NCIS Boss: Why We're Not Killing Off Ziva

NCIS Ziva DeadNCIS fans dreading the looming departure of leading lady Cote de Pablo, we present you with some blow-cushioning good news: The show isn’t shipping Ziva off in a body bag.

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Executive producer Gary Glasberg confirms to TVLine that the actress’ two-episode swan song (kicking off in the Sept. 24 season premiere) will not culminate with her alter ego’s death.

“It’s not what this character deserves,” Glasberg shares. “Also, [we killed off] Sasha Alexander’s Kate character [back in Season 2] and I like the idea of doing this one a little different and respecting who [Ziva] is.”

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To that end, Glasberg promises viewers will get a rare peek at “what makes Ziva tick” in the two-part swan song, adding, “In the second episode we learn why she’s going to make the decision she’s going to make… We put a lot into that storyline, so I hope it works for people.”

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  1. Chelsea says:

    I think that ncis got a lot better when cote de pablo came into it

  2. Stephanie says:

    Well, this is a relief. I was hoping they wouldn’t kill her off, but I couldn’t help but worry a bit until now. At least now I can watch the first two episodes of NCIS without any foreboding.

  3. Pete says:

    I remember when NCIS used to be a crime drama about crimes related to the Navy.

    • georgie says:

      I never understood the idea that anyone would believe that a foreign national who was a known espionage agent whose father was the head of the Isreali intelligence service would ever be assigned to the premier NCIS team in the nations capitol whose main purview is to “investigate and defeat criminal, terrorist, and foreign intelligence threats to the United States Navy and Marine Corps—ashore, afloat, and in cyberspace.” It has never made any sense to me. The CIA? Sure. They work with double agents, whatever all the time. But NCIS made zero sense. On top of all that, Ziva didn’t have any qualifications in criminal investigations – she was an assassin, a spy. Again, it didn’t make sense that she’d be placed on the Major Case Response Team out of the DC office. I was hoping that she’d leave when Jen did since it was her backing that got Ziva into the job in the first place but no. I should have known better – TPTB aren’t very good at remembering their own canon, their own characters backgrounds, etc. (I mean the fact that Tony’s father has become something of a beloved character annoys the beans out of me. We KNOW exactly what that man did to Tony growing up and it just doesn’t seem plausible to me that Gibbs would ever give the man the benefit of the doubt, but then again, Gibbs is not the character he once was. I don’t know anymore.)

      I hated all the international stuff. There’s enough homegrown stories that could be told, but I guess they were trying to find a way to keep Ziva relevant.

      I never bought that Tony would want to be in a relationship with her. And from her behavior It just always seemed implausible that she’d lower herself to be in a real relationship with him. After all the stuff she’s said to him, all of her abusive actions, I just couldn’t believe the heavy handed “will they won’t they” that was being shoved down our collective throats.

      Anyway, for the first time in a long time, I’m looking forward to Tuesday evenings.

      • Alisa Neely says:

        AMEN……WELL SAID…..i totally agree…..i never understood that either.

        • Julie Merritt says:

          It was Jenny Shepherd and Eli wanted her as a liaison officer. However when she realized the truth about her father, she resigned from Mossad, became a US Citizen and a NCIS Agent.

      • Pete says:

        I agree with all of this, with the possible exception that TV gets a degree of artistic licence and it is this that allowed most discerning viewers to go WTF and then shrug and accept the character of Ziva. Giving her the Mossad background was an inspired short-hand to tell us all about this new character – but that should have been it without constantly revisiting the Mossad connection. Sadly, though, she has rarely lived up to that background – she has proved to be indisciplined and emotional and only prepared to follow orders when she feels like it; she fell apart at having to kill a killer, which was incongruous, and managed to shoot up an entire convenience store without even hitting her actual target.
        The romance with Tony was so unrealistic that the writers have had to keep having outside characters telling them and the viewers that they are made for each other, but no, the idealistic dreamers have to have their ‘perfect’ romance. I’ve never understood why they left the soap operas to watch NCIS, but have been saddened that all of the other beautifully drawn characters have been sacrificed in the name of this one pairing just for them.

        • John says:

          The constant revisiting: yes, that maintained the dissonance for me regarding that character’s fit within the agency. That a Jennie “whim” had such long-lasting effects never quite gelled for me. That this particular ensemble then had an ill-fitting piece, well, the way the writers chose to go… but it meant the character herself was always a loose enough fit I won’t miss her removal. That would have been the same whether the character was from FBI, CIA or the Coast Guard from that matter. Fornell works because he ISN’T part of the team….

          • Alisa Neely says:

            it felt as if shepard USED ziva at first to SPY on TEAM GIBBS….that was easy to see….she gave gibbs NO CHOICE but to take ziva into the team…..having ziva just NEVER felt right….and then tptb KEPT reminding the fans where she was from…..but, there was NO GROWTH to the character…..she didn’t seem to learn ANYTHING from beiong part of a “team”….she didn’t seem to understand how a team works…..she was just too secertive…..imo, she was really MORE of a DANGER to NCIS , then HELPFUL.

  4. Fran says:

    I admit I’m just a casual viewer but I find it interesting to read peoples comments when a major character leaves a show…. and holy crap. People on either side of this argument are SO mean. Its pretty alarming…. I’m kinda glad i don’t have strong feelings about this one way or the other.

