NCIS Boss: Why We're Not Killing Off Ziva

NCIS Ziva DeadNCIS fans dreading the looming departure of leading lady Cote de Pablo, we present you with some blow-cushioning good news: The show isn’t shipping Ziva off in a body bag.

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Executive producer Gary Glasberg confirms to TVLine that the actress’ two-episode swan song (kicking off in the Sept. 24 season premiere) will not culminate with her alter ego’s death.

“It’s not what this character deserves,” Glasberg shares. “Also, [we killed off] Sasha Alexander’s Kate character [back in Season 2] and I like the idea of doing this one a little different and respecting who [Ziva] is.”

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To that end, Glasberg promises viewers will get a rare peek at “what makes Ziva tick” in the two-part swan song, adding, “In the second episode we learn why she’s going to make the decision she’s going to make… We put a lot into that storyline, so I hope it works for people.”

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  1. jerry says:

    Geeez, people. It’s a fictional TV show. Why get so emotional? Don’t you have a life. The character “Ziva” was part of the reason NCIS became a top-rated series–so apparently the writers, producers, &c, knew what they were doing. If you enjoy the series, watch; if you don’t, watch something else.

  2. Keith says:

    Hmm my take on this without seeing any new episodes??? She might just quit to take over from her daddy and lead the Mossad… this would make sense…

    • Julie Merritt says:

      She cannot because she denounced her Isreali Citizenship and became a US Citizen and a NCIS Agent afteer resigning from Mossad

  3. Barbara says:

    I was disappointed when Sasha Alexander left but I now watch her on Rizzoli and Isles. But this is going to be different. I have watched NCIS from the beginning. But it will definitely be different now. Her replacement will have a hard time winning acceptance by Cote fans. I really hate to see her go. She is so natural with everyone on the show and she makes every episode feel so real. I hope no one else leaves. I Love NCIS. I WISH COTE THE BEST IN WHATEVER SHE DOES!!!!!!!!!!

  4. kate says:

    Really people….these are characters in a show…you are getting pissed off at each other as if it’s real life. I watch the show religiously. ..never miss it but I think some of you may need some professional help.

  5. brooklyn says:

    they also killed Director Jenny Shepard. And Mike Franks

  6. Big Big mistake she is making a poorly thought out decision by leaving NCIS before the program itself goes off the air. She , although pretty and makes the part exciting with the expectation of the romance between her and Tony, is not a great actress yet, and would do well to build her acting ability with the show. NCIS will lose a lot of consistent following of those who watch because of the on again off again romance. To team Tony up with someone else is not going to go over big. I really thought the director of this program would have thought this through a little more and insisted she stay til the end of the program. I am sure she had a contract and should be held to it. She herself is not that interesting a person and I for one will not watch whatever her new show is , as it could not come close to what she has now on NCIS

    • Julie Merritt says:

      Betty ziva was good, Cote is a good actress and I doubt the show will lose that many, if some leave it is their loss. Also if anyone wants to follow the new season go to cbs.com, click on shows scroll down to NCIS and click and you will see a choice of the new season especially last night’s episode.

  7. Everyone else on the show did their jobs for eight years “and are still doing it”. She may be ready for a change but I honestly think her own show will be a flop. I believe if she moves on she is moving out! There is no better actor than Gibbs and he is still there what makes her think she is that much better an actor??? She is not!!! Time will tell my friends and you will all see that I am right about this

  8. Julie Merritt says:

    To Frances and Dennis Ziva stayed in Isreal to find herself also they stopped the terrorists, one of whom is Parsons. Gibbs got one of the Terrorists. And Ziva wasn’t the only one good for the show, they all are. Stoop running this in the ground and let it go. If you want to abandon the show, it is your loss.

  9. NikiFox says:

    So everyone knows we are talking about a fictional character right? With that said I liked the Ziva character on show and I liked CDP playing her. As far as proving herself I believe it was last season or maybe even the one before where she told her father she would not return to Israel and that she was staying with NCIS because she was an NCIS agent. SPOILER ALERT: when he was killed last season she hasn’t seen him or spoken to him up until those final moments. I was sad to see her go and hope maybe to see her in future episodes. The reason for CDP leaving was because she felt she was not being compensated for her work being the lowest paid out of the main characters. Everyone one on the show with the exception of the guy who plays Vance has been there longer than her. Couldn’t remember the salaries or anything so I can’t really comment on that. I’m sure they will replace her with another female. Hopefully she will be as awesome as Ziva and Kate.

    • Alisa Neely says:

      that’s NOT what she said in an interview….she said, they were personal….and she would NOT go into details….and i’m sorry, but if she thought she was worthy of the SAME pay as MH ( an exective producer …with a long list of work under his belt), MW ( who has directed 2 eppies….as well as other work under his belt), the guy that plays ducky…..SORRY, but she needs HELP…..because, i had NEVER heard of cote BEFORE she showed up on NCIS…..and i PRAY, that she DOESN’T come back….and i WISH tptb would STOP throwing stupid bones to the TIVA fans….ziva is GONE…..she is NOT dead….and NO ONE, should be mourning her…..especially TONY….who was treated like DIRT by ziva.

