True Blood Finale Recap -- 'Survivor: Bon Temps'

True Blood FinaleYes, yes, we all saw Eric’s willy in the season finale of True Blood. But a lot of other stuff happened, too. Big, dire, dramatic stuff. So, before hitting the comments to discuss the aforementioned appendage, let’s go over that other stuff, shall we?

PARTY IN THE USA | As “Radioactive” begins, Sookie and Alcide are just beginning to recover from the amnesia that seemed to make them both forget how into each other they once were when they notice a daytime vampire orgy breaking out at Bill’s place. (Stranger still, a daytime vampire orgy at which fangers dance the jitterbug.) Making a beeline for Jason, Sookie gets a lingering kiss from Violet. “She’s European,” he explains. But the afternoon isn’t all happy, happy, joy, joy. Pam takes off after Eric, prompting Tara to brand her and Willa’s parents the “worst f—ing makers ever.” Plus, Bill is so poutypants that he’s no longer the magical Billith that he’s prepared to let Warlow turn Sookie until Jessica points out how very humongous a d-bag that would make him.

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TALES FROM THE DARK SIDE | Meanwhile, on the fairy plane, Warlow again shows his true colors, smacking, choking and generally menacing Sookie when she asks if he’d mind terribly dating her for a while before they marry. Luckily, at the same time, Bill, Jason and Violet are busy recruiting Adilyn (who seems to have miraculously stopped aging) to gain them entrance to the fae dimension. Though Warlow does put the bite on Sookie, the gang saves her before she is turned into a corpse, much less a corpse bride. Back in the real world dimension, Warlow gives chase, cornering Sookie in her bathroom, which – surprise! – allows Niall to reach through that room’s handy-dandy portal and hold the baddie still just long enough for Jason to stake him. Hurrah – day saved.

SNOW WAY! | Eventually, all of the fae blood that the vampires drank wears off. A bummer, sure, but not a life-and-death kinda big deal if they’re True Blood Finaleindoors when they resume being creatures of (only) the night. Unfortunately, Eric just happens to be nude sunbathing in his native Sweden at the time, and trapped outside, he appears to go up in flames. (Gonna hurry out on a limb here and say that Pam must get to him in time to hustle him into a cave or something. But of course we won’t know for sure until next season. Side note: Could next season be tomorrow, please?)

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HERE’S TO FUTURE DAYS | While I, you and probably most of the viewing audience is busy shrieking, “Nooo! They can’t kill Eric!” the show itself is fast-forwarding six months down the road. Then, Sookie and Alcide are a couple, Bill is the author of a bestseller about the Governor’s invention of hep V, Jason is still waiting to get it on with Violet (after 178 nights of cunnilingus, he’s quick to point out), and Merlotte’s is now Bellefleur’s. In scarier news, packs of hep V-infected vampires are on the prowl and using small towns like Bon Temps as buffet lines. Mayor Sam teams up with Rev. Daniels (you know, Lettie Mae’s husband) and suggests that everybody enter into a monogamous feeding relationship with a healthy vampire in exchange for protection. Controversial as the idea is, it seems like a pretty good one when a bunch of infected blood-suckers looks about to crash the feeder/feedee meet-‘n’-greet at Merlotte’s… er, Bellefleur’s.

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the season – and its finale? Eric isn’t – can’t be – really dead, right? Did it seem a little convenient to you that Warlow went evil again, just in time for him to be killed off? (Or should we just blame it on nightfall?) How awesome were Tara and Lettie Mae in the (exceptionally well-written) scene in which they reconciled? (Dare we hope someday for a similar scene between Tara and Pam?) It was nice of Jessica to offer Andy and Adilyn her protection – without even having to feed her – but since she ate all of the fairy’s sisters, can’t say I blame the sheriff for saying thanks but f— off, can you? Anyway, that’s a wrap. You may now hit the comments to discuss Eric’s pecker.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. chloe says:

    This season was horrible. I think I’m done with this show.

    • Liz says:

      Ok, good bye!

