Fall TV Preview

Fall TV 2013: Which New Shows Are You Most Looking Forward To? Vote!

Best New Shows 2013To date, TVLine has offered its First Impressions of more than half of the new shows — largely focusing on the better (and the better of the worser) ones — coming your way this fall.

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Now, though, is the time for a mass gut check, whereby you simply cast your votes for the THREE (3) NEW COMEDIES and THREE (3) NEW DRAMAS you are most excited to sample as the new TV season unfolds this fall.

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Then, as the ratings start circulating come mid-September, we’ll see if y’all put up or tuned out — recognizing, of course, that only 0.02 percent of U.S. TV households are actually sampled by Nielsen. We also should(/could) get a taste for which noobs are fated to go up in flames, which is also great sport.

But enough preamble: Ready, set, vote!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. NedFlanders says:

    almost human, blacklist and marvels agents of shield for the three dramas and the crazy ones, michael j fox show and brooklyn nine nine for the comedys. nothing else looks quite as good

    • Mike says:

      I agree, nothing besides a few look good! Hostages…how can that concept last, who is going to keep person week after week, person person after person, to save their family? Sean Hayes is talented, the show looks bad, Anger Management bad. Moms looks like Two Broke girls with a kid. Agents of the Shield, The Crazy Ones, and I would include, Sleepy Hollow seem to be the only orignal shows this season the rest is a rehash or have a concept that works long term.

      • Simon Jester says:

        It is supposed to be a 15-episode limited series.

        • Cassandra says:

          CBS denied that at a TCA panel. They said that the only limit was the number of episodes they plan to have in a season, which is 15. I’m curious what they intend to do after season 1, but I guess they are hoping that by being vague, curiosity will inspire people to tune in.

    • Lisa London says:

      That was my exact set! Great minds…

    • Weezy says:

      That’s scary..those were my exact same picks

    • Jace says:

      I picked almost exactly the same as you with just 1 change, i picked Trophy Wife instead of The Michael J Fox Show, nothing against TMJFS, i really like him, but im a big fan of Bradley Whitford, hoping he has better luck with ratings than his last 2 lead roles (even though they were both fantastic).

    • yoyoman says:

      where is boardwalk empire

  2. Hamza says:

    I generally like comedies, but among the new shows, there are many more dramas I am excited about than comedies.

    • Cassandra says:

      I feel the same. The only one I’m hopeful about is Mom and that’s because I love Allison Janney in virtually everything she’s done.

  3. Eric7740 says:

    The Crazy Ones, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, and The Originals
    Mid-season: The new Chris Meloni comedy and The new James Van Der Beek comedy

  4. Chris says:

    wah wah…my 3 dramas are all listed in the bottom 5 and I won’t even try the top 4 at least.

  5. Cort says:

    Blacklist, S.H.I.E.L.D, & The Originals and The Crazy Ones, Michael J Fox show, & The Trophy Wife.

  6. Kris says:

    Can I just vote for 6 Dramas–because the comedy side looks pretty slim this year.

  7. Sam says:

    I think Lucky 7 and the Michael J. Fox show probably have the best chance of being fantastic, but SHIELD, The Tomorrow People, Hostages, Wonderland, The Blacklist, and Trophy Wife look really good too.

  8. Michelle says:

    None of the above. I can’t wait until Surviving Jack is on Fox. I’m so looking forward to seeing Chris Meloni back on my TV. It being a comedy just it makes it all the better.

  9. Patrick Maloney says:

    Sleepy Hollow is on the top of my list

  10. Courtney says:

    Wish more people were looking forward to Enlisted… I think it’s gonna be good, but doesn’t seem like a show alot of people will turn into; so even if it’s good it probably won’t last.

    • Babar says:

      That’s one of the shows I have on my “New shows that will get cancelled” list

    • Lindsey says:

      I know!!! Enlisted in the fall show that I am MOST looking forward to, but it has gotten virtually no publicity and it is airing on Friday nights! If that isn’t a recipe for early cancellation then I don’t know what is. But it’s such a Jane because the cast and plot are so promising!!!!! :(

  11. Drew says:

    Well, when you put it that way… not much at all. I picked one comedy “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” which looks like it could possibly be interesting, though it could go either way.

