’t mean we don’t exist.

      Go Bill!! :)

  20. Anne says:

    This show is like mean game of keep away. I’m done. It’s YouTube for the scraps of Eric and Pam “off on their own” and the rest can fry like poor Eric in the scant minute he was in the season finale. They never gave the best character a real chance at happiness with Sookie and they never will. As a fan I feel jerked around and used. I can’t wait till the fricking thing is over so I don’t have to be pissed off about it anymore. Except for the Northman clan it’s been a hate-watch since late-season four.

    And the ratings drop for the season finale….don’t think that wasn’t related to the spoilers about Eric and his only being in it for 60 seconds in which he (apparently) dies. Cus a boatload of people I know didn’t want to watch once they heard that. Shades of Harris’s last book…

  21. Danielle H. says:

    why not “pander” to loyal viewers? There should have been an Alcide/Sookie sex scene. I mean come on… there was zero payoff.

  22. ericlover says:

    Hey, I don’t even think Sookie and Eric need to GET together to please fans, but we have to know it’s possible! i dont like the thought of Eric being in his own storyline… ugh! Plus how inconsistant of him to leave Willa as a newborn???? WTF!!!!! Eric wouldn’t do this when he takes being a maker so seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on writers, be consistant!!!!!!! We just dont want the characters to lose WHO THEY ARE. Of course people change and evolve, but they usually dont devolve! (I am happy to have Eric in the show at all at this point.)

  23. mmtols says:

    I’m glad for BB’s insights into the finale and the plan for next season. It fills in some of the holes, or at least it sounds like they will try to fill in some things next season about what happened during the time jump.

    Not at all surprised that Eric isn’t gone- I’m sure Pammy-cakes will arrive just in time to save him. Hopefully he will continue to be badass S1-2 Eric next season.

    I am looking forward to a return of a character centric, Bon Temps focused True Blood next year.

    While this season had it’s problems, I think it was entertaining- which is the point of a TV show, and helped undo some of the crazy of last season.

    Sookie needs some boring right now, so I’m cool with Alcide for a little while… but I can’t wait for her and Bill to get pulled back to each other. Sorry, Bright Eyes ;)

    So yes… plenty of people exist who like Bill (OMFG!)… and redemption is always possible, he hasn’t done anything nearly as bad as some people claim, especially considering the other characters on TB.

  24. S says:

    I wish they’d just give Alex/Eric is own spin off. I mean think at how awesome that would be? Also, Pam would join him.

    • ericlover says:


      • S says:

        It really makes sense if you think about it. Eric is no longer in Sookie’s world and with him and Pam off on their own sl it makes better sense to just do a spin off… Plus Eric and Pam are the best!! We’d see more of both Eric/Pam and there is so much they could do…. So many possibilities there. I know Alex is into movies now but I think they could work something out right? :D

        • ericlover says:

          We could get flashbacks with Gordric and Nora! yes, sooooooooo many possiblities!!!!!!

          Also, I love AS, but he is BEST as ERIC! At least out of all the characters I’ve seen him play!
          He could still do movies!!

    • Sandy says:

      now that would be awesome. We’d get a whole hour of Eric and Pam and their exploits. An hour instead of the less than one minute we got in the finale. I wouldn’t have to watch zombies or werewolves or Billiths. No more Sam stories, sorry Sam I like you but your story lines are boring. Just Eric (and Co., because I like Pam best but also Willa and Tara now too) and maybe now and again they would go out to Bon Temps to check on the old gang? Jason and Eric are always great together. And Tara could see LaLa now and then because I would miss him, too, if I never saw him again. But not too often please… Great idea, send it to HBO.

  25. ericlover says:

    I have to admit I am pleased that bucky (sorry, couldn’t resist) reads fans comments and I hope he reads these before finishing the premise for S7!
    I am very surprised that they have revealed the major cliffhanger just because fans were so outraged. LOL! don’t mess with Eric fans!!!!!
    I realize the reason why they did this is likely to save ratings, but I’m still shocked and happy!

    • deenorthman says:

      He has to reveal it, because he’s already lost his confidence in Bill and Alcide to carry on the show next season.

