So You Think You Can Dance Recap: Rough Cuts

SYTYCD-RecapI know this is a supposed to be a recap of So You Think You Can Dance‘s Season 10 Top 12 results night, but at least 50 percent of my fingers have become possessed by the urge to turn it into a plea to the producers of Dancing With the Stars.

Wait…hold on…we have a tiebreaker. My left index finger is voting for the latter option, and since I’m a hunt-and-peck typist, here goes my tangent (set, coincidentally, to the tune of Harry Nilsson’s “Without You”)…

No I can’t forget this evening…Alan‘s face as he was leaving
But I guess that’s just the way the voting goes
He tried to smile but in his eyes his sorrow showed (As his package rolled)
Yet I can’t forget in autumn…there’s a spot for all his ballroom
With a mirrorball and one Tom Bergeron
And now it’s only fair that ABC should know (How to save their show)
I won’t watch, if Alan’s not on Dancing
So cast him, on Dancing With the Stars
Won’t watch, if Alan’s not on Dancing
I won’t watch, I won’t watch anymorrrrrrrre

Oh wait, hold on one more sec. My brain is sending down a veto and cutting this musical madness short. [Slezak, you’re supposed to be a professional! Rein it in! Write your recap! Or no midnight cup of Great Grains, understand?]

OK, OK…let’s cut to Top 12 results and a rundown of the week’s routines — but bear in mind I’ll be back overnight to update this post with photos and mini reviews of every routine (and possibly some more Alan love):

Amy (¡!)

Jenna (Why The Face, Nigel?!)
Nico (based on what?! the number of girls who squeal for him?)

Tucker: A frantic “look ma, no hands!” display of throwing everything against the wall and hoping something might stick
Amy: An emotionally draining bit of contemporary — set to a Lara Fabian tune, in French! — that left the front-runner collapsed in a heap when she finished
Malece: Um, I kinda already forgot what she did.
Alan: So much wicked, hip-swiveling deliciousness (pictured), I almost had to reach for the smelling salts. (“From the Dmitry Chaplin School of Shirt-Wearing!” giggled Cat.)

Alan (NOOOOO!) and Malece (Sorry, but with Tucker’s knee infection preventing him from competing this week — except for his solo — should’ve been cause for elimination)

And now my quick take on the night’s eight competitive routines.

What did you think of this week’s SYTYCD? Who was best in show? Who will and should be at risk? Take our poll below, then sound off in the comments, and for all my reality-related news, recaps, interviews and videos, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. madMaddy says:

    Jasmine and Aaron were just fabulous! Great routine.

  2. Drew says:

    Honestly, I just stopped watching the show about a half hour before it was over. It’s so boring this year that I can’t even pretend to be interested.

    • Lyn says:

      Glad I’m not the only one who thinks this. Hopefully it will pick up with the All-Stars.

    • Jill says:

      Without the results show, we aren’t becoming attached to anyone anymore. Now that we’re in top 10 with All-Stars, it may be different.
      Also since they moved the show to this stage, I really haven’t liked it as much. I don’t feel like I’m part of the audience like I did when the stage had no top & had the 2 different sets of stairs.

    • Kate says:

      I noticed you were missing. I sure hope the producers noticed your absence and therefore conclude that the show is boring and make it more interesting for you. God knows if you are bored, there must be something terribly, terribly wrong with the show.

  3. Rebecca Parker says:

    I found Jenna’s Paso Doble very clunky and was shocked at the praise she got. I was blown away with Haley and Nico’s Broadway routine and did not think it was overhyped at all.

    • Elena says:

      Agreed, don’t understand the over hyped label put on Nico and Haley’s dance. The both acted the characters well and those lifts were pretty amazing.

      Did agree on Arron and Jasmine, though. They were both great, but Arron really blew me away. He should have been as equally praised by the judges as his partner. He continues to impress me week after week, and to think he almost missed out on the top 20.

    • will says:

      Agreed. Obvious bias from Michael unfortunately. The Broadway routine was one of the best I can remember.

  4. Sara says:

    So, why didn’t Tucker dance his dance with Jenna? They showed him at rehearsal! And he could dance tonight. He should have been the one to leave. Ridiculous.

    • Mo says:

      Wondered about that too. Keeping someone who couldn’t perform (except for his solo?)… and he was dancing in rehearsal with Jenna, but apparently knew at the time they learned the guys’ choreo that he wouldn’t be dancing for at least a day. So either they learned the guys’ dance the day before, or Jenna was rehearsing with a different partner (neither Tucker nor Alex) and they threw Alex in there as a substitute maybe at dress since they mentioned how they hadn’t danced together before the performance. And I had forgotten that Jenna is a ballroom dancer, which makes her paso doble even less impressive. I guess she got all the praise because she had to deal with a last minute partner switch. I liked the choreography of that dance, and she did a nice job of keeping the skirt in motion, but there was just something about her dancing that looked wrong to me. I couldn’t put my finger on it.

