True Blood Finale Recap -- 'Survivor: Bon Temps'

True Blood FinaleYes, yes, we all saw Eric’s willy in the season finale of True Blood. But a lot of other stuff happened, too. Big, dire, dramatic stuff. So, before hitting the comments to discuss the aforementioned appendage, let’s go over that other stuff, shall we?

PARTY IN THE USA | As “Radioactive” begins, Sookie and Alcide are just beginning to recover from the amnesia that seemed to make them both forget how into each other they once were when they notice a daytime vampire orgy breaking out at Bill’s place. (Stranger still, a daytime vampire orgy at which fangers dance the jitterbug.) Making a beeline for Jason, Sookie gets a lingering kiss from Violet. “She’s European,” he explains. But the afternoon isn’t all happy, happy, joy, joy. Pam takes off after Eric, prompting Tara to brand her and Willa’s parents the “worst f—ing makers ever.” Plus, Bill is so poutypants that he’s no longer the magical Billith that he’s prepared to let Warlow turn Sookie until Jessica points out how very humongous a d-bag that would make him.

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TALES FROM THE DARK SIDE | Meanwhile, on the fairy plane, Warlow again shows his true colors, smacking, choking and generally menacing Sookie when she asks if he’d mind terribly dating her for a while before they marry. Luckily, at the same time, Bill, Jason and Violet are busy recruiting Adilyn (who seems to have miraculously stopped aging) to gain them entrance to the fae dimension. Though Warlow does put the bite on Sookie, the gang saves her before she is turned into a corpse, much less a corpse bride. Back in the real world dimension, Warlow gives chase, cornering Sookie in her bathroom, which – surprise! – allows Niall to reach through that room’s handy-dandy portal and hold the baddie still just long enough for Jason to stake him. Hurrah – day saved.

SNOW WAY! | Eventually, all of the fae blood that the vampires drank wears off. A bummer, sure, but not a life-and-death kinda big deal if they’re True Blood Finaleindoors when they resume being creatures of (only) the night. Unfortunately, Eric just happens to be nude sunbathing in his native Sweden at the time, and trapped outside, he appears to go up in flames. (Gonna hurry out on a limb here and say that Pam must get to him in time to hustle him into a cave or something. But of course we won’t know for sure until next season. Side note: Could next season be tomorrow, please?)

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HERE’S TO FUTURE DAYS | While I, you and probably most of the viewing audience is busy shrieking, “Nooo! They can’t kill Eric!” the show itself is fast-forwarding six months down the road. Then, Sookie and Alcide are a couple, Bill is the author of a bestseller about the Governor’s invention of hep V, Jason is still waiting to get it on with Violet (after 178 nights of cunnilingus, he’s quick to point out), and Merlotte’s is now Bellefleur’s. In scarier news, packs of hep V-infected vampires are on the prowl and using small towns like Bon Temps as buffet lines. Mayor Sam teams up with Rev. Daniels (you know, Lettie Mae’s husband) and suggests that everybody enter into a monogamous feeding relationship with a healthy vampire in exchange for protection. Controversial as the idea is, it seems like a pretty good one when a bunch of infected blood-suckers looks about to crash the feeder/feedee meet-‘n’-greet at Merlotte’s… er, Bellefleur’s.

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the season – and its finale? Eric isn’t – can’t be – really dead, right? Did it seem a little convenient to you that Warlow went evil again, just in time for him to be killed off? (Or should we just blame it on nightfall?) How awesome were Tara and Lettie Mae in the (exceptionally well-written) scene in which they reconciled? (Dare we hope someday for a similar scene between Tara and Pam?) It was nice of Jessica to offer Andy and Adilyn her protection – without even having to feed her – but since she ate all of the fairy’s sisters, can’t say I blame the sheriff for saying thanks but f— off, can you? Anyway, that’s a wrap. You may now hit the comments to discuss Eric’s pecker.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. oh dear says:

    What if that was just jason’s dream of eric? remember when he said to him “and when you dream of me, dream of nice things” or what not.. even though they didn’t show him waking up afterwords.. which makes me second guess myself but still, I was waiting for someone to wake up at the end of that episode but no. And they should have turned right instead of left with that one.

  2. Bamf21 says:

    I hated this whole season but seriously if they killed Eric off I’m gonna be so mad! I’ve watched the show since day one and hep v was around before this season and its annoying that they are trying to play it off that the governor guy created it. Thank god bill is back, Jason’s new girl is also annoying LOL again I didn’t like really any of the season….lets hope for a better next season!!!

