True Blood Finale Recap -- 'Survivor: Bon Temps'

True Blood FinaleYes, yes, we all saw Eric’s willy in the season finale of True Blood. But a lot of other stuff happened, too. Big, dire, dramatic stuff. So, before hitting the comments to discuss the aforementioned appendage, let’s go over that other stuff, shall we?

PARTY IN THE USA | As “Radioactive” begins, Sookie and Alcide are just beginning to recover from the amnesia that seemed to make them both forget how into each other they once were when they notice a daytime vampire orgy breaking out at Bill’s place. (Stranger still, a daytime vampire orgy at which fangers dance the jitterbug.) Making a beeline for Jason, Sookie gets a lingering kiss from Violet. “She’s European,” he explains. But the afternoon isn’t all happy, happy, joy, joy. Pam takes off after Eric, prompting Tara to brand her and Willa’s parents the “worst f—ing makers ever.” Plus, Bill is so poutypants that he’s no longer the magical Billith that he’s prepared to let Warlow turn Sookie until Jessica points out how very humongous a d-bag that would make him.

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TALES FROM THE DARK SIDE | Meanwhile, on the fairy plane, Warlow again shows his true colors, smacking, choking and generally menacing Sookie when she asks if he’d mind terribly dating her for a while before they marry. Luckily, at the same time, Bill, Jason and Violet are busy recruiting Adilyn (who seems to have miraculously stopped aging) to gain them entrance to the fae dimension. Though Warlow does put the bite on Sookie, the gang saves her before she is turned into a corpse, much less a corpse bride. Back in the real world dimension, Warlow gives chase, cornering Sookie in her bathroom, which – surprise! – allows Niall to reach through that room’s handy-dandy portal and hold the baddie still just long enough for Jason to stake him. Hurrah – day saved.

SNOW WAY! | Eventually, all of the fae blood that the vampires drank wears off. A bummer, sure, but not a life-and-death kinda big deal if they’re True Blood Finaleindoors when they resume being creatures of (only) the night. Unfortunately, Eric just happens to be nude sunbathing in his native Sweden at the time, and trapped outside, he appears to go up in flames. (Gonna hurry out on a limb here and say that Pam must get to him in time to hustle him into a cave or something. But of course we won’t know for sure until next season. Side note: Could next season be tomorrow, please?)

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HERE’S TO FUTURE DAYS | While I, you and probably most of the viewing audience is busy shrieking, “Nooo! They can’t kill Eric!” the show itself is fast-forwarding six months down the road. Then, Sookie and Alcide are a couple, Bill is the author of a bestseller about the Governor’s invention of hep V, Jason is still waiting to get it on with Violet (after 178 nights of cunnilingus, he’s quick to point out), and Merlotte’s is now Bellefleur’s. In scarier news, packs of hep V-infected vampires are on the prowl and using small towns like Bon Temps as buffet lines. Mayor Sam teams up with Rev. Daniels (you know, Lettie Mae’s husband) and suggests that everybody enter into a monogamous feeding relationship with a healthy vampire in exchange for protection. Controversial as the idea is, it seems like a pretty good one when a bunch of infected blood-suckers looks about to crash the feeder/feedee meet-‘n’-greet at Merlotte’s… er, Bellefleur’s.

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the season – and its finale? Eric isn’t – can’t be – really dead, right? Did it seem a little convenient to you that Warlow went evil again, just in time for him to be killed off? (Or should we just blame it on nightfall?) How awesome were Tara and Lettie Mae in the (exceptionally well-written) scene in which they reconciled? (Dare we hope someday for a similar scene between Tara and Pam?) It was nice of Jessica to offer Andy and Adilyn her protection – without even having to feed her – but since she ate all of the fairy’s sisters, can’t say I blame the sheriff for saying thanks but f— off, can you? Anyway, that’s a wrap. You may now hit the comments to discuss Eric’s pecker.

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  1. csr says:

    The Warlow story line seemed rushed at the end, but the 6-month time jump and plot line were fantastic – totally looking forward to next season!

  2. JDS says:

    I am sorry, I know there are a ton of Eric fans out there and while I like Alexander Skarsgård, I think Joe Manganiello is way hotter and more of a man and could rock my world any day. They changed Alcide in the end because the fans were bitchin about his story line and how he turned into a douche. This season was blah to say the least. I really like Tara and her mom having the heart to heart..I don’ think her mom is infected, that would be pretty obvious…I guess we will see next season! The best story lines were Eric, Pam, Tara and Jessica this season. BTW I loved seeing Jessica telling Bill to get a grip.

  3. Amy says:

    If they kill off Eric, I’m done with the show. I was only watching to see him anyway – he’s so fine. On the upside, I’ll save money by cancelling HBO.

  4. Gina says:

    This show has turned into something so STUPID I can’t even handle it anymore. One of the only reasons why I watch anymore is because of Eric – and now he’s probably dead? Sookie has single handedly banged every guy on that show besides like, Andy and Lafayette. Now they’re are zombie vampires running around?! Get the hell outta here True Blood – the writer’s had a friggen aneurysm this season.

  5. danielle h says:

    Wtf did I just watch. … I just kept going WHAT and couldnt get my head wrapped around it…. I agree that the time jump really threw stuff off and the warlow resolution was nothing compared to seasons past. Still want this to come back tho. And eric better live or ill b so mad.