      • KevyB says:

        Who goes home is based on how they danced LAST WEEK, not what they did THIS WEEK. Yeah, they talk about solos and blah blah blah, but the first episode this season proved these decisions are made before the show even starts. Alan was atrocious last week and it was plainly obvious he was going home the second he was named in the Bottom Three. Tucker will be in the Bottom Two next week and he will have to dance like his life depends on it if he’s going to stay in it.

        • Sara says:

          Umm, I think you mixed up Tucker and Alan when you talked about last week. By Nigel’s own words last week Tucker was forgettable and didn’t perform the routine the way it was meant to be performed. Between that and the fact that he “couldn’t dance” this week, he should have gotten the boot.

          • KevyB says:

            Personally I thought Tucker did fairly well for a style way out of his comfort zone. And I thought Alan was not very good in a style that is in his wheelhouse. And Nigel may have given kudos to whomever on television, but he was unanimous with the other judges AND choreographers that Alan was the one that needed to go. And I would listen to the choreographers way more than I would listen to Nigel, who seems to think Fik-Shun craps rainbows. Regardless, it’s not how it works. If we still had a results show, nobody would’ve known that Tucker couldn’t dance NEXT WEEK and he certainly wouldn’t get sent home for it. You get punished for not dancing when you don’t dance and people aren’t allowed to vote for you. Or if they know you won’t be able to dance for the rest of the season. If he doesn’t get sent home next week, then you can whine until your heart’s content.

  5. Tammy says:

    I love me some Amy….. don’t be putting her in the bottom 3!

    • dancy says:

      Her solo was fierce, I’ll give her that. But that fake, too big, smile of hers when they’re announcing the voting phone numbers has got to go!

  6. Rissa says:

    Mary tweeted yesterday that there were 2 couples in the top 12 and she’d announce who they were after they announced the top 10. I realized halfway through the show I was more excited for Mary’s tweet than the actual dancing. And poor Malece knew the second they saved Jenna she was going home. Poor girl cried the entire night. I was so sad to lose her but so glad Jenna and Tucker were safe!

    • GTS says:

      Huh? Mary tweeted two couples were in the top 12? All 6 of these couples are in the Top 12. We found that out last week. Why would she announce it after we found out who the Top 10 were? Cat introduced them when the show started…

      • Rissa says:

        I mean that there are 2 couples dating in the top 12.

        • Anissa says:

          Oooh I want to know who! I hope it’s not Haley and Nico as poor Curtis just left…I could see one being Jasmine and Aaron (take that Cyrus).

          • Aprilcot says:

            I hope it’s Jasmine and Aaron…I want them to make beautiful little dancing babies!

          • Rissa says:

            I definitely think Jenna and Tucker are one. She tweets all the time that he’s her everything and that she loves him. They just shower each other with compliments on twitter. As for the other couple I have wondered about Jasmine and Aaron. I could see Nico hitting it off with pretty much anyone though haha. Mary did tweet though that it was NOT Mckenzie and Paul.

          • snail says:

            I’m probably wrong, but I would bet on it! They not only have amazing chemistry as a partnership, but his reaction last week when she came down from the stage after being called safe was a whole lot more than just friends.

          • Alia says:

            Honestly, I’m kind of surprised that it’s NOT Makenzie and Paul. Their chemistry is awfully sparky, and the rehearsal footage always seems to imply a bit of a mutual crush.

            Jasmine and Aaron seems likely though, though. Those two are so natural, it’s like they’ve been dancing together for years.

          • Ashley says:

            I think Jasmine and Aaron did have that chemistry about them in their little “get to know the dancer” blurb this week. With their personality, chemistry, and looks, they would make an awesome couple.

    • Ashley says:

      Curious to me that Makenzie’s twitter pic is of her and Tucker…hmmmm…. ;)

    • Grace says:

      Mary already said that it’s NOT Paul and Makenzie :).

  7. GTS says:

    What? You didn’t like Amy and Fik-Shun’s dance? I thought it was great. Not technically perfect, was I still loved them. I honestly would trade a bit of footwork for the emotion. I mean, did you see that one handed spin? She was holding on to like half of the shoulder blade! I like the song/costume choices too.

    Malece’s solo was good. Not as good as Amy’s, but still good. Not forgettable, as you say (well, write),

    All of Nigel’s, “I need to see new characters for you guys!” to Amy and Fik-Shun must have given America the wrong impression (because they can totally control the theme of the dances they are assigned). Especially after that great save over the slip in the water she had.

    Hayley and Nico’s dance was great. That leg-flip-spin-split was great. Like one sloppy move, but that was it.

    I dislike the song choice for Mackenzie and Paul. The audience seemed to be paying too much attention to Lady GaGa singing, and not enough to the dance. Also, “I’m on the edge!”? That wasn’t a great line to be repeated. It seemed like it would do better with a softer song.

    • Miss Otis Regrets... says:

      For a choreographer, Mandy Moore has incredibly mundane taste in music… but IMHO the Paso Doble music was the worst, like out of an old Sinbad B-movie. Ugh.