    • The Rookie says:

      Sorry to hear that, some people are very passionate with their arguments. I hope people can tolerate and maybe accept any new character.

      I came as many people from the JAG fandom and just transition to the NCIS universe (I think most of us are of the 35+ age). In that show there was also a relationship between the leads that as only resolved in the series finale, but I dont think the Harm/Mac shippers were as vocal as TIVA’s shippers.

      I came to NCIS due to its lighter tone (even as a procedural) and the humor. Those elements do not change even if Maria Jose (Cote/Ziva) leaves. I wish her the best but am ready to see new people on that show.

  5. John says:

    Nope. Bad move, GG. Ziva should be killed off

    • John says:

      I expect they can do a definitive, unmistakeable ending without that. A death would be simpler but as was mentioned in the article they’d gone to that particular well too often for it not to be simply ridiculous.

      Fury they can withstand, derisive lighter probably not b

  6. Wow…there are some real Ziva haters out there…BUT not me….NCIS is at the top of popularity….if removing Ziva is not so important….then the ratings will stay the same….but I predict the ratings will tank without her and the charisma of her with the others. THEN we will really see. I have no interest in this character leaving the story line and have a feeling that most of the “reasons” listed above are made up. Just the Network being greedy. Lets watch and see….

  7. Christopher K says:

    hell,you have already killed off so many people that were mainstay characters and now with ziva leaving,i am done with the show

  8. Donna says:

    I am sorry to see the role of Ziva ending. She was a very interesting addition to the cast after Kate was killed. IMO, I think a full blown romance between Tony and Ziva would have been a mistake; they just didn’t seem to be a good fit as a full-time couple. I will be watching to see who will fill her role in the agency; or if, there will just be a lot of guest appearances showing up. What I would really like to see is for Abby to get more coverage, as well as Jimmy Palmer. Hopefully, the role of Tony and McGee will become stronger characters as well. The last few seasons, they seemed to be getting overshadowed by the way the producers were promoting Ziva.

  9. huh says:

    Again, I ask – why do you people care if someone does not like ziva, the pretend person who inhabits a completely fictional universe on a television show?
    If the fact that I or anyone else can’t stand the character has any effect on your life, and judging from the creepy responses and insults to those that don’t like this pretend person, apparently it does, that makes me very sad for you.

    • Stephanie says:

      It’s not the fact that they don’t like Ziva; it’s the sheer amount of hatred some of them love to spew at any occasion that has me concerned. Seriously, that level of animosity towards a fictional character is very disturbing. And when they extend that hatred towards Cote, who I doubt any of them have ever met, and who by all accounts is a very nice person, well, that’s just not okay.

      • as524 says:

        what about the level of blind devotion? what about the people who have spent weeks crying and not beling able to eat because an actress chose to quit her job? what about the insanity that those who like her and want the romance have dumped on those who don’t like her or the romance over the years?

        • SAM says:

          What about people like you who have defamed de Pablo’s character, making vague accusations but not having the courage to spell it out, word for word, letter for letter?

  10. Guest! says:

    I love Cote de Pablo. I love the character of Ziva. Ziva is my favorite and I am very sad that she is leaving. However, it is time to move on and get on with it. I am appalled that so called Ziva fans are making mean spirited comments to other cast members. According to Latina Magazine and other sources, including Pauley Perrette and Brian Dietzen, this was strictly Cote de Pablo’s decision. Cote said it was not an easy decision and she did not make it lightly. She has great respect for the rest of the cast and her fans. If you are a true Ziva fan, you will respect her decision. Diane Neal, who plays Agent Borin, and is Cote’s good friend alluded to the fact that the hours on a drama are brutal. She also stated though that Cote is “thoughtful and exceptional and worthy of your adoration..” To those who say that Cote owes you something; she does not. This is a job, nothing else. People leave their jobs all the time. How many of you discuss with your co-workers when you are deciding to leave your job? Most people do not until the final decision is made and you are already out the door. I also wonder how many of you that are complaining would be willing to work 12-14 hours a day, 5-6 days a week for 9 months out of the year? I know that I would not like that schedule. I used to live in the LA area and had the opportunity to spend time on the set of GLEE. The process of filming a show is long and tedious. You are always waiting. One scene alone took 7 hours to get through. The cast members were waiting right along side with us. I could not imagine doing this on a daily basis, year after year. It is mind numbingly boring.

    As to Ziva not being killed off, I am not surprised. Despite the haters, many people love Ziva and would not be happy with her demise. I also think that Cote is beloved by her fellow cast mates and by the executive producers. Gary Glasberg has stated that he cannot replace her. I had a feeling that he would keep the character alive in hopes that one day Ziva may return for the series finale, whenever that may occur. And just because I am a Ziva/Tiva fan does not mean that I believe that everyone else is or that they should be. To each their own. I just do not understand why the hatred is so vehement. Just like others have stated on these pages, people hold Ziva to a higher standard than the other characters. Gibbs has made poor choices time after time. And if no one noticed that Gibbs and Vance basically pushed Ziva into going after Bodnar in a non-verbal way-well then we truly are watching different shows. I do believe that Gibbs even smiled when he brought Ziva into Vance’s office to tell him that it “was over”. And if I have to read one more time that Ziva doesn’t RESPECT her senior field agent, I’m going to puke! Tony (and I love Tony and MW) has had his moments of disrespecting everyone on the show. All these characters are flawed. They all add a different dynamic to the show. If Tony can forgive Ziva for pointing a gun at him (and I think he kinda did when he told her he couldn’t live without her after going across the world to find her) then the audience should be able to also.