    • Ames says:

      Go back and watch. That guy the vamps were feeding on way back when said “I hope you f****rs enjoy Hep C”. That just makes them sick, no death.

  3. tcm says:

    Very disappointing all around. Didn’t appreciate politics coming into it either – by having that douche-bag Larry O’Donnell “interviewing” Bill on his “book”…can you imagine the reaction if they had him talking to some right-winger?

  4. NoleeFan#1 says:

    If Eric is dead then I am done with this show. In the books Eric and Sookie get married and I believe they have kids although I’m not 100% on the kids part so why the f@ck would they kill him. He’s the most popular character on the show, he was a truly bad person in season 1and turned into a character everyone loves even when he is being bad and killing innocent people and that’s very hard to do so it just shows how good of an actor Alexander Skarsgard is (I mean good acting is in his genes, his father is a great actor) and just how popular of a character he is and I’ve waited years for him and Sookie to get together and only got that in season 4 for a little bit and I’ve been waiting for them to get back so if he dies I will not watch this show ever again. They need to get Sookie and Eric back together and get rid of Alcide cause his character sucks and all his storylines suck so other than eye candy for women and gay men their really is no need for him to continue on this show. Also, Jason and Jessica should be together and I will say it again please please don’t kill Eric. If they want to surprise people with a shocking death of a main character then kill Bill because even his character is starting to suck. Here’s hoping Pam saved Eric and the only promising thing about this finale is that they are bringing the show back to its roots and back to everyone being in Bon Tempts and actually all characters being on the same show…after season 2 the show went into too many different directions with their characters so I am looking forward to everyone being back together only if Eric survives.

  5. AT says:

    What I can’t stand is that this show is based off women romance mystery novels! And the main pairing was Eric and Sookie (besides that silly end). So why have they pretty much completely dropped them? I get that they’re not going to be just like the books. That’s fine. But seasons 1 and 2 were the best seasons by far because they tried to remain true to the essence of the stories (each book in the series). Now, they’ve just gone so far down these stupid tangents the show has become unbearable. The only way to get me back as a viewer is to completely bring back the Eric/Sookie romance and make it FUN like the books. Otherwise, I don’t really get it. The series has literally become pure and utter trash.

    • Liz says:

      The show was always about Bill & Sookie. Rewatch season 1.
      And the books? Sookie ends up with Sam, NOT Eric (and for that, some rabid fans harassed Charlaine Harris… They must be 12).

  6. Autumn says:

    Did and Eric and Sookie at least have a scene? That is all I care about honestly (for like the past three seasons).

  7. Rae says:

    If Eric is dead I am done with this show. I am hoping that he somehow buried himself deep in the snow before he completely burned. I would like to believe Pam saved him, but wouldn’t her be in the sun ability disappear as well, although she would survive a little longer because she’s not as old, so maybe she could save him. I think Tara’s mom just poisoned her, she just didn’t seem honest to me.

  8. Yanez says:

    Alexander Skarsgard’s package was underwhelming. I’m disappointed.

    • S says:

      LMAO I didn’t even see it cause Eric was about to BURN! If they seriously thought this was hot for us girls and gays they have another thing coming and it has nothing to do with Alex’s size…

    • Mymy says:

      Most likely it was flacid, an erect penis is much more appealing to the eye. ;)

    • Ari says:

      well he wasn’t umm engorged so whatever lady. be thankful for the gift you have received. I am happy to see him naked anyway and if he is killed off, there will be riots in the street, riots I say.

    • Sissy says:

      Agreed about disappointment in the package:-))….So very UNLIKE the way C. Harris described him in her books.

  9. Kristin says:

    I liked Warlow’s character, I thought he was sexy and nice to Sookie and they had good chemistry. I don’t understand why they made him into a bad guy in like 10 minutes and killed him off. The vampires at the end of the show looked like some kind of vampire/zombie hybrid. It’s an interesting cliffhanger to see where they are coming from etc. And with Eric, it’s not certain if he is dead or alive, because he could have been saved at the last minute, but he was in Sweden somewhere in the mountains and even if Pam sensed that he was burning, can she be fast enough to go from Louisiana to Sweden in minutes to save him from burning? If Eric gets saved, I would bet that somebody in the mountains saves him, not Pam, since she could not possibly find him in time. I like that Sookie got back with Alcide, they have great chemistry together.