  6. Feather says:

    I absolutely LURVED this season! I felt it finally went back to where it started. I would keep watching even if the show started to revolve around Sam Merlotte (my least favorite character). It’s a damn shame that Terry had to die though. As for the Warlow story line: I did not mind it. It added something that this season needed to make Sookie scenes watchable. If I was tired of any character, or if I thought they had changed any character for the worse, it would be Sookie. She whines all the time and is so full of self-pity! On a completely different (and extremely excited) note; so glad Alexander agreed to his last scene this season. And no, they won’t kill off Erik.

  7. hanakin says:

    Overall it was an epic failure of an episode. One blunder after another. To the point that when Eric ‘died’ I actually laughed. He isn’t dead. The writers are transparent and purposefully left both Eric and Pam out of the ‘6 Months later’ fiasco. Ergo Eric=alive. It is my guess that Pam is caring for him somewhere, nursing him back to health so that he can come back in season 7 and demand what the hell the writers were thinking.
    Warlow’s 180 was hilarious. When he backhanded Sookie I actually giggled. Warlow’s death was also hilarious. Way to go writers. You had no idea what to do with his character and so opted for a cheap and nasty trick, leaving a very bitter taste in my mouth. As if by magic and unearthly timing Fairygrandpa comes bursting into Sookie’s bathroom, where she happens to be hiding and Jason pops up stake ready. Warlow has a moment of I’m-a-pussy-itis and squelch he’s dead. *Clap. Clap. Clap*
    The ‘6 months later’ half (I can’t believe half the episode was dedicated to it), has squashed my floundering faith in True Blood. Only a foolish viewer with little standards and zero expectations would be happy and satisfied with such cheap tricks. Alcide and Sookie; that’s so season 4 and 5. Now the writers are so desperate they are just recycling material from earlier failures lol. Sam is mayor?? Hahahahahaha. Enough said. Arlene has lost her Arlene-ness and is a snooty money-grubber. What happened to her principles? Hmmm. Two million dollars and bad scriptwriters happened. Bill is BORING. He has been a snooze fest and a mediocre plot device for at least a season. Any of the characters could have been Lillith’s b***h, Bill’s not special here. Shame. Andy Bellefleur is adorable in a useless way, and his daughter I couldn’t care less about, she’s only 6 months and 2 weeks old, and is yet again another plot device to bring more fairy nonsense into the story, she is the just-in-case-we-need-fairy-blood-and-sookie-isn’t-around character at the writers’ disposal.
    The ONLY good thing about True Blood after the carnage of this finale was how Terry’s funeral was handled. I quite liked the little forays into his past with Andy and Sam. I would include Lafayette as a good thing, but he barely had any decent screen time this season.
    So much more to nag about, but I am pretty confident that most who viewed this atrocity will agree. Such an epic let down.

  8. Melissa says:

    Maybe Eric’s burning body will melt the surface of the snow, exposing a (conveniently) shady glacial crevasse, which he’ll slip down into, extinguish in, and wait for nightfall… Or maybe Pam will show up and sacrifice herself to get him to shelter, burning all the while, and then she’ll die (which I would also hate) to save him…

    Could happen ;)

    If Warlow and his split personality can change ‘sides’ so frequently, right along with our seemingly self-loathing and love-lost Sookie (I for one, am a BIG Alcide fan! Sookie with Alcide, to me, means she’s finally healing) and if Andy Bellefleur can resist killing Jessica (who arguably deserves it!) ANYTHING could happen on this show!!

  9. Jasmin says:

    I think that Tara’s mother hasn’t changed at all, I think she has hep-v

  10. Hmm says:

    I love Eric as much as the next person, and while I admit that his relationship with Sookie would’ve been super hot, I’m glad it didn’t happen because I just cannot picture his character in a relationship. What we saw of Sookie/Eric came when he lost his memory and was almost child-like, which weirded me out to the extreme by the way. Eric the way he’s always been… has never been a monogamous vampire looking for love or a relationship. I would have a hard time believing that he would change his age-old philosophy for her. Plus I think it would almost taint his character; I like him the way he is and don’t want to see him “fall in love.”

    I’m still waiting to see my Alcide/Sookie bang. It’ll be nice to see Sookie with a non-vampire love interest. Besides, Alcide would move heaven and earth for Sookie and judging by the eulogy she gave at Terry’s funeral she wants to be with someone who cherishes every part of her and has loved her since the beginning (ie. Alcide). I don’t know, maybe I’m bias but I just want to see Alcide in a healthy relationship. His last few relationships turned out blah.

    May I just say PRAISE JESUS that Joe cut his hair for the six months later segments. OYE I hated his super long hair.

    I’m not over Jason/Jessica being dropped for these new players, even if we see the jealousy sparking out of Jessica’s ears. I have been so gung-ho about them being together for like.. almost three seasons now and I feel like it just got dropped for an introduction to a shady vampire who won’t touch Jason’s manhood. Something about Violet rubs me wrong; she’s way too possessive of Jason and I frankly don’t trust her.

    I love RK, so I’m sad to see Warlow go because of that. But I found his face turn actually kind of interesting. All in all, I didn’t think this finale was lackluster, but the end scene left me with looking for more. I am struggling to see how a pack of Hep V vampires are going to be the main villain of next season.