    As for the very hinted at Tiva moments in Ziva’s last 2 episodes-yea, I am excited. This relationship has been shoved down all our throats. It is not a figment of our imaginations. Do I think after 8 years I should have some pay off? Absolutely. We will get our 2 episodes and then you that dislike Ziva will never have to see her again. Michael Weatherly has stated that he hopes that the Tiva scenes will be as “cathartic and therapeutic for the fans to watch as it was for him shooting them”. He also said in a Yahoo video, and I’m paraphrasing, that whether you “hate the Tiva, or love the Tiva or are ambivalent about it you should tune it to watch it because it will be like a big Christmas stocking on Christmas morning. And you will get butterflies and will love it!” I am also happy that Gary Glasberg has stated that they will not fill Ziva’s chair right away and that when they do bring another female in it will not be a love interest for Tony. Thank goodness. I think we can all be grateful for that. And for all of you who have been complaining about Tony being immature and the butt of all jokes, GG said that Tony will be down in the dumps over Ziva for the first few episodes after she leaves but he will then become more mature. So maybe you will finally get the super Tony that you all have been wishing for.

    At the end of the day, I will still watch the show. I am interested to see where the writers take the characters this year. I love these characters and want to support the other cast members who are still going to do their very best jobs for us all. And whether you are a Ziva/Tiva lover or hater, can’t we all agree to get along and respectfully disagree instead of filling these pages with hate speak on both sides? You have a right to rejoice in her leaving and we have a right to grieve over the loss of someone we admire and love. I promise to not go on these pages and cry over her leaving and gush over the Tiva moments if you all can promise to not go on and complain about every little thing she does in her last 2 episodes. This fight has been going on for too long and maybe now we can finally put it to rest.

  11. penny4em says:

    It`s hard to see Cote`s departure as anything but a sad day for NCIS and I wish her all the best. I hope one day TV land can be more flexible but that`s hard to do with network shows that are 24 episodes long each year. When she joined her character opened up a truck load of storylines for them. And her connection to Ari tied her to the past of the show too. Win-Win, Don knew what he was doing.

    That said of course NCIS will survive. A hit is inevitable ( 3 million my guess ) and there is stiffer competition but it`s not going to suddenly collapse. Perhaps in years to come Cote`s departure will be viewed as the beginning of the end, but at present we just don`t know.

    To be fair to TPTB in previous years they stated that “TIVA” would not happen until towards last few episodes of the last ever season. They are guilty of the normal wash and recycle that we see on screen mind but that`s a TV standard. Something which creates frustration for fans and canon issues for them. Last year though there was a big push and I think it was Gary Glasberg who said he was going to “pull the trigger on TIVA”. I don`t know how you interpret that.. but to me that reads as coupledom here we come. Perhaps that led to claims of it being the “Year of TIVA”. They seemed to be getting there too. Only to fall in the the last two eps. What was the plan for Season 11 had Cote stayed? Together at the start?, somewhere in the middle? or still in that holding pattern….. I guess we will never know as the showrunner has had to change his plans.

    Killing Kate provided a big story that could help them over the transition period. But we only had two years of Kate, eight years feels different. It`s one thing to let fans down, we are never going to get exactly what we want it`s another to let the characters in your charge down. Ziva returning to Mossad or likewise would be denying the character the evolution she deserves and has worked for. Yes, a somewhat referenced off screen relationship with Tony would be best but I`ll take a happy solo sunset ending at present. Tony could still be happy, ever heard of “if the person you love is happy and safe with where they are in their life you can be too?” . They don`t need to be physically together for this to work. If Sasha can come back for phone work why can`t Cote?. But please no CGI.

    As for the empty desk. The rotation of temps seems good. Each temp having their own quirks that the others can react to. Perhaps a different way to get “big name” guest stars on to the show. Though a different face each week might be off putting. I`d like to see Borin working a joint case spanning several eps or the season end arc? And some weeks with “the empty desk” Balance.

    Last season was Ziva and Vance heavy, these things go in cycles. It`s probably Tony time with a healthy dose of McGee and Abby. Abby is difficult to work into storylines given her onscreen remit. Many fans on either side of the “TIVA” debate have voiced concerns over storylines involving family members. So here`s hoping Mr.Glasberg has a plan to use the other characters more wisely. Squall and Detour are a starting point. Every fan has their favorite, it`s when I feel TPTB have their favorites I can start to feel irky. Love them all.

    Roll on September.

  12. Lana-lu says:

    I don’t want Ziva to leave…show won’t be the same without her… my vote is she goes back to Mossad., then they can bring her back from time to time.

    • John says:

      How could Mossad ever trust an agent that rejected both her country and, probably more critically, her agency?

      THAT bridge was well and truly burned.