  10. LaLa says:

    No, this episode was entirely disappointing and just. . . not good. They could’ve ended on last week’s episode and it would make more sense. And yeah, I’m sure Tara’s mother had Hep V.

  11. Jestifur says:

    Eric is 10 times older than Pam. If he was burning, she’d be dead.

    • Rae says:

      I thought you burned faster the older you were. In season 2 Godric said it wouldn’t take him long because he was so old, so wouldn’t Pam burn slower than Eric.

  12. spencer says:

    How can pam get there in time if all the vampires lost their ability when warlow died…they should both be dead

  13. I don’t think Eric is dead, i think Pam saved him in time. i really don’t know how, but this is True Blood, so…you really never know. I just don’t think he’s dead.

  14. Jay says:

    I loved that scene between Tara and her mom… but I could not stop feeling like the bottom was going to drop the entire way through it, like it was too good to be true. Part of me now thinks Tara’s mom must have actually been a carried of Hep V.

    I hate that Eric flew away to only be found sunbathing in Sweden? Really?

    I wish they had done more with Warlow’s character to pull out that darker side of him earlier. His death scene felt like it could have had more depth.

    I liked Jessica standing outside being all protective. I HATED the jump to six months later.

    And I hate that the season was shorter and there’s so many months until next season.

  15. Lia says:

    Warlow has always been bad. Remember he threated Sookie and destroyed fairy club before showing up as Ben? Niall was right all along. He was faking being nice the whole time to charm Sookie (and others) so she would accept his terms. When she resisted and he didn’t want to play anymore, he got angry and we saw what happened. I’m glad he’s gone because the only thing I liked that was related to his storyline was that we got to see our favorite vampires walk during the day.
    Poor Jason is stuck w/ a dead weight >_<

  16. Calollar says:

    I knew Eric’s demise was coming. Best season since the first overall. But how can Pam come swooping in just in time to save him when the light left her and he was still in the sun?! How?!!! I’m still not over the death of Terry. And good riddance Warlow! BILL NEEDS TO DIE!

  17. Frankie Woods says:

    That was the worst episode ever !!!!!! I have no other comments to make. As a True Blood fan, I was truly, disappointed in this finale…Blah ! OMG…I’m so disgusted and pissed off.

  18. Cin says:

    Eh, Eric isn’t dead.

  19. Fernanda says:

    for me the real cliffhanger was Eric in flames. The only thing I really enjoy about this finale was the political issues and war is over. I really wanted to see Jason dreaming about Eric, but thanks to his new vamp girl that couldn’t happen.
    Next year is the final season. Period.

  20. Cin says:

    Pam probably got there in time to shove Eric into a Tauntaun…

  21. Melanie Desi says:

    First — thanks for sharing, Alexander. Second — everything else was just awful. If Erik is dead, (I don’t really think he is) so is the show. Srsly WTF with the whole six month later thing?

  22. lola says:

    this season had been great up until this episode. what a terrible way to end the season. I’ll be surprised if Eric has really been true death’d, but if so…what an awful way to get rid of such an entertaining character. a minor player like Terry gets an episode-long funeral but Eric burns up in less than a minute?!! I will definitely not be back next season if Eric is gone. I may not even come back anyway, after that mess of a finale. Sookie and Alcide together is a joke, and I haaaate Violet. I’m even annoyed that Merlotte’s is now called Bellefleur’s.

  23. iz says:

    THIS SUCKED!!!! Eric and Warlow dead–the 2 most interesting characters this season and Sarah and Violet are still alive…WTF!!!! May not watch season 7.

  24. Mymy says:

    I have three words to describe my feelings about the entire season, ” Get new writers”. Alan Ball was the magic that made it work, he should have stayed until the end. Ugh!!! I screamed at the tv when I saw Eric burning on the snow capped mountain. Why Lord, Why?

    • Michele says:

      Maybe I’m crazy but I think the show is way better without Alan Ball. There was still subplots, but not as many as there used to be, it used to be more convoluted and I felt Alan Ball lost sight of the fact that the vamps are the real stars of the show. Too many other dumb storylines with him, like Maryann in season 2 and lest we forget the horrible season 4 story of Marnie??

