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Grey's Anatomy's Kevin McKidd: Owen/Cristina 'Might Spend a Lot of This Season Broken Up'

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Preview Cristina OwenIf you’re a fan of Grey’s Anatomy‘s Cristina and Owen, you may want to grab the paddles and charge to 300, because this grand romance is in danger of flatlining.

Unless, that is, Kevin McKidd has something to say about it.

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When last we tuned into the long-running ABC medical drama, Cristina (played by Sandra Oh) questioned whether Owen could ever be “enchanted” by a life with her and her alone, after he bonded so deeply with young Ethan and given her unwavering stance on children. Deciding for him that she would never be enough, Cristina set Owen free and walked away. (Revisit the moment here, then read on for more.)

Given that Season 10 opens up almost immediately after the events of the superstormy finale, Owen and Cristina are splistville “definitely through the premiere, and maybe longer. It looks like it could be quite a bit longer,” McKidd tells TVLine.

Especially since this feels like the umpteenth time that their disparate views on starting a family have given birth to friction. “The problem they have is they really kind of are the loves of each other’s lives,” McKidd observes, “but they have fundamental, opposing, strong beliefs. So is one of them going to back down? I don’t know.”

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One thing McKidd seems confident about is that Owen won’t simply let Cristina walk away, even after she has, well, walked away. “Cristina said, ‘I realize that I need to let you go,’ but he’s not quite there yet,” the actor notes. Nor is she, necessarily. “The problem is she’s not really ‘checked out’ [of the romance]. She tries to make herself checked out, but even through the two-hour opener you can tell that the attraction between the two of them is never going to go away. Theres always going to be this magnetism.”

As such, McKidd — who is currently set to direct the coming run’s eighth episode — anticipates a “very interesting” Season 10 for Owen/Cristina,  even though “they might spend a lot of it broken up.” Realizing what he just said, he quickly adds: “I know the Cristina/Owen fans will be like, ‘Oh my god, that means it’s over!’ But no, they’re still working in the same hospital, they’re still go to be constantly in each other lives. And they’re such an odd couple… I think in a wierd way they might find a way to make not being in a relationship work for them.”

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  1. annie sisk says:

    Please, just – no. No more Crowen.

    • watch says:

      Amen! i never liked them together. Ship him off to somehwere and bring in someone that has the electricity of the christina/burke pairing.

      • raiza says:

        As long they(Shonda) don’t pair him with Callie, I’m ok. It’s been foreshadowed once too many..shivers!:0(

      • Sonny says:

        I like to ship you off. Burke is an ass and a the actor was a bigot or was he a homophobic?

        • cas says:

          I liked Burke. And if I disliked characters based on the actresses and actors playing them I would probably not like many. And everyone is entitled to their own opinion and the whole thing was blown way out of proportion just like anything in this business.

      • Emma says:

        Agreed. I’ve never liked Cristina and Owen as a couple and never bought into them the way I did when she was with Burke.

      • Bryce says:

        Electricity? Burke was boring and terrible to her. She did all his surgeries and he stomped all over her for it. She saved his career and earned him a Harper Avery because of it. I don’t like watching the early seasons solely because of Burke.

      • Greysfan says:

        I liked Burke and miss his character, however I never liked the Cristina/Burke pairing. I think they’re more oil and water than any couple. He’s so different from her, and even had he stayed on the show I couldn’t see them staying together. And had they gotten married, this child issue between Owen and Christina would have come up between her and Burke eventually as well. Had she not lost their baby back in season 2, it’d have gone the same way. She’d have had an abortion and once Burke found out he’d have been angry and devastated much the same as Owen.

        • Allison says:

          Greysfan, I think you’re right on. I disliked yang/burke pairing too. Cristina seems to be attracted to traditional, successful, type A men. It’ll be difficult for her to find a mate like that who’s willing to tolerate her ways. Owen is probably her best bet, b/c he loves her so much, enough to overlook her idiosyncrasies. ( I like Owen but not the writer’s portrayal of their relationship, especially the poor communication between those two) I don’t know about all this MFEO/soul mate idea? But, I do believe Cristina will not love anyone else like the way she loves Owen. Is it my imagination or does she also have unresolved daddy and mommy issues. The show should explore more of that….it would be much more interesting than duking out this baby issue.

    • Sylwek says:

      And no more Calzona! Someone new for Cristina and someone new for Callie would be the best option right now.

    • Monty says:

      No more Calzona, no more stupid Jackson Avery,and no more interns. You have your picks and i have mine.

    • Gui says:

      Crowen FORNEVER.

  2. Ashley says:

    This relationship needs to end…it just feels burned out…let them move on and let Mer-Der be happy and let Calzona find their way back to eachother…as long as that happens, I’ll be happy. BUt I think Crowen needs to move apart from one another. They have different core values and I just don’t think are MFEO like Mer-Der and Calzona

  3. Nancy says:

    Who cares? So sick of this couple. It’s not even funny.

