Cold Justice Exclusive: Dick Wolf's Crime-Solving Reality Series Gets an Eye-Popping Poster

The United States has 200,000 unsolved murder cases. Dick Wolf wants to change that. And — chung, chung — with his new TNT reality series Cold Justice, he’s hoping to bring that real-life (ahem) law and order right into our living rooms.

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Below, get an exclusive look at the key art for Cold Justice, which follows Kelly Siegler (a former prosecutor with a 68-0 conviction record) and Yolanda McClary (a former Las Vegas C.S.I. with 26 years of experience) as they head to underfunded small-town police departments, re-examine the evidence, and try to bring murderers to justice — all while the cameras roll.

After you eyeball the poster, scroll down and check out the initial Cold Justice trailer, then share your anticipation level in the comments.

Cold Justice premieres Tuesday, Sept. 3, at 10/9c on TNT.

Cold Justice Key Art

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  1. bobbie says:

    Dick Wolf. Yes. Real Unsolved Crimes. Yes. I will watch it.

  2. GeoDiva says:

    I think this is a great idea. I hope they actually close a couple of cases.

  3. Missy Kelly says:

    I remember this prosecutor from a couple of her cases and I am not excited about this. Love True Crime (ID is on my favorites list) but this prosecutor makes me cold. She & Nancy Graces are twins from another mother – no time, room, or respect for opposing points of view.

    • annie sisk says:

      Exactly. I kept wondering where I knew her from – her face and voice were so familiar – and then I remembered: past ID shows, various appearances, none of them casting her in a favorable light (unless you’re of the “kill ’em all and let God sort ’em out” mindset). Your Nancy Grace metaphor is spot on.

    • Anise says:

      This seems to be the case with a lot of prosecutors. I guess it would be a difficult profession to be in if you allowed any doubts about your cases creep into your mind.

      I do agree that the steamrolling of others opinions is really off-putting, though. I can’t stand talking head legal panels, they’re where courtesy goes to die.

      • Jen Checki says:

        I thought that way, too, until I became familiar with the Anthony Graves case. Kelly Siegler was courageous and honorable in that situation. She is not win at all costs person she might seem.

    • creatrix says:

      I completely disagree about the Nancy Grace comparison. Kelly Siegler has impeccable logic. Nancy Grace glosses over logic all the time.

      Also, compare Siegler and the Anthony Graves case and Grace and the Duke Lacrosse players case. There’s no comparison.

      • applemoon says:

        Currently I don’t watch the show regularly but I respect these two women for their accomplishments in their career.I can’t remember if it was the 1st episode but it was the one where they thought the mother committed suicide. I thought that if you were in the house where someone was shot everyone had to provide a resin test for the weapon. You can always tell if it was a suicide or murder based on the gun shot and especially what hand the weapon was in when the alleged suicide happened. My heart went out to the daughter because she lost her mom and her life since has felt empty. What kind of police department ignores the evidence. I’m no detective but clearly a mom that loves being a mom does not commit suicide. I know you can never know someone’s true state of mind and that people who do commit suicide are extremely happy days or weeks prior because they know they are ending their pain but the only pain in this women’s life was her boyfriend. It outraged me that the police did not do a proper investigation. My point is in regards to the show I’m not sure i’m impressed yet but again the women especially the ex- prosecutor who had no loses and only wins well that speaks volumes. I do respect that they are trying to give closure to families. My heart goes out to people who lose family members and never get justice that must feel like a whole in your heart so respect to the producers and directors for trying to help these families.

  4. Elliott Kline says:

    With Dick Wolf’s name attached to the show, it can’t miss. I’ll watch it.
    Elliott K.

  5. Sherrie says:

    I waited forever for “The Closer” to premier & never missed a show. Now I have that same anticipation for “Cold Justice” I’m definently going to watch this!!!! I like D.a. Siegler her drive to see justice done & her compassion for victims & servivors is spot-on

  6. Robert Fickman says:

    I know Kelly and I wish her good luck. I do wonder about the practicalities of solving any crime with a producer’s deadline. Short cuts may help reach a deadline but they have no place in the search for truth. Dick Wolf has made a career lionizing prosecutors. Prosecutors are not the mythic good guys that he has depicted. Nor are defense lawyers the two dimensional witless nincompoops that he
    Relied on as stock characters. If this a reality show, I hope it’s more real then the fictional world known as ” Law & Order”.