  25. Lauren says:

    I like how everyone is pissed off and refuses to watch the show until they know whether Eric survives or not. This is how the writers WANT us to feel. They want us to have all these feelings and questions bubbling up inside of us so that we HAVE to watch next season to find out if Eric survives. I personally thought last week’s episode was HORRIBLE. The vamp camp scenes were fantastic but Terry’s long, time-wasting funeral? Not so much. The first 30 minutes of this finale kept me on the edge of my seat with my jaw to the floor. The last 30 minutes were much slower but built up some things that will likely blow up next season. All in all, I thought this season was MUCH better than the last one.

  26. O_O The night didn’t make warlow evil.. It was daytime the entire time. And how could Pam save Eric? He completely disintegrates and disappears (not just burns). Cmon.. were you even watching?

    • Bobby says:

      Did you watch the show Megan? He sent to his knees but did not turn to goo. There is hope.

    • Aunt Cathy says:

      Night did fall. Warlow actually tells Sookie, “Ggod news…night has fallen” right before he bites her after she calls him a monster. Bill meets Jason, Andy, Adilynn (Adalynn?) & Violet at the cemetary in the dark. They all jumped to the ‘Fairy Plane’ & arrive in the dark. Bill fought Warlowe in the dark…

  27. michael says:

    Trueblood just turned into the Walking Dead. I am not thrilled about this finale. Alexander Skarsgard is already signed on for Season 7, so he will be back in some sort of way. But with Pam unable to be in the sun as well, who knows what is going to happen. Tara is an idiot. The acting in this finale was atrocious and I am not thrilled.

  28. Bobby says:

    After loving this season over all I am a little let down by the finale but honestly, glad Warlow is gone and that it will concentrate more on the Bon Temps next season and get back to the basics, HOPEFULLY.

  29. ashley says:

    Really hope we have more Pam and tara relationship next season. Was disappointed with the lack of it. Throw in willa for a love triangle for Tara and we are good to go!

  30. corey says:

    I sure think Deborah Ann Woll deserves an Emmy nod for this seasons Trueblood!!!

  31. alistaircrane says:

    Although I am a hardcore Sookie and Bill shipper, I am glad she and Alcide are finally having their chance at romance after last season’s non-start. This season has been very good, and I am looking forward to next! The Tara/Lettie Mae scene tonight was fantastic.

  32. wtf shutup says:

    Omg… its just a show.. stop bitching about everything…. ig YOU ARE A REAL TRUE BLOOD FAN THEN SHUT UP AND LET THEM DO THERE JOBS AS CREATORS..

    Personally, I don’t thinl Eric is dead and I don’t think Tara’s mom has hep v…… just wait amd see what happens and stop bitching.. you can’t change how they decide to write the show

    • Jena says:

      Yes, yes true fans just sit back and love everything the show does. How dare people question anything the writers do? Who do they think they are? Give me a break, your comment is just ridiculous.

      • Mymy says:

        Well said Jena, these people need to relax. True fans are allowed to critique their favorite darn show. My goodness.

  33. alistaircrane says:

    P.S. I hope that was Alexander Skarsgaard’s real penis and not a prosthetic.

  34. Jay says:

    So.. Here’s a question. Who were all of those extra vamps playing in the sun in front of Bill’s house? I thought only people in that room who fed off of Bill were the ones who could walk in the sun?

    • sg says:

      I was wondering the same thing. I thought the only vampires in the sunlight room were the ones who weren’t drinking the infected TB which were the core group and only they drank from Bill so they wouldn’t burn.

      I was also wondering how the hep v, killed off Nora in such a short time, but it’s not with these zombie vamps. Six months later, they have enough time to go from small town to small towns feeding on people? Shouldn’t they be dead or dying soon?

  35. SookieSucks says:

    Yeah, the last episode should have been the finale. This finale episode seemed like a haphazard bouquet of new story lines. There is no way Eric is dead. Someone saved him. Prolly not Pam. I’m hoping someone old and interesting saves him…more Eric back stories would be awesome.
    I totally think Tara’s mom is infected…she’s evil. But that means more Tara next season (at least until she dies or they find a cure), which I dig. Hopefully her and Pam will reconcile.
    I was looking forward to seeing the vamps integrate in to daytime living…but that was killed with Warlow. Sooo lame. Also, I could care less about the Bill or Sookie story lines. They’ve both become so whiny and annoying. Also, TB writers: Im over the shape shifter and wolves. Please kill both of those useless story lines next season and bring the show back to being what it was supposed to be about, Vapires!!!