  26. ericlover says:

    oh and Bucky, please give us 12 episodes next year!!!! We wait a full year for this!!

  27. Jena says:

    I LOVE Eric- but why would you even want him with Sookie?? Honestly her character is now so unlikeable I don’t think she even deserves him. I don’t get it. I understand there are a massive amount of fans that are all about Eric/Sookie but they are not the only ones out there. There are fans that like Bill. i think its unfair to assume only Eric matters on this show. I have a problem with a lot of the inconsistencies but this uproar confuses me. I’d much rather have Eric with a storyline of his own.

  28. sadistickitten says:

    Reblogged this on Sadistickitten's Blog and commented:
    Yes he’s coming back <3

  29. Eve says:

    I’m glad Sookie is with Alcide for a little while, even though I don’t want it to last. I’m really glad about Tara and her mother. Mostly I am so happy Bill is acting like Bill again. Bill loves Sookie is the one thing you should be able to rely on, just like in the books. Bill was always willing to die for Sookie because he truly loved her.

  30. Fran Cominsky Henderson says:

    I’m actually a big fan of both Eric and Bill. Both have their issues but Eric fans are a little forgetful when it comes to him. Lafayette anyone? Bill is a mess but Eric has had his moments as well (and trust me, I realize its not quite the same and it was more before he knew Sookie but just trying to make a point here). Can’t we admit that everyone on the show has done some pretty nasty things and that’s just the way it goes in the TB world?

  31. Kmar says:

    I thrilled about Alexander Skarsgard finally being confirmed as a regular next season. I suspected he’d be back, but I wasn’t sure how much we’d see of him. The only thing in this interview that bugged me was that Brian alluded Eric would be off on his own storyline and out of the picture with Sookie — I thought this was back to basics with all the characters together– unless I misconstrued his statement. I don’t like the concept of an alcide-Sookie-Bill triangle. Now… an Alcide-Sookie-Eric triangle, yes please. I still say Eric is endgame for Sookie — has to be. We got cheated out of it in the books (poor Charlaine Harris got death threats over it, actually, which is pretty extreme and juvenile, but shows how huge and passionate the Eric/Sookie shipper community is); please Brian Buckner, don’t cheat us out of it in the show too.

    • Actually, Brian said that he hasn’t confirmed Eric is alive, but that they will ‘use him’. My guess is that they want to use him as a ghost like Godric. Eric is pretty much done in the show. Don’t get your hopes up, he’s dead.

  32. In the beginning of the show I just loved Sookie. She was sweet, kind rather naive but still sweet and kind. Now though? I can’t stand her. It’s as if her character ceased to grow or rather she grew into a mindless whore who doesn’t think about her actions. I used to root for Sookie and Eric. However, I no longer do. Eric doesn’t deserve to be with someone like the Sookie in True Blood.

  33. sugarplumb777 says:

    This show has always been about bill & sookies relationship. It is not the books. Sookie pretty much has zero chemistry with anyone other than her off screen hubby. I love Eric & alcide & Sam but not with sookie. Bill has f*cked up a ton, but she will never stop caring for him, nor him for her. I don’t expect them to live happily ever after but I do expect more scenes/love scenes between the two cuz it’s HOT. I miss their sex scenes!!

  34. Tahoe Mike says:

    I just want to see Jessica get her sense of humor back. She has been all depressed and brooding this season, and I don’t much care for it. Give me back the girl who stamped her foot and declared that she can eat whoever she wants, and took such delight in being right about Pam and Tara.

  35. S says:

    Brian just said in another interview that he didn’t say Eric was alive. So all even though Alex will be in S7 it doesn’t mean our Eric didn’t die the true death :'( WTF….. How the hell could anyone kill Eric? Seriously. I hope he’s not just on S7 in dreams, flashbacks and ghost like Godric has been.. These writers are freakin morons. WOW

    • Me says:

      Did he really say that? Oh dear………. cue the rabid Eric fans and their death threats to the TB writers/producers etc…

      Enjoy the hiatus Eric fans :p

      • You do realize that the ‘rabid’ eric fans are 90% of the audience , right? yeah I will enjoy the hiatus, I’m glad I’m free from this awful show. Eric better be dead. He’s too good for this.

