NCIS Exclusive: Meet Ziva's Successor

NCIS After ZivaNCIS has officially begun planning for life after Ziva.

TVLine has learned that the search for a full-time cast member to fill the void left by departing leading lady Cote de Pablo is currently underway at the CBS hit.

According to just-released casting intel, the new twentysomething female character — named Bishop — “is bright, educated, athletic, attractive, fresh-faced, focused and somewhat socially awkward. She has a mysterious mixture of analytic brilliance, fierce determination and idealism. She’s traveled extensively, but only feels comfortable at home.”

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The start date is listed as mid-October, which puts the newbie’s arrival around January or February.

Prior to that, the show will “rotate some fun people” through the agency’s doors. “The first two episodes are all about Ziva’s departure,” EP Gary Glasberg recently told TVLine. “And then in the third episode we introduce, for instance, a woman in her 50s who is a few days away from retirement and just needs to fill the desk time. She, in theory, knew Gibbs all the way back to the days of Mike Franks. So we’re going to bring in people like that and have some fun with different characters. And then, hopefully, when people are comfortable enough, one will walk in and be The One.”

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NCIS’ Season 11 bows on Tuesday, Sept. 24.

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  1. mse0329 says:

    Love her or hate her, Ziva illicts a passionate response from viewers period. My father, who would be in the age rage of the “older skewing viewers” that CBS banks on sticking around, doesn’t like change. In fact, he loves Ziva and said that unless the replacement can’t “whip Tony in a straight up fight” he wouldn’t be impressed. He plans on tuning in to Agents of SHIELD rather than NCIS because he believes that, regardless of the circumstances concerning Cote’s departure, that CBS has handled themselves poorly and he isn’t willing to take the time to get used to a new, young character on a ten year old show.

  2. Sandi says:

    How could you think that Ziva leaving this show would be ok??????? I have been a part of this show from the very start!!!! What female(I am one) would you put in her spot with the class, beauty and the carizma that this wonderful young lady had. Should you find the person I would not want to be the one to fill Ziva’s Shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was the reason I watched the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Rochelle Daniel says:

    And have you thought about jessica Simpkins can blondle but look at her empire.and a good southern accent nver hurts. An older female like bonds ms. M as floor supvisier. Think of ducky character.

  4. sun says:

    i would like anna torv to be on ncis.. but dont want her to be hated by ziva’s “undying fans” and it was said that the new character will be in her 20’s…

    • John says:

      Anna could be terrific! And I expect the powers that be are opportunistic enough that were someone to “click” heads and shoulders above twentysomething choices they’d go with the better fit and rethink the twentysomething portion.

      Chemistry could trump tentative plot lines is my thought.

    • JC says:

      Anna Torv would be fantastic. That’s more along the lines of what I was hoping for.

  5. David Jenkins says:

    Tony has been around to long. TRANSFER HIM TO SOME ISLAND IN THE MED>

  6. David Jenkins says:

    Ziva had it all. Good Looks and all and she has a hell of a resume. She was called on all the time she was on the show. The only one that can fight and use a gun. Tony acts like a girl.
    Thats why I started watching NCIS LA Better show and better acting. Anyone can use a computer.

  7. David Jenkins says:

    WHO CURSED?????

  8. Jared says:

    With Ziva leaving the need a good actress to fill her shoes, I would like to see one of the leading ladies from Jag the show NCIS was spin off from come in. After all the other former Jag stars that have appeared on this show, there are so many other great actors who could take the place of Ziva.

  9. Jesse Graybill says:

    They need to dump Tony who is both obnoxious and childish with no credibility as a serious agent and beg Ziva to stay because she carries a great part of the show ! Then too, she is positively gorgeous and gives male viewers someone to fall in love with each show!

  10. lily says:

    Since her age has already been thoroughly discussed, I’ll add this question to the conversation. What about her name?

