Grey's Alum Katherine Heigl Eyes TV Comeback

Katherine Heigl New TV ShowGrey’s Anatomy grad Katherine Heigl is looking to check back into the TV biz.

The Emmy winner is shopping around an hour-long CIA-themed drama series that she would produce and star in, per USA Today.

VIDEO | Grey’s Anatomy Boss Shonda Rhimes Breaks Silence on Heigl Kerfuffle: ‘It Stung’

The untitled project — which has garnered interest at NBC and ABC — is being written by procedural vet Alexi Hawley (Body of Proof and Castle).

Heigl’s film career has floundered since leaving Grey’s amid controversy in 2010, with Killers, Life as We Know It, One for the Money and The Big Wedding all underperforming at the box office.

VIDEO | Ellen Pompeo Squashes Katherine Heigl Comeback Buzz

Last year, Heigl made headlines when she floated the possibility of returning to Grey’s as Izzie. “If they want me to return for an arc, I would love to know where Izzie is now,” she told TVLine. “It’s been a couple of years. I really hope she’s succeeding somewhere.”

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  1. summer says:

    YES! katherine is a great talent and i would love to see her back on tv.

  2. Midori says:


    • tp says:

      Yeah, I don’t think her movie career was going as well as she expected.

      • summer says:

        she just wrapped a movie w/ patrick wilson and announced another w/ Clive Owen

        • Diane says:

          LOL! And yet she’s trying to return to TV, Think about it, honey.

          • kajar says:

            I don’t think much of that, actually. A lot of traditionally “movie actors” are taking on TV projects these days, including Meryl Streep, who I wouldn’t exactly label as “desperate”.

          • Adam says:

            I feel that the movie vs TV dynamic has changed. Actors can get paid a lot per episode, and make a lot of money in a season. While maybe not as much they could in one movie, television also has a creative advantage – they get to play the character for longer, sink into the role further, really get to sink their teeth into a role, and get steady work while doing so. TV is also a lot more respected these days, and some of the better media each year comes from TV rather than movies.

          • scooby says:

            @kajar, I don’t think I’d call doing a few 5 min episodes of a show called Web Therapy ‘doing tv’ for Meryl Streep. She’s not doing a traditional show. It’s a lark for a friend. That’s usually where you’ll see any big movie star show up. Otherwise there’s probably some level of career issue (obviously that’s relative in that they can make money in movies, just not $10-15 mil per film. That said, the more consistent access to better material is on tv so it totally works out for the audience.

          • ABBY says:

            @ kajar Are you comparing Katherine Heigl go Meryl Streep?! Really?

          • kajar says:

            @ABBY: Come on, now, really?… yourself. I was using Meryl to reiterate my point. Don’t even pretend you didn’t know that’s all it was.

            @scooby: Point taken. Meryl may just be doing a drive-by (she was the first to spring to mind because of recent headlines, I’ll admit) but there are plenty of other big screen actors out there that are working in both formats. Working in TV does not carry the “it’s beneath me” stigma it once had. There is some really quality stuff showing up on the small screen as of late.

          • Temperenace says:

            *Everyone* is doing TV at the moment because the overall box is down. Rom-coms are out. They’re not having any problems getting movie actors in TV now that it’s much more similar with HD. And it’s not like she doesn’t have a production company that did movies and TV from the start…

          • jestsaying says:

            I think the point, kajar is that Heigl is NOT a big name talent and never has been. She left Grey’s to do movies and her career kind of stalled out. She’s not D-list but I would put her at a solid B-. There’s nothing wrong with doing TV. I think the only reason why people are reacting as they are is because of the way she left Grey’s and the disingenuous reasoning she gave for doing so.

          • kajar says:

            @jestsaying, I understand the point you and others are trying to make. But, I wasn’t really commenting on Ms. Heigl’s status as an actress. I was commenting on the implication that returning to TV or taking on television projects is somehow taking a step backwards for actors and that to do so makes one “desperate”. Which is something I don’t happen to agree with.

