What to Watch Sunday: True Blood and 2 Other Finales, a Devious Plan, Copper Laid Low & More

true-blood-s6-finale-300On TV this weekend: True Blood’s finale looks to the future, Devious Maids turns to blackmail, the past comes back to haunt Breaking Bad and Big Brother targets two. As a supplement to TVLine’s original features (linked within), here are 10 programs to keep on your radar.

8 pm Big Brother (CBS) | Two contestants are nominated for possible eviction (and I continue to hope that someone, anyone will end the reign of McCranda).

8 pm Chopped (Food Network) | Chefs with connections to the food-truck business cook with a variety of strange ingredients.

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9 pm True Blood (HBO) | Season finale: Sookie examines her future with Warlow, and Bill discovers that salvation comes at a price. (Yep, renewed.)

9 pm Whodunnit (ABC) | Season finale: A final game of speed and memory determines the winner — and the identity of The Killer — at Rue Manor.

9 pm Crossing Lines (NBC) | Two-hour season finale: Louis and his wife rely on Dom, who discovers new information that may lead to the capture of the Russian. (Not yet renewed.)

9 pm Breaking Bad (AMC) | Skyler’s past catches up with her; Walt works to cover his tracks. (Step 1: Don’t leave any more major clues on top of the toilet.)

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10 pm Copper (BBC America) | Reeling from his loss, Corcoran is supported by all of Five Points, and Morehouse fights to ensure that his past is hidden.

10 pm Devious Maids (Lifetime) | Evelyn blackmails Rosie, and Marisol discovers some new information about Flora. (Plus, did you hear the good news?)

10 pm Low Winter Sun (AMC) | The DPD searches McCann’s house; Frank finds game-changing evidence.

10 pm Ray Donovan (Showtime) | Ray, Terry and Bunchy toast the anniversary of their sister’s death.

Hit the comments with your must-see picks from tonight’s lineup!

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  1. mac says:

    The TB summary sounds like from a daily soap….seriously introducing Warlow was a mistake TPTB

    • Rebecca Parker says:

      I don’t think so at all – I’ve loved the idea of Warlow, however having a new character and keeping him chained up to a gravestone for half the season – probably not the best idea! They just need to do more with him.

      • Patchi says:

        I agree I like Warlow and wanted to see more of him. The season started so promising but the last few episodes were boring. I still love the show

      • paula says:

        Re: True Blood
        If we didn’t have Warlow, Eric and Bill would not be in the light. I can’t say that I have fallen into any attachment to the Warlow/Ben character, so I cant imagine him staying around for long. Sookie seems so unhappy and lost.

  2. digitalred93 says:

    No mention of Dexter or Newsroom?

  3. laniek66 says:

    I really hope more people start to watch Copper. It is just a fantastic show. A mix of historical drama and contemporary angst. I hope BBC America sees fit to give it a season 3, because it is really hitting its stride now.

    • Simon Jester says:

      Watched the whole first season, but never felt it was more than average. In terms of 19th century dramas, I think RIPPER STREET does a far superior job.

      • Rita says:

        After watching the first season of “Copper” I thought I may not watch the second, I am so glad that I did as it is IMO much better.

      • laniek66 says:

        Copper has really come into its own this season. Even edgier and more complex than the first season. Last week’s ep slayed me. The characters are all so 3D, jaded and imperfect. There is such a fine line between the ‘good’ guys and the ‘bad’ guys. And, after last week’s ep, I think the lead is going to go down a dark and dangerous spiral more than he already has so far. It has quickly become must see tv for me, and I TIVO Newsroom and Devious Maids so that I can watch Copper ‘live’. I really recommend giving it a 2nd chance. Hopefully TPTB will give it a Season 3 as well.

      • liz says:

        Ripper Street is absolutely fabulous. I do prefer it to Copper. More nuanced and its characters are so much more compelling. And it has Matthew MacFayden who is a truly remarkable actor.

    • Maryann says:

      l love both Copper and Ripper Street, but somehow Copper feels more visceral and more immediate. I would find it very difficult to give up either of them, and I will be very disappointed if it doesn’t get another season.