    I personally don’t like it. Hopefully Bishop is her last name, though not that found of it as a last name either since surnames have a tendency to turn into the main characters name on this show, lol! (though not for the girls, so I could live with Bishop as a last name as long as I don’t have to hear it that much). For some reason that name is not working for me…

  11. Jean says:

    This new actress is twenty eight, blond and as far as the character is concerned sounds a bit like a cross between Kate and Ziva. Anyone remember the jogging? As for the tiva numbers it was five million. Three of which I expect them to keep and they will hope to make up the rest with this new girl and new viewers. Of cause Cote de Pablo said it was her decision to leave she wants to work again at least I hope so. Surely she is aware that there are charities out there that need her. Maybe she just wants travel but spring is the best time to visit Paris? She could not be doing this for CBS could she? Anyway NCIS will go on for about six years I guess because people may just want to see their children grow up.

  12. fan1 says:

    I am a TIVA fan. I love the chemistry between Tony and Ziva. However, I have never written to the show and asked them for more Tiva moments. To insinuate that TIVA fans have bullied the writers into writing more of the Tiva romance is ridiculous. Sorry, but we do not have that much power. If anyone is responsible for the Tiva moments it is Gary Glasberg and the writers who have been writing scenes for them since Ziva first appeared on the show in season 3. Please stop telling us that it is a figment of our imaginations or something we demanded. I don’t write for the show. I don’t create the situations that the characters find themselves in. I don’t write the flirty looks, the eye sex, the suggestive touches, the innuendos in their speech. I did not write the commercials that promoted “…and will bring two agents closer together”. I did not say that I was going to “pull the trajectory on Tiva”. I did not say that it was going to be “the year of the Tiva”. These are all things that have been said by people connected to the show. Not by Tiva fans. I liked Tony and Ziva before I even knew what “Tiva” was. I did not write lines that said “Couldn’t live without you I guess” or “You, I did it for you.” or “I cannot be this without her. She is an incredible woman” or “This is nice. I miss the old Ziva. Don’t flatter yourself, that’s just my knee” or “I’m looking down your top right now” or “You can slouch provocatively all you want” or “Then I will have to catch her before she leaves and you know, thank her” or “You didn’t seem to mind when we were undercover. Maybe that had something to do with the fact that you were naked. Perhaps if it were warmer in here, hmm?” or “I have the same problem Tony, I am what you Americans call a screamer” or “What would you like me to do? Hold your nozzle?” or “When I have a man the favors I offer have little to do with clothes” or “Junior, when are you going to come to your senses and sweep this gorgeous creature off her feet” or “Did something happen in Berlin that you’re not telling me about?” or the hundreds of times they have each asked the other ‘”Are you jealous?” Tiva fans did not write the longing looks that Ziva gave Tony when he was with Jeanne. Or the looks Tony gave Ziva when she was with Michael Locke in “Recoil” or the looks they shared in “Housekeeping” and “A Desperate Man”. Tiva fans didn’t place pictures of Ziva in a bikini on Tony’s wall or a picture of Tony on Ziva’s computer. Tiva fans did not write a jealous Tony who confronted Stan or was worried about Shmiel and the possibility of Ziva having a date for the opera. If Tiva fans had this much power, Tony and Ziva would have been a couple a long time ago. This is something created by TPTB because it draws viewers in. Michael Weatherly himself stated that when they were filming the dance scene in the episode “Berlin” that several crew members and writers were throwing their hands in the air because they were finally getting their Tiva moment. This was a moment that Michael and Cote asked to be shorter than some writers and GG wanted it to be because they wanted to tread lightly. So it seems like GG and some of the writers are the biggest TIva fans. To imply that we, the fans, caused all the Tiva romance in episodes is just plain silly. To those who say we are taking things too seriously, I say to you; I am fully aware that this is a television show. I know that Ziva is a fictional character. I am very fulfilled and happy in my personal life. I do not live vicariously through Tony and Ziva. However, the reason television shows are successful is because people get attached to the characters. If we didn’t have passion for the story lines and the characters what would be the reason for tuning in? I became attached to NCIS because after I moved away from all of my friends that I had been with for 13 years, the show was a constant in my life that didn’t change no matter where I was living. For whatever reason, people become emotionally connected to actors and characters. It does not mean that we are out of touch with reality. I wonder how well those of you, who are huge lovers and advocates of Tony, would be faring right now if Michael Weatherly had all of a sudden decided to leave the show with little or no warning? I am sure that several of you would have started your own campaign in order to keep him on the show and would have whined on these pages about the loss of your beloved Tony. Just because it is a character that you don’t like does not mean that Ziva fans are overreacting or being dramatic. And if we are over the top and too emotional what are those of you who are commenting on how much you hate a fictional character? Doesn’t the ball bounce both ways? I could just as easily say that you are all too involved to be rejoicing in the fact that someone who is not real is leaving a television show. I could say that your hatred for her is just as stupid as our love for her is. I am going to continue to watch the show. I will be sad when I do not see Cote de Pablo’s face or name in the credits but I am not going to off myself or write angry letters to the producers and owners of the show. Change is inevitable but it doesn’t mean that we do not have a right to grieve the loss of a character we loved and admired. Put yourself in our shoes and think about how you would feel about your favorite character leaving the show before you throw insulting comments our way. Thanks.