    • TL says:

      How is that desperate? TV is where it is at!!!! Lots of great projects, especially if she is creating and producing her own….Smart.

      • Bob says:

        It’s desperate because she made a big deal about getting out of her Grey’s contract because she wanted to star in movies. Well, that worked for about two years.

    • Temperenace says:

      Hardly. She’s been doing two things: spending time with her new family (just as she said she was going to), and running a reasonably successful production company. All of her movies except one made money (and that’s Hollywood made money – which means so much they can’t hide any more and actually have to admit it).

      • tp says:

        What movies are you referring to? Every time I read about her movies (One For the Money, Killers, Life As We Know It, The Ugly Truth) were all box office bombs. I enjoyed Killers and LAWKI because I love romance but they didn’t do well at the theaters.

      • sarah says:

        You’re delusional if you think her movies, except one, made money. If that were the case her career wouldn’t be in the gutter and she would be one of Hollywood’s top actresses. She hasn’t had commercial or critical success in a very long time.

  3. Mary says:

    Go back to Grey’s!

    • Jamie says:

      She wishes. Grey’s doesn’t want her anymore and with good reason.

      • Temperenace says:

        Frankly, who’d want to deal with Shonda at any point.

        • Josh says:

          I do wish they’d bring back Izzy and give her character a proper send off…

          • Ari says:

            Why? Izzie was awful when she left, Are we supposed to believe that she comes back and is magically changed just so her fans feel better about it? She got the send off she deserved.

          • A says:

            @Ari: She’s been gone for more than 3 seasons (that’s almost 3-4 years Grey’s time?). A lot can happen in 3-4 years. I’d find incredibly believable that she would’ve changed quite a bit. She would’ve been in a new environment with different people in her life. She definitely wouldn’t be the same person she was when she left back in the 6th season.

        • Christina says:

          THIS. I’d avoid her like the plague.

        • lorna says:

          THIS! Shonda has created some amazing things, but I feel if you don’t kiss her butt enough, you are gone, I.e. Eric Dane. SICK OF HER ADDING TOO MAMY SERIES REGULARS BC RECURRING ACORS SUCKED UP…IE JESSICA CAPSHAW AND KIM WHATS HER FACE

          • Sarah says:

            Eric Dane wanted to leave because he was cast in a show called “The Last Ship” on TNT. Shonda didn’t fire him. In fact, to my understanding, pretty much every regular character who’s left Grey’s has done so because they wanted to, with the exception of Isaiah Washington (and good riddance – he deserved to be fired.)

            And the network would never allow Shonda to add characters simply because they sucked up to her. Characters have to be well-liked enough or interesting enough to add to the show. I don’t like Arizona myself, but don’t even try to tell me she hasn’t contributed to the story of the show.

            You’re obviously not getting your information from anywhere other than your own head, so stop saying it like it’s a fact.

        • sarah says:

          Clearly Katherine would want to since she would “love” to return to Grey’s. It’s too bad for her that they have a “NO A-HOLE” policy now (per Shonda’s words in her Oprah interview)

    • megan says:

      Haha nope. Good luck with that.

      She basically shot herself in the foot with her antics on Grey’s. She got the send off she deserved and Shonda would never invite her back after she basically dissed her show. Grey’s has too many people on it as is. Plus there’s no room for her. Karev already has a new love. One that actually cares for and does things for him. Oh and she didn’t have a sour face when he told her he loved her.

  4. I was confused until I read the part about her producing it herself. She’s the one person left in Hollywood who’s okay working with Katherine Heigl.

    • Lucy says:

      Haha, my thought exactly. I used to be a HUGE fan of hers, from Roswell. She’s actually the actor who got me interested in Grey’s. But her real-life ego has overshadowed her acting for me.

      • g says:

        She shot herself in the foot with her attitude.