  4. Lea says:

    Who cares about them? They are so boring and lame, two people almost in their forties and still with the same issues of KIDS. Worst couple ever on tv. Definition of beating a dead horse.

    • Greysfan says:

      Two people almost in their 40’s having an issue on children is not unheard of. Life and love is not made up of simple conflicts. This happens to be a very big one, and they haven’t really been “beating the dead horse” that long mind you.

      • Babygate says:

        Not that I agree with everything Lea states but the issue with the kids started back in S7. That’s three whole seasons that it took Cristina to realize this wasn’t just a passing fancy for Owen and that Owen realized Cristina is never going to give him kids.

        • Greysfan says:

          So you throw away an entire relationship over night before making sure you’ll never be able to meet in the middle on this issue? I don’t think so. If you love someone you try to make it work out even when you disagree on something. How much time has really passed in those 3 seasons? Season 7 ended with MerDer adopting Zola(even though broken up). YEARS have not passed in the show since this became an issue, it only feels like years because we have been through 3 long seasons of it. Owen has been trying to be ok with not having kids for 3 seasons. For the sake of a chance to be with Cristina. And to me, that is love. To me, if you give up that easily I don’t know that you can say the love was real. The point here is, the love was real and it’s hard to let go of, no matter what you’ve been through.

          Maybe this is why the divorce rate in our country is so high, because everyone gives up at the first sign of trouble, or at least thinks you should. I have a great aunt and uncle who have been married for 50 years, still are. He wanted kids, she didn’t. They made it work anyway. They never had kids, he set aside his needs for that of hers. It’s real, it exists. There are people out there who feel that love IS enough. If you want the show to be realistic, you have to accept the conflicts in relationships as well as the love and passion.

          • Gui says:

            The problem is the writers destroyed them in This beautiful path. And yes, they’re walking in circles for 3 years. This babygate saga started back in the final of Season 6, when Cristina was initiating her 3rd year of residency.

          • bai says:

            agree, I love Owen , because he gave up his family hope for Cristina,

    • Alexis says:

      MerDer is the most boring of them all. I can’t stand Calli. So whinny. I like Crowen.

  5. stella says:

    Ugh, I hate Owen, I hope they stay broken up.

  6. sadie says:

    This couple is played out. They have split and made up too many times already, and on top of that, they’re just fundamentally different people. I haven’t been interested in them for years and their constant conflict about children is getting irritating.

    • Leslie says:

      Their relationship is a prime example of sloppy writing. Don’t criticize the characters, actors but the writers who allow this to go on for so long.

      • Sarah says:

        I didn’t criticize the characters or actors there. I love Cristina and Sandra Oh dearly. I just think the Cristina/Owen relationship has run its course.

  7. Ashley says:


  8. If Shonda has either of them cave in on what they really want in life, it’ll be a betrayal of their character. Time for them to move on. Heck when Owen yelled at Christina for killing their baby, it was time to move on.

    • Bumble Bee says:

      Their relationship was so poorly written for so long. The damage was done. I would much rather they cave on their characters to make it more interesting. Arizona changed her mind for Calli. Why not Cristina or Owen in vice versa.

    • Jess says:

      Agreed so hard, especially about Owen’s baby-killing comment. You knew then and there that this couple wouldn’t stay together sans one of them compromising their core beliefs. They don’t work on so many levels and really need to call it quits before we spend another season watching them dance around each other only to stay stuck in the same place.

  9. I can see that the haters are already there but who cares lol
    Of course, Cristina and Owen will find their way back to each other, they are MFEO more than anyone on the show. :)

    • Yana says:


    • Brooke says:

      How are the “MFEO” if they have different expectations for their relationship? People who are made for each other have the same fundamental goals in life.

      • Joanna says:

        Somebody needs to explain what MFEO means in Grey’s Anatomy world? I don’t get it. I didn’t understand how Sloan/Lexie were MFEO either?

      • Gui says:

        Don’t kill yourself trying to explain the meaning of MFEO. In GA universe has another significance. Laughable. The writers should learn it too.

    • A says:

      It’s statements like these claiming that they are MFEO, that they are endgame, that they will find each other again, that clearly show that the people supporting this relationship are not actually paying attention to what is going on with the actual storyline on screen. If you all were paying attention, you would understand why they can’t and shouldn’t be together any more.

    • B.Sidney says:

      This ^^.Yes please , Crowen for Mid-season. They’re my favorite pairing on Greys

  10. shuayb says:

    I think that while Christina will never change her mind abt children. I still feel Owen and her are meant to be. Yes they do have issues but they make more sense as a couple than Burke n Her did.
    I think at some point there will be a compromise.
    Or what would be even more dramatic and soap-y is if the one night stand comes with a little Owen.
    I really feel that is what should happen… I really do. Would be interesting….