  13. Dana L. Mark says:

    This is such sad news to lose Ziva, pls let her and Tony have one night of passion before she leave the show. I love this show it will never be the same. I’m not ready to break this team up. They need each other right now. But if she must move on the pls make her last few episodes mind blowing, loving NCIS fan.

  14. bladewalker says:

    If they choose to have a “character of color” it would be nice if they were Eastern Band Cherokee Indian. Someone who knows the “old ways” but is modern in her thinking (i.e. that women can be warriors and the way it used to be with respect for the land, the 7th generation rule, etc.) Then they could get into the character trying to find her way in NCIS and trying to find a comfortable middle of the old ways and the modern world. It would be so neat to see her do a sweat lodge. There are so many directions that character could go and I bet Gibbs would have a great time with that! I know this probably wouldn’t happen, but it would be nice if it did. Very seldom are we ever used as “characters of color.” Thanks for letting me post again.

    • bladewalker says:

      I meant to say “Gibbs, Ducky and Abby would have a great time with that!”
      Sorry about leaving that out. I think would be interesting to see the relationships develop between the characters of Ducky and Abby and this character and to see how Gibbs reacts to her. It would be a great idea if she had served in the Corps (or the Army) and was a decorated soldier, maybe even a sniper like Gibbs.

      • JC says:

        I think that’d be a great idea too.

      • dwight says:

        I don’t know about the sniper bit. To much on who is the best. And with LeRoy being thirty years older. Let’s just say the eyes are even worse then when he left the Corp

        • JC says:

          I don’t know why it would have to become a “who’s the best” thing. Gibbs IS getting older. As long as the writers don’t make it into a competition it doesn’t have to be. Hawaii Five-0 has Kono as the team sniper, and it doesn’t mean McGarrett is any the less badass for it.

    • Gail A. LaGrega says:

      I agree. Let’s have a Native American.

  15. Theuresa Maven says:

    Finally. Having watched NCIS from the first episode, I always found Cote de Pablo’s character a bit annoying. Nothing personal, just was unimpressed with her acting skills. Next maybe Anthony DeNozzo will finally grow up — Michael Weatherly is 45 years old, and his character is still written like an aging frat boy.

  16. Michael says:

    All good things…

  17. If they must have a young, fresh face, I vote for Mary Lynn Rajskub, the brainy Chloe O’Brian on “24”.

    Of course this would overlap with the planned last season of “24” planned for 2014.

  18. Saoirse says:

    I’m unimpressed with this show. It’s lost its panache. Another one bites the dust with CBS. I hope they don’t screw up NCIS: Los Angeles. I really like Kensi and Deek’s relationship. Don’t follow in the foot steps of NCIS.

  19. Dwight says:

    I am not sure, but I believe “Bishop” was the actress from the NCIS LA spin off. She (Gillian Alexy ?) was the leader of the “Red Team”. No doubt she is a good actress, but I think she is a last minute addition because of Ziva departure. It will take some time for me to get use to her.
    I’m going to miss Ziva. There is something about her. I have been reading that when Ziva leaves it going to be a real teary eyed episode.

    • JC says:

      No, the leader of the Red Team was Paris Summerskill, played by Kim Raver. Gillian Alexy played Claire Keats, one of the other agents.

