So You Think You Can Dance Recap: Dancing With the All-Stars [Updated]

So-You-Think-You-Can-Dance-Recap“Sometimes there’s so much beauty in the world, I feel like I can’t take it, and my heart is just going to cave in.”

If American Beauty‘s Ricky Fitts had that to say about a plastic bag floating on a breeze, imagine how his brain might’ve shifted in his skull had he witnessed the Season 10 Top 10 performance episode of So You Think You Can Dance, with All-Stars like Kathryn and Robert and Melanie and Marko and Jakob and Brandon and Twitch bringing their sublime strength and elegance to the stage.

OK, OK, I’ll be the first to admit the judges got a little carried away with the standing ovations tonight — when you’re on your feet for half the routines, you might as well just buy your gold stars in bulk and hand ’em out to everyone — but the infusion of new blood and new pairings had a decidedly positive effect on what’s been a somewhat sleepy season.

But before I go too far down the rabbit hole and say something about how Robert has all the fluidity and lightness of motion as cinema’s famous grocery sack, let’s jump right into Top 10 results and a rundown of the week’s routines:


Nobody! “Let’s get on with the show,” grumbled Nigel.

Makenzie (Nigel said he got outvoted, 9-6, in a tally of choreographers, judges and perhaps producers that took place in the vast empty space between Carly Rae Jepsen’s ears.) (I kid, I kid!) (But srsly, how the hell did this happen?)

And now my quick take on the night’s 10 competitive routines:

SHOULD BE BOTTOM 4 Jenna, Amy, Paul, Fik-Shun
WILL BE BOTTOM 4Jenna, Hayley, Paul, Fik-Shun

What did you think of this week’s SYTYCD? Who was best in show? Who will and should be at risk? Take our poll below, then sound off in the comments. And for all my reality-related news, recaps, interviews and videos, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Lily L says:

    OOPS. I meant MacKenzie and for some reason I kept saying Kathryn. SORRY.

  2. heyang says:

    Kathryn and Aaron moved me to tears. Smiled throughout Jasmine and Marko’s routine.

    I thought Fik Shun did a credible job at keeping up with Melanie which is a pretty high bar – Nigel’s putting out advice on Fik Shun’s technique because that’s where he needs to improve, but he’s popular with the audience because of his charisma and performance. I’d pick Fik Shun over Nico any day because Fik Shun has connected with the audience from the start even though Nico is a better technical dancer.

    Makenzie, Hayley and Paul haven’t really made a strong impression on me. That’s telling me that there’s something lacking in their charisma/performance factor vs technique. Usually at this time, I can name all the dancers, but these 3 just don’t pop into my head. Even watching last night, I couldn’t remember which was Hayley and which was MacKenzie. and even now, I can only recall which routine they were in by recalling the All-Star.

    I’d be pretty upset if Aaron and Jasmine aren’t in the final 4.

  3. J says:

    Makenzie got robbed. I liked Jenna in the beginning but I also get no emotion from her. She’s a wonderful dancer but a bit a robot-like. I am sad to see Makenzie go. Also got chills and instant tears over Aaron and Kathryn’s dance. Maybe the best I’ve ever seen on the show raw emotion wise. I think Aaron almost couldn’t finish the dance because he was just so spent. I mean look at Kathryn. Who wouldn’t instantly fall in love with her? I like and hope Aaron wins this too. He reminds me of Twitch a lot. And that is a huge compliment!

  4. Amelia says:

    Mackenzie may have been consistently in the bottom because she seems to be a closet Prima Donna. She comes off as overtly insincere and fake and subtly egomaniacal (watch her face whenever she got compliments!). She is a decent dancer, but Jenna at least was more versatile and I keep forgetting she is a ballroom dancer. Mackenzie deserved to be booted this week finally and should have been gone instead of saving her over the others that one week. That was insane!!

  5. googly eyes says:

    I’m also fed up by the favoritism granted to certain people. While Nico got an average hip-hop routine where he was barely noticeable (including costume-wise), Tucker got a guaranteed standing ovation routine from Travis Wall that was emotional and you knew would get tears from Mary. So geez, I wonder who they were going to save? Ugh.