  11. CH says:

    A lot of the season but not all? That’s disappointing. I’ve never understood what pull I was supposed to see between them besides sex. They have no chemistry. Their entire relationship has been fraught with issues – coming together when he was in the midst of PTSD, marrying when she was in the midst of the same, her dedication to work above everything, and the kid issue, which is a big deal. Let it go already.

    • Tigger says:

      Obviously you’re a crowen hater. Unlike u, I totally get their chemistry. I think that between the two of them they had 3 PTSD experiences…that messed them up a lot. The kids thing was the killer and the writers planned that since S7. But I don’t get why MerDer are still together. Mer messed with the clinical trial and practically destroyed Derek’s reputation and Webber’s career. Derek should’ve left her. She doesn’t know right from wrong and in fact, what she did was illegal and should’ve been fired and prohibited from practicing medicine for life.

    • Jen says:

      At first I didn’t see anything else between them but sex either, but I do think there is a deeper connection there. They both seem to be very similar in that they keep themselves heavily guarded and only open up to a few people. So for those few people they do open up to, they become very attached for better or worse (like Meredith and Cristina’s friendship, only way more complicated because you’re bringing in marriage and children into the mix). But Owen needed someone like Cristina that understood his closed off nature and desire not to talk about Iraq until he was ready so he could choose for himself to get better, and subsequently Cristina needed someone like Owen that would stand by her through her own struggles with PTSD.

      The family issue is obviously something bigger though that has been stretched out too long in my opinion, but I do see why it would be so difficult for these two to come to a final conclusion because on one hand, if they were to stay together one would have to sacrifice a lot, but on the other hand they have grown so attached already.

  12. Lia says:

    I will never understand how Grey’s has wasted over half of it’s run on this dead-end relationship.

    • Marci says:

      Thank you. I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels that way. But I do think the actors have really great chemistry. But the poor writing killed them…total epic failure.

  13. nina says:

    I never got why CO haters make the effort to comment on them…..you dont have to like them. But jesus! There are fans out there. Cant you just be nice?

    • Skyn says:

      The crowen haters are morons and they are malicious too.

      • Janie says:

        They’re not morons just because they have a different opinion. Sorry, your comment is just as rude. I think they comment because they watch the show and they’re on there… So they have strong opinions just like those of us that love CO do.

      • Gui says:

        And you are a retard. If you can’t manage to stand difference of opinion, just shut up.

  14. Karstyn says:

    love Crowen!

  15. Jimmy says:

    For the love of God be done with this couple! Get Christina someone who like the way she is; not whiny man-child who mopes around day after day whining about children he can never have with the women he supposedly loves.

    • Skyn says:

      I could say the same thing about Calli. She’s a none stop whiny sometimes sexually confused woman. i use to think she was funny but not since season 8. PS Owen doesn’t whine nearly as much about kids as Cristina whines about surgery and sex.

    • A says:

      Why is it so wrong for him to be upset about being in a relationship where he can’t have kids? Sure, he’s the idiot who didn’t discuss with her the idea of kids before they got married, but he still has the right to grieve his terminated child and the thought of having children. If Cristina should have someone who likes her the way she is, why can’t he have someone who wants kids with him? The situation goes both ways. Just because he’s a man who desperately wants children, doesn’t mean his wants are any lesser than Cristina’s. This is why this relationship needs to be over. The writers backed themselves against a wall and the only way these two can end up together is if one side compromises without holding it over the other’s head

    • nina says:

      What are you talking abt???? He wasnt whining.in fact he was shoving down his desire in the end just to be with her. One should be fair. I am sick of you haters. I never liked merder calzona or issex. But i never wishef them bad things or mocked abt them. And btw. Whats wrong with wanting kids?

  16. Yana says:


  17. Ameliaslov says:

    Passion and depth of these two characters and actors is why I return. Drama give it to me, no worries their love never ends it only grows deeper.

  18. They are two broken individuals who love each other but have different dreams. They really are meant for each other, but it doesn’t always work out that way.

  19. Ameliaslov says:

    PS if you dont know how to spell Cristinas name correctly your comment is immediately disregarded.

  20. JKR says:

    I love Yang, but she doesn’t want kids, she is never going to want kids. Owen does. That hasn’t changed and won’t. Why keep this couple together? Seriously. Something that important isn’t something you settle for… there is no future there. Let it go. Not every character has to get a “MFEO” happy ending.

  21. Lisa says:

    The comments from those claiming they dont “understand” thats precisely the point you dont and wont.

    For the rest of us who do…..,Cristina & Owen forever!!

