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Revenge: 5 Season 3 Spoilers, Including Nolan's 'Slutty' Turn, Victoria's 'Warped' Son and More!

NolanRevengeSeason3_300As you probably already gleaned from our recent spate of Revenge coverage, the ABC soap promises to be leaner, less complicated and a whole lot revenge-ier in Season 3 (bowing Sunday, Sept. 29 at 9/8c). And if the following five Hamptons-tinged scooplets — courtesy of stars Gabriel Mann, Madeleine Stowe and Barry Sloane — are any indication, the show appears to be on the right track.

DON’T CALL IT A REBOOT | Without specifically mentioning the aforementioned R-word, Mann notes that this year will bring Revenge “back-to-basics.” This upcoming batch of episodes are “certainly a revisiting of everything people really came to enjoy about the show in Season 1.” Calling this season more “streamlined,” Stowe notes that, “It’s going to really involve the interpersonal relationships of the characters; that’s what the show is intended to be.”

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BRINGING SEXY (AND SLUTTY!) BACK | “Aside from his best partner-in-crime Emily — which is really the place where he holds the most love —  Nolan’s not looking to get too attached,” Mann teases playfully. “So, we may see a new, slutty phase that he’s going through.” As for the NolCorp helmer’s rarely seen former love Marco, “We haven’t seen him return yet” in Season 3, the scene-stealer shares.

LIKE MOTHER, LIKE SON? | Is Victoria’s long-lost offspring the spitting image of his devious mom? Justin Hartley’s character “is going to be interesting because he appears to be sunny and bright, but this is Revenge, so….” Stowe muses. “I have a feeling that if he comes from Victoria, there is something very warped there!” That said, the mother-son duo are enjoying “a very loving relationship” at the start of the season. (Bonus tease: “Justin’s one of the first people to get his clothes off,” Mann reveals.)

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FREEBIRD | Referring to his character’s brush with the law in last season’s finale, Mann jokes, “I think a miserable season of Nolan crying in prison would really not be the path that we’re setting up.” Instead — and along similarly slutty lines, “This [year] is everything we started to do in Season 1, with just a buttload of sex thrown on top of it — which to me was always a missing element. When you’re doing a show like this, you want to see these people get naked. You want to see them mix it up in creative ways.”

STRANGE BEDFELLOWS | Aiden is “in a place he’s not been before” when we next see him, Sloane offers. “He’s ‘in bed with the enemy’ a little bit.” The enemy being? “I have been working with Madeleine a lot,” he laughs. (With reporting by Matt Webb Mitovich)

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  1. Missy Kelly says:

    Thank you, TV Line & Meg Masters. One of the things I have been worried about with all this Revenge news is the absence of Aidan. I know Emily & Jack have a history but Aidan is the man!!!!! Was worried he wouldn’t be back after Season 2.

    • iMember says:

      I also like Aiden’s character. It brings another side to Emily’s character, a side we hadn’t seen in Season 1 that was refreshing to watch get explored in Season 2.

    • james says:

      Ugh, speak for yourself. In my opinion, Aidan was the very worst part of Season 2. And a note to producers: “a buttload of sex” is not exactly what I want to watch. That being said, I am excited for Season 3!

      • EJ says:

        I agree. Aidan was definitely a weak link and I was hoping he’d get written off as a final remnant of the godawful Initiative storyline.

        • Amy says:

          I personally love aiden in real life no one would wait around to get revenge they would just go for it every one on the show seems to be to patient except for Aiden he will kill someone at the drop of a hat when Emily couldn’t finish off Gordon he did it for her he’s the only one that doesn’t just wait around an plot he gets stuff done and I love him with Emily he challenges her and he knows just how to make her happy I would rather have her with him then with jack. Jacks a bore and all wrong for the new amanda maybe if she had not changed but she did she’s not the same old Amanda clear that she was when she was 7

          • Iris Caballero says:

            Aiden is one of my favorite characters. He is truly the only one that understands Emily, and to continue on the storyline of Jack & Emily is simply too crazy even for the writers to contemplate. They were children not teenagers or adults at the time……get over it. Too much has happened in between, Jack fell in love with the faux Amanda, got married, had a child it is time to put the faux love story to rest as well.