      • Jena says:

        I guess if you can ignore all the inconsistencies in the storylines you can think this was a good season, but I just can’t. Don’t get me wrong, I know TB has never been a brilliant show but it needs to make some sense. I was pleasantly surprised in the first few episodes of the season, they seemed to be weeding out the minor characters and looked to be getting it back to its core. Then it just became nonsense. Sookie had no interaction with the vamp camp storyline. For a show that is supposed to be centered on Sookie and her interaction with the supernatural world, it made little sense. They build up Warlow as a big baddie then pretended he was a good guy. There was so much potential there but they decided to take the easy way out and kill him. They sure made it look easy even though he was supposed to be super strong and old. There is no consistency with vampires burning in the sun. They just make it fit even though it doesnt make sense with everything we’ve previously seen shown. Eric sits in the sun with no backup? There was no point to the wolf storyline. Literally no point. Sam is in love with this Nicole and just completely forgets about Luna. Lafayette’s storyline has completely disappeared. I can’t ignore the fact that Sookie never works anymore. Jason’s storyline is too creepy and abusive. Merlotte’s is no longer Merlotte’s… Really? Sam as mayor? Really? Zombie vampires- that’s your idea for the storyline next season? Really? I’m sorry but that finale was a mess through and through.

  2. Lattice says:

    It makes no sense that hep-v isn’t killing the vamps in a relatively short period of time like with Nora and the vamp’s maker in the camp. I also totally think that Tara’s mother has hep-v, but after reading the article I hope not. I hope Tara is given a chance to heal the wounds inflicted on her by her “mother.”. No way Eric is dead. Pam will be behind his rescue in some way. Finally, I’m soooooooooo disturbed by he Jason story line. Why does the show continue to abuse him. He’s be raped and now he’s practically this psycho vampires’s sex slave. It’s disgusting. I can’t imagine the writers would continue to do this to a female charcter. I HATE it.

  3. Ebee says:

    I’m kinda with everyone here. I don’t think Eric is dead. I think there may have been enough time between when Pam left and when Eric burned for her to get to him. Or maybe he buried himself in the snow. I remember one season Bill just dug himself a hole in the ground for the night.

    I think Lettie Mae is a carrier for Hep V. I get that maybe she feels bad for the way she treated Tara but come to her any other time. It was all too convenient. I don’t think she was on board with this plan.

    I’m not sure I’m a fan of Vampire Zombies. I don’t mind Sookie and Alcide together. I think it’s about time for both of them. Though, I think they shouldn’t have made him such a dick this year.

  4. Sarah says:

    How did they expect me to pay attention to Tara and Lettie Mae after Eric’s scene?!?! I was DYING after that. Lost focus….majorly. He can’t be dead!!!

  5. Victoria says:

    Okay number 1: We all agree they didn’t completely show Eric die
    2. Bill has survived the sun I’m sure there’s a way Eric can survive too, even if he is older
    3. I don’t know about Pam saving Eric, but if she did get there in time she is younger it will take her longer to burn she could get him somewhere safe but I believe it’s unlikely
    4. I’m sure that if your maker dies you’ll know, regardless if they released you or not
    I honestly don’t know how Eric could survive, who knows maybe even Godric could save him possibly. There’s know telling at this point, this whole episode was a disaster

  6. Becky says:

    If Eric is dead then I believe it is the beginning of the end of the show…. He is one of the main reasons I watch…. I also found the exchange between Tara and her mom a lil gross cuz now she gonna have weird vampire sex dreams about her daughter …… GROSS!!!!!!! I hope Sookie does not screw over Alcide again…. Sorry I am not a big Sookie fan…. Glad Sam has appeared to finally find happiness… Anxious to see how the little shifter turns out…….

  7. Danerys says:

    i think Pam will show up in time, burning just a little, and bury herself and Eric in the snow. Eric saved = Trueblood saved

  8. Peramia says:

    Couldn’t Eric have just buried himself in the snow? It would put out the flames and allow him to wait out the day.

  9. Laurel says:

    Honestly, I could not believe how they ended the season!! I love true blood, its my number one favorite, but I very much disliked the season, well the last episode. They should have made the show go in a different direction. In my opinion, season 6 was boring and it didn’t really appeal to me. It was short, and they made things go too fast, especially with the story skipping six months and making everyone ask questions like ‘Is Eric really dead?’, ‘what happened to Pam?’and ‘what happened during those six bloody months!?!’. I cant really be the only one with these questions circling around my head am I? But what has me upset the most is why the made Eric burst into flames, Eric is my favorite character in the entire show, they cant just kill him off like that. Eric is what makes the show complete, if there’s no more Eric, then there’s no more True Blood. So if I find out that Eric died, im not watching it anymore, its easy as that. Like come on, Bill walked in the sun in season 1 and got burnt to a crisp but lived, so why cant Eric!? I just hope Eric was able to go under ground or something. Over all, season 6 was a mistake, well the last episode…. :,,,,,(

    • DarkDefender says:

      Perhaps, next season will be the 6 months that lead up to Eric’s true death.. And how everyone got to where they are now…. It’s the only thing that will make sense.