    And two dramas, “Almost Human” and “Sleepy Hollow”. The rest just reminded me of how weak TV has been in recent years. There was a time when it was hard to schedule what to watch and when. Now it’s just a matter of deciding on which DVD set to pop out when I’m bored.

    I think there should be a “Which show repulses you the most” section. In which case, “Betrayal” and “Dads”. One I find offensive because I’m sick of adultery on TV, which ABC has done a lot of lately. The other I find repulsive because it looks like an insult to humanity as a whole.

    • Drew says:

      And I swear, I’m not a prude or a weirdo. I’m just tired of adultery on TV. TV marriage means almost as little as TV death these days.

      • hijoy says:

        I couldn’t agree more, Drew. I, too, am sick of the crap that keeps coming out- and if people think I’m a prude, I don’t GAC…too bad. I value family (as opposed to relatives) above everything but my Salvation.

        • Drew says:

          The commercial is just insulting. Her husband won’t drop his work in the middle of the day to go out for coffee, so logically she decides to cheat on him. As though being bored is a good excuse. Is the audience supposed to feel bad for her?

    • Mike says:

      ABC and the networks should take note from Duck Dynasty, people want a show with a traditional family that loves and respects each other. Adultery, horrible kids, moronic spouses, is getting old. That show gets a 5.0 in the ratings because there is nothing like it, why there was not a new network show in the spirit of the Cosby Show or just a simple family show is beyond me. Ironic that the concept, of the unconventional has become so conventional, that conventional is now unconventional.

  12. Steve F. says:

    Agents of SHIELD, Sleepy Hollow, and The Blacklist topped my drama list, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Crazy Ones, and The Michael J. Fox Show were my choices for comedies.

  13. Mark says:

    I’m actually excited for Dads and I hate how everyone is automatically hating on it just because if a few racial jokes. What do you expect? It’s the writers of Ted and Seth MacFarlane are involved and I’ve always been a huge fan of his work no matter how controversial. They never mean any harm, it’s for people who have a great sense of humor!

    • Thanks for letting me know/reminding me that this is from the writers of Ted and Seth MacFarlane. I didn’t mind the trumped-up racial controversy. However, I want nothing to do with those anti-creative un-entertaining hacks.

    • Drew says:

      I don’t care about racial jokes. Racial jokes can actually be funny. But the commercials look absolutely horrible for this show. They make The Mindy Project look good by comparison. It just looks really, really bad.

    • Will says:

      The preview for that show was so bad it made me want to shoot my television!

      • Jay says:

        Just look at the bright side. It’ll be cancelled by Christmas and Raising Hope will be back on Tuesday where it belongs! That thought alone is enough that I’m willing to slog through it till then.

  14. Eric7740 says:

    Where’s the “Which new show will be Cancelled first” poll???

  15. Lyss says:

    Honestly back in the game is the ONLY show I am looking forward to! I mean come on, Maggie Lawson, James Caan, and Griffin Gluck in one show!

    • Morg says:

      I SO AGREE! I’m sad Jules won’t be in some eps of Psych but I am so happy for Maggie and the show looks super cute and really funny!

  16. Aimee says:

    I can honestly say that there isn’t one single comedy I am looking forward to. :-(

  17. TL says:

    Why do I have a feeling Marvel Agents of SHIELD is going to be overrated and people are going to be upset over something?

  18. Daisy says:

    The Blacklist is miles ahead of any other new show. I think I’m only gonna try this one for now.

    • Cassandra says:

      I’m reluctant to get into it only because 75% of the shows I start watching on NBC get canceled after one season. I was in shock when Hannibal was renewed, but extremely grateful. If NBC already has so few viewers, wouldn’t it be in there best interest to advertise for there shows on more than just their own network. I think Parenthood has only made it this far due to loyal fans sticking with it despite its jumping timeslots and spreading the word to their friends.

      • Jay says:

        I agree that NBC doesn’t have the best track record with new shows, but last year they did pretty well. Chicago Fire and Revolution were both hits, and I watched them both from the beginning which usually doesn’t mean a show will last at all. All in I’d say their drama lineup looks pretty good this year too, though I doubt Ironside will last very long. It’s their comedies that need a lot of work!