      • dwight says:

        Your right.
        Guess I’m getting to old to follow these stories. Im thinking it could be Kim Raver or Gillian Alexy. They could be an easy fit for the slot. Personally, I’m partial to Gillian Alexy. She’s already get background to fit the part.

  20. Freeman Baker says:

    It’s always about money, these actors and actresses always think they are worth more than they are, all of this money they are getting (in the millions of dollars) and they think they work so hard (big laugh) I stopped being a fan of these so called networks ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX because they are all the same, you’ve heard the expression George Washington as a boy could not tell a lie, well these networks are just the opposite, they cannot tell the truth on their news networks and as far as the movie series, one day they are her the next day they are not, so I have stopped watching the networks, and although I liked NCIS I only watch channel 242 USA and watch the re-runs. One other thing, when an actor or actress leaves a series like NCIS, you very seldom see them in any other movie or series so Cote de Pablo acting career is somewhat over but I am sure if she does it wisely she can live off her money for some time before she goes broke.



  22. Gracie says:

    Thanks to “fan1” for a great defense of TIVA fans and some terrific memories. How about Ziva’s flashback of dancing with her father as a child when he says to her “Someday you will dance with a man who deserves your love” …while she and Tony are dancing? Why do all of Tony’s relationships have to end badly? He has been the mature one lately while Ziva’s has been a bit of a loose cannon. Tony does seem older and wiser. And now this? These characters have to have some bit of believability. I, too, want more of the happy, wise-cracking Tony, but he shouldn’t become a caricature. I’ve tried to “write” my own ending, and it’s tough, but I agree that they could have an off-screen happy relationship-let the writers figure out the details- or bring Jeanne back. Tony’s character has given off signs that he’s ready to settle down. He’s getting too old for the dating game, and we already have Gibbs as the confirmed bachelor. Let’s get creative here, folks!

  23. Clare mueller. says:

    First of all I would just like to point out that every one on this posting line and is being insensitive or rude. Honestly u r just being a big bully so shut up already

  24. Clare mueller. says:

    Secondly , I’m only 13 so I haven’t seen every single episode of ncis known to man but I have seen a lot of them and I honestly love the show with ziva. I know that there r a lot, a lot of ziva haters but y do u watch the show if u hate her so much. She is a main character u know. She is a ( fictional ) person who has been delt more than her fair share of horrific cards, just like the rest of them.
    Ziva haters just think she adds something good to the show and when she leaves it will be missing something. Cote/ziva u will be missed and I hope ur reading this

  25. Mickey says:

    I am really sad to see Ziva/Cote go. As much as I love these characters though, I feel like the character interaction is too predictable. Gibbs has gotten so dull and grumpy. All he does is snap at the rest of the team. Not looking forward to the female Gibbs, who will also be growing at DiNozzo and McGee in every episode. It just isn’t funny anymore.

  26. Wanda says:

    Ziva, I am going to miss you something terrible. You and Tony made a good couple. I really wanted to see you two become one, but enjoy your life. Hope to see you on another show.

    Take care – you will be missed.

  27. I have already made a comment, however neglected to mention that I have been trying desperately to email to the shows producers about the show. NCIS is terrific, it has comedy, they all get along with each other and I like how Gibbs acts. This is the first time I have seen him in a series, very good actor. Tony and McGee are good and Abby is terrific. I will miss Ziva and her talents. Hope she will come back, she is worth every penny she is paid.
    Keep Gibbs single as he still loves his first love, his wife. Thank you.

  28. Eva D says:

    The sketchy details about the new character read like a very rough draft, no? Like Moonves is still in shock himself, lol, with no real idea about what kind of character will join the team. I am sure it isn’t the norm in Hollywood for actors to turn down oodles of more money, esp in a country that too often seems to judge someone’s worth mainly (firstly) by their bank account. Bless Cote for putting family first, though Ziva will be dreadfully missed. I will need a new show to watch on Tuesdays now. There are certain characters who, when they leave, I just can’t watch anymore because their absence just diminishes the show. I stopped watching X-Files when Duchovny left, American Idol when Cowell left, Criminal Minds when Brewster left. Luckily, more and more interesting British/Masterpiece weekly shows have been airing, so there’ll be shows to fill the void where NCIS, Criminal Minds, American Idol used to be. And plenty of time to get caught up on all my Netflix shows/movies I’d never gotten around to!