  22. naa says:

    i love crowen.no 2 ppl r same.yes dey r in a difficult situation.dey will work it out coz dere is immense love.
    dey have been thru a lot but dey ve also faught to b wid each oder.being supportive in each oders ptsd just goes to show dat dey ve been part of each oders growth.
    i didnt know dat some ppl liked da eyebrowless cristina.nevermind!!!!!
    if u love cristina den u shud remember dat u ve known her betr only after owens entry.

    • Ames says:

      Ummm, what????

    • A says:

      Okay. I think it is acceptable to use short forms for some words online or when texting that are quite easy for people to figure out such as because (bcuz, b.c, or b/c) or your (ur) or you (u), etc., but there is no excuse for typing like this where poor spelling and grammar completely takes.away from overall comprehension of what you are trying to say.

  23. Alana says:

    Their love is palpable!! and i need more

  24. L. says:

    I am baffled how much time people spend commenting on a couple they don’t even like. Like a broken record.

  25. Greysfan says:

    I am a Crowen fan, a Mark/Lexie shipper, as well as a MerDer fan. I find it entertaining that so many are crying for Cristina and Owen’s relationship to end and throwing in the fact that they’ve broken up “so many times” for various reasons. “They’re obviously not MFEO since they broke up so much.” Have we forgotten all the times MerDer split? We spent nearly the entire show’s life waiting for their happily ever after, and I didn’t see anyone crying for them to “give it up already”. Just needed to vent a little because seeing that constantly repeated in all these comments was truly laughable.

    That being said, I wish Cristina and Owen could make it work, I’d give anything for that to happen, but I don’t think it will. I don’t see either of them being able to give up on their stance on children in the end.

    • monica4185 says:

      I cried for MerDer to give it up many times back in S3 and S4, when they were always breaking up and making up. MerDer haven’t broken up since S4 unlike Cristina and Owen, since they met in S5, they have broken up so many times that I can’t even count. When Cristina and Owen are together, they don’t deal with their issues instead ignore it by having sex everywhere and when they are not together they don’t deal with their issues individually either. Something has got to give, they either go their separate way and deal with their needs separately or stay together and deal with their differences, but they definitely need to make a final and binding choice.

      • Greysfan says:

        Merder also broke up season 1 finale/season 2 premiere when Addison made her arrival on the scene. Season 5 Derek moved out of the house and said horrible things to her before hitting her ring into the woods, the “break” wasn’t long and not much of a break but it was a break. Season 7 you seem to be forgetting when Mer messed with the Alzheimer’s trial, and Derek left her in the finale. They have always come back from it, but MerDer have had quite the rocky relationship as well and they HAVE broken up since season 4. I agree they need to get together or end it all together, but they are far from the only couple with constant break ups. And I certainly disagree with them being the worst couple with no chemistry as so many are saying, That’s one thing I’ve always loved about them, the electricity that I always see when they’re on screen together, even the bad electricity. They’ve had some powerful, emotional, and heartbreaking scenes. Calzona is a couple that I don’t get. I don’t see the chemistry at all there. I saw a whole lot more chemistry with Arizona and Lauren,

        • Monica4185 says:

          I don’t consider S7 and S5 a “break ups” they were fights. You know when a couple fight doesn’t mean they’re broken up. The Alz trial thing wasn’t a break up, it a huge fight. In no moment did Der nor Mer said it was over. Same as in S5 and the batting of the ring.

          • Greysfan says:

            Derek tells her he can’t raise a child with someone who doesn’t know right from wrong and moves out. That’s a separation.

        • monica4185 says:

          The point is that when Mer-Der were doing that breaking up/making up was annoying too, just like Cristina and Owen thing is annoying as well. Cristina and Owen thing is way more annoying because their problem doesn’t seem to have clear solution. Whereas Mer and Der problems did had a clear solution, they just needed to stop being immature brats. Mer gave up neuro after the clinical trial debacle and rarely works with Derek now. They manage to find a middle ground. But there is no middle ground on the children issue. How does any couple overcome the issue of children without one resenting the other?

          • meh says:

            I think we should understand that there is no couple that has a perfect life.
            People fight, and that’s what makes us work through it. Life isn’t all a fairy tale and it surely doesn’t have happy endings. When people say its “annoying” That merder fought, i think they just want every thing to end and people to just be all happy.
            Its a story and if merder were always happy it wouldn’t reach this far.

    • Babygate says:

      I think that’s a pretty standard fan reaction. Now that Calzona is on the skids, there are people that believe they should stay apart and one of the reasons is because they have broken up before. I think that a couple could be MFEO and not end up together. There are certain hurdles that even love cannot overcome. The kids issue for Crowen is one of them. For Calzona it may be Arizona’s cheating. Yet, Cristina forgave Owen for cheating and Arizona came around to the idea of having kids. Things evolve differently for the different couples but at the end, IMO, Shonda has painted both of these couples, Crowen and Calzona, into a corner. Something that she didn’t do for MerDer.