      One of the endless reasons she was alway can odd fit for me within NCIS. Loyalty that fungible?

  13. One of Gary's Repeatedly Ignored Millions says:

    I do wish Cote’s fans would respect her decision. Even if you feel CBS was unprepared to pay her what she thought she was worth, they still offered her more for one episode than I suspect most of us make in a year. That’s for just EIGHT days work. There are other issues involved in contract negotiations – I feel sure, for example, that both PP and MW get paid for the amount of time they spend promoting the show, which both of them do far more extensively than any other actor, including MH and CdP.

    Cote’s fans seem very hung up on the ‘one year’ thing she supposedly wanted, presumably because it sounds more tasteful than the actress wanting more money. But none of you actually know what went on in her contract negotiations, or what she was offered to stay, in comparison to her costars. You should stop spreading lies and rumors and half truths about the poor actress in an attempt to bully CBS into re-signing her so she can get your Tiva back. She’s made her decision – let her go.

    I’m not a fan of Tiva or Ziva, but the show has killed off a lot of female characters so I can see they didn’t want to kill Ziva. When Kate was killed it was the first time, and therefore shocking. After that it got old very quickly. I was disgusted by their crass killing of Paula, and the ludicrous way in which they dispatched poor Agent Lee who was such a sweet character and one I’d have like to have seen more of. They ruined Jenny so spectacularly as a character that I didn’t much care by the time they killed her off. I feel the same about Ziva – she’s been ruined as a character, and if they did kill her it wouldn’t upset me in the slightest, but they aren’t, and that’s fine too.

    I don’t think NCIS writes women well. Ziva was a poorly constructed character who made no sense within the internal logic of the show. She had anger issues, and the writers, instead of addressing them, glorified her anger and angry responses and vengeful personality, even fetishized it in relation to the Tiva romance. I felt that Tiva was a very ugly view of human relationships and will be pleased when it’s over. I hope that next time the show introduces a long running female character they take some care about it, as their record of writing truly awful female characters is legendary (EJ, Ryan, Snow, Hart, Foster-Yates, etc).

    I will be glad when Ziva has gone. Glasberg seemed to have a fascination with her and with Tiva that wasn’t shared by ALL his audience. Judging by the various ‘likes’ for photos on the NCIS Facebook page, Abby is by far the most popular character on the show, along with Gibbs, with Tony just behind the two of them. I hope we see the show develop some exciting new mythology that is closer to their remit as the MCRT and not international espionage agents, which they aren’t. The Port to Port killer had so much potential but was wasted in too much talky nonsense and a ridiculous finale.

    As for a ‘rare peek at what makes Ziva tick’… really, Gary? You’ve done nothing but focus on her for the past few years. I think we’re all word perfect on what makes her tick. I hope that once she’s gone, you let her GO. Seriously, you need to move on for the sake of the rest of the show, and the millions who watch who simply aren’t that bothered by either Tiva or Ziva and enjoy either the whole show, or other aspects of the show, or other characters on the show, more. You have forgotten about us for the past few years – but we are the fans you need to focus on pleasing now, so I’d like to hear more spoilers about what’s for us once Ziva has gone and less about her interminable exit. Whatever you do, please don’t have Tony and the Team mope over her for episodes on end. We all need to move on, and tying your show and your characters to a character who isn’t around anymore will be more alienating than anything else you choose to do. Cote made her decision. Ziva will make hers. Can we now put it to rest and concentrate on all the other lovely characters on the show who deserves some time, love and attention – they are the ones who are still there, and their fans are the audience still watching.

  14. camille says:

    Lmfao i love reading any commets that people post after a ziva article or even NCIS cause its so damn hilarious everyone including ziva haters ziva lovers gibbs,ducky,palmer,abby,tony,mcgee all of you are hilarious cause you guys take it so personally. you forget its all publicity this is one of the most talked about show on any social media and websites like tvline people should calm down i love this show and everyone in it and i mean everyone but i dont go trying to to make or delude my self abt things that i want to see or what i dont want to see please just enjoy the show cause lets be honest its a damn good show with or without ziva haters or ziva lovers

  15. Bella says:

    At least it leaves the door open in case she wants to return for guest spots or whatever. Can’t say it bothers me her leaving, if it was Tony or McGee or Abby or Jethro that would be a different story.

  16. Dan C. says:

    I know everyone will disagree with this but I think if anyone should leave the show it should be Tony, after all he is self centered, conceded and only wants one thing from any woman. and it would appear that the same is still standing. He is so self centered that he can’t even tell that Abbey is in love with him. Anyway this is my opinion that I formed back in season one.

    • John says:

      Ah but Michael Weatherly (the actor who plays the Tony part) doesn’t want to leave the show. Unlike the actress that plays Ziva, who apparently does.

    • Vickie says:

      Are you delusional? Tony plays the part of the frat boy to keep people from getting close to him and seeing how screwed up he really is. As for Abby–not Abbey–she is NOT in love with him. Tony is like a brother to her just like she is like a sister to him.

  17. Judy says:

    I for one will miss Ziva, no matter what the circumstances. She added that complex personality that made the show very interesting to watch… Can’t fret about what we cannot change. Sad for us all!