  19. The only new series I’m most excited about this coming TV season: The Blacklist

  20. Brandy says:

    New dramas im looking foward to: Reign,Originals,Once Uopn a Time in Wonderland.Comedy:Micheal J Fox as my hubby and I are fans but Thurs are so packed with BBT,Reign,VD,OUATIW, im not sure if well be able to watch.

  21. Andy says:

    My comedy picks are The Michael J. Fox Show. Trophy Wife, and The Crazy Ones. Those three were easy for me. But the drama choices were harder. I went with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Blacklist, and OUAT in Wonderland, but Hostages and The Tomorrow People were big ones too.

  22. person says:

    I went with Crazy Ones, Trophy Wife, and Mom for comedy and Agents of SHIELD, The Tomorrow People, and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland for drama.

    I will also check out Almost Human, Sleepy Hollow, and Hostages, but maybe I after I see the ratings first.

    I personally feel that the Michael J Fox Show and Blacklist are both being overhyped, but that might be my anti-NBC bias :)

  23. hijoy says:

    I’m super psyched to see Supernatural for the 9th year in a row…love me some Winchesters and fighting evil…as to the new ones, I’ve not really seen one that interests me…the comedies look stupid and the dramas don’t particularly strike me as dramatic. Damn, I am getting old!

  24. hijoy says:

    I’m super psyched to see Supernatural for the 9th year in a row…love me some Winchesters and fighting evil…as to the new ones, I’ve not really seen one that interests me…the comedies look stupid and the dramas don’t particularly strike me as dramatic. Damn, I am getting old!

  25. hijoy says:

    Oops- didn’t mean to post 2x

  26. rowan77 says:

    Agents of Shield, The Michael J Fox Show and The Crazy Ones are the tops on my list, but I’ll give other shows a look because you never know.

  27. dude says:

    SHIELD, The Originals and Almost Human as well as Mom, The Crazy Ones and Trophy Wife although Welcome to the Family could be good as well.

  28. Percysowner says:

    I’m not a comedy person, so pretty much nothing in that column. I settled on Blacklist, Tomorrow People (I loved the original) and Marvelous Agents of Shield. I would add Once Upon a Time in Neverland to those.

  29. Dark Defender says:

    I picked Sleepy Hollow, S.H.E.I.L.D. and Wonderland.. all were awesome at Comic-con.. I would also add that Dracula is going to be amazing too – if the rest of the hsow is as good as what they previewed.

  30. Dan says:

    Actually, the only really exciting thing to me is the return of 24. Gotta wait until spring for that one.

  31. BTM says:

    While the premise looks ridiculous, I want Sleepy Hollow to succeed. Reason? I want “Ichabod” on the list of top baby names.

    “These are my kids, Bella, Ichabod and Honey Boo Boo.”

  32. Ty says:

    Umm.. where is Intelligence on this list. That would be my first choice. Then in descending order; Almost Human, The Blacklist, Agents of SHIELD, OUAT in Wonderland, and The Tomorrow People. The comedy list holds no relevance to me.

  33. John says:

    Not a single comedy looks appealing here. The drama’s however; S.H.I.E.L.D., Almost Human, Sleep Hollow and The Blacklist!

  34. Teag says:

    Hostages, SHIELD, and Almost Human

    Brooklyn 99, Michael J Fox and Trophy Wife.

  35. Aleana says:

    Once: Wonderland S.H.I.E.L.D The Tomorrow People Brooklyn 99 Trophy Wife The Crazy Ones Michael J Fox show Super Night Fun Mom Blacklist and Back in the Game

  36. anawesomeweirdo says:

    It was hard for me to actually choose three, since i basically watch anything, so i just went with the ones that seemed better for me:
    Comedies: Michael J. Fox show, The Crazy Ones, and Super Fun Night (it looked fun, and i love Rebel Wilson so don’t judge :p)
    Dramas: Hostages (I seriously don’t care about how they’re going to stretch the story, Toni Colette is awesome so i’ll just enjoy the show), Lucky 7, and SHIELD.