  11. Plum says:

    The first 9 eps could have fit in 2 eps, and the season should have been everything that they skipped over to in the time jump. That whole caged vamps thing went on way, way too long. I loved Bill’s pithy reply that Sookie was to become a vamp “emminently” and Jason had great moments as did Eric, but Sookie was bland and dull all season. She brought no sizzle to her attraction to Warlow; their intimacy felt forced and functional, although the actor Warlow was terrific in a very cheesy villain role. Sookie running to Alicide felt anticlimatic; why were we robbed of seeing them fall in love? And I don’t get Eric not trying at all to be with Sookie again, how can all that passion have fizzled?
    Sam’s ready made GF and baby are a head scratcher; why the rush? I don’t think TB should use the ticking clock device ever again, and should instead focus more on the characters and less on the constant [instert name] in peril storylines.

    • Marion says:

      Amen. To the first nine episodes and time jump and almost everthing. Though, as someone else mentioned, I can’t see Eric being in a relationship. Whatever there was between him and Sookie I think was prompted by all the happenings with her helping find Godric, with him losing his memory in season 4, and with her being a fairy. It’s hard to imagine a character as seemingly detached as Eric who’s loved Godric for 1000 years and then Nora for 400/600 years falling for someone mortal. He could turn her, but I don’t think he’s ever shown any desire to and we know he’s wary about being a maker from his interaction with Ella. I agree with you about Sookie being bland and dull this season (and last, imo) and that’s the most disturbing thing about the show as it stands now. A protagonist doesn’t always have to be likable, but the audience should at least wanna know what happens with them. And this season, I found Sookie not only extremely unlikable, but just boring. Somehow, scenes centered on her story felt like filler and I just wanted them to get back to Eric and Bill with Eric saving Nora, Bill saving the others, and both of them raining hell fire on the (bad) humans. I actually wanted to see the Andy and Adilyn story play out more than the Sookie/Benlow story.

  12. Junie says:

    This season was VERY good. Kudos to Bucky for the incredible job he has done turning TB around and back to the show I love. The finale was stellar!! I can’t wait for season 7…. and don’t worry Eric worshipers – He is NOT dead. After all,l he is a much needed foil for Mr William Compton. Waiting is going to suck BIGTIME.

  13. Ophelia says:

    I’d be very surprised if they’ve killed Eric off with such little ceremony – even if Skarsgard, or the writers – wanted the character out I doubt they’d so it so flippantly. They’d have to realise that this would seriously disappoint the fans and also be a really dumb, lazy and lacklustre end to a main character. And even if Eric is dead – say he decided to commit suicide – we should at least have some flashbacks as to what let up to it.
    Lettie Mae giving Tara hep V? yep, i can see that being the case and, if so, Lettie Mae is probably the most evil of all the characters really. On the other hand, it would be nice if Tara and her mum can get some kind of redemption. I hope Tara doesn’t die, I love her character and would like to see more of her and Lafayette in the next season.
    Sookie and Alcide? Well, not too much of a surprise as they had eyes for each other for ages. That said, I hope they don’t ‘end up’ together. But I’d would like to see at least one of the characters get some kind of happy ending; I know it’s the whole point of the show but people fall in and out of love, and die and get over it in the blink of an eye. It would be nice to have at least one character ‘settle down’ to some kind of happiness without all the ‘i’ll love you forever” – ‘who are you again?” stuff. It makes it hard to have faith in any of the characters or their relationships if everyone is so bloody bipolar. In my opinion they need to chill a bit on that. But that’s just what I think, lol….

  14. His penis wasnt small by any means watch it again I wouldnt throw him outta bed

  15. Angel says:

    Team Snookie & Eric all the
    Way!!! He is the show!!! Also warlow was in no way shape or form
    As bad a$$ as Russel!!

    • Shannon says:

      Agreed. Russell and the actor who played him were a great villain for the show and they did his storyline very well unlike Warlow.

  16. lakechic says:

    Unfortunately, I do think it is possibly that Eric is dead in the series. Certainly, that was not a fitting send-off for such a beloved main character, but that’swhat makes me think Alexander is really gone. When a popular actor wants off a show to pursue other roles and the show’s producers/writers are angry about it, they often do not give the actor a fitting send off. Just look at Matthew’s death on Downton Abbey as a recent example. I can also think of several characters from other series, such as Law & Order, whose ends were written like insults. We will just have to wait and see…. I also agree with those who think Tara’s Mom is infected with Hep-V. Didn’t she try to kill Tara in an early season with some crazy logic that Tara would be better off dead? … The entire last episode seemed like the writers were trying to furiously change direction/kill off storylines in one episode and be ready to start Season 7 in a very different place. The second half of the episode could have waited for Season 7. The airtime could have been used to round out and wrap up several sub-plots, for example, to show Warlow’s transition back to the nasty, dark beast who killed the fae. It was all too abrupt for many viewers to find satisfying or take seriously. One question I have is: How is the Hep-V virus being spread? If most of the contaminated cases of True Blood were smashed, how is it that so many vamps are suddenly infected? Can it spread from vamp to vamp?

    • Ophelia says:

      OO, you make a good point, Lakechic, about Downtown Abbey etc. Hope that’s not the case though. Whilst I would be sad to see such a main character leave, as the show probably won’t feel quite the same without him, more than anything i will feel cheated if that was to be his death scene. Well I guess we’ll see…..

    • Shannon says:

      V Camp where doing experiments on Vamps and how the Hep V could be spread: injection, sex, tru blood etc..