  18. kate says:

    I don’t get the Ziva hate. I like the character because she’s pretty funny. While some of these Ziva haters accuse Ziva/Tiva fans of blind love of Ziva/Tiva, I haven’t seen the level of vitriol from the Ziva/Tiva supporters that I’ve seen from the haters. At least not here.

  19. vollisar says:

    A few people said Cote will never work again, not find good roles, etc. I totally disagree! She’s a young, beautiful, sexy, Latina who can sing, dance and is a “trained Shakespearean actor” to quote Weatherly. She acts with a wonderful range of emotions, and has the best facial expressions. She probably doesn’t want to work on 24 episode per season drama anytime soon, but she will have her pick of roles.

    I also disagree that Cote should be paid less because she has two years less time on the show and less work experience. She’s 3rd in the credits and leading lady on the show. She did lots of publicity for the show. The last numbers I saw said PP and MW were paid the same. PP, even though she has less screen time, is the face of the show, so I can understand why CBS pays her more than her screen time suggests she should make. Cote should have been paid equally to those two. I don’t think PP or MW have any great claim to fame on their resumes. Made for TV movies and series that didn’t last 2 years or less. Michael’s Dark Angel was a cult hit, but it didn’t make it.

    I hope it really wasn’t a difference of $25,000 an episode that kept them from agreeing. I don’t think it was. I think she wants to have children, so she’s leaving for the same reason Sasha did. It just makes me very sad, if it’s true, that she offered to return for one more season, and CBS wouldn’t accept that offer.

  20. kate says:

    I don’t get the Ziva hate. I like the character, mostly because I find her funny, so I’m glad they’re not killing her off. But while the Ziva haters accuse Ziva/Tiva fans of vitriol, most of the vitriol I’ve seen has come from them, at least here.

  21. Rae says:

    All I can I can say is, “You people really need a life!” I am a huge fan of the show, but…it is only a show! Character assassination, real or fictional, is unwarranted! Go do something positive…feed the homeless, help a neighbor, register voters, check on the elderly….oh, and let go!

    • Mary S says:

      Well said! I do kind of feel sorry for some of these posters that their lives are so devoid of love and excitement that they have nothing better to do with their emotions than to be this way about Ziva, Tiva and Cote. GET A LIFE, FOLKS!!!

  22. paralaxvu says:

    I couldn’t bear to read through the entire conversation above so if anyone has said what I’m going to say, I apologize. I imagine the folks at CBS and those personally involved with the NCIS show itself are sitting back, eating their lunches, drinking their martinis, collecting their millions and having a really good laugh to see how involved everyone gets in their pretend story. I too love the show and all of its characters, all the story lines and all the characters’ imperfections. I too have my own ideas about who should stay and who should leave, but geez, at the end of the day I go about my real life. It’s no different than reading a book I like. It’s a story and I disagree with the plot line and the characters sometimes and sometimes I’m sad when one of them dies or leaves the others, but when it’s over I put down the book and go about my day. I can’t believe I’m even commenting here–it’s the first time I’ve ever done such a thing. Liking the show is one thing. Getting all upset and carrying on continuing conversations and getting madder and madder is unbelievable. Hey, who knows–perhaps the folks at CBS and NCIS are some of the real people behind these conversations, just egging folks on to keep the thing current and popular? Nah, wouldn’t happen. Writers and directors and producers and CEOs are much too honest to do something like that…

  23. BW says:

    Ziva David….10 years of takin’ names and kickin’ ass….you will be missed!!!

  24. Guest! says:

    Everyone who is interested should watch the Behind the Scenes video on You Tube of Cote at her Latina Magazine shoot. She answers questions about Ziva and season 11 and it doesn’t sound to me or look to me that she was planning on leaving. Something definitely must have happened in negotiations on CBS’s part. They said they did everything to keep her-well if they felt that way, they should have offered her the year contract that she wanted. That way all of the cast would have been up for renewal at the end of season 11, including Mark Harmon who only signed a one year contract. All of them together would have had more collective bargaining power, so I can see why she wanted to go with a one year contract. What most people do not realize is that the contract is with CBS, not NCIS. If the show would have ended at the end of the year, everyone else would be free to pursue other projects but not Cote. CBS would have owned her for however long they wanted the contract to be. Pretty shady on CBS’s part if you ask me. So, I really do believe that the fault lies with CBS even though Cote made the decision to leave. Her hand was forced.

  25. Mike K says:

    Man…. Some of you people take this WAY TO SERIOUSLY!! ITS A TV SHOW!!!! YES it is my favorite show too…. But COME ON!! Stop bickering!! If you don’t like Ziva… I feel sorry for ya! But that is your choice. On the other hand… MANY of us DO. And she will be missed. She wants to spend time with family! So, let her!! She OWES us nothing! And I think (hope) they are not killing her off, so they can bring her back.. (at least once in a while) If both parties so choose. She is FAMILY to the cast & crew. I wish her all the best!

  26. Chuck says:

    I am amazed at the Ziva-haters. I think the chemistry between Tony and Ziva is hot but not as a permanent affair. Of course I watch for entertainment and not to analyze every move. I’m an old fart and really enjoy NCIS. I did not understand Jamie Lee Curtis and did not care for her as a member of the cast. I like her but not here.