  8. michelle says:

    You constantly put Mackenzie in the bottom every week. I don’t know what you’re watching but she’s the best girl dancer on the show, followed by Hayley. Alan had to go home. He constantly is meh on his dances. Hes cute as a button but isnt doing anyone favors.

    • Michael Slezak says:

      I think you misread…I ranked Makenzie’s as the night’s second best routine!

    • Miss Otis Regrets... says:

      We don’t even bother trying to spell her name how she spells it. There’s an extra “i” in there somewhere…

  9. Anthony says:

    Finaly Amy will no longer have to carry Fik-Shun through yet another routine. It constenitly looks like she’s having to work twice as hard to make up for his short comings.
    Final 4:

    • Anthony says:

      Also. If you are going to use Kiss of The Spider Woman how could you not use the Vanessa Williams version. She was so spell binding that they re-recorded the broadway album with her as Aurora a year after the original album came out!

    • Aprilcot says:

      That’s my dream final four as well.

  10. Rob Olivier says:

    How many times does Jenna need to be in the bottom and not DFYL for Nigel to get the idea that the audience doesn’t want her. Alan should have a recount. I believe Nico or Tucker should have been sent home before Alan. Alan’s DFYL was not only outstanding, but so much fun. I’m so gonna miss Malece, but the show and Nigel pretty much had her packed and out the door from the start. She deserved much better and Jenna should have to DFYL. All the best…Alan!

    • Christine says:

      I was getting really steamed at Nigel for his put-downs of Alan; just so unnecessary. I was really glad to hear Kenny Ortega with his own put-down of Nigel by way of singling out Alan for praise after the boys dance. The poor kid knew he was going home all night. Nigel can be such a pig.

      • Rob Olivier says:

        I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who noticed Nigel’s insensitivity. These poor kids are so young and it felt so unfair how Alan and Malece were practically pushed out the door. Also, if Jenna is in the bottom, yet again, she needs to DFYL!

      • Nigel Is Pervy says:

        Agreed, Nigel is a pig! He’s so hypocritical, saying he’s against bullying yet Nigel is notorious in the UK. They call him “Nasty Nigel” because he is so mean. Google it.

        Otherwise, this show is so great. Love the dancers, adore Cat Deeley. Thank you, Michael, for terrific recaps!

    • Yvonne Clark says:

      My thoughts exactly!! I can’t recall a single routine Tucker was in (except that horrendous hip-hop last week)! Yes, Alan has been in the bottom a lot but, come on, he SMOKED that solo – best male ballroom solo ever – and his hip-hop routine was waaaayyyyy better than Tucker’s. And next week America will probably send Jenna home and losing Malece will have been for nothing! GRRRRRRR!

  11. Denise says:

    I agree re Jenna. If they’re looking for America’s favorite dancer she should have been eliminated the third time she was in the bottom three; I mean it’s almost a weekly occurrence. I guess in Jenna’s case they’re looking for the judges’ favorite dancer.

    • DreamRose311 says:

      Yeah, I was gonna say maybe the reason they sent Alan home over Tucker is that it was Tucker’s first time in the bottom, and Alan had been there all but one week… but… that logic doesn’t work when you consider the girls…

  12. Ash says:

    I agree about Jenna and Nigel not getting the picture. That fact that he doesn’t makes me dislike her more and more each week. I think she is a good dancer technically, but neither her or Tucker have ever really captured my attention. I just don’t get the connection and hype with her. Obviously, I’m far from being alone, since she’s been in the bottom 3 pretty much every week. My jaw dropped when they saved her instead of Amy.

    • Ash says:

      Also, Aaron and Jasmine are amazing and I’m going to do whatever I can to get them in the top 4.

    • Hannah says:

      I agree 100%. I was going to say the same thing, but you said it better and first.

    • jazzyt2u says:

      I think they kept her for the tour so that they could have one female ballroom dancer. That’s my guess anyway because how do you not send Amy to safety since it was her first time in the bottom.

    • William says:

      Exactly….Jenna over Amy!!! You kidding me?! I don’t get that.

      • Miss Otis Regrets... says:

        “WHAT?? Are you —-ing kidding me???” My exact words (fill in the blanks) Huge shock for me. Since day one I saw her going all the way to the finale.

  13. Babybop says:

    What do you have against Waltzs Michael? Ha ha. You ranked Mackenzie and Paul as the worst when they waltzed, and now Amy and Fik-shun. I thought it was beautiful! The only issue I had was that Amy’s shoes were a different color white from her dress and I couldn’t not notice it…

    But I agree about the Broadway with Nico and Hayley being over-hyped. I thought it was awful, and the judges were obsessed with it. I have a feeling Nigel is trying to get Nico into the finale.

    • Miss Otis Regrets... says:

      It’s hard to pull off with complete sincerity in this day and age. You have to pull your mind out of the 21st century entirely. And that is even before you start talking difficulty with the body position and flow. Hard not to look too cotton candy Ken & Barbie when the dance is the farthest thing from the sentiment.

    • Noah says:

      Compare that waltz to the perfection that was Danny and Lacey’s from Season 3 or 4, and I believe you will see what a good waltz looks like! There hasn’t been one this season!!