      Actually Infected Tru Blood did get delivered and stolen as seen in the end of I forget which episode, but it showed Vamps in Hawaii stealing Tru Blood. What has not be learned yet is how and why it is mutating. I am guessing a reason why Alex was not at Comic Con because he was angry and his character is truly gone? I will be very upset and sad if that is true.

  17. james says:

    I liked it except the Warlowe ending and the stupidity of what appears to be zombie vampires…

  18. Toni says:

    I thought once Warlow died thats when all the vampires went back to normal. I didnt think it was that it wore off. I felt the whole season kinda sucked compared to past seasons. The bad Alcide and Sam story line was boring and I was glad that it finally ended when it did.I’m not a big fan of Sookie but her with Eric would be so much more interesting. Bill has gotten boring too. I hope Eric is not gone forever as his character is my favorite on the show.

  19. edgar says:

    If the virus mutated wouldn’t it be stronger an kill the vamps faster ?, and we all agree that eric can’t be dead pam saves him , of all the guys that sookie has been with ,he’s the one that make’s more sense .I don’t really care for the werewolf’s in the show ,but that because to me a werewolf looks like the one’s on the underworld movies ,So the whole sookie-alcide thing doesn’t quite mix ,i mean come on sookie’s kids would be werefaes ?.
    is it me or did we wait to long for this season to come and it went by to rushed ?

  20. Rod says:

    Speaking of Eric, that Pam would have saved him and buried him in snow: snow reflects sunlight, that’s the Physics!

    Eric didn’t die bc Willa didn’t feel so — Once the scene is over it’s cut for the 6 months later! No point in her sensing that after so long.

    What about Bill? All of a sudden he becomes the normal vamp ? She gave him up so easily?

    Warlow was so powerful and then dies from a stake ? REALLY ?? Sookie’s grandfather comes back all of a sudden? Warlow took ages to come back and he was much more powerful. I really thought it would be great to have him for more seasons and to kill lots of vamps.

    Another thing: Remember Eric glamoured Alcide so as not to have anything with Sookie??? As they are mating now, it is a sign of Eric’s death or a huge mistake in continuity!!!

    Having to be food for vamps as proposed was atrocious. I was actually thinking that Sam would propose to everyone to get infected so that once bitten, another vamp dead! I think that all vamps should be killed in the end.

    • Jena says:

      I really don’t understand how so many people missed this. Sookie fixed the glamoring on Alcide that same season. Granted there are a lot of plotholes in the show but that’s not one of them.

    • Kelly says:

      Whaaa? All vamps dead fo’ rillllll? I thought I had controversial opinions. Eric is my favorite character by far, but–and I know I’ll need to anonnymize my IP address or some noise like that–I wouldn’t mind him dying now that Godric and Nora are gone. I don’t want him to *not* be in the show, but I wouldn’t mind if it was just the memory of him. Maybe he could come back as Ghost Eric with Ghost Godric and Ghost Nora. Maybe working physically through Lafayette. Haha, I’d love to see Nelsan Ellis’ best Eric Northman impression.

  21. Geo says:

    I am still trying to rap my head around the fact that they killed Eric like that. And if they didn’t, and somehow he gets saved next season, it would be even lamer. That doesn’t leave me hanging, it just pisses me off big time! What nerve!
    This is supposed to be a thousand year old vampire. He’s had the wisdom to survive for all this time, and doesn’t have the common sence to take some kind of precautions, in case the sunblock effect wears off? Eric would know better, that exact thing happened to him in season 4, and Sookie and Alcede saved him. He is not that stupid!
    Someone please tell the writers to watch the previous seasons!
    Having said that, I think the only two things I liked about this episode where the “Bill lost his powers” and the “Tara and Lettie May” scenes.
    The first, because I felt that it was the first time since season 2 that Bill was anything like the Bill I know from the original books. He actually made sence to me.
    And the second, because it was such a wonderfully emotional scene, and both actresses were sansational in it.
    And that’s it. Everything else was bs, in my opinion.
    Warlow spends all day making this beautiful fairy plant-hanging thingie for their wedding and then ends up tying her on it? I don’t get it.
    Eric leaves everything behind and goes sunbathing in Sweden? Seriously? That is not the Eric I know, for sure.
    Also, Sookie and Alcede? The only reasonable explanation I can come up with for this cuppling is they need to be together in the begining of next season, in order to break up. In that case, the writers could have dug up Quinn and left Alcede a douche, like he is supposed to be.

    • Kelly says:

      Who’s Quinn? Everyone talks about Quinn; is he a book character? A good one?

      • Geo says:

        Ouinn! Oh, Ouinn! He is a were-tiger, a very rare creature, very strong and very into Sookie. Yes, he is a character from the books, and Sookie’s boyfriend for about two of them. He hook’s up with Sookie during the time she is not with Eric. That is after Eric goes back to being himself, after the witch spelled him, and before they get back together, two books after that. Sookie breaks up with him (Qunn) because he has a lot of his own bagage, unfortunately. He is a great character though. Very feared and respected by all sup comunity.

