True Blood Finale Recap -- 'Survivor: Bon Temps'

True Blood FinaleYes, yes, we all saw Eric’s willy in the season finale of True Blood. But a lot of other stuff happened, too. Big, dire, dramatic stuff. So, before hitting the comments to discuss the aforementioned appendage, let’s go over that other stuff, shall we?

PARTY IN THE USA | As “Radioactive” begins, Sookie and Alcide are just beginning to recover from the amnesia that seemed to make them both forget how into each other they once were when they notice a daytime vampire orgy breaking out at Bill’s place. (Stranger still, a daytime vampire orgy at which fangers dance the jitterbug.) Making a beeline for Jason, Sookie gets a lingering kiss from Violet. “She’s European,” he explains. But the afternoon isn’t all happy, happy, joy, joy. Pam takes off after Eric, prompting Tara to brand her and Willa’s parents the “worst f—ing makers ever.” Plus, Bill is so poutypants that he’s no longer the magical Billith that he’s prepared to let Warlow turn Sookie until Jessica points out how very humongous a d-bag that would make him.

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TALES FROM THE DARK SIDE | Meanwhile, on the fairy plane, Warlow again shows his true colors, smacking, choking and generally menacing Sookie when she asks if he’d mind terribly dating her for a while before they marry. Luckily, at the same time, Bill, Jason and Violet are busy recruiting Adilyn (who seems to have miraculously stopped aging) to gain them entrance to the fae dimension. Though Warlow does put the bite on Sookie, the gang saves her before she is turned into a corpse, much less a corpse bride. Back in the real world dimension, Warlow gives chase, cornering Sookie in her bathroom, which – surprise! – allows Niall to reach through that room’s handy-dandy portal and hold the baddie still just long enough for Jason to stake him. Hurrah – day saved.

SNOW WAY! | Eventually, all of the fae blood that the vampires drank wears off. A bummer, sure, but not a life-and-death kinda big deal if they’re True Blood Finaleindoors when they resume being creatures of (only) the night. Unfortunately, Eric just happens to be nude sunbathing in his native Sweden at the time, and trapped outside, he appears to go up in flames. (Gonna hurry out on a limb here and say that Pam must get to him in time to hustle him into a cave or something. But of course we won’t know for sure until next season. Side note: Could next season be tomorrow, please?)

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HERE’S TO FUTURE DAYS | While I, you and probably most of the viewing audience is busy shrieking, “Nooo! They can’t kill Eric!” the show itself is fast-forwarding six months down the road. Then, Sookie and Alcide are a couple, Bill is the author of a bestseller about the Governor’s invention of hep V, Jason is still waiting to get it on with Violet (after 178 nights of cunnilingus, he’s quick to point out), and Merlotte’s is now Bellefleur’s. In scarier news, packs of hep V-infected vampires are on the prowl and using small towns like Bon Temps as buffet lines. Mayor Sam teams up with Rev. Daniels (you know, Lettie Mae’s husband) and suggests that everybody enter into a monogamous feeding relationship with a healthy vampire in exchange for protection. Controversial as the idea is, it seems like a pretty good one when a bunch of infected blood-suckers looks about to crash the feeder/feedee meet-‘n’-greet at Merlotte’s… er, Bellefleur’s.

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the season – and its finale? Eric isn’t – can’t be – really dead, right? Did it seem a little convenient to you that Warlow went evil again, just in time for him to be killed off? (Or should we just blame it on nightfall?) How awesome were Tara and Lettie Mae in the (exceptionally well-written) scene in which they reconciled? (Dare we hope someday for a similar scene between Tara and Pam?) It was nice of Jessica to offer Andy and Adilyn her protection – without even having to feed her – but since she ate all of the fairy’s sisters, can’t say I blame the sheriff for saying thanks but f— off, can you? Anyway, that’s a wrap. You may now hit the comments to discuss Eric’s pecker.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Khoo says:

    I soooo do not want to believe Eric is dead… Having said that, after I watched the episode I kept on thinking about it and I realized Eric was the one who glamoured Alcide not to be romantically involved with Sookie and be disgusted by the mere thought of it, right? Why would that glamouring fade if it wasn’t because the vampire who did it passed away? Alcide did not look disgusted at all… Makes sense, no? Anyone?