          • Nosey says:

            I don’t feel Aiden challenges her, he caters to her which is different. The challenge is her getting this done without hurting anymore people, which is what Nolan and Jack tells her. Also, Aiden killing the white haired man when she could not even do tells me they are not for each other, she is way to emotional for Aiden. She and Jack, however, act just alike, both her and Jack’s revenge are based on emotions. She did not start off that way but has sensed let her emotions control her instead of getting this done. I’m sorry but the only thing that connects her to Aiden is the ninja, outside of this, there is no chemistry between the two, she has more in common and chemistry with Jack, their reactions are the same, emotions are the same, stubbornness are the same, and both are dark due to circumstances at the hands of the Graysons. Aiden has not ties to the Grayson. Also, I am not sold she loves him, she does not seem happy w/ him. I don’t dislike Aiden, I just don’t like him w/ her and wished writers did something more with his character, especially making it more convincing she loves him. Him coming after she realized she could not have Jack was not convincing enough. I would prefer her w/ Nolan over Aiden (but not over Jack). I think her falling for Nolan would be more convincing than Aiden. I could see end game w/ Nolan, Jack, an her being really good friends w/ either Jack or Nolan being OK if she picked the other.

      • Maryann says:

        Absolutely ditto!

      • Ro says:

        Nolan’s ‘Slutty’ Turn, shouldn’t even be part of the story line-I was confused since his jail time-a whole waste of time and story..

    • nosey says:

      I felt like Aiden was thrown in Season 2. His character seem to be out of place. Emily and Nolan working together was perfect plot that sort of died in Season 2, not sure if Aiden’s character was really needed in Season 2. Season 2 was not all bad, it just seemed rushed. Not sure if I like the idea of Aiden “sleeping w/ the enemy” (if it is Victoria, I just hope it is someone else on her hit list). I am actually looking forward to what the do w/ his character to fit him in plot for Season 3, and hope it doesn’t seem so rushed. His character is needed in Season 3 now that Nolan will not be around to help her, and I know Jack will not be helping her anytime soon.

    • dude says:

      I’d prefer pretty much anyone over Jack.

      • deme says:

        LOL! Daniel got my vote by default in s1 but they’re were nothing to write home about either. Both relationships are sooooo cliche that they bore me. So I was pretty much all about the red-sharpie.

  2. EJ says:

    I’d love to see a Nashville/Revenge cross-over with Victoria getting slutty with Deacon and Nolan getting slutty with the country singer played by Chris Carmack.

    • iMember says:

      No Nashville/Revenge crossover, please. Nashville was better when it focused on the music and its characters and not trying to be like Revenge/Scandal with music thrown in. Also, all of the Nashville characters are miserable. It’s depressing.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        LOL, I’m glad I’m not the only person that feels that way. Every character on Nashville is crying about something, no one is ever happy.

    • Mike McNamara says:

      “Nolan getting slutty with the country singer played by Chris Carmack”

      I would like to subscribe to your slash fic.

  3. iMember says:

    A huge YESSSS to all of this! Season 3 of Revenge sounds like its going to be the best one yet!! I’m highly anticipating its return.

  4. Deion says:

    As disheartened at the news that Aiden did not meet his end as I am, I am very excited at a “back to basics” season 3. So much Revenge to exact, so little time.

    • C. says:

      I know there are plenty of Aiden fans and Sloane is a good actor, but his presence in S2 completely diluted the strong protagonist Emily from S1. The two of them faffed around for most of S2, with no efficient revenging – and he got his revenge. If he is no borderline shady I don’t think I can buy into Emily still caring about him. This show has a tag line of this is not a story of forgiveness, if Emily is possibly going to excuse Aiden’s shady actions, how can I buy into her revenging the Graysons? Just saying.

      • C. says:

        Sorry, if he is now

      • nosey says:

        I did not see how he was needed in Season 2, I hope they do better w/ his character in Season 3, and ditto to what you said, not sure I see that she even cares about him. . .he was a shoulder for her to cry on, and someone to talk and plot w/, but she already had that w/ Nolan. . .was not completely sold on his storyline

  5. Mandy says:

    sounds good. personally i loved season 2 so i don’t see what all the negativity is about, but season 3 looks to be just as good.

    and i LOVE aiden and i’m so happy they introduced his character. he’s the only guy on the show who can go toe-to-toe with emily. all the other men in her life seem a bit weak compared to her but i love the emily-aiden dynamic.

  6. Nerdbot says:

    I still think Wes Brown would have been a more suitable choice for playing Victoria’s lost son. The exact moment TVLine showed him as a possible candidate I knew he was the one. I have nothing against the actor who was finally given the role, but Brown worked better for me as he bears some resemblance to Madeleine Stowe.(dark hair, the natural elegance). Anyway, I’m glad the producers are going back to basics with the show. Last season wasn’t that bad, but the whole Americon Iniciative plot and the Ryan Brothers story were just awful.