        • Temperenace says:

          No, she didn’t. The entertainment press made mountains over molehills with her for a while, but if you actually read the information, she was impressive, not problematic. There are lots of very jealous women out there…

          • Jessa says:

            When you publicly shame your show on Late Night and don’t put your name in for Emmy consideration because “the material didn’t warrant it”, you make it so people don’t want to work with you. She never bothered coming back to set after the winter break. Her career has been pathetic since Greys because of how unprofessional she was. Just look at Isaiah Washington. She is a snotty, ungrateful person. That’s why they don’t want her back on set. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you very, very well.

          • Meredith says:

            In fairness, they had her resuscitating deer and having conversations with her very dead boyfriend, so she really didn’t have very good material to work with. Was she classy? No. Was she wrong? Also, no.

          • gobnait says:

            As they say, there are no small parts, only small actors.

          • Temperenace says:

            If you actually read or saw what was actually said, you’d know better than to lie like that. Heigl’s a loyal friend, highly intelligent, and she certainly wasn’t going to tolerate Washington’s bigotry (which is heroic, and Dempsy was right there with her). She simply told the truth about her material – it wasn’t nearly as strong as the previous year – and since Emmy is like a dog with a bone with their nominees, it was only fair and correct that she not submit her name in favor of several of her beloved cast mates who are both awesome and had superior material. It was exactly what she said. Yay for the truth! And she didn’t ‘just not show up’ – that’s lie. She got married and wanted a family, and needed to spend time with her new child, particularly because she was adopted from a non-English speaking country. She then started her own production company, started multiple projects, did a slug of movies (with more on the way) and she’ll probably have her own TV show shortly. That sounds like the pinnacle of success to me. And we saw all her movies, and own several. Again, you opinion doesn’t reflect reality – all her movies but one made money before the DVD sales.

          • Temperenace says:

            Keep repeating the same lie, Jessa. And then watch the video for what was actually said.

  5. Shayna says:

    Her real life personality and attitude just ruins all of her future projects she will do throughout her career.

    • Temperenace says:

      Considering that she has a great personality and a great attitude, I doubt that. Most people don’t want their female actors to be brainless carpets to be walked over. But hey, obviously, some people do.

      • sarah says:

        No, most people want their female (and male) actors to be professional and gracious. Katherine is neither of those things.

        • Temperenace says:

          You mean, aside from the fact she is. And smart, loyal, truthful, opinionated, moral, successful… sound like you’re a little jealous to me. Or a lot.

          • Ana says:

            Why does someone has to be jealous when they don’t like the person? People cannot like other people without a hidden motive.

  6. kika says:

    Yeah. Look foward to see her again on my screen (small screen)

  7. sasha says:

    Obvious Michael isn’t a fan of Katherine by this article. But whatever I love her and hope its picked up. Though I still want an Izzie return. Her and Alex were amazing.

  8. Mike R. says:

    I’d still like her to return to Greys, she was an essential part of th show during its prime, I really wish they would have killed her off, if they were never going to bring the character back.

  9. Jamie says:

    I’m sure the last few years have been quite the learning experience and wake up call for Katherine Heigl. If only she had been grateful for what she had on Greys’ Anatomy, been humble and kept a good head on her shoulders her career wouldn’t have flopped and she wouldn’t be starring in Zzzquil commercials now. From ‘It’ girl to ZzzQuil… Oh how the mighty have fallen.

    • summer says:

      grateful for ghost sex and hooking up w/ o’malley george? pls

      • Diane says:

        Grateful for making her a household name, for winning her an Emmy and for giving her a multi-million dollar salary.

        Heigl admitted that the only reason she even got to audition for “Knocked up” (her most successful movie ever) was because she was on Grey’s and that put her foot in the door. So, Grey’s is also the reason Heigl had a movie career (which she eventually squandered).