  14. ajg says:

    I dont believe “over hyped” is the correct description of the critique. Bottom line is the dancers are given a style and choreography which may be in their circle of concern but not the circle of control. The control lies with the execution and if you have any respect for Broadway you respect the execution which was phenomenal. Dancing is just that dancing not tricks Haley and Nico danced they told the story exceptionally well with the respect to original Broadway so before we get in our feelings with crushes respect the art.

    • Miri says:

      Best ever on the show for broadway is definition of over hype

      • will says:

        Best ever is a definition of an opinion whether it be valid or not. Better than any dancer in the world is overhype. But to each their own, I’m sure you have a list of a good 4 or 5 off the top of your head you like better…but then I’m sure a few of those wouldn’t be in others top 10’s. It was a great routine, it was a great concept, it actually came through on camera. But I guess I’m OVERHYPING it.

  15. A says:

    Nico needs to go!!!! They only kept him because they thought America liked him better (especially from all those rambunctious teenage girls screaming at him). But FYI he’s been in the bottom a couple weeks in a row! Cuteness isn’t everything people!

  16. FashionistaEJ says:

    What the heck!?!?!?!?! Amy is in the bottom?!?!?!?!? And they saved………..Jenna?!?!?!?!?! What is wrong with those judges???? Hope America gets to decide who goes home next week. The judges are making one mistake after another.

    • William says:

      You said it!!! jenna was in the bottom 3 or 4 times now, was the 1st time for Amy and they don’t save her!! Ummmmm WTF!

  17. Terry says:

    This was the first episode where I can say I enjoyed every routine to some degree. My least favorite was the waltz, but only because both Amy and especially Fikshun read so young. Waltz is a romantic dance and they both look like they are just barely out of junior high.

    I loved the guys’ routine. Standouts for me were Aaron throughout and Niko for his amazing leaps in the middle of the piece. The rest were fine as well. I would enjoy Paul more if he would relax his lower body a bit more. His movement seems constrained on leaps or lifts.

    I always like Mandy’s jazz work better than her contemporary and this one was no exception. The routine was generic Moore, nice but nothing earth-shattering. Makenzie is a gorgeous girl though and has lovely technique. I’m glad she was saved legitimately by the voters this time so Nigel wouldn’t have to pull a shenanigan to keep her.

    That hiphop was everything! The unison was exceptional and it was so nice to see dancers finally using their torsos, necks, and thighs instead of merely flailing the arms and hair to try to create some “swag”. I thought these two got it.

    I’m happy with the top ten. I don’t look forward to All Stars. Loved the old format for earlier seasons when partner switchups between the contestants created some unexpected chemistry. Sigh.

  18. Terry says:

    By the way Michael, you’ve done it again. Beneath Aaron and Jasmine’s photo description, you’ve resorted to called Aaron “Alan”. :)

    • Michael Slezak says:

      I am officially the all-time worst. Why do I keep doing that? Maybe Nigel can give us an Aaron-Alan routine in the finale to cure what’s been ailing me!

    • PIMB says:

      Kenny did it too!

      • snail says:

        PIMB! Is this our new home? I definitely like Slezak’s writing (and the snark!!!) better than the other choice, and there are people here! People talking about the show!
        Mr. Slezak, we’re refugees from Disqus. We are a very nice group of reality show addicts, and all we want is a comfy place to hang out and discuss our passions. Can we come stay here?

        And please don’t start out angry when I add that I though Alan was absolutely the right person to go, and that he cannot be confused with Aaron (or Dimity, or Pasha, who he was trying to channel). Aaron was wonderful in the hip-hop, and spectacular in the guys’ number, where he stood out as the only man among a group of [talented] boys.

        • PIMB says:

          I’ll give it a go. Don’t know if they can handle us :)

        • Miss Otis Regrets... says:

          Cool, new blood! Michael Slezak is our Minister of Reality TV. If you watch American Idol, or even if you hate it, Michael’s weekly webseries Idology is -essential- to watch. He also covers The Voice (and we are still waiting for the webseries for that one!) DWTS and other talent competitions, so bookmark and join the snarkfest!

          • snail says:

            Miss Otis: Thanks for the warm welcome! Most of us follow AI, and I think most of us are familiar with Michael Slezak (I certainly am), although we’ve been on EW in large part because we love some of their recappers, especially Annie and Kristen. Hopefully we’ll get our whole gang on here, because the latest changes in Disqus were the last straw over there… You’ll get to know us, and I think we are all looking forward to finding a pleasant place where people like to talk about the shows but also appreciate some snarkiness. We are: snail, PIMB, Sugar, Corie, Celticlass, catlover, T2, and RaRa, and we hope to eventually get the attention of a few other friends, including The Costume Department, who wields a great deal of power on shows such as DWTS. Nice to meet you!

          • snail says:

            Oops – my bad – I forgot luvbug.

          • Miss Otis Regrets... says:

            Oh, refugees from EW as well! Welcome! My people came over with the first wave, the original pilgrims who followed Brother Michael to start anew in this far off land. The cursed Disqus is our gain! We shall Feast!