    • Kelly says:

      didn’t Sookie take his hand and make that go away? remember she made him remember Russell and everything that happened when they were sitting in the kitchen in the morning.

  2. Amanda says:

    This season was rushed because the actress that plays Sookie was actually pregnant.

  3. Ames says:

    The writers of the show forgot a few important things that took place last season and in previous episodes. Hep V ravished what’s her name (Eric’s sister) within days. How can these infected vampires be strong and tough enough to attack small towners when Nora had to be carried out of prison camp by Eric? The big one is that Eric glamored Alcide to find Sookie repulsive. And now they are dating? TB writers, you may need to look over your notes when you write these scripts, you are forgetting the details!

    I think that Tara’s mom is just angling the reconciliation to get Tara’s protection, or something. That is it. Sam mayor? Come on. Really? That whole thing with the monogamous feeding relationship thing is totally jumping the shark. And you know darn well Eric will be saved by Pam, so for all of you out there mourning his fine appendage, I am sure there will be more full frontal next season, rest assured.

  4. john says:

    All this talk about Warlow doing a 180 is not correct. He was evil the whole time. He just used the situation with the parents as a way to manipulate sookie into getting what he wanted. And as far as Alcide goes the only reason he never got with Sookie before was because she was still in love with Bill. The 6 months later did suck though and yes you could see they tried to put 4 episodes into one. However the worst part of the season was killing off Terry. And they need to explain why sookie didn’t age as fast as the sisters. Glad the gay vampire preacher finally died and when he confessed his love for Jason was hilarious. Tara’s mom is not infected, so know need to think that. It was just fitting for her to be the one to care for her. Next season will be about finding a cure and a gang war between the uninfected and the infected. Jessica will save Andy’s life and he will start feeding her. As far as Violet goes she just has a nice body. And def don’t think we have seen the last of lillith either. Now a nice twist would be that they have a fairy warewolf since they had a fairy vampire. And don’t forget the Asian vampire that killed the truck driver. Gotta feeling she will play a role in season 7.

  5. Emanuel says:

    Come on! Where is all that mystery from the first seasons? Those intense scenes between the characters? True Blood is a complete mess now. Too many characters (some of them pointless), too much time spent with unnecessary characters, little or none surprises, zero mysteries and zero answers to lots of questions. Oh, and some pointless dialogues too! In the past, when a episode ended, it gave me that huge curiosity to see what’s coming next. This last seasons gave me nothing. I am so disappointed! I agree when they decide to run away a little bit from the books but at least they could do it in a better way. First two seasons were awesome and we didn’t need so many characters. Season 3 was good for me and the fourth season too. But come on!!! Season 5 sucked! This one was no better! I love True Blood, I will continue to see it but please the show needs a change and a magical touch. That magical touch that made the first seasons shine! True Blood was unique…where did that show go??? By the way, where the hell is QUINN?!?! That character is awesome!!! Oh, True Blood…you really need some changes babe…

  6. Emanuel says:

    I would love the next season to be about the fairies. Fairy war with Sook in the middle of it. Do they think we forgot about evil Mab and that fairy stuff from the first episode of the fourth season? No more Bill/Sookie, please! No more vampire against humans and vice-versa story-lines! No more Jason dating vampires! Get rid of characters that give no meaning to the show, please! We fans believe in True Blood potential! The show can get a lot better…

  7. Emanuel says:

    Oh, and please…KILL SARAAAAH!!!

  8. The fae-vampire blood (Warlows blood) that allowed the vamps to day walk, did not simply “wear off” as you contend, it ceased being effective when Warlow was killed.

  9. Pokie says:

    I liked this season. I enjoyed it more than last season. But that’s my opinion.