  36. jjohn says:

    whateva, i cant believe eric has such a “teenie weenie”

  37. cassie says:

    I think this season 6 was MUCH better than season 5. This season I felt they stuck to a few storylines rather than the 60 different stories that were only half finished. I think Pam finds Eric in time, I too believe that Taras mom in infected and wants her daughter to drink from her as a vengeful act for her being turned as a vampire. I really wish the story line had continued as Warlow being the sexy nice fairy vampire he was. I agree it should’ve been dragged out more than the 5 minutes. I really wanted Jason to stake violet for holding out on him…so selfish of her. I have to give it to Jessica for asking if she could protect the Andy and Adalin. I think they left off on a good cliffhanger. I think the changing of writers will help.

  38. P.j. says:

    Hows jasons tongue? ….and his blue balls

  39. Vicky says:

    I always wanted Sookie to get together with Alcide if she and Eric didn’t work out. The actors had good chemistry. But this stupid “flash forward” finale denied me even the small pleasure of seeing that relationship develop. It was like Sookie looked around to see who was left after all the other men dumped her, and was like, “Hey, Alcide. We’re all that’s left. You wanna?” Stupid. This whole season, stupid. Am not looking forward to next (last) season at all….

  40. Seth says:

    I thought this season was really good. A lot better then previous few. The Warlow arc was boring and ridiculous that in one episode he went from nice to bad and then dead. I do like the two new female vampires added on and hopefully they keep them. I don’t see how pam can save eric in time when she herself would catch fire and burn. The 6month skip was stupid…Alcide and Sookie do not make an interesting couple. im hoping Bill and Sookie get back together.

  41. Fernando says:

    I couldn’t believe the finale, from the moment Nyall came from nowhere and killed Warlow. The whole time I was thinking it was some kind of spell of a new witch that’d be next season’s big villain and what they showed (Eric dying, Sam as the new mayor) didn’t really happen. I couldn’t care less for the zombie vampires in the end. I will probably watch next season, but with no hype at all, really.

  42. Frank says:

    Eric will live but zombie vamps will run the world

  43. Anon says:

    Well I loved it. So, there! *sticks tongue out at computer*

  44. Fernando says:

    Also, Niall appearance was classic deus ex machina.

  45. Trina says:

    C’mon everyone…. Eric is NOT dead! If Terry’s death took the course of like 5 episodes I’m pretty darn sure if Eric died there would be a heck I a lot more to it than burning in the snow naked. BUT thank you TB for that frontal! Yummay!

    Anyway I had the same thoughts on Tara’s mom, love Alcide too much to see Sookie and Bill rekindle their relationship and zombie vamps? We have The Walking Dead for zombies, no need for them on TB.

  46. Jena says:

    Everyone pretty much sa

    • Jena says:

      God I hate being one of those people- but stupid phone :) Anyway… No, Eric is not dead but by what a stupid way to get people all riled up. Anything to get people talking I guess. This sounds stupid on top of everything else- but Merlotte’s is no longer Merlotte’s? How do you have TB without that?

  47. Meredith says:

    Sooo, I don’t really remember my college biology course but how could humans be carriers of a scientifically engineered virus for vampires? Would they have to ingest an infected vampire’s blood? Did I miss an explanation?

  48. Anon says:

    Can I just say how damn adorable Sookie’s church outfit was? WANT.

  49. DarkDefender says:

    So many comments already, yet I still feel compelled to give mine.

    The show was really good up until the time jump. There was no Jason vamp dream (which I believe they said we were getting?).. Unless the 178 days of cunnilingus was his dream (boring as far as vamp dreams go) or the time jump was Jason’s dream.. Which would suck.

    The provocative nature of full frontal Skaarsgard? (only provocative among the Amish).

    The inconsistencies were horrible. Too many vamps at the Comptons house, not that many were “saved” by Bilith. Eric leaving everyone and just working on his tan with no backup in case the stuff wore off? <– Not like Eric at all. No Pam? <– stupid. Tara gives in to her mother in less than 3 minutes without making sure she wasn't a carrier? <– Not plausible. Jason going 178 nights without once dipping his wick? <– Not likely.

    Unless the first episode next season is talked up… It is no longer going to be "must see" for me.. And likely not enough to keep HBO (except during GoT) and I have been loyal to this show since day one.

    End rant.

  50. Nikki says:

    Wtf! Man I miss when this show was good! I mean that was the worst piece of crap finale I’ve ever seen and I’m a pretty big fan of tb. Such a disappointment. I’d almost rather have them end the show already instead of writing crap seasons. What happened to this show! Such a great cast though.