Grey's Anatomy Shocker: Sandra Oh Leaving After 10 Years -- 'I Am Ready to Let Cristina Go'

Sandra Oh Leaving Grey's AnatomyThe doctor is out.

Sandra Oh has decided to leave Grey’s Anatomy when her contract expires at the end of the ABC hit’s upcoming 10th season, TVLine has confirmed.

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In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, which first broke the news, Oh said, “Creatively, I really feel like I gave it my all, and I feel ready to let her go. It’s such an interesting thing to play a character for so long and to actually get the sense that she wants to be let go as well. [Cristina] wants to be let go, and I am ready to let her go. We have to start the process, story-wise, for the Grey’s writers to think of why she’s going to go.”

Series creator Shonda Rhimes, meanwhile, promises Cristina will get “the exit she deserves.”

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Oh is one of six Grey’s actors facing expiring contracts in May. Fellow “originals” Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey, Justin Chambers, James Pickens Jr. and Chandra Wilson will also be deciding their GA fates in the coming weeks and months (Pickens’ may be decided for him in the season premiere, when we learned if Richard survived the finale).

“I spoke to [ABC Studios] and asked really clearly that I know sooner rather than later,” Rhimes told TVLine last month. “Last time they kept me guessing up until almost the last minute, which was really stressful. This time I asked to know much sooner, so that we could plan for it.”

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  1. Sanjhana says:

    I love Christina/ Sandra Oh but I think that they have exhausted her stroryline and her character. Despite, the fact that her impending departure will be devastating for Meredith, I think that it will open up for more bonding and scenes between Alex and her (granted that the actors sign on for another season) which I feel have been minimal in the last few seasons. I found their bonding scenes amusing and enjoyable especially when Meredith was Alex’s Izzie and Alex Meredith’s Christina. I think her departure will affect Alex too as the three of them were the last remain old timers from the gang. Additionally, it also opens up a new storyline as to how it (Christina’s departure) will impacts Derek and Meredith’s relationship (hopefully it will in a positive way and it will bring the two closer!). So I think that despite it being really sad to see Christina/ Sandra Oh leave the show, I don’t think it is is going to really break the show. The writers are smart and will find new and hopefully interesting ways to fill the largerhole that Sandra Oh’s exit will leave in the storyline. There are a lots of intersting possiblity as to which direction the storyline will take. This again all depends on wether the remaining actor extend their contracts or not. So only time will tell.

  2. Cindy says:

    I am sad to see Cristina leave. The Owen and Cristina dilemma could have fixed itself if the writers would have bent Oh’s character. I think Cristina would have made a fabulous mom.

    • A says:

      Cue the “why should she have to bend her character but not him?” arguments.

      • Ninna says:

        REALLY?!!! Why not him? Since we see woman do that the all time?

        • Ninna says:

          Sorry, this answer was to Cindy. So much needed a correction button.

        • A says:

          This is why they can’t continue and shouldn’t be together anymore. They can still have always loved each other once, but it isn’t fair for one of them to give up something that they deeply desire while the other doesn’t. It’s sure to bring up resentment on whatever side gives in. Every time Owen sees a kid or a family, it may be a reminder of the family that he always wanted but didn’t have and while Cristina has admitted that if she ever had a child, she would obviously love it, she may resent having the child and the effect it would have on her life.

  3. rty123 says:

    Shonda, I beg you. End Grey’s this year. There is no Grey’s without Cristina. No Cristina/Owen for sure and no Cristina/Meredith mainly so there’s practically no reason to watch. End it this season so nobody has to die and the show will have maintained a certain standard.

  4. Celesta says:

    I think she has a point about Cristina wanting to let go as well. I think she’s been through so much, the only reason she came back was because of Meredith. Maybe that’s not enough anymore.

  5. lor says:

    Shonda always said when the time came, she would give her characters a happy ending, so lets hope she stays true to that. I’m so sad, Cristina is one of my most favourite characters. I don’t care for her and Owen, and if the show carry’s on how will Meredith be without her person? Their friendship has always been one of the core elements from the very beginning. Cristina has also had a lot of funny moments in the show. (having her eyebrows saved off, drinking while playing baseball, to name a couple.)

  6. Jennifer Humphrey says:

    O no I love her on the show it will not be the same. Plz get her to stay an dont let the show stop or let anyone one else stop

  7. Sue says:

    Christina was best when she was with Burke, her stories since then have not been nearly as good,,,,

  8. K says:

    Good for Sandra. Cristina will finally be free of Owen Grow Up And Give Me A Baby Hunt. She is so much better off without him.