  27. cherry says:

    I can give or take ziva leaving. There were times i could not stand her, especially when her and tony picked on mcgee for no apparent reason except to act as if they were superior to him. Like the time they commented about gluing his face to the desk. They both need to grow up. I wonder how tony going to be with McGee having a girlfriend next season, even though McGee belongs with Abby. I will give the girl a chance.

    • Chuck says:

      I’m pretty sure the future treatment dished out by Tony is pretty much in the hands of the writers or am I missing something here???

      • karankay says:

        you do realize that it’s a TV show right? so when you say they need to grow up, it’s you who needs to lighten up and know that it’s meant to be funny.

        • Chuck says:

          Do you see where I said anything about grow up or lighten up or am I still missing something. Maybe something was in those vitamins you had for breakfast. Maybe YOU can’t see the humor in my simple comment.

  28. Shakespear says:

    My God people,,,,, she isn’t real! She’s an actress playing a part! And that part is all written and scripted.

  29. Julie Merritt says:

    I also think you John. I also hope they have it where she helps Tony and McGee get that Parsons and learn who Gibbs was sent by CIA to take our, of which I think it is either Jarvis or Barrett.

  30. Mac says:

    No idea if the Ziva character can be ‘topped’!
    Tho, I said same about Kate being replaced back some time ago?
    So, we will ALL have to wait and see if the new young lady can hold her own
    with a cast and audience that expects only the best of the Team Members of NCIS!

  31. What is going to happen when Gibbs Leaves after this season

  32. good grief! I cannot believe all the bull… I have read! Can’t you people just enjoy a good show? I am old and crippled-you should just be grateful you can see and hear what shows you like to watch, without belly achin’ about who you “lov’e’…Hate or otherwise? Life is too short , so please be kind to one another and either “watch'” or change the channel and enjoy life…make believe or real? Have a good one! patrice

  33. Albert Shalhoub says:

    How many rules does Special Agent Gibbs have an have they ever been published?

  34. fan1 says:

    I am a TIVA fan. I love the chemistry between Tony and Ziva. However, I have never written to the show and asked them for more Tiva moments. To insinuate that TIVA fans have bullied the writers into writing more of the Tiva romance is ridiculous. Sorry, but we do not have that much power. If anyone is responsible for the Tiva moments it is Gary Glasberg and the writers who have been writing scenes for them since Ziva first appeared on the show in season 3. Please stop telling us that it is a figment of our imaginations or something we demanded. I don’t write for the show. I don’t create the situations that the characters find themselves in. I don’t write the flirty looks, the eye sex, the suggestive touches, the innuendos in their speech. I did not write the commercials that promoted “…and will bring two agents closer together”. I did not say that I was going to “pull the trajectory on Tiva”. I did not say that it was going to be “the year of the Tiva”. These are all things that have been said by people connected to the show. Not by Tiva fans. I liked Tony and Ziva before I even knew what “Tiva” was. I did not write lines that said “Couldn’t live without you I guess” or “You, I did it for you.” or “I cannot be this without her. She is an incredible woman” or “This is nice. I miss the old Ziva. Don’t flatter yourself, that’s just my knee” or “I’m looking down your top right now” or “You can slouch provocatively all you want” or “Then I will have to catch her before she leaves and you know, thank her” or “You didn’t seem to mind when we were undercover. Maybe that had something to do with the fact that you were naked. Perhaps if it were warmer in here, hmm?” or “I have the same problem Tony, I am what you Americans call a screamer” or “What would you like me to do? Hold your nozzle?” or “When I have a man the favors I offer have little to do with clothes” or “Junior, when are you going to come to your senses and sweep this gorgeous creature off her feet” or “Did something happen in Berlin that you’re not telling me about?” or the hundreds of times they have each asked the other ‘”Are you jealous?” Tiva fans did not write the longing looks that Ziva gave Tony when he was with Jeanne. Or the looks Tony gave Ziva when she was with Michael Locke in “Recoil” or the looks they shared in “Housekeeping” and “A Desperate Man”. Tiva fans didn’t place pictures of Ziva in a bikini on Tony’s wall or a picture of Tony on Ziva’s computer. Tiva fans did not write a jealous Tony who confronted Stan or was worried about Shmiel and the possibility of Ziva having a date for the opera. If Tiva fans had this much power, Tony and Ziva would have been a couple a long time ago. This is something created by TPTB because it draws viewers in. Michael Weatherly himself stated that when they were filming the dance scene in the episode “Berlin” that several crew members and writers were throwing their hands in the air because they were finally getting their Tiva moment. This was a moment that Michael and Cote asked to be shorter than some writers and GG wanted it to be because they wanted to tread lightly. So it seems like GG and some of the writers are the biggest TIva fans. To imply that we, the fans, caused all the Tiva romance in episodes is just plain silly. To those who say we are taking things too seriously, I say to you; I am fully aware that this is a television show. I know that Ziva is a fictional character. I am very fulfilled and happy in my personal life. I do not live vicariously through Tony and Ziva. However, the reason television shows are successful is because people get attached to the characters. If we didn’t have passion for the story lines and the characters what would be the reason for tuning in? I became attached to NCIS because after I moved away from all of my friends that I had been with for 13 years, the show was a constant in my life that didn’t change no matter where I was living. For whatever reason, people become emotionally connected to actors and characters. It does not mean that we are out of touch with reality. I wonder how well those of you, who are huge lovers and advocates of Tony, would be faring right now if Michael Weatherly had all of a sudden decided to leave the show with little or no warning? I am sure that several of you would have started your own campaign in order to keep him on the show and would have whined on these pages about the loss of your beloved Tony. Just because it is a character that you don’t like does not mean that Ziva fans are overreacting or being dramatic. And if we are over the top and too emotional what are those of you who are commenting on how much you hate a fictional character? Doesn’t the ball bounce both ways? I could just as easily say that you are all too involved to be rejoicing in the fact that someone who is not real is leaving a television show. I could say that your hatred for her is just as stupid as our love for her is. I am going to continue to watch the show. I will be sad when I do not see Cote de Pablo’s face or name in the credits but I am not going to off myself or write angry letters to the producers and owners of the show. Change is inevitable but it doesn’t mean that we do not have a right to grieve the loss of a character we loved and admired. Put yourself in our shoes and think about how you would feel about your favorite character leaving the show before you throw insulting comments our way. Thanks.