        • Temperenace says:

          You mean *has* a movie career – she has two movies in the can, more coming through her production company, and a potential YV show to boot. She’s pretty awesome actually.

          • Jasmim says:

            If her movie career was so great she wouldn’t be trying to get into TV and she wouldn’t have approached the Grey’s Anatomy producers about returning to the show.

            Temperenace, I’ll give you credit for the hard task that is trying to defend Heigl, but you’re as successful at it as Katherine was at playing Stephanie Plum. LMAO.

          • Temperenace says:

            Boy, you really are easily manipulated by the press. Try reality next time. (And yes, Plum sucked – as does every Tom Cruise movie – yet they both still have great success).

          • Danyelle says:

            You DO realize you are being STRANGELY defensive of Heigl, yes? To a quite SCARY degree? To a “I’m her publicist trolling the message boards” degree?

  10. Julz says:

    Good for her, I think she’s great!
    I feel like she got a bad rap with the Grey’s situation – things most likely got blown out of proportion. Although, she probably could have handled herself better – but so could have Shonda. lol
    Anywaaaaaaaaaaaays, good for her. She’s talented :)

  11. Superhero says:

    Katherine Heigl is going to be in it, and it’s being written by a writer who worked on two dreadfully generic shows. Gosh, what could possibly go wrong?

    (A lot. A lot could go wrong.)

  12. Maki says:

    she was the heart and soul and besides the Mer-der and twisted sister chemistry she was making the show what it was earlier. She was the emotional but still powerful part of the cast. Such a shame she left GA and I would really love to know where she is right now. I mean her character. She is a good actress but honestly she choose the wrong movies to go up, I mean comedy is fine but she can do so much better.

    • I agree, Katharine was the break out star…being the first and last big Emmy winner for the series. She definitely helped make the show the success that it was in its early seasons with the Denny story line. That said, some of her antics behind the scenes aren’t excusable either.

      Either way, she’s a great talent and deserves to be working.

      • David says:

        Thank you, that’s a great way to sum it up. I enjoyed her on Grey’s and like her as an actress but I do think she could do better than all the rom/coms.

  13. neha says:

    I loved Izzie, but Katherine Heigl seemed to to get way too arrogant after winning an Emmy and starring in a few successful movies. The comments that she made about the “horrible working conditions” and the writing just made her seem really ungrateful.

    • Temperenace says:

      Um, if you actually listen to what was said, it’s utterly obvious that those comments were taken out of context. Besides, no one is a fan of 17 hour workdays, six days a week. The e-press had fun attacking her for a while there – quite unjustly.

      • neha says:

        Not really. I remember reading that interview in full, not to mention she repeated that during many live interviews she did. The only reason she was working such long hours during that time was because they had to work around HER movie schedule. Plus, SHE chose to go into this career – ALL TV main actors work those types of hours. She got paid VERY handsomely to do so.

        • Temperenace says:

          1) Nonsense about the movie schedule. 2) She repeated what she said because it was the truth, and she was incredibly gracious to not submit (because we all know that once you get nominated, Emmy keeps doing it long after you deserve it), so her cast mates might get a shot since thet are great and has great storylines that season.

      • Jasmim says:

        She wasn’t working 17 hour workdays, six days a week. She worked 17 hours that one day because she had asked for a WEEK off so that she could promote Killers. She humiliated the GA producers when they were doing her a favor and I’m glad that she got called out on it. That’s how awful KH was/is. The other cast had to work long hours and the underpaid crew had to work more than 17 hours because KH wanted the time off and then she acts like she’s the victim.

        • Temperenace says:

          Let’s be frank here, she was making a joke in an uncomfortable situation (a tank show) because they didn’t give her any footage at the last minute and didn’t give her permission to say *anything* about the show. Which you’d know if you’d actually watched the footage. Geepers, you have a vendetta against nothing here.