  10. SarahH says:

    I think I’m the only one that actually wanted Sookie to become a vampire. I’m tired of her having to be saved all the time. What’s wrong with her being a bad-A and protecting herself! Also, google Alexander Skarsgard leaving the show, it says he is not. And someone wrote that it would be too easy for Pam to have saved Eric, I personally think he is saved by someone else, completely random, and Pam is just still gone because she is looking for him.

  11. Melissa says:

    I’ve heard they cut this season short due to Anna paquins pregnancy. Which would explain the 6 months forward part.

  12. vito says:

    Lots of comments on Pam saving Eric….how, she’s also a vampire therefore she would burn as well

  13. MSRT says:

    Eric Northman was relaxing on a mountain top. Do you know how thick the snow is, there?
    Even if the “falling to his knees” scene was very dramatic, it’s extremely hard to believe he didn’t come back to his senses a quarter of a second later, and that he just let himself die, without even going for an easy save.
    He probably just dug a hole in the abundant snow at superspeed and waited for the night. No rescue needed.

    • aolani08 says:

      If the writers don’t get on board this season and communicate with one another before they give interviews with magazines, papers, and during inside episode recaps the show isn’t going to be a success. We are promised a reset as an excuse for the six month time jump but we are still being teased with the story line of a Bill and Sookie triangle and Bill redemption is not a big of a reset considering that has been the basis of the series for its entire existence. Viewers never saw Sophie Ann’s demise either by Bill’s hands just her jumping in the air ready for a fight. My guess is the frontal was supposed to throw the viewers off of the fact he was burning in the first place especially after Eric took Warlow’s blood from the vein and not from Bill and to make things believeable instead a waste of time, money, energy, and lack of inconsistency between the writing and interviews that were given during the season about the effects of Warlow’s blood being permanent. We are supposed to take Brian Buckner for his word that Eric will be back before the season’s end but he’s still gravely injured six months later is crazy when nobody remembered he existed before he disappeared except Pam. Russell’s character came back within a weeks time and he was buried in cement. I’m wondering how he is going to spin the zombie vampire business and Sookie growing up and learning her lesson throughout the series if she is going right back to Bill.

      • y'all says:

        we did see Sophie Anne die; it was shown in the premiere of season four. nan Flanagan used bill to get rid of the queen, and he did so by bidding the guards to shoot her with silver cored wooden bullets.

  14. aolani08 says:

    Remember when Queen Sophie Ann died. We saw her levitate and Bill dropped fang the next season Bill was King. Bill was stripped of his kingdom when Eric was stripped of being a Sherrif and Bill is still considered King I accordance with True Blood Wiki Eric status is unknown. Bill has escaped the true death on numerous occasions just to show back up again the following season. If the show is truly considering doing a 360 I think it’s time for Bill’s character to stop being made into the hero no matter what he does bad or indifferent.

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  16. Dylan says:

    I liked Warlow, and I felt a vampire his age wouldn’t be that easy to kill. It was kinda pathetic. and if Eric did die, that would be pathetic also.

  17. Matt says:

    Too many flaws in the last season
    Éric Northman, shoudn’t have died if he did, it’s to remember that he feed on the sherif’s Daughter, another fearie. It’s realy a lame death and for someone that carefull, without knowing when it’s gonna phase out, you don’t put youself in a place where you have no exit…
    Too many time on the burial of that ex-marine, it kills the main story. When he died everyone went outside not considering that the shooter could still be there…
    I could go on and on about it on every episode
    Characters are reacting to a scene like if they knew everything that surrounds it…
    Vampire skills not beiing use adequatly
    The main story is good and some of the ending as well but my biggest disapointment soo far is about what i know of Éric Northman is overshadowing the rest

  18. G. says:

    It was time for some changes. The Sookie/Bill/Eric story was getting stale. At least Bill has been unpredictable this season. The plot line, supporting characters, and atmosphere are what has kept me interested. Love the Jessica story arc. And Lafayette being a psychic and Arlene getting rich. Was disappointed that Sarah didn’t die a hideous death, but I guess the writers are saving that for the last season. I hope she’s only in a show or two. Maybe Jason should explore his homophobic nature – there seems to be something there. I especially like the historic flashbacks. The most fun character of the entire series was Queen Sophie Anne and the show survived her leaving. One criticism, the over-use of expletives seemed tiresome and suggested that the writers were hurrying the dialogue.

