Drop Dead Diva Boss Previews the Summer Finale's 'Gamechanger' of a Smooch

Drop Dead Diva Season 5 SpoilersHow does Drop Dead Diva‘s Jane really feel about the men in her life?

This Sunday, a kiss will tell.

The Lifetime series’ summer finale (9/8c) – the last episode before the show returns with five new episodes on Oct. 6 – is “more of a gamechanger than we’ve done in the past,” executive producer Josh Berman tells TVLine.

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“In the episode, Jane travels to San Diego to help a client,” he explains. “But while she’s there, she has a realization that changes her future. She kisses someone, and that kiss is a gamechanger.”

As a result, Jane “looks at her life differently” and begins to reexamine her feelings for the various guys orbiting her. But has one potential suitor already moved on for good?

“Grayson will always love Deb,” says Berman. “Grayson will always love Jane. But Jane — maybe for the right reasons rationally, but maybe not for the right reasons emotionally – had to reject Grayson at the beginning of the season.”

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Now, the handsome lawyer seems to have fallen for Annie Ilonzeh’s pretty secretary, Nicole.

“By the time Jane… makes the turn and comes toward him, his life is more complicated than she wishes,” teases the EP.

Meanwhile, “some huge surprises” are in store for ex-lovebirds Jane and Owen, who have found themselves walking a confusing line as they continue to work together at the firm.

“They have to figure out what their relationship is going to be,” previews Berman. “A big question for Owen is: Can they be friends? Or will he continue to pine after her? We do resolve all those issues by the end of the fall season.”

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  1. liz says:

    I’m fully in the Jane/Owen camp. But she’s going to end up with Grayson….

    • rowan77 says:

      Me too. I used to want Jane/Deb and Grayson to have their happy ending, but I just loved the relationship with Owen. Obviously she’s going to end up with Grayson, which is nice symmetry-wise, I feel like it’s too long in coming and too much has changed in their lives.

      • liz says:

        Ya the soulmates symmetry would be a nice touch (and obviously what they are going for), but I’ve just never felt Grayson fell in love with Jane. He only started having romantic feelings towards her once he thought she was Deb. And that just added to how kinda…shallow he is. If she didn’t *look* the way she did, Grayson would have asked Jane out in season one (back when he thought Kim was a good match lol). But he didn’t so…..

    • Eliza says:

      I’m fully & completely in the Jane/Owen camp too. But, yeah, she’ll end up with Grayson….sigh.

  2. Jacqi says:

    She better end up with Grayson! If not that storyline is a complete waste!

  3. Hmmmm says:

    While I like Owen, I am still rooting for Grayson and Jane ultimately. Soul mates is a nice idea. I hope the writers see Jane and Grayson through.

  4. need grayson and jane together

  5. Marcinho11 says:

    not Grayson again?

    • Hmmmm says:

      We’ve actually never seen her with grayson – so it’d hardly be grayson again. The only repetitive love angle would be having her try again with Owen. They’ve done the back and forth routine quite a bit already. I think it’d be great if the viewers actually got to see Jane and Grayson give a relationship a genuine try.

  6. Sarah says:

    I am holding out for Owen and Jane to be together……and for this RIDICULOUS storyline of Stacey wanting Owen as a sperm donor to be over. Who thinks that their BFF’s ex-fiancé is fair game?!?!

    • Eliza says:

      I agree. I find the storyline asinine.

    • Pepper says:

      Agree 100%. It’s gross. And I can’t believe the writers did that to Stacey. It’s so out-of-character for her to want a baby. Besides, I wouldn’t trust her with a hamster.

    • Kate says:

      I agree too. I think the whole sperm story line is the worst one on a tv show in a long time! I was mostly enjoying the show this season until that came up.