  10. Maryscott O'Connor says:

    Did the “writers” do this episode with a Magic 8 Ball?

    Worst. Episode. Ever.

    I would have been ashamed to turn this script in.

    Good god.

  11. GOTbloody6 says:

    I don’t understand what’s wrong with pretty much everyone commenting here. This was BY FAR, above and beyond, THE BEST season of True Blood, ever. None of the other seasons have come even close to being as truly epic and mind blowing as S6. As for people complaining about the season finale being “boring”, can you please tell me exactly which seasons had cliffhanger endings without resorting to a lot of filler? Perhaps season 5, yes, it ended with a whole lot of adventure, nonstop action, and the whole Bill turning into Billith. But what about the end of season 4, where absolutely NOTHING happens for 58 out of the 59 minutes???? In the last minute, anything/everything of any significance takes place – with the reveal of Alcide’s garage being broken (duh, who else would have broken out of it)?

    Every season has ended, more or less, with a finale that contains at least 30 minutes of slower stuff going on (or should I say NOT going on).

    For me, season 6 is a huge WIN. To those comparing True Blood to Game of Thrones insofar as “no character being safe”, well, perhaps instead of ONLY watching the show (GOT), try reading the books and you’ll see that just because someone dies doesn’t NECESSARILY mean they’re gone for good – though of course in plenty of cases, it does. True Blood – the show – doesn’t follow the True Blood books almost at all anymore, not after the first season. Game of Thrones has stayed true to the books in almost every manner of speaking thus far. We’ll see what happens in season four given that the producers stated years ago they wanted to make it to the Red Wedding and then perhaps they’ll begin straying from the books some more.

    Either way, I agree it sucks if Eric is dead, though I have a difficult time believing he met the actual true death. On the same note, it wouldn’t be entirely surprising since it’s been well known Alexander wishes to pursue an acting career in Hollywood, he’s been showing up in more and more movies (regardless of those roles thus far being secondary/ancillary). I’d personally like to see him play lead roles in big movies, he’s certainly a good enough actor.

    As a final note, for all those stating you’ll never watch the show again if they killed off Eric for real – guess what? Producers clearly don’t care and they know they have enough fans hooked on the show. Even all of you complaining, I read just as many, if not more, complaints for the last 4 seasons (at least), and yet True Blood gains more of an audience every year. Frankly, it’s annoying everyone loves Eric so much just because he’s “so sexy” – big deal. Is he a great character? YES. But that doesn’t seem to be the reason why everyone cares whether he lives or dies.

    I personally cannot wait to season 7, which I’d guess is going to be the last.

    • Jena says:

      You’re certainly entitled to your opinion but I have to say- I am astounded that anyone thinks this season was the best season ever. It was marginally better than the past two seasons but I don’t see how it’s the best. There are too many inconsistencies and characters acting out of order for me to even compare it to the first two seasons. May I ask what exactly do you love about it so much? Honestly, I’m really asking because I’m curious.

    • Liz says:

      OMG, I completely agree. It was a really good season, so much better than season 5. And I think Bucky does a terrific job as a show runner: we’re back in Bon Temps, Bill is Bill again, and like you, I think that Eric is not dead. Pam will save him. I actually think that these two are the love of each other’s lives…
      It was a great ending to a really good season!

  12. Lynne says:

    Buckner has destroyed this show! They spent Season 5 building what could have been a beautiful relationship between Pam and Tara. This season, they lit that on fire and watched it burned to its last dying ember. What’s the point in watching any longer? They’ve ruined every single pairing I like on this show.

  13. Blackcat46 says:

    How disappointing! After last week I was for sure that the finale was going to be bangin but this episode was by far the most anti-climatic finale ever. What was up with the 6mos fast forward and all the changes?? Merlotte’s is now Bellefleur’s (just wrong), Sam is the mayor (really – does the town know he is a shape shifter now?) Will watch next season since I am die hard fan and I hope to see Eric come back.