  6. MLO says:

    I don’t think the expression on Katherine’s face at the end of her dance with Aaron communicated awe and admiration. I’m thinking it was more like “Let’s find an empty room, Now.” Or maybe that was just me. Those puppy dog eyes get a girl every time.

  7. Karen says:

    Nobody has mentioned that Makenzie had been in the bottom just one less time than Jenna so America hasn’t been voting for her either. I think the judges and choreographers like them both. The vote was close and both girls made the top ten and get to go on the tour.

  8. Babybop says:

    Is anyone else getting really distracted by the audience screaming constantly throughout the routines? It’s gotten to the point where I can’t even hear the music sometimes.

  9. Sara says:

    That was a beautiful gift from Travis to Robert to welcome him back to dancing. I truly feel like that dance was made just for Robert, and it was beautiful.

  10. Shaun Ed says:

    I bet if Tucker didn’t have that super charged emotional dance that had a personal connection to him, he would have been gone. How can Nico who danced a fun, comedic hip hop routine that had a forgettable theme, compete with Tucker’s dance. Of course most of the choreographers are going to choose the dance that made everyone cry. Because if they decided to kick Tucker out, they would seem like jerks. It was a lose-lose situation for Nico and it was totally unfair that he didn’t even get to do a solo.

    • bob says:

      tucker was also accepted to Julliard based off of his technique which only accepts I believe 10 male dancers! They obviously see more in him then they do nico. On top of which nico has been consistently in the bottom while tucker was only officially in the bottom 1 and this week due to his injury

  11. susan says:

    malece or makenzie should never have went jennia should have left.i tried vote for my favorites cant get through this shows rigged

  12. Will says:

    Didn’t anyone else notice Kathryn !?! She was absolutely exquisite. A combination of water and a feather as she moved. Weightless, fluid and gorgeous. She’s always been amazing, but her improvement and maturity are incredible.

  13. McCall Probert says:

    I’m still pissed bout Maleece going home. But, this week looking @ who is left I seriously don’t think Paul should be allowed 2b on the show since he won in another country & then this week if you look @ him & Whitney close he totally DROPS her on her stomach during the actual show & none of the judges said anything cuz they were busy complimenting Whitney who practically outshined him. I love Whitney but, seriously felt bad she was stuck with Paul. I’d like him to go HOME! I also can’t stand Jasmine…idk y but, I just can’t watch her, she bores me. I love Aaron, tucker, Jenna, amy. Although, malece was my favorite girl!

  14. KevyB says:

    I cannot agree with anything you said more, Michael! Well, EXCEPT that I thought Twitch and Hayley’s hip-hop routine was hip-hop lite and should be used for next year’s National Dance Day since everyone could do it. Anyhow… I’ve been griping about Fik-Shun and his lack of maturity since week one, when he looked like he was doing a sexy dance with his mom. He apparently thinks “sexy” means he just makes that smile even bigger and perverted-looking. What I found annoying is that Melanie was praised week after week for her skills and her PERFORMANCE, yet Fik-Shun usually gets praised for his personality. But that’s the usual sexism for this show; the least-talented male dancers ALWAYS get praised for “lighting up the stage!” and the females are “Beautiful!” As for the others, I totally thought Paul and Witney lacked chemistry and brought nothing to the performance but wiggling hips and those vacant ballroom smiles, which was pretty much how she spent her season on the show. Jenna got outdanced big-time by Neil, who is always awesome. Amy’s disco routine was fantastic, but both she and Brandon weren’t that great in it. I was actually shocked how bad many of their transitions were. Brandon should have done better! Makenzie actually kept up with Jakob for the most part, which needed to be brought into consideration as Jakob is probably the best male dancer in this show’s history. In fact, the saddest thing for me was realizing after watching him dance again that not a single one of the male dancers is anywhere in his league. I like Aaron and all, but Jakob has never had such problems with foot placement and transitions. And, saying that, I have to thank the judges and choreographers for saving Tucker this week and last because he was easily the best male dancer in the actual competition tonight. Aaron had the better routine, but Tucker was flawless.

    • bob says:

      I disagree I think tucker had the best routine and I think a lot of people agree with me considering he has way more views on youtube

  15. Ann VerWiebe says:

    What about a Comfort/Jasmine hip hop for next week?

  16. Josh says:

    I feel like the fortunes of the dancers are heavily influenced by choices of costume, lighting, and music.