  22. Franceen says:

    True Blood has really sucked this season (pun intended). It has gotten so far off course from what made the first 3-4 seasons so great……Introducing WAY too many new characters and plot lines just made the whole season tedious….So many new types of monsters! So stupid! Get back to the story lines that matter—the vamps and humans and their relationships…..No one cares about the stupid wolves and fairies and witches, etc. that have taken over the past few seasons. Get back to what made the show great—- ERIC and his sense of humor, Bill’s “gentlemanly” vampire, Sookie and her nerdy but sort of hopeful self, Jason and his heart of gold, etc……
    I’m still trying to be a fan because I loved the show in the earlier seasons, but it’s getting harder and harder to care…..
    And Alexander Skarsgaard is indeed the hottest male to walk the planet, dead or alive……

  23. Barbie says:

    I’ve Been A True Blood Fan Since Day 1!!! I Really Do Love the Show… But I Was Definitely Disappointed W/The Season Finale (In Certain Aspects!) A Lot Of HUGE Changes happened W/In A 1/2 Hour of The Show! For Instance: Sookie & Alcide Are Now A Serious Couple (A little Weird!) Bill is Supposively “Back To Being Bill” (He Has ANNOYED Me the past 2 Or 3 Seasons) Jason & Violet (Hmmm… Not used 2 That 1 Yet!) & Than The BIGGEST Shocker Of Them ALL! Eric (Maybe) Dying The True Death! Eric May not be The Focal point of The Show, but He Was Definitely A Main Character That Brought Something FABULOUS To The Show! He Was A VERY BIG Part of the Show & An Amazing Part At That! So If Eric Really Is Gone! It’s Definitely Going To SUCK (No Pun Intended!) I See now, Even More, That They Do NOT Follow The Charlene Harris Books Storyline! The Books Are FANTASTIC, So that’s rather sad! I Can’t Find it in my heart to REALLY & TRULY Believe That Eric Met the True Death! I’m hoping that He Found A Way 2 Fight It! Or… That Pam saved Him! SOMETHING!!! While Yes, Alexander Skarsgard Is DEFF A Lotta Females Reason For watching True Blood (C’mon! He’s The Whole Package!) & Speaking Of Packages… … LoL… Never mind… All Im Going to Say on That One Is WOW! But Im Not Sad To See Eric Die because I Have A Tenny-Bop Crush! I’m Sad Because His Character Was FABULOUS & It Will Be VERY SAD To Loose That Character On True Blood! He Was (Like I Said) An AMAZING Asset To The Show Itself! His Story Did Not Seem Finished Yet! It Felt RUSHED (& Thats NEVER Good!) especially not in A Show Like True Blood! In fact… The Whole Season Finale Felt RUSHED! I’m glad that they’re getting back to the Roots Of it All! But… To Rush (Or Almost fast-Forward) These Stories & Plots… I dunno… I Just hope That They BRING IT Season 7! There Was A Lotta Unsaid & Unfinished Business At The End! Which Is NO SURPRISE… It Being True Blood & All! Talk About making you Sit on the Edge of your couch & Leaving Us W/Cliffhangers! I Just Really Hope That My Beloved Eric Makes It Through! :)

  24. Horrorchic says:

    There is no show without ERIC!!! Him dying is like killing Daryl Dixon off of The Walking Dead! #badmove #favoritecharacters

  25. steve says:

    f%$k true blood the worst season of all time

  26. Shannon says:

    Really Warlow could be killed by a stake through the heart? What about his fae side? Last we saw Fae gpa was weak and sent to another dimension and he was able to hold Warlow so Jason could put a stake through his heart? Then what was the point of Sookie needed her fae fireball to kill him like her gramps stated in the beginning of the season and also why kill the faes in the club if they were really not needed? Did Warlow just like feeding on fae blood better than human blood? I never believed Warlow was good and was only after Sookie because of the deal he made with her ancestor and thought he leaned more toward his vamp side they fae side. He killed Lilith why if he seemed to hate his fae side more or was that just a recent development? He stated he killed Lillith because he hated what he was… Nora never did tell anybody there was a mistranslation in the bible so what was the point of that arc and her searching for Warlow? Jason had Warlow’s blood so wouldn’t Warlow had been able to sense Jason coming? How did Jason get out of Eric’s cubby to save Sookie? I am disappointed because plot/story lines did not mesh got stirred in a different way or plain did not make sense. What is the pint of Willa now that her father is dead? Bill said the Hep V mutated so how would he know? I get Bill all season was being manipulated by Lilith and the vamps that drank his blood were high on Lilith blood like Bill and the rest of the authority were last season so I could understand how he felt more like Bill again after feeding the vamps. Eric freed the vamps who had already drank the infected V so I am assuming if they fed or had sex with other vamps they could spread it that way. I am still uncertain how the virus mutated when the one guy in V Camp who drank the blood was dying and Eric stated he will die a vicious death, so others drank the Tru Blood as well so why were they not all dying in V Camp too? It seems like the older vamps get it worse for Hep V than younger ones I am assuming? I like how Godric died in a nice soft blue flame, but Eric going up in flames did not make sense and do not think he is dead. Warlow was older than Godric and just ended up a red puddle which seemed odd to and was thinking his storyline would last longer than a season and actually turn Sookie. Russell was staked and seemed to explode like Nora and yet Russell was 3k years old. I think True Blood lost some continuity… What was with Sam and ALcide’s storyline this season? Is Alcide still pack leader? Why would Sam be devastated over Luna and within a couple days be in love with another?