  35. Zoe says:

    ….Wow. You know you’ve gone too far when Matt Webb Mitovich himself has to tell you to calm down. Seriously, guys. Take a breather.

    Clearly you all are going through a difficult time for your fandom. You’re losing a fan favorite character. And… yeah, I can’t pretend those of us in the SVU fandom didn’t go a little insane when Meloni left. Y’all are getting more closure than we did. Lucky. But… I can’t pretend I don’t understand why you’re lashing out at each other.

    Good to know she’s not being killed off. Smart move.

  36. cherry says:

    We all know or should know that this is just a tv show. I hope they have more of tony and McGee working together, they are comical together. Let me ask every one a question, if this was real life would someone like a ziva David, considering her background, ever been able to become an American citizen and a federal agent.

  37. kay says:

    i love Ziva and am not sure if I can watch the show without her although Gibbs makes the show. If she has to leave the show they should pull an “I dream of Jeannie” and just one day have someone else show up as Ziva like the did with Darren

    • Julie Merritt says:

      Kay Cote would want you to watch. They tried to keep her, but she wanted to leave. Instead of dwelling on Ziva leaving, look forward to viewing to one see who the CIA has sent Gibbs to kill. And on Tony and MaGee. They are a comedy team.

    • Not a I Dream of Jeannie but it was Bewitched. Hey the writers could of pulled a Dallas, when Bobby Ewing was still alive taking a shower. Remember the Bob Newhart last episode when he played the Psychiatrist not the Innkeeper. The writers brought back Suzanne Pleshette to reprise her roll as his wife, Emily. Bob Newhart has a bad dream, woke up telling Emily about the premise of him being a Innskeeper. Emily tells Bob Newhart to go back to sleep

  38. I certainly hope they don’t kill her off. If they decide to keep her, I hope they keep her and Tony together.

  39. cherry says:

    Entertainment tonight had scenes from ncis. Vance is saying someone is trying to destroy my team. Some one is in a body bag. Tony goes looking for ziva and finds her. Tony might be the only one who gets to say goodbye to ziva. In a way it is not fair to anyone else on the show. Maybe it should end with just tony. Colin hanks is supposed to be back for the first show.

  40. Lynn says:

    Okay, Ziva is gone. We wish her luck in her new career, whatever that will be. I enjoyed her character immensely and will miss her. On to tomorrow. I really hope they choose someone similar to Ziva and not some snot nosed young person who has no experience and thinks she knows it all (like JJ’s replacement on Criminal Minds). Since TV’s #1 show has a huge over 25 audience, the next replacement should also be older with experience and no I do not mean that EJ or whatever her name was a couple of years ago….could not stand her. We will stnad by NCIS for as long as it is on and will be deeply saddened when it goes go off……….not for many years I hope. After all, Law & Order was on for 20 years.

  41. Gio Patterson says:

    Really alot of people want ziva to stay so every one post every where to keep her plz ziva stay we all love u stay with Ncis plz plz plz

  42. Gio Patterson says:

    Keep ziva post every where to try to keep to plz

  43. Gio Patterson says:

    Who’s with me trying to get her to stay

    • Alisa Neely says:

      people i’m gonna say this again , so PLEASE PAY ATTENTION: COTE CHOSE TO LEAVE THE SHOW…..THEY OFFERED HER ALOT OF MONEY…..probably more then some of us believe she’s even worth…..and she TURNED IT DOWN……SHE HAS FILMED HER FINLE EPPIES AND IT’S A DONE DEAL……MOVE ON…..imo, and that of MANY other NCIS FANS: the show became about ZIVA and TIVA…..pushing the OTHERS to the background….turning tony into a WHIMP….to make ziva look better, then she was…..to be honest: i’m THRILLED to be RID OF HER.

      • Vickie says:

        It’s no use arguing with Tiva/Ziva fans, they tend to be irrationally obsessive over it and ignore the fact that she treated him like crap and it’s HE that deserves better than HER!

