Tina Fey's Collegiate Comedy Greenlit at Fox

Tina Fey Fox Comedy Women's CollegeBreak out the Cheesy Blasters in celebration: Tina Fey is about to have another comedy on the primetime line-up.

Fox has given a series commitment to a multi-camera sitcom, set at a women’s college, from the 30 Rock creator and star.

Per our sister site Deadline, Fey will executive-produce the project with fellow 30 Rockers Robert Carlock (who served as showrunner on the NBC critical darling) and Matt Hubbard and David Miner (who exec-produced).

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Hubbard is writing the script, which will chronicle school life as the institution — for the first time in its history — admits men. Universal Television and Fey’s Little Stranger will produce.

Though it’s unusual for a potential series to completely bypass the pilot process, as Fey’s project has, it does happen: A few recent examples include NBC’s The Michael J. Fox Show and Hannibal and CBS’ Under the Dome.

But sorry, Liz Lemon lovers: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fey doesn’t plan to star in the series.


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  1. Mike R. says:

    Multi-camera, I’ll give it a shot because of Fey, but I hate laugh tracks.

  2. Claire says:

    So, “The Facts of Life Goes To College”?

  3. ajintexas says:

    lol, I love it when huge liberals like Tina Fey, who bash anyone that watches Fox News and makes comments about it not being real news, aren’t too good to take money from Fox for their TV shows. They should put their money where their mouth is and not do business with a man and company they claim to despise. Greed trumps all, even your core beliefs if you are in the TV business.

    • Tav says:

      You do realize “Fox News” (the Fox news channel) and FOX Network (Fox Broadcasting Company) are completely different and Tina is working with the latter? But of course you don’t, and from that screen name who would really be surprised…

      • brycealexander says:

        Whoa whoa whoa.
        1. They are separate entities with different agendas (one to destroy the world in a swarm of Christianity and the other to deliver quality television programming), they are both holdings of the Fox Entertainment Group, just like and 20th Century Fox.
        2. Calling a Texan stupid is calling yourself stupid. Remember, there are Wendy Davises here and they are not stupid, like myself.
        3. I do think the OP is just wrong, but so are you.

      • ajintexas says:

        All owned by Rupert Murdoch genius. It’s no wonder Texas is in better shape than any other state in this country when we see the intellectual offerings from people elsewhere. And on a side note, Wendy Davis is a braindead blond who lost her argument. Murdering babies got a whole lot harder in Texas. We lead by example here. The fact remains, Tina is in bed with her mortal enemies. Every dollar she makes for Fox is a dollar used abainst her liberal agenda. I’m surprised she didn’t stay with NBC, they love her type there. After all they employ that two faced homophobe Alec Baldwin right?

        • S. says:

          1) Universal TV produces the show, not Fox. It’s just airing there. 2) What on earth does this have to do with Texas? It’s not all about you, ya know. 3) They should be seriously thinking of changing Texas’ motto to “The Service Industry State” so congratulations on being in “better shape.” So many job opportunities, so little time…to work enough hours to stay off welfare. 4) Fox News and Fox the network are spun off legal entities now thanks to the phone hacking scandal. Murdoch owns part of it, but he’s not programming the channel. The Parents Television Council’s gotten mad at them for supposed indecency for several shows. It’s all about making money for shareholders, not promoting an agenda, conservative or liberal, unless you’re looking at the news programming on the channel which IS still done by Fox News.

          • Bob says:

            But it will still make money for Fox if it’s successful. Fox (all parts) is the Evil Empire and Murdoch is Emperor Palpatine!

        • David4 says:

          How is Texas in better shape than other states? Your educational system is a joke, your health care system is a joke, and you people complain about government bailouts right until you get flooded, or a town is blown up because there was no government oversight.

          But yeah, you live in a great state.

    • Cassie says:

      I don’t see why she should turn down an offer with Fox Entertainment just because she does not agree with the politics on Fox News. Shouldn’t you be equally offended by Fox for employing a huge liberal? Why don’t they have to put their money where there mouth is? Up until yesterday Fox Television Studios was set to produce the Hilary Clinton miniseries that had the Republic Party all worked up. But once again, anyone who dares go disagree or go against a policy of the RNC is browbeaten into submission. Just because you don’t agree with someone’s political beliefs, doesn’t mean you should shouldn’t be able to work with them. This us vs. them mentality is the root of the problem with our society and government today. I’m going to stop where I’m at now because I come onto this site for entertainment news and conversation, not a political debate.

  4. Babybop says:

    I’ll watch anything with Tina Fey’s name stamped on it.

  5. neha says:

    Sounds a lot like Opposite Sex (with Milo Ventimigila, Chris Evans, Allison Mack). It was an interesting concept that wasn’t really executed well, but if anybody can do it well, it’s Tina Fey.

  6. Eddie says:

    Why isn’t she doing this with NBC :( It’s my favourite network and they need her :(

    • Marcinho11 says:

      Because the possibility of cancellation for new shows is higher in that network. LOL.

      • Zach says:

        They both renewed 2 shows this year (Chicago Fire and Hannibal, Mindy Project and The Following).

        Tina sold another show about a woman working in a gay bar to NBC. Fox just offered a better deal for this one. They both wanted it.

        • Jillian says:

          So they both renewed 2 new shows this year, NBC also canceled about a dozen shows at the same time. If I were creating a TV show, I would steer clear of the peacock network.

        • ajintexas says:

          That will probably fare about as well as The Noew Normal did. NBC is a bad place for new comedies right now. People just don’t watch that channel anymore. I can speculate as to why, but I bet you can guess.

          • Zach says:

            NBC seems to be going through a pretty rough period. Luckily, they saved their best new comedy, About a Boy, for midseason. It will air after The Voice, and maintain The Voice’s lead-in for half a season, and if all goes planned, will have a successful run.

            Also, The Michael J. Fox Show looks reaLly promising and has a 22 episode guarantee.

            Also, they ordered a pilot from the people behind Happy Endings. They must be doing something right.

    • neha says:

      I actually see this as more of a Fox show, one that would complement New Girl and Mindy Project pretty well.

  7. Truefan says:

    I loved 30 Rock and Tina Fey. She’s talented and funny. Makes me laugh and forget any troubles or worries!

  8. Jacob says:

    What a joke! fox and nbc both suck. Tina fey will bring in the young viewers lol everyone wants 2 see grandma on tv

    • WilliamH says:

      I don’t know which part of your second sentence is the most pathetic. The article clearly indicates that Fey will not be on the show, she is producing it. I’m not sure where you’re from, but where I’m at there are not a whole lot of 43 year old grandmothers. As far as the age of producers for shows targeting the youth demographic, 43 is on the low end. Chuck Lorre is 61, Steve Levitan is 51, Glen Mazzara is 46, Joss Whedon is 49, and JJ Abrams is 46. Something tells me people like you aren’t the audience she is looking for.

    • Bob says:

      I do have a feeling that where Jacob comes from, 43-year-old grandmothers are a common occurrence.

  9. Joey says:

    I’ll check out the show since Tina is co-created and co-producing.

  10. jk says:

    Dear Tina,
    Hire Paget Brewster for this sitcom, you won’t regret it!

    • Zach says:

      I love Paget Brewster! Just finished ARCTU on DVD, and she was fricking hilarious in that show. I also loved her appearance on Drunk History last week.

  11. Mary says:

    Hahahahaha. I lived this when my women’s college admitted men when I was a student there in 2003! It was the best place in the world and TRUST me plenty of quirky to fill a series!

  12. Aprilcot says:

    I’m high fiving a million angels!