  14. DavidSask says:

    This show needs to die! There is no resolution for fans ever, its just more of the same crap! Eric’s peen was only good thing. Jason is just a non essential to the show and beyond laughable. Sookie whine whore and that church outfit really for f**king real? Warlow a complete waste and what did the little fairy transfer bombs mean? To have the show cash in on zombies as have nothing better to do is just overall sad and pathetic!!!

    • Liz says:

      Wow, angry much? Calm down pal, it’s only a show. Were you one of the crazy fans who harassed Charlaine Harris as well because Sookie didn’t end up with your precious Eric??

      • Jena says:

        You know, these crazy fans you speak of were a very small group. The majority of people I’ve seen upset by the way the books ended are actually upset by the total lack of consistency and complete changing of character personalities. Eric’s character was changed into a complete wuss. They built up their relationship for how many books and just ended it? It wasn’t that they didn’t end up together, but it was the way the characters personalities were changed to make the ending fit. I would have been fine with Sookie ending up with Sam if there was a little better of a build up. She never wanted to be a vampire so I could understand choosing Sam. But there needed to be more of a reason. Sookie couldn’t read Sam’s mind then could (in several books and the short stories) and then, conveniently, can no longer do so in the last book. Just like my issues with the show, it’s the inconsistencies that made it a mess. People just like to think anyone who didnt like the ending are just rabid Eric fans and that’s not the case.

  15. ncxlightning says:

    Why is everybody ignoring the fact that Eric is on a bunch of snow? All he has to do is dig down. Pam can’t save him but he can save himself. It is more likely Pam finds him in a damaged state and nurses him back to health… btw it is possible to use this burning to change Eric characters fire can be deforming, just saying… I annoys me that sookie was all “I thought we would end up together” to sam and now, when her and sam are possible, she is with the wolf (Im not opposed to the wolf…I’m just pointing out the contradiction)

  16. lizz says:

    So what i don’t get is that at vamp camp, usually though out the years it was expressed that the camps needed to rest during the day otherwise they get the bleeds, how come that never came up…. Shouldn’t the vamps awaiting the sun be bleeding from everywhere before bill got there??

  17. Victoria says:

    Aside from the rant about Eric’s survival, I agree this episode was just terrible all in all. I personally don’t agree with the Sookie/Alcide couple that totally threw me off. Then Sam being the new mayor totally surprised me as well. I agree that it was also a pile of BS that Bill couldn’t give two craps about Sookie the whole season and then he feels remorse I mean honestly. Don’t even get me started on Warlow his character was all over the place and his death seemed WAY too easy. The time spent on Jason and her psychopath vampire was useless and should’ve been used on at least something hinting us on Eric’s condition. Tara feeding off her mother was also way too easy I agree she’s probably infected with Hep V. And the zombie vampires..the only thing I have to say about that is “Why?”. Now we all have to suffer a whole year to find out about Eric and Pam.

  18. Joanna says:

    Not loving Eric burning, such a waste! I knew the six months later thing was going to suck when I saw that awful haircut of Alcide’s and Sookie’s 1940’s church outfit. Seriously who wears a hat like that & white gloves outside of going to a Halloween party dressed as your grandmother? Last season’s vampire authority & Billith mess almost killed the show for me. Show was looking so much better this season until this episode.

    • S says:

      Ha glad I’m not the only one who thought Sookie’s whole look was hideous. I just can’t take her serious anymore. She’s so fickle. IF Eric survives I no longer want them together cause he deserves better.

  19. kelly says:

    Does anyone else know how alcide and sookie are together? Last time I checked eric glamoured him into being disgusted by sookie. Did I miss something?

  20. NYCer4Life says:

    I really dug Ben/Warlow but TRUE BLOOD just had to kill him to prop up Beel again. that was a damned shame because the actor who played Warlow is fantastic.

    If Eric/Alexander Skasgaard is gone, then so am I.

    I’ve suspended my disbelief a great deal for this show and the books but I may have reached my limit. No one vetted Sam’s checkered history while he was campaigning? No courtship from Alcide? Jason killing Warlow with a stake while an earlier attempt failed?

    And not once did Lafayette call anyone “hookah”? Whatevs!