  19. Jerryl says:

    Despite most comments, I actually liked the final episode because there’s so much to look out for. How does Pam save Eric? Is Tara infected by her own mother in the name of God…? Who will be Sam’s child and will he be a shifter too? Is Sookie still a fairy? I guess I missed that one.. Because how come she just didn’t read that little girl’s mind in church? And yeah.. What’s up with that kiddo? Furthermore I am just curious about that Japanese professor man… I mean hello? Why all that money! What is he going to do with that? Violet… Hmm Jason will cheat on her xD that’s for sure and then hell breaks loose.. I HOPE. Im just saying: hurry up with season 7…

  20. shelby says:

    why did u end that season with 10 episodes. all the other seasons have 12. i was expecting more than that. that’s a true disappointment.

  21. y'all says:

    wow, so many people making declarations who hardly seemed to pay attention to the episode: to most of the questions I’ve seen on here, if you re-watch and actually listen, you will find your answers. also, what’s up with all of the uneducated writing on here? if you expect anyone to take your opinions seriously, at least write coherently and try not to misspell basic words; i am assuming we are all adults watching, right?
    I thought it was great, but I prefer to just sit back and enjoy whatever they throw at us, not spend my time wishing they did this or that (except for the ifrit storyline, think we can all agree on that one). obviously Eric’s not gone, no need to get your knickers in a knot. however, that would be a petty reason to stop watching. we’ve made it thru 70 episodes, I think we can manage the final 10. finally, the complaining will end. what ever will all those people do?! lol

  22. Beebo says:

    This isn’t a comment on the show (which I do like!), or on any of you (I’m sure you’re great people! I hope so anyway)…

    I couldn’t get past the first third of the first of five pages of commentary.

    The internet is amazing, but there’s just…so…goddamn…much.

    That’s all.

    I hope you’re all well.

  23. vsidles says:

    Eric BETTER NOT BE DEAD! I just watched all six seasons! Eric is my favorite character. I haven’t missed anyone getting killed off in the few wks I’ve been watching this series! Now I find out there will only be one more season after I’m hooked on it! FIGURES!
    But ERIC better be back, better not be back as a frakkin ghost, and better be a major player! GEEZ! He and Sookie just go together!

  24. shelby lyn says:

    Alexsander Skarsgard signed a 7 year contract with them so I’m pretty sure he’s safe. :)

  25. Jodi says:

    Sorry, no Alcide/Sookie or Bill/Sookie for me. If Warlow stayed a good boy then I would have been at least satisfied. All that’s left for me and this show is ERIC!

  26. Yvonne says:

    I came believe that season 7 is the last season this sucks. I really enjoy this series!!

  27. Kristin says:

    They didn’t show Eric’s dick. He had his legs crossed, but in season 4 during a sex scene with him and Sookie, they show it.

  28. Kristen Simelton says:

    I do not think Eric will be killed off…I’ve noticed Eric is not in the trailers for this season but I believe that is what they want us to think.

  29. Kristen Simelton says:

    Eric will not be killed off..although he is not in the trailers this season but I’m sure that is what they want us to believe. I’m really hoping that Sookie will end up with watching the marathon these past few days I have realized he is the one that genuinely loved her the whole run of the show

  30. ayatahraf says:

    Noooo! Eric can not die he is one thousand years old . eric must marrie sookie eric loves sookie , sookie loves eric

  31. ayatahraf says:

    Nooooooo! Eric Can not Die
    Eric Must Marrie Sookie
    Eric Loves Sookie
    Sookie Loves Eric