The Mentalist Exclusive: Amanda Righetti and Owain Yeoman to Exit in Season 6

Amanda Righetti Owain Yeoman Leaving The MentalistIt appears the fallout from The Mentalist‘s looming Red John reveal is extending to the show’s call sheet.

TVLine has learned exclusively that original castmembers Amanda Righetti and Owain Yeoman will be leaving the CBS procedural toward the end of Season 6 (premiering Sept. 29 at 10/9c).

The departures of colleagues and sometime-lovers Van Pelt and Rigsby will likely tie into this fall’s unmasking of Red John, a six-year-old mystery whose resolution is poised to set the show on a new course.

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In a statement to TVLine, series creator Bruno Heller would “neither confirm or deny” our story, but acknowledged that The Mentalist is heading into its “most dramatic and game changing season and anything can happen.”

As teased in last week’s Ask Ausiello, one two new series regulars — one male and one female — will be introduced in early ’14, presumably to fill the eventual void left by Righetti and Yeoman.

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  1. Jeremie says:

    I’m happy they are going. Those two were the characters I could never get into. Van Pelt’s character was frustrating. She’s a hacker that could somehow hack into everything without really ever knowing how to hack. There was never any back story on her to say anything about her skills, and it was always about relationships. Booooooring! Rigsby was funny at times, but at most a functional moron to me. He never really added anything to show. I never cared what happened to them. That’s not a good thing. I wanted to, but I couldn’t. Jane, Cho, and Lisbon are the show. I cared about them, I even liked the other weekly characters before Rigsby and Van Pelt. I’m glad the Red John hunt is over, ready to see what they do next.

    • Jeremie–I agree completely.

    • dissapointed pete says:

      Exactly my thoughts. Both are stupid, naive and highly annoying “Disney” characters that contribute nothing imo. After watching season 1 i stumbled on this comment section only because i wanted to check when or if they’d got cut. kinda dissapointed that it took m so long. lol

      • maria says:

        Sorry i dont agree with you at all, I saw the serie from season 1, and i enjoyed the old crew, the relationships they have….the main cast, their characters make me love the show. Good interesting stories, I think Bruno Heller created a good character.
        I dont feel the same for the new cast. and FBI crew,

  2. maria says:

    i find this new FBI team really annoying and usless to the show.

  3. Daphne Williams says:

    ….SPOILERS about earlier episodes of Season 6….I too must admit I am sad to hear that Vanpelt and Rigsby will be leaving the show. I have come to love their characters and enjoyed watching their relationship bloom and grow! Watching the last couple of episodes without them in it, I really did sense that something was missing and I know it is them. I hope they will be in at least a few more season 6 episodes before their final departure. I am glad they have finally allowed Jane to get the revenge he so desperately needed when he finally caught and killed RJ! Last season I was wondering how they would keep the show going if and when Jane did catch RJ and I now see how they are going to do this. I like the idea of them joining up with the FBI and love the way they have Cho showing his leadership. As for Lisbon and Jane hooking up….I know there are thousands of fans that really want this to happen but I don’t. It is like the TV Show Bones…all the fans wanted Brennen and Booth to get together and now that they are, it did change the whole dynamics of the show and I am not as big of a fan as I used to be and I know, for me, it will be the same thing if they allow Jane and Lisbon to get together. I will always watch The Mentalist because I love the character Jane. He is what makes the show and the only reason I would ever quit watching is if Simon Baker were to leave. Even if Lisbon were gone, I would still watch but I would also know I probably wouldn’t like the show as much as I do now…….So, I am not going to stop watching the show because Vanpelt and Rigsby will not be there anymore but I do know that for me, the show will always now feel as if something bit is missing. I give much respect to the Actors/Actresses, Writers and Producers that make this show my favorite tv show to watch these days!!! Looking forward to episode 12!!!!

    • maria says:

      For me the last 3 episodes are the worst, I saw the mentalist for years and i dont feel is the same show i use to love. I saw each episode 2 to 3 times, except for the last 3. And is not only because van pelt and rigsby are missing (what means a lot to me of course because i enjoyed the team adventures investigation and interactions from season 1)but also because i dont like the new characters., and i dont see for now any interesting crime investigation and i feel the serie becomes more like a soap opera with agent Fisher being a main chracter.

      • I feel just the opposite–I was so tired of the Red John story line and also never really liked Van Pelt and Rigsby all that much. Cho was always my favorite sub character. Love the new show. Not thrilled with the woman FBI agent–liked her at first, but not so much now, but like the new story lines and fun seeing Jane being Jane again and not so down and out but having fun putting one over on the others. I find I go to that show first on my list of dvr’
        d shows instead of leaving it to last as I used to.

        • maria says:

          i like seing pj not so down, but i miss van pelt and rigsby also, i really enjoyed the main cast, the relation jane and the team was perfect, i liked watching fun scenes between Pj teasin them and i really miss cho and rigsby bromance

  4. CraZyBoB says:

    I hate to see them leave..luvum. Im sure as talented as they are,theyl b picked up quick?

  5. Mj says:

    These changes are not good for the show. No sexual chemistry between the two main character and the characters who are leaving have good chemistry