        • Me says:

          80% of the audience? Really? What about all those people who watch the show because it is an entertaining hour once a week a few weeks a year – those people make up a huge part of the audience you know.
          Eric’s fans are just more vocal than any other group. Some of them should read their own comments; a lot of the hate they spew does them no good, puts them in a bad light. I’m glad not to be one of them.

          • Waitingsux says:

            90% is pretty accurate. Go check the TB FB page. Most people LOVE Eric and are sick of Bill.

        • Julie says:

          Actually you could say that ALL of the actors are too good for this poorly written show. It’s not just Eric’s character. He was a big part of every episode this season except for the finale.

  36. Cat says:

    Okay haters if you think the show sucks that bad and the story lines are crap here is a easy fix for you! STOP WATCHING and quit your bitching!!!! The entire series came from books based on Sookie and her lovers and her community so even if the story lines have swerved from the plot lines of the books the show is still about Sookie. And Bill (even if I do love the Viking) has always and will remain in love with her.

    • NYCER4LIFE says:

      Beel had other relationships in the books and he and Sookie were separated for a very long time. She was done with him after Eric revealed that the Queen of Louisiana ordered Beel to seduce Sookie. Eric on the other hand was Sookie’s true love and one time husband in the novels even though Charlaine Harris seemed to forget that when she wrote the horrific ending in Book 13 of the series.

    • If they went by the books, Bill would have been long gone , but they’re obviously not following the books. And yeah, I’m gonna stop watching, actually, most of us are expecting this show to get cancelled, good luck getting viewers after that stupid finale. Like ir or not Eric is the reason most of us watch that crap.

  37. Shannon says:

    Glad about news of Eric. I would have liked the Alcide/Sookie romance better a few seasons ago. I am still disappointed about the Warlow storyline and what was shown at Comic Con was completely false because in that showing Sookie had been turned… Warlow plot was built up for a few seasons and did not do the storyline justice… It just fell flat.. I also would have liked to seen more Rob =) I am glad I get to see more Eric though..

  38. NYCER4LIFE says:

    My ideal Beel Compton reset is for Beel to get staked, face the true death and never be seen in Bon Temps again. Not even in flashbacks. Beel’s got the Bellefleurs as descendants to carry on for him in the show. That’s enough Beel for me.

  39. Nina says:

    Yay he’s alive! :D and ugh to Bill-Alcide-Sookie love triangle. I love Bill, why don’t they just leave him be. His best interaction is with Jess (platonically, don’t kill me oy!) and I was hoping they will continue showing us that. But yay Eric!!! :D :D

  40. Westie says:

    Wow, i’m must be alone in the world but during the scene when Eric was burning, i didn’t see anything. I was watching the flame on his back, screaming “in the snow stupid donkey !” (enterre-toi dans la neige couillon) and never saw his junk ! I feel like the stupid donkey now !

    • TruB_Newbie says:

      Me either! I was looking at all that golden skin and long legs, amused he was sunning nude with a BOOK ( a romance novel no less), in the snow, then and horrified they were trying to kill him off. I never thought once to try to peep his private parts.

  41. I’m done, Eric is never gonna get the recognition he deserves. Alex is wasting his talent on this crap. It’s always gonna be “BILL-BILL-BILL-ALZZZZIDE-ANOTHER BOYFRIEND FOR SOOKIE – ETC ETC ETC——- eric” It’s not worth it. They better kill Eric for good.

  42. Jaime says:

    Bill,Sookie,and Alcide? Gross!!

  43. DavidSask says:

    Making the vampires infected at the end look like zombies still makes you look incredibly bad and never should have been approved. People who don’t read interviews and spoilers are just going to walk away from the show because of that stupidity. How cute he referenced Breaking Bad as well, because the show kicks his fn’ ass also for good reason!

  44. Betty says:

    I am soooo relieved. Now it was difficult to believe that Eric was going to die especially like that but I couldn’t help but worry with all the rumours abounding. I too would rather have a Sookie/Bill/Eric triangle but it seems the powers at be love Bill for Sookie. I guess they want to make Alcide part of the central story again. I hope that doesn’t mean we will see less of Eric. We see so little of him as it is. Finale scene excluded. Ha! But seriously Eric is just so charismatic I live for his scenes. And Pam’s. Maybe she and Eric will have their own little arc next season. I love them together. They’re like a tag team.