  21. Ritt y says:

    First let me say that I am mad that there were only 10 episodes and they better give two bonus episodes in season 7!!!!!!!!!! This season had my jaw dropping every episode. I thought that warlow was just a faevamp misunderstood but like the saying goes “never judge a book by its cover” he was evil through out the whole thing but we just felt bad because of how he was turned into a vampire but rip warlow. I’m glad that the writers made nial come back and help and have jason save the day!!! YAY JASON!♥ Now I do have to say that I feel bad for when warlow died so did the other vamps who had the gift of sunlight but at least they got to enjoy it. Eric is… was a beautiful vampire from season 1 *Tears*…. I’m leaving that subject cause I WON’T say goodbye!!!!!! Six months later… SOOKIE TOOK ALCIDE!!!! BILL WROTE A BOOK?!?! SAM IS THE MAYOR!!!!! ANDY IS NOW IN BILL COMPTONS HOUSE!?!?!? Let me just add I like how jason is getting played by this violet let me add 168 or how ever many times he had oral sex insead of penetration sex is priceless lol!!! My question is jessica still with bill or did he release her?!? What is Pam up to?!?! What will become of the new triangle of sookie alcide and bill??? And what will happen next with the whole contagious vampire?!?!? SEASON 7 DONT LET ME DOWN NEXT YEAR!!!!

  22. Truefan says:

    The ending stunk. The show needs new writers. The plots don’t make sense. It feels as though the writers are not keeping track of what they wrote before.
    I liked Sookie when this show started. She is so hard and unattractive now. I never liked Alcide so the two of them deserve each other.
    What the writers did to Eric was horrible. If he is gone I am gone. He is the only reason I keep watching TB. If the writers are stupid enough to get rid of Eric , watch the fan base erode and the demise of this show.
    What’s with the 6 months later…routine? It didn’t work. Boring. Too many holes in the storyline.

  23. Gary says:

    Why do vampires need a monogamous relationship with a healthy human? After they took out the conspirators at the true blood factory, couldn’t they just make more true blood without adding hep v in the final step?

    • Michael says:

      They probably are making, or planning on, making more. But remember, all of the factories were destroyed, so in the meantime, to prevent unnecessary deaths, the best way they saw to please everyone, was this way. True Blood will be back in S7 most likey.

  24. Romy says:

    I’m in shock… I’ve been a mess since I finished the episode. I mean, really True Blood writers? I know you like to have huge cliffhanger season finale, but come on! Alcide shacking up with Sookie? His appearance at Terry’s funeral and his being nice to Sookie, doesn’t make up for the fact that he acted like a freaking douche bag all season long! And Sookie?! Really, girl? Don’t you have a tiny thought about Eric? What about Tara and Willa? Aren’t they worried about their respective makers?
    And now we have to wait 10 freaking months! I want a Tardis and I want it now so I can go to June 2014!

  25. lynn says:

    1. Ppl are forgetting they said the hep v had mutated, also add in Eric’s sister was injected with an untainted batch it makes sense that the infected vampires are not just up and dying
    2. If Eric was dead Willa would have known, he released Pam not Willa.
    3 I like Alcide/Sookie. Love Eric but I can definitely live with Alcide as a love interest.
    4 I was majorly disappointed the show veered so far from the books but after the last few books in the series I can say pretty much anything they do couldn’t be worse then that crap Charlaine tried to peddle.
    5 I also think Lettie Mae is infected but if she is I’m sure next season they will come up with some kind of cure. Either way I’m good with Tara living or dying.
    6 In conclusion… Gonna miss you Terry , long live Lafayette and Eric because otherwise I no longer have a reason to watch. P.s please bring in a Quinn (make it Vin Diesel)

  26. tish says:

    I feel like warlow wasn’t as strong as they made him seem and sookie shudve been changed into a vamp blah blah blah n then someone kill warlow accidently then her n bill live happily ever after… and eric died a crappy death being who he was

  27. Michael says:

    First off, Eric was in snow, SNOW. Snow, if you remember your science, MELTS when met with fire, which Eric was nothing but. He melted himself into the ground and will heal. There. Big issue out of the way. Simple. Dollars to doughnuts that’s how the writer’s deal with that. As the execs have said before, the shows center is Bill and Sookie, which is exactly why we saw the look of old, smitten Sookie when Bill was being interviewed on TV. Sookie being who she is, will find her way back to Bill again. Tara’s mother wouldn’t let her feed if she was a carrier, because that would just put herself (and she is selfish) in danger, as well as everyone else at the social. So, that scene was genuine. Jessica’s redemption is coming, if only for the reason that I see Andy as a forgiving man, and his daughter seems to sway him that way. Alcide, Bill and anyone else who they can get to defend the people at the social from the Hep Vamps will fight them off. They’re weaker than reg. vamps. Not really the big danger they made it look like. Overall, this season tried, but was short and not that impressive. The writers need to look back to go forward.

