Fall TV Preview

New Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Trailer (w/ Real Footage!) Confirms Orange Is the New Black

Sons of Anarchy is going directly to jail in its sixth season.

FX has released (via Yahoo TV) a new SOA trailer featuring actual footage, and it all but confirms that Kurt Sutter’s biker saga will spend a fair amount of time behind bars in Season 6 with newly-incarcerated Tara (thoughts on her new prison ‘do?) and Clay (he’s so getting whacked this season, right?).

VIDEO | Sesame Street Spoofs Sons of Anarchy

The 60-second clip also reveals that Juice is not out of the woods yet with his SAMCRO brothers, Gemma has replaced Tara at Jax’s side, and there’s growing concern that a desperate Clay may be persuaded to (gulp) turn.

Press PLAY below and then set your DVR: SOA returns Sept. 10 at 10/9c.

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  1. Tom says:

    Nice, is this supposed to be the final season?

  2. megan says:

    I am the biggest Tara fan but that new hairdo makes her look old. Not a fan.

  3. n8ball78 says:

    I’m almost as excited about SOA’s return as I am about breaking bads.

  4. Ashley says:

    Clay NEEDS to do die…………..It seems like he MIGHT RAT OUT THE WHOLE MC.Like jax told pope’s right hand man august…………..’clay will do anything to stay alive’.
    As much as i have a love/hate feel for gemma she’s GONNA GET WHAT’S COMING TO HER when they all find out she put tara in jail!!!!!

    • Cheeky says:

      OMG I know! How how Clay been allowed to live this long?! Dirty A-hole, but I have to say, Ron Perlman does a great job of making us hate the character. What a fun show, I can’t wait for it’s return

    • Vince says:

      Hahaha, just wait to see Gemma was not the one who ratted. It was Lee Toric.

      • Rae says:

        Well laugh now …….gemma WON’T BE OUT OF THE WOODS when the TRUTH comes out that she had a part in JT’S MURDER !
        Can’t wait to see Jax’s REACTION to that!

        • Vince says:

          Hahaha, both Jax and Tara already know about her involvement. Please, Jax is not that naiive. I’m not saying Gemma “is safe” but c’mon, whenever she bites the dust, I’m really expecting something more clever.

      • Beth says:

        I really think it was Gemma because she was right there when Tara was led out of the house, ready to put all sorts of ideas in Jax’s head. I think Toric has something much worse in mind for the club. Gemma is an opportunist and especially last season, she has Nero, Jax, Abel and Thomas with Tara facing an uphill battle, a very ideal situation for her plus Clay is rotting away (which I think he deserves).

        • Vince says:

          Nah, still too predictable. Besides, I have a hard time believing Gemma would actually be a “rat.” If she had told the cops then she also had to tell them she was the one that gave Tara the crucifix and she wouldn’t want to put herself in that risk or the risk of Jax’s rage if he ever found out. It was Torric.

          • Fran says:

            I agree that it wasn’t Gemma- though its what they want us to think. But I’m not sure why you say she would have to tell the police she gave the crucifix to Tara? What makes you think she would have to say that?

          • A says:

            Gemma isn’t that stupid SHE is the RAT regardless of her telling rossevelt and his minions. she can still cover up her part by saying that tara found the crucifix and gave it to otto.

        • No, gemma loves tara very much

          • A says:

            Seriously?……….. Tara & Gemma CAN’T stand each other they been at each other’s throats since tara came back to charming in season 1 and getting invovled w/jax.

    • Kathy says:

      She didn’t put Tara in jail, JAX did, But one thing JAX doesn’t know yet, but will this season if GEMMA also had a hand in killing his father, that’s when he’ll get Tara out…..

  5. Liza180 says:

    I can’t remember what Tara went to jail for? Can someone remind me?

  6. Pati says:

    It’s so hard not to read these articles I’ve been waiting for season five to be on netflix but they are taking forever. Does anyone know where I can watch it online. Thanks

    • megan says:

      iTunes or amazon instant. DVD releases Aug 27th.

    • tripoli says:

      If you want to watch it for free online, Project Free TV has all the episodes available.