    • Thomasina says:

      I thought it absurd that Stacey seemed to think it was “her right” to have Owen to stud. And for him to agree? More absurdity.This was surely NOT a realistic scenario between friends and/or former lovers, not to mention totally insensitive on Stacey’s part—stark contrast to her (usual) compassionate BFF role.
      It ruined her for me. I can tolerate mostly dumb with a small side of unexpected smarts in her character, bot I cannot tolerate callous indifference to a friend’s feelings in favor of one’s own (somewhat stupid) agenda. Bad storyline there. As to Grayson and Owen: I think Grayson was a youthful “first love”. Owen was a surprise second, but basically a rebound. I think there’s a dark horse in the wings–and I don’t think he will be a lawyer. Doctor maybe. (gotta maintain those socioeconomic equality details) >)

  7. Blanca Alamillo says:

    I am very disappointed with the writing this season. I was happy that they saved it from cancellation, now I’m not too sure that was the right choice. First the way they got rid of Parker’s character made no sense. Then the waste of a new Angel. Why change him yet again? Then making Owen out to be a giant baby. She screwed up, it was a kiss! She didn’t sleep with him sheesh! As for Grayson he’s always been a flake. I honestly don’t understand how anyone could be team Grayson. And last but not least…the whole Stacy story line was pulled from the garbage.

    • liz says:

      +1 this whole comment.

    • Sarah says:


    • jas says:

      I agree with all this (except the angel part. I like the new one… or at least his abs. Although I wish Fred was still around). But let’s not forget about the terrible way they dealt with last season’s cliffhanger finale. They were obviously going for an Owen-is-old-Jane reveal. I seem to remember an interview with the creator where he said that that was what they had been building toward since the beginning of the series. Then Owen isn’t old Jane and old Jane is some supermodel who decides she isn’t angry anymore. They just completely disregarded the big reveal of the last season. And why? That would have been an AMAZING storyline to follow. That’s my biggest complaint of this season.

      • Sara says:

        I loved it too & kept thinking of the dynamics, but from what I remember there was a huge backlash & those people were unfortunately more vocal

      • Bella says:

        I really like the new angel, I didn’t think after Fred I’d ever like his replacement but this one I really do like. I love the show, it’s a breath of fresh air for me.

    • Theresa says:

      I’m a team Grayson fan. Grayson has always been a friend to Jane and the best relationships come from being friends first. They’ve always had a closeness. Their soul mates. As for the writers I agree their writing this season stinks. I think they are writing these crazy story lines making Owen look like a pretentious jerk and Stacy look liked an uncaring friend who doesn’t know a moral friend code….(you don’t date or ask for your friends exboyfriends sperm. Yuk.) Because they want this to be the last season, and they don’t want the up roar from the fans again when they do. I hope that’s not what happens but I think that’s their plan. :(

    • E J says:

      well said!

    • mala says:

      Completely agree with your entire comment! I used to be excited to watch this show…but now it is just irritating and so blah =(

    • Kay smit says:

      The Stacy line is stupid; the Parker storyline is insensitive & stupid; the Owen storyline with sharing Sperm is totally stupid; Grayson pursuing yet another “model” … Did I use the word stupid yet?
      The writers took an enjoyable show & made garbage soup out of it. I agree that the writers & cast must want out of their show – (which I don’t understand) no one is going to care if they all go to heaven, though with such horrible scripts, the writers may not be allowed in.
      I miss Brooke Elliot’s singing, maybe the show is trying to save dollars; I won ‘t miss this show if it does not get better. Oh – did I also mention the new angel is … Stupid.

  8. Dewatering says:

    Jane is going to end up dead at the end of the season/series – finding herself in heaven where she thought she’d go in the first place, having finally become a good person rather than a “zero”. Owen & Stacy will have their baby together (a girl named Deborah Jane, perhaps?) and Grayson will be with another of his preferred size zeroes.

    • NJMark says:

      Until your post, I thought the end-game could only be Grayson and Jane/Deb being together. But I think your idea is an interesting finish.