        • Julie Merritt says:

          Vickie that is what I have been saying as well

          • Vickie says:

            Thank you! I like Ziva, I do, she’s not my favorite, Tony has that honor, nor is she in my top three after him, but I do like her. The problem is that she has overtaken the show and her treatment of Tony is deplorable. If they were real and had a relationship, I guarantee they would end up like a bad Lifetime movie. But that’s just my opinion. Unfortunately, many Tiva/Ziva fans jump at me and freak out because I don’t see it their way. They’re nasty and try my patience with their ‘How dare you’ atttitude. The fact is, yes, she did pull her gun on her unarmed and injured partner, she has withheld information, and yeah, she was mean enough to blatantly have a dinner party and not invite him. Yes, it was seasons ago, but do you just forget about things people do to you? No. The writers made Tony peachy with everything when in all actuality, he’s a seriously damaged man who in real life would not have. Tony fans are mad because the writers are ovrlooking and disrespecting his character, I mean, they spend seven seasons insinuating that he was abused and then make the guy likable. No. I’m sorry. He’s a jerk. Tony shouldn’t be told to just accept him and move on. Gah, I’m sorry, I went off on a tangent. I’ll stop now. :)

          • Julie Merritt says:

            However Vickie They have become friends and she treats him good. Read the new NCIS Boss post on Season 11. Ziva and other NCIS Personnel are in danger. i have a feeling the CIA is involved

  44. Vickie says:

    I like Ziva but I agree with Alisa, she never treated Tony right or anybody really. Her and Tony are all wrong for each other. I’m not happy to see her go, but the writers were making me start to dislike her, everything was about her. The writers also have been grossly unfair to Tony, but that’s another matter all together.

  45. Barbara Dempsey says:

    Ziva makes the NCIS = I may quit watching it if she leaves. She adds WHAM to the show!
    And is a very unusual character.

    • Mary S says:

      Barbara, I have been watching NCIS since the pilot…I agree, Ziva adds WHAM to the show, but it was great before she arrived and it will continue to be great when she is gone. I will miss the humor of her messing up the language and the way she and Tony relate (I still contend that they were more like sibling rivals than a couple) and the way she baits him. I love seeing a woman make a horn-dog beg! It’s just too easy to mess with his mind!
      But it NEVER occurred to me that they would ever be more than flirtatious friends and loyal collegues-Gibbs would never allow it. Maybe that’s how they have her leaving-TIVA happens, Gibbs finds out and sends her away.
      This is not Castle, where he is not officially a cop and therefore free to couple-up, nor is it Bones, where she works for the Smithsonian and he is FBI: Ziva is an agent, a part of the team, and everyone depends upon everyone else. Romantic entanglements are not good for the team and we have heard Gibbs say it too often to mention, you don’t mix the personal with the investigations. Even with the history that he and Jenny had, it was all business and professional demeanor when they were together.
      Even with Ziva gone, we still have Gibbs, Tony, McGee, Abby and Ducky, plus Vance. The chemistry, wit, humor and intelligence that exists within that group will keep me coming back, year after year.

  46. Sandra says:

    I love Ziva & will miss her greatly. I’ll support any additional roles she plays. Totally gifted & talented. My favorites are when she gets American sayings wrong & Tony’s always correcting her. Too cute & hilarious!

  47. Really I love Ziva and hate to see her go I HOPE she returns someday

  48. kathy says:

    My husband won’t know what to do with Zeva gone. She’s the one he watches for. AND my sister texts when Zeva does one of her somewhat english language. And I kind of miss the show too.

  49. JoAnn Kimball says:

    Here’s my slant on all of this: Yes, she wanted to leave for personal reasons; yes, they offered her a lot of money to stay; and yes, she has her own priorities at this time BUT I also hope (wish) that all of this is just a lot of TV hype and, ultimately, after DePablo has resolved all her personal business, Ziva will be back. Maybe not this season but, in time, maybe she will be back. I truly feel the cast and the story are so strong that the program could actually tolerate and perhaps even thrive with this scenario.It would certainly be a first and an alternative that does not involve killing anyone off. (While I’m thinking about it, maybe they could bring Jeanne back as Tony’s love interest. She was actually quite good for him and, in my humble opinion, was a better fit than the whole Tiva thing.) Anybody out there agree that that any of this would be a wonderful thing?????????

  50. Aqueelah says:

    Reading others comments is amazing, can’t believe people could hate the Ziva character, she is complicated much like persons in real life and while she has done questionable things she is just amazing. I must admit after Kate died I didn’t think the show would be any good but being that the show was new Ziva fit right in and got cozy. She was fun to watch and it will be sad letting her go. When we decide to watch these shows they become apart of us so losing a member of the team is sad and adjusting may take a while or it may never happen. I hope Cote decides to come back, tremendously happy they didn’t kill her off. Besides if she’s leaving to spend time with her family she made a good choice may not be best for us the viewers but understandable. If the writers didn’t want to pay her her fair share then I suggest they work out a deal fast because her being there means more money for everyone. As for the Tiva relationship it was the writers who charge that romance, got our hopes up then failed to deliver we could have been fine with them as just friends and speaking of which why is it that no ncis agent have a steady family life….. hate that balance and the only family they just killed the wife (Jacky).Looking forward to season 11 especially the first two ep, will have to wait and see how well the other eps fit with my spirit.