    Robert Fickman
    Criminal Defense Lawyer
    Houston Texas

    • Debra Kegley says:

      I am the mom of Ronnie Joe Hendrick and there is no closer to this cast and no justice eather .If they were going to sure the truth I wish they had not lies he will serve 22 years and it has taken 7 peoples life also because of there lies. They used my name and picture on tv and family with lies we loved Pam and would not have help cover up anything. I hope they don’t do this to anyone else if you are going to do a job you do it right not with lies . If they were going to do this they should have talked to everyone there and not bring them in for something else yes a crime was done but not by my son ! There was no truth in the show at all . I hope this Lawyer will get ahold of me .
      Debra Kegley
      735 Jackson Rd.
      Westhoff Tx. 77994

  7. There is a cold case in Ozark, Alabama dating back to July 1999 involving two 17 year old girls shot and placed in the trunk of a car. The Police Chief is Tony Spivey. If interested, the girls are J.B. Beasley and Tracy Hawlett. My little girl grew up with one of the younger sisters of J.B. Help would be greatly appreciated by the families. Thank you and God Bless.

  8. Pizza Face says:

    I have first hand knowledge of a small town where the murderer in this matter is the great grandson of the man the local court building is named after. Bring down The local royalty. Stop the good old boy in your town. Just see how far a city will go to cover up the crimes of their endorsed figure head. The bar association a base of operations for terrorists. Closer to home then you realize.

  9. curious says:

    Mine is not a comment but rather a question. My mother was murdered in 1992 and I’ve spent years looking for answers, there are lots of coincidences and suspicious unanswered questions. After more than twenty years I still haven’t been able to let it go, I want answers for myself and my family especially my grandmother so she may have soon closer before she passes away (she’s 91). So my question is…..can u help me?

  10. Kelly says:

    I have a question. My mother in law was murdered 1994. My husband has never had any closer because of no answers. If you could help me find closer for this plz contact me?

  11. Sandra schn says:

    TNT used to be a drama network which is the reason I watched daily. Now ‘reality’ is rearing its ugly head here too. Please return TNT to its drama roots which are honestly made up stories.

    network which was a reason I watched daily. Please return to drama roots!

  12. I am curious how you pick your cases for production or even preliminary investigation to assess viewer interest. There is a case of a missing woman since 1990 in McMinnville Oregon. I have been sitting by with the sister (my best friend since 1981) of this woman while those guilty of this crime walk free, confess to being involved all while law enforcement have done nothing. There were multiple murders involved in a two week period and Steph’s is the only one unsolved. Here is a link to the basics of her case. http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/d/douglas_stephanie.html

  13. Janie says:

    I’m excited for the new show! I love Dick Wolf’s take on things. I still watch the old Law & Order CI.

  14. Sissy says:

    I will watch,I will also pray they will come to see my family so that a case of our’s can be solved!We lost a nephew under some very crazy circumstances,we would love to know what really happened,his son was very young when he lost his father,now he is being teased about how his father died because the truth has never been found.It is a matter of fact he has now turned away from living in the real world because of all of the rumors.His son is twelve now.We sure hope to know the real truth before we all die!

  15. Rex Clinton says:

    Cold case in Brenham, Texas , murder, Roberta Clinton

  16. connie barker says:

    i love crime /mystery shows and will watch this .i have a real life crime for you to solve .a 16 year old girl was raped and killed and left at the river bottoms and was found a week later /the police investigated and arrested the wrong man /was released on a technicality at trial because they knew they had wrong man .the real killers were covered up because of who they know .please give justice to the girl and our small town

  17. Julie says:

    Love Love Love Kelly Siegler . . . that woman was PASSIONATE about her work as a prosecutor. Can’t wait for this show.

  18. Meghan says:

    I’m interested to see Yolanda McClary at work. She even looks like a CSI detective. She looks like a cross between David Caruso & Marg Helgenberger, & I mean that in a good way!

  19. Steph says:

    This show sounds interesting. I love true crime shows. I noticed many people posting about cases they would like investigated on the show on here. However, this is not the place for that. This writer was only reviewing the show and does not have anyway of influencing the cases they investigate. If you would like to bring a case to the attention of the producers, then I would suggest posting on their Facebook page and visiting their page on TNT’s site. There may be contact information on there.