  28. AlBlove says:

    I was so hoping that Eric ran off to kill Sarah. I was so disappointed she didn’t die! And as for them killing off Eric, it would be a horrible mistake. The past two seasons haven’t been that great. Season 5 and the authority story line was terrible. At least this season was better in that aspect. I really wish they would have stuck with the story line of the books and only changing a few things here and there.

    • Michael says:

      A Skaar is signed through S7. He didn’t die.

      • Jena says:

        I agree that Eric isn’t dead but I wouldn’t use the contract signing as the reason. They still have the option to kill or write him off even if a contract is in place.

        • Jason says:

          Actually depends on what is in the contract. I highly doubt they would kill off one of the biggest fan loved actors on the series.

  29. Jane says:

    So the Hep V kills Nora in 24 hours (only one day seemed to go by in that episode), but then it mutates and now infected vamps are even more bloodthirsty and slightly resistant to it? We’re supposed to believe that the scientists that cooked it up wouldn’t have made sure that wasn’t a possibility? Ugh, I smell a zombie motif coming on. Guess it was only a matter of time after the all that werepanther shiz.

    By the way, how come nobody seemed to like Nora? I know most people are Sookie/Eric fans, but Sookie’s been such a d-bag all season and I didn’t find her all that likable last season either. Anyway, I’m sad they killed Nora off. I think her character had so much potential especially as a device to explain Eric’s emotional detachment and disinterest in other women (except fairies bc they’re vampire crack-rock). I hope they bring back her memory next season, and if Eric’s alive, maybe this is a good opportunity for the writers to make him a jaded baddie again. It was funny to see him go all emo in season 4, and I think his a-hole with a heart of gold archetype in the godric season was necessary to make him a more complex character, but if they’re gonna bring tb back to its roots like they say, I wouldn’t mind having the old couldn’t–really-be-bothered-with-sookie’s-drama eric back.

  30. June says:

    I’m reallyyy disappointed about Warlow (who I actually grew to love). I think it was very very convenient to just kill him off. He was so built up in the previous season, you’d think they could have done something with him? Next season is the last in the series, and I was thinking that the story was starting to make so much sense now that these vampires could be in the day, it was like an evolution, and it seemed so thoughtless to rip that out completely. It was such a wonderful season, and the finale was sooo anticlimactic.

    If Warlow waited to be with Sookie for THAT long, it just seems unrealistic that he wouldn’t wait for a few months or weeks for Sookie to be ready, and that he’d have her in the meantime anyway. Another thing that killed it for me was his motive.
    So…he waited that long? For what? Sex and blood? Um…yeah… You really think he couldn’t get sex or blood somewhere else in those thousands of years? Wtf kind of motive is that? It’s so incredibly poorly written. They wasted a really nice character.

    • A says:

      I agree. Why’d they have to make Barlow a total dick in the end? Sookie and Eric clearly might now happen now and definitely don’t want her with Bill. Can’t stand him. Other than eye candy, Alcide is okay but his entire character was awful this season. I liked her with Barlow and I really grew to like his character. It felt like such a cop out for them to go and make him the bad guy and kill him. He added a different element to the show. The possibility of fae/vamp hybrids. Could there have been more out there? Plus, I enjoyed the British accent :)

  31. Banana says:

    Eric and Pam are by far the best characters in the series the most entertaining and truth to what vampires are supposed to be without being completely evil. Not to mention Pam’s got the finest sense of humor in television and Alexander Skarsgard’s one of the hottest guys walking this earth. If they kill either of both of them the show’s over, regardless of what happens around it.