    On the one hand, beyond the suitability of dance style, choreography, story, and partner, the costumes can make a dancer look absolutely stunning and crush-worthy, the lighting sometimes is incredible and sets the stage for magic, and the music can be particularly mood-inducing.

    On the other hand, in many shows somebody gets punked by the costume department – this time it was Hayley and Jasmine in asset-hiding garb (in past shows, ironically, it was often Hayley and Jasmine getting glammed up). Sometimes, the lighting doesn’t work, such as in this last show, when the combination of black clothing and overly dark lighting turned Paul into the nearly invisible man. Usually choice of music helps performers or at least gives them a chance, but sometimes it doesn’t work at all. Hayley did not do well with her hip-hop by any stretch, but even Twitch could not inspire under the weight of that dubstep remix.

    Hayley’s hip-hop got exposed, but if she’d worn an outfit as attractive as that in her “Kiss of Death” routine, she’d probably be safe yet again. As it is, I think Hayley and Paul might find themselves in the bottom for the first time in large part due to some unlucky production choices.

    On another note, it was tough for Fik-shun to pair with Melanie, perhaps the best dancer ever to win the competition. However, while Fik-shun gets justly tagged for lacking the vocabulary of technique shared by the other dancers, I don’t think he’s been given his due on balance. From the complements he’s received during elimination rounds, one might think he’s an unskilled dancer getting by on heart, character, and showmanship. However, I think his hip-hop and jazz demonstrate extraordinary musicality and athleticism, which go unmentioned. He makes high-difficulty moves look completely effortless even while staying in character. I can’t wait for his next solo. You can bet if Fik-shun ends up in the bottom they will not be skipping all the solos again.

  17. sbarwen says:

    We will agree on best for night. aaron & kathryn, love is very over done and can easily be meh but it was perfect. robert and tucker — also perfect. very inspiring. Jasmine and marko – so much fun – so cool & smoooth. Jasmine is a performer!

    Worst was haley and twitch – haley needed tough feed back. tough feed back was needed for the cha cha except they wouldn’t criticize an all star – witney didn’t seem focused and less sassy then usual, it was reflected in the mistakes that were made. Paul seemed like the all star tbh.

    Amy and Brandon were cute but meh – I liked brandon. awful song choice.

    I also don’t agree about Jenna not having enough emotion, that’s how I felt about Mackenzie – she doesn’t express the feel of the dance and that’s why she is gone. enjoyed her routine with Neil. routine with mackenzie was also ok but both were not memorable.

    Nico – wicked song choice and I liked how he adapted the character. if he had just gotten down more…

  18. sbarwen says:

    oops and fik-shun’s routine was great because of melanie. I like fik shun but he was not challenged enough. he has done really well but they need to up the amount of challenges he faces…great to see melanie again tho

  19. Kim says:

    I don’t understand why people are hating on Jenna. She is very talented in and out the show. They gives variety and has an infinit grace and class in EVERYTHING she does. You can give her any type of dance and she will execute it with excellence. The judges love her, choreographers adore her and her fans will continue to support her. I don’t see Mackenzie and some of the other dancers bring variety in their dance. They have the same style and that’s the only time they shine. Jenna adapts and picks up choreography perfectly every time. SYTYCD isn’t a popularity contest. It is not voting for who you LIKE or who you think is pretty or cute. Voting is based on technique and talent, which Jenna has. America just doesn’t know dance and will never appreciate it. Talk about throwing away a treasure here. #TeamJENNA #TeamTUCKER

  20. Kim says:

    Jenna was at the bottom not because of lack of talent, the people at the bottom were not voted for by America. Those who are at the top isn’t the judges or choreographers favorite dancer or best dancer, the votes are based on who America likes. Jenna is the most talented female dancer in this season but for some reason America like Mackenzie who is NOT near as talented as Jenna who is already a professional dancer. So to you who comment you don’t understand how Jenna lasted so long when she was at the bottom, your votes put her there, not her dancing. I sense alot of favoritism for other contestants and alot of jealousy for Jenna. Either way, she is a professional dancer and will be touring, so America’s votes don’t really matter. I would tho, very much like for SYTYCD to review this America voting thing. The dancers should only be voted by professionals who understand and appreciate dance, they know what they are looking for, clearly not America.