  19. jaime says:

    I was baffled that Jenna was sent to safety. It wasn’t just Amy’s first week in jeapordy. Malece also had never been in the bottom three. And I know you don’t like her, Michael, but plenty of others do… do you think it was for variety for the tour? Since the remaining girls are all contemporary?

    On a side note, did anyone else see Mary’s tweet yesterday about another couple. anyone know who ?

  20. Sarah El says:

    Even though I didn’t necessarily love Hayley and Nico’s routine my jaw DROPPED within about thirty seconds because COULD THAT ROUTINE HAVE BEEN HARDER? The lifts and the rapidity – it was insane! Almost as insane as Jean-Marc! Not the best routine of the night performance-wise, but I LOVED it because it was so hard and Hayley and Nico nailed the moves perfectly if not necessarily the performance. And I love Aaron but did his face distract anyone else during his and Jasmine’s hip-hop? I mean when I wasn’t looking at her hips moving like friggin Beyonce. I’m not going to necessarily miss Malece (when she’s on she’s ON but when she’s not, she’s a bore) but I am really surprised Jenna was saved immediately. I’ve liked her all season but she hasn’t gotten a whole lot and they’ve had a real soft spot for Malece. I will miss Alan, though I’m not surprised considering how much he’s been in the bottom. Overall, this was maybe the best episode of the season for me, though. Even the weaker routines were pretty good.

  21. Sarah says:

    Michael, I know you love Alan, and he is amazing in ballroom, but he is stuff in other styles. I am not echoing Nigel, I am stating my own observations. His routine with Maleve last night was the worst. Fik-Shun missed a few steps, but his lifts were lovely and he danced with full abandon. Nonetheless, as much as I love fik-shun, I see he, tucker, and nico going in the next few weeks because Paul and Aaron are just. That. Good. Btw, how nutsopants is it that Aaron wasn’t selected for the original top 20??????

    • snail says:

      NO kidding that’s nuts! I can’t imagine this season without him – he has become my all-around stand-out among the guys. And I’ve been apologizing to him like mad (in my head, of course), because I said something when he was originally rejected about hot liking his stuck-up personality. Except it turns out he actually comes across as being really nice, and he was totally right about being able to do everything, not just tap!

    • Miss Otis Regrets... says:

      Inorite? He’s the only real “man” on the show, the rest are boys. I shudder to think of the show without him. I was never impressed with the guy he ended up replacing: in fact, was surprised he made it to Vegas in the first place!

      • Miss Otis Regrets... says:

        Oh, I’m talking about Aaron, not Alan, obvz.

      • celticlass says:

        I agree.. Was really surprised Emilio got to Vegas.. then was stunned when Aaron was cut.. He caught my eye during Vegas.. Was really pleased when he was the one brought back.. Can’t imagine the show without him.. He and Jasmine are the reason I tune in… I wasn’t a fan of Jasmine.. was so over the Cyrus hype.. but LOVE her now!!!

  22. zdub1216 says:

    I think it makes sense for Malece to have been voted off the show. She shows a lot of potential, but she’s just such a young dancer. She lacks a maturity and a stamina when she dances that will come with time. That being said, I’m sad to see her and Alan leave. I wasn’t too upset about Alan leaving though, because I’m not really impressed with the men this season in general, with the exceptions of Aaron and Paul! I think I want Paul to win, though I would be just as happy with Aaron being the show’s first tap dancing winner! As for the girls, I think I want Jasmine and Makenzie in the top 2, with Jasmine as the show’s winner. Technically, she definitely holds her own, but she isn’t the strongest. However, when she dances, there’s something immediately recognizable about it – she has personality, and her dance reflects that. To me, she’s the most memorable and entertaining girl to watch this year. Makenzie is technically fantastic, and I just like her for some reason. I wouldn’t say that she’s heads and shoulders better than Amy or Haley though. My fault with Amy is that she doesn’t seem especially mature as a dancer. I believe that she’s passionate, and extremely talented, but she just doesn’t seem to embrace herself with the comfort and maturity that Jasmine and Makenzie do. Her solo demonstrated that to me – she didn’t really allow us to get to know her as a person through dance. Instead, she acted a part to something she probably hasn’t experienced (utter devastation and heartbreak) to music that there is no way an 18 year girl could ever identify with. I just think Amy needs a little time. Although if she makes the top 4, she’ll have earned it. Haley too is an extraordinary dancer, but I just feel like I don’t know her at all as a person. She seems like a very typical female dancer to me, and doesn’t stand out. My ideal top 4 = Paul, Mackenzie, Jasmine, and Aaron!