  32. Why did Tara trust her mother. I wouldn’t put it pass Lettie Mae to have purposely inject herself with Hep V to kill her own child. A child she perceives as the devil, which would mean she would think she’s doing gods work by killing Tara. At first I thought she’s going to shoot her but than worse, she’s going to feed Tara and it was the wrong choice Tara made to go through with it. I don’t think Eric’s dead, he didn’t turn to goo. Even if he did die, you should be happy that the actor is moving on to better things because sadly these writers have ruined True Blood. The only characters I stay for are Bill, Tara and Lafayette. I don’t care what people think of Bill, I care for his character. No matter what he always loved Sookie, it was her that didn’t truly love him. She doesn’t have a guy, so she skips to the next that gives her attention. This new character Violet is annoying as hell, I kept thinking that Tara would be the one to end her, how I wish she did. Don’t add new characters, especially new characters that don’t have a connection with the story, she’s an oddball and not in a good way. I actually like this new progeny of Eric’s, Willa. But the new character Nicole is another that doesn’t belong, they just brought her just to add another character and so dame quickly after Luna and Emma, now she’s having Sam’s baby? I wonder if its possible to bring True Blood’s spark back without making it corny.They need to think before they film. I am still thinking about Tara’s scene with her mother, it wasn’t sweet and endearing, it was suspenseful and stressful, I just know that woman did something. Tara better not die. She finally moved on from her traumatic human life and embraced this new life and now their going to kill her? I wanted more Tara and Lafayette moments. 2 seasons of them not communicating, maybe Willa could have been involved in their bickering I missed so much.

  33. Shannon says:

    I am very confused did they reshoot or rewrite something. I saw the True Blood comic con panel and was very disappointed that Alex and Steve were not there, but in the trailer they showed us that was to be expected for the rest of the season was completely different than what was aired. Did they purposely show us false footage at comic con? At Comic Con, they had a scene where Bill is on the floor in the white room and Sookie is at his neck killing him I am assuming and it is shown she had turned. Unless of course that footage was completely fake something else happened. Rob at Comic Con seemed completely content to return and be on the shw and it seemed like that was where it was headed and that the Warlow story line would go into next season and would have made sense too. I always thought Warlow was evil because of all the stuff we seen him do in the season which seemed he bent more to his vamp side than his fae side and all his notions of kindness were forced and can tell he was playing Sookie. I do not want Eric to be dead and if he is than what is the point of me continuing to watch True Blood? Will Pam be back because she is another reason why I watch because of her banter, sarcasm and all the other stuff Pam’s character lends to the show. So what the big bad of next season will be the Hep V vamps? What is the point of that and they have to find a cure? I am hoping this whole 6 month fast forward thing is a dream/vision or something else than real life in Bon Temps. Warlow killed off all the faes so yes he can get to fae land on his own and all the other things he did never waived me that he was nice. The only instance I was slightly convinced or most hoping they would make him good and lean more towards his fae side was when he saved Sookie from her Ghost dad and when Warlow was commanded but Billith and he looked like a puppy obeying and thought Warlow looked aghast like “Sookie this is the Ex you were speaking of?” I will have him killed…

    I thought this season had so much potential and did not live up to anything and seemed flat, rushed and things did not jive together or story paths that should have been taken were not. It seems like they did what Charlaine did and gave Sookie to a “nice” guy Alcide and had her settle.

    • Shannon says:

      I hated the Nicole/Sam storyline. luna dies and three days later he is already over her and in bed with another and now she is pregnant? Sam becomes mayor? A lot this season did not make sense to me story/plot/character wise.

  34. erin werth says:

    i actually liked the warlow storyline and was hoping sookie would have been turned into a vampire. to see vamp sookie would be interesting.

  35. Chloe says:

    The finale was amazing! I loved the whole season 6, and I think the concept of Bon temps vampires having to protect the humans from infected vampires is brilliant – really bringing the show back to its roots. Loved the 6 months later, but of course I hope Eric and pam are okay. Bring on season 7. Best show on tv!

  36. Disgruntled Fan says:

    This whole episode was a disaster. I really hope the writers wake up and realize all the mistakes and GAPING HOLES the writing had and it turns out to be some sort of sick dream of Vampire Sookie’s as she’s sleeping under the ground with Warlow. Cuz come on!

    Biggest hole of all was the Hep V vamps. Seriously?! Eric’s sister couldn’t even walk after becoming infected and they want us to believe that these vampers are walking around attacking small towns. I think not!

    • Alyson Long says:

      Kristin Bauer van Straten kinda answered this on twitter last nigh – Nora got a HUGE dose of hep v! If you remember in the bottling plant each bottle got a teaspoon if that, so the effect is more gradual. She also has no clue what is going to happen in season 7 with Pam and Eric!

  37. The Philosophical Anarchist says:

    This season was kind of lame, but it is a bit (just a bit) of an improvement over the previous two. I’ve never read the books (my wife has), but from what I understand they’ve gone completely away from them. My question is, why? What’s the point of basing it off the books if you are going to completely abandon them?