  20. faith nelson says:

    Look into the two boys killed on the train track s in Alexander Arkansas 26 years ago in August The Benton police department has not solved this case & a lot of people want to know who did it

  21. faith nelson says:

    on YouTube you can see it “cries from the grave” about the two boys who died August 23rd 26 years ago watch it it will tell you all you need to know

  22. Nancy H in KS says:

    Is this really a show with the interest of solving cold cases? Of the 200,000 unsolved cases, do you just pick the easiest, most likely to affect TV ratings?
    I had an aunt murdered on July 3rd, 1966, a case that was never solved. The prime suspect was her husband but from the comments my father made, the authorities did such a botched up job of investigation, it’s no wonder it was never solved or anyone even arrested.
    Although I was a child at the time, and whoever did it is probably dead and gone by now, I often wonder if, with today’s technology, could the case be looked into again? If you are interested in more details, let me know

  23. applemoon says:

    I’m excited I think it’s going to be awesome. I’m sure there going to solve most murders or they would not have this show. Law and Order is the longest running show besides the cartoon Simpsons, which is a joke. I hope they do help the families I can’t imagine the pain of never knowing especially if it’s someone right under your nose which is probably the case considering it’s small town America.

  24. Sharon says:

    Just watched the first episode. Fast paced, good camera work and the two women investigators are both knowledgeable and experienced. Love it. Dick Wolf has another winner.

  25. Tammy Garner Hardt says:

    My friend Debe Pelkey’s daughter Chelsea Margaret Currie was murdered in 2008 in Victoria County Texas. She was last seen in July of that year,she left behind 2 young boys and her mother still can’t get her daughters ashes from the funeral home! The person(s) responsible for her brutal death are still free! And to make mattress worse, she was found on her child’s grandfather’s property! The car she was last seen in was taken to some sort of law enforcement facility. It doesn’t seem right when information was given to proper authorities when she didn’t come home and now 5 years later,people supposedly working on her case haven’t accomplished anything more than we’ve told them from the beginning! And it gets worse,bad things happened to her boys and when reported no one did anything! Please help solve this terrible terrible crime! I know it won’t bring Chelsea back,but maybe some closer for her mother,brothers,sons and friends! Thank you!

    • Cassandra says:

      I really hope someone looks into this case! Chelsey was my step-sister and I know that Debe and everyone needs closure. If someone could please please please look into Chelsey Margaret Curry’s murder!

      • Betty Thompson says:

        Hello Mr. Wolfe I am trying to solve a murder, which has been covered up by the Dayton, Ohio Police Department and the Para-Medics who lied about the death and his injuries. also fraud involving the Montgomery County Prosecutors office. Please help me. I am Betty Thompson 727-799-9596

    • Alyse says:

      I went to school with Chelsey. I have always wondered what happened to her and why so little information was given about her death. One small newspaper article and an obituary is all I could find.