    • trainwreck says:

      ok.. she was pushed to do stuff which made people hate her character (Sleeping with married best friends, hallucinating sex with dead fiance etc) – you would be bummed if after being given such quality stuff (i.e. Denny’s death arc) you are handed down total character obliteration.

      I admire her bare honesty.. some find it brash and tacky – but i find it refreshing that she says what she feels! At the end, her looks and acting skills are what counts as an actor and she nails both of them! Good luck to her! :)

  14. Meg says:

    I suppose the “ZzzQuil” commercial doesn’t count, then.

  15. Brooke says:

    I’m fond of Katie and hope to see her back on my TV screen!

  16. CJ says:

    Don’t let her do it. Every show she gets on she wants off to do movies…disaster ahead

    • kajar says:

      I’m curious. To what other show besides Grey’s might you be referring? Surely you’re not succumbing to a fit of hyperbole, are you? It never ceases to amaze me the way people embellish actual fact or just flat out make stuff up willy nilly these days. Is throwing another dart at the actress that important to you?

      • Temperenace says:

        It’s pure jealousy. All those movies but one made money; several were quite charming. Like most movies out there, the scripts needed more work. *shrugs* I guess people like their actresses to play Barbie – dumb, single, pretty and empty, and silent. Heigl’s never going to be any of those things.

      • Jasmim says:

        Roswell – the show KH was on before Grey’s. She had no problem telling TV Guide that she wanted off of Roswell so bad that she would purposely show up late to set to piss off producers hoping they would let her out of her contract. That’s how self-absorbed and unprofessional she is. She didn’t care that the crew who rely on the paycheck and have families had to wait around for her to show up.

        • Temperenace says:

          I doubt that, but if it were true, so what? She owes the crew something? I don’t owe my coworkers anything at all. And she was a kid at the time. The crew just took a job with the next series – they cycle every semester, you know. Let’s be honest here – I’m hearing a lot of jealousy.

        • kajar says:

          Jasmim, I’d be more likely to believe you if you could point me to said article instead of me having to rely solely on your say so. Word of mouth is spotty at best, subjective at most, and like I said, people make up all kinds of stuff these days, especially when trying to defend a position or perpetuate a grudge (not accusing you of this, just not willing to take what you say at face value either). The only thing I know of KH and Roswell is that she and rest of the cast were there til the end. I’m not her biggest fan, but I harbor no ill will towards the woman. It just seems incredibly mean spirited to continuously flog her for things that happened so long ago, as if the people doing the flogging never committed transgressions in their own lives that could bear such public scrutiny. But, whatever… I’ve said my piece. Movin’ on.

        • A says:

          @Jasmim: What on earth is your problem? You don’t work with her. You don’t know her personally. All of these incidents are in the past. She’s made some transgressions and acted unprofessionally FOUR FREAKIN’ YEARS AGO. Who hasn’t done something or acted in a way that they weren’t proud of? So many people seem to have some vendetta against this woman as if one mistake has to define her for the rest of her life. Grow up and realize that we as human beings aren’t perfect. We all do stupid things. However, mistakes are how most people usually learn. She has apologized and acknowledged her mistakes and her behaviour. You and everyone else harping on how awful of a person she is should really get over it. You can have a read at this interview if you haven’t already read it:

  17. tamy says:

    I will never understand people who don’t like a celebrity but still comment on her and waste their time…

    Anyway she was just honest about the writing on her character, having sex with a dead guy and then operate a deer, please then she apologizes because she= knows she could say thoses things in a better way but Shonda doesn’t want to accept hers excuses or to bring her back (for the fans) both of them have their wrongs!

    For her movie, some are goods some not at all but she talented and she deserves her Emmy, she did a great job.

    Now she already produced movies and some others stuff and she knows tv is THE thin now even big actors and actresses choose TV now.