    * I’ll be checking all of ABC’s new comedies tbh, they really have the best ones especially Trophy Wife.
    * There’s so much scifi dramas this season! That’s why i’ll check out Lucky 7 which seems a little grounded.
    I still don’t get why The Blacklist is getting so much hype. I’ll have to wait and see, but if it has a good cliffhanger at the end of the pilot i’ll stick around.

    So yeah, i’ll be watching a lot of new shows. Sucks that most of them premiere when i’ll be getting ready for my SATs, but who needs college right?

  37. Dragonfly says:

    S.H.I.E.L.D., Sleep Hollow , The Blacklist and Almost Human

  38. Superhero says:

    How come cable shows aren’t in the poll?

    Comedy: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Hello Ladies, and tie between The Michael J Fox Show (still hate that name with a passion) and Trophy Wife.

    Drama: Agents of SHIELD, Masters of Sex, Mob City.

  39. AT says:

    I only plan on checking out maybe 5 or 6 of those 14 comedies…. but I will be checking out nearly every single one on the drama list (with the exception of Lucky 7). The comedies definitely struck me as a little too… lame.

  40. Kissan says:

    For dramas I picked SHIELD, OUAT In Wonderland and The Blacklist, but I also really wanna see The Originals, Hostages and The Tomorrow People. For comedies I picked Trophy Wife, MJF Show and Mom, but I also wanna see The Goldbergs. And why is everybody picking Brooklyn 99 if they know it’s gonna get canceled?

  41. Timmah says:

    A spinoff of OUAT? No thanks. I wish they’d focus on getting the original one back on track.

    • cas says:

      You should watch the trailer. It was very good. I felt the same way until I saw the trailer and I think it may actually turn out better than the first.

  42. Hodan says:

    S.H.I.E.L.D., The Crazy Ones, Sleepy Hollow, The Tomorrow People, Wonderland, Ironside, and Dracula

  43. Ashley Crawford says:

    I voted for The Blacklist,Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Once Upon A Time In Wonderland for the dramas.I don’t care about the comedies one way or the other.

  44. dude says:

    Agents of Shield/Dads/The Crazy Ones/The Michael J Fox Show

  45. Jesse says:

    I’m so excited for pretty much all of them. It’s going to be a good season.

  46. JC says:

    No comedies. But on the drama side Agents of SHIELD gets my top vote easily. After that, though, it’s a little hard to choose between OUAT in Wonderland, The Blacklist, and Almost Human.

  47. Supes says:

    Marvel Agents of Shield is gonna be must see TV for me, I’m also excited to watch Sleepy Hollow and Almost Human (just b/c I’m a big Karl Urban fan). Now while I’m pretty sure “Agents” will be a hit show with the ratings, I’m worried about “Hollow” and “Human” on FOX…the most fickle networks that cancels everything with potential…I hope all 3 of those shows make it (at least a full season).

  48. meatwad says:

    i just know i’m gonna love Shield and The Blacklist

    I prefer Andy Samberg in small doses but Brooklyn looked funny in the clips I’ve seen

    always been a robin Williams fan and adding buffy as his daughter just seals the deal for me

  49. Tania says:

    The problem for me with The Crazy Ones is two-fold. One, a little bit of Robin Williams goes a LONG way, and the trailer I saw suggests we’re gonna get way too much of him. And two, even without that problem, there’s the fact it’s up against Grey’s Anatomy. I will ALWAYS choose Grey’s first and foremost.

  50. Jay says:

    I voted for Michael J Fox Show. LOVE MJF! I do like Maggie Lawson though and i’m glad that she is still going to be continuing on Psych as well but Back In The Game is AWFUL! I don’t even know HOW it got the green light. I was at a screening of the pilot and it was just SO bad, and so uninspired, and the premise is laughable. Sorry Mags.

    • Lyss says:

      C’mon give it a chance before you give up on it, the first couple episodes determine a show not just the pilot where the writers don’t know the actors and vice versa. The writing gets better as the series goes on particularly with comedy!

      • Jay says:

        Seriously if i thought it would be worth it i would, but i saw it and i am sorry but it was THAT bad. I love Maggie so much, i always have, and it’s a real shame, especially when you compare it to the amazing role she has as Juliet O’Hara on Psych. After i saw the pilot i was just left wondering what drove her to take on this role, because i couldn’t understand it.