  26. Etta Frakes says:

    On February 14 2012 my baby brother John William Knox’s wife moved out got a PO box.they got their income tax money my brother told me he had given her her part of it minus her part it would cost her to help pay for the. Divorce. On March 4 2012 I went to his house to take him a steroids stand and he started telling me that Mandi was sleeping with another Guy that Guy confirmed it by telling my brother.now john told me Mandi was into drugs. Our conversation that night was cut short as I had plans and his landlord came over to borrow a battery charger. So we hugged told each other we loved each other as we always had for many years.if anyone knew john inside and out I did even being 9 years apart in age.anyways
    On March 6th 2012 I happened to be in Wellington Kansas with our sister Brenda I had followed her to Dillon’s she was getting her check I went to get gas and we were meeting at her house so I decided to run by a favorite donut shop and got different kinds and for some reason I decided to drive by my brothers house and his son and daughter were on the side walk getting ready to walk to school and I stopped asked them if I could pick up a couple hitchhikers and they said yes that was about 730 am they ate some donuts I asked why dad was home and Makayla said daddy is sick his head hurts.so I took them to school Makayla texted john when they got to school as they did every morning..and she let him know I’d picked them up and gave them a ride.they told one another they loved each other and would see each other after school all normal.I’d thought about going to check on him but didnt want to bother him if he had a migraine as we both had problems with them. I went on at to Brenda’s I told Brenda what happened and she said he’s probably got a headache from Mandi. Then my phone rang so Brenda and I stepped out in the garage to smoke and I seen it was Becca so I answered it and she made me sit down and told me john was dead Brenda ran inside and called her husband.then I called my brother Leonard in Kansas city at work to tell him then we headed to Johns there was 2 cops there one was bill Upton the other one was john devore. They didnt rope anything off they weren’t there maybe 30 minutes.the corner was there pronounced him dead at 8 am when I got the call from Becca his ex wife the mother of the kids about 8-815am. We were there while they removed the body. Now we got conflicting stories as to if he was sitting on the bed or what one cop said he was sitting on it the other said he was laying down fully dressed with a sheet over him. I asked bill Upton what happened he said suicide I said that aint john at all!!! He fought like crazy for his kids and wouldn’t do that to them!!! I asked bill what gun was used and he told Brenda and I both he used my dads 357 magnum.and it remained in his hand with the finger on the triger. I said that aint possible that gun has a kick to it cuz dad made us girls learn how to shoot a gun incase we needed to.I had made the calls to my siblings we were all in shock cuz that just wasn’t something john would do. Anyways my brother Leonard and Brenda went to Franks funeral home where I had them take Johns body to.to see what legal right we had to his body unfortunately we had none because the divorce hadn’t been started yet but the director would approach Mandi with the idea of releasing his body to us kids and she wouldn’t have to pay for anything. Later she called my brother Leonard to meet her at the funeral homeland agreed to turn his body over as long as she could get some of his ashes fir her son rustyn which wasn’t Johns son.the only time he called him dad was when they lived together Mandi had moved out 18 times in 31/2 years. I had set up a time to meet with Mandi to try to keep things civil so Johns kids would get what they deserved to them.so I asked Mandi out for coffee and she agreed to penny’s diner so we went the next day we talked about john she came straight up and told me it wasn’t her fault he was dead she didnt feel guilty about it asked me where his clotheswere that he was weareing when it happened and the sheets she wanted those all back. Asked where his wallet was cuz if there was money in it she wanted it and wanted to know where his phones were and it took every ounce of me not to beat her butt!! I told her the cops had the phones wallet and the gun.she said she was surprised the cops didnt question her and I said me to. I said you canget them back when they are done. Well we made a point to go to Wellington pd the next day and me her and Leonard went john devore gave her the property back including the gun uncleaned. I told the cop bill Upton what she said about wanting his clothes back and the sheets all he said was wasn’t gonna happen.Mandi told me while we were drinking coffee she had one of her friends drive her by their house to see if he was dead. Then she started going to his job trying to get his last check she went up there dailey almost. The cops didnt do a very good job investigating it there are alot of red flags two cops in another county said there was no way he would do that and one cop was a female he lived with and he remained friends with all of his exs. She threw his things in the trash instead of giving to his kids.the cops let anyone and everyone in the house. There is a ding in his headboard of their bed slightly above his pillow
    from where he was laying and a price of the bullet hit it.I drove her to hometown where it was rented from when she told the lady there about what happened she had no tears the day we talked at penny’s she didnt shed a tear. His job told us he was his normal joking self the 5th of March. Him and his ex wife had even texted back and forth saying good morning to one another.is their anything that you can do am I just in total denial as are my sister are also they agree with me. My only brother living him and john didnt get along. I just need someone else’s take on this.thank you if there is anything I havve left out I’m trying to remember everything. This lady is on Meth and was taking lortabs and methadone. Thank you Etta Frakes