      • Lucy says:

        Ditto. Shonda mama wants Crowen split and calzona broken up. She doesn’t have to have valid reasons. She can and she did. Merder = Shonda’s perfect couple and can do no wrong.

      • Gui says:

        Well said. You nailed it.

      • Angel says:

        Ok, I don’t understand how Arizona can go through this phase where she didn’t want Cally to see her leg and then just be with someone else without any inhibitions. Anybody know?

    • Alexia says:

      I have to wonder if Shonda has always intended for Crowen to not end up together…after season 5. Just like she created Danny as a character who will eventually die. It sure looks like she’s been trying to break up Crowen and end their relationship for 3 seasons straight. The chemistry and connections we see are really between Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd as actors. The writing in reality, is sub par and does no justice to these characters and their storyline.

  26. Fernanda says:

    Bring Back Burke. I like Crowen at the beginning but after he yells her about her abortion and later he cheats on her, they have to split

    • Kelly says:

      Yeah, bring back Burke so he can again slam doors in Cristina’s face and leave her standing at the alter. That’s real love, ain’t it? I’m sure Mr. Renowned surgeon has been waiting in the wings for 6 years to go back to her LOL. He’s probably happily married with his same-sex partner and their 5 kids.

  27. sarah says:

    I love Crowen too! However I am not sure if they will ever make it. The only way they will is if Owen decides he will be fine not having kids. I am not sure if that will happen though.

  28. Emy says:

    I love this Amazing couple and will always hope for their happy ending. Kevin and Sandra have such great chemistry and have drawn me in time after time!

  29. z says:

    i hope deir chemistry is not wasted.

  30. N says:

    Break them up already and please send Owen away, far far far away preferably another galaxy. I can’t believe that Cristina doesn’t realize how much of a tool he is.

    • MoMo says:

      For those viewers who paid attention, Cristina is the one who actually calls the shots in the relationship. Owen doesn’t get to negotiate on anything. He makes all the sacrifices. Every time! She decides when to break up, which amounts to at least 1-3 times /season and when to get back together. For whatever it’s worth, Owen didn’t force her to marry him, she could’ve said no. But she wanted to and have him as her rock during her PTSD. It’s always been about what Cristina wants. Now Cristina has decided that she will help Owen find his person and to have kids with. This is how Shonda constructed the world of Grey’s.

  31. Sunny says:

    I loved Crowen but I am now officially sick and tired of this relationship. It is a dead end relationship. I know that they are deeply in love with each other, but they have great, fundamentally different opinions on one of the most important issues a couple can face – whether or not to have children. And unless one of them is willing to sacrifice what they want (without holding it over the other person’s head and b****ing about it), then Cristina and Owen can’t be together. And I haven’t liked the way the writers have handled the abortion and its aftermath. Instead of having a grownup/adult conversation, they just had sex and completely ignored the issue until it finally reared its ugly head at Zola’s B-Day party. By the way, did they continue to have unprotected sex or did they use protection? In Season 10, I NEED them to actually say the word “abortion” and talk about it and not just tiptoe around the issue.

    • Babygate says:

      I don’t think you will hear the word ‘abortion’ because it’s not considered pc anymore. You will hear medical terms like ‘termination’ of the pregnancy because it makes it sound more clinical and less personal. Unless Owen wants to really hurt Cristina under a fit of anger, I very much doubt this issue will ever be raised again.

  32. Sabrina says:

    Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd have been magic together from the start. They are still as amazing as day 1. The problem since S7 has been the writing. The writers seem to have no clue how to write a passionate, mature couple who are committed together married or not. . All they know us how to write is cheating, boring married life, catastrophic events and death. C/O deserve to be together as much as any other couples. The writers unlike with Metedith and Ariz

    • Sandy says:

      Soooo true. This is why when I stop watching the show for most of the season, things pretty much look the same when I pick it back up. It’s amazing that these writers get paid at all :-)

  33. Sabrina says:

    Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd have been magic together from the start. They are still as amazing as day 1. The problem since S7 has been the writing. The writers seem to have no clue how to write a passionate, mature couple who are committed together married or not. . All they know us how to write is cheating, boring married life, catastrophic events and death. C/O deserve to be together as much as any of the other couples. But like M/L, the writers choose to keep them apart because they can’t write for more than one committed couple at a time. I do appreciate that Kevin and Sandra give it their all each episode and try to make the best of subpar, inconsistent writing with ridiculous plot driven storylines.

  34. A says:

    Nope. Crowen needs to end once and for all. Teddy and Owen were a better match together than these two and I would be all for them ending up together at the end of the show.
    Having watched 9 seasons, I feel the show still hasn’t found the right person for Cristina. None of them are right for her. Burke definitely wasn’t and Owen clearly isn’t.

