Exclusive Twisted Sneak Peek: Danny and Cole Face Off Over Poisonous Accusations

Ever the outsider, Danny is once again forced to defend himself against serious allegations in Tuesday’s Twisted (ABC Family, 9/8c) — and we’ve got your exclusive first look at his latest efforts.

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The following sneak peek finds the supposed “socio” pleading his case with his former teammate Cole (played by Teen Beach Movie‘s John DeLuca, who’ll live-tweet this week’s installment). It doesn’t look good: Cole appears convinced that Danny did in fact poison him.

Watch the high-schoolers face off below, then sound off with your thoughts on Danny’s latest woes.

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  1. Sebastian says:

    What a pleasure this series has been. I had all but given up on the state of TV today. And along comes this little watcheable mystery that keeps me engaged week after week. I would like to see some other people (besides Jo and Lacey) come to Team Danny. Poor guy can only take so much. Unless he’s guilty???

    Gotta tune in to find out!

  2. Sebastian says:

    Great mystery! Keeps me coming back week after week. But I would like to see Danny get a little more support from outside Jo and Lacey!

  3. Myshiloh says:

    There’s always something to love about someone who really needs to be loved and believed. I guess that’s why I keep coming back to this show. I really feel for this guy. “Guilty” until proven innocent in this town, in this school. I don’t know who “did” it but I know who didn’t. I understand why he couldn’t tell Jo or anyone else about the necklace and I love how now Jo’s father, Sheriff Masterson, gets it but Jo can’t see past the fact that Danny was unable to open up about the necklace. Emotionally, Danny was plopped into a lousy situation (thanks Mom!) and from the start, he was doomed to be easily framed for anything. There are all kinds of ways to go with his emotions, or in fact, all kinds of ways to go with the mystery. Danny is innocent and Jo was first to care for him upon his return. Frankly, I suspect Rico is his best bet for a friend at this moment, but Jo will come around when she realizes her dad did (mostly).

  4. Emily Shotts says:

    I don’t believe that Danny poisoned Cole. Him and Cole always got along we’ll on the field and there is no motive off the field. Who would poison Cole and frame Danny for it? who wants Danny out of Green Grove High for good? Regina’s mom! Archie told Danny he would never be accepted at Green Grove. I’d say they make a great team. They both get what they wanted or at least their hopes are high.

  5. Leah says:

    I wish you guys would cover this show more alot more. =)

  6. Tiffany says:

    When I first started watching the show I was like this is a awesome show. The things that make this show great is after Danny came back Jo and lacy became his friend again. It’s Interesting because of that Jo like Danny, Rico likes Jo, and Danny likes lacys. I think that Archie framed Danny because its weird that he was so sorry for Danny the day that he has a hearing. Archie said that Danny does belong at green grove and he special didn’t like that Danny was on the soccer team. I love mystery shows and movies because they get a lot of people into them and it like who killed who. Also who stole what etc.

  7. Mel says:

    The great thing about this show is Avan Jogia (Danny). He is a really sympathetic character. You root for him, and deep down know that his killing his aunt was either for a good reason, or he even took the wrap for someone else. Great mystery show. I love the mix of teens and adults.
    As an aside, I would like to say that Denise Richards is scary thin.

  8. Kel507 says:

    I’m calling it that the Mayor is actually who Regina was having the fling with and the he killed her. Something is just off with him.

  9. Twistedlover22 says:

    I truly think that victim and Tara was having a fling and he bought her the necklace and Danny got upset when he found out and lashed but somehow maybe victim had a fling with Regina and she also found out and he told her to keep quiet sending her money and gave her a necklace of what looked like Tara’s but came from the same company and was just a replica and she was also having a fling with Archie something went bad on her end and he killed her then Archie poised cole to frame Danny I don’t know just my hunch but it sounds right doesn’t it

  10. Jeannie says:

    This show has lots of promise but character development has been shaky. For example, Lacey acted in a completely uncharacteristic manner when she didn’t care about the video being leaked until she discovered how it would affect Jo, a friend she’s only been reconnecting with for a few weeks. And so much of the show if from Jo’s POV, it gets boring because IMHO she is the least interesting of the 3 leads.

  11. Skylee Davis says:

    I love John Deluca, almost as much as his looks. I loved watching him on ,”Twisted”, and on Disnep Channel’s “Jessie”. He is an amazing actor and an awesome person. I read that him, Ross Lynch, Mia Mitchell, and the cast of “Teen Beach Movie” went to a beach and cleaned picked up all the trash and harmful objects that can hurt the environment, witch I think is a sweet, kind, and thoughtful thing. I HOPE OTHER PEOPLE WILL BE LIKE HIM AND HIM AND HIS FRIENDS.

  12. Skylee Davis says:

    I really enjoyed watching John on “Teen Beach Movie”. His character “Butchy” is the type of person who is all tough on the outside and then on the inside full of emotion and heart. I hope John will soon play in another “Jessie” episode or they’ll make a “Teen Beach Movie 2”.

  13. bumblebee says:

    John deluka is soooooooo hot😀