    • Lois H. says:

      I agree with you I really liked Copper and it seemed the season is too short. I like more please!!

    • Faye says:

      I really like Copper too and have watched both seasons. Accents sometimes a little hard to understand, but hope it gets a third season.

    • Laurie Emerson says:

      I bought Ripper and saw the ad for Copper. I absolutely love both shows!! I don’t get BBC so have to wait for them to be released.

  4. DanielleZ says:

    Breaking Bad
    Ray Donovan

  5. Anon says:

    No one is doing anything about McCranda….

    This cast is blind as well as racist/homophobic/sexist

  6. Ben says:

    True Blood
    Low Winter Sun
    Ray Donovan

  7. Steve says:

    Breaking Bad
    Low Winter Sun
    Ray Donovan
    Crossing Lines

  8. Andy says:

    Dexter and Low Winter Sun

  9. Breaking Bad and Total Divas

  10. Jared says:

    How is Dexter not on this list?! Every episode this season should be a “Must Watch”! lol

  11. Eric says:

    True Blood
    Crossing Lines
    Ray Donovan

  12. Chablis says:

    First: the shows mentioned are supplemental choices. They don’t list every show on Sunday. It’s a primer.

    Is it a two person eviction again on BB?

  13. Maryann says:

    Sunday is always a day I decide at the last minute what to watch live and what to watch within a day or two on line or on demand. Here is my must see list:

    The Lady Vanishes (New Masterpiece Theater version of the classic)
    Crossing Lines
    True Blood
    Low Winter Sun

  14. bobbie says:

    Dexter, The Newsroom, True Blood, Ray Donovan, Breaking Badly, Low Winter Sun

  15. RichCD says:

    I’m sorry, but it is crime against nature to mention Big Brother in the same Sentence as Breaking Bad.

  16. Gwen says:

    The Newsroom

  17. para says:

    I’m angry

    Why don’t you put newsroom up there?

  18. Brandy says:

    Devious Maids

  19. Elizabeth says:

    Breaking Bad
    Devious Maids

    What? I like a little fluff after a gut-wrenching hour of drama.

  20. Will says:

    Too many great shows on Sunday. DVR is on overload! U guys ever heard that there are 6 other days in the week?

  21. Marie says:

    Bring Back BODY OF PROOF With Dana and Mark _PLEASE!!!

  22. DavidSask says:

    How is Unforgettable and Whoduunit appointment viewing for anyone? Who is the viewer of Crossing Lines? I gave up on Copper last year, was that a mistake? I watch all the other major shows outside of this minus Newsroom and Chopped.

  23. JCK says:

    PBS The Lady Vanishes on Masterpiece Mystery.

  24. Bill says:

    No mention of Food Truck Race? For shame lol. I’ll watch Dexter, Copper, Food Truck Race ,Total Divas and of course Breaking Bad and Talking Bad

  25. Miles says:

    True Blood, The Newsroom, Breaking Bad!

  26. EJ says:

    Big Brother-if only for when Amanda loses HoH and goes into the storage room to cry behind a garbage bin. Cue the goofy music.

  27. HAP says:

    No Ray Donovan or Unforgettable for me, thanks to the CBS- TWC kerfuffle’

  28. Justin says:

    Unforgettable and Secret Millionaire for me.

  29. Sable says:

    Breaking Bad
    Crossing Lines
    The Lady Vanishes

    I am hoping that poeple find and appreciate Crossing Lines. It is so much better than the similar Graceland for me.

    Eager to see what they’ve done with The Lady Vanishes. I’ve seen the original Hitchcock film several times. I rarely like remakes, but once in a while they surprise me. Since this is Masterpiece Mystery, I hope this will be one of those times.

  30. Keith says:

    We know who Aaryn nominated

  31. katrina says:

    true blood!

  32. Pam Mendez says:


  33. Truefan says:

    Warlow is one more character that is not needed. Get rid of Alcide,too. I like the idea of getting back to the core story. There are just too many characters. Get rid of the vamp who is all over Jason. The only new character I like is James.

  34. Laurie Emerson says:

    True Blood