    • Andrea says:

      Cristina is an entertaining character ( most of the time) but she’s not made for relationships. However, she’s come a long ways since S1. She’s uncompromising, and 1000+% career driven. She’s married to medicine and that’s her total existence. She doesn’t really need a man, but she loves sex…that’s why she has relationships? I think? I wonder if Shonda will turn her into a lesbian, and pair up with Calli.

      • A says:

        I think she may love Owen, but she can’t separate him from her main true love–medicine. If she ever had to choose between the two, I think medicine would definitely win out. She doesn’t want kids at all. Medicine is her life, her main love, her drive for everything, and while she does seem to have affection and love for the men that have been in her life, they never seem to come first in her life.
        LOL also I think it would be absolutely ridiculous if that were to happen and I hope it doesn’t. Cristina isn’t a lesbian and she never came across as bi-curious at all. Also, Callie has a kid so that would never happen and if it did, it would just be stupid since the whole reason the whole Crowen relationship can’t work is because of the kids issue. I’d rather see both Cristina and Callie single for a while.

    • jess k says:

      This is exactly what I’ve been thinking ever since the kids conversation first came up.Cristina & Owen have fantastic chemistry, but as a couple they just can’t work. I didn’t like Teddy much, but she would have been a good match for Owen.
      That’s the fun thing about Cristina. I don’t think there is a person that is right for her. I think medicine will always trump relationships for her.

  35. Babygate says:

    Let it be over already. The baby issue should have never been brought up. Knowing what we know about Cristina from day one, we knew she would never agree to becoming a mother. And making Owen pining for fatherhood is the final nail in the coffin. There is no reconciling these differences. And while we’re at it, when are Mer and Cristina going to grow up? I’ve always been a big fan of their friendship but now it’s bordering on the ridiculous. Cristina overriding Der during Mer’s delivery was a bit too much. It’s a good thing that the awesome chemistry these two have a purely platonic because otherwise it would be easy to think Mer and Cristina are a couple.
    I wonder, if Sandra leaves after this season, will Kevin stick around? Like Mark after Lexie died, I don’t think there would be a place for him. He would be floundering around like Webber is now.

    • antigravity says:

      Agreed. With how SL is going with the major couples, I don’t see the show surviving pass S10 or without the remaining original cast. The new interns just don’t hold any interest for me. Owen doesn’t have a huge fan base, he’s written to be Cristina’s guy. Without Cristina, who’s arguably the most popular character on the show right now, I don’t see what place they have for him. Looks to me the writers are writing themselves out of a job.

  36. RIS says:

    I have loved watching this relationship, especially it’s latest incarnation where Christina was so supportive and present for Owen, and sadly, I think that’s why, it’s really over. What I enjoy most about Shonda Rimes’ writing is that in between all the WTF Soap Opera/Disaster Porn stuff, she’s honestly representing complex truths about adult relationships. Sometimes, you hate your best friend. Sometimes, you want to run like hell from the person you promised to love no matter what, but you stick around because the promise only has meaning if you stick around. Sometimes, no matter how much you love someone, it doesn’t mean you can build a life with them. So, even though I’m a shipper, I’m also OK with Owen getting to have a kid and Christina getting to have the O/R. Ultimately, this is a show about true love and Christina and Owen have different loves. Sigh.

    • Babygate says:

      Bravo! Very well articulated.

    • Deni says:

      Yep. They’re over, so over. In fact they need a new word for OVER. I love their romance, passion and unwaiverly love in S5. I love the actors who portray them. But I absolutely hate the writing behind their storyline since S7, inconsistent and overdone. I wish they would replace the writing staff.

    • Gui says:

      Yes, Cristina and Owen have different loves but their top priority love is not each other. Definetely.

  37. Jen says:

    I can’t stand these two as a couple! I always FF through their scenes together.

  38. Julie McNeely says:

    Okay..here’s the deal. Christina needs to grow up. She needs to understand that there is more to a relationship than just sex. I feel Christina needs to do some definite soul-searching this season if she wants to keep Owen. He’s made so many compromises for him…But they need to be together and this is the only way

    • Brooke says:

      What? Cristina is grown up. She knows what she wants out of life. She knows she doesn’t want kids. There are many ways to have a healthy grow-up relationship, and having kids is only one of those ways to do that. “Growing up” doesn’t mean “having kids.”

      • Karen says:

        You are right, growing up doesn’t mean having kids necessarily. But it does mean she needs to explore why she did not have her tube tied – and still hasn’t. And it does mean Cristina doesn’t get to stomp her foot, yell “no!” and refuse to even discuss keeping the child (who she admitted she would love and it was a not a career issue) with the love of her life. The Cristina I know is brave and compassionate enough to discuss.