  9. Anoninga says:

    Am I the only person that has read that Greys is in no way ending after season 10? Multiple sources have reported this. And yes, Shonda said she is planning a number of series outs but I don’t think the context there was related to castmembers…sometimes in television lingo a series is another term for season. So maybe Shonda was saying that she’s planning a number of seasons going forward. In terms of Christina leaving, though sad, if you really look at the whole big picture of Greys her exit advances the storylines of all the remaining cast and many more to come.

  10. Sophie says:

    I wish she had won an Emmy for the seventh or the eighth season or even the last one. Oh did incredible work. Since she’s the 1st announced to leave, maybe the other originals will follow and then it will seriously question the existence of the show ;) I certainly wouldn’t let it continue with only the new interns for an eleventh season

  11. gasagasagirl says:

    Good for her! Just rewatched SIDEWAYS recently and was reminded how versatile of an actress Oh is. Excited to see what she does next.

  12. Bob says:

    A shocker? Hardly. I’m surprised she’s lasted this long. Or any of them. Ten seasons would be a good time to just end it.

  13. I’m kind if surprised to hear that Sandra is leaving — I kind of got into this mindset that the show would just go on forever with the originals — but obviously that is not a reality. The show has been so strong the last 3 years. It rebounded so well from the Izzie Going Bonkers storyline with the hospital shooting and its aftermath, then with the plane crash and its aftermath. I found myself frequently bawling while watching these characters be challenged so emotionally through death and adversity. Rhimes has done a bang-up job keeping things running so well, bringing in new characters and starting exciting new stories. Whereas “E.R.” lost so many of its originals after a few years, it’s to Rhimes’s credit that she created such indelibly likable characters that the fans and actors loved them enough to stay. Oh has every right to exit after sticking around for so long, and it will be interesting to see how they write her out. Hopefully she can at least return for holidays and the finale. I hope she stays loyal to the show where Katherine Heigel did not.

  14. crowen says:

    cristina is my favorite character I’m sad she’s leaving no wonder how sad cristina and owen fans are now I have seen Kevin Mckidd aka Owen tweets and he’s sad hopefully the endpoint of Yang’s character would be a memorable and not a tragic one but what will happen be owen’s character then

  15. Jen Wan says:

    No way!!! Who will torment the interns when she goes?! It can’t be!

  16. Tinemi says:

    I was watching the 9th season this weekend (I had the flu) and I was impressed by the fact that a female character like Cristina Yang exists in television: she’s a woman that loves her job and that is convinced about her not having children. I hope they keep on going with that and don’t change her in the end. I hope she earns a tenure in some fancy hospital far away from Grey-Sloan Memorial fulfilling her destiny as the best surgeon ever.

  17. Clement Arbruster Bodog Castlenut, Jr. says:

    She can ferment my kim-chi any day of the week.

  18. Lorraine says:

    They need to bring back the original cast…… but guess what they killed George… nothing is the same!!! :( I Don’t like it anymore!

  19. Milla says:

    YES YES YES i never liked her:-D

  20. cb says:

    After 10 seasons and many actors questioning their return, I wouldn’t call this a “shocker” – I think it’s time for this show to call it quits.

  21. jacs says:

    I really really hope they DON”T KILL OFF CHRISTINA, if they did that I would have to think twice about watching any more seasons of Greys…..just saying…

  22. Calishamanka says:

    Oh finally. Can I just say I have never liked her, don’t get the fascination with her, and I’m truly delighted she is exiting the show at last. Not that I’ve cared much for the newbies that came on… seems to me the show is a pale version of its original wit and cleverness. Time to pack it, methinks!

  23. KMKsSnaggleTeeth says:

    This thread is the best. I feed off of crowen tears.

  24. Nancy says:

    The show survived losing Izzie, George, and Burke. It survived losing Addison. So I think i will survive losing Christinal Yes she has her fans. I like her character too but not enough to quit. There are enough other characters on there to keep people going. ER did it without most of their original cast and so did Law and Order. Who’s to say Grey’s can’t do it too?

  25. tamy says:

    The first seasons was the best and all of them too, there was a good balance between comedy & drama! MAGIC (the original interns) and Bailey was the soul of the show. We lost the half + lexie & Mark so enough for me!

    I totally understand Sandra because her storyline was the same over and over again. I’m 100% out now

  26. DottyDuke says:

    The show was good during it’s first 4 or so seasons. After that it kinda lost what it was about. It stopped focousing mostly on Meredith and what she feels and goes through. Plus it’s not the same without the original cast. They should end it with a proper finale soon.