  27. Keesha Dlowsen says:

    I am grateful someone out there cares about helping familys get justice I can just pray that my father’s mysterious death would be investigated.He came up dead in his hospital room after being discharged waiting on us to pick him up.After a person of interest called me and my mother and siblings to find out what time we were going to pick him up they were going to visit him and take him some beans with meat and cornbread.We received a phone call from the person of interest telling us our father was dead.When my family arrived at the hospital the doctor asks us what happened we explained we have no clue I asked why my father looked 20 months pregnant he explained it was esphiciation we asked whats that he said thats where a person chokes on food gets stuck in the lungs and the airways are blocked causing the stomach to swell doctor stated he had just talked to my dad an hour ago before person of interest got there he said dad was feeling great waiting on his ride being his happy self ready to go home laughing cracking jokes we asked a nurse when was tge last time she checked on him because the call for help remote was pushed away from the bed where he could not call for help the nurse stated to us she saw the person of interest running out my father’s room but the doctor told her she would be fired if she helped us and testfied to that the person of interest without our familys knowledge because the staff never told us nor called us stateing someone came in stateing they was my fathers child and somehow illegally obtained a medical power of attorney form without us knowing anything about it I was the child that enrolled him in and asked the hospital to contact me instead they listened to an imposter and criminal AND NOW MY FATHER IS MYSTERIOUSLY DEAD AND NO ONE CARES BUT US HE DIED FOR NOTHING I tried to report the incident to the dallas police sherriffs investigation unit they told me the doctor would have to call them and state there was fowl play me as his baby girl can not open up an investigation I said WHAT IF THE DOCTOR WAS IN ON IT HE WAS PAID UNDER THE TABLE my fathers death certificate states he died of pneumonia but that’s what they told me he had when we first got to the hospital and they cured and discharged him because he was better that makes no sense and the person of interest is on our fathers death certificate showing they found him dead HE WAS BEST DADDY IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD ALL WE WANT IS JUSTICE NO ONE CARES TO NOR WANT TO HELP US GET JUSTICE I HOPE THIS STORY TOUCHES SOMEONE TO REACH OUT MY FATHER WAS A BLUES MUSICIAN HE PLAYED IN THE BAND WITH CALL VALENTINE IN THE 50’s HE PLAYED DRUMS ON BB KINGS 1990 album ALSO PLAYED WITH IKE AND TINA TURNER IN DALLAS TEXAS HE DID NOT DESERVE TO DIE LIKE THIS NO JUSTICE FOR HIS REAL CHILDREN AND WIFE THANK YOU FOR LISTENING SINCE NO ONE IN TEXAS CARES TO LISTEN TO OUR HEARTS AND HELP HEAL SOME OF THIS PAIN THAT ALMOST DROVE ME CRAZY WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO THE CRIMINALS GET AWAY WHILE THE FAMILY IS LEFT TO SUFFER AND PRAY I HOPE THIS STORY CAN HELP OTHERS AND WARN THEM TO BE WATCHFUL OVER YOUR LOVED ONES CLOSER IN THE HOSPITAL ITS LEGAL AND EASY FOR SOMEONE TO STATE THEY ARE A RELATIVE GET POWER OF ATTORNEY AND THE HOSPITAL DONT HAVE TO CONTACT YOU THE REAL FAMILY AND TELL YOU NOTHING THIS CAN HAPPEN YI YOU WATCH OUT TEXANS WATCH OUT AMERICA THIS COUKD BE YOUR FAMILY’S DELIMA

  28. Jeff Ryan says:

    I watched one episode of this show and was very disturbed by what I saw. I am a former prosecutor, judge, and criminal defense attorney. This show has the potential to do a lot of harm.

    In the episode I watched, the prosecutor and CSI “solved” a cold murder in a very small town. They crowed with self-congratulation. However, the “perpetrators” have not even gone to trial yet, let alone been proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. But thanks to these two “experts,” the defendants will never be able to get a fair trial in my opinion. After all, everyone in the country now knows “they did it.”

    The investigative techniques used in the show were simplistic, and the aura of infallibility the prosecutor projected was frankly offensive. It was jarring to hear here speak to the victim’s family. who were all black, using phrases like “y’all” and an exaggerated Southern dialect, which she did NOT use when speaking with the white law enforcement officers.

    This joke of a show could well result in wrongful convictions in its quest for ratings and money.

    No thanks.

    • Meghan says:

      Methinks he doth protest too much. First of all, she grew up in Texas, so she gets her accent honestly. I know when I’m in Ohio, my Ohio “twang” (yes, there is such a thing) is more pronounced when I’m around people with a thicker dialect. Also, what you call “simplistic” is known as EDITING. It’s the act of taking days, maybe weeks, of work & fitting it into a one-hour box, & boiling it down so that everyone can understand the proceedings, not just law professionals. I hope this clears that up for you.

  29. Michael welch says:

    How do we get somebody to look at a cold case? It just seems like it would be simple to figure this out.It is a young mother who just vanished after putting her son on the school bus she had argued with her husband all night.

  30. If you really want to find cold justice investigation on my father death it has it all dirty cops criminals and cover up I believe

  31. dawn says:

    I have a 34 yr old case that has yet to be solved. It’s about a little girl who disappeared in broad daylight and the police air it as a cold case. Please consider taking this case.