    And even if some people doesn’t want to work with her now, a lot want and like her like some of her ex castmates (Justin, TR, Kate Walsh)

    I hope she’ll be back in a great show and really hope to see her & Justin work together again, they had an amazing chemistry

  18. A says:

    I really miss her on Grey’s. I wish they’d get over everything back and bring her back even if it’s just for one more episode. I’d love to see what’s up with Izzie and what became of her life. Did the cancer resurface? Did she ever get accepted into another hospital? Where is she working? So many questions.
    People may not like Katherine Heigl, but Izzie was one of the biggest and best characters on Grey’s Anatomy and one of the biggest losses IMO. Her absence for me was worse than George leaving.

  19. qj201 says:

    produce and star in: I have a crappy reputation and now must create work for myself

    • Kate'shomesick says:

      Yeah, Leonardo diCaprio, Ben Affleck, Brad Pitt… all actors that have to create work for themselves…

  20. Drew says:

    Look… she said some stuff and wasn’t very professional. She admitted it. She learned and moved on. At this point it doesn’t really matter. So many people here are holding pretty strong grudges for things that didn’t even involve them.

    People change. Normally, life goes on. When it comes to things like this, people get stuck in one year and never get over it. Robert Downey Jr. did worse and we got over that.

    All of that boils down to: Who cares?

    And then people act like TV is the lowest of the low for an actor and that just isn’t true. TV is quite respectable.

    • A says:

      Exactly! People need to just move on. She made a mistake, what like four years ago? It’s over and done. Life moves on and people change. We learn from the mistakes we make. She is still a great actress and was a part of some of the most compelling work done on Grey’s Anatomy. Her one mistake shouldn’t define her for the rest of her life.

  21. JOhn says:

    meh screw her she was a B****, i mean for godsakes show some loyalty to the show that made u and be a goddamn professional when u want out.

  22. Linderella says:

    Great! Wherever she ends up I’ll be watching!

  23. Kim says:

    I think she has talent but never did she get the opportunity to use it after GA. They would have wrote great storylines around her character but she choose to leave. Her loss, not GA’s. I don’t even want to see her character back with Alex. For me…it’s been over for a long time.

  24. Phil says:

    I liked Life as We Know It

  25. Babygate says:

    I hated that she left Greys because she ruined the story that the writers had been building for Alex and Izzie over 5 years. And I still think that it was inexcusable the way the handled the situation, however, I don’t blame her for wanting to leave. The show was already on its 6th season with no guarantee of how long it was going to last. There was some demand for her at that time and she had to think about longevity. The shelf life of an actor is rather limited, so she got an opportunity and she went for it. She may not be a huge box office star but she is working consistently while staying low key and spending the quality time she wants with her family. Now that the tv landscape is changing, it makes more sense for her to get a tv project that she’s producing because it would be more stability, I think. But the one thing I would say is that she should avoid trying to play a cop or some kind of action persona. She was not very convincing in ‘One for the Money’. Her forte is drama and some comedy, not action. Although it looks like she’s trying to give Shonda some competition.

  26. Fernanda says:

    Katherine in a new show, great for her, she could invite Jeffrey Dean Morgan (his show is recently cancelled) or TR Knight

  27. Whitney says:

    I agree that during the end of her run on Grey’s she had some silly story lines but considering she was the one who requested less work b/c of her movie schedule, I don’t blame the writers. I thought it was tacky of her them out over it, she could’ve been a heck of a lot more diplomatic in her response. As many said above, don’t bite the hand that feeds you. But I would’ve been willing to let that go if she hadn’t done the same thing about Knocked Up. I agree she’s a talented actress but I would never watch something she’s in based on her name in the billing. She’s made her bed, now she has to lie in it.

    • Temperenace says:

      Did she lie? Nope. Did she say anything out of malice? Nope. Did she withdraw her name in hopes to give her friends a shot? Yup. Was she just that loyal? Yup. And is every single Apatow film a gross slacker male fantasy with badly drawn, shrewish women? Yup. Could she have been more diplomatic? Yup. But I prefer truthfulness, which we almost never see in the seemingly unending parade of silent Barbies they choose.