  23. PIMB says:

    So glad we found you Slezak. I was very disappointed that the opening number wasn’t a Teith tribute to the 132 lb. and growing testes. I imagined a dancer dragging an upside down hoodie around the stage. All the other dancers see his plight and are able to lift the hoodie up. The only question was would Teith cure the elephantine ball disease, lose the patient or flatten the other dancers under the weight of the poor man’s affliction. We will never know. Social Conscience people!!
    Boy Cat’s hair was beautifully shiny.Cat’s dress was impossibly short. The audience must have had quite a view.Mary’s hair looked a lot better. She looked ready to step in for Jenna however I don’t know how all that glitter didn’t blind her.
    I think the only reason why they saved Jenna is because they knew they were cutting Maltese and they wanted to let us see Amy. One ballroom solo is enough. No suspense on Alan and Maltese.
    I think one of the top schools in the country is the Dmitry Chaplin school of shirt wearing.
    Haley and Nico- Do you really need to ask why Nico wont kiss you? Much better than a corny Teith literal Broadway. Really liked it.
    Maltese and Alan- Never seen Gene Kelly. Booooooo Maltese’s dress was adorabs but the socks ruined it. If it wasn’t clear before it was obvious who was going home. And I didn’t hear them praise Mandy Moore on this one.
    I live in Baltimer.
    “Tucker” and Jenna-What does a mail model smell like? OMG AFW Shiver me Timbers. Did anyone actually look at Jenna?
    Mackenzie and Paul She is so beautiful. I really liked it. And pretty much the first time I liked Paul this season.
    Amy and Fikshun- “Fik” They were adorable and beautiful.
    Jasmine and Aaron <Man Jasmine can hit it!
    Rope dance sloppy but fun Kenny called Aaron ” Alan” when saying he stood out.
    Fountain Minority I didn’t love it.

    • Sugar says:

      PIMB, the folks on this comment board might need a translation for *Teith*?
      Allow me – When PIMB (Pasha Is My Boyfriend), refers to Teith, she means Tyce – also known as Tasty Oreo, so we just substituted a T for the K in Keith – which we learned was his REAL name.

      I loved the rope dance, sloppy or not, but I don’t think anyone would have understood the fountain dance without a verbal explanation (actually…the same could be said for the rope dance, when you think about it….?)

      • Miss Otis Regrets... says:

        I was wondering why we should expect a Cory Monteith tribute to start the show, and although I do not watch Glee, didn’t recall him suffering from any Testicular Monstrosity as far as I was aware.

  24. Grace says:

    What’s the problem with Nigel and his comments? Last week with salsa Alan was PHENOMENAL and nobody pointed it out. And this week Nigel completely forgot Aaron after the hip hop routine. Judges are treating some male dancer (especially Aaron, Paul and Alan) like they are a prop: “Oh you girl are great, and you are the best male partner, you always support her!”. It doesn’t seem a compliment to me, even because I guess they don’t want to be the perfect partner, but they want to be the best DANCER. And after a week of rehearsal maybe they want to hear that they’re good too. Then, I want to point out that Aaron and Paul are the only dancers in the competition that never danced their own style and they’re to me the best male dancers of this season. What’s wrong with the judges?

  25. Jghr says:

    Last week Nigel said that if audience votes were counted cumulatively Amy and Fik-shun were so far ahead they couldn’t be caught? Am I going crazy? He said that, right? And then Amy winds up in he bottom, and isn’t saved? And nobody even mentions how kinda shocking this all is? Same thing happened last week hen jasmine was in the bottom… After the judges had said she was a huge favorite…. And she wasn’t immediately saved either. What’s going on? I feel manipulated… The judging is weird and shady this year, but why? Nigel shouldn’t say those things if they ultimately mean nothing.

    • PIMB says:

      He said IF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • celticlass says:

      The problem with Nigel pumping up the contestants and telling them they are always safe leads the voters to believe they can forego their vote for their favorite to save someone else and it back fires… Amy and Jasmine won’t be in the bottom three again…

  26. Coryrox78 says:

    The fact that Aaron didn’t make the show initially and only came on as the result of an injury, just shows that the judges are pretty clueless. Jenna is a terrific ballroom dancer, but the name of the show isn’t So You Think You Can Dance Ballroom. I’m baffled that they keep sending her through. I like Tucker and the way he moves (so long limbed!) but Nico should never have made the Top 10. I’m definitely Team Aaron all the way and his partnering with Jasmine is a match made in dance heaven!

    • Aprilcot says:

      Everything you said. 100%, Aaron has been my favorite since the very beginning…I love his manliness.

    • Lana says:

      I have been a fan of Aaron since Las Vegas and was devastated when they didn’t initially pick him and now every week I am giving the judges a silent “I told you so”. I want him to win and now I want Jasmine as she dances as beautifully as he does. I do get irritated when the judges don’t acknowledge how good Aaron is and always going on about Jasmine as Aaron is just as awesome. Tonight when the guys danced together Aaron showed how much better he was over the rest of the guys, that he was a man in a group of boys. I can’t wait to see him with All-Stars, but I think it would be great if he and Jasmine really were a couple as they are gorgeous together.

      • Miss Otis Regrets... says:

        I need to read all the comments before I post. I said the same exact thing upthread: “he’s the only man in a group of boys”.

    • Pong says:

      Agree about Aaron and the judges being so clueless.
      We need a recall!