    And why compare it to The Game of Thrones? There really is no comparison. TB has become a pile of crap where as TGOT is a very tight series that is well thought out and well written (and follows the books fairly closely).

  38. someguy says:

    Wtf I thought alcide was glammed into being sick when ever he was near sooky… didnt kbiw that just magically wore off that was a maasive stuff up in my view. The other thing thats annoyed me was stack house was on his way to becoming some sort of panther thing a few seasons ago and that seems to have also just stopped for some reason. This show is getting w I rse and worse every season.

    • Jena says:

      Don’t get me wrong, their are plenty of gaping holes in the storylines but the two you mentioned were both explained. Sookie fixed the glamoring on Alcide a few scenes after it happened. You may have missed that. And they explained that were-panthers are born that way and you can’t turn into one when bitten. Jason was never going to turn into one.

  39. lily says:

    this season was thee most disappointing season the only things I liked about it were vamp camp and warlow and sookie I thought they sped up the romance to fast then killed warlow off to early they couldve expanded on his character more and they didn’t. The whole abuse thing in this episode really was a 180 if someone loves someone for that long than can’t wait and suddenly is acting all pyscho what the hell. This was a really poorly written season they barely explained and went into storylines that they should’ve let go. Worst season finale ever I give it an f lower than an f this lost my interest in this show

  40. Allison says:

    Well I give props to the writers for absolutely blindsiding me. Being an Eric fan since the beginning both in the books and show, I must admit I cried for a half an hour. Yep, that was my worse nightmare. It makes me crazy that the are always giving Eric’s best book scenes to other characters and I keep hoping with every new show that they will finally show us something from the books. Well I can always hope that before it ends, they will bring Eric and Sookie together…maybe even for eternity???? Heck, at this point I will be happy if he is just alive!!!

  41. Carolyn says:

    How are Alcide and Sookie together? Eric glamored Alcide into finding Sookie sexually repulsive, didnt he? If Eric “died” his spell would no longer hold…I don’t want to right. :(

  42. Gaz says:

    Oh guys, don’t do that to me!! I’m going to be thinking about that Tara/Lettie Mae scene now, it was so beautiful to see, but at the same time it would totally be something that Tara’s mum would do. She brought nothing but pain and misery into her life, and made it completley obvious that she didn’t like the fact that she is a vampire now. Damn…. long wait until next June/July

  43. Christian Grey? What if they waited for True Blood finale to announce the cast?

  44. steph maddock says:

    I want Sookie to save Eric! Fairy flash to him and save him :D

  45. Rene says:

    I was wondering if Tara’s mom (whose blood results we never gleaned) might not be infected with the virus and NOT reconciling at all, but killing off her daughter? Just wonderin’

  46. Phillip says:

    I don’t know what these people are on but, this season finale was really very good.

  47. Michele says:

    I found it, curious, that in only 6 months, Bill publishes a best selling book, Sam is elected mayor, Merlotte’s is completely changed. I too was absolutely one of those who shrieked when Eric went up in flames. He just CAN’T be dead. It seemed like a rather pointless move to make, possibly killing him, because the conflicts were resolved

  48. s says:

    eric’s “death” scene was so inconsistent and contrived. he’s been out in the sun for longer periods of time in the season 3 finale why would he burst into flames after 3 seconds? and I know that the show is not about eric but about sookie, however he and pam are easily the best characters on the show, killing them kills the show.

  49. samantha says:

    Whats with Alcide and Sookie? Didn’t Eric glamor Alcide to not have a relationship w/ Sookie?

  50. Just Me says:

    The season was 50/50 for me. It had some great moments then would turn around and you’d be like (*dead silence/crickets chirping*) Wtf was that. I disagree with a lot of stuff they did. Especially that 6 months fast forward. They took the easy way out. They should’ve just stuck with 12 episodes like normal. Given it more time. I want Alan Ball back too!

    THAT BEING SAID! I think it’s funny how there are SO many of you saying you’ll never watch it again knowing DAMN well, come mid-June you’ll be tuned in! You don’t want to know if Eric is alive? You don’t want to know what happens with these infected vamps? You don’t want to know If Lettie Mae is infected& giving it to Tara? I said that last year after Billith was “born”! But here I was tuned in mid-June! Be real people!! Haha!