      • Angel says:

        Temperance, do you get paid to defend Heigl? Seriously you respond to every negative comment with the same naive-hegl-loving rhetoric. I used to love Izzy on Greys’, and was a huge Roswell fan as well, but Mrs. Heigl has no one but herself to blame for her lack of success since leaving Greys. She publicly dissed the show that made her famous on more than one occasion, she said unflattering remarks about her only hit movie, Knocked Up. Seth Rogen has expressed his thoughts on Heigl’s offscreen personality and they seem to match up with Shonda Rhimes opinion of the actress. She complained about her character’s story arc, yet her lack of attendance as well as her want off of the show, had very negative effects on the Izzy character at a time the story was completely about her. I respected Patrick Dempsey when he said he’s just happy to have a job in this tough economy. Apparently Heigl starting to realize the same.

        • Whitney says:

          ^ What she said.

        • Maui says:

          This is what I’m saying. Online comments are places for people to vent about things. Get over yourself and let people express what they feel. I personally have not been a big KH fan since she left Grey’s, but that is my own opinion which I am entitled to have. As for the comment that she’s working with big names coming up. Wasn’t she just in a Robert De Niro flick that tanked at the box office? Now he is truly an A-List actor and forever will be. I do not think Katherine has made it to that level at all.

        • Ana says:


        • jdbasset says:

          I was wondering the same thing…publicist? Fan club member? imaginary BFFs?

      • Liz says:

        You’re really weird… With an unhealthy obsession about that actress.

  28. Ally says:

    The way the article is written, It feels as if Shonda Rhimes herself wrote this. She said whatever she said four years ago. It wasn’t wise or very professional to attack the writing the way she did but come on, Izzie operated on a deer, broke her best friend’s marriage and was two timing on Alex with her dead boyfriend’s ghost. She received and still continues to receive more harsh criticism than she deserves for than one incident. Shonda also spoke crap about her in Oprah because she knows she can get away with saying that as she is powerful enough. She made a mistake, admitted it and is tried her luck out in movies but it didn’t work so wants to be back on TV. Its not a bad thing. TV enjoys far more creative liberty and is more daring than motion pictures these days. And she is talented. I hope she can make a successful come back. I also wish they could bring her back on grey’s to give her story some proper closure. I would love to see what happened to Izzie, she was a great character when the show started and Katherine was great in it.

  29. cas says:

    I like her, whether she is in movies or on TV. I doubt Shonda is easy to work for, and it’s hard when you are doing TV to still do more than 1 movie a year, so she made a choice. Doesn’t mean she can’t return to TV. Heck these days TV is where it is at, I mean I know more TV actors/actresses than movie ones.

  30. Liz says:

    Ridiculous woman… yeah, she wanted to focus on her kids and only do a few films per year, right… *roll eyes*

  31. Deion says:

    Years later, I may not be as bothered by Heigl’s decision to leave Grey’s as I am about her abruptly leaving. Her character’s illness and recovery weren’t Izzy’s greatest moments, but she could have taken a moment to think about the backlash, or the fans, an given the writers a chance to redeem her and resolve the story. But I won’t wish her any ill will with this new show. Maybe it will be a hit for her.

  32. ishthemish says:

    While she’s throwing her name in the hat. Shonda has Scandal. Life goes on.

  33. Lg says:

    Wow you people really care a lot and have strong opinions about someone you don’t know in real life.

  34. Jenna says:

    I’ll keep an open mind despite Heigl’s history of biting more than one hand that has fed her. If it’s any good, I’ll know pretty quickly and if it ins’t , I’m out. Though I have a feeling if it “is” any good, chance are she’ll bail on it in a few seasons anyway or pull her “diva” antics which will make all around her want her to exit (Roswell, Grey’s Anatomy). So it’s six of one half a dozen of the other anyway you look at it anymore.

  35. Habibi says:

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