  27. Shannon says:

    Russell was 3000 years old and was very hard to kill and he was able to sense people and killed the very old Fae and yet it took Russell being distracted by the Faes trying to kill him for Eric to sneak up on him and kill him with a stake and exploded. Russell was immuned to the other Faes’ light after feasting on the elder fae, so wouldn’t something be similar for Warlow especially since he is much older than Russell and half fae/half vamp and he was suppose to be more powerful than Russell it just seems the writers got lazy or something for Warlow to be taken out so easily. Wouldn’t he be immuned to most things as well being a hybrid? Why would he wonder earth for centuries if he is a fae and could travel to different planes? A lot of plot holes created and inconsistencies established that make this season one of the worse.

  28. Shannon says:

    I will say Rob Kazinksy is not bad to look at and would be nice to have had him back another season especially him naked and Eric naked now that would be great. Not together of course…LOL

  29. Michele says:

    I can say that I loved Eric good or bad. He was a big part of the show and I just cant see the show with out him. I will be very sad if he is gone for good. I will watch to see what happens but I am not sure I will watch if Eric is gone. I didnt like the fast forward 6 months either. Sam as the mayor and all the mixed up stuff was just weird.

  30. DarkDefender says:

    I looked into the book Eric was reading.. “Den Allvarsamma Leken.”. It is a story about two young people in love, who will always love each other, but ended up marrying other people. I guess Eric and Sookie just ain’t gonna happen…. :(

  31. jenna welson says:

    If you watch the Eric scene you really can see his penis for a split second…AH YEAH ;)

  32. Dominorip says:

    The whole season sucked. They seem to have lost their decent writers.

  33. Marion says:

    This writing in this season seemed so lazy to me. It was like a whole new team of writers came in and resumed the story with no reference to previous seasons. For example, Eric’s flashback with Nora takes place in the 1600’s, but in season 5 he tells her he’s loved her for nearly/over 600 years (nearly, over; can’t remember but they’re both wrong). But fine, let’s call it an honest mistake. With the huge success of the series and the level of devotion the fans show, there should be more attention to detail, but whatever, moving forward. I just wish the writers had at least done a better job of making everything and everyone a little more plausible?

    The whole Sam/Luna/Emma/new chick thing, for instance: Luna dies and how many days later, Sam is smitten with this new chick and tosses Emma back with her grandma (granted, that *did* seem like an okay thing to do). Then there’s Alcide who goes from being perfectly likable–or at the very least, harmless and decent–to being a complete prick. Rikki kind of did a 180 too, but it’s not like they’d already developed her character as this humane werewolf who valued integrity for the past 3 seasons. And even though it was a stretch, I think the writers did an okay job of making Bill’s shift from loving Sookie to not caring about her anymore as believable as possible. When he explains to Eric in season 5 that he’s felt weak or been an apologist all his vampire life and then is later basically half-possessed by Lilith, that was a slow evolution where I could imagine him truly dismissing his feelings for Sookie, BUT then at the end of the season, he’s suddenly cured of his sanguinista fanaticism and back to loving her? Speaking of which, it *was* his faith in Lilith and her prompting that ultimately enabled him to be the salvation of all vampire kind, so he just drops his faith in the end and suddenly Sookie’s not an abomination anymore? He may have been possessed in a way by Lilith, but I said half-possessed earlier bc it was his choice, after all. He didn’t know what would happen by drinking her blood, but what did he expect? He certainly didn’t do it with the intention of being Sookie’s messiah.

    I heard somewhere–and I don’t recall it being a credible source so this could be totally false–that the season was originally supposed to have 12 episodes and was cut to 10. I could definitely see that being the case, because so many plot lines this season felt so rushed and implausible as a result, and a lot of loose ends were tied up too easily–the oldest most powerful vampire in existence who also happens to be a daywalking half-fae meets his ultimate demise by, drumroll please, wooden stake…and at the hands of Jason Stackhouse…and shortly after we finally learn that he is, indeed, a monstrous misogynist villain who, by the way, has been waiting for Sookie 5.5 thousand years but can’t wait another…2, 5, 10 at most? Obviously Sookie wouldn’t want to wait for old age and infirmity before being turned.) If the writers knew they had only 10 episodes from the start, then I’d have to say this was one of the most poorly written seasons yet, no excuse. Convoluted, implausible, anticlimactic, just bad. And with the show wanting to get back to their seasons 1-3 roots, I think killing off characters like Terry and Nora who’ve been around in seasons past only to add brand new characters like James and Violet in the last few episodes was a pretty bad way to start. I love TB and I’m not a fair weather fan. Not gonna stop watching just bc I wanted Eric and Nora to be together and live happily ever after, and I’ll definitely watch at least a couple episodes of season 7 to see where they take it, but if it keeps going in the same direction without redeeming the shortcomings of season 6, that’ll be it for me.

    • Bill C says:

      I read it was cut from 12 to 10 because the actress playing Sookie is pregnant in real life.

      • Marion says:

        We probably read the same thing. I wonder if they thought they could put her through 12 episodes and then had to cut down to 10 later on or if they had planned on 10 all along.

  34. Quocalimar says:

    I googled about this because seeing the ending with Eric screaming in flames made me wonder how they’re going to save him at the last minute. Just on behalf of the whole show I want to say I really didn’t like Sookie this season. She’s been slutting it up, and turning into some kind of maniacal danger magnet, yet claiming innocence.

  35. sonya says:

    First what is with the Eric koolaid people calm down… he’s ok but I like him better when he was the nasty sheriff of louisana. Sookie and Alcide…I love it !!!! i would have been on that when he first appeared as a charactor. Sorry if I was Sookie I woud take Alcide over Eric any day. As for Bill I loved when he and Sookie were a couple.