  27. Erin says:

    Aaron + Jasmine are my runaway favorites. Last night’s hiphop was ridiculous. No one else dances with the maturity and musicality that they do. Looking forward to seeing what they do with the all-stars!

    • Aprilcot says:

      THIS. I think it has to do with the fact that they’re the oldest. Jasmine may only be 20(!) but she’s still the oldest girl.

  28. Magically Suspicious says:

    Jenna’s a good dancer, but she doesn’t deserve to be saved time after time. She should have gone home last night instead of Malece.

  29. DreamRose311 says:

    NappyTabs were on fire with both of their routines, and I can see Aaron taking this for sure, can’t believe he almost wasn’t on this season!!

  30. dancy says:

    Malece looked really blind sided by last night. And I don’t blame her, all season long the judges have treated her like their favorite, like she could do no wrong. Then the first time she’s in danger, boom, she’s gone. I felt bad for her, and she was never my favorite! When they announced the bottom 3 girls I figured Jenna was a gonner for sure but then they announced her safe right away, she looked as shocked as I was when she was saved.

  31. Wil says:

    So much hate for Amy, when she really is the best package (style, skill and charisma) of the lot. I think her and Fik-Shun’s waltz was exactly what people like to watch and how could you not be in awe of that last lift and spin?
    I was shocked when Jenna got sent to safety, I did expect she would be going home when they announced the bottom 3. But, I would never have put Amy or Malece in the bottom 3.
    And Alan’s a one trick pony. If it’s not ballroom, he’s not terribly good. The rest of the audience could see he was in over his head at this point. He deserved to make it this far, but got sent home when he deserved to be sent home.
    I don’t know how far Fik-Shun’s charisma will take him. Sure, he picks up stuff fast, but he’s not polished at all in any style other than animation. It’s his smile and enthusiasm and Amy that’s carrying him in the competition. I wonder if he’ll do as will with rotating all-star partners?
    From best to worst rating on thw hole package, the current male dancers: Aaron, Fikshun, Nico, Paul, Tucker. There are still vast differences in skill levels and in charisma.
    female: Amy, Mackenzie, Jasmine, Jenna and Hayley, though the margin of difference at this point is almost imperceptivley thin.

    • Jason says:

      Hailey last…? WHAT! She has outshined her partners in every single routine so far.

    • Shelly says:

      I think I have to agree with Jason on this one. Hayley has NEVER had a bad performance. No one really recognized this, but Hayley is the only girl who has never landed in the bottom three. I truly believe she is someone to watch the rest of this season.

  32. Deborah says:

    I love how people are like now Amy doesn’t have to carry Fik-Shun anymore. As you see she was in the bottom not him. I think a lot more people vote for him and not her. He’s my favorite dancer. He’s not trained like the others, but I love watching him dance. If he is in the bottom he will do one heck of a solo. Which I know everyone is waiting to see, I know I am.

    • Terry says:

      They are all cross-trained to some degree, including FikShun. He stated on his Fox bio that he was a dance major at a performing arts school for two years. It would be ridiculous to think that 2 years as a dance major would not give one exposure to a wide range of genre, not to mention more intensive classes in the fundamentals Most performing arts schools recognize that basic ballet or contemporary ballet training benefits all other dance styles…even hiphop. I agree, his cross-training shows and has helped him look much better than fellow animator, Cyrus, who claimed he’d never done choreography before.

  33. sarah says:

    My favorite routines were Aaron and Jasmine, McKenzie and Paul and Nico and Hayley.
    I really liked both group routines.
    Last week I predicted that Malece and Alan would be sent home.

  34. Shaun says:

    They keep sending Jenna through because obviously they want a different kind of dancer in the finale and also because the staff must like her alot.Getting sick of Contemp girls being the top 2.

  35. Ann VerWiebe says:

    How did Nigel deny Aaron for so long? And, he’s only here now because of a drop-out. It’s so crazy! On another note, how does Jasmine get her leg so high? I couldn’t stop looking during the women’s routine.

    • Miss Otis Regrets... says:

      I’ll never forget him saying “I guess I’m just not what they’re looking for.” Heartbreaking.

      • snail says:

        It was… Well, he’s proven them wrong in a major way. And if I were a little younger (well, OK, a whole lot younger), he would be the only one I would be looking for! It is a marvelous change of pace to see a truly talented and capable male contestant who also looks like an adult male – ther haven’t been many.

  36. Jan says:

    I’m so sick of Nigel and his comments! He knew he was going to let Alan go; did he really have to knock him so many times? He has zero class. Totally love Aaron & jasmine … otherwise, my interest has waned a little this season.

  37. Jason says:

    Jenna better be going home next week if its her and Amy in the bottom. Mary just doesn’t want to let go of her ballroom girl and even last week when she was terrible Mary tried not to say anything too bad. I feel like the judges are trying to make us forget that Jenna is in the bottom by saving her every week and giving her amazing comments. I feel like they’re doing everything they can to make America like her (ex. Travis Wall choreo, Alex Wong, over praising).