        • A says:

          I agree. I also found it odd and haven’t quite understood why someone who is so completely adamant about not having children did not get her tubes tied. She would never have had to deal with an unwanted pregnancy and the drama that came with it. I know she doesn’t want kids, but I think there is some sort of underlying reason why she’s never got her tubes tied. She’s a cardiothoracic surgeon. Of course she knows that contraception doesn’t always prevent pregnancy and that if she absolutely didn’t want any kids, she should have taken other precautions

          • Yogi bear says:

            Yoda says this must be Shonda’s way of creating Irony :-) PS a future plot twist for Cristina to have triplets when she develops amnesia and forgets she resents motherhood.

    • sam says:

      Owen needs to grow up and understand that there is more to life than having children. His obsession with that Ethan kid was so creepy.

      • A says:

        This comment is beyond immature. He wants to have a family and children. WTF is wrong with that? Having children and wanting to have children is a natural part of life. So many people keep looking at Cristina’s side and it’s coming across as if they think that just because she’s adamant about not having kids that he should completely abandon his own want for kids just to be with her.

        • Lolla says:

          Seriously! Owen is a compassionate, nurturing person. He felt bad and wanted to help Ethan since his grandma can;t raise him after the mom died and dad stayed in coma , How is that creepy.

      • Joy says:

        For real….as I recall, the kid was clingy, scared, nearly orphaned. The grandma was helpless. Owen stepped in to help them…he wasn’t obsessed? i probably won’t do it as I’m pretty selfish and only into my won little world.

    • MoMo says:

      Cristina is Shonda’s baby. Cristina doesn’t compromise and she’s done all the growing up she wants to do. She’s tightly written into a box. Sadly, Cristina doesn’t surprise me anymore, not since S3. But she’s prone to PTSD so, she may experience more episodes in the future.

  39. cjeffery7 says:

    yeah i just dont see them getting past the kid issue. its time to stop fighting that battle.
    i would be ok with them moving on with their lives, but acknowledging each other as soul mates. maybe one day when they’re really old and their respective partners have passed away, they’ll reconnect and spend the rest of their years blissful in the retirement home. LOL

    • Combustion Man says:

      You’re not kidding…I totally see the flash forward image on this. Maybe the collective geniuses in the writing room agree too. Who’s been writing their story anyway…what a creepy, twisted bunch.

    • Ninna says:

      And you consider THIS beautifull???!!! Living na entire life of misery, thinking about the love of their life and waiting for their partners to die for finally reunite with their soul mate??? Hell, no!

      • cjeffery7 says:

        well, call me idealistic, this is a TV SHOW we’re talking about after all, but just because they can’t be together doesn’t mean they have to be miserable. they’re not shouting to the rooftops that they never stopped loving each other, but if they can find happiness in other pursuits while still feeling that way, and then accidentally fall back into each other’s lives later on? like i said, call me idealistic, but this is fiction we’re talking about, so i dont mind suspending my disbelief for some artificial heart flutters.

    • jennifer says:

      OMG! give me five !I was thinking the CO picture just like this ,

  40. emy26 says:

    Crowen should just move on already! They were never a good couple to begin with!

  41. friendly neighborhood copy editor says:

    I can’t believe I’m that guy, but two typos here are driving me crazy: “splitsville,” not “splistville,” and “weird,” not “wierd” (unless the misspelling’s McKidd’s doing, in which case, sorry).

    I’m thinking with Owen single and Callie single, they might find their way to each other this season. Remember the AU episode? Plus, he likes kids; she has a kid. As the shippers say, MFEO.

  42. Dizzle says:

    I’ve found the ups and downs of their relationship really interesting to watch, personally speaking, and I love both the actors and characters seperately. I just don’t see how they can reunite them without deeply compromising one of their characters. Personally I’d rather see them support each other as friends, and find relationships with people more on their wavelengths re kids. Of course that’s not good drama so who knows where this will end up!

    • melon lord says:

      Not disagreeing with your points. But I don’t see how they can be just friends after all they’ve been thru together.

  43. Sun says:

    Crowen have gone through so much rough things in every each season. and they always come back to each other. Crowen is played beautifully by sandra and kevin in every single scenes. writers have cleanly shown us that crowen is miserable and unhappy when they were apart in late of S8 and early of S9. Walking away from each other never works out well for Owen and Cristina.Also shown us in AU 813 episode that owen is not enough without cristina even if he has kid. Owen don’t want just a kid. He want the kid with cristina. And cristina can not complete without owen even if has career. Don’t forget it! Cristina is only one that knows owen’s war experience. Also owen is only one that knows detail of cristina’s dad death by cristina. There is no one that can replace them. sometimes, despite all your best choices and all your best intentions…fate wins anyway. That is exactly crowen.