  29. Lynda Nelson says:

    The idea of the female replacement for Ziva being twenty something is just plain WRONG. She needs to be a bit older like 30 to realistically fit in with the rest of the crew. Abby after all is in her forties.

  30. I tend to hate character changes in shows in general…I usually detest it when characters I’ve come to know and love leave, and sometimes it takes me some time to get used to or even like the new one….and that might never happen if they try to make the replacement a carbon copy.
    That being said….I think maybe this is what NCIS needs as it’s reboot. I’ve loved the show since I began watching it, and I love Ziva and will be sad to see her go, but the show has begun to feel stagnant over the last couple of seasons…almost like they are in a slump. And to be perfectly honest, even though I do love Ziva…being the newest member of the ‘team’ (even an 8 yr stint, she’s still the most recent new addition), I feel like she’s the easiest to lose if one is going to go. I just can’t see the show working without either Gibbs or Tony (especially Gibbs), and McGee is my favorite one so I’d hate to see him go, and Abby just adds a boost to them all. Maybe this change and the new character will be a freshening up of the show.

    One can hope, anyway.

  31. Debbie Stout says:

    Zeva is one of the best actresses on any station. CBS should give her what she wants and dfeserves! I don’t dnow if I’ll keep watching it any longer after she leaves. It’s in your hands CBS!!!!!!!!

  32. barbara says:

    Survived when kate was killed off so i think ziva leaving won’t upset the show gibbs, magee and the rest are the mainstays. But i have to say ncis ncisla person of interest getting a tad bit dull. Mentalist with redjohn been going on for too long just saying

  33. I simply could not leave your web site prior to suggesting that I extremely enjoyed the standard info a person supply for your guests?
    Is going to be again ceaselessly in order to inspect new posts

  34. Lynda Nelson says:

    Whoever they replace ziva with should be of some age. After all everyone on that show is old starting wth ducky being 80 and at one point his Mother did a few episodes played by Lillian Gish. The new addition should be at LEAST 35 to 40. For me that is the whole charm of the show. Older functioning adults where the synapses are still firing correctly!

    • Theuresa Maven says:

      Ducky’s mother was played by Nina Foch, who by the way was only nine years older than Mr. McCallum. Miss Foch is best known for her appearance in the film Executive Suite, where she received an Academy Award nomination for just five lines of dialog. She was that good an actor.

  35. Wendy Hicks says:

    If they had to replace ziva, why did they not find a believable replacement? The new blond seems better suited for Charlie’s angels. She is too smart,too cocky, too everything to be real.

    • Lynda Nelson says:

      agreed. She doesn’t fit in. I say write her out (Nicely) and continue to have guest stars like Dianne Neal, Jamie Lee Curtis, Robert Wagner and the like, while they find a more suitable *replacement*

  36. Mountain Jack says:

    Gotta face the facts …. Mark Harmon has reverted back to 1987 when he played weak-willed high-school gym teacher ” Freddy Shoop ” …. After this NCIS season, he will NEVER, EVER be Gibbs again …. The show writers have allowed the Wickersham/Bishop character to thoroughly emasculate not only all the male characters on the show, but has specifically done the best job on the Gibbs character ….. turning the once fierce Gibbs into a weak, feminine-acting Sister Cupcake .

    • Theuresa Maven says:

      Oh, get a grip. NCIS is not real, it is only an aging television show, and Gibbs does not really exist. Frankly, CBS seems to be having writers’ block problems, killing off many of the shows major characters this season. Most of CBS’s shows have seven episodes left, let’s see how they shake out.

  37. Gail A. LaGrega says:

    I do not like the new character (Bishop). Not a very good actress, constantly putting her lips tightly together. I miss Ziva, but I am sure there were other actresses that could have been chosen instead of Amy. Love all the other characters, and still love the show, but I have lost a little interest in it because of Ziva’s replacement. I hope this changes and another actress will be replacing “Bishop”

  38. Barry Wulkan says:

    Simply. get rid of Bishop. She is a terrible actress and totally not believable. I won’t watch NCIS next season if she’s in the cast. She is very annoying and abrasive.