    • whitney mcintosh says:

      I am waiting too…I watched season 5 when it aired on FX but I forget some things so I want to watch it before season 6 starts but I doubt Netflix will have it before the next season starts…I watched all the seasons over on Netflix and its funny how you forget things or missed something that was important.

  7. Vince says:

    I know we barely see her, but Katey Sagal sure ages backwards. She’s looking gorgeous with the tighter curls. Yep, that’s all I got from this trailer, lol.

  8. Real Talk says:

    I swear to God all of these TV shows that go on what seem like year long hiatuses (and some actually are a year) are so hard to keep straight. Maybe I just watch too much TV so everything starts to get confusing, but I barely remember what happened in the finale, other than Tara going to jail. It’s been toooooooooo long.

    • Buck Masterson says:

      There is no way you can be a fan of the show and not remember what has happened. You should stick with Dancing with the Stars.

  9. Christine says:

    I LOVE this show! I LOVE Gemma & Jax…Oh hell I love the whole club!! Well written!! Great job on casting too! Now all this show needs is a guest appearance with Josh Krajcik & I’ll never watch another show LOL

  10. tom anuse says:

    Gemma may be good story but she is bad people. The show is on the edge of losing long time fans due to her lucille ball like antics. At some point two seasons ago jax should have put a bullet in her and clay’s heads. Last season she almost kills jax kids and now this season we are supposed to believe jax lets her back into his life because kara is gone? No thanks. In anyone else’s hands i would have bailed but kurt sutter will set things right. He is that good.

    • megan says:

      She went off the rails last season. No way would she be allowed to help raise Jax’s kids with him after almost killing them. Please. The wrong person was put in jail.

    • Kathy says:

      Totally disagree. I love GEMMA’s role. She is right there with them all. I think JAX has turned into CLAY….and doesn’t even see it.

  11. Penelope says:

    Gemma is Peg Bundy’ s evil twin sister!

  12. Patchi says:

    Awsome thank you for the suggestion. I guess I’m catching up this weekend

  13. I love gemma and tara, they are my new roll models!!

  14. Janis says:

    I think you all can guess all you want. You never, NEVER know what Sutter will do. He’s fooled me many times with the stories. I can’t wait to see what happens to Tara, Clay and Gemma!

  15. Matt Dawgs says:

    Gemma didn’t rat out Tara. Clay did. Remember, Gemma filled him into the whole situation with Otto before he got arrested. He was sitting in the precient in holding and then a little later Roosevelt goes to her house to pick her up. So Clay told her to stick it to Jax for setting him up.

  16. rgomez says:

    I think it was both clay and gemma she is already a rat remember she help set clay up and threated tara that if she took the kids she would rat tara out f–k them both they both need to meet
    Mr. Mayhem and jax will introduce


  17. louise says:

    i hope tara wont be in jail the whole season and that gemma will go to jail. jax and tara great. Gemma and clay evil.

  18. rgomez says:

    I think tara will come out mid season and turn the tables on gemma

  19. Sally Savergal says:

    I think something bad is going to happen to Jax’ kids which will make him forever leave the lifestyle. Just completed season 5 on dvd and there is a lot of foreshadowing focusing on Abel listening to the bikers talking about what they do. Could be an accidental sibling shooting of his brother thinking he was “being like the guys,” They all leave their weapons just anywhere, in a purse, on a counter or table. Of course it would be with a twist like in the backseat on their way to Oregon and freedom, taking out Gemma too (who they found out had been protecting everyone from the beginning and had just been reunited with her family) thus completely fracturing Jax and Tara, Tara would go crazy, Jax would drink himself to death in grief and Abel would be institutionalized eventually ending up with Tig as his guardian.,,,,,,Hmm that thinking is almost as demented as Sutter’s ramblings.

  20. Erin says:

    Anyone think maybe Wendy somehow is responsible for Tara……like after she found out Tara left her the kids if something happene to her and Jax.

  21. Sid Rexeus says:

    Cant wait for this one, Breaking Bad & Dexter will do until the wait s over.