  9. CJ says:

    I’m hoping that they don’t cancel this series again! I love it and Brooke Elliot is just amazing

  10. IMO Owen made his choice not to be with her when he decided to let Stacy have his sperm to make a baby.

  11. Lana says:

    I have been a Grayson/Jane team member from the get go and I do want them together and yet I loved Owen’s humor and how he fell for Jane just as she was. I to am not happy about the sperm thing as I have a very close bff like Stacey and Jane and I can not imagine even thinking of wanting to use her ex’s sperm, especially since she was still trying to get back with him. This does not make Stacey likeable and I don’t like that. Writers need to fix this. As for Owen, Jane made it clear she loved him and wanted to still get married and he is acting like a jerk over a kiss so I am over him for Jane and want her to move on before Grayson gets to into Annie. She needs to quit denying her feelings for Grayson and how they are meant to be together

  12. Bella says:

    I want Owen & Jane together again. Grayson was a part of her past and should stay there imo. Though after the last episode it seems that Owen has no intention of reconciling with Jane.

  13. DavidSask says:

    I am growing tired of the constant love triangles of Jane, there needs to be decisions made already or wrap the show up with the ending as enough is enough!

  14. Tee says:

    I find the more this season goes on the less I care. The Parker storyline was dumb, like if they didn’t want him back, killing him would have made more sense than him just deciding he doesn’t even want to be in the same zipcode as the person he just impregnated. The new angel is completely forgettable. And the sperm storyline… ick. Yes, Stacy the only viable sperm on the planet is Jane’s brand new ex (who just had heart issues at a young age – since she was otherwise so picky about genes and all).

    About the only thing I liked this season was the Jane/Deb pairing on that one case. Wish she’d stuck around a little way through the season before she got nudged to live her own life.

  15. anita fields says:

    Jane and Grayson was never in a relationship. I wish the writers would let Jane&Grayson get together. I do like Owen, but not with Jane. Jane pushed grayson away now it seems yet again grayson with someone other than Jane. Don’t billed up fans hope and let us down.

  16. So, you break Jane’s heart once again? REALLY BAD MOVE! she’s had nothing but heartache this season and now I hear the gunshots in the fall promo with Grayson running to her office? I hope that’s not what I think it is.

    • Jane says:

      In the previews did Jane get shot? Could they end the season with the old Jane shooting Deb/Jane and then the old Jane back in her own body and Deb dying?

  17. Wayne-Daniel says:

    Looks to me like the group is going to try to buy the firm themselves, rather than have it bought out from under them, On the Grayson-Owen thing: Owen was clearly a fall back relationship. Grayson is Jane/Deb’s great love. And the Tracy pregnancy — completely ridiculous! I hope the insemination doesn’t take and this plot line disappears!

  18. Jane says:

    In the previews did Jane get shot? Could they end the season with the old Jane shooting Deb/Jane and then the old Jane back in her own body and Deb dying?

  19. Jane says:

    Remember the Jane angel has not been seen for awhile.

  20. Hmmmm says:

    I am pretty sure that we can’t believe anything this guy says since he is the same person that said grayson would pursue Jane this season. One attempt does not equal pursuing and pining for someone.

  21. Aisa Ada says:

    AARGHHH!! Writers, you guys suck! Use your brain muscles & be creative for goodness sakes! This wasn’t a gamechanger at all. It’s the same old same old: Jane is in love with Grayson & when she goes to tell him, she finds him with another woman. Dumbass. wth! Lifetime, please get DDD writers that truly are passionate and caring about this show and its fans!!!

  22. Tina Cox says:

    i think grayson needs to jump in to owens body kinda like jane did then everyone would live happy ever after yeay

  23. Teresa says:

    Really hoping Jane and Grayson finally get a real chance at love. The show, in all it’s wonderful ness, would kind of be for nothing if they failed to allow them both the chance to love each other together.

  24. sydney says:

    So, why is it being pushed to october??

  25. usa onesies says:

    It’s impressive that you are getting thoughts from this article as well as from our discussion made at this time.

  26. Doni smith says:

    I’m a team Owen, hope jane and owen will be back together. Stacey thing is ridiculous, I just hope that invitro is a failure.