  45. Truefan says:

    I feel the writers have made a mess of what was once a good show. Other people have made comments about the non sensical plot lines, inconsistencies ,etc, so I won’t go into that. They have also ruined the characters. I really liked Sookie when the series began,but the writers have turned her into a foul mouthed, hardened ,slut. She is supposed to be the heroine of the series and she isn’t even likeable.
    Eric has become the real star of this show and if his role is diminished so will the interest in this show.
    Alcide is just not attractive as the romantic lead. Finally the constant non stop cursing is boring and infantile. Are the writers limited in their use of language ? I am surprised that the people of Louisiana haven’t told the writers off for portraying their citizens in such a crass way.

  46. Lumi says:

    I just didn’t want to watch the finale episode: everything sounds out of the ordinarily! I started with watching the series and then read the books..there were always differences between them, but not that much and even i hate Harris for the end, i have to give her credit for writing…her books are smart and funny and a really continued never get bored in the books: yeah, you get angry sometimes at stupidity of Sookie, but not like in TB. 5th and 6th seasons of TB really sucked..and yeah-Warlow,the mighty,fearest..- haven’t seen actually any action of his…so totally boring! Everything! The season started with hopes,then: boring…the season ended..with more boring promises of the 7h. Sookie-Alcide-Bill again..oh c’mon..not again!

  47. Michael says:

    I called it on all counts from the first thread here about the finale! A Skar not dead, Tara’s scene w mom genuine (the word I used!), vamp/human symbiosis in place of true blood (at least until they can get a factory up and running again), Bill/Sookie being the center of the show (Bill reset will find Sookie coming back to him). I only might have been wrong about the Hep Vamps being weaker than reg. vamps because the virus mutated. You would think I’d be happy to have been so right, but I’m not. It just means this show has gotten too predictable (as if we didn’t think the “series regular” that was going to die wasn’t going to be a secondary character? You’re kidding yourself if you thought otherwise!), and that is not a good thing. Like I said before (and this interview seems to imply) the writers need to look back to go forward.

  48. Sarah says:

    Where exactly in this interview does he say that Eric is alive? He said that we will see him in season 7 but didn’t say in what capacity. He could be in flashbacks only. I doubt that is the case and he’s probably just trying to keep some mystery alive, but everyone is assuming an awful lot here. It’s very frustrating that many Eric fans feel that they are the only fans that matter. They may complain and voice their opinion the loudest, but there are many fans who like the other characters as well. Count me among them. Eric is a fantastic character but he is only one in a pretty large cast. I am much more interested in him without Sookie. They have made her character so unbearable and unlikeable- why would you want Eric with her? Seems to me that if you really like his character you would want him with someone who is worthy of his awesomeness. Let Bill or Alcide have Sookie. They are much more suited to her personality. Give me an Eric storyline away from all the mess that is Sookie.

  49. Jo says:

    HMMMMMM….True Blood finale. Now that is a finale, they left a lot of people wondering what had happened to Eric-(very nice naked man there….woo hoo).. ok back on track, Think people you have watched the show for 6 years now. We all know that if a Vamp or his “property” are ever in trouble, well the progeny can tell if their Maker is in trouble, and since Willow did not sense anything really out of the ordinary hmm I came to the conclusion that he is not dead. I have a few ideas on what happens to him and would love to share them with the writers. Hey they might ask me who knows. All I can say is that every year the plots get better and better and I get more addicted. Keep up the GR8 work and I can’t wait til season 7……….one more additional thought, Lafayette needs to find someone to love, he is awesome and he lost his last love, he needs another one, maybe a Vamp this time, hmmmmm…..Laters Taters.

  50. Jag says:

    Do they even know these characters? People don’t believe Bill can reset because we know what he’s done. The same with Tara’s mother; we remember her as the alcoholic who used to beat her, so of course she’d try to poison her. The idea of “forgiveness” and forgetting huge parts to these characters is confusing. If the season really does play out like described, my guess is that it might be the last one for True Blood.