  27. Gail Martin says:

    I wish they could bring Kate Walsh back…she was just getting good when they took her to Private Practice…also I wish Izzy could come back…

  28. Oscar says:

    they should not cancel this show it has been my most favorite show of all i started watching Grey’s Anatomy when i was in my 8th grade of middle school up to now the craziest thing is that while other guys my age where playing video games or doing other things i was watching the show and my friends used to get mad at me for not going out and play ball but i really didn’t care i could only think about was watching the show this has been a truly inspiration because of this show all i could think about was to become a doctor right now i am a nurse but i’m also going to college to become a doctor and i know i still have a long way to go but i’m sure i will become a Doctor. Its really sad to know that Cristina Yang is living and wont be coming out for the other seasons and well that is if their will be more which i hope they continue to make. I consider Meredith and Yang my roll models and a big inspiration to me i hope she reconsiders on staying it will be amazing if she does and if she doesn’t well i want to thank her and Meredith for being a roll model and a big inspiration in my life. I also wanted to thank Shonda Rhimes the creator, head writer, and executive producer of Grey’s Anatomy for writing this amazing series you rock and your the best.

  29. denise says:

    As much as I lo e them. They are starting to be boring they did what they nreded . Font cancel take the newer characters and create something bigger. I love Jackson April Jo and the rest. Meredith is my favorite character but if they wanna quit they will

  30. Khaching says:

    I wish her well. She is a reason to watch the show for me so I don’t know that I will continue when she leaves. She does an awesome Dr Yang … Nothing will replace her for me …

  31. Sienna says:

    Christina is my favourite character.. I love the Meredith and Christina together… they are my favourite pair… Most of the romantic storylines are blah

  32. Eu gosto muito da Cristina e gostava muito do par que ela fazia com o Owen, aliás sofri junto com eles em cada episódio em que ficavam separados… Porém parece que agora as coisas entre eles esfriaram e já que Sandra vai deixar o programa estou torcendo para que Cristina tenha um reencontro com Preston Burke já que não houve uma despedida entre os dois e que ela tenha sofrido tanto com a partida dele… Bom, acredito também que isso seria uma deixa para que pudéssemos aceitar a nova Dra. candidata para Owen!!!

  33. Deb says:

    I am sad to see Christina go but I really love to watch Grey’s haven’t missed a single episode! However, I didn’t know how I would feel about the show when they wrote George, Izzie, Lexie, and Dr. McDreamy off and yet the story lines still managed to keep me watching. I do think that if some of the other main characters depart like Meredith, Dr. Mcdreamy, Alex, Bailey, or Chief Webber go then I think they could do a different type spin off of Grey’s. I do like the idea of Kepnef and Jackson together, plus love the fact that Alex is finding a live that is grounding him. As for Callie and Arizona I love their relationship and think that even though things have happened between them I think it just surrounds the horrific things they have been through, but lets not forget that thry went through thrm together. The thing I find in shows now a days is that they tend to lack the relationship that are bound by love and dedication even through rough times and that is what I think that Callie and Arizona’s. does. It shows don’t give up with things get rough! So please Shonda keep their story line together. Then I was thinking about it I really think that cheif needs a love that meshs in the story line, and well giving Bailey and he are so much a like and all seem to have a connection maybe that could be something that evolves. As far as the enterns I am not fond of the two who had affairs with their bosses, the one with Arizona and the one with Christina I really don’t see a future in their story line. However, I leave the show in Shonda’s hands and know that she has kept us intrigued in Grey’s for 10 seasons and she has the capability to do the show justice either through a finale or continued seasons! Thank you Sandra Oh for do a spectacular job with the Christina character and making us fall in love with her!

  34. Paula says:

    I think they should continue and have them pop up in the show every oncne in a while I love this show

  35. anonymous says:

    This show wouldnt b d same without Cristina,i mean 2 get a character like her again would b so difficult.i was ok wen izzie,george,sloan,lexie n even burke left,but Cristina?she’s d only reason am evn watching the show.will b so painful 2 av Sandra leave the show

  36. Joy says:

    Seriously, love the show but end it already! End on a good note! Don’t wait for it to be even more ridiculous than it has become…

  37. melinda says:

    You are all stupid. There is.going to be 2 more season’s after the 10th, the other people signed there 2 year contract again.

    • abz says:

      While there is a good chance of renewal, there has been no “official announcement” by the network of the show being renewed nor for how many seasons it will be renewed so do your self a favour and read before you call other people stupid.

  38. melinda says:

    I love the show its my favorite, glad there doing 2 more seasons

  39. marie says:

    They need to just end Grey’s Anatomy altogether if anymore of the main characters leave it won’t be the same and it won’t be good without the character of yang. The show is boring with the new people that have come on really lame characters and the gay thing is tiring and it offends me watching those two kissing why shove it down out throats their sexual crap, we know there are these relationships in the world but don’t all agree with it. I think I will just quit watching it just needed an excuse and yang character going away is my good excuse to stop. Alot are complaining about the characters and feel as I do it’s time to shut the show down when all that is left is trashy things. Goodnight Grey’s putting you in the history file it’s going down hill.

  40. Janet Wagner says:

    Too bad it should be Hunt leaving instead of her. I can’t stand him