  27. Kayla says:

    I believe that she should move on . My opion is that her and Owen should be just friends. Jane should just move on for good and get married and forget to send Grayson an invite and let that be the end. She just needs to move on

  28. Karen says:

    Possibly ending: Old Jane is a model. That model will have to die for old Jane to get back to old Jane’s body after new Jane is shot and Deb moves on now that she has acquired enough good deeds to go to wherever good deed doers go. Stacy and Owen match up after producing a child together. Grayson, who realizes he can’t live without Jane, stays by Jane who is now inhabited by her old body. The old frumpy Jane, who now has new confidence and memories and habits left by Deb’s contribution to her brain cells, realizes that body loves Grayson and they end up together forever, Grayson and his new mate (sorry, I don’t believe in “soul mates”) live happily ever after and have lots of little diva babies!

  29. Cyn :) says:

    ugh, I thought it was sooo predictable when she finally decided to go to Grayson and he was kissing another woman…. it didn’t make me feel the way I felt when she first saw Grayson and Kim kissing
    While I looove Owen and kinda hate Grayson, I’m team Grayson, but only because of the way Jane clearly feels, I like the relationship Owen/Jane, but I can’t stand that she might leave “the love of her life” for another guy, I left the love of my life for another guy, it’s been 6 years and I still can’t forget about him!

    So far a lot of things have been waay too predictable!, like Stacy selling her awesome business just because she’s too dumb to handle it, Jane walking in on Grayson kissing a skinny girl for the hundreth time just when she was about to confess her feelings.. they should’ve left that business for Stacy!, that and Fred have been the only good things in her life xD, even when the “how is she handling it with just a few brain cells” was a complete mistery, they didn’t need to get into that..

    I kinda hate Grayson because he doesn’t really like Jane, but I think they could fix that, and I thought they were doing it when he told her that he saw a life with her and she completed him, but then they put him together with yet anoother “model” so I hate him again… they should’ve left him alone for a while, for us to forget the jerk he is when it comes to a women’s body… or maybe put him together with a chubby girl…
    Kim getting pregnant surprised me, then I found out it’s because the actress was pregnant…
    Stacy wanting to get pregnant is completely stupid, and I find it to be moore stupid that she wants Owen as the father!!, she can’t do anything!! how will she support a baby?? she sold her business and with some of the money she got inseminated, she just followed her hormones, those that sometimes tell you that you want a baby, then the next day they tell you “WTF was I thinking?, thank god I did use protection!!!” (hahaha), she’s wanted it ever since.. 2 episodes!! and she goes all mad about it!!!

    well, still can’t wait for the next episode, hahahahaha, they can fix this mess!! come on!!

  30. Amber says:

    why are owen and stacy together UGH-totally horrible

  31. Pat says:

    Can’t any of these people maintain a relationship? I was once on Team Grayson. But he seems to go after everything in a skirt. At least, Jane is a more constant type person. The writer’s wrecked this show for me with their Season Four “finale” and the resurrection of Owen. There are now too many players for me and way the hey too much “game changing” going on. These guys need to focus! Anyway, I feel since Deb gained a new body…a new love interest isn’t far fetched. She is brighter than she was a Deb, so why not move on from Grayson?

  32. Dia says:

    This shows losing viewers. Owen and Stacey ? Who the heck does Jane have now ? Us viewers wanna see our main character be happy !!!

  33. Veroica says:

    This show is all about Jane/Deb and to adjust to this new life as a new life as a smart lawyer. As for Grayson telling Jane that he needs to move on, he has moved on with every woman he locked his lips on. Its to bad about what happened between Jane and Owen, but now Owen now has feelings for Stacy. I’m glad Jane and Stacy made up and are still friends. Now that the season is getting to the end, I would like to see a new guy come into view in Jane’s life. Someone international with an accent, a mistery guy which
    it would make Owen and Grayson confused.

  34. Cleveland says:

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