  7. wrstlgirl says:

    Happy to hear this. I didn’t care much for season two. Glad Aiden is still around and I’ll take all the slutty Nolan we can get. Love him.

  8. Vanka says:

    Justin Hartley without clothes is enough reason to watch! I wish Nolan gettin dirty with his character!

  9. Drew says:

    I watch Revenge because I like the story of Emily seeking revenge. I like the Count of Monte Cristo story, with plotting and planning and layers of story. All this talk of sex sex sex worries me. His is what desperate TV shows pull when they don’t know how to write and they want to pull viewers in with cheap eye candy. Despite reports, Revenge wasn’t just a trashy soap when it started. The reason it was addictive was the unfolding plot of revenge.

    I don’t need more nudity. I don’t need more sex. I need more plot. If they don’t have actual story to play up in interviews, I’m not getting my hopes up.

    • iMember says:

      Did you miss the part where it said a lot more revenge was going to being happening this season? Their @RevengeWriters account on twitter especially has been playing the revenge plot up for this season stating EVERYONE WILL PAY.

    • Ro says:

      I agree, turning into a sex show..

    • Ro says:

      Yep we don’t want a skin show!

    • Mary Anne Pearson says:

      You are right although your message applies to more and more t.v. I like programs with even a tad of morality! How unique. Blue Bloods actually is a family who has a family dinner ever Sunday night. They even take turns saying grace. You know it faintly reminds me of older programs who had lots of content and not all blood and gore. There are also two programs, one after the other which have intriguing minds so it stops you from falling asleep. 19-2 and the next one about terrorism(sorry I can’t remember the name but it is right after 19-2 is methodical and based on a true story. Both have a dash of violence like Blue Bloods but the violence is not what keeps the plot so interesting. I love Revenge but I only wish that it would stop being interrupted for whatever reason for 6-7 shows and then it starts up again. Eventually you lose interest when week after week it doesn’t come on. It is one of the best but also could you please give Emily a chance to smile?? She is always unhappy, now Daniel has turned on her and it appears as if Nolan is really the only person she can trust. Couldn’t you mix Emily with Victoria’s husband to strategize to give her an ally to stand up to all the evil in the Grayson family .Even Aiden went and had a secret about sex with his former love. She really is alone so please give her someone who puts his arm around her without alterior motives. Nolan is a good friend but as we know he is gay so there goes that. More sex but also some love for Emily please

  10. K. says:

    I don’t care if it is for information if Aiden is in bed with Victoria, YUCK!

    • iMember says:

      “in bed with the enemy” doesn’t exactly mean Aiden is literally sleeping with Victoria. lol

      • nosey says:

        I think it is someone else on her hit list. . .putting him w/ Victoria, I am not sure I see how the writers can get away w/ that.

      • Mimmi says:

        Of course Aiden won’t be sleeping with Vic, but spending time with Graysons and Vic. I’m glad Sunil Nayar saw fit to develop Aidens character, he’s the one male on the show that intrigues me and his chemistry with Emily is insane.

        • deme says:

          Intriguing! That’s what I like about the character as well. Aiden is an enigma with so much left to tell. All the other males character you know exactly what position they will take w/o hesitation. Aiden not so much and thats what keeps me glued to his every move.

  11. Magically Suspicious says:

    “Slutty Nolan” are my favorite two words I’ve ever read on tvline! I’m fine with Marco not making a return. I never bought them as a match.

  12. Rita says:

    AIDEN AND EMILY ARE JUST PERFECT TOGEHTER!!! So glad he will come back!! :]

  13. nikki says:

    If Aiden sleeps with Victoria I hope they both get shot.

  14. As long as Emily and Victoria have more screen time than the other (boring) characters, I’m okay with whatever changes they make. I look forward to this season. I think the writers learned their lesson with the big conspiracy plots from season two.

  15. Annie says:

    Sooooo … we’re just going to ignore that thing where Nolan was framed and arrested for the Initiative’s terrorist attack and Padma’s murder? Didn’t happen? Or can you just pay bail?

  16. Elouise says:

    I like Aiden a lot. He’s got an interesting back story, he’s the only love interest for Emily who’s really a match for her, and the Emily/Aiden/Nolan team-up moments were always great to watch. I hope we’ll see even more of the three of them working together in season three.