  36. phil says:

    tbh i was disappointed with this season of true blood :( since season 5 iv been waiting for warlow to be some kind of bad ass and yet he kinda was but we just never saw it. he spent how many episodes on a different plane of reality sitting in the grave yard!! i think there was so much more they could of done with the season like have Eric with his bad ass attitude take on warlow! yh i no he would most likely have his ass handed to him on a plate but come on its Eric hes always got a trick or 2 under his sleeve lol i think id rate true blood season 6 7/10 i think im going to stick to the vampire diaries and the originals

  37. Bill C says:

    I’d agree with 99% of the posts on here. After what has been an excellent season, this finale was pretty poor. It wasn’t the worst TV episode I’ve ever seen, but after several blockbuster episodes I was left feeling a little bit disappointed.

    Eric’s “death” seems open ended for a reason, if he decides he’s had enough and wants to leave the show and pursue a movie career, then he can, we have a death scene. If he wants to do season 7, Pam can somehow save him, and we’ll have him back in Bon Temps in no time.

    Sookie and Alcid just feels wrong. She sleeps with Warlow, starts building something with him, then one scene later spots Alcid at the funeral, and wham she’s into Alcid again. It’s hard to take her romantic storylines seriously when we know how quickly she switches between guys.

    Although hold on, that’s nothing compared to our friend Sam. Wow, how can he go from losing his beloved Luna in devastating circumstances, to a couple of nights later sleeping with some student from California, whilst still looking after Luna’s child let’s not forget!!! Almost farcical, what on earth must the child be thinking.

    We have Jason in an abusive relationship, which whilst it’s slightly ironic and funny, that he’s being abused after so many seasons of taking advantage of girls, at the end of the day it’s pretty disturbing, and how will he ever get rid of her?

    Finally we have Tara (who became an extra long ago), drinking her mum’s blood without asking if she’s Hep V positive or not, Andy’s daughter who has magically stopped ageing, and Lafayette who is also drifting towards ‘extra’ status (which for me is at least better than the terrible ‘being possessed’ storyline of a couple of years back).

    So all in all, thanks to the show for a great season, for me probably the 2nd or 3rd best of the 6. But that sentiment slightly tinged thanks to an oddly mediocre finale. A week ago I was desperate to see the start of season 7, now I’m not so sure.

    • CC says:

      Thank you! I also think Lettie Mae is setting her daughter up for infection.

      Andy’s daughter may have stopped aging because she reached adult hood or puberty.

  38. Cezer says:

    I couldnt wait for warlow to be killed off, question on alcide n sookie, didnt eric glamour alcide a while back telling him to stay away from sookie? So how the hell they end up together? And how are these vamps walking around infected when erics sister died so fast? Doesnt make any sense, another bummer is if hbo true blood really just killed eric then true blood season 7 will suck! I love pam , if erics dead pam will be forever sad so i hope they didnt kill him off, they shouldve just got rid of bill, hes annoying

    • CC says:

      Eric did glamor Alcide but another vamp could of glamored him to want to be with her again. Pam if Eric is alive (get Sookie out of the picture). Tara. or Jason’s new vamp friend because she wants to make Jason happy.

  39. CC says:

    Warlow was insane. He was a good faerie but couldn’t control his vampire side or his rage at being turned. He was obsessed with getting back something he lost. The writers do a excellent job of showing you this when ever you start believing he is an ok guy. He lies about who he is. Surprise he is a vampire. Surprise he glamors Jason. Surprise he kills a whole clan of faeries, Surprise he leaves baby Niall to fend for himself. Surprise he killed Sookies parents (when he didn’t really need to, he just needed to save her) Surprise He exiles gramp-pa fae Naill to another realm. Surprise he doesn’t care if Sookie’s friends are in trouble or if she is worried and instead takes the time to use that as leverage to get what he wants. After all that why would anyone want them together? So no I was not surprised or disappointed when yet again can’t seem to or want to control his rage or anger. He was not a nice guy. Just a nice Faerie that was driven to madness by becoming a vampire.

    Eric could be saved by Pam. After all we only saw him on fire. He’s been on fire before. Or it could be a ploy to give them plot control. After all if he’s movie schedule runs long or his asks for too much money the writers have a exit door for the character. Why was he in the naked in the snow? why not it was his home when he was a viking and his sister just died. He saved all the vampires so why shouldn’t he go home and finally just hang out in the sun? It fit him. Volleyball on the lawn is not Eric.

    Hep V. – Every virus mutates. Eric’s sister got a pure form. The hep V mob is got a mutated form. one reason for the six month jump.

    Bill was not Bill all season he was Bill/Lilith when restored back to Bill became troubled about Sookie and her fate.

    Alcide – He wasn’t a douche this season. He was a pack master. Pack members stays with the pack. Protects the pack. Sam Merlotte is not a pack member is not related to Emma, even though he is sworn to take care of her. This is a custody battle where the whole pack claims the child as is their pack right (werewolf pack mentality) With Emma’s grandmother alive why wouldn’t he side with werewolf beliefs on this one. He protects Sam when ever he can but feels the pack should raise Emma.

    Sookie and Alcide. Not a great surprise. Will it stick? probably not in fact there was shadowing of his upcoming death. When Bill says he is not strong enough to protect Sookie and he knows it.