  44. Drew says:

    Let it be over. Cristina deserves better and need to move on.

    • Ally says:

      Their relationship was never going to hold up. Cristina has always picked OR over relationships. She may love Owen more than any other guy she’s been with. But still, he can’t compete with her first love-medicine.

  45. Karen says:

    Cristina & Owen are the only meaningful relationship on the show (slowly built and put through every trial by fire imaginable) and certainly the couple with the most smokin’ chemistry. He’s the only partner on the show fully supportive of his partner and perfect for Cristina. They’re the only thing I find worth watching on Greys now. The writers have written ludicrous, illogical storylines for them in the past couple of years, wasting the rare, exciting potential of showing at least one couple on GA who are a match of equals & could make a thrilling, adventurous marriage (as opposed to the dreadful MerDer who, if the consequences of their actions were written realistically, would be divorced.) As far as “differing opinions on kids”, Cristina never ever changing her mind is a recent mythology (and consider she did actually agree to take in — not be the kind of “mommy’s mommy” Mer wanted but take in – Mer’s kid in S6 and S9 if you were paying attention), plus the elephant in the room question has yet to be brought up on this show: If smart, compassionate Cristina is 100% sure abt never changing mind, then WHY hasn’t she had her tube tied yet knowing birth control does not work for her? And Owen is currently forced to make a choice between the #1 thing he wants, Cristina, and the secondary thing he wants, kids with Cristina. He made a choice for Cristina every season, twice a season. He’s already rejected opportunities to be with women who wanted his kids. C deciding for him is a terrible writing choice and seems more like uncharacteristic fear on her part. Are people really advocating Owen go without the #1 thing he wants in life? That would make the second thing – kids – something that came with too high a price. That’s the equivalent of having Cristina have to make a choice between surgery and Owen and saying she should choose Owen (thankfully, that was never an issue.) I’m embarrassed for the horrible writing Kevin McKidd and Sandra Oh have been subjected to, but they are so strong together, given some logic, some care from the writers and a bit more than 30 second of screentime together per episode, something good and worthwhile can be made of this yet. That said, if and until the writers get their act together, I will not be watching.

  46. Abby says:

    While I love them together, I want Owen and Christina to both be happy. For Owen that means fatherhood, for Christina that means no kids. They’ve come back to this over and over; the record is broken already and I feel that this cleavage between them is heavily established. If they can’t find a way to both find their happiness while remaining together (which one will give? is there a magic solvent to this colossal relationship issue for them?), there is no point in prolonging the madness.

  47. cc says:

    I love Cristina, and I want her to be with someone who inspires her. Since she hooked up with Owen, she lost her sparkle. She’s being wasted with him and that’s a pure shame.

    • Karen says:

      Owen does inspire her and she always sparkles (when writers give them a rare moment) with him. He brings out the complexity in her. It’s Meredith that continues to hold Cristina down and manipulate and control her in unpleasant and creepy ways. I’ve been disturbed by how the writers are trying to put Cristina back in the Season 1 one-dimensional mode

    • Brittney says:

      What sparkle? It doesn’t matter who Cristina is with. She’ll always be written as the surgery hungry, snarky, silly woman girl who Shonda touts as a genius when it’s convenient. What genius has she ever done anyway? A genius doctor does not get pregnant twice, especially one adamantly against having children.

    • Combustion Man says:

      She could date a 14 year old genius doogy house MD. But Cristina would get arrested for endangering minor to her on-call room activities.

  48. Heidi says:

    When we first met Owen, I liked him with Cristina. However, their story has been too dramatic, too difficult for me to believe that they could ever live happily ever after. I have been hoping for over a season now that the writers would just stop pursuing Crowen and let them go in their separate ways.

    I would really really like to see Cristina dating someone who is professionally her equal or even below her. She always goes for her mentors or teachers (even in med school) because they can challenge her intellectually more easily due to being older and wiser. Cristina would barely even look at a guy who is her age and status. It would be fun to see Cristina struggle with the concept of dating someone who is her age, who is not more experienced at work and who could still be her equal. If he would be as brilliant in his field as Cristina, he surely could challenge her and teach her. But please not any of the guys already on the show! I want male version of Cristina for her.

  49. camille26 says:

    I read some comments mostly hate for cristina and owen haters you can hate them as long as you want but there will always fans who still loves them despite their crazy story whether there together or not. This couple is overuse character in the show it only shows how brillant Sandra and Kevin acting skills

  50. A fan says:

    wow, lot of people voted no. Oh well, not the first time I’m in the minority, won’t be the last. Shonda told us what she told us not too long ago, and I like it. McKidd is my favorite part of the show. Hopefully their story will somehow be resolved in a satisfying way by series end.