    Also… I hope Nico and Mackenzie get Hip-Hop next week (w/ anyone but Christopher Scott & the Jenna/Tucker choreographers) because I don’t think either of them could’ve done what Aaron & Jasmine did this week.

  38. gabby says:

    Aaron is my favorite hands down! He is amazing, but over all this season has been boring. And I don’t know why but I’m so ready for the all stars! I hope maybe it will bring out some personalities or something to make it better.

  39. Alia says:

    I love the guys’ routine! It’s nice to see such a masculine, athletic type of dance, in contrast to the flowy contemporary stuff that seems to dominate the show (not that I don’t enjoy that, too). I think my top four right now are Aaron, Jasmine, Paul, and Makenzie, in that order.

  40. Leela says:

    First and foremost: Aaron & Jasmine should win it all. Second faves are Paul and Makenzie.

    I was never on board the Melanie Moore train & Malece is light years beyond her in pixie-cuteness & technique. Her solo last night was expressive, athletic,delicate, had beautiful lines – everything that Amy’s routine was not. I think Amy is very talented. I don’t know why those 2 were in the bottom 3 to begin with. I think Malece has shown more range on the show so far than Amy has, no way she should have gone home. As for Tucker, I like him – lines, gracefulness – and I think he’s a more versatile dancer than Alan so Alan’s ouster wasn’t as painful. Really appreciated that Tucker decided to dance a solo despite his knee issue.

    Nice that Nigel put in a good word for those two as alternates for the tour, but it’s apparent the judges still have their weekly agendas & pets. I only hope switching to All Star partners doesn’t doom Aaron & Jasmine who have been a sensational couple.

  41. Erin C says:

    As much as Nigel’s comments irritated me last night (could it have been any more obvious Malece and Alan were going home when they were the only ones he criticized!!) I was very happy with his praise for all things Canadian dance!

  42. Lily L says:

    Michael, I’m with you on Alan’s elimination. Every week he was thrown under the bus ala Evan from a few season’s back. And I agree with you about Nico. He’s been bad every week and one week he’s good so he doesn’t have to dance?? I guess Nigel is so bitter over losing all his tappers that he retaliates by eliminating the ballroom dancers. But here’s what happens for me. I get bored with all the contemporary and hip hops. I don’t like Ballywood and I like Broadway. I could not believe the bad reviews for both Alan and Malece, even if she was not my favorite, for their lack of chemistry. I thought they did well.

    I do however admit to being shocked that they eliminated Malece, who they’d been tongue bathing since the get go. And lastly, finally, someone who is a dancer, director, choreographer…Kenny Ortega. Much better than the three females they’ve had over the weeks.

  43. Kate says:

    Everyone who makes it to top 20 is incredibly talented, but I look at the Amazing Aaron and wonder how many other completely fabulous dancers have we not seen? It is so great to see a big, strong man (a freaking tapper!) dancing. Not that I don’t love Paul Perfection, because I do, but to think we might not have seen Aaron is just crazy!

  44. I foresee a Haley or Mackenzie exit next week. Amy and Jasmine are easily the best girls on the show and Haley and Mackenzie are very similar and have yet to capture a real identity. For the guys I think Tucker is an easy pick, but Nico or Paul would hardly be shocking. I think we’re going to see a very strong top 4 consisting of Aaron, Jasmine, Fik-shun, and Amy.

  45. Mz.W says:

    No one had mentioned the Malece and Amy fall during the top 6 routine. Maybe it was on purpose – but sure looks like when they were running together fromt he fountain, Malece tripped and Amy bit it. The way Amy’s legs just flailed kinda seals that though for me, in addition to the way Malece scrambled to get up and complete the next move. Amy seemed to have kept her cool, but that poor gal will likely have some bruises.

    • Mz.W says:

      Ugh, my comment disappeared.
      Just thinking how Jasmine might be able to really truly move on from feeling like she lost Cyrus to the show by feeling like she’s not just following in his footsteps – but paving the way for the win for herself.
      Cyrus may have won the hearts of all the viewers up until the end… but Jasmine may just be able to take it one step further.

  46. Regina says:

    Can I just say that the Bollywood numbers by Nakul are the worst. It’s like the spirit fingers. It is all energy, sacrificing the delicacy and nuance for “difficulty”. If there is anyone who actually watched Bollywood movies, they would be irritated by the misrepresentation of their craft.
    He is blooming terrible in short.

  47. FashionistaEJ says:

    I want Aaron to win!!! I am shocked that he wasn’t in the top 20 in the first place! Aaron deserves to win more than any of the guys on that stage. It’s so obvious that everybody, including the judges, wants Paul to win. America might as well bestow the crown on his head this very minute and let him skip away, celebrating yet another sytycd victory. Am I the only one that thinks it would be unfair if he won again? Paul has had an advantage on all the other dancers from the beginning, having won sytycd in another country. Come on, give someone else a chance. Please.

    • xxcxx says:

      The fact that he’s basically an all star gives him a HUGE unfair advantage. And for all the extra experience that he has, he hasn’t particularly blown me away yet.