Performer of the Week: True Blood's Anna Camp

Anna Camp True Blood FightA weekly feature in which we spotlight shining stars


THE SHOW | True Blood

THE AIRDATE | August 4, 2013

THE PERFORMANCE | After Sarah Newlin’s fight to the death with Tru Blood spokesbitch Ms. Suzuki, was there any doubt who would win the latest battle for Performer of the Week? Camp didn’t just careen from emotion (panic) to emotion (fury) to emotion (relief), she did it in the span of a single, hilariously horrifying scene!

First, the bible-thumping politico tried to keep her adversary out of the hep V lab by appealing to her sense of girl power… and got a knee to the lady balls for her efforts! After that, the line between sanity and madness blurred. “Are you adulterating my product?!” Ms. Suzuki wanted to know. “I could tell you,” Sarah replied, chirping like a cartoon character, “but then I’d have to kill you!”

As it was, Sarah would still have to kill Ms. Suzuki, lest she alert the FDA to her plan for the eradication of superhumankind. But, to her surprise — and our amusement — it isn’t as easy as it looks on TV to snap somebody’s neck! So a zany chase through the catacombs ensued, with both women teetering on impractical heels, their desperation growing with each step.

When, at last, Ms. Suzuki fell, making it possible for Sarah to bash her face into a grate (and conveniently allow the fangers below to lap at the dripping blood), we knew that the trip Steve’s ex was taking over the cuckoo’s nest was going to be of the one-way variety. By the time she finally finished the job — stabbing Ms. Suzuki in the back of the head with her own stiletto — and sobbed, “Thank you, Jesus,” all we could think was, “Thank you, Anna.” Thank you and wow.

HONORABLE MENTION | The Fosters‘ Teri Polo 

Polo may be best known for her work in the Meet the Parents franchise, but it was a different kind of parental confrontation on The Fosters’ summer finale that revealed the actress’ incredible depth of emotion. Filled with anxiety over her upcoming wedding to her partner Lena, Polo’s Stef was visibly confused and ashamed of her secret feelings — until she realized the disapproving voice in her head belonged to her dad, not her. As Stef told her father not to come to the nuptials unless he could support her, Polo was so full of heartache and resolve that we couldn’t fathom how anyone could not be proud of a daughter like her.

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  1. S. from A. says:

    She is the only reason why I am still watching and she was absolutely epic this week. ^^

  2. Kevin H. says:

    Once I saw that scene on last week’s TB, I knew Anna Camp would get POTW. I love my little psycho bitch Sarah so much. I really hope they keep her around. Also, Teri Polo was awesome on The Fosters this week.

  3. dude says:

    Anna Camp has been the MVP of this season so this nomination was a long time coming but I have to say, Teri Polo broke my heart this week. I kind of feel like she deserved it more THIS week but they both deserve all the awards.

  4. danielle h says:

    So epic. She plays that character to a tee who is so delusional and deranged. The question is will she die this season?

  5. Frankieboy says:

    Hell to the yeah! Anna Camp is really delivering this season of True Blood. In my opinion she is the most fun character to watch on the show. And that chasing/fighting/thank you jezus scene had me laughing so damn hard. I almost rolled of the couch. Hope they keep her around.

  6. J. K. says:

    Most awesome unexpected villain ever- You rule Sarah Newlin!

  7. kat says:

    I know you guys have always had a thing for Anna Camp no matter what she does on what show, but I don’t see it. Didn’t see it on The Good Wife either. This character has no depth whatsoever. Like blind, bigoted ambition is new and all edgy? Nope. But I loved Teri Polo and think she was much more out of her usual depth in that scene.

    • armando.a says:

      I kind of agree with you, she has been awesome in some episodes, but also way too cartoonish for my liking. The “religious” dialogue on this show it’s so horrible, I find it way to hard to believe the characters are really saying that stuff.

      I honestly really liked from Episodes 1 to 4, from 5 ’till now it has not been the True Blood I’ve always liked.

  8. Mel says:

    Have loved Anna Camp for a while now, but this episode cemented her place in history in one of the most comedic death scenes ever. My hope is someone, ANYONE, turns her into a vampire so we can have a few more seasons of hilarity/insanity. She’s got such great timing. Love her! <3

  9. katrina says:

    Im hoping she gets turned also! I think it would be hilarious! crossing my fingers for tomorrow. Thinking Jason might do her in though! Love True Blood! Best show during the summer!! :)

  10. Din says:

    Alexander Skarsgard has had the best season on the show but Anna Camp gets it for putting a stiletto in someone’s head?

  11. Janie says:

    I LOVE Anna- truly I do. She has been great to watch on TB this season. But I don’t think she really deserves this. That scene was pretty ridiculous and her character, while fun to watch, is so bad. I honestly think she needs to die at this point. Turning her could be fun for awhile but it wouldn’t last and it wouldnt make sense. She would probably just off herself. I don’t know, I just think if you were gonna pick anyone from TB it should be Alexander Skarsgard.

    • Shaun says:

      It was for this week……Eric didn’t do much this week.

      • Janie says:

        No worries, we each have our own opinion. I was happy TB was mentioned, just think it should have been Eric (in previous episodes at least). And I think Teri Polo was better this week.

  12. Terri polo, you rock!!!!!

  13. Jess says:

    So happy for the Terri Polo shoutout. The Fosters has been the best surprise of the summer.

  14. Dave says:

    I think Anna Camp overacts to the point where it’s not even amusing. Get rid of her, please!

  15. Truefan says:

    Anna Camp is campy, but fun. The fight was fun until the end. Then it was so bloody and horrifying, I couldn’t watch it. I am not so jaded and desensitized that anything goes.
    The best actors on this show who show a range of complex emotions are Alexander Skarsgard and the ones who play Jessica and Andy Bellfleur.

  16. Patrick Maloney says:

    I thought the chase was kind of dumb. Sam Trammell blowing up on Anna Paquin was so good, making him the performer of the week for me.

  17. redjane12 says:

    Definitely in the camp world of TB, Anna Camp was amazing…
    As much as TB is often a mess of a show when it comes to the writing and story lines, it has upgraded sometimes created from scratch some great characters namely Lafayette, Godric, Russell Edgington, Jessica and the Newlins. The Newlins were great when we first met them at the Fellowship (season 2?). Then Steve was turned and came out in Season 5, one of the few interesting things happening in that dire season, and in Season 6 Mrs. Newlin has been a great baddie, sometimes a little farcical (as much as I am a liberal, making fun of religious zealots is a bit cliche and gets boring fast) but her convincing acting has made her a compelling character… I do not think Sarah Newlin will make it to Season 7 but she has been one of the highlights of a mixed Season 6. Sure better than Season 5 but that was not hard…

  18. I am loving every second of TRUE BLOOD this year and that scene with Sarah and Ms. Suzuki was hilarious and a little disturbing. I think Sarah Newlin is gonna meet a bad end along with a few others before the season is over.

  19. Ralph Hartman says:

    Are you kidding me? Anna Camp of all people? True Blood has been awful this season. Where’s the love for the cast of Holliston? They’ve all been great this season with Adam Green and Corri English especially great this week in the season finale but I doubt anybody watches it but me. If you have FEARnet on demand please check it out it’s a really funny and great comedy with horror movie style sight gags.

  20. Jared says:

    The Fosters didn’t do much from me in the beginning of the season but Teri Polo has definitely kept me watching. Maia Mitchell is also a standout on the show and has played her character to perfection.

  21. jakwoods says:

    Gotta admit I laughed when she kneed sarah in the “lady balls” hilarious!