      • What about the actor who plays Direct Vance? The actress who plays Abby? What about the actor who play Timothy McGee or Jimmy Palmer? Your emotions are getting the best of you.

        • Alisa Neely says:

          sorry, but i’m NOT the only who feels she is NOT worth the SAME pay as MH, MW & DAVID….and as for ROCKY: this was the first time i’d ever HEARD of him as well….and the same with sean and pauley…NEVER heard of them BEFORE they started on the show…..and for the last several seasons….the show seemed to be come the ZIVA DAVID SHOW….with the rest of the cast, taking a BACKSEAT to her and tony being treated like CRAP by her.

          • I did not mention anything about salary. You stated you never heard Cote de Palo before she was cast as Ziva. My point is when they hired actors to portray NCIS agents, they want fresh faces not recycled stars..

            Mark Harmon is an established actor, producer and director. David McCallum. who
            portrays Ducky played a Russian Agent Illya Kuryakin. on MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. from 1964–1968.

          • Alisa Neely says:

            while some of us HAD also heard of MW, before he came to NCIS….that’s why he’s ALWAYS listed with MH and DAVID.

          • Julie Merritt says:

            I agree

          • Julie Merritt says:

            You are right in a way, but they deserve a little raise. There are times when I think actors get greedy. If Cote had waited until next season she and the others could have been free agents.

        • Julie Merritt says:

          Everyone needs to take a step back and take a breather. They are all good actors and yes when they negotiate their contracts, have a right to request a little more. They are all good actors.

      • Julie Merritt says:

        Cote has proven herself just like the others. For whatever reasons she left people need to stop the Cote/Ziva bashing. This is a show and they are all good actors.

    • Julie Merritt says:

      I know, Glasberg said they weren’t going to kill her

      • Alisa Neely says:

        and they DIDN’T kill her off…..but, people are acting as if they did….tony and the team DON’T have to MOURN her…..and let’s remember: COTE chose to LEAVE for HER OWN REASONS……and sorry, but she wasn’t all that great.

        • Julie Merritt says:

          Yes I know people are acting as though they killed her. Everyone needs to calm down. They need to realize she wasn’t the whole show, All of the cast made the show.

    • Julie Merritt says:

      That is true, we also know the other reason her father was murdered. he new too much about Persa.

  10. Robert Supuy says:

    I would appreciate that if there is no Ziva, at least bring again the adorable Liat Tuvia played by Saray Givaty to NCIS. She was amazing in those two episodes Enemy Domestic/Enemy Foreign. The Mossad female agents are really hot, because of their kick ass men attitude!!!

  11. Dick Smith says:

    NCIS: I watched it for years….Will stop watching now, recent series without Ziva are just not clicking for me and no one can replace the excellence of Cote De Pablo……

    • Julie Merritt says:

      That is your loss. You are missing a good show. Ziva yes was good, but she wasn’t the show, they all are. Last night was good. It is time to let go and move on. I guess you weren’t a true fan.

  12. Martin says:

    Hi I will not again be watching N C I S. You arrange for cote de Pablo back fall time, she made this programme stand out.

    • Julie Merritt says:

      For those who are still obsessed with Cote/Ziva. i to love ziva, but Cote chose to leave, some actors/actresses do get tired of portraying the same character after years of portraying, also CBVS tried to get her to stay and the show never centered around one character. What makes the show os the entire cast, they are a team and family. Ziva show is over lets move on and wish Cote good luck on her next projects. Those who say won’t watch it is their loss. Also CBS has left the door open for her if she wants to come back.

  13. Jolene says:

    I loved Kate I thought she really made the show,,I cried when she was killed off even though it was only a tv show, but It felt like life was no longer what it was ever was.I felt this was the worse thing they ever did.Makes no sense.

  14. Angela says:

    Well so much for that, they still killed Ziva. I hate it. Why? They could have given the fans a happy ending with Tony and Ziva. I looked forward to that for so long to get this. I am very unhappy and really just put off by this. I will not look at NCIS again and I have been a fan from the start. I am sad and angry. I don’t think too much of Gary Glasberg, he could have done better than this. :(

  15. estefania says:

    you are really insane…..

  16. John says:

    Eight years of showing up and doing her job shows a ton of loyalty the way I see it. I’m not particularly fond of the character she plays but thevactorbdid her job, well and for a very long time. That she’s apparently ready for a change and you’re not, well, that’s unfortunate. She’s moving on.

  17. Pennagirl says:

    Thank you John! Very good and sums up perfectly this situation.

  18. Julie Merritt says:

    John beautifully put. I am now on NCIS Boss Post on Season 11. It is going to be good.