    Re: ‘in bed with the enemy’: I think Aiden’s going to be Victoria’s new Frank. Not sure how she’ll pay him if the Graysons are broke, but if he’s still sitting on their billions, he won’t be in urgent need of a salary. Maybe that’s why she’s sleeping with him…assuming it’s not just a metaphor!

    • deme says:

      I tend to see the relationship re:Aiden/Vic the same way. The Graysons are broke. As far as they know Aiden wiped them out when he drained that account for the bogus foundation. Victoria could be aiming to get it all back. Aiden seems to be wealthy in his own right (he once told Nolan he didn’t need a job, buying Italian villas etc.) although we don’t know how he’s come by it so I don’t think his motives are moneywise at all. My interest in definitely pique.

      • C. says:

        Well from interviews and spoilers we know Aiden had other reasons than Emily to be in the Hamptons, he could be the new big bad of S3, which Revenge needs. I tend to think he doesn’t have money of his own (sidenote – the only one who made his own fortune on this show is Nolan), and only comes back into play when Nolan is released from prison and wipes out the Aiden account. Nayar spoke of a RECONCEPtION of Aiden’s character and what Sloane can do as an actor, and actually his track record is being really good at playing psychos…

        • deme says:

          I thought people’s big problem with S2 was a big bad that wasn’t the Grayson? If it’s back to basics there won’t be a big bad at all. btw, Nayar also spoke of REAL GROWTH for the character. So Aiden won’t be the big bad.

          Yay for Nolan in earning his fortuen but where’s the relevance? Aiden didn’t drain the account because he needed it. It was part of the revenge. And besides I don’t think Aiden even knows where the money went only Nolan because he set it up. Aiden only entered his passcode to get access.

  17. Gilda says:

    I’m not saying it was as good as season 1, but am I the only one who didn’t think season 2 was that bad?

    • deme says:

      No you’re not. I completely understand what MK was trying to do (expand the world a little), just thought it lacked great execution.

  18. Tom says:

    I’m so excited about the spin-off novel SCHOOLED IN REVENGE! I hear there will be a trailer for it on the DVD too!

  19. Maryann says:

    it seems the one thing about Season 1 that I really liked that they are not changing back to is an absence of Aiden; that character always grated on my nerves and seemed forced into the show.

    That said, I think it will be a mistake to give Emily no feelings at all for Daniel; one of the most interesting things about the show was having her conflicted over whether she had sympathy for him, whether she loved him at least a little bit, or whether she was just using him. Having it straightforward that he is just a pawn will make the show two dimensional; to have it realistic, and make the characters 3D, she (and the viewers) need her feelings for him to be less definite and more murky.

  20. Maryann says:

    I love the Jack/Emily story line and I am glad they are not pulling away from that. These two have a very deep bond going back to their childhood, and they are drawn to one another on a very deep level. It’s going to be very interesting to see how the writers deal with Emily’s deception.

  21. cane says:

    In others words this show will be as boring as last season.

  22. Dar says:

    We always see Emily with so much restraint & control. I think it’s time she gets a little in over her head, not in her mission of revenge, but as in her relationships. It would be hard to grasp the idea of Jack & Emily finally together. It’s hard to come back from “I slept with your best friend, had a kid, & married her only because I thought she was you.” I want to see her relationship with Daniel develop into something that consumes her, that makes her lose focus & control, & become completely overwhelmed with passion for him. We already know that she has feelings for him, but it’s not something she wants to admit to herself. She’s always so ladylike with Daniel, & I think to toy with Victoria more, she needs to become a little dirty.

  23. Mann;s wrong, no matter how much i love him
    This show does not need butt lode of sex in it. we dnt want to see ppl get naked. in season 2, there wasnt much of that, which was still perfect.
    Emily can’t feel . She doesn’t have TIME to feel. when declan died she could cry, bcuz there wasnt time.
    thanks anyways! me and my mum are excited!

  24. the truth doesnt hurt says:

    I’m glad I was warned ahead of time about all of the sex being thrown in. That must mean the storyline is subpar. Oh well, I will record the show and then watch it. That way I can fast forward scenes. I am not expecting season 3 to be on the same level as 1.

  25. Elmo says:

    LOVE Revenge – hopet this isn’t the last season though – with Ems getting shot at the end and framing Bitchtoria for her murder. Then off to the Maldives with Aiden. Awesome. Daniel, Conrad and Jack are annoying. Nolan rocks. Record it every Sunday night and watch it a few times during the week – there is always something I miss! Emily seems to always manage her stuff – well.