    Tara and Lettie Mae. I can’t be the only one that thinks she is a carrier and that whole “I want to feed you” speech wasn’t just a line to infect her daughter with Hep V and end her vampire existence? Just saying. She never showed her card or revealed her status.

  40. Roxie says:

    Allen Ball, Please come back. Thats all I have to say.

  41. Isabella says:

    So much negativity yet more people gave it an A. Well, I’ll write a positive comment then. I really enjoyed it. I can’t wait to see what happens with the Hep V infected vamps that are coming to crash that party. I hope Eric isn’t dead because he was by far my favorite but I believe that th makers of True Blood know and understand that if they kill Eric then they will be killing their ratings as well. Eric is a huge part of the show. To this day I still have some hope for Bill and Sookie to reconnect but I’m kind of hoping that Eric and Sookie with get back together again. I love Eric’s badass don’t f- with me personality but I truly enjoy watching him at his most vulnerable as well. I truly enjoyed this season and am counting down the time to be able to see the seventh season.

  42. Mar says:

    Man I really hope Lettie Mae didn’t give Tara hep v. I didn’t like Tara for a long time, but I started liking her after she became a vamp and I like the dynamic between her and Pam, Jess, and even Ella. And the sh** she gets into is so stressful. Maenads, Franklin, witches, her mom, sheesh! It’s nice to see her at the top of the food chain for once!

  43. Stephanie says:

    How bout Erics dangly bits ;) huh huhhh ;)

  44. Xanthor says:

    You know something, just dawned on me. The extremely old vampire movies where vampires were staked or killed by the sun were brought back by the blood of virgins on a certain night so who knows how many killed cold be brought back if they used this in their storylines.

  45. Shon Christine says:

    Eric is not dead. Sookie and Alcide (sic) fine with me. Convinced Tara’s mother has Hep V. I’m die hard. Not disappointed. Not going to stop watching. I like where it’s going. Ciao.

  46. The Nerds says:

    Didn’t Eric glamor Alcide into thinking that Sookie is repulsive? What ever happened to that?

  47. Iver says:

    Anyone else think the only reason Tara’s mom came to her to be a donor was because she is infected with hep V and can’t stand Tara being a vampire. Also on side note wasn’t hep v around I. Season 1 when that group of vampires set up a “nest”. So okie read the humans mind and warned a vampire not to drink?

  48. babs says:

    Overall, i didn’t really mind this season. My main grumble is that the last episode seemed very rushed and Warlow’s death was laughable. He’s an ancient vampire/ fae so he was just too easy to kill and Grandpa Niall’s sudden reappearance was just really lazy writing. Personally, I think it would have been far better if Sookie had killed Warlow with her fairy nuke. I would like to see her take control of her own destiny for once and save herself, not just wait to be rescued. Even if that did mean she was left without her fairy light that could make for some interesting plots in S7 – like if Eric (if not dead) and Bill still want her if she’s not fae. Or, TB being what it is,with plotholes and 360 degree turns, they could have left her with her telepathy (she hardly used her zapping power anyway) or maybe could have had grandpa Niall give her some of his power or something, y’know. Anyway, for me that would have been better.
    Erics death? Well, I’d be sad if he’s left as TB won’t be the same without him. Also, that death is just lame, lame, lame if he really is gone. He’s an ancient vampire – why the hell would he die in such pathetic circumstances? If AS wanted out, it would have been better to just have Eric sod off back to Sweden for a bit or something. I mean, he’s obvs not lived in Louisiana the whole 1000 years of his existence. They don’t have to kill him off. Then he could maybe do the odd cameo or at least we’d all be happy thinking of Eric being all Viking in his homeland. Lol, just a thought….
    I really hope Tara’s mom hasn’t given her Hep V. Personally, I think it would be good to see Tara finally get a break, move on from her childhood trauma and grow into a strong, kick ass vampire. If she gets screwed over by lettie Mae than is just more of the same. I she dies then its a real waste of a character. Yep, I hope she finally gets to realize her full potential.
    Other thoughts –
    Jason – not sure what to make of his situation with Violet. have to wait and see how that one plays out. But please writers, don’t give us whiplash again with Jason and his hating/ not hating vampires again. He cannot do another u-turn on his feelings towards vamps; it would get really stupid.
    Jessica – Like the direction her character is taking.
    Lafayette – More please!!!
    Terry – don’t know why he had to be killed off. I read an interview with the actor who played Terry (Todd Lowe) and he said he was written out so the writers can trim down the amount of storylines. Ok good. I got the impression that Lowe didn’t want to leave the show. I don’t know why his character couldn’t just have taken a backseat with no big storylines instead of being killed.
    Sam – mayor? Not sure about that. Has nobody checked his credentials? Ok, he was a respected bar owner but surely to be mayor he’d need to be involved in local politics or at the least have a more ‘white collar’ profession. Dunno, but this seems to me to be another example of ‘artistic license’ taken too far. And he did seem to get over Luna a bit too quickly, even by TB standards.
    Bill – Kinda glad Billith is over. Kinda want him to get back with Sookie (after some serious proving of himself etc).
    Anyway, just some of my thoughts – long rant, lol.

  49. Mel says:

    I was sooooooooo confused by the last 1/2 hour. If Eric is really gone, that’s going to take something from the show :/ Really loved Eric.

  50. TL says:

    This season was a disappointment. If Eric is dead, then I won’t be watching True Blood next season. Eric really was the main focal point (for me) this season… If he comes back, then True Blood has retained me as a viewer.